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Please send her your comments.


By Susan

This is a work of fiction.

This edition has been redone with the aid of a spell checker. Someone
pointed out that my spell in the first two parts when frankly awful and when
I looked at it I saw he was right. I can only say I'm sorry that I wasn't
more careful. There are still some mistakes in this I'm sure, but at least I
have now got rid of all the ones I can find at this point. Please bare with
me, this is only my second story.

This is my work alone, and hence if reproduced can only be done so if kept
complete. I realise there is nothing I can do to stop anyone using this by
the very nature of the medium itself, but if you do use it please keep it in
tack and keep my name and e mail address on it. Just good manners basically.

This contains sex scenes and therefore only read it if the laws of your
land allow. I don't want to get into trouble and nor do you. This does not
contain commonly used words that so many of these stories seem to. I'm sorry
but words like that doesn't turn any of the girls I know on, and none of our
boyfriends would think of using such words in our company. So if you are
looking for that, keep looking please.

Any comments, and if you think I should write more,


However because airtime is costly in UK, I am unable to personally respond
to everyone. Please understand.

Hope you like it.


I had applied for the job at the hotel several days before. It was a hotel
in the countryside, and catered for businessmen. The interview told me
that I had to be broad minded and ready to handle most situations on my own.
For that I would receive a much higher then usual wage plus tips, what the
customers gave me, and a percentage of what was left at the main desk. It
sounded too good to be true, but I took the job, wondering what was really

I'm slim, have long straight blonde hair, small breasts, and 19 years old.

I arrived at 6:30 and was immediately told to change into my uniform. I was
surprised to see what that uniform was. (I had already been told to wear
white underwear). They before me hang several uniforms from size 10 to 12
only. It consisted of white stockings, suspender belt, a short mini black
dress and a little white apron. I was beginning to catch on by what they
meant when they said I needed to be broadminded.

After changing I was told to see the manager. I entered his office. He was
about 45, heavy set, with short black hair. I told him my name. He asked if
I understood the requirements of the job, I told him I thought I did. He
asked me to turn around, which I did. He then asked me to bend forward a
little,...I did that too. From where he was sitting I could guess he was
looking at my bottom and my white panties...the dress was really very short.
"Oh yes, you'll do." He told me.

He then gave me a warning. "Whatever happens here is up to you. But we look
after our staff and our good name. So if for any reason you decline a
situation, we will back you up fully. Any situation that occurs is if you
want it too. I find we get the best from our staff that way."

I was beginning to enjoy this. My mind was racing, 'situations', mmmmmhh; I
wondered what that would actually mean.

I didn't have long to find out.

At 8am I was sent up to a room with the breakfast tray. I knock and was told
to come in. A young man was lying in bed looking at me. He was about 25,
with blonde hair, and very good looking. "Morning sir." I said walking over
to the beside table where I put the tray.

He looked me up and down. Then smiled. "You're new."

"First day sir." I told him, hands clasped behind my back, smiling.

He smiled again, "Look, would you mind re arranging my pillows a little,
maids do it so much better."

Now I guessed. "Yes of course Sir." I leaned over him and began to arrange
the pillows, his face was near my throat, I could imagine him looking down
the front of my dress at my breasts, held in that little white bra. I was
getting horny. He raised his head up and I felt his lips brush my throat. I
stood back, "Sir?"

"Don't worry," he smiled, "Please carry on."

I leaned over him again, only to find his head returned and he started to
lick my throat while I moved the pillows. These pillows ere going to take a
long time to re arrange I decided. I pushed upwards a little and felt his
lips caress the upward swell of the top of my breasts. Then I felt his hand
touch the back of my leg and slowly caress it's way up to my bottom. He
lazily circled the cheeks with his fingers while I remained leaning over
him. Then his finger moved to between my legs, stroking gently my pussy
through my panties.

"I think there's something under these sheets, could you check?" He asked.

I was about to suggest the same seeing that there was an out line of
something long about where his hips would be. "Of course Sir, I'd be glad

I slide a hand over his chest and under the sheets...I let my fingers drag
along his smooth chest, down his tummy, and then finally felt something
touch it, hard and slightly wet.

"There is," I told him.  My fingers caressed the hard yet soft head of his

"Perhaps you had better take a closer look." He told me.

I didn't need to be asked twice. My head swooped down to his chest where I
gave him a couple of long licks across before sliding under the sheets,
downward. I could see in the half-light the head of his cock pointing
straight up at me. I brushed my lips against it before opening my mouth and
sucking the warm head into my mouth. He moaned and I started to swirl my
tongue around the head. With my hand I pulled back the skin letting the top
slide out completely and pushed my lips down that to just below the rim of
his cock head. Hold it there in my warm mouth I began to gently wank his
cock with my hand. His hands were busy too. One was holding my head,
caressing my hair with his fingers. The other one had found it's way into my
pussy and was gently finger fucking me.

