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	If you're under 18, don't read this story. Skip or erase the file. If 
you're over 18, you can officially decide for yourself.
	The following is a work of total fiction containing scenes of graphic and 
bizarre nc SF sex. This story includes fairly strong elements of 
restraint/bondage (of a sort) and of impregnation/ insemination (of a sort).
	Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2000, (as are the typos, and 
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living 
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence.
	The reader is free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within 
free legal forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations 
to it or the story are made.
	Hope you like it.

First Contact - SF Other/F nc +anal weird
by Monocle (
  <_   >
  < _  >
  <  _ >
  (O) o
  /  >
|  ~~
An astronaut makes first contact, but alien
'exploration' is, well, alien.

First Contact
By Monocle

	Mission Specialist Laura Rennes finished her satellite repair EVA in a 
little over two hours, and headed back to the open shuttle bay door with the 
other two members of the repair crew. She was the only one to see the ball 
of light streak around the Earth's limb and race towards them faster than 
she could gasp. Being a few meters behind her teammates, all they saw was a 
reflected flash against the white spacecraft hull. By the time they could 
turn around and look behind them, Rennes was gone. Frantically scanning 
around them, they spotted her suit tumbling away from them, already 50 
meters off.


	Laura shook her head and squinted to clear her dazzled eyes. When she could 
look around, she found herself floating, still weightless, apparently in the 
center of a vast, irregularly spherical chamber. Liquid sluicing and 
gurgling sounds echoed throughout. Green and blue phosphorescence dotting 
the glistening, distant walls, provided slight but adequate light. It was 
hard to judge the vault's size, but the apparent distance of the sounds made 
it seem vast. The walls had an irregular honeycomb appearance, consisting of 
many thousands of small cells of different shapes and shades. The only break 
to this pattern was one area, currently above her and to the left, where she 
could make out a darkened octagonal area of unknown size and distance.
	Laura's mind flooded with a thousand impressions. First and foremost, she 
realized immediately wherever she was, whatever she was seeing, it was not 
within known human experience. Being a pragmatist and meticulous analyst, 
she loathed using the cliched words 'extraterrestrial' or 'alien', but here 
she was in an utterly unknown place, confronted with sights and sounds 
unaccountable by other explanations.
	Sounds... the presence of sound other than those of her suit apparatus, and 
the damp quality of the air made Laura realize with a start that she was in 
fact no longer in her EVA suit. Even more, when she looked down at herself 
she was shocked to see that she was completely nude. There was no sign of 
her suit or comm gear, or any other garments in the emptiness around her.  
Her skin dimpled as the thrill of her discovery cooled to a shiver of 
uncertainty. After debating with herself, she called out, asking where she 
was, and was anyone there. Only a faint echo of her own voice answered her 
some seconds later.
	After a little hesitation, she began trying to 'swim' as best she could 
through the humid air. She made for the edge dark area for lack of anything 
real to go on. At least it could a starting point for exploration. She knew 
she could make some progress assuming no air currents opposed her, but after 
some minutes of effort, though sweat was beginning to bead on her skin and 
be thrown off with her movements, she could see no visible progress. She 
kept it up anyway, seeing no other recourse.
	A sliding, hissing sound gradually impinged on her hearing. She paused for 
a moment, trying to isolate its origin. There in the distance, a faintly 
glowing blue filament swam eel-like through the open space below and to her 
right. Laura could barely trace it back to where it emerged from a cluster 
of cells in the chamber wall. It seemed to be meandering in her general 
direction. Fear gripped her stomach, and she put more energy into her 
swimming effort. Was the octagon just a bit bigger now?
	Laura concentrated on her goal, but soon another flicker of motion to her 
left caused her to look that way. Another blue string was snaking languidly 
towards her. She scanned around her, and froze for a moment as she counted 
4, no 8 or more glowing tendrils wandering in from all sides, their quiet, 
sliding, hissing sound now surrounding her. Trying to stave off panic, she 
kicked and paddled furiously forward.
	She let out a startled scream at the first contact against her skin. The 
glowing blue filament, actually a couple centimeters thick, grazed and then 
wrapped around her left ankle three, then four times. It was warm and wet to 
the touch, and the slack length of it rippled as she tried to kick free.
	For an instant, she felt a feather touch in the back of her mind, as if 
someone had just whispered quietly directly into her brain. The heard, or 
rather felt a series of thoughts or concepts:

~~  catch  ~~
~~  grasp  ~~
~~  hold   ~~
~~ capture ~~

	They weren't quite words or pictures, but the meaning was quite clear 
despite the unfamiliar mode of communication. It set her adrenaline pumping.
	Laura bent at the waist to pry the tendril loose. As her right hand reached 
down, an identical blue streamer wrapped around her wrist and forearm, 
startling her again. The second tendril was also slack, but equally 
unwilling to relinquish its grip as she tried to unwrap it or pry it loose 
with her free hand. Looking up suspiciously, she couldn't help but shriek 
when she saw the other slithering blue strings almost upon her now. One by 
one, they darted towards her, wrapping around her flailing arms and legs. In 
a moment more warm, softly pulsing 'ropes' were snug around her wrists, 
shoulders, ankles, and knees. Two more encircled her upper thighs and four 
more held her thin waist, and upper chest, just under her arms. The mass of 
loose filaments floated around her like a badly cast, ghostly net.
	Laura tried everything she could to loosen the things. The wet, almost 
slimy surfaces should have been easy to slip off, but she couldn't seem to 
get a good grip on them. They held gently but firmly despite her efforts. 
With some distaste she brought her wrapped left wrist to her mouth and bit 
hard at the coils. The material gave some to the pressure, but did not tear. 
It had a texture like a rubber hose, tasting vaguely salty - perhaps 
biological rather than mechanical.
Again, not-words and not-images touched her mind, chilling her.

