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Gordons Wife

Chapter 1 -- Intro.

	Softly she moans as he enters her for the first time.  His cock softly 
parting her fine blond pussy hair.   She feels each and every portion 
begin to slide in her.  Her juices flowing so that the cock easily 
slides in more and more.  She spreads her legs further in hopes of 
coaxing more of that delicious cock inside her.  She is overcome with 
desire like she has never felt before.  She is moaning lightly, "fuck 
me, just fuck me now".  The words are hidden within the moans of her 
passion at this sinful sexual desire.

	Finally, his entire cock is buried inside her womb.  The head of his 
cock bumping against the cervix, which she has never felt before.  Her 
husbands cock is much to small to have this happen.  She had never known 
how great and filling and sexually passionate a good hard long cock 
could feel until this moment.  Her husband would never make her feel 
like a complete woman as she does at this moment, and I should know, I 
am her husband, Gordon.

	Amy is my wife and this is the story of how I lost my wife to the love 
of bigger cock.  Amy had been a very conservative woman up until I 
started to make a few suggestions and loved the effect it had on her and 
our sex life.  Let me tell you about Amy first off.  She has dirty blond 
hair with  a figure that still turns heads.  She is 36 years old with a 
36C-26- 34 body with long legs to complete her 5' 6" frame.  Her ass is 
perfect and has always looked awesome in jeans or a dress.   The part of 
her that really makes me hard is her nipples.  We have two kids and with 
them came some great changes in her nipples.  She wanted to breast feed 
and so all that suckling from the kids developed her nipples to a ripe 
full and pert point in the process.  They now stand out about 3/4 of and 
inch.  They are also rounder then before the kids giving them a fullness 
that drives me wild.

	Amy just loved the closeness of the breast feeding, but would dress to 
hide her breasts whenever there was a chance that anyone would be 
around.  She wore long skirts and sweaters most of the time unless it 
were unbearably hot outside, which is most of the time in Texas.  Then 
she would wear some other throw over to cover herself from others.  In 
fact, as her husband, I didn't get a chance to see her body until she 
was going to bed or if I caught her coming out of the shower.  The few 
times that I have seen her naked in the lights are memories burnt into 
my brain for life.  Those even make me hard now.

	Amy works out quite regularly while I am at work so her body has kept 
its great shape through the years.  But after the kids started with 
their after school activities in High School, Amy had more time to do 
some of the things she liked.  One of those was dancing, especially 
country western dancing.  I'm not that good, but I would go with her.  
It gave me a chance to knock down a few beers and unwind.  On one of our 
nights out, I caught a glimpse of a very desirable woman that had no 
problem having guys ask her to dance.  Amy was much better looking, but 
the way she dressed didn't attract any attention at all, unless it was 
to get directions to the bathroom from a stumbling drunk.  That's the 
night that it all changed for me.  I wanted Amy to dress a bit sexier 
and let her know just how desirable she was.  I figured myself to be the 
recipient of the sexual energy it spawned.

	Now that I started to want her to dress up a bit sexier, I had to 
figure out how to get her to do it.  I knew it wouldn't be an easy 
chore, but I figured the benefits would be worth it.  Amy's birthday was 
coming up and I figured that would be the time to introduce a little 
excitement into our life.  We've been married about 14 years now, and as 
you can imagine, things in the sex department are a bit routine.

	The first thing I did was make an appointment for a makeover at one of 
the salons in town.  I saw a picture of a gal with similar hair and 
facial features that I thought was hot, so I tore the picture out of the 
magazine and brought it to the salon and told them that was how they 
were to make her look.  The gal there smiled knowing that my wife would 
just love the new look she was going to get on her birthday makeover.

Chapter 2 -- Amy's Birthday

	The birthday finally arrived.  It was a Friday and so we had the entire 
weekend to enjoy together.  The kids would be off to their friends and 
other activities the whole time.  It was perfect.

"Amy, wake up Hon, I have a surprise for you," I softly whispered to her 
ear.  I had a cup of coffee for her to wake up with, which is something 
I never do.  I knew she would be delighted.  Softly she came from her 
sleep and her green eyes blinked a few times until she sat up and took 
the coffee and we could talk.

"Well, what brings this on, you never bring me coffee Gordon." 

"Did you forget already Amy?"  I asked with a lot of sarcasm.

"Forget what, it's Friday and you brought me coffee in bed, what's up?"

"You really don't know do you?  Well, for your information, it's your 
birthday, I know your trying to forget those now, but this one is going 
to knock you off your rocker.  Happy Birthday."  I leaned over and 
kissed her on the lips.

"OHHH, I did forget, I don't know how I could have, you are so sweet 
Gordon, thanks.  Now where are my presents?"  She asked with a 

"So you want presents now too, coffee in bed isn't enough huh?" I teased 
back.  "Well, for starters you only have to look under your pillow my 
sweet lovely wife."  I hadn't even finished telling where the first gift 
was and she was tearing the pillow up looking for her card.  She gets so 
excited with her gifts.  She's like a kid.  I just sat back and smiled 
as she found it and quickly opened it.

Inside the card was the certificate for the pampering makeover session 
at the salon along with the appointment time and the picture of the hair 
from the magazine.

"Oh, Gordon, this is just what I needed." With that she put the cup down 
and threw her arms around me and hugged and kissed me.  I, of course, 
returned the affections.   We broke our embrace and she kept looking 
intently at the picture.  I think there were a lot of thoughts running 
around in her mind.  After all we have been married for 14 years, we 
kind of know each others thoughts pretty well by now.  I could see a 
kind of apprehension about the hair style.  It was definitely a change 
for her.  It was a bit shorter and swept to the side and fluffed out at 
the bottom edges.  I don't know the technical names of the hairstyles, 
but I'm doing the best I can.  Any ways, it was far more sexy then the 
way she was wearing her hair.

"I think you will look wonderful Amy, I can't wait to get home and see 
the transformation in you.  I hope when I attack you with kisses it 
doesn't mess your hair.  I'm getting excited about seeing you with that 
hair, I can't wait."  I said to my loving wife.  She kind of smiled, but 
held it back.  She was still unsure.

"I don't know Gordon, that's kind of a big change for me.  Maybe I can 
get a different style?"

"No, doctors orders, you can't take the gift unless you get that style.  
I left word with them that you might try this, so I told them not to do 
a thing unless you had this one.  They will still get paid, so it's 
really up to you if you want it or not, but all the makeover comes with 
the gift, it sure would be a shame to throw it away."  I was really 
pouring it on to her now hoping she would just get the hair done the way 
I wanted.