I pulled away to ask him if there was anything else he required but he said
'no' and explained he was really happy with what I was doing so far. I was a
bit disappointed, I wanted to fuck him, but then I was working and he was a
guest here. I kept moving my hand up and down that shaft, keeping his head
in my mouth, licking over the top of his cock while I did so. I heard him
say how nicely I was doing that.

With my other hand I gently started to squeeze his balls, sort of milking
him. I took the head of his cock from my mouth and started to lick and bite
the side of the shaft down to his balls, which I then licked before planting
his cock back into my mouth. I held his cock tightly now, pushing the sheet
off me. Holding it up straight at the ceiling I then started to bop my head
up and down on it. I just used my hand to steady it while my lips did the
work. After a minute or two I heard him warn me that he was going to come. I
held my ground...I didn't want to spoil the sheets did I?

I kept on bopping my head up and down on his cock until suddenly I great wad
of warm stick cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed quickly as another and
another wad shot out the end of his cock. My hand was squeezing his balls
quite hard now and his legs were jerking up and down. He was moaning a lot,
but I believe it wasn't about the service. Finally he stopped pumping and
his cock started to grow small in my mouth. I kept licking until it was very
soft and tiny. I looked at him. He had his eyes half closed. "That's was
outstanding." He told me. "Thank you."

His finger was still playing with me but I needed more then that. "It's ok,"
I said and then looked down at his hand. He smiled and withdraw.

"A tip for the lady," he said. "My wallet is in my side jacket pocket on the
chair, I think a fifty is in order."

Wow, and for something I enjoyed, "Thank you sir," was all I could really

A minute later I was outside, 50 richer.


Back downstairs I killed time for a while before being sent to another room.
"He wants his bath cleaned." I was told. I went up stairs and found the
room. Knocking I found a man in his 50's standing there in a dressing gown.
He was over weight, and had grey hair. But he looked ok and seemed friendly
enough. "It's my bath, would you mind cleaning it young lady?"

I bowed and went to the bathroom. It didn't seem dirty at all, but still, I
could guess at the routine. I knelt down on my knees and bent over the bath,
which I started to wash and wipe with a cloth. I heard him come in behind me
and soon I felt his hands gently hold my hips. I carried on wiping the bath,
knowing that the tops of my legs must be showing by now. I could guess the
view he had. He squeezed my hips a couple of times and then let his hands
wander down to the sides of my legs, and then back up, but this time under
my dress. He enjoyed that for a time and then raised my skirt over my back.
I felt him kiss my bottom cheeks and then his tongue traced along the line
of my panties. I wriggled a little but continued to wipe the bath. I was
enjoying this.

His fingers slide into the tops of my panties and then he slowly rolled them
down over my bottom until they were around my knees. I heard him fumble and
then felt his cock suddenly touch my pussy. I pushed back a little and the
head slipped in. "My goodness, we are keen." Was all he said.

Holding my hips he started to push his cock into me more, and I was more
then ready for this after my first visit to a room this morning. His long
cock started to thrust in and out as he held my hips tightly in his hands. I
pushed back each time to meet his thrusts. One of his hands slide under me
and clutched at my breasts through my uniform. I felt his fingers kneed my
breast, squeezing the now hard nipple between his fingers through the

He slowly managed to undo the top three buttons, then ravished my breasts
and bra with his hand. The other one he used to push my hips back and forth
against him. I could feel the build up within myself and then I started to was great...long and intense. I lost some of my power then but he
made up for it with his thrusts. Suddenly he yelled he was going to come and
ordered me to sit facing him with my back to the bath. I spun round and
slide to the floor. He held his cock in his hand and aimed it just below my
chin. Suddenly I saw the head widened and a spurt of creamy coloured cum
flew out and hit my throat where it started to run down to my half-exposed
breasts. He pointed his cock downwards and aimed the next few spurts at the
tops of my breasts. Spurt after spurt flew out, spotting my uniform and
breasts and bra. It felt warm and sticky; there was a string of it from my
shoulder to my left breasts. It started to slide down in gobs. He then
wiped his cock against my chest before standing back to admire his
handiwork. "Wonderful little girl." He said again and again. Finally he
walked out of the bathroom and came back in with two 20 notes. "There you
go girl, you come back this afternoon with my tea and I'll double it."

I went downstairs and asked one of the girls about my uniform. She told me
to shower and she would get me a uniform. I started to take my clothes off
but suddenly she stopped me. "It's up to you," she said, "But there's an old
gent in room 42, he loves nothing better than to watch one of us have a
shower. He's not very demanding either."

So taking a towel I went up to the room and knocked. Walking in I found he
was still in bed. At first I wasn't sure what to say but he must have been
used to this, "Go on my dear, head for the shower if that's what you want."

