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Subject: All I want for Christmas is my Mom's Sweet Ass... and a WEBTV
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I never gave incest any thought, I mean sure I have had passing thougts
occasionally but I am not some kind of freak. Yes my mom is young, and I
guess I always knew she was attractive from the way my friends acted
around her. But until I saw her naked, I really never thought about
fucking her. After that day I stopped thinking of her as my mom, and in
my mind started calling her by her name Susan. If I had never found
those old magazines in the attic, things might have been very different,
and I would not have been forced to rape my mother. She really should
have gotten rid of them, or locked them up. In a way this is all her own
fault. I guess I must feel a little guilty though so I am writing it
down to sort things out in my head, and figure out what to do now. 
Thanksgiving was fast approaching and my grandmother was coming for a
visit. dad had died 2 years ealier when I was 14, but she still tried to
stay in touch especially around the holidays. It was tough though
because mom and grandma do not like each other. It was an old argument,
something about Grams not wanting her son to marry mom, and that he coud
do better. Dad apparently decided that 5' 9'' gourgeous blondes, with
big, ripe tits, and firm juicy asses don't grow on trees, and he married
mom as soon as he turned 18 without his mother's approval (mom was only
16). Grams did not go to the wedding or speak to them for over a year.
Money was very tight, and mom's family was poor. Grandma had lots of
money but she would not help, hoping to teach them a lesson, and maybe
even split them up. Mom never forgave her, they were polite around me
but it was clear they did not like each other. Grandma was coming for a
visit.   Mom went into a cleaning frenzy. Technically we have three
bedrooms in our house but, the third one is really kind of a
storage/sewing/videogame room. "THAT woman is not going to talk about my
house being a mess," she vowed. I was of course enlisted into the
Cleaning Corps, and soon found myself sorting through piles of junk,
packing it into boxes, and carrying them to the attic for storage. I had
just set a box down, and in the poor lighting accidenty knocked over a
crate. "Shit like I really need to do some more cleaning...Hey what's
this? All right Penthouse!" I thought I had found my dad's private
stash. There were about 20 mags all over the floor. As I looked at them
something was weird, they were all the same issue. The centerfold was a
tall leggy blonde "Dad must have really had a thing for her. She looks
like a younger version of mom... oh shit oh shit oh shitty shit shit, it
IS mom." The date on the mag was a year after I was born. Money was
tight, and mom must have posed to help out. On the one hand I was proud
of her, it took guts to spread your pussy for the world to see. On the
other hand let's be honest, seeing your mom with her pussy spread and a
big ol smile on her face has got to cast her in a new sluttier light. I
felt myself getting hard as I looked at page after page of my mom's
spread pussy, and heavy tits. But it was that plump round ass that got
to me. I stayed in the attic for 3 hours that day. I started to
fantasize about putting my face right in the sweet spot of her ass. What
did it smell like, how did it taste, how would it feel in my hands, I
had to know. Now that my dad was gone mom said I was the man of the
house, I began to feel that I had a right to fuck my mom, maybe even an
obligation. She was still a young woman, and I knew she had not dated in
the 2 years since dad had died. Maybe she was waiting for me. When I
look back on it I am sure I never would have acted out my fantasy if I
had not found out what she was getting me for Christmas. It really is
not my fault, it's WEBTVs'. 
