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Next Door (MF FF NC B/D WS Blackmail) by Looney

Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

   Part - 1 OK, Like I fantasize and all, but for one of them to happen, to
me, well...  I went home during my lunch hour to smoke a joint.  It makes
for better fantasies when I read stories in the afternoon.  Pretty sad huh!
Well, As I was saying, when I got home, sitting on my bed toking up, I
looked out my window and noticed that the house next door had the blinds
up. What I saw was incredible!  Now, for a little history.  About 3 weeks
ago, the old neighbors had to move.  He had to leave for job reasons and I
have not met the new neighbors, but my wife has seen them and commented
that they were younger than we were.  The window I was looking through is
on the side of the house, so I was not suprised that the house next to me
had the blinds open.  You could only see in if you were walking between the
houses.  There were arms and legs and struggling between a man and a woman.
I would have never noticed it, but they just happen to run by the open
window, right when I looked.  Obviously intrigued, I waited by the window
to see what was going on.  When they couple made it in front of the window
again, there were definitely boobs, naked boobs.  This went on for a few
laps, and when he finally caught her, he threw her onto the kitchen table.
As I opened the window a crack to exhale the pot smoke, I could hear some
serious female moaning.  He had her bent over the table and was fucking her
doggie style.  As he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, it brought
her chest up and her tits were flopping all over.  She was telling him to
slap her ass and he wouldn't do it.  He just kept fucking her.  At this
point I decided, well., my dick decided for me (typical), to get closer.  I
carefully put out my joint and grabbed my camera.  I have a digital camera
that doesn't get good resolution, but at this point no one would believe me
if I told them, thus proof was called for.  As I rounded the back fence, I
noticed a delivery truck parked in back.  Hmmm, So this isn't her husband?
Interesting!  I slowly walked up to the side of the window and peeked
inside.  I could sure hear the sex sounds now.  She was saying, "fuck me,
fuck me" over and over.  As soon as I could see into the window at a safe
angle, I could see his uniform.  He had turned her over and she was on her
back on the table.  She had her knees pulled up to her chest and he was
plowing into her something good.  Shit!, I thought, pictures.  So I started
snapping away.  Thanks to the designers of digital cameras, no sound.  I
got many pictures, which included both of their faces, and plenty of naked
body parts.  About now, the guy was about to cum.  I could hear him
grunting louder and louder.  She started telling him not too, she wasn't
ready.  "No, not yet, please!" He just groaned loudly and squirted cum all
over her belly.  He looked pretty weak in the legs, but walked around the
table and made her clean his dick with her mouth.  When she was done he
just pulled up his pants and said "see ya." She jumped up and started
begging him to stay.  He just looked at her and said "I only deliver the
furniture, and I have more on my route.  Why should I stay and fuck a whore
like you again?" She got a sad, pouty look on her face and started trying
to seduce him into staying.  Rubbing her pussy on his leg and rubbing his
hands on her tits.  As he turned to leave, I thought, what an idiot!  Since
he could have seen me as he got into his truck, I decided to move out.  I
snapped a few pictures over the fence of him getting into his truck,
insurance I guess.  I am not sure why I did.  Alone in my room again, I lit
up the rest of my joint and stared at the open window for about an hour.  I
never saw her again, but I had pictures.  Sitting at my computer I was glad
to see that the pictures came out so well.  You could see every detail,
although the angle cut off some of the action.  Accordingly, I went home
every day for lunch.  Just because it was myself, nothing else happened
next door (haha).  If it were someone else spying, she would have fucked
someone every day.  Now my fantasy life was in full swing.  Because of what
happened looking at the pictures and jacking off became a daily occurrence
(like it wasn't already).  She was about 5' 5" and certainly not
overweight. Her tits were about 36 or 38C.  She had a very tight ass and a
full puffy pussy.  Of course, the puffy pussy was from just being fucked.
Brown hair and pinpoint nipples.  I was not noticing much else.  A few days
later, I was poking around her kitchen window hoping to get a glimpse of
something going on.  She came out from behind the pantry door and saw me
kneeling down looking in.  Immediately she came out thru the garage and
confronted me.  I acted innocent enough and bullshitted my out of it by
saying I was fixing her screen.  I explained that it had fallen out and I
was just being a nice guy.  She apologized and said she was upset because
her husband was gone on business so much.  (Go figure) She asked if I would
like to come inside for a coke, and inside I went.  We talked for about 30
minutes and I learned her name was Sandy, and she was a teacher looking for
a job.  Reluctantly I decided to leave.  I was getting some evil thoughts
about the situation and had to think about them further.  Another day
passed and I spent most of my time designing a plan to blackmail her with
the pictures I had.  As I checked and double-checked my alibis, my concerns
about getting caught were diminishing.  I talked to my boss and took a few
afternoons off of work.  The first day I went home and changed into some
work in the yard clothes.  I smoked some pot and got my nerve up. 
"Confidence, be forceful," I told myself, as I walked to her house.  Her
garage door was open, so I tucked the pictures under my arm and just walked
right in.  Wandering around the inside of the house, she was no where in
sight.  I kept looking and finally found her upstairs, getting out of the
shower.  She was dripping wet and her nipples were rock hard.  I watched
her dry off and was unsure how to proceed.  I decided to go back
downstairs, sitting on the couch, waiting for her.  It scared the shit out
of her when she got downstairs and saw me.  I immediately stood up and she
backed away.  I assured her that I was just there to talk to her.  With a
dominant tone in my voice I told her to sit down.  She looked at me funny,
but decided to sit on the couch where my finger was pointed.  I was trying
to keep the situation from turning hostile.  I sat beside her and set the
packet of pictures on the coffee table.  She was dressed in a small top
that showed her tits.  Her nipples were still hard.  Funny, I wasn't cold.
"Sandy, I am certain that you love your husband, right?" "Well of course"
she quickly said.  "You said you have been married for 4 years, Sandy. 
Have you gotten the itch yet?  Have you messed around on your husband yet?"
She jumped up and told me to go to hell.  I just laughed and softly told
her to sit back down.  With a real look of concern on her face she sat. 
She still did not know why I was there.  I laughed and said, "I" would
certainly not be a concern." I looked straight into her eyes and said
"Don't worry, you will soon be asking me for everything." Before she could
react, I turned to the packet and put it on my lap.  As I spoke to her, she
slowly turned white.  I told her that I had photographed her little sexual
fuck with the deliveryman.  She started shaking her head back and forth,
"no, NO NO" she said.  I leaned over to her and grinned.  The pictures fell
into her lap and as she turned them over, she started to cry.  She lowered
her head and asked me what my intentions were.  I asked her if she felt
that she should be punished for cheating on her husband.  She looked at me
a little confused and said, "Just what kind of sleezeball thing is that to
say!" Grinning, "A little punishment would be good for you!" She stood up
and started walking away.  "Get out!" "Get OUT!" I smiled and picked up the
pictures.  "These are yours.  Your husband will get his own copies." "NO",
no" she said quietly.  "Just what do you want?" I stared into her eyes and
gave my best bullshit performance yet.  "Get on your knee's, bitch!" I
grabbed her hair and yanked her down.  Not too hard, but enough to scare
her.  "You will do everything I tell you to do.  Everything!  without
question or hesitation." I yanked her head up.  "If you do not.  If you
falter one little bit, your husband will get the pictures.  The schoolboard
will get the pictures!  How about that, you won't be able to get a job."
She started crying again.  I coldly looked down at her and said, "Better be
a girl who obeys, or your future is for shit." I let go of her hair and she
slumped to the floor.  I walked over to the kitchen table and sat down. 
"Come here, Sandy, Now!" She slowly got up and walked over to me.  I sat
her on the table in front of me and started circling her nipple with my
finger.  She jumped and started to turn away.  I slapped her face, kinda
hard, and said firmly, "Knock that shit off.  I know what a slut you are. I
watched you fuck a stranger.  You want this so bad it is killing you." I
started feeling both her tits and squeezing her nipples harder.  "I bet you
lay in bed while your husbands gone and dream about getting fucked.  Dream
about doing nasty things!" Well, little Sandy, you are going to be able to
carry out those fantasies, I thought to myself.  "You don't have a choice,"
a fact I kept reminding her of.  "Take off your clothes, slave!  Yeah,
Slave Sandy.  What a good name for you.  Slut Slave Sandy." "Get those
FUCKIN clothes off," I yelled, yanking her off the table.  I spun her
around and started slapping her ass, hard.  She fought a little with me,
but I pinned her down and lifted her shirt up.  I pulled it tight and
gagged her with it.  I got some pantyhose out of the laundry basket and
tied her hands up behind her back.  "God Damn it!" I said.  "I did not want
to have to force you, but I will play rough if you want." I leaned in and
started licking her nipples.  She started squirming again so I picked her
up and carried her to the living room and put her over the back of the
couch.  I slapped her ass incredibly hard and she froze up, giving me a
chance to pull her shorts down.  Whoo Hoo!  I thought, What a rush.  "Now,
I tried to play nice, but you are not getting the picture." As I spoke the
rest of the words, I slapped her ass and legs with each word.  "I" "am"
"in" "charge" "here" "and" "you" "will" "behave".  Her ass was bright red
and she was screaming into the gag awful loud.  I leaned down close to her
and spoke into her ear while I slowly rubbed her ass.  "Please obey the
rules, little slave.  Anything I say, no hesitation!" I slid my finger
along her pussylips and it was sopping wet.  "My, my, Slut Sandy, what a
wet one you are.  You certainly enjoy breaking the rules.  That is all
right with me, hehehe.  Remember that I always guarantee a little pleasure
with my pain.  Of course, since you are just beginning, you will have to
earn some pleasure." After fingering her wet pussy and rubbing my
fingernail across her asshole, she started to get into it.  I slapped her
ass again, real hard.  "Damn, what you did sure makes me mad.  I ought to
just walk out and mail the pictures." She struggled to turn around and
started making grunting sounds.  I walked around the couch and stood in
front of her.  I untied her gag and took her shirt off.  "Please!  Please
don't tell my husband.  I'll do anything you want." I left her draped over
the couch and pulled my shorts down.  Grabbing her head, I rubbed my dick
all over her face.  She was not enjoying this part very much.  Maybe I am
really lucky and got a live one my first time out.  I stopped her from
trying to lick my dick and said, "earn it bitch!" I took her back into the
kitchen and tied her to the chair.  Pantyhose!, what a great use.  I made
her close her eyes, make her swear not to open them.  I shoved a pair of
hose into her mouth and spoke in a soft voice, "If you can orgasm, right
here, right now, i'll know you are a slut.  I won't even have to blackmail
you, you would do anything I said." "If you open your eyes, even once, I
leave and you get to fuck yourself.  If you can cum with your eyes closed,
I'll stay and fuck you with something." She took a deep breath and said,
"Please make me cum." I took her shirt and wrapped it around her head,
covering her eyes.  "It's for your own good, you couldn't keep you eyes
closed if you tried.  You are just a worthless cunt.  I'd have to leave,
and I'm certainly not done with you!" I started slapping her tits.  God
they were nice.  Real soft and the nipples were about the size of a
quarter. I was really enjoying this.  Slap, Slap, they were getting red. 
Slap, slap.  I stopped and grabbed them roughly with my fingernails and
left marks.  I licked her nipples and got them wet.  Pulling on them to
make sure they were hard, I twisted them back and forth.  "Somewhere
between pain and pleasure lies paradise, huh slut.  Are you getting off for
me?" She moaned a little louder and her legs and crotch were straining
against the hose.  I got an ice cube and rubbed it on the end of her
nipple. She got jumpy and started moaning louder.  I blew on her wet, cold
nipples and said "Cum for me, little slut.  Cum for me, slut Sandy." I took
a stickpin that was lying on the table and started lightly poking her
nipples with it.  I was only pricking her, but it must have felt incredible
because she started to lean into each poke.  "Cum for me my little slut,
yeah, that's it, that's a needle poking your tits.  It feels like it is
sticking your clit, doesn't it.  It hurts, doesn't it, yeah, Cum for me
slut." She was squirming and really getting off so I randomly stuck her
tits with the pin.  I made circles around her tits, slowly getting to the
nipples.  "Gonna cum yet, Sandy?  Cum for me.  When I get the needle back
to the end of your nipple, you better be in the middle of an orgasm or you
will never get to feel this again." Right when I said that I pushed the
needle into the end of each of her nipples.  She violently strained against
the chair and I pushed my finger into her pussy.  She started cumming and
had the biggest orgasm I have seen in a while.  I was ramming my finger
into her as hard as I could.  There was pussy juice everywhere.  Even after
I quit fingering her, she was twitching.  I stood up and pulled my shorts
off.  I leaned against her chest and grabbed her nipples and squeezed her
tits around my dick.  I fucked her tits hard, spitting on her for some
lubrication.  She started screaming into the gag as I held her nipples
tighter.  I started to cum and shot all over her face and chest.  God, that
felt good.  This was too real to be true.  I uncovered her eyes and made
her watch as I swiped her pussy with my fingers and rubbed it all over her
face.  I pulled my shorts back on and opened the freezer.  I got another
ice cube and stuck it into her pussy.  Her eyes got big and she had a huge
orgasm, shaking all over.  Man, she was hot.  I untied her and left her
just sitting there.  "Your first true test, Sandy, starts now.  I am
leaving.  I want you to sit here and think about your punishment.  Don't
move for 30 minutes.  I am untying you, but you are not to move.  I am
going to be able to see right in the window, so don't even think it.  I am
leaving this set of instructions for you to follow, and the pictures for
you to understand exactly why you will follow them." Part - 2 The world was
spinning.  I want to get up from this hard, cold chair, but this man
specifically told me not to.  Phewww, just exactly what happened to me.  I
feel scared and horny and exhausted all rolled into one.  If I stand up, I
will probably fall down.  My legs are tingling and my pussy is throbbing to
the thumping of my heart.  "What did I do?" "Why did I do that?" Sandy,
"Sandy" is my name.  He called me slut.  Slut Sandy, no Slut Slave Sandy.
Why did I allow this to happen?  I am not a Slut, certainly not someone's
Slave.  Slowly I turned my head and saw the pictures of me fucking the
deliveryman.  All this trouble because my fucking husband is out of town so
much and masturbating is just not doing it.  I need a dick, a big old cock
in me.  The damn deliveryman had not even let me cum.  "Fucker." Man, how
was I gonna get out of this?  What was I going to do?  Staring at the clock
I had 10 minutes left to sit here.  I wanted to get cleaned up and "Why am
I still sitting here?" It took me a few minutes to get myself oriented, a
few minutes to think.  "SHIT", if I get up?" If my husband get those
pictures.  NO,no,no, that can't happen.  "The letter!" "Shit" Shaking, I
picked it up and opened it.  I was really scared that he wanted money.  If
he only knew how much money I have and that if my husband divorces me, with
those pictures as evidence, I would be broken.  I did not care about the
teaching job, I did not need it.  The pre-nup I signed would end it all. 
Unfolding the note, I slowly read it.