"I haven't had a makeover in ages, I'm not going to pass it up just 
because of a style, you got it Gordon, the new hair you want and a 
makeover too.  Nails, hair, toes, waxing, everything.  I can't wait 
either Gordon, thanks sweetie, that's the best gift I've every gotten.  
Sure beats the fishing pole you got that one year."   The fishing pole, 
shit, she would never let me forget that one, in fact, the whole family 
now asked what lures I got her every birthday.  It was when we were 
first married and I went fishing a lot.  I wanted to have her with me 
and figured if she had her own pole that it would solve the problem.  It 
was give us quiet quality time together out on the lake.  I really 
didn't think of how stupid of a gift it was until the family saw her 
open it and started laughing and cutting up on me.  And I haven't lived 
it down to this day.

I dressed and left for work.  At Noon Amy would start her pampering 
session, which lasted about 3 hours, then the drive home of an hour 
through traffic and she would get home about the same time as me, when I 
would spring her next gift on her.  That's when the whole family would 
be over to open gifts and have dinner. After that was over Amy and I 
would be alone.  I couldn't wait.

I got home at about 4:15pm and practically ran to the house after 
parking the car.  

"Amy, where are you sweetie, I'm home."  I wanted to see her right away, 
to see how sexy she looked with her hair and nails and waxing and all 
done now.  I didn't hear her reply, so I kept walking through the house 
and seeing where she might be.  I finally climbed the stairs to the 
bedroom, thinking she might be showering and didn't hear me.  The door 
to the room was closed so she had to be in the shower.

I opened the door and looked toward the bathroom and didn't hear any 
water running, which was odd.  My mind wondered if she was home yet, 
when I turned and looked at my wife on the bed.  I stood and started at 

"Oh Amy."  That was all I could say.

"Welcome home Gordon, I just figured I would thank you for the most 
wonderful birthday gift I have ever gotten."  She knew how to thank a 
guy.  She was on the bed in a see through white teddy.  I could see the 
darks of her nipples, which were hard as rocks, through the flimsy 
fabric.  I could also see the lips of her shaved pussy.   She looked so 
sexy with her hair done up and laying on one side with her hand down her 
side showing off the bright red nail polish she choose.  Her lips were 
done in the same red as her nails and her makeup was perfectly done and 
was framed by the best hair cut she has ever had.  She looked like a gal 
from the pages of playboy.

"Wow," I smartly retorted.

"So you like my new look do you?"  She was teasing me with questions to 
get the tongue the cat had took from me.

"Amy, Wow, man." I was definitely on my word game today.  She laughed at 
the effect of her looking so sexy for me.  She liked the newfound 
attention and stammering that it was causing.  I knew she also felt sexy 
because in all the years of marriage, the afternooner hadn't happened 
since about the third year.

"Sit right her sweetie, your sweet talking has got me all hot," She 
patted the bed beside her and I was her puppet to tell where to go.  I 
was just soaking the site up in my mind.  Drinking it in like I had been 
in the dessert for several months without  water.  I laughed as I sat 
down to try and break my still tongue.  It worked a bit better.

"Amy, you look so beautiful.  And that new teddy is killer."

"I was talking to the gals as they worked on me and they suggested a 
'thank you' for when you got home, well, we kept talking and came up 
with the idea together.  I haven't bought any new lingerie in years so 
figured it's my birthday and I can do as I want, so I got it for you.  
Oh, I think Gordon Jr.. likes it too." She reached out with her longer 
then I remembered nails and rubbed my cock through my pants.  Gordon Jr. 
sure did like it!  "I can't believe how sexy I feel right now, and I 
have you to thank.  I love you Gordon, thanks for a wonderful birthday."
She leaned up and kissed me on the lips.  Her smell was magnificent, 
filling my nose with her new perfume and body lotion from the salon.  I 
was so hard already, I knew I wouldn't be lasting to much longer, which 
was OK, since the family would be showing up in about an hour.

"I'm so glad you like it sweetie.  With or without the makeup and doo, 
you the sexiest woman I have ever seen.  I mean it Amy, I love you so 
much." I kissed her hard on the lips.  Our passion was on high at this 
point.  She broke off the kiss and looked at me with eyes I haven't ever 
seen in our marriage.  It was the fuck me look.  She had acquired not 
only new hair and nails, but lust that was bubbling over.  I loved it.  
She then rubbed my cock through my pants a bit more, all the time 
watching my face.  She then unbuckled my belt and pulled them off as I 
rose to help.  Then the silk boxers.  She patted the bed again and I 
sat.  She brought her red pouting lips to my cock and licked the tip of 
it.  Her hand went and cupped my balls and played with them as she 
started to take my cock in her mouth.

Amy has only given me a blow job several times in our marriage and it 
was after a long bit of coercing that she finally did it, but here she 
was doing it on her own.  She was definitely turned on from looking so 
good.  Her lips circled my cock head and more and more of my cock went 
in.  She pulled out and back in again and again, each time taking more 
and more of me in her mouth.  Her hand was playing with my balls as she 
worked more and more of me into her mouth.  She went to far and gagged 
on it at one point, but just kept sucking.  I could see slight tears on 
her cheeks from the gagging.  I moved to lay down on the bed flat and 
she really began to work my cock.  She had gotten the entire length of 
my cock in her mouth and was working on taking it all the way in each 
thrust.  I would raise my hips and my cock would bury entirely into her 
mouth.  She was taking it with ease now that her throat had become 
accustomed to it.  She scrapped her nails along my balls and the soft 
skin below.  The sensations were awesome.   Maybe it was because we 
never did this that excited me so much or maybe the sexy was she was 
looking.  I didn't care, it was pure heaven.

Her head was now bobbing up and down in a fucking motion, taking me all 
the way in as her nose slammed into my pubic hairs.  She sucked hard and 
the slurping sound filled the room.  Her fingers kept tickling me on the 
skin under my sack and periodically grabbing my balls.  When I got close 
to shooting she would slow and grab around the base of my cock and hold 
it off.  It only made me all the harder.  After about 15 minutes of this 
excellent blow job she let her fingers go further back to my ass and 
touched it.  She circled it with the tip of her finger and I could feel 
the nail dragging along the skin back there.

"I'm gonna cum Amy," I said as she touched my ass hole.  I couldn't 
believe how excited and filled with lust I was.  I figured she would get 
off my cock and give me a hand job to finish it off, that's why I warned 
her.  Instead she fucked my cock with her mouth harder and pushed her 
finger on my ass harder as if she were begging me to cum in her throat.  
And that is exactly what I did, I couldn't take it any more and started 
shooting while her lips were sucking around the head of my cock.  I 
could feel the release into her mouth.  My eyes were closed and my legs 
twitching from the sensation of it.  She kept her lips locked on and 
took the load.  I felt her suck a bit harder after the initial load and 
I shot several more less intense ones after that.  She just kept sucking 
and taking it in.  After the first few shots were complete she started 
to fuck my cock with her mouth some more, to get the remaining drops.  I 
couldn't believe that my wife was a cum drinker now.  That had Never 
happened.  She was definitely in the zone.

