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Today, I'm making an unprecedented large number of posts to the newsgroups as a
Christmas present to all my past, present, and future readers. Merry X-mas to
all, and happy sodomy!

The following story contains violence and sex, combined. (yikes!)
Due to its content, it should not be read by anyone.  PARTICULARLY anyone who
is under 21, either in age or IQ.  Also, if your locale does not recognize the
first amendment to the US Constitution (for instance, if you live in parts of
Georgia or Iowa), you may be forbidden to read on. Check your local laws, and
ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS vote Libertarian.  Also, you are NOT encouraged to try
this with your girlfriend. Trust me, guys, she'll get pissed and it won't be
worth it.  

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fiction I've penned, Always be sure to write "STORY INQUIRY" in the subject
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reasonable fee, via E-mail to anyone over 21.

There were a large number of people who missed one part or the other of this
epic two-parter.  Generally, I don't repost on request, since it cuts into my
story sales to give them away free.  But, being in the Christmas spirit, and
this being my Magnum opus of 98, I give it away one more time.  Enjoy.

Mounted Policewoman, Part 2

"Look, I know you know I'm the rapist, but you can't turn me in, OK?  I've
learned my lesson.  I swear to god I'll never rape another woman in the ass as
long as I live.  So don't turn me in, OK?"

"You still have to be punished.  Prison is not just to prevent future assaults,
but to punish you for the assaults you've already committed."

"But I can't go to prison.  They'll rape me there!  I can't stand being raped,
I know that now."

"Well, that's how women feel when you rape them!"

"You Bitch!  You Bitch!  I can't believe you'd want me to get raped up the ass!
 You're no better than I used to be, but at least I've learned the error of my
ways."  He lunged for the gun, pointing it at her.  "I need to go.  I'm gonna
leave the area.  But I need a good head start. So I'm gonna tie you up."  

"No!  You can't.  I'm not expected in to work for a week!  I'm not expecting
any visitors.  I'll die!"  Even as she pleaded, he had wrapped the chain around
her just below the tits, securing her tightly to the coffee table.  He pulled
the chain so tight that it cut into her flesh; constricted her breathing.  Then
he locked it with the padlock he had brought. Then just for good measure, he
duct taped her feet to the legs of the coffee table.  Surprisingly, he left her
hands and arms free.  Then he went to the kitchen and got Slartibartfast.  He
had been gnawing at a big bag of carrots, but unable to get it open.  He
brought the carrots into the living room, and the horse followed closely
behind.  He led the horse around until Slartibartfast was once again straddling
the coffee table, this time with his head between Michelob's feet.  And that's
where Mr. Rapist tore open the bag of carrots.  While he was eating, the man
used the duct tape to firmly secure the horses front legs to the legs of the
coffee table.  

Misty couldn't see much with Slarty's cock dangling just above her face.  The
rapist pulled her arm up to gauge her reach.  She could reach nearly 1/2 way up
the horse's flank.  So he took a piece of duct tape and fastened the key to the
horse's coat, about a foot beyond her grasp, and then explained to her what he
had done.  "All you gotta do is coax him to squat down a little bit.  Then
you'll be able to reach the key to the padlock.  Or you can wait till someone
comes looking for you. Doesn't matter to me, I'll be long gone either way."
And with that, the man was gone.

Misty knew what she had to do.  By teasing the horse into thinking it might get
its dick sucked, he might hunker down a little bit so she could reach the key.
Then she'd have to get him to stand up straight again so that she could reach
the lock between the horse's belly and hers.

The horse prick, now un-erect, was still a good 8 or 9 inches long, dangling
just out of reach of her lips.  She lifted her head, softly blowing hot air on
it.  It grew a little bit.  Careful not to actually touch it with her lips, she
opened her mouth wide taking the first inch of the head and breathing around
it.  The thing jerked, touching her lower lip.  "Ewwww, gross!" she said to
herself.  Just then, a yellow stream of horse-piss erupted from the slit,
gushing into her mouth.  She jerked back immediately, but some of it went down
her throat, causing her to gag.  As she coughed, her mouth opened, and more
urine flowed in.  She had nowhere to escape and the foul yellow liquid splashed
all over her face and hair.  Some of it spraying as far down as her breasts.
By the time the flood was over, urine had stung her eyes, dripped into her ears
and been sucked into her nostrils.  Gawd!  She had to get outta here before he
decided to take a dump, she realized.

