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The following story is a work of fiction.  Its contents are of a
graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts
between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or
dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only.
If you are under the legal age of consent in your local jurisdiction,
or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW.

Natural Selection - Part Seven - by - The StoryMaster

Penny Ryan was terrified.  She lay face up atop a gurney much like the
kind used in hospital emergency rooms.  All she could see of her
surroundings was a large stainless steel lighting fixture suspended
from the overhead.  She'd tried just a few moments ago to sit up and
look around, but found that she still could not move a muscle.

"Am I paralyzed?" Penny agonized.  "Will I never be able to walk
again?"  Her heart pounded as one unnerving thought after another
raced through her mind.  Cool, conditioned air whispered from a
louvered grill in the ceiling to the right of the brilliant overhead
light, but otherwise the room was utterly silent.  

"Something must have happened to me in the park," Penny surmised.
"Maybe it was a stroke!"  Her heart skipped a beat at the thought.
"John was telling me about strokes just last week," Penny recalled.
John was the medical student she'd been dating for the past two
months.  "He said they come on suddenly and without warning, leaving
the victim partially or sometimes completely paralyzed."  Penny stared
helplessly into the blinding flourescent tubes.  Just to blink her
eyes took enormous mental effort.  "Oh, God!  That's it.  I've had a
stroke.  Oh, God!"  Penny lay drowning in an abyss of despair and

The day had started off like any other day for eighteen year old
co-ed.  It was a lovely morning, perfect for a run.  Penny had gotten
up early, eaten a quick bowl of bran flakes and wheat germ, kissed her
dad as he breezed by on his way to the office, jumped into her trusty
VW and headed for the City Park.  

Penny knew about the "incidents" that had occurred at the park, but
that had been many months ago.  The police insisted that there was
nothing to worry about now.  The Mayor had even appeared on TV and
announced that the security patrols had been dramatically increased.
He'd given the public his personal guarantee that the new City Park
was perfectly safe.

Just to be on the safe side, Penny decided to keep to the paths that
were the most open and well traveled.  "The Meadows" was just such a
track.  Besides, she had a theory that should a would be assailant try
to waylay her, she'd simply out run him.  Unfortunately or
fortunately, as the case may be, Penny's plan was about to take an
unanticipated turn; one that would drastically alter her life.

Exactly as the name implied, "The Meadows" was a large grassy area in
the center of the park.  Although a paved running path skirted its
perimeter, many runners chose to run on the grass itself, much to the
dismay of the Park grounds keepers.  There was a very heavy dew that
morning and the grass was pretty wet.  Penny had recently paid close
to two hundred bucks for the pair of New Balance shoes she wore and
wasn't about to get them soaking wet and grass stained on the very
first day.  She chose therefore, to stick to the paved paths.  When
Penny arrived at the far end of "The Meadows" where the path skirts a
large wooded area at the eastern end of the park, she came upon a
barricade made of white and orange plastic drums.  Suspended from a
piece of rope between them a sign, bearing the familiar seal of the
the right, the path to "The Lake" diverged into the tree line.
Without breaking stride, Penny veered right down the path into the

The young Hunter/Gatherer knew the geography of the park like the back
of his hand.  After all, he'd been trained by one of the best, and had
spent many hour reconnoitering the area.  He missed working with his
friend and mentor, but times change.  Really, he had no business
attempting another collection in the park so soon after the last.  His
fellow associates thought he was nuts, but for him, the hunt was
everything.  Lately he'd been involved primarily with what he
considered to be "over planned and over billed operations".  In his
opinion, they were nothing more than routine abductions, although he
had to admit, the thing with the bus was pretty creative.  He inhaled
a deep draft of the cool morning air.  His senses were honed to a
razor edge.  It was good to get back out into the field.  The phony
barricade was in place.  Now all he had to do was get set up for the
final collection.  He wanted to try out a new spot he'd checked out a
few weeks ago.  It was a little farther away than he would have liked
from the place he'd hidden the van, but the additional challenge
excited him.  He glanced at his wrist watch as he moved stealthily
through the trees.  A long, black nylon case was slung across his
back.  He calculated that the security patrol wouldn't be along again
for fifty-three minutes.  He had time, but not a lot.

Penny couldn't remember ever seeing  the park so empty.  Then,
recalling the barricade she'd passed, she wrote it off to construction
projects that must be going on.  Anyway, it was a perfect autumn
morning.  The air was fresh and brisk.  The sunlight filtered down
through the tree limbs overhanging the path, causing Penny's brightly
colored Lycra body suit to flicker and flash as she jogged on.  

He saw her in plenty of time to set his sights.  He'd picked a
slightly elevated firing position about ten meters from the path and
surrounded by dense laurels.  He lay prone on a thick bed of pine
needles.  Since choosing this particular spot, he'd seen only one
other couple come down the path.  He'd let them pass.  He took a quick
look at her through a pair of tiny binoculars, then made up his mind.
She would do.  He flipped a small lever on the side of the weapon,
allowing high pressure air to fill the booster chamber just behind the
dart.  Next he wrapped the leather sling around his left forearm,
gripped the heavy stock and leveled the weapon.  Only the tip of the
thick black barrel protruded through the screen of shrubbery as he
lowered his eye behind the sight.  A button on the side of the
forestock activated the laser targeting system.

Penny Ryan didn't notice the tiny red dot dancing on her flank.  She
never heard the soft, spitting report from the trees.  She did feel a
sharp sting when the tiny missile struck her low on the left thigh.
It was a perfect shot.  The powerful immobilizing agent instantly
scrambled the signals sent from Penny's brain to her motor nervous
system, and she was down before she knew what hit her.  

In fact she would never know she'd been "hit" by anything at all.  His
mentor had taught him the technique.  He'd explained that if you hit
them low, they'll usually go down before they can reach the dart.  It
was mostly a "style thing" with him, but after all, the man was the
best.  He counted the seconds in his head while he zipped the air
rifle into its scabbard.  He scanned the path quickly with his
binoculars then stepped from his place of concealment.  He approached
his catch from behind.

Penny was pretty shaken up from her spill.  Her right shoulder hurt
where she'd hit the pavement, but otherwise she felt OK.  Nothing else
seemed to hurt too much.  She felt like a dope.  Obviously she'd
stumbled over something in the path.  Her thoughts were a bit muddy.
Praying she hadn't bashed her head on something, Penny reached for her
face.  That's when she first realized that she couldn't move a muscle.
The full weight of her discovery hadn't yet registered with Penny,
when she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She never felt the man remove
the tiny dart from her thigh.  She tried to speak, but found that at
best she could manage only an almost inaudible croak.  After tripping,
Penny had landed hard and then rolled onto her left side. Whoever it
was that had come to help her knew something about first aid, because
they first straightened her legs before rolling Penny onto her back.
The man wore a kind of a khaki colored uniform, so Penny naturally
assumed he was Park Security.  He was also the "strong silent type",
and without a word, he lifted Penny effortlessly in his arms.  After
what seemed to Penny to be a rather prolonged hike through the forest,
they arrived at a white van.  As they approached the back of the
unmarked vehicle, the rear cargo door opened automatically, and a
litter slid out on retractable rails.  Silently, Penny's rescuer
placed her onto the litter, crossed her hands over her tummy, then
secured two wide safety straps; one across her shoulders, the other at
her hips.  The litter then slid quietly into the rear bay of the
transport van and the door closed.

