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Piper's favorite stories list - titles
January, 1998

These are the stories that have, in some way or other, managed to worm 
their way into my psyche, either because of their excellence of writing, 
their wonderful charactarization, the level of excitement they brought 
me to, the way they made me think, or a combination of these.  While I 
appreciate a technically sound piece, this was not a requirement for 
making this list, as long as the technical problems did not overly 
interfere with the story.  Not all of these stories are really _sex_ 
stories.  A fair number of them are definitely not mainstream.  Some of 
them are even downright _nasty_.  But, I like them.

Picking my favorite stories, out of the thousands I've read, was a 
disgustingly difficult, though enjoyable, task.  Far too often, I got 
sidetracked when checking out a story title, and simply had to stop and 
read the whole thing (again!).  Even worse, I had to try and ignore 
whatever mood I was in at the time, since mood influences story choice, 
and specifically, my enjoyment of a particular story at a particular time.
There are probably another hundred stories that could be on this list, 
and several hundred more that are almost as good as any of these.  
Actually, I started with a list of about 500 before wading in with my 

If your story, or your favorite story, did not make my list, there are 
several possible reasons why not.  First, I might not have it.  Second, I 
might not have read it (there's a couple of thousand stories in my "in" 
box).  Third, if there are a bunch of stories in the running from a 
particular author, I selected only the ones I thought best, so as not to 
overload the list with one author's work.  Fourth, I might have overlooked 
it.  And, lastly, my tastes might not mesh with yours.  But whatever the 
reason, please DON'T try to send me a story you think should be on the 
list.  If it's been posted to a.s.s., there's a very good chance I've 
already got it.

If you REALLY think a story (or stories) that you have read should be on 
my list, do up an addendum and post it.  Include your reasons why.  Tell 
everyone about it, not just me.  If my name is in the post, I'll eventually 
read it.  If I haven't read the story (or stories) before, I'll go find 
them and read them.

This is MY list of faves.  My tastes are somewhat different from Celeste 
(I'm a guy, after all), and are also different from Ole Joe.  I respect 
their choices, and agree with them in a number of cases, but disagree with 
them in others.  That's just fine with all of us.

Lastly, I tried to whittle the top 100 down to a top 10, but couldn't 
quite make it, so you'll have to settle for an even dozen.  So there!

.... Piper

PS: M1ke, if you're listening, I'm quite sure you'll find some humorous 
way of making fun of me again.  I look forward to it.  I enjoy ROFL and 
LMAO.  Lucky for you I have a sense of humor!  SYATR!

*****  My Top 12 all-time favorites - in alphabetical order

A Friend in Need - Phil Phantom
Bob and Jeanette Brennan series - Uther Pendragon
Flying High - Tiffany
Kate and Emily - Brenda Ann Smith
Lynn - Dirty Dawg
My Friends the Allens - Mark Aster
The Photograph - Jym
Sacrificial Lamb - Tiffany
Scarlett's Cove - Ann Douglas
Seinfeld: The Blowjob - Dimitri
Strip Chess - Delta
Sucker - BronwenSM

*****  The next 88 - in alphabetical order (I think!)

A Joyful Experience - Eros
A Slave's Gift - Steven S. Davis
The Addams Family - Shelby Bush
The Adventures of a Supergirl - Sharon Best
The Adventures of Me and Martha Jane - Santo J Romeo
Alphabet H: Hotel - Mark Bastable
And Three Were Foolish - The Englishman
ANDY GRIFFITH: Opie and the Pie - Uncle Mike
Angela - Friar Dave
Angeles City - Jim Fix
Appleseed - Wollstonecraft

Barbara Toys With Boys - Unknown Author
Batgirl and Catwoman - Mr. X
Batgirl vs The Crime School for Girls - S. Sneakly
Becky - Unknown Author
Bewitchery - Sean MacDonald
Bikini Brigade - Andrew Roller
Blackmailing the Queen / Blackmailing Ann - Unknown Author
The Blue Box - Unknown Author
The Broken Drum - HAGAR Pappa Dux, FAO Friend
Burning Down the House - Sandman

The Cafeteria - Delta
Camp: Ron's Journey - WhiteStar
The Captive Family - Eros
Career Opportunities - Parker
The Case of the Tingling Clitoris - Ramapo
Caught Between Two Angry Women - Mary Anne Mohanraj
Celeste - Dirty Dawg
Cesura's Story - Averti
Charly the Yard Guy - Michael K. Smith
Chosen - Tom Bombadil
Christine Makes A Deal - The Warthog
Commencement - Vickie Tern
Cuntabeast - Phil Phantom
Custom Maid - RC

DarkNights: Mating Flight - Unknown Author
Dawn's Tale parts 1-4 - Ian
Dessert Free with Meal at Donna's Diner - Lingus
DNA - Stephanie
Donna's Three Sons - Eros
Dorothy Does Oz - Shelby Bush
The Drive In - M1ke Hunt

Elizabeth and Anastasia - Tom Bombadil
Ellen - Emerson Laken-Palmer
Elven Encounter - Brian Esterson

F is for Face - Dulcinea
FAME: Light Up The Sky Like A Flame - Uncle Mike
Farm Help - R. Hawk
The Farmer's Step-Daughter - Master Wade
First Love - (? Gidget)
Fleeing Gods - Mary Anne Mohanraj
Foreign Affair - Ann Douglas
Frisking the Cat - Tooshoes

Gilligan's Island - Shelby Bush
Ginsu Memories - Dafney Dewitt
Going Home - Kim
Goth'rotica - Miss Lucy

Heart of the Lion - Anthony Pryor-Brown
Hybrid Vigor - GM Sullivan

Inger - Friar Dave

Journal Entries - Elf Sternberg

Kate and Lyn - Gina Marie Wylie
Kathy's Deal - R. Hawk

Little Red Riding Hood - Sarah Fox Jahn
Loving A Witch - Tigger

Marnie's Day on the Sandbar - Caesar
Mind Snatchers - Simon Bar Sinister
Month - Deirdre
My Sister Jean - BillyG

Paying For It - J Boswell
Peer Pressure - Wollstonecraft
The Photographer's Daughters - Observer

Reluctant Bride - M1ke Hunt

Sailing We Will Go - Caesar
The Scandalous Stewardess - Unknown Author
Siblings - Michael K. Smith
Sister Mary Joseph - BillyG
Sisters I, II, III - Jan V
The Stepford Wives - Rhett Dreams

Tape Slaves - E
Teen Breeder - ucclear
The Tick!!!!  Arthur Takes Charge! - Dulcinea
Treach - The Cruiser
Triplets - Frostflower

Unholy Passage - Phil Phantom

Wendy - Joanthan Redgrave
Willy Tamarack Adventures - Frederick T.

Xena: The Bed of the Beast - Reynaldo J. Antonio (98k)

<that's all, folks!>

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