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Does anyone know this Author/Writer..........



I was just fifteen when we moved into this neighborhood and not very
happy about moving.  I'd left all my friends, especially Janie.  I'd
been working on getting into her pants for about two years and was
getting really close when we moved.  Well I'd prepared her for someone.

  Now here I was, in a new house, in a new neighborhood and I hadn't
seen anyone my own age.  I was walking around our new backyard when I
heard splashing coming from over the high fence that surrounded the
yard.  There was a table near the fence so I  climbed on it and looked
over the fence.

 A girl about fourteen was swimming in a nice large pool in their
backyard.  She had long dark hair, a cute face with large brown eyes and
a nicely developing figure.  The  swimsuit she wore wasn't a bikini but
it showed off her perky little breasts. Her stomach was gently rounded
and her ass was nice and tight.  She was on the diving board getting
ready to dive when I called to her.

"Hi, anybody home?",  She stopped in mid motion and looked over at me.

"Oh, hi.  I didn't see you there.  Are you our new neighbor?"

"Yeah, we're just moving in. Are there any kids our age around here?"

"Nope," she answered, "there's some about ten or eleven and some twenty
or so but none our age."

Shit, I thought, just my luck to move into a neighborhood with no one to
hang  with.  Well I'll just have to do the best I can.  She got down
from the diving board and came over to the fence.  There was a short
ladder on the ground that she put to the fence and in a moment she was
looking over at me.

"I'm Judy, what's your name?", she asked.

"Dave," I said, "What do you do for fun around here?"

"Oh swim and go shopping with my Mom.  There's a theater a few blocks
away and when schools going there's dances and things."

"Well," I said,  "The only thing that looks like fun here is the
treehouse in that big maple.  Have you ever been in it?"

"Yeah, when Janie lived here, we used to play house in it all the time.
It's got some cushions and things in it and we used to sleep up there

Maybe I can play house with you, I  thought, you're cuter than hell.
"That pool does look like fun," I hinted.

"Would you like to come over and swim," she asked, then continued
without letting me answer, "Let me go ask Mom if its ok?  I'll just be a
minute."  She ran into her house and in a moment was back. "Mom says its
ok.  Come on over."

"Ok, I'll go get into my swimsuit and come right over.  Is there a gate

"No, but there's a couple of boards loose right down there," she said,
pointing to a spot in the fence just a few yards away.

"Fine, I'll be right over as soon as I change," I said and went into our
house to change.

 In a few moments I was back, slipped through the fence and went over to
the pool.  Judy was floating on a tube, just kind of paddling around.
The way she was hanging over the tube almost had her tits popping out of
her suit.  She looked up, smiled, and waved for me to join her.  I dove
in and swam to the tube.  I pulled myself up on one side of the tube.
She was on the other.  We paddled around like that for a while just
talking and getting to know each other.  We had a lot in common, sports,
music, cars and a lot of other things.

"Do you have a girl friend?", she asked.

"No, but I'm looking around for one," I kidded, "You know of any
available girls around here?"

"Just me," she said, "and I'm too skinny and ugly for a guy like you."

"No, you're not," I protested, "you're not skinny or ugly. I'd like to
have a girl friend like you.  You're cute as hell and have a great body

"You really think I've got a nice body," she asked, "my boobs aren't
near as big as my moms and I don't have nearly as much hair on my pussy
as she has."

I looked at her in disbelief.  We'd only been talking to each other for
half an hour and here she was telling me how much hair she had on her
pussy.  I just smiled and didn't say anything.

"You'll see," she continued, "she's coming out in a little while and if
she's wearing her two-piece suit you'll see what I mean.  My mom's
really pretty and she has a great body.  Her boobs are big as melons and
she has beautiful long legs."

We talked for a while and then got into a water fight.  She splashed me
and swam for the edge of the pool.  I caught her just as she was trying
to get out and grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her back into the
pool.  I had a hand on each shoulder and was getting ready to duck her
when I felt her hand grab my cock.   We just stood there looking at each
other as her hand massaged my cock through my suit. It started to get
hard in a hurry.  Her hand went down between my legs and caressed my
balls.  The bulge in my suit was getting very obvious. She looked down
and gave me a big smile.

"You like that," she asked.

"Oh, my God, yes," I stammered, "but if you don't stop I'm going to cum
all over the place."

"Do you want me to stop?", she asked.

"No, you can keep it up forever.  I want to touch you to."

"We've got to stop.  Here comes my mother. We'll finish this later." Our
breath was coming a little rapidly.  I looked over my shoulder and her
mom was coming toward the pool.  And she was wearing the two-piece suit.

I caught my breath.  Judy was right. She was beautiful.  Her breasts
strained at the halter top she was wearing, the full round globes bulged
at the side of her top and her nipples made pointy tents in the small
patch of fabric that covered each tit.  The bottom was cut high on the
sides and low in front and back.  Dark tufts of curly hair peeked over
the waistline and from around the edges between her legs. She surely
wasn't bashful.  She came to the edge of the pool and dangled her legs
in the water.  She smiled at us and splashed water in our direction.