   Follow these instructions and nothing will happen.  Do not, and you know
the consequences.  Everything, complete obedience, or ruin your life.  You
will either obey, or not.  There is no middle ground.

   1.  Be ready at 8:30 PM.  2.  Shave your pussy smooth.  3.  Wear the
following items and only the following items.  A short, not tight,
miniskirt.  Thong panties.  A pretty blouse, unbuttoning from the front.  A
small amount of makeup.  High heels.

   NO Bra!  NO Hose!


   Whoo boy, what was going on?  Play with myself?  That is what got me
into this in the first place.  Finally!  My 30 minutes are up.  Looking out
the window, "FUCK", his blinds are all closed.  He wasn't even watching. 
"Asshole." It was 7:00 PM and I did not have much time to get ready.  I
guess I will have to do what he says.  The alternative was not so pleasant.
After wiping down the kitchen chair, I stumbled upstairs to take a shower.
My mind was still reeling from the thoughts and feelings I had.  I am not
so sure that he was correct.  I sure got off on everything he did to me. 
My ass was still tender from the spanking I got and my nipples were sore.
Lowering my hand, my pussy was sopping wet and sensitive as hell.  Rubbing
my finger in circles over my clit, why was I so horny?  Why was the thought
of being made to do something, and having no choice about it, making me so
wet?  "Fuck him!" I will still do whatever I want, damn it!  I laid down on
the bed and reached over to get my dildo.  I needed no lubrication, so I
crammed it into my gash.  After about two or three strokes I started to
cum. My legs shook and I clenched up and then collapsed.  That's three
massive orgasms in a few hours.  I have never done that before.  "Fuck",
what was I going to do?  I got up and gathered up the clothes to wear, per
his instructions.  I felt so frustrated.  I wanted to call his bluff, but
my ass was so tender.  You could still see a hand mark from where he hit
me. I quickly took a shower and got ready.  I made sure that I had time to
eat before he arrived.  I did not like going without a bra.  My breasts
will hold there own in any contest, but they jiggled when I walked and the
nipples were rubbing against the material making them constantly hard.  At
least my white blouse was dirty.  You could see right through it.  I made a
sandwich and got some water.  As I grabbed some ice cubes, I shuddered at
the thought of him shoving the cubes up my cunt.  "God, I came hard!" As I
turned around, I yelped loudly.  He was standing right next to me.  He
scared the shit out of me!  "I took your keys and made myself a copy," he
said nonchalantly.  He slowly ran the back of his hand down my face and
over my breasts ending up between my legs.  He ran his fingernail over my
panties, pinching my pussy lips right over my clit.  "Good, good, slave. 
Exactly as ordered, nice and smooth.  We will certainly have fun tonight!"
"Did you play with yourself, slut?  I instructed you not to, but your eyes
say something completely different." He grabbed my hair by the back of my
head.  "Did you masturbate and spank that pretty pussy of yours?  HUH!"
"I-I-Umm-Yes, I did!  You can't control my every move." I said defiantly.
"AAUUGGHH," I cried as he grabbed my nipple and twisted it cruelly.  I fell
to my knees and tried to get away.  "My power over controlling you extends
to every aspect of your miserable fucking life.  If I don't want you to pee
for a week, you won't!" "AAAUUUUGGGHH," The pain in my nipple was killing
me.  "Whatever I order, you will obey, right!?" "Y-Yes." "We are going to
be out in public tonight.  You will do everything I say, correct!" "Y-Yes,
sir" I said.  I was scared to death.  "Wha-where are we going?" I never
thought we would be leaving.  "Shut the FUCK up, bitch.  You are not to
speak until you are spoken to, and you will only respond if asked a
specific question.  You will obey ANYONE who decides to speak to you,
anyone at all!" "Get up Slave!" He ordered.  He set a bag down and started
looking for something.  He took out a camera and told me to turn around and
bend over.  I kept my hands by my side and slowly bent over.  He raised my
skirt up and kicked my legs apart.  "Ohh," I moaned as he grabbed the
string to my thong and pulled it up into the crack in my ass.  He squatted
down and snapped a few pictures and ran his finger across the tight fabric
covering my pussy.  "Gee, Slut Sandy, Your pussy is already wet, and it is
only 8:35.  You must enjoy being a whore!  Maybe I didn't get as lucky as I
thought.  This seems to come pretty natural to you." I thought to myself,
and could not figure why this turned me on so much.  I started liking the
fact that I could not talk.  I just had to take it.  But, I had a funny
feeling in the pit of my stomach about the rest of the evening.  He put the
camera away and got out some sort of rolled cigarette.  As he started
lighting it, I realized that it was pot.  He brought drugs into my house.
Eww, it really stunk.  He inhaled really hard and pulled me towards him. 
He put a hand on my chest and my back and squeezed all of the air out of my
lungs.  He grabbed my mouth to kiss me and blew all the smoke down my
throat.  "Hold it in, Sandy.  Don't let the smoke out." My lungs were
burning and I started coughing and gasping for air.  He just started
laughing at me.  "First timers, how sad.  Well, we will have to do it
again, till you can control yourself" Again, he took a long drag on the
joint.  He pointed at my chest and I reluctantly blew all my air out. 
Maybe it would be better this time.  I at least knew what to expect. 
Whoosh, and my eyes started watering.  "Don't you waste that good pot
smoke. Hold it in.  If you let it out, maybe we will just stay here and see
how much of a whipping you can take," He said with a grin.  I held it for
at least one minute, and he finally let me breathe.  I got dizzy
immediately and had to sit down.  He grabbed my arm, pulling me up, and
said, "Let's go.  You have places to be." I stumbled along in my high heels
towards the garage.  He put me into the passenger seat and started the car.
"Undo a few of those buttons on your shirt.  Let me see a little tit,
slut." I unbuttoned the top two buttons and just sat there.  I hoped none
of the neighbors saw us leave together.  I wondered about his wife also. 
Where was she?  How did she fit into this?  I was certainly not going to
ask him, though.  My right nipple still hurt like shit from the last time I
didn't follow his instructions.  We drive into town, about 20 minutes.  He
turned into a gas station and pulled up next to the pumps.  "Get out and
fill up the car." I started to button my shirt and he slapped my hands
away. "Not a chance, little girly!  Just like you are.  And for once again
assuming you know what is best for yourself, you lose another button." He
undid button number three and now you could see my tits clearly.  I got out
and walked around to the pump.  I used my teller card and started pumping
the gas.  The nozzle did not have a little clip, so I had to hold the damn
thing with my hands.  It was really windy outside and my skirt and my shirt
kept flying up and open.  I was frantically trying to hold one or the other
closed, but was not having good luck.  As I looked up, he was sitting there
laughing at me.  Furiously, I turned away and noticed several other men at
their cars, watching me.  They must have been getting an eye full, with my
clothes flapping around as they were.  He rolled down the window and told
me to wash the windows.  I got the squeegee and had to lean over the hood
to get at the whole window.  There were now more men just standing at the
pumps watching me.  I certainly have never been an exhibitionist, but when
I turned around to put the wiper away, the man behind us was just standing
there with his mouth open.  "Walk over to him and tell him that he should
get his wife to do the same for him.  Then pinch your nipples for him and
get into the car." I paused, unsure if I would do it.  The car started and
I heard, "I'll leave you here, damn it.  Go do exactly what I told you!" I
walked over to the car next to us, straight up to the guy, and I felt
everyone's eyes on me.  I know I wasn't smiling, but I forced out the
words. "Mr.  you should get your wife to do this for you." I reached into
my shirt, which was still flying around in the wind, and touched my
nipples. I rolled them in my fingers and winced at the pain from them being
twisted.  I turned around and got back into my car.  "Good girl.  Haha.  He
does not even know what to do with himself.  Spread your legs.  SPREAD em!
Look!  What a little slut.  Your panties are soaking wet.  Seems that your
body is giving your true self away, Hahahaha." Why was I this wet.  I did
not even realize it.  I certainly did not like everyone staring at me, but
I did feel a rush of adrenaline having to squeeze my nipples in front of a
stranger.  He drove off and grinned at me, laughing.  "You will need that
wet pussy for later, Slut Slave Sandy." My God, what did he mean by that?
Part - 3 I was laughing my ass off!  What the fuck was I doing?  I am a
happily married man with kids, a kinky wife who keeps me happy, and Mr. 
Dickhead down there has got me on a wild ass ride.  This chick's panties
are completely soaked.  Like, squish, squish!  As I drove out of the gas
station, that guy was still just standing there.  He looked like he was in
shock.  I can't believe that this bitch actually did exactly what I said. I
mean, I am blackmailing her and all, but, she just walked up and let him
watch her rub each nipple.  What a hoot!