I did just that. Removed the old uniform and stepped in. I didn't draw the
curtain. I started to soap myself all over and then the door opened. He
walked in. He must have been 70. He was thin and gaunt, but he stood upright
and seemed nice enough. He had a robe on which he soon managed to get his
hand under and I could see he was playing with his cock. I needed to be
clean so I made a special show of soaping my breasts and pussy. He loved
that. Once or twice he reached out and fondled my breast and bottom. Just
running his hands over them, "For old times sake." He said. His cock was now
out of the robe. It was thin and short and he was pumping it up and down.

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do so I reached for it and started to
wank it for him. He seemed to like that and kept closing his eyes. I wasn't
sure if I wanted to suck it, it didn't look so nice but I figured that at his
age it would be a treat. I knelt down in the shower and put my face close to
his groin. "Oh yes." He muttered. Opening my mouth I popped the thin cock in
and then closed my lips around the shaft. I swirled my tongue around the top,
then started to move my head back and forth. He had to actually steady
himself by holding onto my head and shoulders. I could feel his hips start
to thrust a little. His cock felt nice in my mouth, being small meant I could
play with it with my tongue more than normal. I pushed it from side to side
and sucked and licked at it.

Suddenly he called out, "Miracle!" and then I felt a small wad of come pour
out the end. I opened my mouth letting it slide out over my lips and chin.
More cum oozed out the end, it didn't spurt, but for him I think even this
was something. I let it ooze out over my tongue, then let it slide off over
my lips and drip on to my legs and the shower basin.

He shook his head, "If only you knew how long that's been..." he said. I felt
so wonderful. I guess the other girls hadn't done anything like this for
him, they  probably just wanked him off. He asked me to stay with him a while
after I had finished my shower. I did, and for an hour he talked to me,
telling me his experiences in the war when he was 20, and various other
things. I found it interesting to hear things like that. At the end he told
me he had kept me long enough and gave me a large tip. I handed some of it
back, telling him I was happy enough with half of what he had given me. He
seemed so overcome I thought he was going to cry.

It was now mid day. I had lunch and chatted with some of the other girls.
The rule was we couldn't talk about what went on in the rooms except in a
very general way. "It's ok here," one said, "No one ever pushes you into
anything, and if you don't like the look of someone you just say 'no'.
Though they like it if you then send someone else up." It seemed that nearly
all the guests knew what services were provided, though that didn't were
kept in the dark. All girls had been told never to make the first step.

The rest of the afternoon passed off uneventfully. I was summoned to various
rooms, but it was for real chambermaids work rather then specials. The old
man in 42 didn't call me back, I suspected it was because he was still
getting over what had happened...I hoped so at least.


By Susan

This is a work of fiction. I have used experiences in my short life to base
it on. When I finally told the world about My Uncle and Myself, the response
was amazing. People were very kind and told me they liked what I had
written. Some even said I had written it very well. Maybe just kindness I
don't know. But nice none the less. They wanted more but other then other
events in my life which I wish to remain private, there was nothing more I
could give them. So I have decided to try a fictional story. In doing so I
hope I haven't stepped on the kindness showed to me by various people who
read these stories.

This is my work alone, and hence if reproduced can only be done so if kept
complete. I realise there is nothing I can do to stop anyone using this by
the very nature of the medium itself, but if you do use it please keep it
intact and keep my name and e mail address on it. Just good manners

This contains sex scenes, and therefore only read it if the laws of your
land allow. I don't want to get into trouble and nor do you. This does not
contain commonly used words that so many of these stories seem to. I'm sorry
but words like that don't turn any of the girls I know on, and none of our
boyfriends would think of using such words in our company. So if you are
looking for that, keep looking please.

Any comments, and if you think I should write more,

However because air time is costly in UK, I am unable to personally respond
to everyone. Please understand.

Hope you like it

My second day saw me doing normal chambermaid duties until about 9:30 when
I was sent up to a room on the top floor. After knocking I went in to find a
young man in his late 20s standing there in a sports jackets and casual
trousers. He said his name was Mick, [Hello, well you keep writing me so I
thought you'd like a role in this story, hope you aren't angry]. He asked me
to go to the window and then just lean forward with my arms resting on the
ledge. I did as I was told.

He walked up behind me and then I felt him gently lift my skirt up and place
it over my back. He muttered "Nice, oh very nice" and then he started to
slowly stroke the backs of my legs with his fingertips. That really got to
me. It was difficult to keep still. Slowly he worked his fingers up to my
bottom, caressing and fondling the cheeks and my hips. Then I heard him
kneel down and he started to kiss the backs of my legs, followed by licking
along them and moving upwards. I moaned.

Finally he reached my panties, not a moment too soon, which he carefully
pulled down to my knees. Then, without warning, he simply thrust his face
into my pussy, his tongue ramming into me. Talk about standing on tiptoe, I
almost fell out the bloody window! It was pure heaven. He then started
simply to tongue fuck me really hard; his tongue thrusting in and out,
sometimes up and down and sometimes even in a circle. I was gripping the
window ledge really hard, it was almost hurting. I managed to push back back
once or twice, but mostly I felt too weak to do anything much except hold on
for dear life.