I finally regained some senses and Amy was sitting beside me playing 
with my cock in her hand and a great big smile on her lips.  I even saw 
a drip of cum on the side of her mouth.  She looked as hot as I have 
ever seen her.  I wanted to fuck her right then, but we both knew that 
the family would start to show up, so we couldn't.

"Amy, I don't know what came over you, but I like it a lot," I said to 
her softly while hugging her close.

"You came over me in case you didn't notice."  She giggled to me.

"You made me so hot, I still haven't caught my breath.  That was 

"I just wanted to show you how very much I enjoyed the birthday gift.  
It made me so horny and then the gals telling me all these sexy things 
and all.  I figured I would give it a try.  I see they were right about 
how excited you would get.  And I'm so horny right now too.  I wish you 
could fuck me with your hard cock right now.  Damnit."  She ended there.

"I know sweetie, we'll pick up later after the family leaves.  I'm going 
to eat you out till you cum as hard as I did just now."  I was still 
reeling from her using the fuck word.  She had never in all our years 
used it and I found it to be a great change along with all the others.  
Just hearing about how I would make her cum brought a smile to her face.

We dressed quickly, she leaving on her teddy on underneath.  I think she 
just did that to let me know that it was on.  Making me think about it 
all night long.  She was always a great tease to me, but never around 
others and especially not her family.  The family soon arrived and we 
opened presents and ate dinner that they all brought.  The last was the 
cake with a ton of candles on it.  She may have been 36, but she looked 
to be in her twenties.  The rest of the family looked older then their 
age so this was a little slam on her.  She didn't care about it, but 
took it in stride.  Everything rapped up about 10pm and we were alone 
again to take up where we left off.

Chapter 3 --  Birthday Night

With all the presents received and enjoyed, we were now alone.  I had 
opened a couple bottles of wine during the party and we had our glasses 
as we sat on the living room sofa.  We talked about the some of the 
wonderful gifts she got tonight and sipped our wine.  I told her just 
how beautiful she looked.  The family was impressed with her new look 
and complimented her at every chance.  I just kept thinking of the white 
teddy beneath it all.

At one point during our chat, she put her legs up under her so her knees 
were facing me.  A look came over her face.  Not as lustful as the one I 
had seen earlier, but along the same line.  She was horny and was 
waiting for a good tongue licking.  She sipped her wine and after 
swallowing she slowly licked her lips coating them with a sheen.  
Somehow during all this beauty enhancement, she had come to reveal a 
seductive side that was starving for attention.  I loved the effect it 
had on me.  She was so hot looking with her smooth skin and red lips and 
perfect hair.

"I love you so much Amy," it was all I could think to say.  As usual, 
since she had the makeover, I couldn't say much.

"I love you too Gordon.  I never would have thought that I would feel 
this way about myself.  It's like a whole new me."  She still smiled 
slightly and teasingly at me.

"You look so sexy Amy.  I have done nothing but think of you in that 
teddy all night.  Wondering if your nipples are hard under that loose 
sweater.  If my eyes were lasers you would have holes burned through 
your shirt."  Her and I laughed.  She had noticed me lingering my looks 
during the night.  Some of the other men had also, I noticed.

"I feel more sexy then I have in my life.  It feels great.  And I owe it 
all to you."  We hugged and kissed passionately.  My hands were upon her 
back and rubbing.  The shirt she wore was not one that was tucked in so 
I pulled it up a bit until I could get my hands upon her back and feel 
the sheer material of the teddy.  Our tongues danced with each other to 
the music we had on at the moment.  My hands worked inside her shirt to 
the sides of her C breasts.  She moaned at the touch.  She was already 
so turned on.  It always took a lot longer in the past.  

After kissing hard for several minutes and feeling her up, she broke our 
kiss.  This too, was new to her.  She rose from the sofa and walked to 
the stereo and adjusted it to the nearest dance station.  Soon a hard 
beat song was on and she started to dance with her back to me.  She 
shook her ass and let her hands roam over her body.  She turned around 
and looked deep into my eyes.   Her dance didn't miss a beat.  She 
lowered her hands and then grabbed the hem at the bottom of her shirt.  
She pulled it up very slowly, her head moving from shoulder to shoulder 
seductively, all the while slowly licking her lips.  She was like one of 
those professional dancers from the strip clubs.  All her moves were 
smooth and seductive, aiming at turning the audience on.  It worked, 
this audience was turned on.

Amy raised the shirt to reveal more and more of the teddy.  She stopped 
just before revealing her breasts to me and spun a complete circle.  Her 
hips were moving back and forth in a wide movement.  Finally, she pulled 
the shirt up and over her head, revealing her breasts through the thin 
see-through material.  Sure enough, her nipples were hard as rocks 
pushing the material out from her body.  Next she snapped her pants and 
unzipped them.  Then she faced away from me and the hips kept going back 
and forth.  Each time she would lower the pants just a fraction of an 
inch, teasing me mercilessly.  I had a hardon like never before, well, 
maybe like earlier during my blow job.  But it was hard, none the less.

She bent over as far as she could as the pants were descending over her 
butt cheeks.  The hips moving still making more and more of her pants 
fall lower and lower.  I could see the back of the teddy where it went 
into the crack of her ass.  It was like a thong, just one small piece 
that went through her ass cheeks to join the material in the front.  
Having her bent so far over made the thong part bury itself deep into 
her ass.  As it came to my eyes I could see her ass totally.  She has a 
great ass and looked wonderful with her bent over like this.  Soon the 
pants were around her ankles and she remained bent over facing away from 
me.  She then took her hand and reached as far between her legs as she 
could.  Her fingers were  spread over her ass and she slowly pulled it 
forward until her fingers were brushing against her ass hole before 
running over her pussy lips, which were on either side of the flimsy 
material.  Her pussy lips were engorged and swollen, I knew when I got 
to licking her she would cum almost immediately.

She stepped out of her pants and turned again to face me, but continued 
the dancing.  Her hands were now moving all over her body letting them 
feel every inch.  She would take more time as her hands passed her tits 
or pussy.  What a turnon to see.  I should have taken pictures to show 
you all.  She stepped closer and closer until she was in front of me and 
leaned forward, letting her tits hang down in front of me.  I could see 
between the mounds and also saw the length of her nipples poking at the 
material.  Amy then stood and put one foot up on the arm of the sofa, 
exposing herself to me totally.  I could see that her pussy was wet as 
the fabric was wet also.