   "Open your shirt, slut.  So the truckers can look down and get an

   She unbuttoned it and pushed it open.  I reached over and rubbed her
nipples softly.  "You liked showing off for the men back there, didn't

   "Didn't you!"

   "Y-Yes," she stammered.  "It makes me embarrassed and confused, but I am
so horny my mind is spinning."

   "Good, good.  It seems that you are a natural slut, which is not a bad
thing.  Ask me to slap your pussy."


   "Ask me to slap your pussy.  I told you earlier that YOU would ASK me
for everything", I meant it."

   "OK, Slap my pussy."


   "Slap my pussy, please."

   "Spread your legs, slave.  Let me have room to swing."

   As she opened her legs, I slid my hand between her legs and pulled up
her panties.  She was leaving a big ass stain on the car seat.  "Raise your
pussy up.  Lift up off the seat." I started slowly spanking her pussy. 
Slap, slap, slap, slap.  Rhythmically, harder, softer, harder.  She seemed
to be twitching her hips upwards, as I slapped down.  Well, if she wants
it, I thought.  So I slapped harder, harder.  SLAP.  As she started trying
to finger herself, I pushed her hands away.

   "No no no no, You don't get to cum yet.  No, not for a while.  The
evenings early, and you have to last for it all.  We are almost there.  Get
yourself put back together.  Anyone who sees you will know how much of a
slut you are, but at least you won't look used.  My friends are going to be
here, and you will show them the proper respect, and obey anyone, to the
fullest!  If not, I will strip you and leave you on the side of the street.
Understand all of this?"

   With a kind of whimper, she said, "Yes sir", then fixed herself up.  I
smiled inside.  She was on such a roller coaster.  I make her feel good,
then tear her down.  She will fall deeper into the depraved world of sexual
desire and hopefully not be able to return.  I think I read that somewhere.

   We arrived at the next destination on my list of things to do.  The
places I picked were nowhere my wife, or friends, would be.  This place was
seedy, not unrespectable, but questionable.  RED LION, a strip joint, with
the emphasis on joint.  I could see that she was unsure about this.  She
was seeing the same as me, a run down building with the windows all boarded
up, bad paint, and metal bars over every entrance.

   I took out another joint, and lit it up.  Sorry folks, don't drink or
smoke.  Gotta have at least one bad habit.  Blackmail wasn't a habit, haha.
I passed it back to her and she refused.

   "You will smoke this with me, or I will force it down your lungs again!"

   I passed it to her again and she about killed herself with it.  Coughing
and hacking.  It was not pretty.  Again, "Damn beginners."

   "Get out and follow behind me.  Keep your head down, Slave!  And do not
speak unless spoken to."

   This was a place I had been to a few times.  It was a typical biker,
non-executive, strip club.  The girls were 6's or 7's.  It was a rock and
roll place that you could sit for a while and enjoy the views.  I took a
table kinda in a dark spot.  Not in a corner, where management watches, but
next to a wall.  She had obviously never been to a place like this, or even
new they existed.  She was timidly staring around at everything.

   Just to fuck with her, I said, "Over there, and there, is where the
girls dance.  One day, that will be you up there."

   She didn't move her head, but kept staring at the dancers.  I ordered
drinks for us, a Coke for me and a Long Island Tea for her.  What a drink!
Five clear liqueurs, and a splash of coke.  One gets her drunk two wipes
her out.  It was kinda crowded, being so early, but that meant more dancers
to watch.  I leaned close to her and rubbed her nipples.

   "Your dressed just like the dancers that work here.  You better hope
that no one asks you to table dance for them.  If they do, you better hope
you do a good job."

   She shook her head, but was clearly nervous.  The waitress returned and
I asked if Jade was here tonight.  She said that she would be out in about
20 minutes.

   Sitting back and looking at this lady from next door watch titty dancers
was quite erotic.  I pulled her over to me and had her sit real close.  I
put my arm around her and told her she looked better than anyone did up
there so far.  She said she was scared and couldn't dance very well.  I
told her she might not have to, but to watch the girls move, so she would
not embarrass herself.

   Just then, Jade took the stage.  She is a tall, redhead, with real nice
tits.  She has always been friendly and generous with her lap dances. 
After a few dances, she will let you finger her and suck on her nipples. 
Of course, I had my own little fuck toy tonight.

   As I handed my slut a few dollars, I said, "Go and stand next to the
stage.  When she bends down, put the money in her g-string."

   I watched, everybody watched, as she walked over to the stage.  She sure
looked nervous standing there waiting.  Jade winked at me and seemed to
take her time with Sandy.  Dancing and teasing her on the stage.  She lay
on her back and spread her legs in front of her.  She ran her finger up and
down her slit.  She got on her knees and gyrated her ass I the air, right
in front of her face.  This was great!  She rubbed her ass across her nose,
rubbed her tits into her face and gave her a wet sloppy kiss.  Sandy's
hands were shaking as she put the ones into her g-string.

   Everybody clapped and yelled as she walked back to the table.  Her face
was bright red and she downed a very large part of her drink.

   "Did it make you hot?  Seeing pussy that close up?  Kissing another
woman's breasts?"

   "I-I don't know."

   "Touch yourself Slave.  Stick your hand under your dress and move your
panties.  Put your finger in your cunt and se how wet it is."

   She looked around and slowly raised her skirt.  She moved her panties to
the side and jumped as she touched her slit.  Her finger slid right in and
she started to fuck herself.

   "Stop that shit!  Damn it, I said that you could not cum yet.  What a
fucking whore you are.  Sitting in a strip club, fingering your pussy,
staring at other girls."

   I just sat back and let her think about it.  I saw Jade walking over to
us and smiled.  She walked up and was standing right next to Sandy.  Her
pussy was eye level with the way the chairs sat.  She rubbed her pussy and
said, "See what you did to me, I'm all wet."

   Sandy got red faced and slunk into her chair.  Jade sat down and I
explained that this was now my slave.  After that was said, we had a nice
conversation and a few drinks.  Neither one of us looked at or acknowledged
her.  She just sat and watched the dancers.

   I put some money on the table and asked Jade to dance for "My Slut

   "Give her a few pointers, so if someone asks her to dance she won't fall
down, haha.  And don't hold back.  She would let you fuck her face.  She
likes pussy juice."

   Jade cleared away a spot and moved Sandy's chair so that everyone could
watch.  She proceeded to give the best lap dance I have ever witnessed. 
She danced and rubbed herself all over Sandy.  Pulling her nipples, ramming
her g-string in-between her pussy lips.  She pulled aside her own underwear
and rode Sandy's thigh.  There was a trail of pussy juice shining in the
lights.  She rubbed her nipples across Sandy's mouth and swung her tits
back and forth.  Slap, slap, slap.  What a wonderful sight!

   Jade would slide her body down and bite her clit through her g-string as
she went past it.  She was driving my slut crazy.  The song finally ended
and Jade sat on Sandy's lap.  We talked for a minute and Jade asked if she
could use my slave for a second.

   "Sure," I answered.  "What for?"

   "This!" she said, as she pulled her panties aside and took Sandy's hand
and put her finger in her pussy.  Sandy started to move her fingers in and
out of her pussy.  It was making slurpy sounds.

   As she looked into Sandy's eyes, she said, "I have wanted to cum all
afternoon, and had no fingers to accomplish it with.  This way, I won't get
my hands all dirty."

   Jade's hips started to get into the rhythm of the song.  Her eyes closed
and her head tilted back.

   I said, "Put two fingers in her cunt, slave.  Yeah, now put three. 
Slide them in and out.  Rub her clit with your thumb.  You better hope you
make this beautiful dancer have the orgasm of her life, or I will stand you
up and whip your ass in front of everyone."

   Sandy looked mesmerized.  She was twisting her arm to get the best angle
to ram her fingers into Jades pussy.  Jade was quietly moaning and pinching
her nipple.  Jade started kinda twitching and then she started to cum.  She
froze up, like a serious stretch, and then when she let go, she squirted
pussy juice all over Sandy's hand and legs.  Sandy just kept rubbing her
pussy.  Jade finally pushed her fingers away and collapsed on the other

   "Whoo man, that was great.  Sorry about the mess.  I am a squirter, if
you couldn't tell.  She looked right at Sandy and told her to lick her
hands clean.  Sandy hesitated for a second so I kicked her in the leg.

   "Lick your hand clean bitch!  You were given a command.  Do it!" Turning
to Jade, "I apologize for her behavior, she is a new slave and will be beat
sufficiently tonight."

   Sandy was busy licking her hand and arm.  Sucking on each finger.  She
jumped when Jade put her hand on her pussy.  Jade just pushed her finger
roughly, fabric and all, right into her pussy.  Sandy started trying to
hump her hand for all she was worth.

   "Careful", I told Jade, She is not allowed to cum yet.  She has a few
more stops tonight.  But, you can rub some of her pussy juice on her face.
Then she can smell and taste it for a while."

