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Out of this world 3 (Pony girls)

This story is for 18 year olds and over. It contains graphical
descriptions of bondage, control and nc dildo sex. Do not read it if
you are a minor.

This story is set on another planet, similar to earth. It is complete
fantasy. Don't read it if you don't like the idea of women being used
as objects. Just read the Peter Rabbit stories instead. This story is
(c) 1996 by Spoonbender. It may be reproduced and copied freelly as
long as it remains unaltered and includes this message.


It was the day of the engine mart in Suleika. Carbus Major the
legendary Engine dealer was reputed to be there with some of his fully
trained 'Sleekies' and I was keen to test them out to see how they
compared with my Engines.  I was also in the market for another engine
for my main buggy. I'd decided to hook Deean up with Bree and Leah on
my meliflous 200 as I wanted to visit the Hills of Skillion for a spot
of light crag vaulting but they were nearly 100 miles away so I needed
to rotate my engines if I wanted to make good time. 

I understand the sub ether network has been down as the main bounce
server on Barnards Star has had interface problems with your Internet,
so I haven't been able to report on my training of  Deean. Well, I
won't go into great detail but suffice to say that I have completed
her training, as far as I could given the time constraints. She
responds well to cunt control and now exhibits very smooth control
over most of her surfaces. She is still sensitive to butt control and
tends to over-react which is annoying as it doesn't give me the
flexibility I require. However I have since installed her on my
meliflous 200 and now she takes her pace from my lead engine Bree.
I've had a little trouble with Leah who has become a little
over-sensitive since she spent the night locked and spread in the
immigrants compund (see World 2). I have had to modify the Superstyx
race rig so I could give her some solo training and now she appears to
have settled down again. Again the caning unit has proved its worth
especially on Leah who has never been subject to thrashings before.
This new element of control has proved remarkably effective as a
calming agent. I would recommend its sparing use to anyone.

Actually, now I come to think of it, there has been another
development since I last reported. I have decided to use H2D size
controlled prods on my buggy. These devices are remarkable, allowing
you to control both length and width of the prods while they are in
use. I only upgraded the cunt prods as they are very expensive. It
took a long time to modify the control computer so I could use them.
For a while they were forever changing their size while in use, so one
minute I'd be cruising nicely and the next the engines would be
seizing up in orgasm. On one occaision, while I had the wheels
unlocked so it was one engine per wheel, Leah suddenly dissolved into
orgasm and we spun around twice before I could bring her under control
with a large dose of clit and nipple sting. A very sobering moment I
can tell you.

We arrived at the mart as the orange sun was going down. So in your
earth terms it must have been around midday. Marts are always held in
the yellow sun, the orange sun does not give you quite so much light
to inspect the merchandise. I had the engines especially oiled for
today. I think that you probably think I'm vain but I do like a nicely
turned out rig especially one that shines and ragit oil on the naked
skin shines very nicely, you ought to try it on your engines, if you
can get it of course.

The mart was crowded. Carbus Major was always a crowd puller. I looked
around at the array of engines on sale and I made a mental note of a
couple of them. I didn't try any out though, I had no experience with
most of the demonstration rigs that the engines were strapped into and
it wasn't unlike an engine dealer to dip the prods into hot peppers
before he inserted them. Many a young lad has been taken like that
buying his first rig. He thinks he has bought a racer and in fact he's
bought an old nag.

It was Carbus Major's pen that really attracted me though. His
sleekies were wonderful. Completely smooth and black from head to toe.
It was rumoured that they were completely hairless, replicated like
that. It would not suprise me Carbus Major was rich enough to afford
what he wanted. I walked around one noticing the specially layered
outer skin. It was what you earth people would call a rubber suit.
Except this was nothing like I've seen before. It could breath so the
engines were automatically kept at the right temperature. There were
air and fuel nozzles built in so the engine had no contact with the
outside world. I walked to the back, naturally she was bent forward,
so I could see her prods. 

I was rather astonished when I saw that she was completely sealed up,
with only a thin twin nozzle for exhaust wastes sticking out. I was
just feeling to see if she was fitted with any type of prob when the
great man came over.

"Greetings my friend. Ah I see that you have discovered my little
secret. One amongst many hah", he tapped his large, bulbous nose. "You
are under the impression that there are no prods and you were
wondering how Carbus the magician makes his engines so manageable" 

I looked and felt again but I could only detect a small, hard piece
lined up with her cunt and her ass. But it was very small, about the
size of a scribing stick, surely this can't be the control prods. I
looked at him expectantly, I was not disappointed. He moved forward
and held my shoulder, it was the universal sign for confidentiality.
Now I was intrigued.

"They are the prods my friend. But these are different, very
different. You see that these were made for me by H2D, I designed them
of course. Their special feature is that then can reduced down to 3
sellimens (about 1/4 of an inch in earth terms) wide and long. They
can also be expanded to any size, and at speed so you can simulate
full pumping if required. This means that they can be left inserted at
all times, you never have to take them out." 

He looked rueful for a second.

"It does mean that you cannot use them for sex duties, but then you
can buy any old nag for that. These, my friend, are thoroughbreds
designed for long use and high speed. They come complete with their
own portable effluent and cleansing unit which can be fixed to your
rig. Think of it, my friend, you could easily cruise for long
distances, you could explore the outlands because you will never need
to use a public stable, for effluent removal. Just keep checking the
fuel and they will eat up the miles. Of course they have their own,
bodyheat powered, computer and a very large range of control

It was a wonderful piece of salesmanship. Indeed if I had that sort of
money then I would have no hesitation in purchasing 2 for my Meliflous
200. Sadly I was no supermerch so I changed the subject.