"Hi kids, having fun," she asked, "don't stay in the sun so long that
you get sunburned."  She slipped into the water and swam the length of
the pool a couple of times.  After a few minutes she got out of the pool
and started for the house, "I've got some chores to do," she said as she
walked toward the house, "come on up to the house in a little while and
I'll fix a sandwich or something."

Judy and I floated around the pool on the tube, looking across at each
other.  "See didn't I tell you.  Did you see the hair poking out of her
suit?  And I thought her boobs were going to pop out."  I agreed with
her and after a moment she continued, "Have you ever seen anyone having
sex," she asked.

 If I hadn't been hanging onto the tube I'd probably drowned, I was that

"No," I blurted out, "have you?"

"Oh sure, lots of times," she said matter-of-factly.  I didn't know
whether to believe her or not.

     "Well tell me all about it. I want all the details. Have you really
seen people having sex?"

"Sure," she answered, "well, mostly it was just mom and dad. I've seen a
few others naked but not actually having sex."

We were on the inside of the tube now with our arms hanging over the
sides.  It was very close and I could feel her legs brushing mine as we
paddled around the pool.

"Well tell me," I demanded, "I want all the details."

"Well," she began, "I guess the first time I really remember anything
was when I was about ten.  One night I could hear funny moaning sounds
coming from mom and dad's room.  I could hear their bed squeaking and I
could hear mom's voice saying something but I couldn't hear what she was
saying.  After a while the squeaking stopped and I heard dad get up and
go to the bathroom.

 I had to go too so I got out of bed and started down the hall toward
the bathroom.  I'd just about reached it when dad came out of the
bathroom.  He was naked and had a throbbing hard-on. It was all red and
juicy like he had just pulled it out of something. We just stood there
for a minute and looked at each other, then he turned and went into
their bedroom.  I finished going to the bathroom and went back to my

 I discovered that if I stood in my closet I could hear what they were
saying. I heard dad telling mom what had happened in the hall.  Mom just
laughed and said, "well now she knows what a cock looks like".

Then she told him to get into bed and fuck her again.  I heard the bed
squeak as he got in and then I heard mom let out a low moan.  The bed
started squeaking and mom's  moaning got louder. All of a sudden I heard
her telling him to fuck her harder and faster.  Then I heard him gasp
and grunt and she said Oh God I'm coming again.  Then everything quieted
down.  That was the first time."

We had paddled into the shallow end of the pool so we could touch
bottom.  Her story had given me a throbbing hard-on and I wanted to put
it where it belonged.  I slide my arms around her waist and let my hand
travel to the waistband of her suit.  I slipped my fingers inside the
suit and pushed it down over her ass.  She just looked at me and
smiled.  I had a cheek in each hand and pulled her close to me.  Her
arms circled my neck and she pressed against me.  I pushed my suit down
and felt my cock press against her bare belly.  Just then her mother
called from the doorway.  Sandwiches were ready.  We hurriedly adjusted
our suits and after a minute or two went to get the food. Judy asked if
we could eat the sandwiches on the picnic table by the pool and her
mother said sure.  We took the food to the table and sat down across
from each other.

"Tell me more about your watching your mom and dad," I coaxed.

"Well I decided if I could hear that well from the closet I could
probably see if I had a small hole in the wall.  So I drilled a small
hole clear through the wall.  It was just little on their side but was
as big as a cup on mine, that way I could see almost the whole room. As
long as there was light in the room I could see really well.  I've had
close up shots of his cock sinking into her cunt.  I've seen her suck
his cock clear to the balls.  I've seen them fuck in about every
position you can imagine."

I looked at her in amazement.  This gal was something else. She sat
there talking about her mom and dad fucking with almost a clinical
detachment.  Like it was just a learning demonstration or something.
Well maybe it was.  It was fun listening too anyway.

"The most fun, though," she continued, "was when I could walk in on them
and they knew they were caught and couldn't do anything about it. My dad
travels a lot and just before he goes on a trip him and mom goes into
the den, set before the fireplace, drink a little wine and make out.
Then they go into their bedroom and fuck.  Well this one time I walked
in on them in the den.  They were sitting on the couch her blouse was
unbuttoned and one tit was hanging clear out. Her nipple was all red and
wet as if he had been sucking on it.  I don't know whether he took of
the bra or she just wasn't wearing one but
anyway his fly was open and her hand was inside his pants.  I just
walked in and sat on the arm of the couch and talked to them as if
nothing was happening.  You should have seen the look on their faces.
Another time I walked in on them, he had her bent over a chair.  Her
blouse was open and her tits were hanging out.  Her skirt was up over
her back and dad was standing behind her.  I watched them for a few
minutes before they knew I was there and he was pumping his long hard
cock deep into her cunt.  She was moaning and groaning with every

 I stepped into the room and he just shoved it clear in and pulled her
skirt back against his belly.  He had his hands on her hips and just
held her tight against him.  There wasn't much they could do to cover
her tits.  I just walked clear around them.  When I got behind him I
giggled because his pants and shorts were right around his ankles.  I
just walked around sat on a chair across from them and talked to them
for a minute or two.  When I left, they went to their room so I slipped
into my closet to watch them.  They no more got inside their room before
they started stripping.  They were naked in record time.  What followed
then was the biggest fuck fest I've ever seen.  They fucked, sucked and
everything else you can think of.  The funny thing is neither of them
have ever mentioned any of these incidents to me."

