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This is a story about sex between consenting adults.  If you are not an adult, 
you cannot consent, even to read this story.  Therefore, read something else.  
Note also that my stories may portray sexual acts that are not necessarily 
safe.  Since you are an adult reading this, you know it.  Even so, caveat 


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Creampie Cum

I watched with satisfaction as the young stud pulled his long fat cock out of 
my wife.  It was shiny with their juices, and I watched it plop wetly out, the 
head dragging out some cum with it.  His dick had been stunning when erect, 
far bigger than mine and thicker too with big veins distended from it.  It was 
the sort of cock my wife loved to have jamming in and out.

"Here's your 50 bucks," I said, handing the worn out man his wages.  "Get 
out."  I really did dislike being so cold, but time was wasting.

"Hey, man!" he protested.  "Can't I even put my britches on?"

"No.  Leave.  Now."  I gave him my coldest look, bordering on fury.  I knew it 
would look unbalanced, and perhaps frightening, which was my intent.  He took 
the hint, and left with his clothes bundled in his arm.

I turned to my bride, forgetting our hired fuckmeister, and looked lovingly at 
her cunt.  I use the word 'cunt,' because that is the honor I give it.  
'Pussy' is far too pretty a word, and 'vagina' is too clinical.  To quote 
Monty Python, 'butter boat' is straight out.  My wife has a cunt and I love 
every millimeter of it.

Vanessa's cunt was glorious.  I had prepared her for more than two hours 
before the help arrived, first sliding my own condom-covered dick in and out 
to loosen her.  I had not needed any lube, since Vanessa lubricates nicely.  I 
then used my fingers to pry her further open, peering into her recesses as I 
love to do.  She was open and sopping wet, anticipating our young Sir.

I know from experience that her first orgasm takes the longest, so I delighted 
in sucking and licking her until she was bucking on my mouth.  She loves 
orgasming while I eat her, and that is a nice icebreaker for her 
fucking-to-come.  I love feeling her humping against my mouth, and if I have 
prepared her properly, her fat wet lips are spread against my cheeks and she 
pours out her internal honey.

As was our custom, I had described in delicious detail the fucking to cum.  
How she would be cumming on his cock--a stranger's cock.  How it would look to 
me, her husband, to see her so obviously aroused and orgasmic on his fat dick. 
 To see his dick moving in and out, drawing out her juices.  To see their 
bodies shining in sweat as it went on and on.  How it would smell and sound, 
wet and stinky.

When our paid prick arrived, she was completely ready to get fucked.  She 
likes my cock and how I fuck, but from time to time we both enjoy her being 
completely filled.  On trips like this one to Vegas, we sometimes would hire 
an "escort" merely to fuck her.  Vanessa knew she was going to be well fucked, 
and she was excited.

Her pussy was pink, and bald.  I could clearly see every drop of fluid they 
emitted, from her first wetness to his explosion and subsequent leakings. Her 
big outer lips and long inner lips were full and distended, full of blood and 
calling for his cock.  Her hole was nice and stretched, waiting, and dripping 
a trickle of girl juice.  Her clit was visible ten feet away, ready to be 
rubbed by his veins and tickled by his pubes.  Even her nipples were 
distended.  As she laid on her back, legs lewdly apart and cunt open, I 
thought that she would make an excellent dictionary illustration for the word 

He wasted no time on preliminaries, but stripped after entering.  He had been 
hired because of his abnormally large prick, and he knew it.  He was eager to 
fuck my wife, and that thought aroused me as it always does.  Vanessa prefers 
to be entered only when the stud is fully erect, so this time she sucked him 
for a minute, asking him to get ready to fill her up.  His erect member only 
slightly resembled a mushroom; were both delighted to see how really fat his 
shaft was.

Vanessa laid on her back, her legs wide apart and her knees bent.  Her hole 
was open to him as he placed his head against her.  I urged him to push in all 
the way on his initial stroke, and he resisted.  "I can hurt girls, Man!" he 
lamely replied.  I shot him a less furious version of my look, and he backed 
down.  "Hey, she's your wife, dude," he said.  Vanessa gave me a very horny 

His initial thrust was deliberate and full.  I watched Vanessa's face as her 
insides were filled, stretched, and her organs displaced.  Her mouth made a 
big round 'O', and her eyes went wide open, but no words escaped.  When he 
pushed against her, fully in, she began to cum.  She loved the initial thrust 
above all else, as it rubbed all her nerves.  After that, she would wetten, 
decreasing the pleasure.  The first thrust, when she was prepared, was always 

Dickman's eyed opened as he felt her crushing his cock.  He wasn't close to 
ready to cum, so he held on easily, riding out her orgasm.  When she opened 
her eyes again, he pulled out and began to build a tempo.

I watched, absorbed, as my wife of 10 years was fucked by another man.  Not 
just another man, but a paid professional.  Like most paid men, he maintained 
a well-trimmed patch of pubic hairs, but was otherwise denuded.  I could 
easily see his big bald balls slapping against her ass.  The sound and 
fragrance filled the room.  The smell especially when they changed positions; 
unplugged, her cunt was VERY fragrant.