His hands meanwhile were either holding my hips or sometimes fondling my
breasts through my dress. At one point I managed to undo the first two
buttons and encourage him to actually touch them, he didn't seem to mind
that at all. All the time his tongue rentlessly attacked my pussy...and I was
very close to the edge, in more ways then one.

And suddenly I was there,...moaning, head lolled right back, eyes closed,
mouth open, hips thrusting back on to his face. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...oh god!
Yes did I come. For a few seconds more he licked around my pussy then,
thankfully by now, he stopped. He sat back on the carpet, breathing hard.

"That was wonderful." I said, and meant it.

He smiled. "On the bed please miss."

"Of course, sir," I replied as I climbed on to the double bed. He joined me
and popped both of my breasts out of my bra. Straight away his mouth covered
one breast while he used his hand and fingers on the other one. I felt my
nipple being sucked up between his teeth; they bite it carefully while his
tongue flicked across it. He did everything he could to my breasts with his
mouth, licked, sucked, run his lips over them, bite...they were getting the
full treatment, and all I had to do so far was lay back...just who was the
guest in this hotel? He kept on my breasts for ten minute before telling me
that he was worked up enough to finish himself.

"Where may I?" He asked.

That knocked me out. "Anyway you wish." I mean I had to show gratefulness
didn't I?

He kneeled up and moved over to the side of my face. "Just lay there please,
with your mouth open if you don't mind."

Who was I to refuse? It was the first time I had had a good look at his
cock. It was a bit bigger then normal, with a purple head poking out of the an acorn. I'd loved to have popped that in my mouth, but we had
been told never to make moves, only to go along with what the guests wanted.
So I lay there, mouth wide open.

He rubbed his cock a few times, exposing more of the head, back and forth and
then suddenly he stopped, his neck muscle stood out he started intently at
my face. From the tip of his cock poured forth a stream of milky cream cum,
which dribbled straight into and around my mouth. It poured all over my tongue
and coated my teeth and lips. It didn't come in spurts, but just a steady
stream...(he must have done this before!). I was amazed; this was something I
had never seen. I felt it run around my mouth, slipping into my throat, down
my tongue, sliding off my teeth. Some of it that had dribbled onto my lips
and chin slide down my neck, making me go all goosebumpy. He smiled at me. I
pushed my tongue out, making a lot of it pour out over my lips and joining
the stuff already sliding down my neck.
He leaned forward so his softening cock touched my face...I twisted a little
and sucked the soft head into my mouth, swirling it around with his cum,
that seemed to knock him out a bit too. Finally I let it fall from my mouth.

"I'll get a towel for you." He said, A true gentleman to the end.

I returned downstairs for a shower and a rest.

The manager then asked me to come to his office. I was a little worried,
what did this mean? I went in.
He told me to take a seat and then asked me how I liked the job. I told him
I was enjoying it far more than I had thought. He said he had been getting
very good reports about me, and that a guest had left a present from
yesterday. It was from the old man who had checked out earlier this morning.
It turned out it was a note simply saying 'thank you' and some vouchers for
Harrods of all places for 150!

"He'll be back," the manager told me, "On condition that you are still

He seemed pleased with me and told me that any doubts about my suitably for
this job were well gone. "Consider yourself as part of the team." I thought,
here we go; now I have to service him, but no, he said that was all, and
sent me on my way.

I asked one of the other girls who had just finished in a room, "Oh, he
never gets involved, it's just a job as far as he's concerned."

About 11am I was asked to go to a room where there was a couple of men
staying. They requested some cream and cakes. I thought this was just a
normal chambermaid job, taking up the cakes but they had other ideas. I put
the tray down in their room and then they asked me if I would mind serving
them the cream and cakes.

"Yes sir, of course."

They were both about 40, but fairly good looking, slim and tall. They told
me to remove all my clothes, even my stockings and suspenders. I did. They
watched intently. At that point they both stood up, and dropped their
trousers, sporting large erections! They then sat side by side on the settee
and asked me to crush a cake and then put that and the cream around their

Oh well, their call. I did just that, taking the cream in my fingers and
rubbing it over their cocks and balls...seaming it all over. Their cocks
felt nice and hard as my fingers run over them. Happy with the cream cocks I
had made I sat back.

"Do you like cream?" one asked.

"Do you like licking ice cream cones?" the other said.

I smiled, "Yes of course."

"Well then...."

I leaned forward and sticking my tongue out started to lick one of the cream
cocks...I traced my tongue up from the mound where the balls were to the tip
of his cock, then wiggled my tongue around the top of the head, cleaning it
of cream, making it nice and wet. I moved to his friend. This
time I opened wide and took my lips down to below the head where I closed
them and then drew my head up, taking the cream off the entire top of his
cock in one go.

"She's got imagination." One said.
"Yes, hasn't she?" the other one replied.