"Well," I said, "your story's given me another hard-on.  What are you
going to do about it?"

"Not much I can do about it right now," she said, "but I've got an idea
that if we meet in your treehouse tonight I might be able to. Dad's
going on another trip tomorrow so if I guess right there's going to be a
fucking good time at our house tonight.  If things go well, we can watch
from your tree house."

"Sounds good to me," I said, "what time should we meet?"

"Probably by seven.  It'll be dark by then and I know they won't waste
any time."

"I'll meet you at seven in the tree house then," I waved and went home.

Seven o'clock found me waiting in the treehouse.  I had showered and was
dressed in only a pair of boxer shorts.  I didn't know what was going to
happen but I was going to be prepared.  A few minutes after seven Judy
stuck her head through the trap door in the treehouse.  It was dark
inside and she couldn't see me.

"Anyone home," she whispered?

"Just us horny toads," I whispered back.

She climbed on in and sat on the cushion beside me.  She had on a long
nightgown that almost touched the floor when she was standing.

"Sorry about the nightgown," she said, "but if I'd worn anything else
they would have been suspicious."

"No sweat," I told her, "you'd look good in anything or nothing. What's
the story anyway?"

"They were in the den when I left.  He had his hand up her skirt and his
tongue down her throat, so I don't think it will be much longer."

Just then a light flipped on in a room at her house.

"That's their room," she said softly, "I opened the curtains a little
this afternoon so we should have a very good view if they leave the
lights on."

Her mother walked into the room, her blouse was already open and I could
see she wasn't wearing a bra.  She slipped the blouse off and threw it
on a chair, her tits swaying to and fro as she moved.  Next she undid
her skirt and let it drop to the floor.  They must have
already removed her panties because she was nude.  Her cunt was wet and
red, by either finger fucking or they couldn't wait to get in the
bedroom.  She leaned over to pick up her skirt and we could plainly see
the lips of her cunt gaping before us.

 Then her dad walked into the room.  He was already naked and his cock
was stiff and hard.  It was red and juicy too. That answered the
question about the wet red pussy.  They'd already been fucking.  He had
her kneel on the bed with her ass in the air and stepping behind her
shoved his cock deep into her cunt.  He started pumping, using
long hard thrusts that bounced her tits every time he shoved it home.
They fucked like that for ten or fifteen minutes then he pulled his cock
out and lay on the bed on his back.  She smiled at him and straddled
him.  We could see her hand reach down and guide his cock into her
waiting pussy.  Then she began to fuck him like nothing I'd ever seen.
She'd rise up until it was almost out then sink back onto it in a
rolling twisting motion that was driving them both nuts. Suddenly he
just rolled her over, got her knees on his shoulders and started to fuck
in ernest.  He was taking long hard thrusts and then a sudden burst of
short fast ones.  All of a sudden she locked her legs around his back
and they just lay there jerking and quivering.  After laying on top of
each other for a few minutes he reached over and shut off the lights.

We'd been laying side by side on our bellies watching the performance
that had been staged just for us, even though they didn't know they were
putting on a show.  During the show I'd unsnapped my shorts and slipped
them off so I was laying next to Judy   completely naked.  My cock was
hard and throbbing again.  Judy sat up and put her hand on my shoulder,
"Shows over I guess," she whispered, "I told you it got really wild."

"Yeah," I agreed, "it was wild all right.  But not as wild as we could
get."  I raised to one elbow and run my hand down her leg to the bottom
of the nightgown.  She let her hand slide down my side to my hip.  When
she got to where there should have been shorts and there wasn't any I
heard her suck in her breath sharply.  I drew my hand up her leg
bringing the nightgown with it.  When I got it to her waist I told her,
"You're going to have to help me a little, you're setting on the gown."

She raised up a little and I pulled the gown from under her.  Her breath
was coming in short jerky little gasps.  I rolled over onto my back and
asked, "What's wrong baby, don't you want to fuck me?"

"Oh yes I do, but I'm scared a little.  I've never done this before."

