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Subject: {ASSM} DA BOMB BIGGEDY! (Humor, adult-teen rape)
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 19:10:02 -0500
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Da Bomb Biggidy!
(Humor; adult male-teen female; rape)

Hey, peeps!  My name is Hollie.  I am da ABERCOMBIE GRRRLY!!!  I call myself 
dat 'cause I always shop at Abercrombie's, and now dat it's A NEW MOLINIUM, 
or whatever, all us kewl chicks call our kute selves GRRRLS!  Maybe you've 
seen my homepage!  I am 14 yrs old, but everybody says I look SIXTEEN, except 
for my sweet baby boyfriend Brian, who says I look like I'm TWENTY!  Wow!  Of 
course, Brian gets confused, and he has some problems, like not being able 2 
get it up, even when I suck on him, and when I try 2 put my finger in his ass 
he cries and calls 4 his mother. But dat's okay, 'cause he's all mine!  Da 
other grrrls don't even want him!  Dumb grrrls!  And anyway, my fucked-up old 
Dad said nobody would ever want me if I didn't keep my cherry, so it's all 
good!  Well, I mean, it *was* all good, until that nite a fuw weeks 
ago....dat's what I'm here 2 tell U about!

Hey, peeps, I hope U don't mind da way I spell and use 
capitalsash...capitalisa... CAPITALIZASION, or whateva it's called!  'Cause 
our freshman English teacher, Mr. Saynesberry, says dat it dozen matter how 
we spell, 'cause now dat we're in da INFORMATION AGE, da machines will do all 
dat weird shit for us!  Kewl!  Dat gives us grrrls more time 2 go 2 
Abercrombie's!  And da Gap!  Da Gap is where I got my kewl pink tech vest, 
which I was wearing on Dat Fateful Night......

A fuw weeks ago, Brian and me went 2 see da BACKSTREET BOYS!  Da Backstreet 
Boys are da bomb!  I was sooo fucken excited!  I luv da BSB!  I luv  NSynch, 
too, but most of all I love BRITNEY!  Britney is da bomb biggidy!!! But of 
course Britney doesn't do personal appearances now, 'cause she's had blood 
poisoning ever since she got her clit ring, so I was SO HAPPY to see da BSB!  
But I hate da Dixie Chicks!  Fuck da Dixie Chicks!  Da Dixie Chicks is 4 poor 
trailer park whoors like my ex-friend Mandi, who buys her clothes at 
K-MART!!!  But dat's another story.

Anyway, on dis particular night, Brian picked me up in his truck and we got 
something 2 eat at McDonald's (big fucken spender!), then we went down 2 da 
Omni for da big concert. It was great!  There were about 10 thousand kids 
there, and almost all of 'em were white (well, it wouldn't matter 2 me, 
'cause I'm libberal and everthing, but Brian gets scared when any 
American-Afros look at him, da big pussy), and even though about 9 thousand 
of 'em were wearing tech vests, mine was the kewlest in da whole place!  Once 
I heard Mr. Saynesberry telling Coach Muzzle  dat all us grrrls look REALLY 
SEXY in tech vests, 'cause our perky, braless little tits make 'em stick out 
at just da right ankle, or something...Anyhow, we got our seats and watched 
da opening acts, which were really kinda lame, but dat was okay 'cause we 
knew da BSB would be on next!  Yea!!!

There was a manumission, or whatever, right before da BSB were supposed to 
come on, and I had to go to da Little Grrrls Room, so I told Brian to watch 
our seats while I went.  "Uh, d'you want me to, like, go with you?" he asked. 
 I put my hands on da gentle curve of my perfect teenie hips and said "Excuse 
me, Brian?  Do U think us grrls can't even take a pee by ourselves?" Fucken 
evanderthal, or neanderthal, or whatever they're called!  I flounced away 
with my cute brown hair bouncing provokatively on my soft teen shoulders.

By the time I got 2 da shitter, there wasn't hardly a line at all, which was 
kewl, 'cause most of da grrrls had already done their Kute Female Stuff and 
gone back inside. Once I got in da stall I tugged my tight little jeans down, 
and my brand-new Italian silk thong panties from Victoria's Secret ($39.95, 
in case U wanna know), and sat down.  Wow!  Even before da U-know-what 
started 2 flow, I realized dat I was already wet!  Den I smiled, big-time, 
'cause I figured I was just excited about finally seeing tha BSB!  (I always 
like 2 play their toonz when I'm fingering my fine young pussy at night, and 
when I look at their videos, I practically creem all over myself!  Brian 
doesn't believe it, but he's just jealous, da turd!)  As I finished up, I 
took a Delicately Scented Fresh-Wipe outta my kute Ammazon Rainforest 
grrl-bag ($250.00, Abercrombie's of course!) and wiped my purfect pink teenie 
twat with it.  Then I stood up and tugged da jeans back over my 
exkwisitely-sculpted little fanny.  I heard da last of da grrls go out of da 
room; I knew I'd better hurry!

