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Subject: {ASSM} CONFESSIONS {of rape and murder!!!} or love-in-the-sixties By Chris Lee with Mkarl
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                  Codes [M+/F,f,f,m,interr,incest,snuff,rape]

                      CONFESSIONS {of rape and murder!!!}
                             or love-in-the-sixties
                            By Chris Lee with mkarl

WARNING!!! The following is a real story. By that I mean some things just cant
be talked about for legal reasons.   Doesnt matter just how damn sexy a certain
situation may have been, a letter to Dear Penthouse about a true rape/snuff
adventure would just prove to be awfully inconvenient to the heroes of said

A promise was made to my Uncle though, that the exciting little revelations
that he shared with me that first night sixteen years ago would be passed on as
his monument to the ages. While, now it is the year 2000 and I am sad to say
that any punishments that my Uncle might ever receive from his actions are
going to be limited to what goes on up in heaven. Personally, I wonder if he
wont just get a pat on the back for a job well done, cause the way everything
went down that red-necked racist family got what nothing but what they

I want to thank mkarl for his help in the presentation of this tribute. My
uncle was a great man and I am so proud to be able to clear the record and
celebrate this confession Of rape and murder.

PS: Since I can still hear my uncle's voice when I close my eyes and remember
the excitement I felt as a boy when he first shared the wonderful day he had
all them years ago, I want to try to present this whole unveiling exactly as I
heard it myself. I hope you see that what happened that day was only righteous.

                                MY UNCLE'S STORY

In the early sixties, I volunteered for the Army and went in at fifteen. The
way I figured things, volunteering was better than being drafted into the army
anyhow and with the way those red commies were getting ready Well, I was just
feeling that I had a duty to perform for my country.

Guess truth to tell, part of me just wanted to get away from the hassles of
your grandfather too.

Anyhow, it was during basic training that I met Ti thats important. Now Ti may
have been about the ugliest Negro in the whole damn camp, but he was good shit.
The boy could sure sing a tune too. Could have maybe been the next Chuck Berry
if things had gone better for the unlucky bastard.

I remember, I didnt necessary take to Ti at first him being Negro and all that.
But when he stood up to the abuse for those first couple weeks and even fought
three of the redneck hillbillies off that night they tried to take-advantage of
the boy, well Guess I started to see that he was a fighter just like me.

Anyhow, the Negro could sure sing and he led our platoons marching songs. We
were the only platoon that marched in time to the song, Peanut Butter, and
thats how he came to be known as Ti in the first place. You know Damn if I cant
even remember what his mama had called him. Guess it aint important.

Anyhow, ol Ti was the first Negro (that is what they were called then, maybe
Niggers sometimes but mostly Negro or colored if you were the sensitive type)
that I had ever known as a real person. It had always been that Negroes had
their side of town which they knew damn well enough to keep to their own kind
while we had the good side and never crossed them tracks unless we were just
looking for some easy pussy.

Guess it was weird that a Negro would become just about the best damn friend I
ever would have given my own attitudes prior but than again, things happen!

After basic training, Ti and I both got ourselves off to Ranger school. The
god-awful toughness and hardships of that damn Ranger school made us the hell
more closer almost brothers Id be proud to say. I learned that Ti was from a
single parent family just like me and had the same anger to the whole fucking
world. Neither one of us could wait to get overseas to pay back some of the
shit dumped on us.

We often shared the same pup tent and spent many a night talking about home,
but we mostly talked about girls. This was the sixties, a time of the great
pussy shortage. Girls had pussy, but they did not share unless you gave them
the engagement ring. There were whores in the local town, but a guy needed to
be very drunk or very desperate. Neither of us had any desires to stand in line
waiting for some shitty five minute fuck which was more likely than not just to
give us some sort of fucking disease. Forgive me for risking the mood or
upsetting the ambiance, but all this shit was what had us ready when everything
hit the fan.