"I know, me too.  But you've watched enough that you should know what to
do."  My hand was under her gown rubbing her hip and trailing across her
belly.  I reached around and squeezed a cheek of her ass. I'd been right
guessing she didn't have anything on under the gown.  I reached up and
pulled her head down  and kissed her softly and tenderly on her lips,
slowly letting my tongue slip into her mouth, probing for her tongue.
We lay there kissing for several minutes then her hand slides down over
my belly and grasped my cock.  It was throbbing and pulsating in her
hand.  She started kissing my chest
then my belly and then I felt her tongue flick across the head of my
cock.  I shivered and she opened her mouth and took my cock inside.  I
could feel her tongue doing a little dance around the head as she began
to slide my cock in and out.  I couldn't help it.  My balls just
tightened up and I shot a load of hot creamy cum into her mouth.  She
gasped and jerked back and the second squirt  went all over her face. I
started to apologize, then realized she was giggling.  I pulled her down
beside me and asked, "What's so funny."  She quieted down and told me
that she guessed she'd taken care of my hard-on.  I told her I didn't
think so because it was still hard.  She reached down and took hold of
it and agreed that it was still hard but that now it was wet and gooey.
I laughed and pulled her nightgown up to wipe her face. We got most of
the cum off and I just pulled the nightgown on over her head.  She lay
down beside me and we began kissing again.  I started to lick her face
and she asked what I was doing.  I told her I was just cleaning the cum
off her face.  She smiled at me and held my head in her hands as I
finished licking her clean. My hand went down to cup one of her breasts
and she kind of turned away from me.

"What wrong baby," I asked, "don't you want me to play with your tits?"

"Oh I just wish they were bigger. They're so small compared to moms. And
my pussy isn't nearly as hairy as hers either."

"Don't worry about it hon, you're just right for me," I kneeled up and
positioned myself between her legs, "spread'em wide for me babe cause
I'm coming in."  She giggled but her legs spread wide for me.  I knelt
and rubbed my cock up and down her cunt.  Her breath was coming in
little gasps as I placed my cock between her pussy lips and gently
pushed.  She sucked her breath in as my cock slide in a couple of
inches.  I started working it slowly in and out, each time pushing it in
a little farther.  Soon I had all but a couple of inches in her. She was
making little meowing sounds as I started to fuck her with long strong
thrusts.  Her legs came up across my back and her ass was rising to meet
each thrust.

Suddenly her arms tightened around my neck and her legs locked around my
back and with a loud cry she came. I raised up a little and looked
around to see if anyone had heard but couldn't see anyone.  She had
calmed down a little and I began the thrusts again. She was right there
with me, meeting each thrust with a twist of her own.  After ten minutes
or so of good hard fucking we collapsed in each others arms as I shot a
load of cum deep into her hot juicy pussy.  We lay there locked together
for quite a while then I raised up and pulled my cock out of her sopping
wet cunt.  Using the bottom of her gown we wiped the cum from her cunt
then got dressed and climbed out of the tree.  I walked with her back to
the hole in the fence and we made plans to meet the next day to swim.

I slept late the next morning but when I woke I jumped right up full of
vim and vigor. I felt good. It does a world of good to get a good load
off your balls.  I got dressed and went down stairs.  Mom had breakfast
ready and warming in the microwave. As I sat down to eat, I looked at
Mom with new eyes.  She wasn't all that old.  Maybe thirty-five or
thirty-six.  It was kind of hard to tell but it looked like she may have
a figure under that old robe.  Any way she told me that Dad and she were
going back to our old house to pick up the last of our stuff.  They
would be gone for three or four days and did I think I could take care
of myself and not get into trouble.  I said sure, I'd met the neighbors
next door and if there was a problem I could go there for help.  It
assured her that I would be okay so she and Dad left.  I was alone in
the house.  I was making plans right and left but hadn't talked to
Judy.  I slipped on my swimming suit and went over to Judy's.  I could
hear her splashing as I crawled through the fence.  I dove into the pool
and came up right in front of Judy. I shook the water from my eyes and
pulled her to me and kissed her soundly.  She responded at first then
pushed me away.  I looked up and there was her mother at the edge of the

"Well," she said, "that's and interesting way of saying hello.  Did you
ever think of just shaking hands?"

"Oops, sorry Mrs. B I didn't see you standing there."

"Obviously," she said dryly.

Judy was thinking fast, trying to figure a way out without getting

"Mom," she said, "we need your help. Would you help us?"

"Why sure baby, what is it."

"Dave and I were talking about sex yesterday and we wondered if you
would explain some things to us.  Maybe show us how some things work.
Generally just show us how things are done."

My mouth dropped open when she said that.  But then I realized it was a
really good idea.  At least we'd be talking about something we all liked
and enjoyed. Although she didn't know that yet.

"I guess I could do that, though Dave probably should be told by his

"I don't think they'd mind," I said, "in fact they would probably be

"Okay then when you finish swimming come on up to the house and we'll
have this little discussion."  With that she turned and walked back to
the house.

"Quick thinking babe," I said to Judy, "she may have kicked me out and
not let me come back."

"Yeah and I think she can tell us a lot of things we need to know. Like
how not to get pregnant and that kind of stuff."