Just as I was coming out of da stall, da door opened.  Da lobby lights had 
been dimmed; I guess da show was about to begin.  But what should my innocent 
teenie eyes behold, gentle reader, but a MAN coming into da Little Grrls 
Room!  At first I didn't recognize him, 'cause he had turned to da door and 
was LOCKING it with a little screwdriver or something!  (When I told Brian 
about it,  he just said, "Uh, it was probbly a fucken Allen wrench."  Who da 
hell is Allen???)  I stood speechless, my straight young teenie back pressed 
against da stall, and then da man turned 2 face me across da vast tiled 
expanse of da bathroom.  "Hello, Hollie," he said.  "I've been waiting for 

Omigod, it was Mr. Saynesberry!  What did HE want?  Why was HE in da Little 
Grrls Room?  What did he mean, "waiting for me?"  Why wasn't he out in da 
auditorium?  Wasn't he afraid he'd miss da BSB?  "H-hi, Mr. Saynesberry," I 
stammered.  (Da guys say I'm kute when I stammer.  My ex-friend Mandi says I 
just sound retarded. Fucken cunt.) "How'd U know I was coming here?" 

"Why, Brandy," he smiled, "You've been talking about it all week.  In my 
class!  When I was trying to drill a few parts of speech into your empty, 
fluffy little head!"  Oh, shit.  I didn't like da way this conversation was 
going.  "But if you adorable young ladies find these *BackAlley Boys* so much 
more interesting than my silly old lectures, why, I thought I'd better come 
and check things out for myself!"

He started walking slowly toward me, a strange, peaceful smile on his fucken 
middle-aged face.  I tried 2 step back, but my perfect, symmetrikal young 
spine was already pressed against da door of da stall.  "W-well, that's kewl, 
Mr. Saynesberry," I said, "I hope U enjoy da show!"  I heard a muffled drum 
roll through da thick tiled walls.  Oh, shit, they were gonna start da show 
without me!  Without precious little Hollie!  Oh, wow is me!

"Oh, I will," he said, now only a few feet from me.  "I've been looking 
forward to this show ever since you were a little snot-nosed seventh-grader!"

I was mystofried, I mean  mistyeyed,  I mean mysti - - oh, fuck, I was 
confused!  "How'd U know about the show way back then, M-mr. Saynesberry?"

He laughed.  "I knew about it as soon as I saw you the first time, Hollie.  
You see, YOU'RE the show!  And tonight is your grand opening, so to speak!"  
Now we were standing face 2 face, and he reached out and brushed his long, 
tapering fingers against my soft, flawless teen cheek.  I shivered.  "D-don't 
do dat, Mr. Saynesberry," I stuttered.  "If I'm not back in my seat in about 
two minutes, my boyfriend Brian is gonna come looking for me!"  Actually, I 
was lying, but I figured it was a pretty fucken smart thing to say.  But Mr. 
Saynesberry threw back his handsome (for an old man; he musta been 30 at 
least) head and laughed louder.  "No he's not, darling Hollie," he said.  "I 
saw your pimply, brain-dead paramour at the refreshment stand.  I told him to 
rush home, because the school had just learned that his mother had been in an 
accident..."  Omigod!  Omigod! Brian's Mom in an accident?  Well, da old 
bitch, it served her right ....  But what did he mean, "pimply?" Brian hardly 
has any goobers at all since he got off smack, except 4 on his back, and I 
help him squeeze those!  And what da fuck was a paramour? I thought Paramour 
was a movie company!

Mr. Saynesberry smiled again, and reached out for me.  He stepped closer and 
rested his arms on da stall door, on either side of my head, and licked his 
lips. Oh, fuck!  Now there was no doubt about it.  Da old bastid was gonna 
ravish my kute young self!

His horny old hands slipped down and grapped my round, trembling teenie 
shoulders.   Leaning in, he pressed his warm, supprisingly soft lips against 
mine, then allowed his horrible old tongue to press in and tickle my perfect 
little teeth (fuck yeah, I'd had orthodonture) and pink kittykat gums.  His 
got-damned fucken breath bore da light, yet unmistakable flavor of Dom 
Perignon (don't ask me what year, Daddy says I never had a head for history). 
 To my ammaz - -  amazzm -- AMAZEMENT, oh fuck all, to my great surprise, I 
felt a little tingle shoot down my coltish young frame, and I felt an 
involuntary quickening in my soon-to-be-plundered little twat.  With all da 
strength in my beautiful ivory neck, I twisted my face loose and stamped my 
little foot.  "Got damn it, Mr. Saynesberry!" I cried, "What da fuck kinda 
grrrl do U think I am, anyway?"  I tried to wiggle outta his loatsome, uh, 
lowthsom, oh fuck, his HORRIBLE embrace, but he grapped my shoulders and held 
me tight.