  "He is such a good kid and this year I want to get him something
really special. I can't afford to get him a car, but by working part
time at Sears I have saved $1,500, and with my employee discount I can
afford to get him a top of the line computer, oh Betty he is going to be
so suprised," my mom told her best friend in hushed tones.   I was
just coming down from another session in the attic and overheard mom's
conversation. A new computer, I could not believe she was working a part
time job just for me. I was glad that I had went all out on her gift
too. Some people might think I had it rough with my dad dying and all,
but as far as I was conerned my mom more than made up for it. Up until
about two months ago I had really wanted a computer. Oh I used the one
at school and the library all the time, for homework and stuff. But what
I really wanted to do was surf the net, check out the hot porno sites,
and play the best video games. For my birthday grandma bought me a
Playstation, and I had been renting games from Blockbuster. $5 for 5
nights was a good deal. About two months ago I was at a friend's house
and saw WEBTV for the first time. It was great! It could do basically
everything I wanted from a computer, and it only cost $175. It came with
a remote keyboard, I could actually videotape websites, there was a
camcorder hookup, and printer interface. It would look awesome on my 25"
television screen(screw those dinky 14" computer monitors). Who the fuck
needed a computer. Give me a Playstation and a WEBTV any day for a
fraction of the cost. Too bad mom wasted her time working all those
extra hours... It came to me all at once, I knew how I could use this to
seduce my mom. Let me make this perfectly clear, seduction was my
preferred method. I had no special desire to force my mom into
surrendering her sweet pussy and tender ass to me (although I did wonder
how it would feel to see her on all fours, to spread her cheeks and
attack her ass. Would she cry, moan, beg for mercy?) If she cooperated I
was perfectly content to make love to her. But I was committed now. If I
had to drug her to get that ass I would. If she needed a beating to
convince her that I was serious, well... I would not like it but she had
to understand that I had needs.   
"John come down here I want to talk to you about your Christmas gift." 
I could tell from the tone in her voice she could barely contain
herself, she was so happy to be giving me this present. I was pretty
excited to. If all went according to plan I would soon be unwrapping my
"Mom I know what you are going to say, and I want to thank you for all
the time and energy you put into getting me this computer. I love you
mom. I don't want a computer anymore though. 
" Well damnit John what do you want, it wasn't easy saving for this, I
think it is very unappreceative of you to turn down my present," she
said almost in tears.   
"Mom I am sorry but I just don't need so expensive a gift. AlI I want
for Christmas is a WEBTV, and an adlult night out of dinner and dancing
with the woman I love most in the world, you. Please spend the rest of
the money on something nice for yourself." 
  Mom was speechless and began crying from shock. I went over to her
and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and wrapped her snug in my arms. 
 "You, you really don't want anything else, just a WEBTV?" she
"And YOU mom. Frankly I don't care all that much about the WEBTV, what I
really want is you all to myself for one night. Like a date, Susan and
John out for a night on the town like an old married couple. If I can
have you, like that for one night, it will be a very merry Christmas
  "Wake up sleepy head it's almost 10 am." 
  I woke up with a raging hard on. I had of course been dreaming of
fucking my mom's ass. Again. It was starting to be a real pain in the...
well ASS. I did not enjoy waking up sexually frustrated and a with a wet
sticky mess in my pants. Susan was excited about our date. So excited
that she decided to serve my breakfast in bed. 
"Er um Hi mom I was just thinking of you." "Slide over mister I made all
of your favorites. We don't eat together enough anymore. You don't mind
if I join you?" she asked as she slid into bed next to me. 
My cock was hard, my underwear were crusty, and my bed had a big wet
spot right in the middle. 
"No mom I don't mind at all." 
  Susan was wearing a Japanese silk robe my dad had bought for her.
When she got into bed it gapped open and revealed the sheer satin
nightie she had on underneath. Her large firm breasts, and proud, pointy
nipples were prominently displayed for my viewing pleasure. They looked
so soft and tasty it was all I could do to refrain from staring at them,
to stop myself from reaching over and popping one out of her nightie and
try sucking some milk to go with my breakfast danish.  "So where are
you taking me tonight for our date," Susan asked coyly.   
  " Nothing but the best for my sexy girlfriend, we are going to the
Paladin Club."   The Paladin Club is the most expensive, exclusive
nightclub in town. I remember my dad took my mom there for their 10th
wedding Anniversary, and that she loved it. Ordinarily you have to make
reservations a week in advance but they were not too busy Christmas eve,
so I was able to make a reservation. Mom squealed in delight and gave me
a hug and a kiss. I laughed and pulled her over into my lap. We used the
remote and I held her in my arms for the next half hour and watched TV.
