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  McCoy)  (Mf, incest, cons, pedo, preg)
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                  A short interlude with nieces I
                         An Erotic Story

     "Uh, What's Uncle Fred doing, Momma?" grunted Jenny, her 
voice slightly strained as she pushed back at me; looking down at 
where my swollen prick was stretching her tight little slit, and 
getting ready to spit thick greasy gobs of pearly white 
incestuous cum into her defenseless young belly.
     "Don't worry, Honey," responded my big sister; looking 
proudly at where her pedophile brother's prick was about to fill 
her eldest daughter's womb with incestuous seed.  "He's just 
cumming in you.  I managed to get your uncle to promise he'd try 
and get each of you girls pregnant with his babies as often as he 
could.  So I want you to squirm back at him, and make sure Uncle 
Fred squirts his cum as far up in your tummy as he can, OK?"
     "Yes Momma," replied Jenny; obediently working to take as 
much of my thick prick up inside her squeezing little slit as she 
could.  Her two little sisters looked wide-eyed at the spectacle 
of their big sister and uncle mating like rabbits on the bed in 
front of them; where my prick was bulging in their older sister's 
belly; throbbing, and squirting the child's developing womb full 
of her own uncle's incestuous seed.  Their surprise however, 
didn't keep either of the two naked little girls from fingering 
their own tight little slits in expectation of when I shortly 
would be doing the same thing to them as I was doing to their big 
sister.  The sight of the two adorable children's fingers in 
their bare little slits made me squirt just that much harder into 
the older girl's squeezing cunny, in anticipation of how tight 
the two little girls slits would feel when my prick first slid 
into their bodies, how their tight little cunnies would squeeze 
and clamp around my swollen prick, and how ecstatically good 
their clasping little tunnels would make my squirting penis feel 
when it was *their* turn for each of the adorable little girls to 
feel me ejaculate my sperm as far up in their cute little tummies 
as I was presently doing in their big sister's hot little hole.  
That even the nine-year-old was having periods and thus was as 
nubile and fertile as the barely teenaged girl I was squirting my 
cum inside at that very moment, was more thrill at the prospect 
of actually fathering a child on each of the little girls, the 
thought of actually getting a girl that young pregnant with my 
sperm being incredibly erotic, than worry about what would happen 
if one, two, or all three of my sexy young nieces ended up with 
big bellies from this episode.  The very thought of getting three 
such little girls in a family way made me ejaculate more sperm in 
their barely 13 year old big sister than I thought I had in me; 
while Marcia silently egged me on; watching with fascination as I 
filled her oldest little girl's belly with my seed; knowing I 
would similarly be filling her two younger daughter's tummies 
with sperm, doing my best to knock both kids up as fast and as 
often as I could, as soon as I could get it up after pumping my 
baby into the older girl's fertile young womb.
     I still couldn't believe that my kinky big sister really 
*wanted* me, her own pedophile brother, to fuck, cum inside the 
fertile young bellies of, and then  actually get all three of her 
nubile young daughter's ... including the two cute little pre-
teens ... my own three adorably sexy little nieces of whom I had 
been having wet-dreams about squirting thick gray gobs of my 
sticky sperm right up inside each of their cute little tummies 
for years ... pregnant with their own uncle's babies ....
     .... But that didn't keep me from doing it anyway.
     Feeling a cute little girl's tight little cunny clamping and 
squeezing about your squirting prick while you spasm your sexy 
young niece's cute little tummy full of your babies, is a 
sensation that every uncle should feel at least once.  Thank 
Goodness the girls seem to like it as much or even more than I 
do, and even seem to appreciate how good it feels to a pedophile 
like me.

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  ,-/-, __  __.  ____  /_ 
 (_/   / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

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