"I hadn't even thought of that", I said, "that is a good idea."

After swimming for about an hour we got out of the pool and went up to
the house.  As we walked in Mrs. B yelled at us  "get out of those wet
suits and dry off.  Dave there's a robe in the back bathroom you can
use."  I went to the back bathroom and Judy went to her room. I dried
off and slipped on the robe and walked into the kitchen.  Mrs. B was
setting at the counter on a nice padded stool sipping a glass of wine.

"Do your parents allow you to have a glass of wine occasionally," she

"Oh yeah, all the time," I lied.

"Well help yourself then," she said pointing to the bottle and glasses.
The bottle was half gone.

"Should I pour one for Judy too," I asked.

"Sure why not.  She probably needs a little relaxing to discuss this sex
thing."  I poured the wine  and picking up my glass moved to the
counter.  Mrs. B had on the same lounging gown she'd had on earlier. It
was silk or something and clung to her body in the most interesting
ways.  When she moved her breasts swayed with the movement and I
couldn't see any panty lines . . .   Judy came in wearing a robe similar
to the one I was wearing, tied in front with a cloth belt.  I wondered
if she had anything on under it.  Stop thinking like that I told myself
or you'll get a hard-on and really be in trouble.

"Let's go in the den," Mrs. B said, "I've got a film to show you then
you can ask all the questions you want to."

We picked up our wine and moved into the den.  Mrs. B loaded the VCR and
started the film.  I sat on the couch with Judy on one side and Mrs. B
on the other.  The film started out nice enough.  First talking about
diseases then moving into unwanted pregnancies.  Then it started showing
pictures of sex organs.  I mean actual video.  It started first with a
woman, showing a nice set of breasts then a close up of the nipple.
Then it dropped  down to the pubic hair and the lady parted her hair and
showed us the lips of her pussy.  It panned in really close and the lady
spread the lips and pointed out all the different parts of a pussy.
Then came the pictures of the man.  First it panned in on the pubic hair
then dropped down to the penis and scrotum.  The guy skinned back the
foreskin to show the head of his cock.  Then it showed him with an
erection.  Judy sucked in her breath a little when she saw that and her
mother asked, "Any questions Judy?"

"Not quite yet mom" she answered, "I'll have plenty in a few minutes."

We watched the rest of the film.  It showed a couple fucking in several
different positions, a girl sucking a cock and a man eating a pussy.
When the film finished, we all just sat there a minute catching our
breath.  My cock was hard and throbbing and I was having trouble hiding
the situation.  Both Mr. B and Judy were breathing quite rapidly and I
could tell it had got them a little hot to.

"Well now do you have any questions," Mrs. B asked.

"Mom, I think we would learn better if we used real bodies to study,
don't you," Judy asked.

"Well probably but we don't have the man to help," her mother answered.

"Sure we do.  Dave could do it, couldn't you Dave?", Judy persisted.

"I guess so," I said, "If Mrs. B would show me what to do."

"Okay then," Judy had taken charge, "We'll follow the film outline and
do everything in it. Ok?"  Everyone agreed so Judy stood up and said,
"Ok, I'll be the narrator, Mom, you be the woman and Dave, you be the
man.  Mom you come stand right here in front of Dave and we'll get

Mrs. B got up and stood in front of me.  Judy reached up for the zipper
in front of the gown and slowly unzipped it to the waist. "This is a
breast," she told me, cupping the large globe before her, "and this is
the nipple."  She took hold of the nipple and tweaked it and rolled it
between her fingers.  It promptly got hard and perked right up.  She
pushed the gown apart exposing both tits and said, "most women have
two."  Next she unzipped the gown too below the waist and dropped it to
the floor.  Mrs. B stood there in front of me naked.  My cock was really
throbbing now and I had my hand under the robe trying
not to be to noticeable.  "Now this is a pussy," Judy said pointing to
the hairy cunt of her mother. "Under all that hair is a hole and some
lips. Set on this chair Mom and spread your legs."

"That's not very scientific language," giggled her mother who was
getting tipsier by the minute, "but I guess you guys get the general

Her mother sat on the chair and spread her legs right in front of my
nose.  Judy came over and reaching down started to rub her mothers
pussy. She gently spread the lips and showed me the clitoris then
pointed out the different parts.  The vulva and when she got to the
vagina she said "and this is where a man puts his cock."  Mrs. B got up
and set next to me on the couch.  She didn't put her robe back on and
didn't even seem to notice.

"Ok," Judy said, "Now the man.  Come on up here Dave."