She felt so natural, so right, warm, snug and secure in my lap. I didn't
just want to fuck this woman, or even rape her into submission (although
I knew I would if I had no other choice). I wanted her to give herself
to me, to surrender willingly to ME as her lover. I wanted my mother to
want me, no to NEED me as much as I needed her. Shit if there was any
day you can ask for a miracle, and have a right to expect it to happen,
it has got to be Christmas. 
All day Susan walked around the house with a silly grin. She was proud
to have such a considerate son. Tonight would be fun. She had not been
out in over a year. It had been a few months after Ron had died and some
friends had tried to cheer her up, and reintroduce her to the dating
world. She felt sorry for the poor stocbrocker they had brought along.
They had nothing in common, but if the truth be known, nobody would have
been right for her. Ron had been her lover and best friend for half of
her life. Frankly she doubted if she could ever love another man. Except
John of course. He reminded her more and more of his father every day.
6' 2" 195 lbs good lookng, bright, funny; yep he was his father's son
all right. Even had that same mane of unruly brown hair. "He is going to
make some young lady very happy. My god I don't know what I would have
done without him these last 2 years." Sometimes she forgot he was not a
little boy anymore. She could not be 100% sure but it felt like his
penis had gotten hard when she was sitting in his lap this morning.
Susan felt a little guilty. It had been so Iong since she had a man's
erection poking her in the ass she had almost forgoten how good it felt.
For a moment she had allowed herself to pretend it was Ron that was
holding her, instead of her son. "Oh well no harm no foul, after all
John is a teenage boy he is probably hard half the time anyway. Nothing
wrong with me getting a little accidental pleasure out of it." she
laughed to herself, "I am sure he would be grossed out if he knew what a
pervert his old widowed mother is." 
Susan came downstairs in a tight black evening dress. I could not
believe how young she looked. She walked across the room and reached up
to straighten my tie. 
"Well do you like how I look,"she asked as she twirled around so I could
see her lovely rear also. 
  "Geez mom you look so hot, if you weren't my mom I'd have to kiss
you right now." 
"Ah, Ah Ah tonight we are not mother and son, you are my date, so you
can't use that as an excuse,"she teased, half daing me to kis her. 
Nevetheless she was very suprised when I tipped her head back and began
a slow, insistent kiss. I loved the taste of her in my mouth. I slowly
slid my arms down her body and lightly pulled her tight against me. At
first she seemed suprised, but she did not pull away. Finally she
started kissing me back. We kissed deeply for about a minute. It was not
until I slipped my tounge in her mouth and ran my hands down the crack
of her ass that my mother came to her senses. 
"Ummm whoa I guess I should not have dared you to kiss me, you win, I
surrender. But I think you got things a little backwards the kiss comes
at the END of the date mister. Come on it's time to go I don't want to
be late." With that she straightened my tie again and we were off to my
first and so far only date with my mom. 
  We had a private room at the Paladin Club. There were only a handful
of Patrons present. The small Jazz band played softly in the background,
and the subdued lighting made for a pleasant, romantic atmosphere. Mom
was the kind of woman who liked to let the man take the lead, so she had
given me $300 in the car so I could order, tip, etc. I felt confident
and in charge. I tipped our waiter $40 when we sat down to ensure prompt
service(I saw my dad do it once and had always been impresed). Our
Server never even batted an eyelash when I ordered a bottle of wine off
the list. 
"Very good sir, right away, and may I say this is an excellent choice, "
he said as he scurried off to do my bidding. If you are trying to seduce
someone it really is nice if you hapen to have known them for your whole
life and know all their weakneses. For example my mom almost never
drinks wine. She always says it goes straight to her head, and makes her
tipsy even faster than hard liquor. I wanted her tipsy tonight. 
  "Come on mom this is a special occasion, drink up. To the most
beautiful woman in the world. I will love and cherish you always. Merry
Christmas mom," I toasted her and drained my glass. She followed suit
and I quickly refilled her. By the time we finished dinner we were on
our second bottle. I had only had two glasses, saying that I had to
drive us home. The band was quite good and I asked mom if she would like
to dance. I waited for a nice slow song pulled mom into my arms and
slowly groped her in 
time to the music. Her inhibitions must have been pretty low becaue she
kept grinding her pussy into me, and cupping my ass in her hands. 