Penny was still rather confused and disoriented upon her arrival at
what surely had to be the hospital emergency room where two attendants
dressed in white coveralls quickly transferred her from the van to a
gurney.  Penny remembered thinking it kind of odd that there were so
few doctors or nurses about while she was rolled down a long corridor
and into the room where she'd been left to study the lighting fixtures
on the ceiling.  No one had spoken a word to her.

"How long has it been?" Penny wondered impatiently.  "Where the heck
are all the doctors in this hospital?"  She had to pee.

While she lay waiting, a hidden camera recorded digital images of the
lovely teenager.  These images were then fed into the Facility's
massive computer database.  It took just over fifteen minutes for the
cutting edge technology to return a complete dossier on:

	Ms. Penny Elaine Ryan
DOB:			June 16, 1981
Hair Color:		Blond
Eye Color:		Hazel
Height:		5'-6"
Weight:		100 lbs.
Occupation:		Student (comcol)
Father:		Daniel Vincent Ryan
Mother:		Sara Noel Ryan

The file contained a large amount of additional data most of which was
quite personal and generally unavailable to the general public.

The big, double doors through which Penny's gurney had been pushed
ages ago, suddenly hissed open, and two attendants clad in white
coveralls entered.  Like every other person Penny had seen so far,
neither man uttered a word as they carefully lifted her from the
gurney, and placed her onto the cool surface of an examination table.
Penny tried to speak as the two attendants moved out of her field of
vision, but like before, she was only able to utter unintelligible
croaking sounds.  Penny heard the doors hiss open and then closed.
She was alone again with her thoughts.  She really had to pee.

The doors opened and someone entered, but whoever it was remained out
of sight.  Penny listened as cabinets and drawers were opened and
closed followed by the clattering sounds of objects being arranged on
a metal table.  Then at last footsteps approached, and a man leaned
over her.  He smiled.

Penny made an effort to return his smile, even though she was pretty
nervous still.  "He's kinda homely looking," was Penny's first
impression.  The man wore a white lab coat over a blue oxford shirt.
"He's got to be the doctor," she concluded.  

Penny had just started to relax a little in the knowledge that she was
in good hands, when those "good hands" reached down, lifted the tab of
the small zipper at the collar of her running suit and zipped it all
the way down to her crotch.  Penny's anxiety level climbed
dramatically.  With tremendous effort she willed herself to be calm.
She forced herself to believe that the doctor was about to preform a
routine exam in an effort to determine why she was paralyzed.

Alan watched the young woman's expression cloud over when he unzipped
her jump suit.  The easily recognizable signs of confusion were still
present on her pretty face, however, so Alan knew that she still
hadn't put two and two together.  He'd prepped so many young women in
the past eight months that he could read their lovely faces like a
newspaper.  As he smiled reassuringly down at the girl, Alan noticed
how truly immaculate she was.  

He'd been at this job for so long that most of the females he worked
with were simply objects to him.  He received them and prepped them
for initiation, and then off they went.  He rarely saw any of them
again.  Occasionally, though, a girl would come along who made an
impression on him.  Alan knew the type of young women the Facility
went after.  The biggest majority of them were taken from the ranks of
the "elite female", that sector of womanhood that is deemed the most
attractive and seductive and most often, the least obtainable.  "This
one certainly fits the profile," Alan thought, studying her file.
"Penny Elaine Ryan," he murmured.  He hung the clipboard back on the
hook on the side of the table.  Smiling down at her again, Alan spoke
to her for the first time.  

"You are indeed an exquisite young lady, Miss Penny Ryan."  His eyes
roamed over her face then down her body.  She wore a white sports bra
beneath her form fitting Lycra suit.  Below the brazier her skin was
smooth and flawless.  "Very, very lovely," he muttered

Just then the wall intercom buzzed.  Alan tore his eyes from Penny and
walked to the small panel.  "Yeah," he spoke into the speaker grill.

"Alan, it's Richard."  Richard specialized in the initiation process
which generally involved prolonged sexual encounters with the new
inductees.  His sexual prowess was legendary.

"Hi, Richard.  How's it going?" Alan replied.

"Great, buddy.  Just great."  He paused.  "So Alan, I hear we have a
new one.  I looked at her file.  Not bad," he commented.  "When will
you have her ready?  I've got a pretty busy schedule today."  Alan
listened patiently while his co-worker went on.  "They want me over at
TYTC for a few hours early this afternoon, but if you can get her
prepped, I'll try to squeeze her in before I leave."

"Say, Richard," Alan said hesitantly.  "I've been thinking.  You've
got a busy schedule, and I don't know how long this will take.  I
haven't even started her exam yet."  What he was about to suggest was
definitely out of the ordinary, but not completely unheard of, and
Alan certainly had the authority to do what he was about to propose,
and besides, his mind was already made up.  "Why don't you go on over
to TYTC.  I'll take care of Miss Ryan."

There was a long pause.  "Are you sure, buddy?" Richard asked.  He
sounded a bit confused.

"Yeah, really," Alan responded quickly.  "No problem at all.  We'll be
just fine here.  Not to worry.  Say hello to Alex for me, will you."

"You bet, Alan," Richard replied.  He actually sounded relieved.  "You
have fun now, and let me know if you need anything, OK?"

"OK, Richard.  See you later," Alan said into the speaker.  The link
went dead, and Alan returned to the exam table and its beautiful

Penny had listened carefully to the conversation.  Somehow it had
sounded rather ominous, but it was only a feeling she had.  She tried
to put aside her dark thoughts as she gazed up at the man standing
beside her.  That's when the shears came out.

"Well, Miss Penny Ryan," Alan said as he spread the collar of her jump
suit aside, revealing her delicate collar bones.  "It appears that you
and I have some time on our hands, and to be perfectly honest, I'd
like to get to know you better."

"Gawwww!" Penny croaked when he snipped through her running bra right
between her breasts.  Her hazel eyes were suddenly wide and staring
and filled with dread.

"Hush now, little one," Alan said.  He laid the shears on the table.
"Now I know this is all kind of sudden," he began in a conversational
tone of voice as he folded the cups of Penny's ruined brazier back,
uncovering her firm and slightly pointed breasts.  "You probably have
a boyfriend and all, and I know you're worried what he'll think if he
were to find out about this."  With no compunction what so ever, Alan
cupped a perfect cone of warm flesh in his right hand.  He felt the
tight little nipple against his palm.  "But I promise you, sweetheart.
He won't find out.  No one will find out.  This is just between you
and me.  It'll be our little secret, OK?"

