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   by Suki

"You know what I wish?" she exclaimed, suddenly.


"I wish someone would really take control of me, of my life, of
everything.  That's really impractical, I know.  And I probably
wouldn't be able to handle it for any length of time, but the
idea intreages me."

 She leaned out of the window and caught a raindrop in her
palm.  For a moment, the light of the outside conflicted with the
of the room, and her silloette echoed on the walls around her.  Her
companion was silent.

"I could imagine," she continued, "He would be completely dominant.  No
apparent give or take.  He would be flexable, but it would not show.
he was around I would exist only to do his bidding."

"What would you do?"

"Whatever he wanted, I guess.  I can imagine him walking into a room and

ordering me down on my knees.  I would go down quickly, with my hands
behind my back, and my eyes lowered.  If it was not quick enough, he
would threaten punishment."

"What sorts of punishments?"

"Oh, spanking, niple clips, teasing...." she paused, stroking her
with her fingers.  Pinching them harder and harder.  A soft moan escaped

her lips.  She continued.  "He would time me up.  I've always wanted to
tied up standing, spread-eagle, while he did whatever he wished with my

"What would he do?"

 She barely heard the question from the transe-like state she
had put herself in.  The fingers of one hand still pinching and teasing
her nipples, while the other hand danced lightly over her clit.  And
then harder.

"What would he do?" The question repeated.

"What?  Oh...he would tease me with toys, or with himself, withdrawing
when I wanted it the most.  He would have me begging.  Sometimes he
would blindfold me, or even gag me so that I was totally helpless in his

grasp.  In some of my fantasies he would blindfold me and then bring in
someone eles, man or woman, to help him tease me.  And in return I
would try to forfill him, or them, as the case may be."

 She stopped talking, concetraiting on herself.  Her moans
got louder and louder as she brought herself over the edge.  It was
a satisfactory orgasm, but not complete.  Somehow, in the light of her
fantasies, it paled in comparison.

Suki   To use reply, take out the nospam.
Bi, switch, tease, but mostly uppity bottom.

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