She grabbed the back of my head and placed it between her legs.  Before 
this night, I swear to you, we had the usual kind of married sex.  You 
know the kind, in the bedroom, and only in the dark, etc.  Now, here was 
my wife stripping for me and even taking the aggressive role and forcing 
my head to her pussy.  I wondered what all the gals at the salon had 
told her.  Whatever it was, I loved it.  I kissed the sides of her 
thighs near her pussy, licking them tenderly and thoroughly before 
moving onto her juicy cunt.  She had undone the snap at the bottom 
revealing all her pussy to me.  My tongue stuck out, I leaned forward 
and swiped my tongue over the length of her pussy.  I drank in the taste 
as a soft moan escaped from her lips.

I then concentrated on her clit, sucking it in and flicking my tongue 
over it in all directions.  The result was great, her moans became 
louder and louder.  She never had been boisterous in lovemaking before, 
but now it turned me on totally.  She grabbed my head harder and pushed 
it into her pussy and at the same time began to wiggle her hips and 
smear her juices all over my face.  I just kept licking the wonderful 

Her hips were rhythmically gyrating into my face as my tongue danced 
along her clit and disappeared in her canal.  I went at it with 
recklessness and soon she started to let go of all inhibitions and came 
on my face.  Her legs began to slightly shake and shimmer and the juices 
of her pussy started to drip as I have never seen them before.  I made 
her cum with just my tongue, this was another first.  I kept lapping 
away until she regained her senses somewhat and sat herself down.

"Gordon, that was incredible.  That was the most intense orgasm I have 
ever had."  She said while catching breaths between the words.

"One good turn deserves another Amy.  You deserve it after all it's your 
birthday today."  I said knowing that it wasn't me that did anything 
different, it was my wife.  Something had changed inside of her head 
that made her cum so intense.  I wondered what it was, but thought I 
would never find out.

"I am so horny Gordon, I need to have you fuck me right here, right 
now."   With those words she got on the sofa so that her chest was on 
the back and her knees were on the cushions.  Her shaved pussy spread 
wide before me dripping with the juices of her orgasm.  I hadn't cum 
twice in one day in a very long time, but knew that with all the added 
excitement to our marriage today it wouldn't be a problem.

I moved up behind her and held my dick in my hand and guided it to her 
pussy lips.  I rubbed the head up and down her swollen pink lips and 
coated the tip.  Her ass wiggled to get it inside her horny sex starved 
pussy.  Each time she pushed back to get me inside her I would move away 
in an attempt to tease her more and more.  It was working perfectly.

"Come on Gordon, put your hard cock deep inside me.  I need to feel it 
so bad right now.  Don't make me beg for it.  Fuck me hard."  She was 
pleading with me to fuck her and not to have her beg.  In a snap 
decision I figured that she wanted to have to beg for it so I played 
along with her.  If I were wrong I would find out soon as I asked.

"I want to hear you beg for some cock inside you.  I want to make sure 
your ready to be fucked tonight.  Tell me where you want me to stick my 
dick and what you want me to do with it when it gets there."  I said  in 
hopes that is what she wanted to hear.

"Gordon, I want you to take that cock and shove it deep inside my pussy 
so I can feel you deep inside me with all your cock.  Then I'm going to 
move back and forth and make you cum deep inside me until you shoot your 
load of seed and make it drip down my pussy lips.  Fuck me hard Gordon, 
Please.. Mmmm."  She moaned as she ended her wonderful speech.

I then looked as I brought my cock to her pussy and the head slowly 
parted the lips.  The juices made it slide past the lips with ease as 
the shaft started to push inside her.   I could feel her grabbing me as 
I entered her slowly.  It didn't take long until I was fully inside her 
and felt her cunt muscles tighten around my shaft.  She then started to 
move back and forth like she was rocking herself on my cock.  I didn't 
even have to move a muscle to feel the pussy working its magic of 
milking my cock.

I let her ride on it for a while until I started to thrust in unison 
with her.  As my cock would bury inside her our flesh would slap 
together.  Each time, over and over, slap, slap, slap.  Through it all 
she was moaning at the feel as was I.

"Oh yeah Amy, just like that.  Your cunt feels so good wrapped around my 
cock, milking my cum out."  I said as sweat began to build up on my 
forehead and chest.

"Fuck your wife sloppy pussy Gordon.  Fuck me harder.  I want to feel 
you pounding your cock into your wife's slut pussy.  Give me cock."  She 
had never been so vocal, but who was I to complain at the addition to 
our relationship.

We kept fucking each other harder and harder, the pace still not fast 
but quicker then normally.  "I'm fucking my slut wife's sloppy pussy so 
hard.  I want to bury my cum deep inside your pussy so you can feel it 
splashing on the walls of your cunt."  If she wanted to talk dirty, then 
I figured she wanted to hear dirty too.  And as soon as I finished she 
started to cum at the words.  I could actually feel the pussy convulsing 
on my cock as she came.  It was wonderful to feel it as its been such a 
long time.

"Fuck your whores pussy.  Ram that dagger of a cock in me.  I want to 
feel your cum shoot into me deeply.  I want to feel it dripping out of 
my slut pussy and down my legs.  Oh baby, don't make me wait, I'm going 
to cum again.  Cum with me.  Fuck me hard shoot for me.. fuck me..Mmmm,"  
She ended again with a moan and I could feel her begin another orgasm 
around my cock.  This time, however, I couldn't hold back.  She had me 
so fucking hot that I had to get off in her.

I was slamming my rod deep into her, as hard as I could and she wanted 
more, but my balls told me different.  Soon my balls swelled and began 
to shoot as I buried my cock in to the hilt.  I shot a load like I 
haven't done for many years.  Maybe 10 years.  I was emptying allot of 
cum deep inside her.  I couldn't believe how intense it was.  The first 
shot done, I pulled out and rammed myself hard deep inside her again to 
empty the next load.  Several more less intense times of this and I was 
spent, drained, and finished.  I rested on her back till I regained some  
consciousness.  I could feel our juices mixing around my cock and some 
dripping out onto my balls making them cool with contact from the air.

"Gordon, your whore wife made a mess, didn't she?"  Amy asked teasingly.

"My whore made a big mess Amy.  Maybe we should get that cleaned up a 
bit?" I asked wondering what she would do.  I didn't wait to long.

She moved from her bent over the back of the sofa position and made me 
sit on the sofa as she lowered her mouth to my cock and slurped up all 
the cum that was still on it.  She drank it all down and licked it all 
over to make sure she had gotten it all off and clean as directed.  I 
still couldn't believe how much of a change had occurred to her.

"There, all clean."  She then got up, without any modesty at all, and 
went to the bathroom and cleaned herself.  She returned a few minutes 
later as I was still laying back on the sofa recovering and thinking of 
all that had occurred today.  She came to the sofa and sat next to me 
and snuggled with her head on my shoulder and playfully ran the tips of 
her red fingernails along my shrinking cock.  It was very touching.  I 
hugged her close and kissed the top of her head.

"Oh, you almost made me forget your other present tonight."  I said.