Penny thought she was going to faint when the man put his hand on her.
"This is crazy!" her mind screamed.  "What is this place?  Oh, God...
Oh God!"

Alan picked up the shears again and promptly cut both sleeves of
Penny's jump suit from the collar to the cuffs.

"This is a special opportunity for both of us, Penny.  Do you mind if
I call you Penny?"  Alan smiled down at the distressed young woman.
"I'd be willing to bet a hundred bucks that you're dating a doctor or
a lawyer or something."

"Pawwpp!" Penny croaked when she felt the shears against the soft skin
of her lower abdomen.  "God, why can't I move?" her tortured thoughts
shrieked in both rage and terror.

The cold metal blade worked its way down the top of her right leg.
"Given the choice, you probably wouldn't give a guy like me a second
glance," Alan commented as he moved the shears to the other leg.


Penny was beside herself now.  No matter how hard she tried she was
absolutely powerless to move a single muscle.  She felt the draft of
the air conditioning wash over her, and although she couldn't look
down, Penny knew that her running suit was history.

Alan set the shears aside again and moved to the end of the table, and
continuing with his infuriating monolog, he started untying her
running shoes.  "We're going to give you the opportunity to broaden
your horizons young lady.  In the past you've no doubt searched for
that `special someone' exclusively from the ranks of what refer to
here as the `alpha males' of our society."  Off came her shoes and
socks.  Then stepping back to her side, Alan smiled down at the
distressed teenager.  "Makes the choice kinda difficult, doesn't it?
And those `Adonis' types can be so shallow, can't they." he added in
mock sympathy.  His unsettling smile returned.  "We're going to help
you expand the playing field, my dear girl," he continued
magnanimously.  "We're going to give you the opportunity to meet that
`special someone' almost every day.  Doesn't that sound exciting?
Just think of the freedom you'll experience, not having to make all of
those difficult decisions and choices anymore."  He stood silently
over Penny for a moment, a contemplative look on his face.  "I'll bet
you're wondering what I get out of this," he added with a "long
suffering" smile.  He placed his hand on Penny's softly rounded tummy.
He felt the strong muscles just beneath her soft skin grow taught.
"My reward will be the sense of accomplishment and knowledge that I've
been instrumental in guiding you toward a new life and new freedom,
Penny," he added nobly.  Smiling down at her, he gently stroked her
lower abdomen, his hand just grazing the top of her Jockey Brand
panties.  Her eyes were wide with alarm.

She'd listened to the mad man's dissertation with a growing sense of
dread.  Her skin crawled beneath his touch.  Penny knew with a cold
certainty that her life was about to change dramatically, and at the
moment there was nothing she could do to alter that eventuality.
Penny closed her eyes when she felt his finger tips touch her skin on
either side of her shapely hips as he grasped the elastic waist band
of her panties.  With a fluidness that comes only through experience
and practice, the panties were swiftly removed.

Penny lost sight of him for a minute while he slipped her panties down
her muscular calves then off over her small feet.  When at last he
stepped back into view, he held the panties up to his lips and nose. 

Taking a deep draft of her heady scent, Alan commented, "Intoxicating,
my dear.  Simply intoxicating."  He smiled.  Penny felt a sense of
mixed embarrassment and disgust.  Then he touched her.

"You are a lovely child, Miss Ryan, but then I'm sure you know that,"
the man said as he tugged playfully at the tuft of golden curls that
graced Penny's prominent pubic arch.  "I'm sure you've had no
difficulty maintaining regular male attention.  Isn't that so?"

Penny couldn't believe this was happening.  It had to be, without a
doubt, the worst experience in all of her eighteen years.  The
horrible man was right about one thing, though.  Penny had never
suffered from a lack of male friends.  "But that's all they were," she
maintained.  Sure, she knew what most guys were after, and to tell the
truth, the thrill of being chased was gratifying to her ego, but Penny
Ryan was a good girl.  She'd been raised correctly and under a strict
set of religious and moral guidelines.  Her mother had taught her that
there were plenty of fish in the sea, and that she was too smart and
too pretty and charming to settle for just any boy.  She counseled
that Penny should take her time.  Look around.  Sooner or later that
"Special Someone" - she'd even used those exact same words - would
come along to sweep her off her feet.  

Well...Penny was off her feet alright.  All of those years of playing
the game, of picking and choosing, of seducing then denying, would
soon come to an unanticipated climax there on that cold metal table.

John Whiting was Penny's latest "friend".  Penny liked him a lot.  He
was kind, he was very good looking, and he was in medical school and
would one day become a surgeon.  Her mother approved of John, knowing
that he would be able to take care of her "little girl" in the manner
to which she'd become accustomed.  Penny had allowed John to take far
greater "liberties" with her than any other man she'd seen fit to
associate with.  On one occasion, she'd actually allowed her "friend"
to touch her breasts, from outside of her sweater, naturally.  

The entire scenario had been planned by Penny well in advance, and
she'd maintained control of the situation from the beginning to its
less than satisfying - for John that is - conclusion.  The reason the
incident had been permitted in the first place, was because Penny had
sensed that John was losing patience with her, and consequently might
possibly lose interest in her.  That would have been unacceptable.  So
she'd reluctantly allowed him to touch her.  However, following a
couple of tentative squeezes, Penny had given John a little frown then
placed her hand over his, signaling that he should cease and desist.
When John immediately indicated his disappointment, Penny displayed
for him that lilting smile that hinted at pleasures to come, yet
promised nothing.  John, being a well trained modern male, naturally
capitulated, and that had been that.

Without a doubt, the life of Penny Elaine Ryan had taken a major turn
since she'd left her parents' house that morning.  The lovely eighteen
year old who was just hours ago virtually untouchable, now found
herself paralyzed and helpless.  Utterly exposed, she lay before a man
who quite obviously intended to take great liberties with her.  Who in
fact was in the process of taking great liberties with her.  "Why
can't I move?" Penny cried silently as the horrible man continued to
toy with her pubic curls.  "This can't be happening.  How dare he
touch me!"

As though he could read her thoughts, the man abruptly ceased his
touching, moved to the head of the table and leaned over Penny from
above.  "Penny, it occurs to me that I have neglected to explain to
you why it is that you cannot move."  He smiled at the response he saw
in her expression.  "Now I don't want you to worry your pretty little
head, young lady.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you."  He
straightened up and moved back to the foot of the table.  The man
continued his with his narrative.  "You were given a drug, Penny.  A
drug which when administered in the proper dosage interferes with the
transmission of electrical impulses from the brain to the motor
nervous system.  In other words, Penny, it paralyzes you, but only
partially."  He reached out and grasped Penny's legs just below her
knees.  "You will find," he continued as he lifted upward, bending her
legs at the knee, "that you have many muscle groups which still
function perfectly normally.  Your heart is still beating.  You are
breathing.  Your digestive system is functioning as it should, and so,
Miss Ryan is your reproductive system."  The man watched with a smile
while Penny's eyes grew wider as the information sank in.  Meanwhile
he allowed her knees to separate and her shapely thighs to fall widely
apart.  "It is your reproductive system, Penny," he went on casually,
tracing the backs of his fingers slowly down the inside of Penny's
right inner thigh.  "It is your reproductive system that my colleagues
and I are primarily interested in."  