~~    hold    ~~
~~  restrain  ~~
~~ immobilize ~~
~~   still    ~~

	As Laura struggled, the hissing sound paused then resumed with a different 
pitch. She didn't understand it until she noticed the slack slowly being 
drawn out of the filaments. Finally she started giving in to panic, 
protesting and thrashing in all directions. It was all to no avail, though, 
and she soon felt the first slight tugs at her arms, body, and legs. These 
strengthened and were joined by others as the twisted mass of filaments 
untangled, slowly spinning her into a new orientation. Too late, she tried 
to knot the remaining loose lengths together, but the loops slipped free as 
she tried to snag them.
	She cried out as she felt the blue ropes finally straighten and pull at 
her. Those at her chest, shoulders, and waist anchored her in space, while 
her wrists were drawn above her head and apart. Her legs were straightened 
and parted as well, leaving her spread-eagle in space. Very quickly, the now 
terrified astronaut was rendered immobile and frighteningly vulnerable.  She 
stared wide-eyed at the now taught blue ropes that receded into distance all 
around her. Their glow pulsed slightly in time with the slight throbs where 
they wrapped around her. They felt very much like living things. Laura 
shuddered at the thought. Her struggles caused only slight vibrations in the 
taught tendrils. Realizing that her voice was beginning to sound hysterical, 
and that in all likelihood no one was there who could hear - or would 
listen, Laura forced herself quiet and tried to calm down. For a moment, 
there was almost silence again; save for the constant ambient wet sounds all 
around her.
	The hissing started again, and Laura's heart pounded faster as she turned 
her head to see what was coming next - because surely something was. A small 
constellation of green lights was floating 'down' toward her, though 
direction had no meaning here.
	More thought/concepts tickled her mind - clearer now that she was 

~~ explore  ~~ evaluate ~~
~~  record  ~~ compare  ~~
~~ analyze  ~~  assess  ~~
~~ examine  ~~ compute  ~~

	Images of biology and anatomy flashed through her mind, as if she were 
remembering it. Most of it was non-human - even non-terrestrial as far as 
she knew. Whether the alien-looking image/impressions were more disturbing 
than the human ones was debatable, though. Whose information was this? What 
did they (?) want if they already knew so much? Who were "they"? She asked 
these out loud, trying to recapture her composure, be professional. She was 
an explorer. She was amazed and privileged at the contact with another form 
of life. Maybe she could help. Would they let her go so they could 
communicate more clearly? For a brief moment Laura actually felt some pride 
that her voice sounded so steady and assured.
The green lights approached and resolved as a single, broad, leaf-like 
object over a meter across. The blanket shape descended over her and Laura 
suppressed a scream as it began to wrap and flow over her body. It never 
stayed still for more than a second, sliding around each limb, and across 
her body in a systematic pattern. While the topside seemed a glossy black, 
reflecting the surrounding lights with a wet sheen, the underside had what 
felt like millions of hair-like cilia. They must have been much thinner than 
hair, actually. She could barely feel them sweep over her skin. The 
individual filaments may even have been microscopic in width, and the 
agglomeration felt at most like the brush of a feather as it passed over her 
body with barely even a tickle.
	Since it presented the only audience, Laura now addressed the leaf-blanket, 
attempting to communicate with it, get its attention - if that had any 
meaning. She expected no real response - its motions seemed automatic and 
impersonal. She did it mostly to keep her own composure, give herself time 
to think, and prevent a return to panic. She flinched as the thing passed 
over her face. A fleeting gagging sensation and urge to sneeze came and went 
as it probed her mouth and nose. She shivered as her inner ears were 
brushed. Her trepidation rose as the thing flowed down her chest, brushing 
over her breasts, belly, and back. A strange, thrilling, queasy sensation 
rippled through her as the blanket briefly paused over her privates. It was 
as if, for the smallest instant, her ass and pussy were being 
feather-stroked on the outside - and inside - by the almost-not-there cilia. 
Gentle as it was, the attentions paid to her intimate areas left Laura 
unnerved, the level of her vulnerability starkly clear in her mind. Her 
apprehension did not affect the sliding probe, however. After examining 
every square centimeter of her, the carpet-thing broke contact and floated 
out of sight.