I then lowered my head and started to flick my tongue at the base of the mound
where the underside of his balls must be. Soon I got to skin and then
started to lick the cream off his balls. Sometimes sucking, sometimes
lapping it up like a pussycat. I switched to his mate and sucked one of his
balls into my mouth and let the cream dissolve in me before releasing it. I
then held his cock shaft tight and flicked my tongue back and forth against
the rim of his cock head.

"Jesus Christ!" He almost screamed. "This one's got it!"

"I thought that when she was on mine a minute ago."

My tongue flicked all around his head and cleaned all around the rim and top
so there wasn't a trace of cream left. Then I licked his cock cream. I moved
back to his friend and likewise cleaned his cock and balls of all the cream
and bits of cake. Finally, with a feeling of a job well done I sat back.

"Would you like to kneel on the floor on all fours please?" one asked.

"If you don't mind." The other one said.

I did as I was told.

One stood in front of me and then slid headfirst under me. Straight away
he started to suckle at my hanging breasts. Bouncing them around with his
tongue, and watching them shake around. Sometimes he sucked at them but
mostly he teased them, flicking the nipples and lapping at them. Nice.

The other knelt behind me and started to rub his cock against my pussy...once
or twice he pushed just the head in but with his hand moved it around before
taking it out. It was driving me mad. What with my first event this morning
and now this, I wanted to get some hard action, not all this teasing
stuff...still it's nice, I wasn't complaining.

Then the one behind me put his hands to the sides of my breasts and squeezed
them together, the one underneath started to flick his tongue back and forth
across both nipples now,....mmmmmh, delight!

I heard him ask me to suck him. His cock, hard and proud was lying on his
tummy before my face. I only had to lean forward a little and with my tongue
I drew it into my mouth. I kept the head there, swirling my tongue around it
before starting to bop my head up and down on it. He begun to raise his hips
up and down. His friend behind me now gently pushed his cock into and
started to screw me, slow and hard,....sometimes short strokes, just a little
way in, then a long stroke all the way in, then a short one,,....
death by fucking!

They kept this up for several minutes,....and it was lovely. So slow and firm.
Every move through out. They were a good team. Finally one asked simply,

The other said, "Oh yes, I think so."

 From under me he then told me to lift my head off his cock and close my
mouth and stay still. I pulled back. He took hold of his cock and started to
wank it hard. The other pulled out of me and did like wise. Within seconds I
felt that warm sticky feeling as cum started shooting out all over my bottom
and back, landing in strings across my back, splashing all over my bottom.
Then the other one started to come. His spunk jetted out and hit my face,
over my cheek and nose, strings of it, hanging off me, dripping on to his
chest,....long streams of it flying out and splashing my face and neck. Talk
about a cum bath.

He pulled out from under me, the other moved to my face.

"Would you be so kind as to lick these clean please."

They were both kneeling there, their cocks half way between soft and hard. I
held them in my hands and then started to lick them clean, some cum dripping
from one, the other seamed with cum. I sucked them into my mouth and washed
them. They just stayed there, looking down, almost like it wasn't happening
to them. I washed them both clean, would be a lie to say dry,....they
gave me a good tip and then I returned downstairs with the empty tray.

The rest of the day was just routine after that.

And so ended my second day.


The following day I didn't need to start work until the evening. So for most
of the day I spent with one of my close friends, not actually letting on
what was happening at the hotel, but hinting to her. She seemed shocked. I
didn't let on that I had taken an active role in any of the goings-on.

When I arrived I was waiting at the dinner tables for the first couple of
hours. Apart from one of the guests, who put his hand up the back of my
short dress everytime I served him, the dinner was uneventful.

At 8pm I was summoned to a room. There were two men there, both businessmen
in their mid thirties. One was short, the other tall, both were average
looking, and very well dressed. They told me they wanted to watch a porno
film. I hurried downstairs and selected one based on what they had said they
had wanted to see.

I returned to the room and put the video on. I was then asked to stay if I
could. Naturally I could.

The tall one said, "Please remove your dress, but not your underwear. Then
sit here." Patting a space in the settee between them.

I unbuttoned my dress and slid it off revealing my black bra, panties,
suspender belt and stockings. I walked over and sat down between them. They
settled back and simply began to watch the film.

It was about ten minutes later when I felt a hand touch my leg and start to
caress it. It was the tall one. He just moved his hand back and forth along
my leg, letting his fingertips trail along the inside of my leg. The short
one then took my hand and dropped onto the front of his trousers. I could
feel something hard and long inside them. I started to trace the outline of
his cock with my fingers before tugging his zip down and fishing his cock
out. It was a nice sized one, thick and fairly long. I wrapped my hand
around the shaft and wanked it up and down slowly.

The tall one then stopped caressing me for a while, the film had suddenly
become more interesting. Soon however I got his attention again when he
simply turned to me, and with one hand cupped my breast. Leaning forward he
started to lick and kiss the top of my breast. I felt his tongue trace along
the top swell of them. Once or twice he carefully bite the soft white fresh.