Penny thought she would faint as his fingers moved slowly and softly
toward the juncture of her thighs.  Never before had she been so
exposed.  Never before had she been so helpless.  He was almost there,
and about to touch her most private flesh when suddenly the doors
hissed open and footsteps approached.

"This the new one?" a voice asked cheerfully.  The first man's hand

"Yup, they brought her in this morning," Alan replied to his

"Pretty thing, isn't she?" the second man commented.  He stared
intently between Penny's legs before stepping to the side of the
table.  Penny was mortified.

"She is indeed," Alan agreed.  "Her name is Miss Penny Elaine Ryan.
She is eighteen years old and a student.  I was about to give Miss
Ryan her induction examination.  Care to watch?" he asked casually.

In a conversational tone of voice, the second man responded, "Maybe
for a minute of two, then I have to run.  Is she sexually active?" he
then added.  "Most of `em this age are, but only when they have to be.
Right?" he said to his buddy with a condescending chuckle.

"Don't know yet," Alan replied.  "Records say she's been dating a
med-student by the name of John Whiting.  Get her head for me will

Penny felt a hand slide under her neck, then her head was slowly
raised off the surface of the table.  From somewhere beneath the table
the man produced a hard,  vinyl covered, wedge shaped pillow which he
placed beneath her neck.

Penny was shocked to hear John's name mentioned so casually.  "Who are
these people?" she wondered.  "How do they know so much about me?"

"We checked him out," Penny heard the first man say from the other
side of the room.  She heard a drawer slide shut.  Footsteps
approached the table.  "From what we can tell, the guy is no Don Juan,
and I expect, Miss Ryan here has him totally pussy whipped."  The man
named Alan appeared between Penny's thighs.  "That right, little lady?
You got that man of yours trained just the way you want him? Sure you
do," he murmured.  Penny looked on in growing horror as the man
standing at the end of the table opened a large blue and white tube
then squeezed a quantity of clear gel onto the fingers of his right
hand.  She had never felt so exposed.  Her legs were spread lewdly
apart and a total stranger stood between them.  Just then the man
smiled and moved to the side of the table opposite his colleague.
"What we want to know, Miss Ryan," Alan said spreading the K-Y Jelly
evenly over his fingers and thumb.  "Is how often you had sex with
your man.  How often did you reward him for `good behavior'?"

Without warning he placed his hand on Penny, touching her where no one
had ever touched her, no man in any case.  Penny even had a female
gynecologist whom she hadn't seen in well over a year.  Her
astonishment and dismay were readily apparent on her pretty face as
Alan began his examination.  To Penny's further astonishment the man
reached overhead into the shadows and pulled a boom microphone down
toward the table.  

While his fingers expertly surveyed Penny's person, Alan spoke aloud
in a clinical monotone into the mic..  Penny lay stunned, and
completely unable to repel his probing explorations.  "Prominent pubic
arch," Alan said, after pressing downward on the firm mound.  "This
coupled with a wide pelvis make the subject a good prospect for
breeding."  Penny couldn't believe what she was hearing.  "His
lubricated fingers moved slowly over her flesh, gently pinching and
squeezing.  "Labia majora are thick and heavy.  The flesh is quite
resilient."  He glanced up at his colleague and nodded appreciatively.

Penny's eyes shot open wide and staring when suddenly his fingers
slipped between her outer lips.  She looked first at the man who's
hand it was between her legs.  When she received no response from him,
Penny snapped her distressed gaze toward his friend.  To her never
ending dismay, the second man merely smiled knowingly at her then
looked downward toward his friend's exploring hand.

"When's Richard dropping by?" the second man asked off-handedly.

"He's not," Alan stated flatly, offering no further explanation.  The
second man expressed his surprise by raising his eyebrows, but didn't
press.  He knew that Alan was a loyal employee, and there was no
reason to question his judgement.  

Penny held her breath when his touch became more intimate still.
"Small and tidy labia minora.  Generally an indication of only
occasional contact."  He paused, took his hand away momentarily then
leaned down between Penny's thighs.  While his friend looked on, Alan
studied Penny more closely, then returned to an upright stance.
"Labia minora appear to be well concealed by outer lips even with the
legs spread," he noted into the microphone.  "Initial visual
inspection also reveals only a slight covering of pubic hair on the
lower Labia Majora.  The majority of the subject's covering appears to
be concentrated over the pubic arch, although there is some indication
of recent hair removal, most likely by mechanical means.  Alan placed
his hand back onto Penny.  His lubricated middle finger slid downward.
Both men smiled when they saw Penny's tummy muscles flex beneath her
smooth skin.  "Good abdominal response to probing of the clitoral
area," Alan spoke into the mic..  

Penny closed her eyes almost reflexively as the man's slippery finger
tip touched her in a place and manner that she'd never dreamed of.  If
the truth be known, Penny Ryan was quite the prude.

"Clitoral hood is small but easily identifiable.  Subject responds to
clitoral palpation as anticipated."  His voice droned on for another
few minutes, but Penny didn't comprehend much of it.  She was
unexpectedly distracted.  His finger tip moved quickly and skillfully.
A reflexive shiver swept over Penny, eliciting knowing glances from
the two men.

Penny didn't realize what was happening until the adventure was
already in progress.  The nightmare that was Penny Ryan's day thus far
was about to culminate, beginning first with an unanticipated
discovery, and ending with one swift and nimble act.  Penny had all
but given up her senseless attempts at moving or endeavors to resist
the man's attentions.  While she lay enduing his touching as well as
his dehumanizing clinical descriptions of the most discrete areas of
her femininity, Penny gradually became lost in the moment.  His
tantalizing fingers searched and sampled methodically the previously
unexplored realms of Penny's womanhood, moving ever so gradually
toward a predetermined goal.  For most young women Penny's age, that
target might seem rather obvious, but not for an inexperienced girl
such as herself.

"Skene's glands appear to be quite active.  Subject is
self-lubricating after only," Alan glanced up at the big clock on the
wall of the prep room.  "Nine minutes, fifty seconds," he commented.
Alan had examined countless young women since coming to work for the
Facility.  He knew exactly how to proceed.  He pressed downward then
slowly rotated the heel of his hand just below the pubic bone.  In so
doing, he brought direct pressure to bear against Penny's clitoral
area.  He then allowed the tip his middle finger to slip between the
labia minora and slide downward toward the vaginal portal.  All the
while he maintained a rhythmic palpation of the labia majora using his
remaining fingers and thumb.  

