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                   Fit for Anything, 
  fantasy fiction by Ms. Christine Stevenson.

Copyright: 1986 thru 1999. Christine Stevenson.

                        Part one.

Nigel, was your average well-to-do businessman. Forty three,
greying slightly and a little overweight, not to say flabby. No
doubt, if he was describing himself he would have been kinder,
but then this is my story and my impressions are the ones that

Like most men that come to my Health Farm, he was quite 
ordinary. Which makes him a good case to pick. I have been 
running the farm for about five years now, and it has never 
ceased to amaze me, the amount of discipline that has to be 
applied to lose one pound of flabby male flesh.

Of course, most of them have to keep coming back again and
again, to stay in some semblance of shape. The odd one or two
must find some discipline elsewhere in their lives; knowing
their characters, I am sure they could not function without it.

The farm itself is in Portugal, a few miles north of the 
capital. Although I am English, the weather there was never 
consistent enough for my liking and, unlike men, was beyond my 

So, away from the unbearable heat of the South and the erratic
weather in the north of the country, my staff and I enjoy a
near perfect climate and the satisfaction of training men to
look after their bodies instead of abusing them.

Nigel arrived with the others who were attending that week,
looking sorely in need of our expert attention. Mopping his
forehead with a handkerchief, as he descended from our private

It was quite obvious that he would need 'special attention.'
Nurse Sharp was there, as always, to check our new inmates off
the list and show them where their quarters were. I stood on the
verandah of the main house, a sufficient distance away, and
sized them up.

I always read through their medical records beforehand, and I
always insist on a photograph. So as they took those first
tentative steps onto my territory, I already had an intimate
knowledge of each and every one of them, Nigel included. I
watched as they lined up, awaiting their next instructions, and
permitted myself a wry smile.

I could hear Nurse Sharp detailing the rules of the
establishment, and it was then I noticed Nigel was not paying
sufficient attention.

The rules are quite simple. First and foremost, they are to do
exactly what they are told, without question. Regardless of
whether their instructions come from Nurse Sharp, Nurse Crisp
or myself, Dr. Kirsten Kane.

Breakfast is at six, lunch at twelve noon, dinner is at six in
the evening and lights out at ten. Their exercise sessions and
other treatments (diet, massage, sauna, etc.) are determined
after they have had their initial interview with me. All of
these will be adhered to and strictly controlled.

I watched as Nurse Sharp showed them to their rooms, and
instructed Nurse Crisp to bring Nigel for his interview first.

Part two tomorrow - Meantime you can read the whole story at

sincerely, Christine
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