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Got Dick?

     Hot femme, 26, loves women but misses the feel of a thick cock sliding
into her pussy.  Can you help?  She's waiting....wet and ready...  Help her
remember what it feels like to be fucked.

Box 3318


     The ad is simple enough.  I haven't sent it in yet.  Nerves, perhaps.  I'm
really a nice girl.  What will I say to the men who call?  I don't know that
yet, but I know what I wish for...

     The doorbell rings.  I answer it wearing just a short, silky robe.  I'm
naked underneath and I'm sure he'll be able to smell my cunt.  I'm wet before
he's even in the door.  
     As agreed, I don't say anything.  He pulls me to him and slides one hand
inside my robe, across my skin and down between my legs.  He's sliding his
fingers across my wet lips before he finally speaks.   
     "Is this what you want, you little whore?  Do you want a man to come fuck
you?  Huh, little girl, do you need it?"  And I do need it.  I'm so hungry for
it now, I'll do anything.  "Tell me you need it...tell me how much you want
Daddy's cock to fuck your tight little pussy."
     I can't do this, I think.  I can't...but my lust betrays me and I hear
myself saying, "Please, please do it....  please open up my pussy with your
cock.  I'm so tight now, Daddy, and I need to be fucked."  I can't believe I'm
doing this...this stranger is in my house with his fingers in my cunt and it's
all I can do not to come right there.  Oh God....what would my friends say?  
But, right now, I don't care.  
     The man backs me up into the bedroom and pushes me down on the bed.  I'm
pulling on his belt, this stranger who smells faintly of oil and cheap
cologne...and I know he could be the garbage man just off a shift and it
wouldn't matter.  My pussy is aching to be filled with a cock; a real, pulsing,
dripping cock that will rub against my clit and make my legs open wide.  But he
moves my hands away and says, "Do you want it bad, little girl?  Show me what
you need.  You're going to have to do a little work to get it..."  
     Shit.  I can't do this, can't talk about it...I just know my cunt is empty
from years without a dick.  I need that....a cock ramming my pussy....deep and
hard.   I lean back on the bed and my robe falls open.  My hands go to my cunt
and I'm opening my pussy lips, showing this man how much I need his dick. 
"Right here...put it in....  Please....I'm so wet, and I'll be good.  I'll make
you cum really can squirt inside me and fuck me as many times as
you want....please..."
     That does the trick, because he unbuttons his jeans and takes out a rock
hard cock, already oozing cum out the tip of his head. He's on the bed,
straddling my tits and his cock is resting on my lips.  "Suck it bitch."  And I
do.  I open my mouth and he slides his dick into my throat.  I'm near gagging
when he pulls back, takes my hair in his hand and says, "That's a good girl,
just make a hole with your mouth...hold it still and let me fuck it...we'll
take care of the rest."  
     I hear the door open but I can't turn to look.  I'm holding my mouth open
while this guy fucks my pretty face with his dick.  I hear a zipper...and
suddenly there is a cock head at the opening to my cunt, just barely pushing
inside.  Oh God....  I spread my legs wider and he's in....(who?)...fucking me,
stretching me open, fucking my pussy with long, deep strokes.   It feels so
good, but the cock in my mouth is about to cum.  I'm going to be such a good
girl, I'm going to swallow it all....but he pulls out and shoots his load on my
tits.  My nipples are hard and I can see his cum dripping off the tips...right
before I notice that there are more men in the room.  
    "Be a good little girl, now, and spread your hot little legs for my

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