Penny felt like she was floating.  She vaguely heard the man say
something like, "The subject is gradually showing signs of
involvement."  His hand squeezed and rubbed...squeezed and
rubbed...squeezed and rubbed.

So involved was Penny, in fact, that she was completely unaware that
she had been entered until she felt the first sensations of an odd,
stinging pressure that seemed to come from.

"Inside!!!" Penny's mind shrieked as she was suddenly jolted back to
the present and to the pressing matters at hand.

Almost simultaneously, Alan made the very same discovery.  "Oh my
goodness!" he said in a surprised voice.  He probed a little deeper.
The girl's eyes registered the find as did the telltale rubbery
resistance against the tip of his finger.

"What's wrong?" the second attendant asked.

Penny was deeply embarrassed as she looked from one unsympathetic face
to the other.  For one thing, a man she'd never met until just a few
minutes ago currently had his finger inside of her body.  That in
itself was thoroughly mortifying.  But to make matters worse, this
very same man had just discovered her `condition', as Penny referred
to it.  "What would he do now?" Penny fretted.  "Maybe he'd leave her
be.  Maybe he really was some kind of a doctor," she fantasized.  

"I never would have suspected..." Alan muttered thoughtfully.

"What, man?  What?" the other asked impatiently.

Alan smiled down at the distressed teenager on the table.  He wiggled
his finger tip playfully in her tight, vaginal opening, causing her
big hazel eyes to grow even wider.  If that were possible.  He placed
his other hand palm down onto Penny's rounded lower abdomen just above
her pubic arch.

Then looking at his friend, Alan said, "Our little girl's a virgin.
Can you believe it?"

"You're kidding," the man answered.  "How old did you say she is?"

"Miss Ryan is eighteen years and two months old, and it appears, that
she's been holding out on her friends all these years."  Then looking
Penny directly in the eye, he said in mock chastisement, "That's not a
very sociable thing to do, Miss Ryan.  How do you expect a guy to get
to know you if you won't be nice.  I'll bet your friend John is very

Penny was so astounded by what the man was saying to her that she
never saw it coming.

"It's time to put all of that kind of unacceptable behavior behind us,
Miss Ryan," the man stated evenly as though he were passing the time
of day.  He squeezed Penny's lower belly gently but firmly with his
left hand until he was certain that he could feel the strong uterine
muscles beneath the soft skin.  "From this moment forward, Miss Ryan,"
Alan said when he was ready.  "We will teach you the responsibilities
that will be expected of you as a woman."

At the first syllable of the word `woman', Alan plunged his
outstretched middle finger through Penny's hymen and into her
delightfully supple interior.  This was not Alan's first deflowering,
however, he hadn't been fortunate enough to participate in very many.
He did thoroughly enjoy these memorable events.  He always felt such a
sense of fulfillment in the knowledge that he was personally
instrumental in helping a young lady to cast aside the bonds of
childhood, thereby allowing her to realize her full potential.

A muffled "Awwwwkkk!" was the only sound that Penny uttered on this
momentous occasion.  It was indeed a special day for her, as it is for
all young women.  Penny Elaine Ryan would surely never forget her
introduction to womanhood.  There had been very little pain since it
had all happened so quickly and unexpectedly.  One sharp but very
brief sting followed by a slight tearing sensation was all that Penny
felt.  There was only a small amount of bleeding when Alan pulled
upward, then downward with his impaling digit then side to side,
efficiently tearing away the pierced remains of Penny's childhood.

"There we are.  That's better," Alan cooed softly to the tormented
teenager as he slowly moved his finger in and out in her vaginal
opening.  "Make a note," he spoke in the direction of the boom mic,
"that Miss Penny Elaine Ryan's hymen was penetrated at 1032 Hrs on
August 14, 1999.  Attending to her was Alan M..  The defloration was
observed by Ernie T..  He winked in his friend's direction. "Please
also note that Miss Ryan appears to be delightfully fit internally.
She is a very promising young woman."

Penny cried for a period of time following her defloration.  That was
to be expected.  The man named Ernie who'd witness the occasion took
his leave shortly afterward.  He was a busy man like all of the staff
members at the Facility.  They were each a part of a larger plan, an
immeasurably significant plan.

Conceived of by the founder of the Facility, his "New Program" as he
still referred to it, for lack of an official title, was best
described as the "liberalization of the natural selection process".
The founder, himself a man that society might classify as ungainly or
even homely, had always sympathized with persons born with unbecoming
or even average physical attributes.  For as long as he could remember
he'd regarded the process by which young women choose their intended
mates, in particular those blessed with stunning good looks, to be
one-sided and unfair.  That "Age of Innocense" as so many refer to the
teenage years when most young females begin to engage in the selection
process, is not that at all.  In today's climate of female "equality",
it is more an age of insensitive discrimination and ruthless
winnowing.  More than once as a youth, he'd had his heart ripped from
his chest and cast into the garbage can by some indifferent Aphrodite.
Many were the times he'd watched, helplessly as the objects of his
sweetest dreams and deepest desires selected others more appealing and
charismatic than himself, often brazenly as if to do intentional harm
to him.

In days gone by, it was the male of the species who selected the mate.
It was a far more unbiased method, and one that was better suited to
the advancement of the human race.  For one thing, many societies
condone and even honor the man who cares for several females.  This is
not to say that men aren't discriminating in their choices, but the
system of choosing and keeping multiple mates, allows even the most
ordinary female to achieve security and companionship.  Females, on
the other hand, given the same choices, are more monogamous and far
less forgiving.  They tend to cull and discard more often than not.
It was this process that he vowed to change.

For Penny Ryan, the process had just begun.  While she lay lamenting
her lost virginity and in general wishing she was dead, the man who'd
done this terrible thing to her had once again disappeared from her
view.  Penny could hear him busying himself nearby, but could not turn
her head to see what he was up to.  Following her debasement, the man
had simply walked away, leaving Penny's legs spread wide in a terribly
demeaning position, and that is how the unhappy teenager remained,
until the man's face again appeared between her knees.  Penny's
embarrassment returned ten fold when he said to her in a
conversational tone of voice, "You have a lovely pussy, Miss Ryan.  It
is such a shame that no one has been able to enjoy you until now."
Penny blushed a deep crimson color.  "Well, that's all water under the
bridge, right."  He smiled magnanimously.  Penny felt sick to her
stomach.  Her nausea was quickly replaced with another healthy dose of
shock, however when out of nowhere, the man said, "Speaking of water,
I noticed that while I was touching you earlier, you were leaking a
little bit."  He paused.  "I'll bet my little girl needs to pee.  Am I
right?" he asked, smiling mischievously.

Understandably, Penny had been rather distracted over the last half
hour or so, and was surprised to discover that she'd all but forgotten
how badly she'd had to go to the bathroom just prior to being brought
to this crazy place.  Now, at the very mention of the subject, Penny's
desperate need to urinate returned with a vengeance.  She really had
to pee!