   Jade slowly pulled the g-string aside and used two fingers to scoop up a
pretty good glop of wet.  She slid her fingers sideways across Sandy's
upper lip and mouth.  Jade leaned close and gave her a hell of a kiss,
sucking on Sandy's tongue and twisting her nipples.

   She gave me a peck on the lips and said she would repay me at a later

   "Bye-bye little slut.  If you ever get your life back, give me a call"
she said as she walked away.

   Sandy had a very disheveled look, like just being fucked for a few
hours. And, this was a good thing.  I left a tip and got up to leave. 
Sandy stumbled along behind me.  She had a hard time because all of the
guys were copping a feel as she walked by.  When she got up to me, I just
looked down at her and said, "Slut!  Part - 4 I just wasn't sure.  I was so
hot, light headed.  I wanted to just sit down and rest.  He grabbed my hand
and told me to go and get into the car.

   "Just sit there and don't touch anything!"

   I walked slowly to the car and got inside.  Finally!, peace and quiet.
God, I was frazzled.  My knees were weak.  I felt so ashamed, so
embarrassed.  My head was spinning while I tried to concentrate on my
situation, but my pussy was throbbing.  With every thing that had happened
I had gotten more and more turned on.  I can't believe I went into a strip
bar and actually touched a filthy whore of a dancer.  I just don't know how
to justify my actions.  Every time this man makes me do some depraved
thing, I go blank.  I - I just do it.  Whatever it is.  Like someone
programmed me and put me on autopilot.

   I looked down and surveyed myself.  I still looked ok on the outside.  I
slid my fingers around the edges of my panties, straightening things up.  I
tried to touch my pussy and clit, but it was incredibly sensitive.  I am
hotter than a firecracker, and I could have cum in a heartbeat, but I was
not going to walk home naked.  He has not lied yet about what he will do,
and I sure can't have anyone see those pictures.  I was still shocked that
I would get so hot over such lewd behavior.

   I lowered my head as I saw him coming towards the car.  It was dark now,
and I almost didn't see him at all.  As he got in and started the car he
said, "The guys made me promise that you would come back tonight and dance
for them.  How's that?  Huh!  I bet you would put on a good show."
Nervously I kinda nodded my head.  He couldn't be serious.  You have to be
an employee.  You have to have a license and everything.  Boy, I hope he is

   "Unbutton your shirt, raise your skirt and, here, cover your eyes with

   He threw one of those sleeping masks at me.  As I was sliding it over my
eyes, he turned on and was aiming that little reading light at me.  I
unbuttoned my shirt and bunched my skirt up around my waist.  He pushed
open the sides of my shirt and said, "There, better to see you with.  Get
comfortable, it'll be a while.  Man, you are one hot little slut."

   Ohh man, I get shivers up my spine when he calls me a slut.  I should be
mad, but I only feel lust.  Thinking about sitting here is making my face
all flushed and hot.  I don't know if it is coming from my pussy, or if I
am embarrassed because everyone that drives by can see in the car.  I saw
him turn on the light, which means that side of the car is illuminated.  He
must have noticed me squirming around because he reached over and gently
pulled my nipples.

   "Getting a little anxious, my lovely slave?  Does that feel good?  Yeah,
you just wait.  Do you need to cum, slut?"

   "Please, sir, please let me cum.  I have been on the edge for so long."

   "What can you offer me that I don't already have.  Huh?  You are my
slave, a slut!  You will lick the ground I walk on if I tell you to.  SO,
what can you offer me to let you cum?

   "Nothing.  Nothing, sir."

   He pulled on my nipples for a while longer.  I was just on the edge of a
mind shattering orgasm.  The closer I got, the harder he twisted my
nipples. I am not sure how he knew exactly when to stop, but he did.  I
would just start breathing normal again and he would start rubbing. 
Finally it ended and I just sat in silence for a while.

   When we finally stopped, I was not sure how long we had actually driven.
It could have been 20 minutes or 2 hours.  It was incredibly wild to drive
around blindfolded.  I felt every bump and heard every sound.  He did not
turn on the stereo, so it was very quiet, unnerving.

   He lit another joint and got out of the car.  He sat on the tailgate and
smoked it all by himself.  I just sat there in the car by myself.  Suddenly
the car door opened and he took me by the hand.  "Careful", he said, as I
stood up.

   He turned me around three times and led me by the hand about 10 steps

   "You know the rules, correct?"

   "Yes", I nodded.

   "Repeat them, please, slave."

   "I am willingly to do anything you say."

   "Anything anyone says.  Remember that.  Complete submission is the only
answer.  Now, before we start, do you need to pee?"

   "Yes, very badly", I answered.

   "Very well, squat down right here Pull aside your panties and pee."

   "Wha-what, here, where are we?"

   "That was not a request, Slut!  It is not of your concern where we are.
If you need to pee, do so now.  It will be a long night if you have to hold

   He pushed down on my shoulders and said, "Don't get my shoes wet, haha."

   I had to squat down to keep from falling over in the heels I had on. 
Being blindfolded is fun, but only in a stable condition.  The drinks at
the strip club went right thru me and I really needed to pee.  I reached
down and pulled my panties to the side.  I could hear him walking around
me, probably to get a better view.  I was not sure that I could even do
this when all of a sudden I started peeing like Niagra Falls.  It was loud
in the night air and I must have peed for two minutes.  God, that felt
almost as good as an orgasm.  I could not believe that I am doing this.

   I felt so relieved but my head was still wobbly.

   "Use your hand to wipe up, then lick your hand clean!"

   I squeezed my pussy lips and wiped as best as I could.  Raising my hand
and tasting my piss caused me to smile.  It was sweet and not too smelly.
The smile on my face came from out of the blue.  I really liked doing this
nasty shit?

   "Like that taste, do ya?  It is just one of the experiences you are
going to willingly do."

   He helped me up and took off my blindfold.  "Shit", I squeaked.  We were
in the parking lot of some club.  Right there where anyone could have seen
me pee.  I was beet red and he was just grinning.

   "Don't you worry.  No one saw you but me.  Consider it a lesson."

   A lesson?  About what, how depraved I have become?  About how I felt
tingly all over as I pissed.  Not caring about anything.  Well, he was
right on all accounts.  I was not sure exactly where I was headed, but the
burning fire in my pussy leading the way.

   As we walked to the club, only a door was visible.  The music coming
from inside sounded great and the parking lot was full.  It didn't look big
enough to hold a large crowd.

   "Head down!  Look at your feet!" he said as we entered.

   With my head down I saw him check in with someone and we proceeded
through another door.  The booth we were walking towards was on the corner
of the dance floor.  I couldn't help myself and looked up a little bit.  I
was shocked at what I saw.  It was a dance club, not a large one, but
certainly a nice one.  I guess I didn't know what to expect.  There was a
small dance floor, a pool table and two bars.  It could comfortably hold
about 200 people.  It was dark, and I could not look all around, but the
people seemed to be dressed very nicely.

   After we got settled into the booth, he ordered a round of drinks. 
Since he was just sitting there watching people, I watched with him.  The
women walking by and the ones on the dance floor were certainly dressed
scantily.  Some of them just had on a short skirt and see-thru mesh tops.
My mouth must have dropped open when a girl walked by with hard nipples
sticking out.  "Does that shock you?" he said.  "This is a private, off
premise club, which means you meet people here to go home and fuck. 
Couples come here to swing with other couples.  If you look nice enough,
and act proper, maybe one of the other couples will take a liking to you."

   I took a big gulp of my drink and kept staring at people.  I wasn't so
sure about this.  A black guy came over and shook his hand and they walked
over to the bar together to talk.  I just sat there, unsure what to do.  He
did not even acknowledge me, so I stayed.  About 20 minutes later, a guy
came over and asked me to dance.  I was not sure how to answer, when he
grabbed my hand and took me out there.

   "You sure are a pretty young lady.  How did you get in here by

   "M - My master is over there", was all I could stammer out.  Where the
fuck did that come from?  I must have been drunker than I thought.

   "Well, then, I am sure he won't mind a dance or two."

   He pulled me close and we started to dance.  The floor started to fill
up with people, certainly more than it could handle.  Everyone was getting
squeezed together and then the strobe lights came on.  Everyone was
grooving to the beat and bumping up against each other.  He was holding me
close and rubbing my ass with his hands.  I could feel his dick getting
hard inside his pants.  He grabbed my butt and ground it against his
crotch. He reached up and tilted my head and kissed me.  So soft!  He was
sucking my tongue in and out and my juices started to flow.  He saw rubbing
my ass again, no, wait, he was holding my head.  Who was rubbing my ass? 
Wha- someone was putting there hands on my chest.  They started squeezing
my tits and rubbing my nipples.  OH, god this felt good.  He was running
his tongue up and down my neck.  I was moaning as he got to my ear.

   I seemed to be pulsing with the beat of the music.  My skirt was up and
I could feel several sets of hands on my ass this by this time.  This guy
was kissing me and feeling the tits of the girls next to us.  He had one
tit in each hand, from two different girls.  I looked down as he started
kissing the other side of my neck and shoulders.  There were rings on the
fingers that were kneading my breasts?  The girls next to me were each
touching my boobs.  I closed my eyes and went with it.  The song ended and
everyone fixed themselves up.  Walking off the dance floor the girl that
had been next to me stopped me and kissed me on the mouth.  She ran her
tongue around the inside of my lips and she moaned when our embrace was
broken.  I melted and felt flush at the sound.

   The man that had danced with me returned me to the booth and just walked
away.  He walked over to my master and spoke in his ear.  They both turned
and looked at me and then ignored me again.  I finished my drink and just
sat there.  My hands were between my legs rubbing my pussy, but I was not
putting a finger in.  I would have exploded if that happened.

   My master looked at me and pointed his finger to the ground in front of
him.  I hurriedly crossed the room over to him.

   "Is your drink empty?"

   "Yes, sir" I replied.

   "Look up here", he said as he pointed to a wall of panties.  "Come
around here and let the bartender take your panties off and you will get a
free drink."

   I stepped over to the open doorway in the bar and stood there waiting
for the bartender to notice me.  There were a lot of panties and bra's on
the wall.  Leaning towards me, he said, "What'll it be miss?"

   "Umm.  I'd.  Ummm"

   "Hurry up lady!"

   "Umm.  I'd like the free drink please."

   "Oh.  you would, huh?  What do you have to barter with."

   I slowly raised my skirt and showed my panties to him.

   "My, my, my, he grinned.  Turn around and face the other way, please."

   Oh, god.  He was going to make a spectacle of this.  As I turned around,
he reached up and swatted a bell twice.  Everyone at the bar stopped and
looked at me.  God, this can't be happening.  At least I am bent over and
they cannot see my bright red face.  He slowly lifted my skirt and the
crowd oooh'ed.  He slid his fingers under the strings and pulled them to
the side.  The crowd aaah'ed as he pulled the g-string down my ass.  The
fabric was wedged in my lips and I could feel it peel away.  I jumped when
he leaned in to slide them off my feet because he stuck out his tongue and
licked my whole slit.  He tilted his head down to lick again and I pressed
my ass back.  'Oohhhhhh", I moaned, as he slide upwards.

