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Brad & Sally Fantasy Interlude No. 5:  Sally Submits - Part 1b

(WARNING: This story contains graphic sexual variations that may not appeal 
to all people and is not intended for anyone under 18 or who is offended by 
unusual sexual practices.  If you are under 18 or are offended by such 
practices, do not read further.)

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  This story is a fantasy.  Real couples may engage is some or 
all of these activities, but this story is principally written to explore the 
thoughts and feelings that may cause some individuals to choose alternative 
sexual activities.

(If you enjoyed this story and would like to see more like this, reply on 
this board or e-mail me at

"I want you to caress yourself," Brad told her. "Start with your breasts."  
Sally looked at him intently for a second and then looked down at her 
breasts.  Tentatively she rubbed her palms softly over each nipple.  She was 
self-conscious now, with Brad feet away, eyeing her from a distance.  She 
felt his gaze on her.  It was like being caught masturbating--except he was 
encouraging her, approving of it.  That helped her feel better.  She started 
focusing on how her breasts felt.  She cupped one and started fingering the 
other's nipple, then tweaked it.  It felt good.

"Tell me who those breasts belong to," Brad ordered.  Sally continued to 
massage her breasts.  It was feeling better and better.  Her cunt was 
starting to respond to the stroking.  She took a deep breath.

With her eyes closed she spoke.  "They belong to you, Master.  They are for 
your pleasure."  Saying it out loud made it seem so real.  She grabbed both 
tits and pulled them out toward him, as if offering them to him, and it felt 
so good she squirmed her hips on the bed.

"And what do you want me to do with them?" Brad asked.

"Please love them.  Hold them, suck them.  I want you to suckle them.  Please 
rub my nipples.  They are yours."  Sally squirmed more as she spoke.

"And it's not just me, is it?" Brad accused her.  "You want men to look at 
your breasts and lust after them, don't you?  You'd like to show them off to 
anyone, wouldn't you?  You'd let anyone suck them, because it makes you feel 
good.  They aren't yours, are they?  They're for anyone who wants them.  Even 
another woman.  You'd like to know what it felt like for another woman to 
suck and fondle your breasts, wouldn't you?  Tell me!"

Pictures flashed through Sally's mind.  She saw a line of faceless men 
suckling at her bosom and fondling a tweaking her nipples.  And then the idea 
of a woman holding her breast and stroking her nipples came to her.  She 
flashed on the image of another woman's nipple touching her nipple and then 
another woman's breast crushed against hers.  She felt her cunt rippling with 
excitement.  She pulled and tweaked her tits with more and more insistence.

"I don't care who plays with my tits," she gasped.  "I just want them to be 
sucked and squeezed and rubbed.  It feels so good.  They don't belong to me.  
They are for anyone's pleasure.  I would even let another woman play with 
them, if you said, Master."  Sally couldn't believe how it felt to be rubbing 
her tits and saying these things out loud to her husband.  She was astonished 
how turned on she was getting.  She never could have imagined saying such 
things, let alone getting hot over it.

"I thought so," Brad smirked.  "You're a real slut, aren't you?  Made to be a 
sex toy."

Sally pulled both breasts up away from her chest and hunched her hips up in 
the air.  "Yes, Master," she admitted.

"Now rub your thighs," Brad said.

Sally sighed and reluctantly let go of her tits.  Her cunt was burning and 
leaking dew, and it was all she could do to follow Brad's orders and caress 
her thighs rather than ramming a hand into her pussy.  She shuddered at the 
sensuousness of feeling her hands on the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.  
After mauling of her own breasts, this was like a rest stop as she lightly 
rubbed herself.

"Tell me about your thighs," Brad demanded.

"They feel so sensitive," Sally replied.  "They long to wrap themselves 
around someone who is fucking my cunt.  I want to spread them wide and open 
my cunt wide to have a cock planted in me.  I want to squeeze them to draw 
the cock deep into my cunt."

"Very good.  Now caress your cunt."

Sally trembled as her fingers scooped pussy cream and spread it on her 
throbbing clit.

"Slowly!" Brad barked.  "And tell me about it."

"Oh, it feels so good, Master!  My cunt is so hot.  My cunt belongs to you 
and your cock.  Please fuck me, Master!  I want your cock in me so bad!"  She 
struggled to rub her clit slowly, as Brad had instructed.  She wanted to rub 
it furiously.  It was straining her nerves to drag it out.

"What if another man wanted to fuck you now, or a woman offered to fuck you 
with her dildo?"