"That's what I thought," the man said, reading the urgency on her
pretty face.  "Don't you worry your pretty head, my dear.  Alan is
here to help.  You ready?" he asked stepping to the side of the table
beside Penny's hips.  Her expression of mixed confusion and concern,
made him smile.  He placed his hand over Penny's lower abdomen.  Then
without a word of warning or preparation, he pushed his middle finger
into her vagina as far as the second knuckle.  Alan felt her belly
flex and bulge under his palm on her tummy.  He smiled at Penny who
was once again beside herself.  "Let's see if we can get one more in
there, shall we.  You're in exquisite shape, Miss Ryan," he commented
as he slowly pushed a second finger into Penny beside the first.  She

"Sorry, sweetheart.  I know you're not used to having anyone inside of
you, but you'll get used to it.  I promise.  We'll help you.  It's
important that you not try to fight me.  Just relax and let me in.
It'll go much easier that way.

When after a full minute of pushing and probing Alan was at last able
to work two fingers deep into the cramped confines of Penny's vaginal
passage, he smiled down at her.  "OK, let's go pee."

Penny didn't understand at first.  She thought that of course he meant
to take her to the bathroom somehow.  To the contrary, Penny quickly
found out what he really meant, when he balled up his left fist and
started pushing down hard with it onto her lower belly, just above her
pubic mound.  At the same time, from the inside, the man pressed
upward with his two fingers against the underside of her urinary
bladder.  Penny couldn't believe what he was doing to her.  "Was he
totally nuts!"  She fought hard to resist the urge to let go, but the
pain and pressure quickly became unbearable.  And if that weren't
enough, the wicked man started rolling his knuckles downward over
Penny's belly and up under her pubic arch.  Meanwhile he continued to
press against her bladder from the inside, pushing then releasing in
time to his external encouragment.

"Just relax, sweetheart," Alan murmured to Penny.  "Let go, baby.
It's alright.  Everything is alright."  He rolled his big fist over
Penny's soft belly causing the young girl tremendous agony.  "Don't
fight it, Penny.  Just let it go."  

She struggled hard, but after another minute or so, Alan felt the
first hot trickle against the palm of his right hand.  With a big,
perceptive smile the man said, "That's my good girl.  I knew you
needed to pee-pee.  Let it all go, now, baby," he coached.

Once the first trickle started, Penny knew she'd lost the fight.  With
a mixture of extreme self-consciousness and blessed relief, Penny
allowed her bladder to drain.  The experience of urinating more or
less upon command was bad enough, but it was made all the more
dehumanizing when the man used his hand to cup her urine stream,
directing the hot liquid back onto her.  He even managed to keep his
two fingers inside of her, while he cupped her vulva and slowly
massaged the pungent urine into her blond curls.  Penny had never
experienced such humiliation.  She could feel the hot liquid run
between the man's fingers then down between her ample buttocks.
After what seemed an eternity to Penny, her bladder was at last empty.
The man could tell she was finished when her vaginal muscles squeezed
his finger tips in sympathetic response to muscle groups that cut off
Penny's urine flow.  The ordeal was brief but thoroughly demeaning.
The tattered remnants of her running suit absorbed only a small
percentage of the liquid, and Penny was further demoralized as she lay
on the metal table in a cold pool of her own urine.  

"You see, nothing to it, right?" the horrible man said cheerfully as
he removed his hand from Penny.  "I'm glad we had a chance to practice
that," he said.  "Most of our girls don't get to try that until long
after their prepping."  While he prattled on, Alan went about tugging
the soaking wet remains of Penny's Lycra running suit out from under
her.  Next, the table surface was tipped slightly, and after closing
her knees together and straightening her long legs, Alan gave the
young woman a sponge bath.  When that task was completed, he explained
to the distressed girl that he was going to shave her.  Penny was then
forced to submit while the man used a pair of electric clippers to
shave away her golden curls.  She had no choice but to suffer through
the indignities of having her genital area handled at will during the
dreadful procedure.  When he was finished, Alan commented on his work.
"That's so much better," he said as he gazed at the ample lobes of
female flesh between Penny's thighs.  "Just one more step and we'll be
finished."  When Penny's face registered her concern, he explained.
"I am about to use a cold laser on you, my dear.  Following this
procedure, you will never have to worry about those dreadful bikini
wax treatments again.  And you'll never have to shave again, ever.
Just think of the freedom," he expounded.  "You don't have to worry.
It's completely painless.  You won't feel a thing, I promise."  He
stepped away from the table.  

When he returned, Alan held a pair of darkened goggles which he placed
over Penny's eyes.  "Just be patient, Miss Ryan.  This won't take too
terribly long.  I have to do your legs, your pussy, your tummy, your
arms and arm pits.  When we're through, you'll be as smooth as the day
you were born."

Penny was terribly anxious since not only was she unable move, but now
she couldn't even see.  She heard a soft click followed by a
continuous low level hum.  As Alan directed the brilliant, flickering
blue light over every square inch of Penny's body, the hair follicles
that were touched by the penetrating beam of the laser were, in
essence, switched off permanently.  No burning was involved so there
was no scaring or any marks left on the surface of the denuded skin at
all.  When at last, her goggles were removed, Penny wasn't sure that
anything had happened at all.  Before removing her protective goggles,
Alan used an air blower to dust away any residue from the exfoliation

Alan replaced the follicle laser in the case and returned to Penny's
side.  Smiling down at her he said, "You are a lovely girl, Penny."
His touch felt even more invasive against her bare labia when he
placed his hand on her.  "So much nicer now that we've gotten rid of
all that unsightly fur."  Penny's legs thankfully were together now so
all he was able to do was to run the tip of one finger slowly up and
down the slit between her smooth and prominent labia majora while he
continued with his maddening patter.  "At the Facility we like our
girls clean shaven.  Not only is it more attractive, but we have found
that due to our girls' increased schedule of activities, being cleanly
shaven is far more hygienic."  

Alan rubbed Penny affectionately for several moments before he
shrugged casually and said, "So, we've removed your hymen and
completed your laser treatment.  You are probably curious what's going
to happen next, I imagine."  He had her attention.  "At this point, we
usually call upon a member of our staff who is specially trained in
our induction techniques to work with the new Guest.  From now on, by
the way, you will be referred to as our Guest, Penny."  He smiled
warmly.  "The biggest majority of the induction procedure involves the
staff member making love to the new Guest for several hours."  He
watched as the girl's facial expression clouded over.  "Richard called
earlier, inquiring after you, Miss Ryan.  Richard is one of our top
Associates, and I'm told that he can do things with the female anatomy
that defy the imagination.  I've seen the results of Richard's
talents, Miss Ryan, and I can assure you that were you to spend the
rest of the morning with him, you would come away an entirely
different girl."  He let the effects of his words settle into Penny's
psyche.  He could see quite clearly that she was very apprehensive

With a much softer voice, Alan then said, "I've taken a liking to you,
Penny, and I wouldn't want to see your personality altered so quickly.
So, I've pulled rank, as it were."  He chuckled at his witticism.
"You will be happy to know that rather than spending the afternoon
with Richard, I personally am going to help you to adjust to our
little family.  It's going to be just you and me, Penny," he said
fondly.  "I might not be another Richard B., but I know a thing or two
about making a girl feel like a woman."  He winked at the nervous
girl.  "In return, maybe you can help me with a little experiment I've
been working on.  You know, quid pro quo."  He smiled wickedly.  "So,
let's get started, shall we," he said as he stepped to the end of the
exam table.