   "Whoo Hoo", he said as he stood up and slapped the bell a few more
times. The people around the bar cheered loudly as I stood up and turned
around.  He was standing in the center of the bar with my panties.  He
tilted his head back and scrunched them together above his mouth.  He
twisted them really tight and a few drops of liquid fell out into his open
mouth.  The whole place chanted his name as he did this.

   I almost fell over with embarrassment.  My head felt on fire.  I knew I
should feel ashamed, but instead I had a pure animal lust inside me.

   "What'll you have lady?  Anything you want." "You obviously need some
more liquids in you," he laughed.

   "She will have a shot of Quervo Gold." Said a deep voice.  I had
forgotten about him.  In the embarrassment, I had forgotten about all of
it. I pushed my ass back into his crotch as he leaned against my back.  He
leaned away and lifted my skirt.  He slapped my ass hard enough to leave a
red handprint.

   "Stop that shit, you slut.  You will have a chance to fuck something
tonight, later."

   Man, Oh man, that hurt.  It seemed that time stopped as my left ass
cheek burned and stung.  He ran his fingers lightly over the spot he hit
and it felt like little firesticks.

   "Drink it all!  One shot, slave.  And don't spill any."

   Lick, shoot, and squeeze.  Instructions I learned a long time ago.  I
drank some water and we went back over to the booth to sit down.

   "Did you like the dance?  he asked"

   "Yes.  I hope I wasn't wrong to go with him."

   "No, you did exactly what you were told.  If you had refused him, I
would have left you here.  There is no telling what would happen to you

   I tried to wonder what that would have been as we sat watching the dance
floor.  There was lots of groping and touching of people next to each
other. Everything was getting more and more lewd as time went on.  I was in
a daze, watching.  I was getting more and more turned on.  The music was
getting better and better.  The lady that was on the dance floor with me
from before, the one that didn't kiss me, walked by.  When she recognized
me, she stopped.

   "Can she come out and play?" she asked.  "I'll take good care of her."

   "Sure", he said as he got up.  He grabbed my hand and helped me out of
the booth.  She giggled and hugged me.  We caught up and she ran over to
another guy.  He smiled as he saw me.  He was at the bar earlier watching

   We squeezed out into the middle of the dance floor.  Actually, he was
quite a good dancer.  He could bump and grind with the best of them.  I was
really getting into it when the music slowed into a funky jazz.  He pulled
me close and rubbed his dick against me.  We swayed together for a few
minutes then a pair of hands wrapped around me and softly pinched my
nipples.  I looked up at him and he had a stupid little grin on his face.
He twisted my waist, turning me around to face the cute girl.  She was very
pretty and had on a shirt that unzipped down the front.

   Her guy was dancing behind her and was pulling the zipper down.  She
leaned over and kissed me hard.  She moaned and pulled me close, pushing my
head down to her nipples.  She kind of growled when I sucked on one.  Her
tits were small, maybe a B cup, but the seemed to be very sensitive.

   I came up for air and she immediately started kissing me again.  I had
hands all over me.  On my ass and on my tits.  Rubbing and pulling my
nipples.  I could feel something, liquid running down the insides of my
thighs.  I never knew that it could feel like this.  I never knew I could
get this wet.  I was blanking out, just riding the feelings.  I was
reaching behind my back, trying to feel my masters' dick as he was grinding
it between my ass cheeks.

   Suddenly I wasn't being kissed anymore.  I opened my eyes and she was
looking between us.  I looked down and saw my skirt raised up and my bare
pussy sticking out.  She licked her hand and reached down to touch me.  As
I lifted my crotch to meet her hand and her finger slid right into my hole.
I started cumming as soon as I saw where her hand was going.  She got two
fingers inside and her thumb was rubbing against my clit as I shook against
her hand.  My hips were like a jackhammer.  Suddenly there were several
more hands touching and rubbing me.  Two different people were pulling my
nipples in different directions.

   "Ooohhhhhh", my head leaned back onto his shoulder and I was
surprisingly calm even though I had fingers sliding in and out of my pussy.
He licked my neck and ear and said, in a gravelly voice, "What a good slut
you are!"

   I was somewhere between multiple orgasms.  My hips and crotch were
vibrating back and forth on her hand.  When he said that directly into my
ear, I came harder than I could have imagined.  I saw spots before my eyes
and the beat of the music made the blood in my head pulse.  She was working
her fingers back and forth and then she pulled them out.  I came again from
the loss of sensation, and started to slump down.  I am sure glad he had
hold of me, as my legs were not working.

   As he pulled me up, she was licking the pussy juice off her fingers. 
She was smiling and turned to dance with another girl.

   "Had enough?" he asked.

   "I need to rest, for a second."

   "Haha, ok slave.  I thought you might not come back from where ever you
were.  It looked quite blissful."

   "Uh huh," I stammered, as we went back to our seats.  Several people
that wandered by stopped and commented to him that I was certainly hot and
hoped I would be around again.

   "Oh, she will be begging to some back here, soon!" he laughed.

   "Let's go, slave.  Button up your shirt."

   Shit!  My shirt was completely unbuttoned and my skirt was rolled up
into itself.  I never even thought to check.  My mind was in another place.
I fixed myself and caught up to him as he said goodbye to a few people.  I
was still breathing kinda hard from the orgasm.  It sure takes a lot out of

   He pointed out my panties hanging on the wall as we left.  Forever proof
that I was here.  None of my friends would believe it

   Part - 5 What a night to remember!  I really thought that I would have
to keep holding the blackmail evidence over this ladies head.  She was
reluctant to obey me at first, but once she got all hot and worked up; she
was a fucking slut.  She got off on every mean and nasty thing I made her

   I left the club with her and we drove off to another adventure.  The
night still had some darkness left.  This bitch had a sopping wet pussy
from all the degrading things that happened inside.  I reached over and
touched her pussy and she didn't even flinch anymore.  She immediately
moved her crotch against my hand and moaned.

   "Still hot for it little slave girl?  Do you want me to find something
else fun to get you off?"

   "Yes.  Please let me cum again.  My nipples are tingling and I am so

   "Ok slut.  You asked for it!"

   We drove to an adult bookstore that I know of that has preview booths.
These are not the square booths that men go to for quarter enjoyment.  This
store had several large rooms with a couch in them.  This was for people
that wanted to view a movie before buying it.

   "Fix yourself up.  You look like you are a junkie whore!"

   I got out of the car and she put herself together.  We walked into the
store and she stayed right behind me a few steps.  I walked up and down the
isles looking at movie boxes.  There were a few people doing the same thing
also.  I spent about 20 minutes picking out a good one.  The longer I took,
the more nervous she seemed to get.  Once I found a good bondage movie, I
returned to the counter and paid to view the movie first.  I got the key
for room 6.

   It was dark when we walked into the room, but soon lit up when the
screen came to life.

   "Turn around," I said, as I pushed her forcefully against the wall.  I
held the back of her neck and lifted her skirt up.  I roughly jammed my
hand between her legs and stuffed two fingers right into her pussy hole. 
"MMNnnn", she moaned.

   "Pretty hot and wet pussy you have.  Do you like being forced to obey
and submit?" I said as I wiggled my fingers around her pussy.

   "Oh yes, yes.  Please keep doing that.  OHHhhhh."

   She was spreading her legs wider and she jumped when I rubbed her clit
with my thumb.

   "OH YES, do that do that do that."

   I pulled my hand out and swatted her ass with one smooth motion.  She
moaned and I hit her three more times, hard enough to leave a mark.  I
yanked her by the hair and pushed her on the floor.

   "Get your clothes off and kneel on the floor facing the wall.  Do not
turn around.  Do not look at the TV.  DO NOT touch yourself!"

   She looked up at me with this wild look in her face and started taking
off her clothes.  With the sounds of bondage sex playing in the background,
I turned up the volume all the way so she would be forced to hear it.

   I left the room and walked around the corner and back into the video
section.  I walked next to a man I had seen earlier.  I had noticed him
staring at Sandy, like anyone in the store could not.  He looked like a
regular guy, about 6' 2", like a small football linebacker.

   "Hey buddy.  I bet if you wandered into room 6 that you would not regret
it." He must have remembered her, because he just smiled.  I turned and
walked back to through the hallway and entered the room.

   "Good girl.  On your knees and facing the wall.  Just like I told you.
For that, I will not whip your ass.  Put your head down, slut."

   I sat down on the end of the couch.  Since she was behind it, she could
see me watching the movie.  I had left the door ajar so that it wouldn't
close.  Now we just wait, which would be good for her, haha.

   About 5 minutes later, I heard the door swing open.  As I turned my
head, he closed the door.  I nodded my head down at the girl and said, "She
is all yours for a little while."

   She flinched a little when he said in a deep voice, "No strings
attached, right.  Is this cool?"

   "Get up slut," I ordered.  "Lean over the back of the couch."

   "Go ahead, raise her skirt up and see if she is ready."

   She bent over the couch and he gingerly lifted up her skirt.  He started
rubbing his hands over her ass and I saw her close her eyes and tighten up.
He pushed her legs apart and slid his fingers up her crack.

   "Man, oh man.  This bitch is wet.  I bet she will be able to take it all
in one stroke."

   He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his dick.  It was certainly bigger
than mine, and getting larger.  He stood behind her and rubbed the head of
his dick up and down her slit.  She was moaning and started getting louder.
I slapped the side of her face with the back of my hand and said, "Be
quiet. Let the man enjoy fucking your cunt without any noise." I got her
shirt and put a wadded part of it into her mouth.  I watched him get
centered right behind her and thrust into her all at once.

   "mmphhh," she moaned.  He slid all the way out and shoved back in.  He
must have been at least 8 or 9 inches long, and was as wide around as a
large bottle.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her back into him as hard as
he could.  He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he thrust into
her over and over again.

   Once again, I got to see her being fucked from behind, head pulled back,
titties flapping in the wind.  What a sight!  I stood in front of her
watching.  She looked like she was in pain, but whenever he stopped fucking
her, her hips kept on moving up and down.  He just stood there and let her
fuck him.

   She was getting closer to cumming, so I whispered into his ear for him
to drive into her as deep as he could and hold it there.  I stood back in
front of her and when he jammed it in and held it I started slapping her
tits.  She started going crazy.  He had his whole dick inside her pussy and
had all his weight pinning her against the back of the couch.  I continued
slapping her tits, harder and harder.

   "Slut, slave, slut, slave, slut." I said to her.  "You love this! 
Fucked by a stranger.  Used as a sex toy." Slap, slap, slap.