~~ sufficient  ~~   prepare   ~~
~~   correct   ~~    align    ~~
~~ appropriate ~~  position   ~~
~~  adequate   ~~  organize   ~~

	Strange geometries and anatomies again flashed in her mind. She tried to 
understand their meaning, but they went by too quickly for her to grasp. The 
watery sounds around her changed and grew louder, like liquid flowing over 
liquid. Laura's stomach tightened as she realized the taught tendrils were 
moving. The distant patterns on the chamber walls shifted as their anchors 
slid to new positions. Gradually, irresistibly, the cables reoriented 
repositioning Laura's limbs. Her spread arms were pulled slightly behind 
her, raising her chest. Her knees were bent and parted further, and her legs 
were tugged out and held, so that her thighs were in a wide 'V' and her 
calves were held parallel to her body, feet pointed 'down' away from her 
head. The filaments around her upper thighs pulled opposite those at her 
waist, forcing her rear-end to jut slightly below the line of her back, 
which was in turn being bent into a slight arch. As vulnerable as she had 
felt before, her new position was certainly worse. She was completely open 
and exposed now in a lewd display that seemed unmistakably sexual.

~~ sufficient  ~~   prepare   ~~
~~   correct   ~~    adapt    ~~
~~ positioned  ~~ make ready  ~~
~~   aligned   ~~  receptive  ~~

	The thought-images sent chills down her spine. Laura's fast, barely 
controlled breathing and her pounding heart began to drown out other faint 
sounds. She was at a loss for words, and no action was permitted her save 
for her neck, wrists, ankles and digits. She anxiously looked around her 
obscenely spread body, for what, she dreaded to imagine. Soon, her anxieties 
were rewarded. Something vaguely spherical descended over her, floating 
'above' her at her feet, between her widely spread legs. The mottled shape 
was about a meter in diameter and had numerous dimples and bulges. It 
expanded and contracted slowly, rhythmically, as if breathing. One of the 
bulges near its top extended out, telescoping and curving into a 
tentacle-like tube. The tube was translucent, and a sickly, luminous yellow. 
It glistened with a wet sheen in the ghostly lights around her. Several 
small oval pads or plates joined the stalk a few centimeters from its end, 
flanking the roughly centimeter-size hole at the tip of the tube.
The extending tube curved down in front of the misshapen orb, between 
Laura's legs, and out of her sight below her. The next thing Laura felt was 
the contact of the soft, warm pads on her buttocks. Several pressed into 
each of her jutting asscheeks and pushed gently, spreading them apart, 
exposing her already vulnerable anus even more. Laura cried out in distress 
at the humiliating action, and then screamed at the warm contact of the end 
of the tube with her sphincter. The end of the tube pressed into the 
clenched, resisting ring muscle, but stopped there. Laura was silent now, 
concentrating on keeping her rear entrance closed. If she relaxed, the 
finger-width tube would surely push in.

~~ resistance ~~ compromise ~~
~~  barrier   ~~   defeat   ~~
~~   closed   ~~   breach   ~~
~~ unwilling  ~~    open    ~~

	A sound like a sigh or deflating balloon caught her attention, and Laura 
looked up at the orb-thing, eyes widening. Slowly, a white substance 
traveled down the length of the tube. Laura watched with consternation as it 
progressed down and out of her sight. Her stomach knotted in fear and 
anticipation, her clenched rectal muscles straining. Her petitioning words 
turned to pleas, devolving to fearful protests as she felt the first 
pressure of the substance against her sphincter. It was very warm, almost 
hot, and pasty thick. It pressed up into the closed muscle, and at first 
made no headway. The substance was like a viscous liquid, and as the 
pressure behind it increased, it began to ooze into the tightly closed 
muscle. The stuff was self-lubricating - any flesh it touched immediately 
became easier to slide along, or into. Slowly but surely, the stuff pushed 
past her rear entrance and started oozing into her ass. Her rear muscles 
trembled with the futile effort of keeping it out.
	Since the head of the tube was only at the outer pucker of her anus, 
Laura's sensitive flesh registered every centimeter of the sliding paste as 
it intruded into her tiny bit by bit. She cried out for it to stop, but her 
words, if heard, were ignored as more of the white stuff was pumped into her 
bowels. Her insides rumbled churned as her body heat softened, then 
liquefied the thick paste inside her.

~~    fill    ~~
~~  cleanse   ~~
~~  prepare   ~~
~~ make ready ~~

	Laura felt a queer, full sensation in her gut. The sensation increased 
until her muscles automatically tried to empty her, clamping down and 
pushing of their own accord. Her sphincter reflexively opened, but the tube 
took the opportunity to push into her, preventing any relief. She spasmed in 
reflex reaction and the tube dilated with her muscle, widening and pressing 
ever so slightly more inside her. It kept flush with the muscular opening 
and prevented it from squeezing shut again. Laura moaned in despair as the 
white stuff oozed into her rumbling gut at an accelerated rate. Her filling 
bowels distended her abdomen visibly. As the fullness and pressure became 
unbearable, the infusion suddenly stopped and then reversed. Her own 
cramping muscles gratefully aided the now suctioning tube, expelling 
everything inside her. She did not dare to look at the tube as this went on, 
keeping her eyes clenched shut as she grunted and pushed reflexively. The 
emptying was much faster than the filling, and by the end Laura felt 
strangely lighter, even though she was weightless.