"Another one?  Really? Your the best Gordon.  What is it? Where is it?"  
She asked.

"Well, I hid it upstairs under the bed until everyone was gone, but we 
got sidetracked a bit." We both laughed as I grabbed her up in my arms 
and carried her to our bedroom.  I set her on the bed and reached under 
the bed for her gift and handed it to her.

She hurried to open her present and paper flew all over.  The box cover 
underneath was lifted off and she moved the light tissue to the side to 
reveal her gift.  It was a black pair of spandex pants.  The kind that 
sorta shine when the lights hit then.  Its also the kind that hug the 
skin so tight that you can tell if she was wearing panties or not.

"Oh honey, these are great, but where could I wear them, to the PTA 
meetings?"  She said laughingly.

"Well, do you see the other part of the gift in there?"

"Oh, there is more?  Oh goodie," she cooed with delight.

She opened the rest of the tissue and a black shirt with some gold 
designs along the shoulders was revealed.  It was also pretty tight and 
I didn't know if she would like that or not, but I got it anyways, in 
hopes she would at least wear it for me at home.  It also had a plunging 
neckline that went into the crevice of her cleavage.  She would look 
great in it and show allot of herself at the same time.

"And this is for girl scouts then?"  She held the shirt up to her body, 
sizing it up.  I heard the sarcasm in her voice, but I also saw the 
gleam in her eyes at how much she really did like the new outfit.

"I figured you could wear the pants and shirt with your cowboy boots.  I 
think you would look great in the outfit, do you like it Amy?" 

"I love it Gordon, I don't know if I could wear it anywhere but here at 
home, but I definitely love it.  Thanks again for the best birthday a 
gal could ask for."

With the day done we put the gift away and snuggled lovingly on the bed 
with her head on my chest and we drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 4 --  The next day

I slept soundly that night and my head filled with dreams of sex as I 
did.  I was woken by my wife bringing me some coffee in bed.  She tried 
to shake me awake, but that didn't work all that well.  I said and 
mumbled but didn't wake up.  It must have taken her about 10 minutes of 
gentle nudges and coaxing before I came to.  When I did, I couldn't 
believe it, my wife had put on her all black pants and black and gold 
shirt that she got before bedtime.  She Looked awesome.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," she said to me lightly.

"And good morning to you too.  I see you tried on your outfit.  It looks 
awesome."  I said.

"It feels weird.  I've never wore anything like it.  I've found out a 
few things about this outfit too."  She handed me the cup of coffee as I 
had sat up.  I sipped and cleared my eyes.

"What's wrong?" I thought perhaps I got the wrong size or something.

"Nothings wrong with it.  I love it.  It fits so tight and smooth.  I 
feel almost naked with it and I just about am."  She smiled back at me.

"What do you mean, naked?"

"Well, the pants are so tight that if I wear any kind of panties under 
them, then it shows.  And you know how I hate lines."  I knew.  "And the 
top is cut so that I can't wear a bra either."  I scanned her body and I 
could barely make out that she didn't have either on, unless I looked 
really carefully.

"I could hardly tell, but it looks so good on you.  I am so happy that 
you liked it, I was all prepared to take it back if you didn't."

"I love it.  I don't know what came over me, maybe I'm just coming into 
my own, but yesterday opened up a whole new life to me and to tell you 
the truth, I like it a lot.  First off, I haven't done my hair and nails 
and such in so long, I forgot how great it makes me feel about myself 
and my body.  Then all the talk with the girls about their lives got me 
to thinking about lovemaking all day long.  I felt so good, I wanted to 
try a few things.  That's why I got the teddy yesterday.  And also why I 
gave you head.  And again why I did it with you in the open on the sofa.  
And why I talked a little dirty to you.  It was mild compared to what 
those girls had told me, but it really turned me on like they said."

"What else did they tell you?  All those things made me so horny 
yesterday.  I can't wait to find out what other little girl secrets they 
told you."  I was wide awake now and paying attention.

"Well, some of the girls are really wild and I couldn't do half of what 
they do.  They are all so beautiful and it surprised me how open they 
were about all their experience.  I never really worried about it before 
and it opened up my curiosity."  She said to me as she sat on the bed.

"Your the most beautiful woman I know Amy.  I really believe that.  
Before when we would go out I always knew that you would get the looks 
and leers that the other girls did, if you would wear a bit different 
style of dress.  I never doubted it, but knew you didn't like to dress 
that way so I wouldn't get jealous or whatever.  I know you would be the 
center of attention if you went out in that outfit you have on now.  If 
you don't want to, I understand."  I was really wondering what the girls 
had told her that she hadn't revealed yet.

"Maybe just to try it out on time, I don't know though.  Anyways, what 
those girls do covered a wide range.  Some do lingerie shows for guys, 
some are like escorts, and some just love sex."  Amy said.

"What was the person that you most wanted to be like.  I don't mean to 
actually do it or anything, but which one got your mind to thinking 
about the possibilities."  I asked.

"Well, I think it was the girl that did modeling.  She gets to wear 
allot of different and new lingerie and even gets to keep a bunch.  She 
said that she gets so turned on just doing the modeling that she goes 
home to her husband and fucks him after each session.  She said the 
photographer is a real professional and makes her so comfortable and at 
ease that it makes it easy for her.  She said he makes up stories and 
talks as she models to get her to look sensuous.  She thought it was the 
stories that kept her coming back again and again.  Well, that and the 
effect it had on her sex life."

"Maybe you could try that," I stated wondering if she would want to or 
not, "just once and see if you liked it.  I know you would come home and 
we would get it on again.  Maybe we should try it and see what you 
think?"  I wondered how she would handle it.

"You want me to pose?  I don't know Gordon.  I get so shy, you know 
that.  I just don't know." She was asking my permission rather then 
thinking about it.  Like I say, after years of marriage  you can read 
minds sometimes.

"I would like to see the pictures and see whether you liked it or not.  
Who knows you may be on the cover or a magazine sometime."  We laughed 
at the ridiculous idea, but enjoyed the talk.  "Besides, you could get 
some lingerie, which I love to see you in.  What do you think?"

"Maybe I'll ask her for the number and try it.  You sure you'd be ok 
with it?"  She asked.

"Yeah, find the number and we'll plan it from there."  I figured what 
was the harm in looking into it.

"Ok,  enjoy your coffee." With that she left the room and went 
downstairs.  I sipped my coffee and dreamed of the possibilities.  She 
returned about 5 minutes later.

"Ok, I got the number."  She held a piece of paper in her hand.

"Wow, that was quick."  She has always been resourceful.

"Yeah, the girls all gave me their numbers in case I needed some fast 
makeover or tips on it."  So she had all their numbers, interesting.  "I 
called and she gave me the name and number.  All we have to do is call 
if your still interested?"