So after ranger school, we finally came down on orders for Vietnam. The action
had just began to get really hot over there. We both we concerned about dying
or worse, getting messed up for good and maybe not being able to perform any

Ti and I decide that we would travel to the beach and check out the girls while
we still had the chance just before we were to ship. We had been given thirty
days before we would be in the jungles shooting gooks. We did not want to waste
our final days before going to Vietnam just sitting around tying to jack our
own dicks.

On the way to the coast, we had an opportunity to stop at a fruit stand located
near a small southern truck farm. A young girl, maybe fourteen, with a bleach
blonde looking like a Jayne Manifield, wannnabe, was running the stand. Guess
Karen was her name as I recollect..

Anyhow, suppose the way it all developed was that I had walked around to the
side of the stand to take a leak after all, I was no perv.   The kid had some
real headlights, but she was still barely off her own mothers tit and just
taking a piss in front of her wasnt something a guy like me was going to do.

I suppose Ti was looking at some pears and other stuff to buy like we stopped
for, but was also obviously talking to the girl The Negro had a thing for
big-titted blondes. Fuck, it had been risky for the boy to reveal it to me in
them days, but I figured I would give him a chance to flirt the little honey
before I zipped back up and got us back on the road.

Funny how things just happen.

Way it must have gone down was that maybe the girl was a little curious about
Ti. Probably, she had never really been this close to a Negro before, I imagine
least ways not wheres her folks or whoever would be able to see what it did to
the little piece of southern, red-necked trash.

Maybe Ti did go to far, but what the hell. We were out for some fun and how was
he to know that mom was just about to come out of the barn when he decided to
give the little sugar a treat.

He only kissed her but mom must have freaked to see her white blond daughter
was actually being kissed by a Nigger.

Hmm Mother as we ended up calling her was not a bad looking woman at all.
Especially when she was damn near old enough to have been knocked up with
either myself of Ti. She was likely thirty five at the time I imagine and was a
tall, slender woman, with long, brunette hair and very nice boobs. .

Mother just took one look at Ti putting them big lips of his on her innocent
babys and hollowed loudly, "NIGGER" get away from that girl."

I heard it myself, but at the time guess I thought it would be funny to see
some hassle for my buddy from this ol bitch. I never imagined at first just
what the hell all would happen.

Anyhow, mother was hot on her daughter, Karen too. "What the hell are you doing
talking to that Nigger? Get away from him before he filthies you anymore."

Karen must have been embarrassed, being caught talking to a Nigger and getting
herself kissed even though Ti told me he had put the move on her Anyhow, the
little slut started her protests as mother moved to take up the guard of her
childs virtue.

"Nothing Mother. I was telling him to leave but he wouldnt." Karen was trying
to cover up that she had actually been talking to a Nigger, as her mother had
first called Ti. This LIE to save the little piece of trashs honor was the
catalyst that would jump start the whole day careening into the fucking
twilight zone and would see me become a rapist and a murderer [course it was
all justifiable.]

Mother and daughter were just loud enough little cunts that father must have
heard cause before anyone knows it he is running down from the barn with a shot
gun. Now I suppose if I had seen him, maybe things could have still got
diffused, but I thought Ti was just dealing with the bitches still. So both the
mother and daughter are telling the father that the "Nigger" has getting uppity
and poor Ti is looking at the business end of a lunatic, southern, hillbilly
piece-of-white-trash father-with-a-shotgun.

It got crazy awfully fast. I guess I saw what the hell was going on and started
making for our car to get at my bag. Meanwhile Ti was being marched up to the
barn where another girl, about thirteen, Betty Lou, and two twelve-year-old
twin boys (Bille and Bobby) came out of the barn to complete this little family
get-together. They seemed to have been working in the barn getting stuff ready
to sell at their fruit stand, but when father had a shotgun on this Negro that
had dared soil his precious, little slut than the other kids just wanted to not
miss any of the festivities as the old man just calmly spoke as though he had
done it all before, "just going to kill me another Nigger."