"You purchase your prods from H2D eh? I have purchased new cunt prods
for my engines and I've managed to program them into my computer"

He was obviously impressed.

"You managed to program a melliflous 200 with H2D variprods. I am
impressed my friend, I didn't even know that variprods had reached
this system yet."

"Yes mine are the first here" I said a little proudly " I got the idea
from a racing rig I won in a bet..." I stared open mouthed as the
great dealer became more and more excited before finally pointing at
me and saying.


"Me what?"

"It was you that won that rig from that little fool Dweemon."

"If you happen to mean that dreadful young man that left my engines in
the immigrant camp then yes it is me"

He shrugged and laughed when I mentioned that my engines had been
servicing a bunch of outworlders. Boys will be boys was obviously his
motto. Then he said.

"Have you still got this rig?"

"Yes of course. It has only just been trained. Why do you ask"

"Because my friend I would like to buy it from you. I propose that I
give you two of my best sleekies in return for that rig and engine."

Now it was my turn to be excited. Two sleekies for one wretched,
underpowered, racing rig. But I had to know why.

"It is simple", he told me "That rig was an experimental model. It is
the first to be fitted with an outworlder engine and I was studying it
when my fool assistant sold it to your Dweemon while I was away. Did
you say that you have trained it?"

I nodded.

"And how did you find it?"

I told him basically what I've told you.

"Curious" he said as his hand cupped his chin "I never thought she
could be properly trained. Not that I'm doubting your word my friend.
But she is an outworlder and has not been replicated for the task. I
would very much like to see how the training worked. You see I'm
thinking of setting up an exotic engines side to my business and I
wanted to see how an outworlder performs. If the training is indeed
successful then I may be picking up a couple of female humanoids, live
born, from a little planet called earth (imagine they haven't even got
interstellar travel there would you believe!) to try the training out
on them. Now let us get back to business are you interested in my
little exchange?"

We haggled all afternoon. Until nearly bluesun time, until we struck a
bargain. I was two sleekies better off plus two of the Carpus designed
prodsuits and bodyheat computers for Bree and Leah and all I had lost
was a racing rig. We agreed to meet at my house the next day to
formalise the transaction.

I had fucked my old racing rig and she was fuelled up and ready to
leave. I waited impatiently for Carpus Major. He arrived in late
orangesun and so we had a hopbrew as we discussed the sunchange. I was
naturally very curious as to why his, very large, goods transporter
had no sleekies fitted. Instead he had 20 or so normal engines fitted,
bent over, under the goods box so it was a very high vehicle. He
laughed and told me that you do not use sleekies for plodding hard
work. My prizes were inside it appeared.

At first sight they were beautiful. The very model of efficiency.
Smooth, with clean lines and shining dully under the canopy of the

Carpus major got one of his assistants to fit Bree and Leah into their
body suits, while I admired the sleekies. Looking at them I thought
that it was hardly suprising that Carpus Major had such a fine

It took nearly all of yellow sun time to fit them into my rig. Carpus
Major linked a large trailing umbilical from his main transporter
computer to my rig and we sat, basking in the sunlight, as the two
computers exchanged vital information. Information which would allow
the engines to settle into their role with the minimum of downtime.
Finally they were ready. Carpus Major nearly crushed my upper arm as
he took his leave.

I'm not usually a very excitable being. I do look forward to the
unveiling of the year's new hopbrew and I take more than a passing
interest in the conjunction of the 3 moons and the orange sun.
Regarding my engines I was, how you earth people put it, content.
These new engines did get my juices stirring though. They looked so
magnificently exotic in my comfortable old rig. Bree and Leah looked
good too, although a little uncomfortable, in their new body rigs. I
had left their heads clear, as they were used to it and I didn't want
to have to retrain them too much. The suits also gave me access to
their holes. After all they were used to regular servicing.

When I first took the newly engined rig out for the first time it was
absolutely wonderful. It was one of the smoothest, yet exhilirating,
rides I have ever undertaken. I just had to set the speed and
destination and then press the start button. Carpus Major had
downloaded the planet coordinates into the computer so, even though
they couldn't see, the sleekies could steer unaided.

I could see that Bree was a little put out by not being top engine,
but I paid it little heed. Leah was bright red and panting as she
tried to keep up with the cracking pace set by the new engines. I
could see that the computer was having to work overtime to encourage
her, the information display telling me that the cunt prod was up to
10 inches at one point. Which was much bigger than I'd normally use,
but I was content to see how Carpus Major's new software would enhance
her controls.

Well, all I can say is that it is excellent. I never had so much as a
hint of an orgasm, even though the plugs pumped hard on occaision.

I would recommend the Sleekies to anyone. One of these wonderful
propulsion units can replace two of your tired old 'normals'. 

Listen. I could give you Carpus's galacti-mail number if you would
like to contact him with a view to purchasing one. Of course you are
welcome to come to my humble dwelling on Neflion 7 and see mine in

Oops I'm sorry, I've just remembered, you don't have integalactic
travel yet.

What a shame.

Bree's drag race next. Unless of course you are bored silly by this
story line. If I don't hear from you then I'll assume you are

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