   "Ok, man.  Start fucking her and don't stop till she falls over!" I

   He started ramming his dick into her and pulling her head back.  I
grabbed her nipples and twisted them.  Back and forth, I turned my fingers.
She stopped moving, moaned loudly into the shirt stuffed into her mouth,
and started cumming.  She looked like she was in convulsions.  I held onto
her nipples and he banged away.  He reached forward and grabbed her by the
tits.  Pulling her up to an almost standing position, he was grunting as he
impaled her.  He got red in the face and pulled out to shoot his cum.  It
shot up into her hair and all over her back.

   He was sweating and had to hold himself up.  She, on the other hand, had
collapsed on the floor in a ball and was rubbing her pussy, moaning.

   "She gonna be ok?  Cause that was great."

   "She will be fine." I handed him her shirt and winked at him, "Clean up
and send in the next one will ya.  And thanks for being a participant."

   She looked up at me with a very worried look on her face when she heard
that comment.

   "Get ready, slut.  There is a whole line of guys off the street waiting
for a turn."

   He smiled a little laugh as he zipped up.  I am pretty sure I heard him
say no one would believe him as he left.

   I took her and bent her over the arm of the couch this time.  "Reach
back and grab your ass cheeks, honey.  Hold your asshole open for me.  I
need to get it ready for everybody else."

   She held her ass open and I admired the scene.  She had cum all over her
back and the insides of her legs were glistening in the dim light.  I took
my finger and wet it with my spit.  I stuck it into her asshole and she
moaned, "no, no, please no.  Not my ass."

   "Want some more, slut?" As I was turning my finger around.  "You like my
finger in your ass." Pulling it in and out I pushed two fingers in.  She
moaned and pushed back.

   I spit on her ass and roughly pushed three fingers in.  "Like it huh!  I
figured you would.  So will everybody else." As soon as I said that, she
said "Oh shittttt," and came again.  Her hips bucked like a bronco.  I just
held my hand in one place, and she was ramming my fingers in her ass all by

   When she finally calmed down, I wiped my fingers in her hair and said
"Get up and get dressed."

   "Wh-what about, where are the others?"

   "God, what a whore you are.  Because you talked without being spoken to,
we are leaving.  No more dick for you tonight!"

   I couldn't decide if she was disappointed or not.  She looked a mess,
though, even dressed.  We walked out and I turned in the key and headed out
to the car.  I was sure she felt terrible.  Everyone was watching her and
could see what she looked like.  There was makeup smeared over her face and
her hair was certainly messed up.

   As we drove home, she was crossing her legs back and forth.  It looked
like she had to pee, so I tried to hit every bump I could find.  She was
looking more and more uncomfortable and we had at least an hour before we
got home.  I loved this and suprisingly did not feel bad for her at all.

   "Open your legs, slave.  Spread them apart so I can see your pussy."

   She opened them, but had trouble keeping them that way.  She had to put
her hands on the insides to hold them that way.  I saw a bottle of water in
the back seat and reached over to get it.  I opened it and slowly poured it
over her chest.

   "I like the wet t-shirt look on you." Her nipples were really hard,
sticking out her shirt.

   "Ohh, it is cold.  Don't, please don't.  I have to pee really bad."

   "Then pee," I told her.  "It will be at least 2 hours before we get
home. It was a long way to get to the sleazy joints you like so much."

   Her eyes got big when I said 2 hours.  She looked down and just sat
there, so I shut up and drove.  About 20 minutes later, she mumbled, "no,
oh no," and closed her legs.  I could smell the pee as it left her body. 
She was totally embarrassed, but could not stop.  She had pee all over
herself.  Her skirt seemed to soak up a lot of it, but the seat got the
most.  She put her hands into her face and I let her sit quietly in her own
piss, after I rolled down the window.  We pulled into her driveway and went
into the house.  She certainly seemed relieved to be home, but was shocked
to hear my next command.

   "Go and get some duct tape, a wooden spoon, and a vibrator.  And, hurry
up about it."

   She returned a few minutes later with the stuff.  I sat at the table and
rolled a joint.

   "Stand in front of me, here.  Take your wet smelly clothes off." She
peeled herself out of the wet material.

   As I lit the joint, I said, "Bend over and put the vibrator I your ass."

   She took it and got it wet with her mouth.  She bent over with her ass
just inches away.  She slowly got it past her sphincter muscle and was
groaning to get the rest in.  It was not big, so I pushed it the rest of
the way in.

   "Stay there, just like that, slut!" I took a strip of tape and place it
across her ass.  "This way the vibrator will not fall out.  Now, stand up
and turn around."

   She grimaced, and turned around.  I took a big hit off the joint and
kissed her while blowing smoke down her throat.

   "Hold it in!" I said, as I touched her breasts.

   I reached behind her and turned on the vibrator.  I left her standing
there as I quietly smoke the rest.  She was squirming and her nipples got
as hard as a rock.

   I picked up the wooden spoon and I took her into the dining room to the
large table.

   "Get up here and lay on your belly with your head hanging over the

   She laid down and got situated.  The table turned out to be the perfect
height.  I unbuttoned my jeans and took out my cock.  Obviously, I was
harder that I have ever been, and I stuck my dick right into her mouth.  I
leaned over and turned up the vibrator.  I leaned back a little and watched
her head bob up and down my cock.

   "Yea, suck it slut," I said.  Her hips started bobbing up and down in
rhythm with her head.  I took the wooden spoon and spanked her ass.  She
moaned and it felt good on my dick.  I spanked her again, harder.  She
moaned louder this time.  It was an incredible sight, this good-looking
babe, with a vibrator taped in her ass, sucking my cock.

   I started hitting her with the spoon in different places.  Harder and
harder, slower, faster.  Her ass was getting really red, and a random smack
that was harder than the rest, left a little round imprint.  The more I hit
her, the harder she sucked.  Her butt was bright shiny red and she started
to cum.  I was swatting her ass harder, and faster, hitting every spot I
could reach.  Her legs were shaking and her fingers were turning white from
gripping the table.  I gave her one last monster swat.  I hit her with a
full swing.

   "Ooowwmwmmmwmm," she cried as I pulled my dick out of her mouth and shot
my cum into her face.  I took her hair and wiped myself off and she was
still cumming.  She took her hands and wiped my cum into mouth and was
sucking her fingers.

   I pulled up my pants and turned to leave.  She was in her own world so I
just left her on the table with the vibrator on high.

   I knew where she lived.

   Part - 6 I remember lying there for what seemed like hours.  Sometime
ago, I reached back and peeled the duct tape off my ass and pulled the
vibrator out.  The batteries had died along the way.  I was not quite sure
what I was feeling, or what I was supposed to be feeling after what had
happened.  My head was still foggy.

   The clock said 5:15 am.  There was dried cum on my face, in my hair, and
the dining room table was not in good shape.  I wearily dragged myself
upstairs to the shower and just stood there with the water running over me.
I shocked myself because I was smiling as I was thinking about my
situation. Blackmailed and used, I was in deep.  I was certainly not able
to report what happened to anyone.  What was I going to say?

   I made my way downstairs to get something to eat.  The taste in my mouth
was awful.  I had too much to drink, and the pot he made me smoke was
terrible.  When I sat at the table I noticed an envelope address to "The
Slave of the House." I just sat there and ate while staring at it.  I
really wanted to open it.  Just thinking about the instructions the last
letter contained was getting me horny.  I had several orgasms yesterday,
but I felt unsatisfied.  I was embarrassed and ashamed at what happened,
but it really sparked a desire that I had never felt before.

   I realized that I was slowly rubbing my nipple on the edge of the table
as I leaned forward to eat.  I let my hand drop to my lap and stroked my
pussy.  It was sore, but wet.  Why was I wet again?  Where did these
feelings come from?  Why did I keep thinking about the men and women that
had used and abused me last night?  Why did it turn me on?

   I cleaned up the dishes and sat on the couch with the envelope.  I still
had my hand between my legs rubbing my clit softly as I read the letter.


   Clean yourself up.  This includes a COMPLETE enema, a douche, and make
sure your pussy is smooth.

   Make sure the house is spotless, and prepare a special dinner for two.
You will have company tonight.

   Wear black garters and stockings, no panties, and the sheerest red dress
you can buy.

   The doorbell will ring at exactly 7:00 PM.

   During the day you must wear a short skirt with no panties, a white
shirt and no bra.

   You must stop every hour of the day (on the hour), no matter where you
are, and rub your clit.  DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow yourself to
cum.  I will know!

   I immediately stopped rubbing my clit.  I guess this counted as my first
hour?  I was about to burst with excitement.  He was going to have dinner
with me.  Was it him that I found so attractive, or the things he was able
to make me do?  I still did not understand why I was acting this way.  I
understood that I had no choice but to do exactly what he made me do, but
why did it excite me?  Maybe he would keep me to himself tonight.

   I knew I needed to get out and shop for the things to prepare for
tonight so I decided to start my day.  I would clean up and head out to the
mall later.  I sure did not look forward to an enema, but he would know if
I didn't do it.

   I put on my shortest skirt.  It was older and too small.  It covered my
ass, but not by much.  I found the thickest white shirt I owned.  You could
see my nipples through it, but at least it kept me from jiggling so much.

   I started cleaning the house and had to work hard to get the stains off
the table.  It seemed that the harder I worked, the more worked up I got. I
had to stop twice during the cleaning to play with myself.  I would go and
sit on the reclining chair and spread my legs over the sides.  I licked my
finger and rubbed it in circles around my clit.  The first time I almost
came when I touched it directly, so no more of that.  I was really enjoying
the build-up, but I really wanted to have an orgasm.

   After the house was clean I went upstairs to do the dirty deed.  I got
undressed and went into the bathroom.  I let the bottle sit in some hot
water, to warm it up.  I really enjoyed it when the nozzle slid into my
pussy.  It felt really good to douche.  Standing in the shower and letting
the liquid run down my legs was turning me on.  I had never thought of it
as sexy.

   I got a Fleers enema bottle and warmed it up also.  I put a dab of KY on
my asshole and lay on my side.  I worked the tip into my ass and slowly
squeezed the bottle.  Whoo, it felt weird.  I had to stop several times and
rest, letting my bowels relax.  I finally got all of the liquid out of the
bottle and stood up.  Holding it in as long as I could was harder than I
thought.  I guess your body does not naturally like this kind of thing. 
Sitting on the toilet I relaxed and let the liquid out.  It was almost as
good as an orgasm, the relief.

   I jumped back into the shower and washed again.  I figured it was time
to play with myself.  I had to be careful because my clit was really
sensitive.  This time I decided to play with my nipples.  I turned around
and let the shower spray hit them directly and alternated twisting them
both.  This has always turned me on.  My nipples are not huge, but when
they are hard, they are prominent.  I have always been able to have orgasms
when my husband played with my nipples so I was not surprised that I had to
stop playing with them so soon.  I carefully ran a razor over my pussy
making sure that it was as smooth as possible.  I had never shaved
completely before.  I liked it immensely; it provided a whole new set of
feelings.  I felt much more naked and open this way.