He pointed the shotgun at Tis head and told him. "Nigger, get your black ass
into the barn."    He was poking at Ti with the gun as the stupid fucker
continued, "boy..... you are about to become a good Nigger a good, dead

The whole fucking family were all excited about seeing the Nigger die. One of
the boys pick up a rock and threw it at Ti, hitting him in the back. They acted
as if killing a Nigger was not a big thing in their otherwise, everyday, empty

Ti was turning so white that he looked almost like a white man. Sorry, but even
given the situation, I just have to say it. He was muttered something like,
"please dont kill me" over-and-over.

Being white [and maybe cause of my training] no one there had even noticed me
as I got myself ready to act. As the old man stepped into the barn behind the
clan, I stepped behind him and asked him to drop the shot gun.

He looked at me real puzzled like. After all I was white and cause I spoke with
a southern accent, I guess

"Look man, well just going to kill us this Nigger."

The old man didnt realized that Ti and I were together. I let him know
otherwise by asking real quiet but solemn like to once again, comply with
putting down the shotgun.

Guess it was my convincing tones [or maybe the twenty-five automatic pistol I
had cocked and stuck in his ear that finally convinced daddy to drop the gun.

I always liked to carry that twenty-five because I liked the James Bond books..
I like the Matt Helm books even better, but that was mostly for the more sex.
Suppose I digress though.

It was just good I had brought along the gun cause it allowed Ti to pick
himself up the shot gun and put us in a position to get some payback after the
lunatics had damn near put my buddy in the ground.

The old man was a real joke as he tried to pathetically still act like it was
him with the gun. "Nigger you had better run. You both are in trouble now." He
really did not get the picture.

I decided to let him know, as it just seemed damn obvious to me that we needed
some rightful retribution and there was only about one damn way that would have
made any sense to anyone as horny as Ti or I were back then at the moment to
get us our payback.

It just took one blow to send father to the ground broke his nose good.

I snarled at him not to be a hero while Ti kept the shotgun on mother and the
kids. Then I tied up the old man and locked the barn door.   Actually, it was
the first barn I had ever seen with a lock. Oh well

Its funny how Ti and I both knew what was going down without saying a word
between us. Sure we had discussed it hypothetically over in Vietnam and how we
would enjoy doing some of them gook sluts, but we were still state side and
this was a white family. It was pretty damn amazing that we were both so eager
to get to it with all the danger that could have happened.

Ti looked at the little, bleach blonde in the white, mid-calf-length dress. He
was mad at the little slut for having almost got his brains blasted out and I
just couldnt blame him

He grabbed the fifteen year-old cockteaser by the hair and forced her to her
knees. He took out his big, black cock like he was simply getting ready to bunk
down for the night Only he had never had no white girl submissively at his feet
back in the barracks.

"You thought it was funny that daddy was going to kill me? Bitch, now you can
kiss this Niggers dick."

I had seen the boy with a hardon before, but next to that kids face, I was a
little in awe. It looked like it would go out the fucking back of her head
before he was even half way in.

Ti was holding her by the hair and forcing her face toward him. The girl was in
terror. The worse nightmare that could happen to a poor little white girl, was
about to happen to her. She was about to taste a filthy Nigger cock.

I locked the three younger kids in one of the cribs. I wanted them out of the
way for now.

The mother tried to run, but I grabbed her and held her. I was getting turned
on. I made the mother watch her daughter being forced to open her mouth and
take in the black cock.   Karen may never have held a cock in her mouth before,
but she sure was learning fast. Ti was proving to be a good teacher at
instructing the finer points on how to go about cock sucking a Niggers dick.

The old man was trying to say something, but the twenty five auto that I stuck
in his month convinced him to be quite. He was pathetic. He had been so willing
to kill, but was a baby all afraid to die.   It made me sick.

Mommy was begging Ti, "please dont hurt my daughter. You can frig me if you
want to, just dont ruin my innocent Karen." Moms invite was the wrong thing to
say in front of my horny ears.