"Ok," I said, "But we're going to have trouble showing a soft cock."
Both Mrs. B and Judy laughed at that so I stood up right in front of
Mrs. B.  My cock was sticking out between the edge of the robe.  Judy
came over and pulled the belt of the robe. It fell open and dropped to
the floor.  There I stood, cock throbbing and jerking, sticking out
straight at Mrs. B's mouth.' Mrs. B just stared at it. Well it was a
nice cock if I do say so myself.  Almost eight inches long and I
couldn't get my hand clear around it when it was  throbbing like this.
Mrs. B just reached out and took hold of it. "Mom your getting ahead
of the film," Judy yelled.  "Well what the hell, Mom show us how to suck
a cock."  Mrs. B just leaned forward and knelt on the floor in front of
me. I could feel her mouth enclose my aching cock and slowly begin to
suck it. I reached down and gently held her head as I started fucking
her mouth.  It didn't take long and I shot a load right down her
throat.  She swallowed and choked and half of my hot creamy cum ran down
off her chin.  "Wow," Judy said, "that's better than she did to Dad last

Her mother looked up at her astonished, "How do you know what I did to
your Dad last night," she asked.

"We watched you Mom.  We watched you suck him and fuck him then you
turned out the lights so I sucked Dave and then I fucked him.  Just like
you.  Only we need you to show us some of the techniques you use." "Ok
Dave, how do you want to fuck her first, doggie style or some other

"Let's try like you caught her and your dad that time. You place her
where they were and I'll do the rest."

"Ok mom, come over here to the end of the couch, bend over and fold your
arms across the back.  Yeah just like that."  Her mom was bent over the
end of the couch her tits swaying as she shifted from foot to foot.  I
stepped behind her and taking my cock in one hand and her hip in the
other guided my aching cock into her hot wet cunt. She gasped
as she felt my cock slip into her.

"Why didn't you say something to me about what you were doing that day
mom?  Didn't you think I'd notice that your tits were hanging out and
that dad had his cock buried clear to the balls in your cunt. You know
after I left the room and you and dad went to your room I watched you
guys fuck for almost two hours.  It must have really turned you on to
have me walk in on you like that.  And how about the time I caught you
and dad here on the couch?  Your tits were hanging out again.  You had
your hand in dad's pants.  There was a big wet spot on the front of his
pants and you had cum all around your mouth.  Don't you think I'm smart
enough to figure out what you were doing?"  She was sitting on
the couch right by her mothers' head, their heads almost bumping each
time I shoved my cock clear to the hilt in that hot juicy cunt.  Her mom
was moaning and gasping with each thrust and I could feel myself getting
ready to cum.  Judy reached out and grabbed her moms' tits. "You don't
know how envious I am of these beautiful big tits," she said, "that and
that hairy cunt of yours.  How come I don't have them?"  She was almost

I could feel the load building in my balls so I started with the fast
short strokes.  I could feel Mrs. B push back against me trying to get
all the cock she could.  I let out a loud moan and shot my load deep in
her cunt, then just kind of collapsed over her back.  She'd cum at the
same time and just kind of draped herself over the back of the couch.
We lay there for a few minutes then I raised up pulled my cock from her
cunt and walked around and sat down on the couch.  My cock was still
hard and hot but I think we'd taken the edge of for the time being.
Mrs. B got up and came to sit beside Judy.  She put her arms
around her and cuddled her.

"Oh baby, you'll have tits as big as mine someday.  And probably as
hairy a cunt.  It just takes a little time too mature and grow up. Don't
try to hurry to much."  They sat and held each other, rocking back and
forth consoling each other.  "I don't know why we didn't say
something.  We knew that you knew what was going on.  Don't you think we
knew you were watching from that little hole in your closet?  Babe that
was really a turn on.  We were going to bring you in with us when the
time was right.  We just didn't know you'd grow up so fast."

Judy looked up at her mom, "You knew I was watching?"

"Sure babe. How do you think you got all those close-ups of his cock
slipping into my cunt or the cum spurting all over my tits and belly? We
were just trying to show you how it was done. That's why I wasn't too
surprised when you asked me today to show you about sex.  Although I
wasn't expecting Dave.  I'm glad he came over though."

I got up and stood in front of them.  My cock was still sticking out in
front of me, all sticky and wet.  "Well," I started, "If we're teaching
Judy about sex how come she still has her robe on?"

"Good question Dave.  Let's help her off with it."

I reached down and undid the belt then just pulled the robe off her
shoulders.  Her perky little breasts jiggled as she turned toward me. I
knelt on the floor before her and cupped a breast in each hand.
"Anything more than a mouthful is wasted anyway, I always say," I said
as I leaned down to take one of her nipples between my lips.

"That's what I always say too," said Mrs. B leaning down to claim the
other one.  We just lay her back on the couch and gave her tits a good
workout.  As we were sucking her tits, our hands were caressing the
inside of her thighs, working up to the wet little pussy.  I reached it
first and gently caressed the pouting lips of her cunt.  Mrs. B's hand
soon met mine and slipped a finger into her burning pussy.

I raised my mouth from her nipple to say to Mrs. B, "I think she's ready
to be fucked, don't you?"

"Yes, I think so.  But let's go into the bedroom where we can be more
comfortable and you can give her a good long fuck."

"Sounds good to me," I replied as we got up from the couch.