~~  fill   ~~
~~ cleanse ~~
~~ prepare ~~
~~ pacify  ~~

	Her respite was short lived, for as soon as the last bits of waste had been 
expelled, the process reversed. The white stuff filled the tube and passed 
down, pushing into her easily this time, filling her again. This time the 
stuff was already a syrupy liquid as it pumped into her, slowly filling her 
protesting bowels to almost uncomfortable levels before draining just as 
rapidly as the first time. By the end, Laura was panting and drained in more 
ways than one, her body glistening in her own sweat.

~~ make ready ~~ stimulate  ~~
~~ receptive  ~~   arouse   ~~
~~ responsive ~~   excite   ~~
~~ accepting  ~~   prepare  ~~

	The strange word/concepts floating in her head were hard to understand. The 
physical actions she was being subjected to distracted Laura from pondering 
their ominous connotations. The reversal of suction to pumping made Laura 
moan once again in protest. But her voice cut off as she felt a new touch on 
her body. She opened her eyes to see two orange-glowing translucent domes, 
trailing dozens of fine silky tentacles below them as they hovered above her 
breasts, looking very much like small jellyfish.  The touch she felt had 
been a one of those fine tentacles brushing her hardened right nipple. More 
delicate looking tendrils descended and slid over her breasts and upper 
chest as the domes settled themselves onto her. The constant motion lightly 
tickled sensitive skin. Laura shuddered, and then gasped as she felt her 
nipples being pinched and sucked. Through the nearly transparent, faintly 
glowing domes she could see tiny white rings and bands of muscles squeezing 
and pulling at her nipples and rubbing her aureoles. She hated to admit it, 
even to herself, but the attention was sensual and stimulating, even here 
and now.

~~   fill  ~~
~~ cleanse ~~
~~ prepare ~~
~~ excite  ~~

	The events at her breasts almost completely distracted her from her third 
bizarre enema, and its reversal to suction caught her by surprise. The 
relief was just as welcome, though. Once she was again emptied, the tube 
finally withdrew, disengaging from her anus with a wet pop, after which it 
was drawn up into the strange sphere, which floated 'down' and away from 
her. For a moment, all was peaceful. The sensations of the jellyfish-things 
on her breasts were more than pleasant. But she was still helplessly spread 
and exposed in the middle of this god-knew what place. And the concepts 
flitting through her mind were perplexing and increasingly distressing...

~~ responding ~~
~~  continue  ~~
~~  progress  ~~
~~  escalate  ~~

	The flashing not-images streamed a strange amalgamation of eroticism and 
clinical anatomy into her brain as a new form passed over her, coming from 
'above' her head. It was an irregular pod-like shape, curved down toward her 
like a giant banana or a cashew nut, almost a meter long. One end of it was 
connected to a thick cable-like stalk that extended away to the distance. 
The whole thing glowed dark purple - possibly in the low ultraviolet 
wavelengths - like a black light. It paused, holding a meter or so over her 
head. A seam down its centerline appeared and spread open, and a number of 
black, oily looking objects extended from it. From the curved end of the pod 
extended a long stalk or rod, its black surface knobbed and ribbed. Its end 
was about a centimeter thick, but at its base was closer to three or four. 
It stretched stiffly to some 25-30 cm in length, then bent and coiled, 
undulating and squirming for a moment before straightening again.  As if in 
explanation, the strange word/pictures whispered into her mind:

~~  alter  ~~
~~  adapt  ~~
~~ prepare ~~
~~ enable  ~~

	Another stalk emerged near the center of the pod, this one smooth and 
transparent, about a centimeter wide along its length. It turned upward at 
the end and bulged at the tip. When it was fully extended, a thick black 
sheath slid up over it. This ugly cover was variously textured and must have 
been several centimeters thick at its base when fully extended. When at its 
maximum, it looked distressingly like a large, misshapen human penis. The 
not-thoughts accompanying its appearance seemed to confirm this frightful 

~~  emplace  ~~
~~ establish ~~
~~  create   ~~
~~  complete ~~

	Just above that was an equally grotesque parody of a gigantic tongue. This 
writhing organ had the proper surface texture of the human equivalent, but 
magnified. It was conical instead of flat and gleaming black, several 
centimeters thick at the base, and 20 cm long, maybe more. It undulated like 
a streamer in nonexistent wind above Laura. She couldn't be sure, but it 
looked like the thing's thickness changed irregularly, sometimes thinner, 
sometimes fatter, almost like it was breathing. And just above it was 
another, smaller version - almost the normal human scale, but just as black 
as the first. Flanking all of these protuberances a number of the leaf- or 
plate-like pads waved. As more images entered her horrified mind, her 
renewed pleas and protests took on desperate tones.

~~  explore   ~~   accept   ~~
~~   access   ~~   prime    ~~
~~   adapt    ~~    open    ~~
~~ make ready ~~ accessible ~~

	The mental ideoforms had an explanatory tone, as if trying to convey 
assurances. Along side the increasingly vivid sexual imagery were calming, 
soothing inflections, perhaps emotive or empathic signals. They had little 
effect on Laura, who's rational, scientific mind slipped further into fright 
and panic.
	After the display, the pod pulled in on itself and moved down over her 
body. The cable bent slowly as it passed above her belly. The pod arced down 
between her legs, coming to a stop precisely between her spread thighs. 
Laura's breathing was now on the verge of hyperventilation. And though she 
could guess what was coming, she let out a short scream when the glistening 
black pod split open again centimeters away from her unprotected vagina.