"You got to feel my butt at the house, fair is fair," she laughed. 
I laughed at her and said "everytime you grab me I get one kiss in
return. So you just keep it up pretty lady if you DARE." 
My mom has a hard time resisting a dare. Maybe she thought I was kidding
but she continued to playfully pinch and squeeze my ass for the hour and
a half that we were on the dance floor. Finally it was time to go home.
Mom practically sat in my lap on the ride home. I drove with one hand
and had the other draped over her shoulder. My fingertips kept
"accidentally" brushing the side of her right breast. It was a long ride
home and I could tell that the constant flirtation and excessive wine
had an effect on Susan. Her body seemed to be on Autopilot. My Christmas
wish was coming true. She began to respond to me as a man, as a
potential lover. When we finally got inside the house though the
familiar surroundings seemed to act as a splash of cold water to mom.
She realized our "Date" was over, and it was time to become "MOM" again. 
"John tonight was very, very special to me. I have not had such a good
time in years. Tank you so much for being a great son. Oh look it's
after midnight... it is Christmas let's open your present!" 
 We went to the tree. There were only two gifts under it this year. 
  "John open yours first." she squealed like a little girl hanging on
to my arm. I ripped open the package of the large box and suprise
suprise it was a brand new WEBTV Plus. 
"Thanks mom it's just what I wanted," I said and gave her a hug. 
"Goodie, let's open mine now," Susan said in a breathless tone. She
opened the small jewlery box I had wrapped and removed the 18 kt gold
and Emarald necklace. Tiny green flakes were interwoven throughout.
There design was simple, four long flat bars connected by larger
emerarld beads. 
  "Oh my god, it's beautiful John. I love it! Help me put it on!" she
I came around behind her and fastned the clasp around her neck. 
  "It looks perfect on you mom, just perfect. Read the inscription I
had engraved." 
""Susan I love you. You are mine forever body and soul, John."" "Um...
uh thanks John that is very ... sweet, she said in a slightly confused
"I am glad you like it. Ok mom I am ready to unwrap my main present
 Now she was really confused. 
"Bbbut John there is nothing else. You said all you wanted was the
WEBTV, and a grownup date... what else is there supposed to be?" 
  "Well for one thing I warned you that you would owe me several
kisses if you kept playing with my ass. It's time to pay up," I said
with a grin as I boldly began kissing my mother.   My hands were
roaming all over her body. Cupping, prodding and massaging her tender
flesh. I started licking her lips softly, and then went to work on her
neck. For some reason I wanted to leave my mark on her, to brand my
sweet bitch so that anyone could tell she was my property. I sucked at
her neck loud and sloppy until I was sure it would leave a nice hickey.
The alcohol seemed to be helping me. Mom was just a tad slow in
processing data due to her over indulgence. All she knew was that a
handsome man was making her feel good in a way she hadn't in over 2
years. She let herself enjoy it, without analyzing until I reached down
and pulled her dress over her head and off. 
  "John oh no, oh no what have I done. We have to stop. Don't feel
guilty we both have needs and just got a little carried away, it is
nobodys fault. You are my son and I do love you but not in this way.
Let's call it a night and if you need to we can discuss this tomorrow,"
Susan said as she gathered he clothes and rushed to her room. 
 "OK mom, Plan B." 
Mom had already taken her slip, bra and stockings, off when I entered
her room. She was about to put on a silk teddy , but had stopped now in
shock at my interruption. 
  "John what are you doing coming in here without knocking, I am not
dressed. Please leave," she demanded as she held the teddy up to conceal
her glorious tits. 
  "I am sorry mom, I would not have thought you were so shy about
nudity. You have a great body mom you could be a model. Nah you are way
to sexy for that, I got it you could be a Penthouse Centerfold," I said
with an evil grin. 