"Here's the phone," I handed it to her, figuring if she wanted to stop 
now, she could.  Instead, she grabbed the phone and dialed!

She introduced herself and told him that she had met this girl who 
modeled for him and that she was interested in some light modeling of 
lingerie also.  I could only make out my wife's end of the conversation.  
She must have been asked her measurements and height and weight and hair 
color and such.  She answered all the questions.  There was some pauses 
that I assumed were him telling her about the photo shoots.  At the end 
of one, my wife giggled and turned red.  Pretty soon the conversation 
was over and my wife said she would be there.

"So?" I asked.

"He said he would love to shoot me, and bet his camera  would love me 
too.  I set an appointment for later today.  1Pm."  This was moving 
fast, but also built up in me how gorgeous my wife is when she wanted to 
be.  She was beaming.  "I figured I had better do it today, so that my 
hair and nails are still good."

"Can I come and watch?"  I asked again.

"No, he said he only shoots alone so he doesn't get distracted.  Besides 
he said he would give me all the photos for you to look at later.  And 
this is only a test shoot, to see if I have what it takes for modeling 
the outfits.  He has a few models, but is always looking for fresh faces 
to model for him.  Who knows, I may not even make the grade."  She said.

"You'll make the grade and then some, Amy.  I told you that your the 
most beautiful woman I know and I am certain that the pictures will show 
you that also."  I was trying to build her confidence and saw a smile 
and got a hug for it too.

"We'll see hon.  We'll see."

The rest of the morning, she got ready to go.  I got up and did some 
chores around the house.  Finally it was about 12:30 and Amy had to go.

Chapter 5 -- The photos

I sat around the house and wondered just how revealing she would get 
during her photo shoot.  It was driving me wild with lust.  I wanted to 
see the action as it happened, but instead I had to sit at home as my 
wife showed her body to the photographer.  I wondered what colors he 
would choose for her, or what poses she would be in.  All this kept 
running through my mind as I waited.  I didn't even know just how long 
the whole photo shoot would take and that just added to my anxiety.  
Finally about 5pm she drove into the garage.

She walked into the house with a bag, which I had assumed was the 
lingerie she had worn for the shoots.  It looked quite full.  After all, 
once a gal wears lingerie you can't really sell it as new again.  And 
imagining Amy and how wet she gets, I didn't think anyone would want to 
wear or see them, except me.  

Amy had a distant look about her.  Very tired and in need of relaxing.

"So, how did it go lover?" I asked to break the ice.

"I didn't realize how much work went into posing for something like 
that.  First, I had to fight off the excitement of being in front of a 
total stranger in nothing but some lace and thin material.  Then all the 
changes.  Then all the different uncomfortable poses.  It was allot of 
work.  Why don't we get some supper and then relax as I tell you about 
the rest of the shoot."

I hadn't expected another part to the shoot.  Maybe I missed something.  
But, I kept my thoughts in and went and got her a drink and made 
something for us to eat.  I didn't think she would feel like cooking 
after her long day.  We ate quietly watching TV.  I took the dishes out 
to the kitchen and then returned with a bottle of wine for us to talk 

I told her how gorgeous she looked.  We made small talk for the first 
couple of glasses until she was relaxed.  Finally she began to open up a 
bit and tell me her story.  It seemed to be eating at her a little, but 
the wine would loosen that up and let her tell.  I pried a bit more and 
finally she relented to tell me.  Well, she didn't say she would tell 
me, but she would show me.

She then got up and went to the bedroom to change.  She took the bag 
full of goodies with her.  She then came back down and I lost it.  Holy 
shit.  She looked great.  She had on a short red dress that came 
together in the cleavage and had a gold broach there.  It had no straps 
on it so that you could see the tops of her lucious tits.  She had on 
nylon stockings that were black.  She also had on high heels of black 
and showed off her legs wonderfully.  To top it off, she had a string 
pearl hanging around her neck.  She didn't look like a hooker, like some 
of you might think, but she looked like we were just about to go to a 
gala event.  Very classy and very sexy.  I soaked it in.

She swayed along the floor walking towards me.  She then didn't sit on 
the sofa with me, but sat in a chair across from me.

"Ok, Gordon, I am going to tell you about the entire day, but you have 
got to promise me that you won't get mad or upset or you can forget it."  
I figured that she had shown her privates and thought I would get mad.

"Sure, Amy, no problem, so what happened?"

"Ok, let me tell you about the photographer.  He works freelance for a 
bunch of magazines so that there are all types of photos he needs.  
Glamour, sixteen, people, and others to name a few.  He also does some 
photos for resorts and motels and things like that.  He explained all 
this to me when we started and so I'm telling you now.  Then he said he 
did some adult magazines also, but that was always up to the model.  
There would never be pressure to have anyone do those, but it did pay a 
lot better then the others.  He said about 5 times as much.  I knew I 
wouldn't do that so I just sat and listened to him tell.

"He then said that he would start out with some head shots of me.  I 
didn't have to change, but he had me sit in front of this background 
blanket like thing as he took shots of me.  He said that if I was 
interested in modeling, I could use them for the portfolio that everyone 
asked for.  Anyway, we did that, him shooting my face while he told me 
what direction to hold it and how to look.  He told me how beautiful I 
was and I really felt good about myself.  He made it very comfortable to 
be in front of the camera.  I think that was the reason he had me do it.  
I mean, with all the lights flashing you want to flinch and move, but 
after a while you get used to it.  He said I was a natural, that I got 
the pose he wanted right away and didn't flinch when the lights went 

"We finished that and then he said that he needed to finish some shots 
for a glamour shoot of dresses.  That's where this dress came from.  I 
guess the people that want the photos send him the dresses and he fits 
the model in them and takes the pictures and gets to keep the dresses. 
He liked the results and so I got the job and he doesn't wear dresses, 
that I know of, so I get to keep the dress.  I think it's gorgeous, what 
do you think so far?"

"I think the dress looks stunning, as do you, you have a glow about you 
as you tell me.  I can't wait to see and hear about all the rest of the 
shots. You really look beautiful."  I said, transfixed with her tale of 
her modeling job.  I didn't even think of what the extra money would 
mean to us.  I just wanted to hear the story.

"Thanks, Gordon.  I really feel beautiful too.  So that took about an 
hour and he said that if I wanted to make some more money he had another 
job or two that he could find.  I asked how much I made if I got the 
dress job we just took.  He said I already got the job and he was going 
to write me a check for 5,000.  I was amazed to say the least.  I asked 
if he meant 5,000 dollars and he said, yeah, 5,000 dollars.  Just for 
sitting in a dress and getting pictures taken.  I asked what the other 
pictures were that he needed.  He said that he had do some leg photos 
with nylons on for a lingerie catalog.  I guess like Adam and eve, or 
Frederick's of Hollywood or something.