I ran one hand down the front of her dress. She had just about the nicest boobs
that I had ever had my hand on.. My hard on was pressing right against her ass
through our clothes as I pressed up behind mother. I could have cum just from
rubbing my cock against the crack of her ass and feeling her boobs, but why
settle for just a rub off when her holes were mine for the taking. After all,
mommy had asked us to fucking frig her, so it wasnt even really rape with her.

I was holding Mom with her back to me so she could watch her daughter still
while we played ourselves. Meanwhile, Karen was doing a real good job on Tis
big, black cock. So good a job, that it was only moments until he was cumming
in her mouth. She looked like she was trying to spit back out all that slimy
white stuff, but Ti would have none of it and held her tight while she was
forced to gag it down.

It was pretty messy by the time my good buddy was done filling the kids mouth,
throat, and belly with his thick, creamy load. Some of that gooey cum was
leaking around the corners of little Karens mouth as Ti pulled out and let her
try to start to recover her dignity. Ti released his hold, tightly of her
bleach blonde hair and leaned back to rest, Karen sort of fell on the floor of
the barn in the dirt where the little piece of white trash now belonged.

"Mothers turn now," I told the old lady. "Take off your clothes".

I pointed the gun back down at the old man and asked him, "do you mind if your
wife shows us her pussy?"

Talk about being scared, he was begging, "Please Martha, just do as they say.
They will kill me if you dont." I bet the pathetic piece of crap was getting a
hard on. As afraid as he was, I know he was getting a hard on from watching his
wife and daughter with two young studs like Ti and me.

I despised him for being such a coward.   At fifteen, I could not image me as
being that afraid.   I Guess Vietnam was to teach me different, but this story
is just about fun stuff.

Mommy Martha stood in the middle of the room for a moment. I suppose she
thought if she stalled and hoped, that we would all go away or that this might
be only a nightmare or something It was her nightmare, only she was not going
to awake before it was all finished.

She slowly undid the buttons of the dress and started to reveal her goods.
After looking toward her husband for support, [and finding none] she let her
dress fall to the filthy floor of the barn. Eyes were peeking through the slits
in crib where her young children were at to see mommy strip for her lover.

Ti yanked the young Karen to her feet. "Bitch, get up there with your mother,
she is getting lonely by herself." "You know what to do"

Karen walked over to stand next to her mother. She looked like she didnt know
what to do at first, but mommy gave her a look through her shamed, tear-filled
eyes and the little girl knew than that she was to take off her dress too.

The two women standing, both in white bras and half slips, were getting to me.
The old man was probably excited as well. I wondered if he had never seen the
daughter naked and was looking forward to it or some damn thing like his type

Both mommy and daughter let the half slips fall to the ground at the same time
which left the two of them then, in just their white panties and bras.

Karen had James Deans name and "Rebel without a Cause" printed up so pretty and
sassy on her panties.

"Bras next," Ti smiled from where he rested up to get himself ready to fuck one
of the bitches.

"Please dont make my daughter do this," Mom begged. "I promised that I will
frig real good for you." Mom was too much of a lady to not say fuck. It was
going to be so much fun to make her scream

Both woman resigned themselves to removing their bras when we gave mom no reply
to her renewed offer. Mom had the bigger tits, but I knew Ti would like the
girls fifteen-year-old ripe melons.

"Now, take off your girls panties," Ti said, in a tone of voice that sent new
fear down the moms spine.

"Please dont hurt my girl." Then to me she added, "dont let the Nigger frig my
little girl." She was begging.

"Martha, just do it," the old man whined. He was scared but excited. I saw
despite how small it looked, that the old pervert actually still had the hard
on.   I think the old man really wanted to see his daughters pussy.

Mom turned to Karen, reaching for the girls white panties, "I am so sorry,
please forgive me, I have to do this to save us all."

Mom, using both hands, pulled her daughters panties down her legs. Karen was
not a natural blonde. Mom seemed kind of surprised that Karen had hair on her
pussy. I suppose Mom still thought of Karen as a little girl.