   After drying off and putting on my makeup, I dressed in the same clothes
as before.  The shirt was wrinkled, but wearable.  As I walked through the
house to the garage, I looked out all the windows to see if he was there. I
never saw anything.  It was Friday, he was probably at work.

   I drove to the mall to get a new outfit, per his instructions.  Driving
down the street I noticed that it was at the top of the hour again.  I slid
my hand between my legs and inserted a finger into my pussy.  I was
definitely wet, as it just slid right in.  I worked it around so I could
rub the top of my cervix, where my G-spot was.  I let the bumps in the road
help me out and I lasted about 10 minutes before I had to quit.

   I felt a little naked walking around the mall.  No one could tell I
didn't have any panties on, but my tits were getting plenty of stares.  It
seemed that there was a ton of guys there, which is unusual for the mall
during the day.  I went into Victoria's Secret to get the stockings and
noticed a couple of teenagers following me.  I had seen them several times,
always around me, no matter what store I was at.  They were standing
outside looking in the store window.  Every time I turned around, they
turned their heads away.

   I went to reach for the garters and accidentally dropped them on the
floor.  I slowly bent over at the waist to pick them up.  I know the boys
could see my pussy, my skirt lifted right up when I leaned over.  I
lingered there for a second, all bent over, and slid my hand between my
legs and ran my finger through my slit.  I felt so naughty, but I am sure
the boys got a good look.

   I stood up and walked over to pay for my items.  On my way out, the boys
were sitting on the bench, not looking my way.  They got up and followed me
as I walked to the next few stores trying to find a red dress.  They must
have become impatient because they were no longer there when I came out of
the store.  The dresses were in the back of the store and they certainly
could not just hang out back there.  Oh, well.

   I went into a specialty shop and tried on several more dresses.  The
price was not a problem, as I had plenty of money, it was just difficult to
find something appropriately naughty.  I finally found a dress that looked
right.  It had a small bit of fabric to cover my tits, barely, and a drape
of fabric down the middle that widened to cover my hips and ass.  It was
like a sheer body stocking that left nothing to the imagination.  The
bottom of the dress seemed to long, so I asked for another in a smaller
size.  The clerk said she would have to check in the back for it and would
return soon.

   I took off the dress and put on the garters and stockings.  I wanted to
make sure it all looked right.  I sat there on the little seat in the
dressing room, naked except for my hose, and leaned back to rub my clit. 
It was time to play with myself again.  I was not sure that I could last
through the day doing this, but I was going to.  I was determined to make
it.  I had not ever let myself get this horny before.  I have gone a set
amount of time without an orgasm, but I was not teasing myself every hour
when I did that.

   I leaned my head back and heard myself quietly moan as I circled my
clit. I slowly slid my fingers up and down my pussy lips and got my fingers
wet.  I slid my fingers into my pussy and spread my legs wider to give me
room to maneuver.  I thought I sensed someone there so I barely opened my
eyes.  The clerk was outside the room with my dress.  She could just see
inside the curtain and was standing there watching me.  I felt my face
blush and turn red, but I kept my fingers moving around for a few minutes
more.  The clerk never stopped watching me, but she finally cleared her
throat to let me know she was there.

   I stopped playing with my pussy and stood up.  She handed me the hanger
and turned to leave.

   "Could you please help me with this?" I asked.

   She entered the dressing room and we both blushed again when our eyes

   "My hand is wet and I do not want to ruin the dress."

   She got even more red and stammered, "C-certainly, Mam."

   I could not believe this was happening.  It smelled like sex, my sex, in
the little room.  I never even considered that I would be doing this, not
in my wildest fantasies.  I turned around and she helped me into the dress.
As she zipped me up she said, "This seems a little small, Mam."

   I turned around a few times in the mirror.  The dress was skin-tight and
the bottom of it was just below the tops of the stockings.

   "Perfect," I said.  "This will do just fine.  Please help me undress and
wrap this up for me please."

   She nodded and unzipped me.  I kept trying to stand as close to her as I
could.  She was pretty, in a teenage kind of way.  She couldn't have been
more than 18 or 19.  As I stepped out of the dress I slid my hands up and
squeezed my breasts and pulled my nipples.  She watched my reflection in
the mirror as I did this.  She seemed nervous, but did not turn her eyes.

   When she had finished, she turned to leave.  "I will have this up front
for you, Mam."

   "Thank you!" I replied.

   I was feeling wickedly naughty and hurried to get dressed.  As I walked
up to the counter she had a silly grin on her face and kept glancing at me
as I paid.  Since she was the only employee in sight and there were no
other customers around, I looked her right in the eyes and held her
attention.  I reached under my skirt and put my finger into my pussy to get
it wet.  She never broke eye contact so I extended my finger to my mouth
and sucked the juice right off.  I smiled a little grin and turned and

   God, I was horny.  I can't believe I did that.  I walked as fast as I
could to the car.  I did not see the boys from before and I certainly could
not face her again.  I did not feel ashamed, or embarrassed.  I felt
different, like a new me.

   I drove home and laid my things out upstairs.  I started dinner for the
two of us and took another shower to get ready.  It was another couple of
hours before my new master was to be here, but I felt giddy to be ready for

   Part - 7 "Yes honey!  No honey!  Certainly dear" I said.  "We need to be
there by 7 PM so lets get a move on it!" My wife was upstairs getting
dressed for the night of her life.  Too bad she didn't know about it.

   I had just gotten home from work and was certainly tired from the
previous night's activities.  My wife had gone out with her group of
girlfriends, so I was in the clear.  I was still in a semi state of shock
from exactly what I had done.  Blackmailing the neighbor next door was bad
enough, but I had taken her out to a bunch of sex clubs and she had acted
like an animal.  She seemed to get off on the control I had over her.  Her
husband was out of town for several more weeks and I had plans to use her
to the fullest.

   "My my, you look great," I said as my wife came down the stairs.  She
was dressed in a short black dress and her "fuck me" pumps.  She was not
wearing a bra, which is my favorite thing in the world.  All she knew is
that we were going to have a special dinner served by a special person. 
She was untrusting of me because of all the crazy things I try to get her
to do, but she was going along with it.

   We left the house and drove into the city.  About half way there I asked
her to put on a blindfold.

   "Please honey, you can't see where we are going or it will ruin it. 
Please trust me!" I said as I reached over and slid my hand up her legs. 
She was not wearing any panties and had shaved her pussy smooth as a baby's

   "You will have fun and by the end of the night you will be more horny
than you have ever been before."

   "OK" she said.  "You better be right, or later on it's no sex for you."

   She was joking of course, but my plan was pretty daring.  After she had
covered her eyes, I made a series of turns and tried to get her sense of
direction turned around.  Soon I was heading back home, going to the house
next door.  My wife had never seen the new neighbors so I was sure I could
get away with this.  I certainly hope that Sandy, the lady next door, had
followed my instructions.

   Turning down the alley, I pulled into the garage.  Closing the door, I
helped my wife out of the car and we walked inside.  No one was in the
kitchen, so I had her sit and told her I would be back in two seconds.

   "I have to check on things real quick, honey." I said as I tweaked her
nipple.  "You are going to love tonight for sure."

   I quickly made sure all the blinds were shut so that she would not
recognize where she was.  I was about 10 minutes early and went upstairs to
see where my little slut slave was.

   I found her in the bathroom getting ready.  Man, oh man, she looked
good. The dress she had on was incredible.  It looked like a big pair of
red nylons with some cloth covering her private parts.  She had incredible
legs.  I snuck up behind her and smacked her ass.

   "Is everything ready, slave?"

   She jumped and said, "Yes, yes everything is as you instructed in the

   "Good.  Good for you." I roughly grabbed her neck and held her face next
to mine.  "You are to go downstairs and serve me and my companion dinner.
You are not to speak.  Not at all, unless I specifically say you can.  You
are to keep your head down and you will not look into either one of our
eyes.  After we have our food you will wait in the laundry room until I
call for you.  If you do not do exactly as I have just said, you will
severely regret it."

   She had a scared and startled look on her face.

   "What?  Did you think the dinner was for you?  Haha.  You are just a sex
slut.  Stick your fingers in your pussy, NOW!"

   She lowered her hand and put her finger in-between her legs.

   "Lick them!  Suck the juice off of them."

   She raised her hand and put her fingers into her mouth.

   "See!  You are just a whore, you proved last night that you get off on
this.  You loved every minute of it.  You will be downstairs in a few
minutes and you better not hesitate when you are told to do something!"

   "Y-yes Sir."

   I let go of her neck and turned away.  Smiling, happy as a lark, I went
back to my wife.  I leaned over and kissed her deeply.  She loves to be
tongue kissed and fingered, so I did just that.  She was squirming and wet.
The anticipation was getting to her.

   I took her blindfold off and let her get situated.  "Honey, I found
someone that is going to serve us dinner and provide us entertainment for
the evening.  Before you get the wrong idea, she is totally submissive. 
She will do anything.  Anything dear!  And she loves it.  She really gets
off on acting like a slave."

   "Who is she?" she asked.  "How did you find her?  Are you going to be in
trouble with me over this?"

   "No dear.  You will just have to trust me.  I met her totally by
accident and after tonight, you will love her."

   Just then, she walked in the kitchen.  She had her head down and started
getting some stuff out of the cabinets.  My wife had a shocked look on her
face.  She whispered to me, "She is very pretty, and what a dress.  Are you
sure this is ok?"

   "Yes dear, but let's play like you are just someone I brought here.  She
likes to entertain in her home and likes if everything is anonymous.  Just
treat her like she wasn't there.  She is just a slave girl for tonight."

   She smiled and I could see the wheels turning in her head.  My wife had
not ever done anything like this before.  She had been with her best friend
two times before, but the sex between them was just a discovery session. 
They were drunk together at a work thing out of town.  She seemed to like
it, but was unsure of doing things with a co-worker, even though they had
been friends for years.

   "We are ready to eat now." I stated out loud.

   She brought a bottle of wine and poured it for us.  As we sipped it she
brought our dinner.  It was a chicken dish with rice and vegetables.  It
smelled terrific.

   "Now leave while we eat, Slave." I said.

   She lowered her head and walked into the laundry room and closed the

   "I can't believe you are doing this!  How did you pull this off?"

   "Don't worry about it Honey.  Just enjoy it and don't try to rationalize
it so much.  You ARE horny, right?"

   "Yes, certainly.  And even more so now that I have seen her.  This is
very sensuous and I am sure you will get laid later tonight."

   "Haha dear, now eat so we can enjoy the rest of the night."

   We chatted softly during dinner and I kissed her and fondled her
frequently.  She was enjoying herself and had finished most of the bottle
of wine.  I found and opened another bottle and took my wife into the
living room.

   "Sit here honey, and get comfortable.  I will be right back"

   I went back into the kitchen and opened the garage door.

   "You can come out now.  Are you having fun in there?"

   "No.  No I am not.  I would like."