I carried on meanwhile wanking the short one. The top of his cock had now
become a little moist, and once or twice I rubbed my finger over the head.
He liked that by the way he caught his breath.

Tall man pulled away from my breasts, leaving wet marks on the tops of them.
He started to watch the film again, but this time he unzipped himself and
pulled his cock out. That too was fairly long and thick. I reached over with
my other hand and held the shaft tightly. Instead of me wanking him he began
to gently thrust his hips up and down, while I just held him tight.

The film was a French one, lots of fast sex scenes, and very good ones at
that. By now I was getting turned on a lot as well. It was with relief then
when Short Man got off the settee, kneeled between my legs and started to
lick his way along the insides of them. His tongue caressed and circled,
each time moving closer to my panties. When he reached them he pushed his
tongue against them pushing his way to my pussy, which he licked up and
down in long single licks. This made me moan and wiggle around.

Tall one decided it was time to play with my breasts again, but this time he
lifted them out of my bra before sinking his teeth and mouth onto them,
sucking and biting like his life depended on it. I managed to keep hold of
his cock, which I tried to wank, but the position wasn't very helpful to
that idea.

Short Man slid his hands under my bottom, cupping both cheeks and squeezing
them tightly. His tongue ravished my pussy, long hard licks along it,
sometimes darting in and out. I gave up on Tall Man's cock and grabbed his
head with both hands, forcing it harder against my breasts. His tongue
swirled around my nipples; his teeth clamping on to them, holding them,
pulling them away from my breasts before letting them go; then he'd suck so
hard it was like he was trying to sallow my entire breast. My hips were now
grinding into Short Man's face, almost fucking his mouth. His hands
responded by squeezing my bottom so hard it that was almost painful. Finally
with a long drawn out moan I came. I shaked and jerked until it subsided.
They both pulled away and simply sat back to watch the movie again!

I reached out and took their cocks in my hands, and then started to wank
them slowly again. They didn't seem to mind at all. Short Man reached over
and cupped a breast, squeezing the nipple between his fingers, but other
then that I was left to do what I liked. So I just sat back and wanked them
for a long time, very slowly though. I didn't know what they had in mind
about finishing.

The movie stopped. Tall one said, "We'd like to come now Miss."

I smiled, "Ok."

They then both kneeled up on the settee, one on either side of me. Their
cocks were now level with my breasts. Taking them in their hands they
started to wank them back and forth. Short Man came first. With a moan and
head lolled back he suddenly started to spurt drops of cum all over my
breasts and tummy. It was warm and sticky, and fairly thin, so it started to
run down the sides of my breasts and over my tummy very quickly. This must
have done it for Tall Man who jerked his hips a couple of time before
spraying creamy cum all over my chest like a shower head. Some of it landed
on my chin and throat, but most covered my breasts where it mixed with Short

Both then started to rub their cocks all around my breasts, rubbing their
cum all into my skin until the warmth of the room and their rubbing had
mostly dried it all up.

"Thank you Miss." Short One said, handing me a large tip.

I gathered up my clothes, slipped them back on and left.

Downstairs again I had a shower and changed my clothes. I turned down the
next event. It was a lady on her own. Had she been with a man I could have
handled that, but by it's self, it just didn't turn me on. Luckily I was
told before I went upstairs so she never knew someone had said 'no'. Another
girl went, she always liked the ladies on their own.

At about Eleven I was asked to go to another room. "This one is different,"
I was told. "It will be dark, you are to stay silent. He will pretend to be
asleep, and all you are to do is creep up to the bed, pull back the
bedclothes and blow him. He will pretend to be asleep all through. It's
nothing personal."

I guessed, "He's married?"

"We think so!"

The room was dark but with enough light for me to make out the bed and a
'sleeping' figure under the sheets. I stole up to the bed, slipping out of
my dress I removed my bra. I then carefully pulled the sheet back until I
could make out a limp small little cock lying there. I climbed onto the head
and sat over his feet. Leaning forward so that my breasts just hang over the
tops of his legs, brushing against them as they swung a little, I took hold
of the limp cock and held it upwards. I blew air on to it and then kissed
the soft head with my lips. I moved my lips around the head, which was
beginning to get hard. I opened my lips a little and stuck my tongue out and
circled the semi-soft warm head.

Opening my mouth wide I took the entire cock into my mouth, pushing it
around with my tongue, licking the shaft and head. It was getting hard
quickly now and soon I could only keep the head within my warm wet mouth. I
kept moving my lips up and down on the head, letting my lips slide back and
forth over the rim of his cock head. My breasts swung from side to side, the
nibbles brushing against his hairy legs. I noticed his hips were moving up
and down as his cock started to gently thrust a little into my mouth. I held
it steady with one hand and jabbed at the head and shaft with my tongue,
taking long licks from his balls to his head, sometimes gently catching the
shaft with my teeth, holding it and then letting it go.

