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Twilight Dreams

By Suki

 She had reached the period of semi-consciousness, the point when sleep
and awakening merge, and it is difficult to tell which is which.  She
could feel her body floating, light and warmth surrounding her, no
clothing to block out the sensations.

 Then she felt him, not just his presence, but his entire being.
Pressing her soft body against his hard chest, she molded herself to
him, fitting each curve of their bodies together.

They kissed deeply, tongues intertwining, and she breathed deeply in his
masculine smell.  Her mouth moved downwards, slowly kissing his body
without breaking contact between them.  Her breasts moved over his
hardness, and nuzzling it with her cheeks, she swirled her tongue
luxuriously around his penis.

Her body felt heavy, as though every muscle was relaxed, and yet she
could feel the response of his member under her ministrations.
Cat-like, she rubbed her body against his legs, fitting her cleft
against his thigh.  Then she languidly guided his member into her mouth,
sliding downwards until she could feel him touch be back of her throat.
She swirled her tongue around his staff, suddenly hungry for more of
him, wanting to take him in deeper than ever before.

She opened her eyes to view the root of his manhood, enjoying the site
of the challenge to her throat.  She had never been able to take him
fully before in her mouth, but now it felt like she could.  Her brain
registered a moment of wonder that spread through her body like an
urgent fire.

She slid down deeper upon him, opening her throat so that she conquered
another inch.  She was so close, she could still feel her breath against
the base of his body.  She pulled away and then pushed back deeper,
relaxing every part of her body.  Existing in the moment with one goal,
to inhale him completely.  She lowered herself on him, feeling her lips
press completely against his base, his tool two inches down her throat.

She did not try to breath this time, knowing she would not be able to,
and instead reached around to fondle his balls with her hands.  He came,
with deep spasms down her throat, and at the same time she felt
something shatter in herself.  The intense pleasure of a mutual orgasm,
a world where time ceased to exist, and only sensation mattered.

Suki   To use reply, take out the nospam.
Bi, switch, tease, but mostly uppity bottom.

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