Mrs. B put her arm around Judy's waist and led her down the hall toward
the bedroom.  I followed along behind admiring the view.  As they walked
arm in arm their bare asses swing as they headed for the bedroom, I had
a feeling I was going to like this neighborhood.  When we reached the
bed I sat down next to Judy and looked around.  The bed was huge and
there was a mirror on the ceiling above it.  Laying on the bed on your
back you could watch everything that was going on in the room.  Mrs. B
just smiled and asked, "How do you like my playpen?"

"I've never seen anything like it," I answered truthfully.

I lay on the bed on my back and Judy straddled me.  Mrs. B stretched out
beside us, her head facing the foot of the bed so she could get a better
view.  Judy raised her ass a little and her mom reached between her legs
and guided my cock to the pouty red lips of Judy's cunt. Judy sank
gently down and I watched as my cock slid into her juicy hole and then
she began a slow even pumping that was quickly bringing her to the edge
of orgasm.  Her eyes were closed and her breath came in choppy little
gasps.  Her slow even pumping became fast frenzied fucking.  I grabbed a
cheek of her ass in each hand, thrust my cock into the balls and shot a
load of hot creamy cum deep into her cunt. We lay there panting for a
few minutes then pulled the covers over us and went to sleep in each
others arms.

When I woke up next morning, I slowly looked around, trying to figure
out where I was.  Then the events of the night before came pouring back
like a flash flood.  I saw that Mrs. B had already got up and Judy was
curled  in a little ball with the covers hugged to her.  I
quietly got out of bed, slipped on my robe and went down stairs.  Mrs. B
was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for us.  I climbed on a stool at
the kitchen counter and watched as she toasted some bread.  She was
wearing the robe she had worn the night before.  Its material whispered
seductively as she moved around the kitchen.  I could tell
that the robe was all she had on.

"Would you like some toast," Mrs. B asked, "or would you rather have a
sweet roll?"

"A sweet roll would be great," I said, "I didn't wake Judy. She had
quite a night and needs her rest."

"Yeah, I guess she does.  But what about you?  Aren't you tired too?"

For an answer I just reached down and undone the belt on my robe.  It
fell open and my cock stood there proudly throbbing.

"What does it look like," I asked, "do you think I need to rest?"  I
walked around the counter and put my hands on her hips. I pulled her
slowly into my arms, pressing close against her.

"No, I don't think you need rest, but I think you need something," she
said, smiling as she wrapped her arms around me and ground her pussy on
my hard cock.  I unzipped the gown and her tits squashed against my bare
chest.  Her hairy cunt was rubbing up and down my leg, leaving it wet
and gooey.

"A morner is in order," I said as I slipped the gown off her shoulders
and watched as it landed in a silky pile at her feet.  "Turn around and
bend over the counter.  I want to fuck you from the rear."

She obediently turned, leaned against the counter and stuck her ass
right out to me. I obligingly stepped behind her and shoved my cock in
her sopping wet cunt.  She grunted as I started long hard strokes. Her
tits were swaying and bouncing all over as I bumped her ass on every
stroke.  We were soon down to the short fast strokes and she pushed back
against me as I shot my load into her.  Our juices flowed together, over
filling her hot pussy and flowed down her legs.  Just then there was a
knock on the door.  We quickly grabbed a towel, cleaned up as best we
could, put our robes back on and Mrs. B went to answer the door.  I
heard voices for a minute then Mrs. B came back into the kitchen with my
mom following closely behind her.

"Mom," I gasped out in shock, "what are you doing here?"

Mom looked me up and down, taking in the robe and also the robe Mrs. B
was wearing.

"I tried to call you all last night," she said, "when I couldn't get you
I jumped on a plane and flew back.  I just got in a few minutes ago.
When you weren't at home I remembered you said you had met the neighbors
so I came over here looking for you.  Your dad  stayed to bring home the
stuff from our old home."

Mom turned to Mrs. B, "Thank you for taking care of Dave," she said, "I
wouldn't have been so concerned if I'd known he was safe and with

"It was no trouble at all," Mrs. B answered, "I really enjoyed having
him stay over here.  My husband went on a trip and my daughter and I
felt safer with Dave in the house."  I about choked when she said that
but mom and she kept on chatting, getting acquainted.  After a few
minutes' mom said we'd better get home, that we had a lot to do, so we
said goodbye and I followed Mom to our house.

I could tell I was in for an ass chewing when we got home just by the
way she was walking. Her shoulders so stiff and the short choppy steps
she was taking.  I decided just to go with the flow and see what

We went into the kitchen when we reached our house. Mom turned to me and
said, "Ok young man, set down and we're going to discuss this

"What situation," I asked, innocently.

"Why didn't you let me know where you were going," mom asked, "didn't
you realize how worried I'd be if I couldn't get in touch with you?"

"Not really," I replied, "I didn't know I was going to stay over there
until quite late, and anyway I told you I'd go to the neighbors if I
needed help."