I moved my head off his cock and bite into his tummy, then trailed my tongue
along back to the base of his cock. I pushed his balls within their sack
with my tongue before taking my mouth back to the tip of his cock. Opening
my lips I suddenly rammed my head down as far as it could go. I then shot my
head back up again and then rammed back down. He couldn't ignore that and
moaned very loudly. I just kept doing that, ramming my head back and forth
so hard, so far down, like some crazed thing. Each time I kept my lips
tightly wrapped around his shaft, sometimes letting my teeth scrape along
his smooth skin.

He reached down and placed a hand on top of my head, but to caress my hair
rather then force me down. My head was bopping harder and harder and then
suddenly he grunted loudly and a wad of thick spunk hit the back of my
mouth. I kept it there and stopped thrusting my mouth, instead just sliding
my lips back and forth over the rim of his head again. More cum shot out,
filling my mouth so that I had to open my lips and let a long stream of
thick cum pour out down the underside of his cock. He shot twice more before
he lay still. I kept his cock in my mouth, letting my tongue caress it. It
started to grow soft and when it was all limp again, I released it.

I got off the bed and took my clothes. As I was closing the door I heard a
"Thank you" come from the darkness. The next morning I was handed a tip by
the manager who said, "I don't know what you've got, but they like you!"


A slow day until 11 am when I was told that the 'Colonel' had requested me
to come up to his room. The other girls told me that he was in his
seventies, and could be good fun. They advised me to 'go along' with what
ever he wanted, 'it's never as bad as it sounds....'

I made my way upstairs and after knocking entered the room. The 'Colonel'
was sitting on a chair, dressed in a black suit. His hair was grey and his
face was that of a man in his late fifties. His complexion was very tanned
and ruddy.

He told me to approach him, which I did.

"Let's feel your leg first girl. Like a strong leg."

He reached out and run his hand along the back of my legs, feeling and
clenching at them. "Mmmmmh, you're do!"

He then slapped his leg and told me to 'perch' myself on it. I sat on his
knee and he cupped my breasts through my dress with his hand, mauling and
feeling at them. Once again he told me that 'I would do.'

"Right girl, let's get to it. Stand up, face the door and hitch that dress

I jumped off his leg, turned and tugged my dress up to my waist. I leaned
forward a little to help his view. His hand went to my bottom and caressed
the cheeks along the panty line.

"Ooh Sir, you are naughty." I told him

"Ever been spanked girl?"

I looked over my shoulder and put my finger to my lips, "No Sir."

He laughed, and then added, "Ok Girl, get your tummy over my leg here."

I turned around again and lay over his leg. He pulled my dress up to my hips
and then tugged my panties down. Slap, slap, came down his hand. It didn't
hurt, he was very careful, but it did make my bottom cheeks waggle somewhat.
That pleased him no end, and he smacked me five or six times.

I was then told to sit on his leg again. Upon which he then undid the front
buttons of my small dress, pulling it wide open to reveal my bra and tummy.

"Now then girl," he said, "I want you to sit aside me, pull those little
titties out, and rub them into my face."

I climbed onto his lap and popping out my breasts I pressed my chest hard
against his face. His eyes showed that he was in heaven. I waggled and
seamed them all around his face, pushing the nipples against his lips,
rubbing them over his cheeks and forehead. I used them like an eraser,
trying to rub something out. His hands meanwhile were clenching my bottom
hard, forcing me closer and closer to him.

"Yes...yes." He kept muttering. Sometimes he opened his mouth to let his
tongue lick my titties as they rubbed against his mouth, but mostly he just
lolled back, letting me cover his face.

Finally he told me that it was enough. I stood up and waited in front of
him. His hand rubbed his trousers. "Take a close look down there girl, there
should be a sentry somewhere. Make sure he's standing to attention."

I knelt down between his legs. I tugged his zipper down and pulled his
trousers open. I could see the outline of a half-hard cock through his
pants. I peeled them over the shaft so that the top part of his cock was
exposed. Leaning forward I dragged my tongue along the shaft up to the head
which I then licked all around. It jerked a couple of times and then started
to grow harder. Peeling his pants down some more his cock sort of fell down
a little. I clenched the side of the head with my lips and then sucked it
into my mouth. It felt floppy as my tongue pushed it around. Then it started
to get very hard, quite quickly in fact. The 'Colonel' was moaning and
muttering words of encouragement.

When it was fully erect I started to bop my head up and down on it, taking
it as deep as I could before dragging my lips back along the shaft to the
head and then sliding down again. Suddenly I was told to stop.

"All fours girl, quick as you can."
I spun round and assumed the required position. He held my hips and pushed
his cock against my pussy, after a couple of thrusts it found the right
place and slipped in. He seemed to want to ride me, jerking back and forth
and slapping my bottom with one hand. I must admit I was enjoying this very
much by now. I suppose we all have something in us that likes to be told
what to do.

"I think one day I'll bring my grandson along here. He can feed the horse
while I ride. Make a man of that little puppy." He told me, reaching for my
breasts and squeezing them rather like a car horn. "Not long before we get
to the paddock now."