~~   begin  ~~
~~ commence ~~
~~  start   ~~
~~ initiate ~~

The small plates pressed delicately into her mound and spread her outer lips 
gently open, exposing her defenseless cunt before the long tongue-like 
probe. It licked at her flesh, its touch fever-hot. The bumps on its surface 
extruded a thin film of darkly glowing slime, coating the organ and her skin 
where it teased her entrance. The tip of it barely touched the spread open 
folds of her labia, teased her inner lips, and grazed her clitoral hood. 
Laura moaned, as waves of fear and pleasure washed over her. Then, with a 
flick, the organ plunged into her. The pliant probe writhed as it slid into 
her sensitive sheath. Laura screamed, feeling every wiggle and quiver as the 
bumpy organ dove in. It slithered deeply inside, her tight cunt stretching 
around its girth. The tip of it wiggled and brushed against her inner walls, 
and she shuddered as a slight internal pressure told her it had reached the 
end of her passage. It squirmed and pressed up against her cervix. A strange 
flutter in her most intimate of places began, and she trembled with the 
realization that the alien tongue actually must be licking the entrance to 
her womb.

~~ resistance ~~   defeat   ~~  continue  ~~
~~  barrier   ~~   breach   ~~  escalate  ~~
~~   closed   ~~   prepare  ~~ intensify  ~~
~~ unwilling  ~~   enable   ~~  augment   ~~

	Amorphous erotic-comfort-expository impressions flooded Laura's mind as an 
incredible new sensation on her clit drowned out the strange overly intimate 
caress within her. The second tongue now extended to tease her emerging bud 
with its own dance. Though the smaller organ was almost human size, it 
swirled around the base of its larger companion with inhuman dexterity, 
teasing her plundered labia before returning its attentions to her buzzing 
	The constant and incessant mental and physical ministrations drove Laura 
toward orgasm despite, and possibly even because of her terror. She moaned 
in an agony of unwanted sexual ecstasy as butterflies of impending climax 
fluttered in her stomach. Her immobilized body finally betrayed her, trying 
to hump against the maddening, dancing tongues. Though she had almost no 
freedom to move her body, the alien organs obliged by wriggling more 
strongly, the large one now pulsing, thicker and thinner as it rippled 
within her. The tongue-thing alternately stretched and stroked her 
contracting inner walls as it inflated and deflated inside her. Her rising 
moans of pleasure took on a more grunting, guttural sound in time with the 
fattening tongue stretching her pussy walls.

~~ receptive  ~~  continue  ~~
~~ responding ~~  increase  ~~
~~  amenable  ~~  increment ~~
~~  adapting  ~~  prepare   ~~

	The ominous, satisfied concepts intruded into her mind as their physical 
manifestation intruded into her body. Laura cried out as her climax took 
her, her clamping inner muscles squishing the giving, tongue-like intruder 
as it burrowed into her. Her cries turned to screams of terror-ecstasy as 
she felt her ass cheeks being gently spread apart by more small padded 
plates. Her quaking body jolted as if stung at the gentle touch and 
penetration of her spasming anus by what must have been the strange flexing 
rod she had seen earlier. Each lubricated knob that stretched and pushed 
passed her sphincter sent another orgasm-intensifying shock up her spine. 
With her body held utterly immobile in the grip of the long binding 
tendrils, all she could do was scream and at the alien meat filling her 
clasping pussy and ass.
	Laura came for a long time, neck thrown back and howling as she was taken. 
Finally, she began a slow descent from her ecstatic peak. She felt a 
shifting or cramping deep within her. She shuddered with sensation as the 
tongue-thing in her pussy rippled from base to tip inside her, withdrew a 
centimeter or two, and then pressed in once more, against the end of her 
cunt... and then further... and further. Laura let out a shriek of alarm as 
she realized the thing had somehow gotten past her cervix and actually 
penetrated her womb. It was impossible to tell just how deep the defiling 
organ invaded her - her senses and perspective were so confused by this 
time. It felt like the slimy tongue was sliding ever inward, as if to lick 
at her very center. A shudder ran through her as the alien thoughts 
confirmed it:

~~ accessible ~~
~~    open    ~~
~~ receptive  ~~
~~   ready    ~~

	Finally, the pulsing, twitching tongue slowed and stopped within her, 
expanding and contracting, stretching her insides, then relaxing. Its 
smaller companion slowed and stilled as well, pressing gently against her 
clit. Laura's orgasm subsided completely, her usual afterglow replaced by 
rising, stark dread. But though her penetration by the alien organ was 
gross, overt, and overpowering, the bizarre mental transmissions and the 
physical stretching and relaxing sensation all through her pussy were 
strangely hypnotic, almost soothing. It was highly erotic in its own right, 
as Laura felt her tight passage stretch and relax around the tongue-thing. 
The filling, emptying feeling was in itself fundamentally alien, 
unaccompanied by the usual sliding in-and-out friction of normal 
intercourse. More, the knowledge that something alive and "other" had 
penetrated to her very core for an obviously sexual purpose was as deeply 
arousing in a base and primitive way as it was terrifying. Laura let out a 
hopeless moan of fear/pleasure and shivered in the warm, moist air as 
internal fright warred with external, alien thoughts and sensations.
	After some while, the tongue slowly slid out of her, withdrawing 
completely. Laura shuddered sensually and thought she could feel every bump 
and twitch of textured surface as it pulled out, and out, and out of her. 
She'd never felt so sexually sensitive before.