"Oh, Master, I have a slut's cunt.  It just wants to be filled and it doesn't 
care how.  Anything would feel so good right now. I need it, please.  If you 
put you cock in me, I'll make it feel so good!"

The offer sounded good, but Brad had other ideas.  His hand had gone to his 
cock and he was stroking himself under the folds of his robe.  The sight of 
his wife flagrantly frigging herself, practically delirious with lust, was 
exciting him tremendously.

"Do you want my cum in your cunt?"

"Oh, yes, I want to feel you spurt into me.  I want to feel your cum running 
out of me."

"Rub yourself faster, now.  Make yourself come in front of me, right now," 
Brad ordered.

Sally didn't need much encouragement.  Immediately she started rubbing her 
clit furiously.  Her other hand went back to her tits and started pinching 
and rubbing her nipples.  She started gasping and bucking her hips.  "Oh! oh! 
Unh! Unh! Ooohhh! Uh! Uh!" she groaned, as if in pain.  Spasm after spasm 
rippled through her cunt and womb.  She stabbed one finger into her cunt and 
squeezed her G-spot and another spasm shook her.  Then she fell back onto the 
bed in ecstasy.  She was gasping for air and the only sound for a minute was 
her breathing.

"Now what do you say?" Brad prompted her.

"Thank you, Master, for allowing me to have a great orgasm," Sally 
immediately replied.  "Will you please fuck me now?  It would feel so good to 
feel your cock in my slut-cunt.  I want to make your cock feel so good.  My 
cunt is so hot and ready for you."

"You're welcome, slave, but I have other ideas right now.  Get out the 
Vaseline," he told her.

Sally immediately was roused from her post-orgasmic fog.  Was he going to try 
to fuck her ass now?  She was still hot, but after her orgasm, she wasn't so 
horny.  She wasn't sure she was up for that right now.  She looked at Brad 
with a pleading look.

"Are you still my slave or not?" he barked at her.

"Yes, Master," she answered and rolled over.  She reached into the night 
stand drawer for  the jar of Vaseline there and brought it out on the bed.

"What parts of your body are at the disposal of your Master?" he quizzed her.

"All of it, Master," Sally replied with a sinking heart.

"Yes, that's right.  But you'll need some training to be of full use to me.  
Now get some Vaseline on your finger and put it on your little asshole," he 
told her.  "It needs some sensitivity training."

Sally clumsily pulled a glob of grease out of the jar on her middle finger 
and reached behind her to apply it to her opening.

"I want you to caress and explore your ass, while tell me what your ass is 
good for."

Sally slowly rubbed the ring of her opening with the lubrication.  She closed 
her eyes and concentrated on the feeling.  She thought of O being stretched 
at the Chateau and made to wear a dildo to keep her open for the men's use.  
Her finger pushed against the ring and she dipped it into the opening 
slightly.  She returned to rubbing it in a circular motion, and then dipped a 
fingertip inside herself for a second from time to time.

She was concentrating so much that she forgot she was supposed to be talking. 
 She caught herself and began.  "My ass is another opening for my Master to 
use for his pleasure.  I must learn to be open to my Master."  She reached 
and got another fingerful of lube from the jar.  This time she placed it 
directly on the opening and pushed most of it into her hole.  She tensed as 
her ass protested the invasion.  She went back to stroking the outside, but 
periodically plunging a fingertip into her anus about an inch.

"Yes, you must open yourself to me.  You cannot hold any part of yourself 
back.  You exist for my pleasure alone."  

Brad moved to her.  She lay on her side, one hand behind her, working at her 
ass, trying to relax herself as he ordered.  He reached between her legs and 
began to caress her cunt.  He smiled as he felt how wet she was.  Her own 
lubrication was plenty to ease his way.

Sally squirmed as she felt his touch on her puss lips and cunt.  She pulled 
her leg up to make room for his hand while keeping her ass cheeks apart for 
her own fingers.  The stimulation at each opening was creating new feelings 
in her pelvis.  She reached for more Vaseline and plunged her finger all the 
way into her ass.  It felt huge and she pulled it out.  She put it back in 
and it felt smaller.  He opening was relaxing.  She started working her 
finger all the way out and all the way back in.  At the same time she hunched 
her cunt against his hand.  Tension was building in her womb again.

"Tell me how much you want to serve me," Brad spoke in a low voice.

Sally concentrated to speak as she worked her finger in and out of her own 
ass.  "I want to be open to you, Master.  I want you to have every pleasure 
that is your desire.  Unh!  I want to be able to take your cock up my ass.  I 
want to feel your cum spurt in my ass.  Unh!"