I loved getting in close, watching every vein rub against her inner flesh as 
he humped her. I knew it would bother him to have a man that close, but I was 
paying for this.  Her lips were full of blood, and the whole thing was 
hot--actually generating heat!  And in close, you could hear the sound of 
flesh meeting wet sloppy flesh.  You could also smell the sweat as they 
glistened from the effort of fucking.

Each succeeding orgasm of hers was harder for him to endure.  I knew from 
experience that they would throb harder and harder.  Surely he was getting 
closer and closer too.  As she came, he would screw his eyes shut, perhaps 
thinking of baseball or something.  Vanessa began probing him, asking if he 
were close.  When he admitted was, she asked to roll over for the umpteenth 
time, this time to her knees and face against the mattress.  Vanessa's fingers 
began to rub her clit, occasionally actually pinching it and pulling.  After a 
lot of orgasms, she likes rough clitoral treatment.

I watched, almost salivating, waiting patiently.  Her hips were turned up, and 
he had a porn star's position: on one knee and the other foot down, is cock 
moving down and in.  When he came, he was to cum deep in her.  Deep.  And she 
would leave her cunt tilted upward to preserve my treat.

He came, yadda yadda yadda.  How many descriptions of male orgasms can you 
stand?  He came deep in her, as agreed, leaving his load inside as he shrank.  
Then I kicked him out.

My wife, when I turned back to her, was glorious.  Face down, her pussy was up 
for my inspection.  It was open, open nearly as wide as the cock that had 
filled it for the last hour.  It was a color I call "just-fucked red", a 
curious shade between the magenta of a bruise and the bright red of blood.  
Deep, red, alive, alluring.

Her lips were hanging down, wet like butterfly wins freshly emerged from a 
cocoon.  Between them I could see her clit, still hard and waiting for me.  As 
always, the thought that she was now waiting for me came with a jolt of 
recognition.  This skanky wet pussy, oozing the stud's cum, was waiting for 

Vanessa's timing, as always, was impeccable.  She began to describe the act I 
would perform, in great detail.  I never regretted sending my poems, early in 
our relationship.  They were filled with prose, describing with delight the 
love I had of tonguing cum from her.  These words she now repeated, giving her 
the understanding of how I felt to be preparing to suck her creampie.  Being 
honest with such an absurb kink was one of the best things I have ever done.

Just as I aroused her in foreplay by describing the act she would soon 
experience, she now aroused me to a fever pitch by describing the act I would 
soon perform.  She knew me, so damn well.  I loved her for it.

She reached back and pulled her lips apart, opening her gooey hole.  I 
inserted my index finger, feeling the heat she was generating.  Extracting my 
digit, I brought it to my mouth, teasing myself with the savory aroma.  I 
licked it, my mouth watering as I tasted the bled of stud and Vanessa cum.  So 
thick and semen-y, but flavored amazingly of Vanessa.  A moan escaped my 
mouth--not really my mouth but more like my inner-being.

I crouched behind her, watching the pool of cream rise inside her.  She would 
contract, surely, naturally.  As she did, she would begin to ooze the 
creampie.  I watched, with rapt attention, as it welled up from within her.  
It was thinning, I saw, from her continued lubrication.

Soon, I couldn't stop myself.  I was shaking from desire, knowing it was only 
I who was stopping me from tasting inside her.  Vanessa was now pleading with 
me to eat her, to bring her to her hardest cum of the night.  The Creampie 
Cum, we called it, when her post-fuck release would cum, making her orgasm so 
intensely from my eating the creampie that she would sometimes back out.

As I said, I couldn't stop myself.  I leaned in, trembling, and pushed my 
tongue into her.

Ohmygod.  It was wonderful; beyond wonderful.  Her inside was hot, bathing my 
tongue in not only gooeyness, but hot gooeyness.  If you have ever made 
pudding from scratch, and experienced the hot tasty goodness of thick pudding 
freshly made, you know the feeling.  How the thickness of the pudding 
envelopes your tongue, bathing it in delicious creaminess.

My tongue probed deeply, searching out the flavor.  I didn't seek her 
pleasure, only mine.  I loved eating another man's cum from her.  And yet, I 
wasn't at all surprised when the Creampie Cum came.  I knew my deep sucking 
and licking were intensely pleasurable to her; it was part of the joy for me.  
But her orgasm caught me by surprise as my animalistic need for the creampie 
overcame me.

Her orgasm squirted out the cum, almost literally.  It was squeezed out 
rapidly, which I delighted in gobbling as it was extruded from her.  The 
tremendous amount punched the kink button deep in me, and I began to cum 
myself.  As I did, I continued to lick and suck the oozing creampie.  I 
repeat: ohmygod.

I found myself, sometime later, blinking myself back to alertness.  Vanessa 
was laying on her stomach, totally deflated.  She had collapsed after her last 
orgasm, and I guess she had passed out too.  I didn't bother waking her, but 
crawled sleepily up alongside her.  I lowered myself gently next to her, 
loving the warm afterglow of sex.

This time, the Creampie Cum made us both fall into Sleep's embrace.

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