~~ continue ~~  extend  ~~
~~ progress ~~ imprint  ~~
~~ proceed  ~~ initiate ~~
~~ advance  ~~ energize ~~

	The pressure of the pads that held her intimate openings exposed changed as 
the pod thing shifted before her. The pod raised a little bit relative to 
her, causing the alternately softening and stiffening stalk beneath her to 
slide deeper up her rear. More of the darkly glowing, open pod game into 
view between her spread legs. The slight bulge that held the phallus-like 
stalk and sheath rose above her mound as the writhing probe in her ass 
pressed deeper. Laura gasped at the invasion, but could only watch, 
transfixed as the thin rod extended, its bulbous head sliding up over her 
cunt, across her clit, and through her matted pubic hair. The small, 
two-centimeter wide bulb glowed with its own light as it slid over her skin. 
The thin shaft was made of stiff, fleshy stuff, much like a like an overly 
thin human cockshaft. The mucoidal bulb held together as it slid against her 
skin, feeling like a slimy balloon. It was warm, throbbing and distending 
irregularly. The shaft extended further, coming to rest disturbingly far up 
on her belly as she felt the pod's base press against her pussy lips. Tears 
welled in Laura's eyes as she looked at the thing. The glowing bulb now 
brightened with each irregular throb. Soon she had to look away, as the 
light became almost painfully brilliant. The glowing bulb grew warmer 
against her skin, even hot, but not to any harmful degree.
	New impressions blinked in Laura's brain. She felt the hot, bright, wet 
presence against her belly. Then, for an instant, she _was_ the hot bright 
thing pressing against cool, soft skin. The point of view flashed back and 
forth with increasing speed until Laura grew nauseous with a strange 
internal vertigo. Just as it became too much to bear, it stopped, leaving 
her breathless but still within herself. Laura shook her head to clear it, 
then cringed at the next image-thoughts:

~~    ready   ~~ conclude ~~
~~ receptive  ~~ complete ~~
~~ connected  ~~  begin   ~~
~~ accessible ~~ commence ~~

	The pod began moving again, back and away from her this time, and Laura let 
out an involuntary groan as her clit and ass were simultaneously rubbed by 
the retreating protrusions. The pads finally released grip on her, allowing 
her pussy lips to relax and her asscheecks to close on the slowly 
withdrawing probe. Without looking, she felt every movement of the 
blinding-bright bulb dragging back down her belly and mound, passing over 
her clit, and sliding down to the center of her slit. The retreat ceased 
here, leaving a few centimeters of the anal stalk still twitching inside her 
nether passage. The hot presence of the bulb throbbed and pressed against 
her outer lips as Laura sobbed continuous, almost incoherent protests.
	She felt despondent and helpless, her body held in the most sexually 
vulnerable position humanly possible. Her jutting breasts were enveloped and 
ceaselessly caressed by their own adept captors. Her legs and thighs were 
spread obscenely by the restraining tendrils; her most secret places open to 
any assault. The final actions of the tongue-thing indicated there was no 
real barrier now between the strange alien phallus and her womb. There was 
no mistaking what was about to happen to her. She cried and sobbed in 
protest, pleading for it to stop, not to do it, whatever it was. The mental 
images continued uninterrupted, shifting back into the strange 
sensual/dispassionate mixture.

~~ conclude ~~
~~ complete ~~
~~  begin   ~~
~~ commence ~~

	The hot head of the fully extended phallic tube nestled further between 
Laura's outer lips. Laura screamed in desperation at the increase in 
pressure. Though the pads no longer spread them, her labia were easily 
pushed open as the bulb began its journey into her. When her lips closed 
around the thin stalk and her body eclipsed the glaring light of the bulb, 
she had to look down, past the hungrily suckling, tickling jellyfish-things 
on her breasts. The whole pod now moved forward, pushing the narrow tubes 
before it, into her. The helpless astronaut was entered again, centimeter by 
centimeter, in both her pussy and ass. Her screams of protest quavered with 
a near-hysterical horror as she both felt and _saw_ the bulb sink deeper 
into her pussy. The thing was so bright that she could see it glow red 
through her own skin when it passed from under her thatch of pubic hair and 
moved ever inward/upward.
	Laura's screams turned to half-lusty wails and groans as the agonizing, yet 
thrilling invasion continued. It felt as though every nerve in her erogenous 
zones individually registered the intruding pretences, firing off countless 
sparks of involuntary pleasure. Her moans turned deep and low as the bulb 
pressed into her cervix, and she felt the hot pressure deep within her as it 
began to push at her last, partially defeated barrier.
	For an instant, Laura's point of view shifted again. She was a brilliant 
spark in a dark, wet, close space...pressed from all sides, but with one way 
to be... Then she was back again, hearing herself plead 
mindlessly, babbling and cajoling the implacable invader to stop and leave 
her alone.