Penny stared down at him over her nakedness.  She had no idea what to

Alan gazed at the lovely and vulnerable teenager as he reached under
the edge of the table and flipped a hidden latch.  

The lower end of the shining steel table slowly separated as Alan
pulled.  Penny's legs spread along with the two articulated wings of
specially designed examination table.  When at last Alan was
satisfied, the pretty teenager's legs were spread widely apart, giving
him complete access to her.  Moving then to the side of the table,
Alan lay one of Penny's arms across her tummy.  The other he arranged
on the table's metal surface with her palm facing upward.  Penny
watched every move he made with growing concern.  At last he seemed
satisfied, and smiling at Penny he said, "Now you just wait right
here, Penny, and I'll be right back.  Then we'll get started."  He
reached out and pinched her right nipple playfully before moving out
of sight.

Penny listened to him as he moved about the room.  Cabinet doors
opened and closed.  At last she heard the sound of small wheels
rolling on the hard floor.  When Alan appeared beside her again, he
pushed a small instrument table on casters ahead of him.  Out of the
corner of her eye, Penny saw him produce a short piece of rubber

"How are we doing?" Alan asked almost warmly as he slipped the tubing
under the elbow of Penny's outstretched left arm.  Penny stared dumbly
up at his face for a moment then slowly she lowered her gaze to his
hands on her arm.  "In a minute, Penny, you and I are going to get
much better acquainted."  He smiled cheerfully.  "And then I've got a
special surprise for you, one I think that you'll really enjoy."

Penny didn't like the sound of that at all as she lay staring at her
lifeless arm in the man's hands.  While she looked on, he expertly
tied the elastic tubing loosely around her left arm just above her
elbow.  Penny knew a tourniquet when she saw one.  "Is he going draw
my blood, do you think?  What kind of a nut house is this place?"  She

"A blood test.  It's got to be a blood test," Penny prayed when the
man produced a clear glass hypodermic syringe.  Its needle flashed in
the bright overhead lighting.

Alan saw the worried look on the pretty teenager's face, and in a
soothing voice he said, "Now don't you worry, little one.  I've done
this a thousand times.  I've just never tried it at work before.  This
is my experiment, you see," he explained casually as he picked up a
glass vial containing a crystal clear liquid from the instrument
stand.  "Remember our little secret, Penny, my dear?" he asked smiling
into her apprehensive hazel eyes.  Then holding the glass vial upside
down, the man pushed the shining needle into the rubber gland at its
neck.  "I promise never to tell your boyfriend about you and me."  He
glanced down at the naked teenager and saw her eyes widen.  "And in
return, Penny, girl.  You have to promise me that you won't tell
anyone about our little experiment."  

Penny was very apprehensive now and also thoroughly confused.  She had
no idea what the insane man was talking about.  "What experiment?
What secret?" she wondered.  

While Penny stared up at him from the table, Alan pulled back gently
on the plunger of the syringe.  As he did, the 3cc barrel slowly
filled with clear liquid.

"Wait a minute," Penny thought as it finally dawned upon her that what
the man was doing wasn't what she'd previously surmised.  "He's
filling the syringe from that bottle.  He's not going to draw my
blood," Penny realized.  "He's going to inject me with something!"
Her expression clouded over instantly.  "Awwrr...mohh!" she groaned

Alan stopped when the syringe was filled and pulled the needle out of
the vial.  After setting the vial aside, he held the syringe up to the
light.  Penny followed his movements with anguished eyes.  A tiny
spurt of the clear liquid jetted toward the ceiling from the sharp
beveled tip of the shining needle.  

Without looking down at her, the man murmured, "Ever tried cocaine, my
dear, Miss Ryan?"  Penny's heart skipped a beat.  When Alan was
satisfied that there was no air remaining in the barrel of the
hypodermic, he glanced down at the obviously agitated young woman.
Then after a moment he said, "Judging from your expression, my dear,
I'd have to say the answer is `No'."  He smiled that wicked smile of
his.  "I figured as much.  You being such a special treat in the eyes
of the world."  He laid the syringe carefully onto the top of the
instrument stand.  "Well, I'll make you another promise, Penny Ryan,"
Alan said as he moved slowly to the foot of the table.  As he did, he
let one hand trail down the smooth skin of Penny's left leg.  Her
flesh crawled beneath his touch.  As the man stepped around the end of
the table he let his finger tips tickle playfully down the top of
Penny's foot.  

"You're never going to forget this day, Penny Ryan," Alan said as he
moved between her legs which lay spread upon the wings of the special
examination table.  Penny stared down at him over her belly.  While
she looked on in growing horror, the man reached up under his lab
coat, and Penny heard the tell tale sound of a zipper.  She saw his
hand moving under his coat.  He stepped closer.  So close that she
felt his hips brush against the insides of her thighs.  Penny's lips
quivered as she stared at the man plaintively.  Ignoring her
indisputable distress, Alan murmured while he stroked himself to full
erection, "I'm going to be your first man, Penny.  I'm going to be the
very first guy to fuck you.  Yes, I know," he whispered when she tried
to speak.  "It'll hurt a little at first, but you're a big girl,
Penny.  In no time at all, you're gonna take all of me inside of you."
 From under his coat he produced himself for Penny to see.  

Alan was very well endowed for a man of reasonably slight frame.
"Moohhhh," she moaned desperately when he pushed the broad head of his
wicked member downward and out of sight.  For the first time in her
life, Penny felt the heat of a male press against her most intimate
flesh.  She fell into a trance-like state of mind as the animal heat
of him moved slowly up and down between her quivering thighs.  Penny
knew when he was at her gates.  She felt him start to push against
her, her hazel eyes slowly dilating along with her vaginal portal.

"Mmoohhh," Penny gurgled helplessly.  

"That's my girl," Alan murmured as he continued to apply a steady
pressure against Penny's ever widening entrance.  "Just relax,
sweetheart.  Just relax and take me inside.  That's right."  He smiled
warmly into Penny's staring eyes.  Her cheeks pursed out when the head
of his penis virtually popped through into her unexplored interior.
Reaching out, Alan placed his hands around the lovely girl's wasp-like
waist, holding her just above her prominent pelvic crests.  He pushed
with his hips.  