   I cut her off.  "I don't care what you would like.  I don't care what
you want.  You will do as told and shut the fuck up!  Get in here and clear
the table.  Then come in to the living room."

   She turned red in the face and clenched her fists.  I walked out and
left her to clean.  I sat down on the couch and kissed my wife.  We could
barely hear her clanking the plates around.  I pulled out a rolled up joint
and lit it up.  I love to get my wife high.  It makes her insatiably horny.
We took turns smoking it and then started kissing and fooling around.  I
licked and sucked her neck and rubbed her tits and nipples through her
dress.  She was squeezing my dick and started to unzip my pants.

   "No no no, that can wait for later.  You are not worked up enough yet."
I said with a grin.

   I started to rub the outside of her pussy and trace my fingers over her
lips.  She was moaning softly and sat straight up when Sandy came into the
room.  I turned and told her to kneel on the floor beside us.  I started
kissing my wife and rubbing her pussy.  It must have been the right night
to do this because she spread her legs and let me continue, even though
Sandy was watching us.

   I unbuttoned the top few buttons of her dress and pulled one of her tits
out.  I licked and nibbled on her nipple and she pulled my head in tighter.
I slid a finger inside her pussy and she hunched her hips to give me more
access.  I saw out of the corner of my eye that Sandy's eyes were glued to
us.  She was watching every move.  I stopped and buttoned the dress back up
and turned to the kneeling woman in front of us.

   "Get up and stand right here in front of us.  Now, turn around and lean

   She did as ordered and the bottom of her dress lifted up.

   "See, she shaves her pussy smooth also.  Look at how wet she is.  Have a
feel!" I said as I lifted my wife's hand out to her crotch.  She looked at
me and looked back at her hand.  She stuck her finger out and ran it along
the outside of the pussy standing before her.  I swatted her ass hard and
said, "Spread your legs, slave."

   She spread her legs wider and my wife started rubbing her ass and lips.
I reached my hand up next to hers and stuck a finger in her pussy.  She
moaned slightly and my wife did the same thing.  Here I was, sitting on the
couch with my wife, both of us fingering the girl bent over in front of us.

   I lifted her dress some more and spanked her ass.  Lightly hitting it,
getting harder and harder.

   "Go ahead, you can hit it too!"

   My wife spanked her and smiled.  She did it again and soon we were both
doing it, one on each side.  It was so erotic.  Her ass was getting red and
she was breathing harder.  I stopped and put my wife's finger in her pussy

   "Finger her good, but don't let her cum yet.  I will be right back."

   I quickly ran next door and got a bag of sex toys I had put together.  I
also grabbed the blindfold my wife used earlier.  I quietly went back in
and watched the two women.  The fingering must have been working because
Sandy was having trouble standing up.  I walked up to her and covered her
eyes.  I stood her up and sat her down one of the dining room table chairs.
I pulled out some rope and started to tie her up.  I soon had her arms and
legs immobile.  My wife was sitting on the couch rubbing her nipples.

   "Don't you cum yet!  There is a lot more fun to happen tonight."

   I tied the rope around her waist and under her chest.  This made her sit
up real straight and her tits stuck out.  I reached down and grabbed the
bottom of her dress and pulled it up to her belly.  I spoke softly into her
ear and said, "Enjoy this little slave.  You are going to cum harder than
you can imagine."

   I nodded for my wife to come over to us.  I met her and kissed her
passionately.  I held her face and sucked her tongue.  She loves this and
was putty in my hands.  "Now kiss her the same way," I whispered.

   She looked at me funny and I said, "Do it honey, you might not get
another chance.  She is all yours."

   She took a deep breath and leaned over and tentatively kissed her mouth.
She was teasing her and making her reach out to kiss.  This was hard as she
was tied to the chair.  She kissed her hard and touched her tits, rubbing
them both.  I reached in the bag and took out some scissors.  I pulled the
fabric away from her chest and cut a hole in it.  It turned out perfect. 
Her tits were open and available.  My wife reached down and tweaked her
nipple.  She seemed to like the response, the moans of pleasure from our

   My wife unbuttoned herself and took all of her clothes off.  What an
erotic sight she was.  She straddled the girl tied to the chair and rubbed
her nipples across her lips.  She alternated between both tits and stayed
seated for a good 10 or 15 minutes.  She started moaning and twisting the
slave girls nipples.  Every time she twisted, the girl sucked harder on her
own nipples.  This must have caused her great pleasure, because her hips
twitched and she came.  It was not a big orgasm, but her face was all
flushed and she was sweaty.

   I loosened the ropes holding my slave to the chair and slid a pillow
under her ass.  This caused her pussy to be stuck out.  I took the
remaining rope and tied her knees back so they were immovable.  I got a
small egg vibrator and slid in inside her pussy.  I also took two nipple
clamps that vibrate and attached them.  She winced in pain from the nipple
clamps but started moaning when I turned the vibrator on.  I turned on the
egg vibrator and took a long silver vibrator and taped it between her legs.
I twisted it on and positioned it so it was fully touching her clit.

   "Now we wait," I said to my wife.  "Let's see what happens."

   I sat next to my wife and rubbed my finger into her pussy.  God!  She
was wet.  We sat in amazement at what happened next.  The woman strapped to
the chair started to moan and squirm.  She had no room to move and started
to strain against the ropes.  She was somewhere between holding her breath
and sounding like she was in labor.

   All of a sudden she froze up.  Then she screamed, quite loud and started
shaking, convulsing.  She was pushing with her pelvis muscles and was
having the biggest orgasm I have ever seen when the egg vibrator shot out
of her pussy.  It must have been sitting right on top of her G-spot because
she squirted a stream of cum about 8 or 10 feet away.  She relaxed for
about 2 seconds and froze up and screamed again.  She gushed out pussy
juice two or three more times and then she got jumpy.  She was just shaking
in big jumps.

   I turned off all the vibrators and let her sit for a moment.  I removed
the clamps and rubbed and twisted her nipples.  "Water, water please," was
all she could say.  I put an ice cube into her mouth and waited as she
caught her breath.  She kept repeating "Thank you, thank you, that was
incredible." My wife laughed and said that it was the most intense thing
she had ever seen.

   "Now for the fun to begin!"

   I told my wife to remove the taped vibrator from her pussy.  She walked
up and took a hold of the edge of the duct tape.  I held up 1 finger and
mouthed, "all at once!" She grimaced and everyone heard a big 'ripppp'.

   Sandy screamed in pain.  Her legs were tied open so her hips were
pumping up and down.  I slid my finger into her pussy hole and rubbed her
G-spot.  She started to cum again and when I took my thumb and rubbed her
clit, she squirted all over the place.  I cupped a whole handful of it and
rubbed it into her mouth.

   "Taste good slave?  Didn't know that you could squirt.  Didn't know that
a girl could cum like a man?  Well, you just discovered yourself a new

   Her pussy was all red and puffy.  I untied her and stood her up.  She
almost fell over, but steadied herself against the table.  I asked my wife
to lay on the tabletop and spread her legs.  I grabbed Sandy's hair and
pushed her face into my wife's cunt.

   "Eat slave.  Eat her pussy and if she doesn't cum, you will be beaten

   She started licking and sucking my wife's pussy like it was the best
thing in the world.  She was sticking her tongue inside and ramming her
face into it.  I walked around and played with my wife's tits and nipples
while I whispered dirty things into her ear.  She was close to cumming and
was breathing harder and harder.  I went back behind Sandy, bent over my
wife, eating her pussy and lowered my pants.  I started spanking her ass
hard and spreading the blows up and down her legs and cheeks.  Her ass was
getting red and she was sucking my wife's clit with passion.  I wet my hand
with pussy juice and rubbed it all over my already hard dick.

   I gave her another quick round of spanking, to brighten her ass and then
spread her ass apart with both hands.  Pushing the head of my dick up
against her ass, I wasn't even sure she knew what I was doing.  She bent
her knees a little and I shoved all 7 inches into her ass at once.  She
screamed into my wife's pussy, but held on and kept sucking.  About 2
seconds into the scream, my wife came.  She is a squirter and completely
soaked Sandy's face.  There was fluid everywhere.  I kept pounding away in
her ass, it was so tight and I knew I was not going to last long.  I was
fucking her for all that I was worth and finally she orgasmed.

   Her ass muscles clenched up and I almost could not move.  I gave two or
three final shoves and came like a madman.  Sandy's legs gave out and she
collapsed on the floor.  My dick popped out of her ass still hard so I
stepped over her and stuck it into my wife's spread apart pussy.  She was
watching with her eyes wide open at what had just happened and reached
around me and pulled me in.  I slid in and out of her until she started to
cum.  I just stood still and her hips gyrated up and down fucking me
through her orgasm.  She froze up and I knew what this meant!

   I quickly pulled out of her pussy at the same time she pushed down with
her pelvic muscles.  She squirted a huge stream of cum that hit me square
in the chest, soaking me.  I was standing over Sandy and she got covered in
pussy cum also.  Her dress was completely wet and she just laid there, her
hips slowly moving back and forth, like she was still fucking something.

   I kissed my wife and said "Thanks honey, that was the best ever." She
said, "No, Thank you.  I have had quite the evening." No one moved for a
while.  I layed bent over on top of my wife and rested.  Sandy was still on
the floor and not moving much.

   My wife whispered that she had to pee, quite bad.  I said, "Go ahead. 
Let it loose.  Pee right here, right now.  Make this a perfect end to a
perfect evening."

   She closed her eyes and relaxed and started peeing.  I stood up and
watched her.  It instantly got my dick as hard as a rock.  She was
completely drenching Sandy with piss.  Her hair and head was soaked.  She
kept peeing for a full minute or so.  Just as she stopped, I turned her
over and bent her over the table.  She stepped on Sandy and gasped.  She
must have just put it together, exactly what she just did.  I spread her
legs apart and started fucking her as hard as I could.  Her pussy was still
tight as could be.  All of a sudden I felt hands from below reach up and
fondle my balls.  She lifted up and tried to lick them.  Her hair was cold
and wet against my legs.  When she finally got one of my balls into her
mouth, I came.  I pulled out and shot semen all over her face and hair. 
She was licking her lips and reaching with her tongue to gather all of it
she could.

   I got my shaky legs under me and sat down in the chair.  Once again,
everyone just kinda rested for a moment.  I went into the kitchen and got a
few wet rags and cleaned my wife and myself up.  We got dressed while
looking at Sandy.  She was quite the sight, and the carpet was definitely
soaked thru.  I walked my wife to the car and said that I would be right

   Sandy was still lying on the floor and looked up at me.  I smiled at her
and placed a package on the table.

   "This is everything I have on you.  I think that I will not need this
anymore.  You can search your true emotions and desires to see exactly what
you are and exactly what you need to be fulfilled.  When your desire gets
to be too much, you can beg for more.  You know where I live and I expect
this to never be a problem again." Comments?  and Suggestions?  are
certainly welcome!

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