"Anyways, I didn't see anything wrong with showing my legs for some 
extra cash. So I agreed.  He said great and that the nylons I had on 
were the ones he needed.  He had me stand while he did some arranging 
around the set.  Things were moved and the background changed and 
finally he was ready to shoot.  He had me put my leg on a chair and pull 
up my dress to show the tops of my stockings so he could shoot them."  
As she told me she stood and placed her foot up just like she had for 
the photos.  I saw that she had on stockings and garters.  Her legs are 

"He took some shots this way.  Then he had me turn around and he took 
some of the back of my legs.  I had to pull the dress up to the bottom 
of my ass, almost showing my panties, but not quite.  He said perfect 
and shot more and more.  There wasn't much to the shoot for the 
stockings so we finished quick.  He said that was 2,000 more and if I 
wanted to do more he had lots of work for me.  Again, I asked what kind 
of shots.  He said that he had some shots due for a man and a woman with 
little on sleeping on a bed. It was for a soft magazine and it paid 
5,000.  I was already excited and figured since there wasn't anything 
naked that nothing would happen.  I didn't answer him right away, so he 
said that if I felt uncomfortable during anything , we would call it 
quits.  No questions asked.  I stated to really think about it allot in 
that brief time, and got more and more excited.  I figured I could work 
myself up and come home to you and fuck your brains out anyways, so I 
said Ok, lets do it."

"He then said to wait while he made a call to get the guy that wanted 
the shoot.  He was a regular and didn't live far away.  If he were home 
he could be over in 5 minutes, while I changed.  So he dialed, and I 
went to change.  I came out, having put on a robe, and he told me that 
it was a go.  The guy would be over in 5 minutes.  We made small talk as 
we waited and finally the door bell rang in the studio.  The two men 
came in and we met each other.  The guy was in the late to mid twenties 
and very good looking.  He left to go change into his sleep wear also.  
He came out without a rob and had the best body I have ever seen.  His 
muscles were all defined and he had a stomach that rippled.

"The shoot involved a bed, so the two of them moved in a bed to the set.  
The sheets were put on and things were ready in short order.  The 
photographer told us to get on the bed.  We did.  Then he instructed us 
to lay face to face and pretend we were sleeping.  Let me go change 
while you think about that, I'll be right back."  With that she left to 
go change into her sleep wear from the shoot. I waited patiently and she 
returned wearing a rob again.

"This was the robe I had on."  She then sat on the sofa and had me go to 
the chair opposite her, while she played out the scenario.  She took off 
the rob and revealed the 'sleep wear' she had underneath.  To be honest, 
there was hardly anything there.  It was like a shirt that had a tie 
just around her tits.  But you could see everything about her, the 
curves of her breasts, the nipples, everything.  It was white and she 
had on a pair of see through panties to match, along with stockings that 
didn't need a garter, white also.  She looked super.  I already wanted 
to take her and fuck her brains out, but she had her story to tell.

"And this was the sleep wear we were shooting.  The guy, the rippled 
one, had a matching pair of boxers for his part.  They were really sexy, 
and the strong legs he had, along with the 6-pack stomach really had me 
going.  So we got to the face to face shooting and the photographer 
would have us move slightly this way and that, moving our legs one time, 
then the arms the other.  There was no contact between us, just regular 
photos.  Then our director said to get in the spoon position, so I 
turned over and the guy slid up behind me and the photographer said to 
have him drape his arm over me.  He smelled so good and we were fully 
dressed, I didn't have a problem with it.

"He shot us like that for a bit before asking the guy to rest his hand 
on the side of my breast.  I was sort of worried and then thought of the 
extra money, and went with the flow.  I was totally aroused and knew my 
nipples were poking out through the see through fabric."  I looked over 
at her lying on the sofa and her nipples were definitely poking out 
straight.  "He took the shots and didn't like them because he said 'no, 
no, no'.  The guy on the bed asked what he wanted and was told that it 
had to look like we were married and sleeping.  I guess that the guy 
with me was tense also.  The guy said he was sorry for being so tense, 
but he couldn't help it.  He was to excited at the moment.  The 
photographer just asked him to look natural and get his shit together so 
we could finish the shoot."

"Well, the guy shook the cobwebs out of his head and said he was ready.  
We resumed the spooning and his hand on my breast.  This time the hand 
was covering more of my breast.  He was almost touching my nipple."  On 
the sofa, she held her hand to her breast to show me what it was like.  
"Several shots were taken, and apparently, they were ok, we didn't get 
any complaints."

"He then had the guy lie down and me to put my head on his bulging chest 
and pretend we were sleeping again.  As I lay my head down to get the 
shot right, I looked down, I couldn't help it, but the guy with me had a 
raging hardon poking up in his boxers.  The director swore 'Shit, how 
are we going to get this with a hardon in the way, how can I cover THAT 
up?'  The guy with me said that maybe, and he was very hesitant about 
saying it, but that if I put my hand over it, then it wouldn't get in 
the shot.  The director smiled at the resilience of the male model."

"I put my hand down there very hesitantly.  One shot was taken, but the 
photographer didn't like it, I was to tense.  He said to just think of 
him as my husband, no biggie.  And that's what I did, I thought of you 
Gordon.  Well, that did the trick, because he took allot of pictures.  
His cock was in my palm and I could feel it pulsing once in a while as 
we lay there.  It was really big and very hard.  I was really getting 
hot and bothered and hoped that we were done so I could come home to you 
for a good fucking."

"Ok, the photographer said, that's enough of the sleeping pictures.  I 
was relieved so I could get home, but then added that we just needed to 
do the pillow talk, as if we were going to bed for the night.  He had us 
face to face again.  He said to hug and talk in whispers as he shot the 
pictures.  The fronts of our bodies were in contact and I could feel his 
hardon coursing against my panties, which were getting wet.  The guy 
told me to relax and how very beautiful I was.  He said if I weren't 
married, he would ask me out as his girlfriend.  I was flattered and 
hugged him because I was so touched at his words."

"You want me to tell you the rest Gordon?"  I was broken from my trance.

"Hell yeah, this is totally hot, something you hear about all the time, 
but don't know anyone that it's happened to."  I was riveted to each 
word of hers.  I wondered where it would go.

"Ok.  So, while we were hugging, he kissed me lightly on the cheek.  The 
photographer liked it and said 'perfect, more of that'  and so we began 
to kiss lightly at first.  He had such soft lips.  I just cleared my 
mind and thought of you and I in bed.  It was you I was kissing.  Our 
bodies reacted and our hands roamed.  I ran my nails up and down his 
back and felt the strong muscles of his body.  He had his hands up and 
down my back and grabbed my ass fully, pulling me into him. Again, the 
director loved it."

