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Subject: {ASSM} {GALAGO} Review: "Castle in the Sand" By Deana Johns (Wherryman)
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Castle in the Sand
By Deana Johns <>
Review by Wherryman <>

Available in 14 parts at:

Another Deana Johns story has been released into the world.  
Fans of the epic 'Savant' will need no further encouragement but 
for those who have yet to sample a DJ story let me offer a 

The first part of this mammoth tome introduces John and his idea 
of converting an old missile silo into a reclusive, exclusive 
dream home. A sizeable lottery win oils the wheels and he sets 
about turning dream into reality.

A tale about a hermit would not sustain 1000 pages but DJ 
gradually introduces other characters and sets about exploring 
the relationships that develop between them all.

This characterisation is the real strength of a DJ story; the 
reader gets caught up in the relationships that are so 
empathetically drawn for them. So much so that even the most 
hardened ASS reader will need the occasional tissue as the 
characters negotiate the odd bump that occurs in their lives.

Much later the story changes, turning from the emotional to a 
more active perspective.  By then the characters have become 
well fleshed out and the twist into an action tale gives the 
reader a new enthusiasm for the story.

There's little on the grammar side to cause problems though, as 
I think DJ would admit, there is the occasional tendency to 
ramble. (Sorry, I mean 'looseness of style'.)  Minor 
considerations for a story that should keep you company in front 
of the fire through many long winter nights.

Technical: 8
Plot and Character: 10
Appeal: 10

If you enjoyed this work, take a moment to email the author.  Your comments
are their only payment.  Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is
copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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