~~ resistance ~~   defeat   ~~  amplify   ~~
~~  barrier   ~~   breach   ~~  escalate  ~~
~~   closed   ~~   bypass   ~~ intensify  ~~
~~ unwilling  ~~   enter    ~~  increase  ~~

	Just then, the thick, ribbed sheath stabbed into her cunt around the 
central tube. Laura cried out at the sudden thick penetration. This muscular 
organ was as at least as thick than the tongue-thing at its fattest, and was 
less pliant to her inner muscles, which immediately clamped down, 
instinctively working to either expel it or draw it further in, she couldn't 
tell which. The hard fleshy texture stretched and rubbed her insides, 
filling her completely. Through the fear and revulsion, she shook with the 
intense sexual heat it generated in her.

~~   defeat   ~~  amplify   ~~
~~   breach   ~~  escalate  ~~
~~   bypass   ~~ intensify  ~~
~~   enter    ~~  increase  ~~

	As if this wasn't enough, the two tongues again snaked out of their hiding 
places and began mercilessly laving her widely stretched outer lips and 
almost painfully erect clit. The larger tongue roamed further, caressing her 
straining thighs, buttocks, and trembling belly.
	The thick shaft now slid back, almost completely out of her, leaving only 
the central tube pressed in. Then it pushed back in, causing Laura to exhale 
explosively, before it withdrew again and returned. The sheath rhythmically, 
deliberately fucked her. Synchronous undulations and penetrations soon 
accompanied it by the thinner shaft in her ass. The stimulation of her 
breasts by the jellyfish-things also increased tempo and matched the 
pattern. Laura fought a losing battle as the insistent manipulations dragged 
her toward a second climax. She shook with both fright and arousal as she 
was mercilessly fucked, licked, and caressed to orgasm again.

~~   defeat   ~~  amplify   ~~
~~   breach   ~~  escalate  ~~
~~   bypass   ~~ intensify  ~~
~~   enter    ~~  increase  ~~

	On the edges of her second climax, Laura looked down her body and saw the 
glow in her abdomen above where the head of the cock-tube was pushing into 
her cervix, as if highlighting for her benefit the internal battle between 
human and alien flesh.
	Another a flash and she was the thing itself...questing in the tight 
dark...being pushed from behind...the way out/in giving, opening...pushing 
through... Then she was back staring down at herself.
	In a moment of pure horror, she saw the glow suddenly slide up her skin and 
redden further, simultaneous with a giving; stretching sensation deep within 
her that signaled the final penetration of the bulb into her womb. A 
completely new and unimagined sense of heat and fullness welled from her 
very center, rapidly expanding to overwhelm all her senses. The base of the 
pod pressed into her cunt lips as her body seized as her second orgasm 
coursed through her. The mixed ecstasy and terror was like nothing she'd 
ever felt before as her fully penetrated cunt and ass contracted around 
their raping invaders. Her breasts were suckled and pinched, shocking her 
with more white-hot sparks of pleasure. Laura's voice, hoarse from the 
nearly constant screaming, crying, and moaning of her ordeal, rang out 
piteously in the echoing chamber.

~~ breached  ~~  release  ~~
~~ contained ~~ establish ~~
~~ accessed  ~~  create   ~~
~~  within   ~~  nourish  ~~

	The mental flashes and echoes blended with her spastic sensations. She was 
the invaded and the invader. She was helpless and violated, then safe and 
contained. She was shuddering and terrified, then calm and serene. Her 
awareness swirled among switching perceptions and thoughts and feelings 
completely out of control. It was the most incredible, horrible, awesome 
thing she'd ever felt.
	Laura came down form this orgasm only slowly. The thrusting of the phallic 
sheath and the other unceasing stimulation forced the crashing waves of 
pleasure to extend unnaturally and exquisitely. Physically and mentally 
exhausted, she looked ahead unseeing with half-open eyes. Her mind moved 
sluggishly, languidly. She knew her ordeal could not be over, yet she was 
unwilling or unable to focus on it. She almost didn't notice the swelling of 
the pod between her legs, but once she felt its slack flesh tighten and 
stretch as it pressed into her pussy mound, her eyes snapped open in dread 
	The darkly glowing textured skin of the pod was swelling smooth - like a 
filling balloon. The pod began to tremble, the vibrations passing down along 
the shafts fucking her pussy and ass, and along the tongues now gently 
stroking her clit and thighs. Laura could only gasp and moan in despair as 
the shaking sheath plunged slowly into her one more time and stayed fully 
extended. She groaned as it swelled further, stretching her pussy walls 
wider than ever. Then she felt a hot, liquid surge deep within her. It was 
cumming in her.
	Hot thick fluid pumped through the tube, forced deep into her, past her 
penetrated cervix to ejaculate directly into her womb. The sensation was of 
being filled from the inside - a part of her that had never been filled 
before. The outer sheath in her pussy withdrew part way and pushed pack in, 
as if to aid the filling of her womb with its own pumping motion. A light 
throbbing pressure grew deep within her belly. Her womb filled with gush 
after gush of the thick stuff. Soon, it began to ooze out around the tube 
and coat her pussy. The sheath slid in and out of her, spreading the velvety 
liquid all along her inner tunnel, and out across her labia. The alien jism 
shone with its own pale blue-violet phosphorescence, the eerie color 
complementing the deep red glow from her belly. Laura shuddered as she could 
see and feel her lower belly bulge ever so slightly as the stuff filled her. 
She closed her eyes and sobbed. An alien impression of contentment echoed 
through her mind, completely at odds everything she felt.