"Hollie," he said softly.  "Oh, Hollie.  Don't you get tired of hanging 
around with that silly boy?  Haven't you ever wanted to be with a MAN?"  
Well, yeah, I had, come 2 think of it.  I never told anybody, but I always 
had a kinda crush on Al Gore.  "Well, honey, you're going to be with one 
now!"  I struckled in vain, but could not escape his dretful, uh, his 
dreddval, oh shit, his SCARY embrace!  His fingers grapped  da neck of my 
baby-blue faux-chambray blouse ($79.95, Old Navy) and with one quick, 
masterful motion, he RIPPED IT OFF!  I gasped as da blue bottons 
plink-plink-plinked across da tile floor.  Oh, wow is me!  Wow!

There I stood,  naked from da waist up, my perky young breasts jiggling with 
fear, their adorable pink nipples puckered and erect from da rush of cool 
air.  (Well, I think they had been puckered and erect even before that, but I 
don't wanna think about it!)  
Mr. Saynesberry smiled and kinda sighed.  "Perfectly lovely, Hollie.  What 
charming little breasts.  If only they were brains...."  Then da old bastid 
bent his head and gently began to tug at one nipple with his perfect white 
teeth.  I shivered and tried to grap his arms, but he held me prisoner, and I 
could barely struckle.  His soft, warm pink tongue began to run little 
circles around da nipple, and as I clutched at his arms, I felt that strange 
tingle down in my Nether Regions again.  Oh, shit, what was happening to me?

"Mmmmmm, Hollie,"  da handsome young scholar moaned.  "You taste so good...." 
Then he glanced down toward my flat little belly.  "Why, Hollie, how 
precious!  You have a little crucifix hanging from your navel!"  And I did!  
All da grrrls at school were getting piercings, and, like I said, even my Luv 
Goddess Britney Speers had one.  But I didn't go to one of those nasty old 
tattoo parlors!  Brian's older brother had just gotten outta jail, and Brian 
said that he was really handy with a needle, so I had allowed him to pierce 
my kute babyish belly-button.  (I didn't tell Brian that I came when da 
needle broke through; I figured he'd get da wrong idea.)  Anyway, I knew my 
dumb fucken parents would be REEAAALLLY pissed, so I got this little crucifix 
(sterling silver, $395.00) and hung it there, so they'd think I was getting 

But, oh!  My recko - - my reccalec - - my regu - - oh, fuck, my MEMORIES were 
interrupted by Mr. Saynesberry's hot lips and mischievous tongue.  He had 
dropped to his knees in front of me and was sucking at my belly-button, 
carressing it with da tip of his tongue, while he fumbled with da belt and da 
snaps on my tight little jeans (Abercrombie for Grrrls, $89.95).  I felt da 
jeans fall open, and his fingers hooked into my beoootiful panties and began 
to tug.  "Got damn it, Mr. Saynesberry, stop dat!" I squealed.  (What if he 
noticed that my little panties had gotten damp?)  But O, gentle reader, 
imagine my fucken surprise when he grapped the crucifix in his teeth and, 
with one shake of his alarmingly handsome head, RIPPED IT OUT!

"AAAUUUGGGHHH!" I squealed, blood spurting from my poor devastated 
belly-button.  "Oh, Mr. Saynesberry, oh fuck, that hurt!  Give me back that 
crucifix!  That cost me a whole week's allowance!"

He laughed and, with a mighty tug, jerked my jeans and panties to da floor!  
Then he stood up, pressed his bloody mouth to mine, and shoved the crucifix 
deep into my gasping young throat with his long, delicious tongue! "Ack!  
Ack!"  I started to gag on da little silver bobble.  He laughed again and, 
stepping back slight, SLAPPED MY FACE with his open hand - - da same hand 
that had been carressing my perky, etc., tits a moment before!  Stunned by da 
force of da blow, I gagged and swallowed.  Oh no!  Da crucifix was on its way 
to my churning little bowels! I hacked and gasped and shook my head.