"Huuhhhhhhhh," the pretty teenager exhaled loudly as approximately two
inches of maleness pushed into her.  "Mmmmmmmm..." Penny moaned as she
fought an unseen battle.

As advertised, the Ketamine in no way hindered the girl's control and
use of her internal musculature.   Alan was both gratified and
surprised to find just how strong she was, considering her lack of
experience.  `Maybe she does Kegel exercises," Alan speculated as he
continued to apply steady pressure.  He smiled at the distressed
expression on Penny's face when despite her best efforts, she lost
another couple of inches to him.  Alan had seven left to go.  He knew
full well that he could have used any one of several different methods
to overpower the obstinate teenager, but to tell the truth, he rather
enjoyed the slower approach.  As each cubic inch of Penny was
displaced by him, he felt every convolution of her unexplored
womanhood.  Alan believed that his initial foray into Miss Penny Ryan
would be far more invasive and thorough by advancing slowly.  By the
time he was fully involved with Penny, he would know every centimeter
of the young girl intimately, and she him.

With what might pass as an affectionate smile, Alan placed the palm of
his right hand onto Penny's tummy, just below her belly button.
"We're so tense," Alan murmured in mock sympathy.  He rubbed her tummy
slowly.  "Is it really so bad?" he whispered.  "Making love to me,

Penny glared at him, hoping that her hatred and loathing were as
plainly evident in her eyes and her facial expression as they were in
her heart.  The man was obviously crazy.  He spoke to her like a long
lost friend, when in reality he was raping her.  Penny clung
desperately to that thought as she bravely fought his steady advance.
Beads of perspiration began to form on her forehead and upper lip.
Penny was about to give in to him when abruptly he ceased his forward
thrusting.  Penny thought for a moment that she'd won the war, but her
hopes were quickly dashed when her attacker spoke.

"I think it's time for our little `Experiment', Penny," he said.
"Maybe then I can convince you to be nice."  Alan reached out and
tugged on the ends of the tourniquet he'd wrapped around her arm
earlier, drawing the tubing tight with an audible "snap".

"Owwww," Penny whimpered in response.

"Sorry, my dear," the man said unemotionally.  Then he began to
palpate the soft skin in the crotch of Penny's elbow.  "Ah there we
are," Alan said smiling down at the large blue vein that arose beneath
the girl's pale skin.  "This will be no problem at all.  You're a
lucky girl, Penny.  Most girls have such tiny veins.  Very hard to

Penny felt him tap the inside of her elbow a few times with his
fingertips before he turned to his instrument stand.  Alan picked up a
prepackaged alcohol wipe and tore open its foil wrapper.  Penny's eyes
darted nervously from his face to her arm as he proceeded to dab at
the inside of her elbow with the sterilizing swab.  Then he picked up
the hypodermic. 

Penny's expression turned instantly to one of unveiled terror as she
followed the man's hands with her eyes. 

"Mmmmmm.... mmmmooohhhh," Penny moaned pitifully as he moved the tip
of the syringe toward her paralyzed left arm.

"Hush, now, little one.  This won't hurt at all," Alan cooed softly as
he pressed the shining needle against the almost transparent skin of
Penny's inner elbow.  The tender skin dimpled in for an instant before
being punctured.  Next, Alan felt the slight resistance of the vein
wall just before it too was penetrated.  

Penny stared helplessly up at the man's face which was presently awash
with concentration.  Penny had always hated shots and couldn't bring
herself to look down at the needle in her arm.  She had no idea what
to expect. 

"There we are," Alan murmured approvingly when after pulling gently
back on the glass plunger pf the syringe, he was rewarded with the
gratifying sight of a tiny plum of bright red blood which jetted into
the clear contents of the hypodermic.  "We're almost finished, Penny,
my dear."  Holding the syringe firmly in his right hand, Alan
carefully untied the elastic tourniquet.  Then staring purposefully at
the pretty teenager before him on the table, Alan said almost
casually, "I am going to fuck you now, Penny Ryan, and do you want to
know a secret?" he added with his annoying, mischievous smile.  "Once
this clinical grade cocaine makes its way into your bloodstream, my
dear girl, you're going to fuck me back," he explained to the
astounded blond teenager as casually as though he were giving her
directions to the super market.  

Upon hearing this, Penny immediately clamped down on him again in
preparation for the inevitable onslaught.  "If she could hold him off
once, she could do it again," Penny thought.

Alan felt her brace herself.  "That's good.  That's good," he murmured
as he slowly depressed the plunger.  "You're a very fit young lady, my
dear."  Penny felt a very slight warmth in the crotch of her elbow.
When approximately half of the clear solution had disappeared into
Penny's vein, Alan stopped then slowly drew the plunger back.  "You
and I are going to become really good friends, this morning, Penny.  I
do hope that your `steady' won't be too upset that I am going to be
your first true love," he said patronizingly.  He watched the contents
of the syringe turned a dark sanguine red as they mixed with Penny's

"Huuhhhhhhhh," Penny huffed as the first whispering of the cocaine
rush tickled at her nervous system.  She felt her heart rate clime
dramatically as she gazed up into the comprehending face of her

Alan watched her eyes closely as he again advanced the plunger of the
syringe, slowly injecting its entire contents into his sweet
companion's circulatory system.  Already she'd begun to tremble
noticeably as Alan quickly withdrew the needle from her arm and
swabbed the injection site with another alcohol wipe from the
instrument tray.  "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," he murmured.  By
the time he'd placed the empty syringe into the tray, the pupils of
Penny's eyes were so dilated they'd completely eclipsed her irises
making her eyes appear almost entirely black. 

Things quickly became very confusing for Penny.  She knew the man was
talking to her, but his words reverberated, sounding tinny and
distant.  Her field of vision started to narrow until all she saw was
her new companion standing between her legs.  A sparkling aura
surrounded his smiling face.  Again he spoke, but Penny was beyond
understanding.  Penny's world exploded into riotous hodgepodge of
sensory phenomena.  She felt a power and vitality like nothing she'd
ever experienced before.  Unrecognizable crashes of sound and dizzying
lights swirled about her.  Her flesh became super-sensitized to the
slightest touch.  Her lover's hands virtually sizzled with electricity
when he placed them upon her breasts.

Just seconds later the real love making began.  For well over an hour
Penny entertained her first lover, providing him carnal delights
beyond description.  For Penny, the experience would become
permanently etched in her psyche.  It would be and episode and an
education that she would never forget.  Even the activities of the
ensuing days as a  Guest of The Facility would pale by comparison to
that eventful morning with Alan.  

It would also mark the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship
for the young lady and her new lover.  Once prepped, Guests are then
released into the general population of The Facility where they are
expected to provide comfort and entertainment to the many discerning
Clients who come to them daily.  Although Penny's new duties would
require her to accomodate many lovers, her hosts would see to it that
she and Alan would have ample opportunity to spend quality time

Continued some day... SM

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