Sally felt her own excitement increase as she said these words.  She had been 
turned on by fantasizing about being fucked in the ass, but she kept it a 
fantasy.  It couldn't really feel as good as the porn stories made it sound.  
Those were men's fantasies, she thought.

"I want to be able to fuck you with my ass just like my cunt," she hissed.  
"I want to be used by you."  Now she was working her finger in and out of her 
ass like a piston.

"That's it, slave.  Fuck your ass for me.  Show me how much you want it.  You 
want my cock in there."

Sally could feel her heat building again.  Brad's hand on her clit felt good, 
but the heat was also coming from her ass too.  It was a slow spreading 
warmth, not the electricity of his strokes on her cunt.  But it was turning 
her on.

"Oh, it feels good, Master.  My ass feels good!  I want to fuck you.  Fuck my 
ass, Master.  Put your cock in my ass!"  It felt hot to say that.  She wasn't 
sure she was ready, but it felt very nasty and horny to say it.

"Get up on your knees, slave," Brad ordered her.

Without comment she turned over and raised her ass in the air.  She could 
feel herself start to tense up, waiting to feel his cock at her anal opening. 
 She started to feel fear filling her belly.  What if it really hurt?  Could 
she stop him?

"Rub your cunt, slave," he told her.  She reached up with her ungreased hand 
and began to caress her clit and lips.  It felt good despite her worry.  Just 
concentrate on that, she told herself.

She felt Brad reach over for the Vaseline jar.  Here it comes, she thought.  
She felt her ass clench in alarm.  Then she felt Brad's finger at her 
opening.  With gentle insistence, he worked a greasy finger in and out of her 
hole.  It felt different because this time it was out of her control.  But 
she could feel herself start to relax.  Then she felt his cock bump against 
her cunt lips.  She thought he was missing his aim.  But then his cock was 
spearing her pussy!  She could feel his finger still in her ass, but up 
against it was his cock, separated by two thicknesses of skin.

Brad began to pump in and out of her cunt, while his finger massaged her ass 
from inside.  Sally kept rubbing her clit slowly while getting used to the 
feeling.  As Brad fucked her, she tried imagining that it was his cock in her 
ass instead of his finger.  The longer she tried, the more she could almost 
forget which hole he was in.  She began to get more and more excited by the 
fantasy that this was it, her Master was using her ass and she was the slave 
girl who existed only to be used by him.

She began rubbing her clit more furiously.  She could feel Brad's thighs 
slapping against her ass as he fucked her more and more energetically.  The 
new warm sensation from the prolonged anal stimulation was spreading slowly 
through her whole pelvis.  It was like her orgasm was building over a larger 
area, not just in her cunt.  She started rocking back, trying to grind her 
ass against Brad's finger, trying to get it farther into her.

"Fuck my ass, please, fuck my ass with your finger.  I want to come with you 
fucking my ass!" she growled.  Brad began working his finger in and out of 
her asshole in rhythm with his reaming of her pussy with his cock.

"Oh, that's it.  You're fucking my ass.  I'm fucking you with my ass.  Oh, 
please come in me, Master.  I want your cum in me!"  Hearing herself say that 
was a great turn-on.  She felt herself start to come almost immediately.  
"Oh! Oh! Unh! Oh, God!  Oh God!"  As her cunt spasmed, she could feel her ass 
clench around Brad's finger and that sent her over the next crest with 
another orgasm.  It was like a continuous orgasm, like a stone skipping over 
a pond, each touch another peak.  She felt it all over her belly and pelvis, 
like the finger in her ass was tickling her stomach.

Brad still pumped his cock into her.  He was looking at his finger go in and 
out of her ass which he loved so much, and it was blowing his mind.  He 
stared at the sight and it turned him on to the max.  As he felt her as 
muscles clench his finger in orgasm, it put him over the top.  "Oh! Baby. Ow! 
Ow!"  He felt like his nuts were being squeezed in a vise, his orgasm was so 
strong.  He slammed himself against her soft ass and held his cock deep into 
her cunt as cum spurted time after time.  

He slipped his finger out of Sally's ass, and leaned over her back and hugged 
her to him.. She collapsed beneath him and he lay on top of her on the bed, 
his cock still deep in her pussy.

"Oh, slave, you have served your Master well," he gasped to her.

"Thank you, Master," she said, turning beneath him to hug him front to front. 
 "I want you to use me for your pleasure.  Thank you for showing me how I can 
serve you better."  She kissed him and he kissed her back hard.

"Oh, I think this is only the beginning, slave.  Only the beginning," he 

End of Interlude # 5 

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