~~  emplaced   ~~  verify  ~~
~~ established ~~ confirm  ~~
~~ incorporate ~~ complete ~~
~~   release   ~~ conclude ~~

	Finally, it seemed to be over. Laura felt the fat sheath recede from her 
pussy one last time, and the shaft in her ass slowly withdraw completely 
from her well-reamed rear. The jellyfish things that had been torturously 
pleasuring her breasts the whole time finally released them and detached, 
going where she did not care. Last, the thin phallic tube also slowly exited 
her pussy. She could barely feel its smooth surface as it slid out of her, 
and realized that the bulbous head seemed not to be there anymore. Her eyes 
widened upon seeing the headless tubular end of the shaft withdraw 
completely from her. The pod lifted silently away from her, but she did not 
follow it; her dilated eyes were fixed on her belly, where the slowly fading 
blood-red glow of the bulb implanted within her continued to pulse and 

~~ complete ~~  prepare   ~~
~~ catalog  ~~   return   ~~
~~  record  ~~ experience ~~
~~  report  ~~  continue  ~~
~~   explore   ~~  share   ~~
~~ investigate ~~ exchange ~~
~~  research   ~~ transact ~~
~~  discover   ~~ transmit ~~
~~ a09AFAaa''''''GGGGGGGGG ~~

	A barrage of information, like someone was trying to cram a foreign 
encyclopaedia into her brain blasted Laura's mind with a brute force. She 
reeled at the mental noise as it battered her. It was this screaming 
communication that finally overwhelmed her and drove consciousness away. She 
barely felt the restraining tendrils finally release her limbs and fling her 
towards the dark octagon at the edge of the chamber.
	Laura dreamt of a great ship eclipsing a brilliant star. A being. Huge - 
miles long, floating silently between star-systems. Strange, changing shapes 
and patterns. Scenes, worlds of beauty and wonder. It was an explorer. The 
view closed in towards the ship, to its blue green mottled, celled skin, 
through its outer layers. The ship/being's interior. Huge corridors, strange 
organs. Nerves, circulation, muscles, sounds of life. Further inside, a 
great dark chamber. A nude woman floating free in its center. Eyes closed, 
hair flowing, arms floating up in front, legs bent and slightly parted. 
Closer in, towards her abdomen. To the smooth caramel skin, through it. Dark 
red colors, nerves, circulation, muscles, sounds of life. Further inside, 
darkness. Then, a ship, a being, eclipsing a brilliant star.


The desperate hours spent formulating and executing the rescue plans were 
almost certainly more time than the lost crew member had air, but no one in 
orbit or Mission Control was going to give up on her if there was a chance. 
Orbit solutions and EVA's were planned and executed in too little time. The 
pilots and crew knew their stuff, however, and many hundreds of held breaths 
on the ground and in space exhaled when the airlock door finally closed 
behind them all. Rennes' oxygen registered dangerously low, and she was 
unconscious when they opened her suit. She revived in some minutes, 
prompting cheers both in space and on the ground.
	Laura was foggy, with no memory of events following the strange flash. With 
orders to relax as the shuttle recovered from the maneuver and prepared for 
early re-entry, her cheering crewmates helped her to her sleeping cubby. She 
dimly heard one of the crew remarking that it looked like a micrometeorite 
had damaged her suit's maneuvering thrusters, and how lucky/unlucky she was. 
She slept and dreamt of strange stars.


	It fell away from the yellow star and its interesting blue world. The new 
link, along with two others established in previous revolutions, was stable; 
this new World would be a wonder to explore. In Its long experience, links 
had always been easier to establish with the egg layers or gestators of the 
ploysexual species. Stimulating the mating chemistry and instincts also made 
establishing connections easier and create a stronger links. Insomuch as It 
possessed the emotion, It regretted the distress this sometimes caused the 
more complex races, but that, too was part of what made a new race 
interesting. Cleansing the memories of the encounters from this new species 
had proved to be a greater challenge than expected, but It relished 
challenges - they came far too rarely. This species had a fascinating, 
complicated brain and mind, and It duplicated the pattern for further study 
	It felt privileged to have encountered a fledgling race taking its very 
first steps into the greater universe. Had It arrived slightly earlier - a 
mere 40 or so revolutions, It would have had to be content to look and 
listen from afar before moving on. How It loved the younger races, with 
their thirst for exploration and knowledge. They were always the most 
exciting to watch/experience. It felt along the hundreds of other links it 
had established in Its long journeys. Some were many "generations" old - in 
the terminology of the fast life around the hotter stars. Some eon, It would 
meet another of Its kind and They would exchange their many and varied 
experiences. This link, the LauraRennesEarth, and its descendents would be a 
gem to share.


First Contact
By Monocle


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