"Yeah," she agreed, "you did.  But I wish you could have let me know
where you were.  I was really worried about you."

"I'm sorry, Mom," I apologized, "I won't do that again.  If you're
through yelling at me, I'll go take a shower and then help you unpack
some of this stuff."

"Ok," she said, "Hurry.  I'll change into something more comfortable and
get started."

I stood up to go take a shower and noticed mom just staring at me.  I
glanced down to see what she was looking at.  My robe had slipped open
and my cock was hanging there, all red and still covered with cum and
pussy juice.  "Oops," I said, then turned and went to the shower.

When I finished showering, I discovered that I hadn't brought any
clothes into the bathroom.  I opened the door and looked up and down the
hall. No one there so I just walked into my bedroom naked.  My mother
was there folding my clothes and putting them away.  Again she just
stood and stared.  My cock was about half hard and was flexing between
my legs.  I had cleaned up so there wasn't any cum on me but my pubic
area was still red from the fucking I had just given Mrs. B. She had
changed to shorts and a halter top. I had never seen her look so good.
Her breasts were large and firm, pushing against the halter top, trying
to escape the confines put upon them.  Her stomach was nice and flat
with a slight rounding as it dipped into her shorts. Her legs were long
and well shaped.  My cock was getting harder just looking at her.

"Pass me some shorts, would you?", I asked, reaching out for them. She
reached out to hand them to me and I took her hand and pulled her close.

"I hadn't realized you had grown up so much," she softly said, "I think
you're bigger than your dad."  The shorts dropped to the floor and her
hands encircled my now throbbing cock.  I slipped my hands around her
and untied her halter top.

"I want to see your tits," I said, "its only fair. You've seen
everything I've got."  Her hands were stroking my cock softly.  It was
quivering and jerking spasmodically.

"I guess it'd be ok," She answered, "you've sucked on them before."

I pulled her halter top off and her tits swayed there before me, the
large dark nipples were erect and hard.  I bent my head and took one in
my mouth, sucking softly, then more insistently. Her breath was coming
in soft jerky gasps as my hands and mouth administered to her breasts.
One hand dropped to the zipper at the side of her shorts. She let out a
low moan as I undid her shorts and pushed them down over her ass.  She
still had on a pair of soft cotton panties that were getting really wet
around her cunt.  I slipped my hand inside them, down through the dark
curly hair to the sopping wet slit.  I ran my
finger up and down her hot wet crack, then slipped a finger into her.
Another moan as her hands convulsed around my cock.  I pushed the
panties to the floor and moved her toward the bed.

"Oh no," she gasped, "we can't do this.  It's not right."

"You don't want me," I accused, "You don't think I'd be a good lover."

"It's not that," she whispered, "It's just that  . . . "

"Shhh," I softly breathed, "Just relax, let it happen."  I had her at
the edge of the bed and gently pushed her down on it.  She sat on the
edge and my cock was throbbing right in front of her nose.  I put my
hand behind her head and lightly pushed her head toward it.  She had one
hand around the shaft and the other cupping my balls as she slowly took
my cock into her mouth.  I watched her head bob up and down on my
throbbing hard-on for a few minutes then pushed her over on her back
reached down and got my elbows behind each of her knees and rolled her
pussy up to meet my throbber.  She reached down and guided my stiff cock
into her hot juicy cunt.  She gasped as I sank about half of it into
her. Then with slow rhythmical strokes I pumped my cock into her. She
gasped and moaned under me, Her ass twisting and raising to meet each
thrust.  Then her legs locked around my back as she clamped me to her.
Her body quivered and jerked as her orgasm shook her.  I just lay there
with my cock buried to the balls and held on until she settled down a
little, then told her to roll over I was going to fuck her doggie
style.  She didn't argue a bit but just done exactly like I said.  I
fucked her two or three more times until I finally came.  I pulled my
cock out of her hot wet pussy and shot a load of creamy cum
all over her belly and cunt.  As we lay there together on the bed, I
rubbed the cum all over her belly and down into her cunt hair.  She lay
there and almost purred.

"Oh baby that was wonderful. I've never cum so much in my life.  That
beautiful cock filled me completely.  I've never had it so good."  She
just kept babbling away.

"Good," Just remember how good it was cause any time I feel like a good
fuck this is mine," I said, placing my hand on her pussy.

"Okay baby, but we'd better get cleaned up and get dressed.  My sister
is coming over this afternoon to help unpack.  We wouldn't want her to
catch us like this would we?"

"Why not, maybe she'd like some of this," I said, waving my cock in
front of her face.

"She just might at that," mom answered.  We got up, showered  and got
dressed. Mom went into the kitchen to unpack and I started to clean my
room.  This was beginning to be one hell of a day.

We cleaned and unpacked till mid-afternoon.  We were just finishing our
last room when a knock sounded at the front door.  Mom went to the door
and let in her sister, Dori.  But that's another story.

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