At some point, my beautiful, bronzed English instructor had jerked the 
braided leather belt (Voyagers, $100.00) from my jeans, and now, holding it 
in one hand, he SWEPT ME OFF MY FEET, jerking da jeans and da thong off my 
pretty, kicking feet and dropping them to the floor.  I was naked!  Naked in 
the arms of a 30-year-old man!  Me, little Hollie!  O, gentle reader!  As he 
carried me toward da door of da bathroom, I felt my blushing twat jerk and 
spasm uncontrollably.  Oh, no!  Was my own body gonna beetr - - betrae - - 
oh, fuck, GIVE ME AWAY?

Right inside da bathroom door stood an ancient brass coat-rack.  It was about 
six feet tall.  But I, little Hollie, was only 5'1"!  Mr. Saynesberry set me 
on my feet, bent down, and TIED MY FUCKEN WRISTS TOGETHER with da belt!  I 
was fucken helpless!  As he hoisted me up and hung my sweating, trembling 
form from one of da hooks, he ran his hot pink tongue down my spine, all da 
way to da crack of my adorable ass - - and then KEPT ON GOING!  I was facing 
da wall now, unable to see what da darling old pervert was doing to me, as I 
felt his tongue slip between my ass-cheeks and flick at my quivering, 
delicately-scented asshole!  Oh!  How can I describe, gentle reader, da 
sensations that ran through me?  It was like electricity!  He licked and 
nuzzled at my asshole for a minute, then stopped and stood up straight.  Oh, 
fuck! I thought. I was almost ready to come!

"You're not the only one who has a pretty leather belt, darling Hollie," he 
murmered in my ear.  What did he mean?  And then I knew.  He stepped back, 
and da next thing I knew, I heard the whistle of da leather strap cutting 
through the air - - WHACK!!!  Right on my round, pink ass!

I screamed.  "Nobody can hear you, Hollie."  WHACK!  "Nobody gives a damn, 
Hollie."  WHACK!  "I put an *Out of Order* sign on the door, Hollie."  WHACK! 
"Why, Hollie, do I hear music?"  WHACK!

I stopped screaming.  Sure enough, through the thick walls, I heard da muted 
voice of K. C. Kasey, da emcee, announcing, "And now, ladies and gentlemen 
just for you, the BACKSTREET BOYS!  And da walls began to throb with da 
opening chords of their latest hit!  Oh, fuck me till I'm nearsighted!  I was 
gonna miss da - - WHACK!

I half screamed, half squealed.  Tears were rolling prettily down my cheeks, 
as my twitching, tortured ass clenched and clenched, and my pussy swelled and 
shuddered and began to drip.  Oh, me!  My faithless body was actually 
enjoying dis hellish violation!

Dropping da belt finally, Mr. Saynesberry stepped up behind me.  Cupping my 
tits with his soft, warm hands from behind, he began to press into me.  He 
had taken off his pants!  He was naked!  And I couldn't even see him!  Oh, 
shit!  I swung slightly, like meat on da hook, until he held me close, his 
hard manly chest pressed against da soft slope of my girlish back.  Then I 
felt da slick, hot touch of his cock-head on my aching pussy lips!  Oh, he 
was so fucken big!  Oh, he would tear me apart!  Oh, Daddy, here goes my 
cherry!  Oh, when will he get down to business?

I didn't have to wait long.  He pressed his face against the side of my head, 
and, panting slightly in my ear, he RAMMED his monster, darling cock all the 
way in to my poor teenie cunt, not even pausing when he encountered my 
precious cherry and - - "YEEOOOWWW!" - - broke right through it!  Clutching 
my waist in his strong hands, he pressed me down, down, twisting and leaping 
on his blood-swollen manmeat like a catfish on a pole!  Oh, fuck, it hurt, it 
hurt so bad, oh, fuck, it was so gooood......

He thrust and thrust and snorted in my ear like da strong young stud he was.  
"I wonder if he's a Taurus?" I found myself thinking.  "Or a Leo!  I'll bet 
he's a Leo!"  That silly little shit, what's-his-name, my sweet baby 
boyfriend, was an Aquariums.

Then, with a mighty groan, he began to spurt inside me as I bobbed up and 
down on his wonderful mighty joystick.  His juices shot deep inside me, 
gentle reader, and I felt my own juices turned loose like a hydrant in da 
summertime, and I screamed and cried and squirted out my love juice till I 
heard it dripping on da tile floor.  Still holding me, fast, I felt my 
darling, my fucken old man lover, begin to pull out of me.  Oh, nooooo......

Then, as I still hung and softly kicked , my toes jutting helplessly toward 
da floor, I heard him speak into my ear once again.

"Okay, little Hollie," he sighed.  "Thank you very much.  And now it's time 
to introduce you to the wonderful world of sodomy!"  

As his cock-head touched my asshole, I let out an enormous fart, then a 
little squeal of delight.  Oh, Mr. Saynesberry!

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