  "You... know, oh god you were never supposed to find out. John let
me explain. Me and your father were very young, we had no money a new
baby, and were so deep in debt that we were about to be evicted. Our
only choice was to go crawling to your grandmother begging for a handout
or to try something desperate. I I would not ask that woman for it, spit
or shit. Penthouse paid me $10,000. We paid our rent and bought food
with that money for 6 months , until Ron was able to get a good job. I
don't regret it. If you think less of me for it... then you are not the
man I thought you were," she said as she broke into tears. I quickly
scrambled into bed next to her and kissed her on the cheek and let her
lean on me for comfort. 
"Mom of course I don't think less of you. I love you even more for
taking care of your family by any means necessary. No matter what
happens don't you ever doubt that I love you more than anyone or
anything. Mom I have to tell you something that you may find difficult
to accept at first. I need for you to try very hard to understand
though. Mom I don't just love you as a son anymore. I have come to a
decision. You are my woman now. I own you. I am going to unwrap you,
spread you open and fuck you. Now. I am sure this is a little awkward
for you so for this first time you don't have to do anything. Just lay
back and I'll do all the work." 
  With that I removed the rest of my clothes and crawled on top of my
mother. I gently took the teddy from her hands and threw it across the
room. Susan was in a state of extreme denial. She did not say a word as
I slowly pulled her panties of her warm round bottom. 
"WHu what areyou doing. John stop sucking my tits this instant. You can
not be doing this to me. I am your mother. This is Incest! This is RAPE!
My god what is wrong with you, what the fuck do you think you are
doing!"she screamed at me. 
" You want to know what I am gonna do, fine I'll tell you. I am gonna
"CK" you. First I'll liCK you all over your body like this. Then I will
suCK your sweet tits until your big nipples are nice and firm llke this.
Next I'll stiCK my finger in your cunt to see how you taste. I'll bet
you are delicious when wet. Hm let's se. Oh mom you taste great an dare
less filling too!. Now it is time to put my big diCK in your hot little
snatch, my coCK is going in your cunt. I plan to fuCK, fuCK, fuCK you
for a long, long time mom. Is it fair, is it right? Of coure not but
then I am a priCK, so what do you expect. I am sorry but I simply don't
have a choice anymore. I tried to talk myself out of it for weeks, but I
have to have you. I have to." 
  "Please John I am your mother. I love you and we can get past this
if you stop right now. It is wrong to fuck me. My god what if you got me
pregnant. Do you really want to put us through the shame of that. What
would yor father think. Please honey stop right now before you make a
terrible mistake." 
  I took my tounge out of my mother's pussy and thought about what she
was saying. She did have a point. I did not really want a brother/son. 
"Ok mom I wont fuck your pussy on one condition. Mom you have the
sexiest body I have ever seen. I love your tits, how soft and warm and
full they are in my hands. I love the smell of you, the taste of your
pussy. I just know that once I start fucking you I will love that too, I
will never be able to get enough. See how wet and hot and tight you are.
Look at how it drools making you ready for me. Face it mom you are made
for me. But as much as I love your cunt, and your tits, I would give
them up for your juicy, round ass. If you agree to let me fuk your ass,
willingly, enthusiastically, if you will participate; I promise not to
fuck your pussy. Mom I love you, and I don't want to rape you. Please it
is Christmas. Surrender your ass to me. I will be as gentle as I can", I
promised in all sincerity. 
  My mom kept crying for some time, I held her warm naked body against
mine and just rocked her. I stroked her hair and made soft shushing
sounds to her. Finally she calmed down enough to talk. 
  "This is the only way to get you not to fuck me... all right if you
promise to be gentle I will help you fuck my ass. But only this once.
John this can never happen again. We will just chalk it up to too much
wine, a full moon, Christmas fairy dust, whatever. If you ever try
anything like this again I will never forgive you." 