"Now, its your turn." Ti spoke to the girl. Karen did not hesitate. She pulled
her mother panties down her fairly toned legs. Karen must have been accepted of
the fact that she was going to be raped, by a Nigger. She could see Ti big,
black cock standing straight out. I imagine she did not know how such a big
thing was going to fit inside her, but she must of just wanted to get her rape
over with. Seems to me, that Karen, [if this had all been todays times,] would
have been a well fucked slut, by that time but this was the sixties, and girls
did not do that. At least they didnt and than talk about it. Karen was going to
be shamed but good and so was mommy.

I was in heaven. I had two naked women before me. Proper woman mine for the
taking. It was something that I had dreamed about for years.

I could not wait. I got the mom, and pushed her to the ground. The barn floor
was rough, but I did not care. I pulled my pants down to my knees and mounted
the helpless mother while all her kids and her wimp-husband watched. Ti did the
same to big sister Karen.

Mother and daughter, side-by-side. Both with a hard dick getting ready to fuck
inside their unwilling, unready pussies.

I forced my way inside the mothers pussy. It took several tries to get all the
way in. Both women were grunting and moaning, partial in pain because their
pussys were not ready to be fucked.

Unfortunately, it did not take me long to cum.   It was easiest, the best pussy
I had ever had. I came long, and hard, and deep inside the mothers pussy.

Ti had already cum once in the girls month. So he was taking his time fucking
the girls sweet, white forbidden pussy.

"Mom, are you getting turned on watching my black ass rip your little, white
daughters pussy wide open?" Ti grunted as he continued to ruin their

Mom didnt know how to respond to that statement. She had never seen another
pussy being fucked in her whole life. Now she was seeing a huge, black cock
hammering away at her sweet, young, lily-white daughter.

I told her to answer or else.

"No. You are making me, sick."

I smacked mom across the face Hard.

"Wrong answer, you racist bitch. Now you better answer again, and you had
better make it good."

Mom was so frantically despondent. Her worst nightmare, seeing a Nigger rape
her daughter, was happening. Her husband was being humiliated. She had been
raped herself and had a strange mans cum inside her cunt. And the funny feeling
she was getting from watching the large, black cock fucking in-and-out of a
white pussy [her precious daughters white pussy] was beyond her ability to
admit even to herself.

She knew she had to do it though. Even if it made her look like a low
white-trash whore in front of her children and husband. She could even see her
younger children watching from the slits in the crib.

"Yes, I love to watch you frig my daughter." A look at Ti told her that she was
not done. "Please frig my little girl some more, she loves to be fucked by your
big, black cock." The words she used surprised her.   She never said fucked or
cock, ever.

What were her children and husband thinking? Would they every be able to look
her in the face after they had seen their mother being raped by strangers and
than admitting she liked her daughter being Niggerd?

Mom did want to live and she wanted her family to live. They had to understand.
Her horror of being raped had happen now, all she could do was pray that it all
was about to be over with and if giving the Nigger his verbal request, than mom
would submit.

After all when her husband gave her, her weekly screwing, it only took about
three minutes, and then it was over with for a week so she really had no way to
understand how. the Nigger was still even raping her daughter all this time
after already cumming once. It had been almost half an hour and he was still
humping her daughter.   He HAD to be almost finished

Maybe Niggers were just animals. Maybe they could fuck better than white men.
It just had to end. Mom could see to her horror, that daughter looked liked she
was beginning to enjoy the vigorous fucking.

Karen could see her father watching too. She could understand his look of
anger, but not the tent in his pants housing his hard on, caused by the sight
of his oldest daughter being raped by a Nigger.   She could not understand that
part of daddys anger look in his lust filled eyes, was because some Nigger was
fucking his daughter before he could.

Then the old man made a major mistake. He shouted out. "I am going to kill you
both, when I get lose."