She decided to put her mouth around it, knowing that she was taking an awful
chance.  She needed him to thrust a few inches into her mouth, enabling her to
reach the key, but then go no farther.  What could go wrong with that? She
thought, remembering the inclinations of every male she'd ever felated. Still,
she had to risk a possible oral rape; it was the only way to reach the key.
Tentatively, she opened her mouth wide around the head of the huge phallus,
this time not so concerned about whether it brushed against her lip or not.
And this time, he responded favorably.  The cock grew, and she was able to rest
her head back down on the table, her mouth still hovering around the corona.
Then he shifted his stance, dropping his massive frame a couple of inches
lower.  The dick went into her mouth, touching her tongue.  She strained to
keep her mouth wide, her lips away from the sides of the shaft.  And she
strained to reach up the side of the horse in search of the key to her freedom.
 C'mon Slarty!  She tried to pull him down a little more with her hands, but he
didn't budge.  God her jaw ached.  OK, here goes.  She closed her lips onto the
slimy shaft, closing her eyes tightly, fighting the urge to vomit.  It grew to
its full hardness, nearly snapping her aching jaw.  And it reached toward the
back of her mouth, right against the entrance to her throat, almost making her
gag.   But his body didn't move one inch closer to where she could reach the
elusive key.  

No, this wasn't going to work.  She would have to think of something else.
Maybe she'd just have to wait and hope that someone would come to her rescue.
And she had to get this damn horse dick out of her mouth.  She pushed up with
her hands, but he didn't retreat.  She tried to turn her head sideways, but
couldn't--the hard shaft left her no room to maneuver.  She tried to use her
tongue to force it out, but that squeezed out a drop of pre-cum, which trickled
into her throat--making her gag.  Just at that moment, Slartibartfast shifted
his hind legs, and several more inches of cock slid into her mouth, past her
tonsils, and into her throat.  She panicked, slapping his flanks, trying to
push him back upward.  Instead, he dropped lower, his big balls coming to rest
on her forehead as his unbelievable 15" pecker had inserted itself so
decisively into her throat that she instantly recognized there was no point in
squirming.  "Go Limp" she reminded herself.  And in a brief moment of clarity
just before her lungs began to scream for air, she had the presence of mind to
reach up to snatch the duct-taped key off the horse's side, but as she ripped
it from his fur, he bucked hard against her face.  Startled by this still
deeper invasion, she flailed her arms, beating them on his rounded sides. 
Accidentally, she flung the key across the room.

She was being squished again, flattened by a horse.  The padlock and chain dug
hard into her stomach, probably breaking a rib or two.  She knew she couldn't
breath, but she wasn't sure if it was due to the fact that their was a big
saggy horse belly crushing her, of if it was because a big slimy horse dick was
stuffed all the way into her esophagus.  She screamed, but no sound came out.
Just as she was about to lose consciousness, Slarty pulled out, slowly, and as
soon as the head had retreated up into her mouth, she sucked in a full breath.
Then he thrust back in.  A horse was fucking her face.  How nice.  Surely,
someday she would look back on this and laugh, but right now she was too busy
gagging and suffocating.  Would he leave it in long enough to kill her this
time? She wondered.  But he did not.  He pulled back as soon as he'd hit
bottom.  But as soon as the head came free of her throat, he rammed forward
again.  This time, she didn't gag, and she was still able to suck in ekes of
air through her nose as it went down.  Now that she wasn't dying, she noticed
for the first time just how painful it was to have her throat stretched like
this.  It was worse than the worst sore throat she'd ever had.  And it
continued to get worse with every thrust.  And every thrust got faster and more