  "Thanks mom you are the best! Now get on all fours while I lick your
I slowly spread Susan's tight little ass apart. I loved how her cheeks
felt in my hand. For a couple of minutes I just played with them,
rubbing them together, pulling them wide apart. My mom's ass was like my
private accordian. Her little hole kept winking at me almost teasing me.
It was like her anus was daring me to stick my dick inside it. First
things first I needed to get my mom's ass nice and juicy. I began by
licking up and down the crack of her sweaty ass. She tasted delicious! I
drooled my saliva all around until her butt overflowed. Then I spread
her ass wide and shoved my face in as far as it would go and started
plunging my tounge in. 
"John, oh god, oh shit what are you doing! It feels so good you are
going to make me cum!" 
Susan screamed in pleasure as she spasamed and her fuck fluid oozed onto
my face.. She was rocking back and forth from side to side and her tits
were waving in the breeze. I began fingering her cunt. (Damn she is one
sloppy pussy). I kept digging around until I found her clit bump. I got
you now mom." I said under my breath. I kept licking her asshole and
rubing my mom's cunt until she came a second time. It was time. I
saddled up behind my mother and she held her ass cheeks wide open for
me. I stuck a finger in her cunt and gently scooped several fingers of
her juices into her asshole for lubrication. Then I pressed my 7.5 inch
peckerhead against my mom's anus and pushed. It wasn't easy, in fact I
am almost sure that I could not have gotten in without her help. I took
it nice and slow. Finally after several starts and stops I was deep in
my mother's ass. I tried to remain calm. Susan was so hot and tight that
I was afraid to fuck for fear I would come and it would be over.
Eventually I relaxed and began a tentative in/out thrust. Mom softly
rocked back to meet me. She was great at letting me go at my own pace
and then matching me. I intended to make this last for a long time. So I
brutally pounded my mom's ass for 5 or six strokes, and then Stopped to
regain my control. 5 or 6 soft strokes and then bang 5 or 6 power fucks.
Mom met me stroke for stroke. She kept clenching and unclenching her
butt muscles. When I went in she relaxed, when I tried to come out she
would clinch tightly, If you have never fucked a woman who knows how to
ass fuck, by all means make it your New Year's Resolution. All good
things must come to an end though, and the twitch in my balls told me
this was no exception. I did not know how many strokes I had left but I
decided to go out with a bang. I let mom have it for all I was worth.
She was unable to keep up. Her hair was flying everywhere, her tits were
jiggling, and she was letting out these pathetic little whimpers and
sobbing moans punctuated by animal grunts as the breath left her body.
At some point I lost it. 
"Take it slut, take my dick, take it all. I own you, I own this ass. Oh
fuck, oh fuck mommy I am cumming. LickSuckCockDickFuckPrickStickin it
in, stickin it all the way in!" I screamed as I came deep, down in the
bottom of my mother's ass. 
  I collapsed on her back and laid there for a moment to catch my
breath. I noticed that my mom had not quite been able to come a third
"Spread your legs for me mom" I said quietly. 
 "John no you promised..." 
 "Do it mom, do it now.," I demanded. 
Mom laid ther on her back and did not move. Then slowly, hesitantly she
spread her legs apart. I climbed on topof her and began to kiss her
passionately. I slowly moved to each of her breasts and fondled and
sucked them lovingly. By now my dick was hard again and it playfully
rubbed against my mother's pussy lips. I continued planting little angel
kisses all over her flat tummy. I stuck my tounge in her belly button,
and swirled it around and around. My mom was panting helplessly by the
time I reached her cunt. I started lapping at her like a thirsty dog
determined to lick her clean. The more I licked the wetter she got. She
tried to rub her clit but I would not let her. Susan started thrashing
around wildly at this point, speaking gibberish, and for a minute
thought I was my dead father. 
"Fuck me Ron, oh it has been so long baby needs her daddy, I missed your
cock I, need your cock please fuck me now. I am a good girl, please you
can fuck my ass later but I need that fuckin piece of beefmeat in me
I took my cock and placed it at the entrance of my mother's snatch. I
rubbed it up and down her slit, and pressed it hard against her clit
button. I glanced down at her and could tell that she knew it was me.