"We were really getting into our scene and the light kisses turned into 
long lingering kisses full on the lips.  Our tongues met and played with 
each others.  I came to, when I felt my hands on his muscular ass.  I 
held it and pulled it to me as he had done to me.  His cock pushed into 
my belly.  I was so wet at this point that they could have asked me to 
do anything and I would have.  I didn't care anymore at that point."

"The guy with me reached up and cupped my tit and squeezed them full.  
My nipples were about to explode with desire for the touches.  And you 
know how excited I get with my tits.  He must have known, because his 
hands worked them over good.  Finally, he pinched my nipples through the 
material and I had my first orgasm.  I was so turned on.  My hand found 
the way to the front of his shorts and feel his huge bulging cock.  I 
grabbed it and worked it up and down."

"Just after I grabbed his cock, he started to play with my pussy through 
the material.  He knew what he was doing there also, and had me building 
towards another orgasm.  Just before I was to go off again, the 
photographer said it was a wrap.  I was crushed.  I needed to get off so 
badly.  I have never felt like that before.  I must have voiced my 
objections to stopping with a 'Not now, please let me finish' because 
the photographer said to keep going in just a minute.  I didn't care 
what he was doing, but could hear him working moving things around.  I 
just held onto that thick hard cock through the shorts and he started to 
play with my pussy some more."

"My guy whispered how hard he was and that he would love to have me jack 
him off.  I didn't hesitate and took out his cock and played with it.  
It was bigger then I thought.  It must have been 7-8 inches long and 
about 2 inches wide."  Just then Amy stopped and again left the room to 
go get something.  She returned and had a video and popped it in the VCR 
and pushed play.  She then had me come and sit with her on the sofa.

It showed this guys cock in my wife's small hands.  It was truly a huge 
cock.  Mine was no comparison.  She was jerking it up and down on the 
screen, I couldn't believe my eyes.  Amy took out my cock and began to 
do the same thing as we watched the action.  Their kissing was so 
passionate I thought they would bruise their lips.  She was totally 
turned on as she said.  I then watched the guy whisper into her ear 
again.  She kissed him and then moved down to suck his cock, along the 
way kissing his nipples and stomach all over.  She then opened her red 
lips and took his cock head in her mouth.  I could see her licking with 
her tongue like it was a lolly pop.  Then she sucked as much of the cock 
in her mouth as possible, about 3/4 of the way. 

The guy put his hands on her head and pushed her down on his pole.  She 
fought a little, but eventually working more and more of his cock into 
her mouth.  She was deep throating this monster cock and I was watching.  
I was too turned on to be jealous at this point.  Also, my wife had 
gotten down and was sucking my cock and deep throating it, although she 
didn't have trouble with my small dick.

The guy then started to rub on her pussy through the panties and my wife 
wiggled her ass around and around, back and forth.  She wanted to get 
off again. The guy pulled on the convenient tie string on the sides of 
the panties and removed them.  Apparently the video camera was hand 
held, because it moved over to her exposed wet pussy and moved for a 
close-up of it.  She was wet all right.  The guy then inserted his 
finger into her and her body jerked in response.  The camera was still 
on close-up so as he drew out his finger you could see it coated with 
her cunt juices. It was totally hot.

He kept fingering her hole and then added another finger, two of them 
thrusting deep into her cunt, getting soaked at all her wetness.  Then a 
third finger.  His thumb would twitch around her clit each thrust in he 
made and sometimes he would hold his fingers inside her and move his 
thumb around her clit, it worked.  Soon you could actually see her 
orgasm start.  The sound was on and you could hear her scream in ecstasy 
as her head wasn't sucking cock any more.  The fingers worked her 
through the second orgasm.

My wife then rolled onto her back.  She was spent.   The guy then lifted 
her legs up and placed them on his shoulders.  He looked down and smiled 
into the camera.  He then brought his hips forward with his huge ape 
cock leading the way.  He ran his hands up and down her thighs and 
finally it came the time to enter my very willing wanton wife.

This is where I started the story:

	Softly she moans as he enters her for the first time.  His cock softly 
parting her fine blond pussy hair.   She feels each and every portion 
begin to slide in her.  Her juices flowing so that the cock easily 
slides in more and more.  She spreads her legs further in hopes of 
coaxing more of that delicious cock inside her.  She is overcome with 
desire like she has never felt before.  She is moaning lightly, "fuck 
me, just fuck me now".  The words are hidden within the moans of her 
passion at this sinful sexual desire.

	Finally, his entire cock is buried inside her womb.  The head of his 
cock bumping against the cervix, which she has never felt before.  Her 
husbands cock is much to small to have this happen.  She had never known 
how great and filling and sexually passionate a good hard long cock 
could feel until this moment.  Her husband would never make her feel 
like a complete woman as she does at this moment, and I should know, I 
am her husband, Gordon.

I watched the entire scene.  This guy fucked her good, and with a horse 
cock besides.  I knew I could never fulfill her as this man had.  I felt 
bad, but watching it excited me.

He started to slowly guide his cock in and out of her in long strokes.  
When it was fully inside her he would push a bit to make her body move 
up on the bed.  Then he repeated the fucking stroke.   The pace picked 
up a bit and the camera went to my wife's full tits to see them bouncing 
as the pace of the fucking.  It was a great angle as you could see her 
stiff nipples sticking up and out fully.  Her screams to get fucked 
continued over and over.

After about 10 minutes of fucking the guy was ready to shoot.  My wife 
had several more orgasms and was leaking like a sieve.  The camera 
showed the juices flowing down to her ass and how slick it was.  The guy 
asked where she wanted his huge load of cum.  My wife just scream to 
fuck her as she was cuming too.  He spread her legs off to the side and 
the camera was on top looking down.  His huge cock slide in and out and 
then you could see it swell slightly as he began to shoot his cum deep 
into my wife's pussy.  That set her off and she started to scream like 
never before.  The were having a mutual orgasm, something we hadn't done 
much of.

The video ended when he was done and he lay upon her and they kissed, he 
leaned his head down and licked her nipples and bit them slightly.

Somewhere in the video as my wife was sucking me off I had shot my load. 
I searched my mind to find a meaning to all that had happened in the 
past day.  My wife of all these years had turned into a fuck machine and 
then had another guy.  Deep inside I knew it wouldn't be the last by a 
long shot.  I had gotten what I wanted, a wife that was desirable in 
every way.  What I hadn't expected was loosing a part of her.  The 
lustful side of her.  From now on there would only be total lust for the 
guys with huge cocks.

So why did I write this story you might ask?  Well, there is a moral to 
it after all.  You know morals, if at first you don't succeed, or a 
penny saved is a penny earned, etc.  Well, this one is quite different.  
And I hope you all learn it.  Early to bed, early to rise, makes Amy 
horny between the thighs.

Enjoy the reading folks :)

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