It was a mistake, because I believed him. He did not realize that we were being
paid eighty dollars a month to kill some yellow men an ocean away. Men who had
really never done us any wrong. It boiled down that if you could kill someone,
yellow, far away, than you could certainly kill someone white, close by.

By now I had had enough of the old man. He was getting on my nerves in a major
way and had sickened me how weak he was.

I grabbed him and dragged him to a stall in the back of the barn. My ranger
training came in handy. I didnt even waste a bullet on him. He died easily, and
he died with his dick still hard.

When I came back from dispatching the trash, the mother was standing there
still naked, and totally frighten. She knew what had happened. She knew that
she could be next.

Ti had finished fucking Karen. Karen was still laying on her back, completed
worn out. She was looking up at Ti like a young girl in love. Her first fuck
must have been a good one.

Ti was looking at me. He knew that something had happened to the old man. He
was not for sure what to do next.

Mother dropped to her knees and begged me not to kill them all. I really did
not want to do that. Not to the woman that gave me my first fuck. OK, it was
not her choice, but I found it hard to kill her too.

"Please", she begged, tears flowing. "Dont kill us, I promise we will never
tell." She kept repeating, over and over.

Karen had wrapped her arms around Tis legs, counting on the man who had just
fucked her so well to protect her. Ti liked having the little, white, blonde
girl in love with him.

"If you let your boys fuck you, then I know that you will not tell."

"I cant do that. Please anything but that."

"OK," was all I said, as I pointed the gun at her.

Totally beaten, she got up and walked over to the crib and let the children
out. She took one of the boys by hand and led him to a blanket in the corner.

"Honey, let mommy play with your dick." Her son did not want to, or at least
did not want to when all the people were watching.

"Bille, please do not make this any harder on your mommy. I have to do this."

Bille stood and let his mom undo his belt and pull his pants down. She took his
dick into her mouth and sucked on it until her son had gotten good and hard.
Then she guided him into her pussy. Ti cock sucking lesson to Karen, had taught
her mother something too.

Little Bille had been watching. It did not take him long to get into the spirit
of things. In a second he was fucking his mother, like the slut she was

It was exciting to watch the little one on top of his mom. His tiny, hard dick
moving rapidly in-and-out of the very same pussy that he had come from.

His twin brother, did not need any encouragement. He was standing next to his
mother with dick in hand, waiting his turn at her pussy.

Ti and I left just as Little Bobby was taking his turn at fucking his mom.
Mother was in for a long, hard night. Bille was playing with dick, getting it
ready for another turn at moms pussy.

Ti took Karen with him. Karen was in love with Ti. Ti like fucking her white

I took Betty Lou with me. I wanted the taste of a virgin.

We had thirty days of heaven. It as great to be riding down the road. Me or Ti
in the front seat driving, the other in the back seat. Having two willing girls
to suck your dick anytime you wanted.

After a couple of weeks, Ti sold Karen to a Negro family in New Orleans. I kept
Betty Lou for my personal pussy. She was just too good to let go.

Outside of Atlanta, Betty Lou, picked up two young girls for Ti and I to rape.
She even helped hold one of the girls down.

While I was in Vietnam, Betty Lou stayed in a hotel in Japan. She was, and is
the best piece of pussy I ever had. Her mother made up some story about a gang
of Niggers (of course) who had killed the old man and ran off with the girls.
The two boys had four children with their mother according to Betty Lou No one
knew which was the father of any of the kids, but I suppose it did not matter.

Eleven months, six days in the Nam, Ti was killed. A tank was hit, and was in
flames. Ti was able to pull one man to safety but the rocket went off as Ti
tried to go in for the second man.

He was the best man I ever knew and it saddened me greatly that we never did
get to go back and have that family-reunion that we wanted.

Oh well Maybe one day me and Tis son from Karen will carry on the old mens
legacy. In the meantime all I can do is share the confession [of rape and

Hope you all enjoyed it.

Chris can be written at Mkarls mail is

Keep an eye out for new work from both writers coming very soon to a porn site
near you March 30/2000

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