She knew that her son was about to enter her forbidden hole, and she did
NOT say one word to stop me. Susan laid there teetering on the brink of
a massive orgasam and did not have the strength to resist me anymore.
Her legs spread even wider and she bucked her hips towards my dick,
trying to impale herself on my warm shaft. 
  "Susan do you want your son to fuck your pussy? Do you want John to
come inside of you? " 
  "Damn you yes, anything but I HAVE TO CUM. Please this is
embarassing enough don't make me beg. Do anything you want to me, but
let me cum. Please I'll...suck you later, I'll be your whore/slut but I
can't stand it anymore!" 
  I thought about it. I decided that my mom was not in her right mind.
She needed release so bad she would say anything to get it. I wanted to
be fair. I had promised not to fuck her pussy, I would keep my word. I
pulled her legs up onto my shoulders and positioned myself at her ass
again. This time I slid in easily. I rubbed my mom's clit and fucked her
ass until she exploded, and crumbled in exhaustion. I pulled out of her
ass and straddled her face. I presented my fat smelly dick to her and
she began licking and slurping on it without complaint. She was too
tired to deepthroat, but she was able to bring me to orgasam anyway. She
greedily swalowed my cum, and licked me clean. We held each other and
drifted off to a well earned and peaceful sleep. 
Well that's my story. It has been 3 days and mom has barely said a word
to me. In retrospect a part of me wishes that I had never found those
damned Penthouse Magazines or ever heard of WEBTV (although I have
hooked it up and am writing this story on it). If I have ruined my
relationship with my mother I will never forgive myself. She is all I
have. On the other hand fucking my mom's sweet ass was the greatest
feeling I ever had. I know that no matter how many other asses I fuck in
my life none will ever equal my mom's. I am going to try to be patient
with her. She needs time to heal, to take stock of what has happened. I
am her son, I love her and I will make sure she gets that time. I just
got off the phone with the Paladin Club to confirm our reservation for
Valentines day. My mom's ass was very sweet, but I can't help but wonder
if her pussy just might be sweeter. We will see. I'll send this story to
White Shadow and keep you posted. 
I set a goal for myself in Jan 98 to write 12 stories by December. "Hey
Mom look, Hot damn I did it!" Hmm on second thought maybe you had better
not look at this one. On third thought, if the truth be known you really
don't want to be looking at any of this filth and if you see this then
shame on you for being on such a nasty Website. Hmm maybe I better put a
password on my computer and delete some of these files before that bitch
starts snooping around. The only one worse than her is my nosey cunt of
a sister. She better watch her cute little ass before she gets what's
coming to her. Ahem excuse me, I don't know where that came from. My
mother and sister are both perfectly lovely ladies who did not deserve
such rude and inappropriate comments directed at them. (Sigh) It really
is weird. I am a nice normal guy 99% of the time. If I ever commit a
crime and am investigated I just know someone will dig up these 12
stories. Neighbors will go on the local news to say that I was "such a
nice boy", and that they "had no idea I was such a sicko". Oh well as
long as my life is already going to be ruined, and as I will no doubt be
going straight to hell; I might as well take as many of you down there
with me as I can. As a writer of ill repute once said" If I must go to
hell for my ideas, for my fevered delusions, for my private ramblings
that I whisper only in the quietude of my soul, then please dear Lord
let me take one good friend, to keep me company, one good woman to warm
my heart, and one good book for when the other two are not enough." 
  I have tried 11 different ways to say this, let me try one more. The
story you have just read is total bull shit. It is not true. It is make
believe. Save yourself a nasty e-mail. I will stipulate to the
following. Rape is bad. I am bad for writing such a mean ol story, as
stated above I do know that I am going to hell. Yes apparently I am a
pervert. I think that about covers it. Oh wait there is one more that
these e-mails usually close with. Let me say it for you. Fuck me and
 There now I can rest easy. 
Drop me a line at 
Intelligent e-mails (positive or negative) will always receive a
courteous reply. 

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