Lightheaded from lack of oxygen, bizarre thoughts flitted through her mind as
the horse continued to rape her mouth.  "How have you been?" Someone would
surely ask her, if she somehow survived this ordeal.  "Oh fine, except I got
suspended from work, then I picked up this rapist in the bar, but he didn't
really wanna rape me, cuz my ass is too fat, so I forced him to at gunpoint.
But then my horse sodomized me instead, and THEN the man raped me.  Oh, and I
almost forgot, I was forced to give the horse a blow job, too.  How have YOU

Suddenly, all his weight was right on her face as he buried it all the way in
and left it.  "POP", she heard, as her aching jaw now just hung loosely,
dislocated by the thickening base of the cock as the fluid rushed toward her
stomach.  Her eyes rolled back into her head, and the little ekes of air were
no longer enough to sustain her.  

"I'm gonna pull this out of your throat now OK?"  she heard, as she looked up
at the light.  And sure enough, a long thick tube emerged from her throat,
pulled out by a nurse.  The Sheriff was there, too.  "You had us really worried
for a little while there.  When we didn't hear from you for over a week, I
drove out to check on you.  You were in pretty bad shape.  Hell, you've been in
a coma for a month now.  Lost 50 lbs!  Anyway, if you wanna talk about what
happened between you and ole' Bart, just let me know.  And if you don't ever
wanna talk about it, well, that's OK too.  Right now though, doctor says you
need your rest.

"Did you get him?"  She mouthed, but no words came out.  The nurse handed her a
pad and pen.  "Did you get him?" she wrote.

"The rapist?  No. But the rapes seem to have stopped for the time being. 
Probably not for long, though.  Once a man gets a taste for rape, they say
there's only two things that'll stop him. Death, or incarceration."

There might be other ways to stop a rapist, she thought.  15" of
Slartibartfasts cock can be a pretty stern convincer.  Or maybe just meeting
the right woman.  She sighed, closing her eyes, and wondering if he would now
willingly run his studded tongue between her newly thin asscheeks.


a peak at the Sheriff's departmental psychological evaluation follow-up of
former deputy Michelob Martin.


Dr. "Sunshine"
MM: "butt-crack"
Dr: "Why butt-crack?"
MM: "Because that's where the sun don't shine"
Dr.:  I see.  OK.  "Mother"
MM:  "Fucker"
Dr.: "Car"
MM: "Driveshaft"
Dr.: "Train"
MM: "Tunnel"
Dr.: "Door"
MM: "Back-door"
Dr.: "Window"
MM: "Shattered"
Dr: "Bird"
MM: "Pecker"
Dr: "Man"
MM: "Rapist"
Dr.: "Woman"
MM: "Receptacle"
Dr.: "Gun"
MM: "Force"
Dr.: "Force"
MM: "rape"
Dr: "Sex"
MM: "rape"
Dr.: "Love"
MM; <pause> "I don't know"
Dr.: "Horse"
MM: "I don't know"
Dr.: "the name of a horse"
MM:  <pause> "Trigger"
Dr.: "another name of a horse"
MM: <pause>  "Silver" <giggles>
Dr:  "Come on, Misty, today, we're gonna try to say his name."
MM:  "Nooooooooooooooo!"
Dr: "OK, OK, can you just say the first letter of his name?"
MM:  "Nooooooooooooooo!" <breaks down sobbing>
Session ends.

Psychiatrists recommendation:  "The results of the word association test,
combined with Deputy M's inability to so much as state the name of her primary
assailant, and factored with the standard Rorschach test of our last session,
in which she perceived all of the shapes to be depictions of violent rape,
cause me to conclude that she is unfit for reinstatement at this time, and
should seek treatment from a reputable in-patient care facility.  Future
handlers should be warned of her exhibitionistic  propensity to lay face down
on the couch, panti-less, while wearing leather micro-mini skirts."   The
doctor set down his pen, wondering if getting his tongue pierced really would
improve his sex life, as his patient had suggested it might.

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