His movements quickened, the slaps increased. Suddenly; "On your back girl,
quick now!"

I rolled over and waited. He crawled over to my side and leaning over my
breasts released the load he was carrying. It sprayed out and splashed over
my titties. Little spots of white cum. Warm and sticky. Throughout he kept
muttering, "Oh yes! Oh yes!"

He then fell to the floor beside me, "Forgive me girl, but can you get the
tissues from the bathroom?"

A few minutes later I left, with a handsome tip in my hand.

Nothing but happened until that afternoon. It was 3:30pm when I was asked to
take a trolley full of cakes and tea to four business men having a meeting
in one of the larger rooms.

Opening the door I saw them sitting there. They all looked in their
mid-thirties. One was bald; one tall; one fat and one of average build. Two
were good looking, while the other two were 'ok'. I was asked to set the
trolley up near the table where they had gathered round. Then the tall one
asked me to remove my dress and just to leave my underclothes on. I was to
wait on them while they discussed their business.

I saw they actually did have some drawings of a building on the table. I
slipped off my dress and wearing only white bra, panties, stockings and
suspenders I started to pour the tea which I then took around to each of
them. Fat man was the first to start. While adding sugar to his cup he slid
his hand down the back of my lacy panties, feeling my bottom, running his
hand downwards until it was feeling between my legs. I acted like nothing
was happening. After a few seconds he withdrew.

Then while sorting out the cakes on the trolley, the tall one came up behind
me and run his hands around my chest cupping my breasts and pulling me
against him. His chin and mouth muzzled into the side of my neck. Pushing my
bottom against him I could feel his cock already hard within his trousers.
He squeezed and rubbed my breasts before rejoining the rest of the group.

I took the cakes round. Fat man again used his hands to explore my body,
this time slipping one into my bra and squeezing my nipple between his
fingers. To say I was turned on by all this would be an understatement.

They carried on with their meeting and for about ten minutes I had nothing
to do but stand and wait by the trolley. When Fat man and Bald man started
to discuss part of their work together; the other two came over to me. They
stood, one behind, and the other in front. I felt a hand push my back gently
and I leaned forward. The one in front, Mr Average, took hold of my breasts,
popping them out of my bra, and started to nuzzle them with his face. Behind
me the other one was busy licking and teasing my legs with his tongue while
his fingers were running up and down my legs. My pussy was wet now.

The other two stopped talking, and my two lovers rejoined the table, leaving
me hot and lonely. Not for long though. They decided to have a break and
asked me to lie on the table on my back. Hopping on I stretched out with my
arms above my head, which pushed my small chest out. Two of them stood on
either side and started to lick and play with my breasts, again taking them
out of my bra. I felt their mouths close on them and suck at the nipples,
their teeth clenching and dragging across the white soft fresh. Fat man
buried his head into my stomach, licking and biting me while the fourth one,
Mr Average, rolled my panties down and then without any foreplay, stuck his
head between my legs where he started to give my pussy long hard licks, in
and out like he was fucking me with it. I raised my legs above his head and
then crossed them over his back, pulling him deeper into me.

The two at my breasts were still licking and biting and sucking at them. One
was squeezing a nipple between his thumb and forefinger while licking around
the breast. The other was holding a nipple between his teeth, lashing at it
with his tongue, flicking it back and forth.

I heard one of them say that this was too good to miss and the meeting was
over for the time being. That suited me.
Mr Average then told the others to stop for a second. He pulled away from
between my legs and then grabbing my knees pulled me along the table until
his cock pushed hard into my pussy. About time too, I needed a cock there so
badly. I wrapped my legs around his back, pinning him inside me.  The others
resumed what they had been doing. My nipples were given the attention of two
of them and my tummy was being licked and stroked by the Fat Man.

Finally Fat man got up on the table behind my head and then leaning over me
a little pulled open his trousers to reveal a really massive cock. I pulled
it down to my lips and arched my head back. Opening my mouth as wide as I
could I managed to get the head inside. I couldn't do much else through, my
tongue could hardly move. He seemed happy enough, jerking his hips back and
forth so the rim slid past my lips again and again. By now the other two
were virtually eating my breasts, really biting on them. Mr Average was
slamming his cock harder and harder into my pussy. It was hard to keep my
legs wrapped around him; I was loosing control so quickly. My whole body was
trembling and shaking. It really was overload.

With my hands I reached for the two cocks of the men sucking my breasts.
They stopped for a second to undo their trousers, and then pushed their hard
cocks into my hand. I just grabbed and wanked at them. I could have done
anything. I don't think I would have refused anything.

Before I had time to realise Fat Man started grunting, and within seconds I
felt a wad of sticky stringy cum ooze out of his cock filling my mouth. When
he thrust in it pushed much of the cum out between my lips where it dribbled
down the sides of my face and over my cheeks. A second, third and fourth wad
followed, all of which oozed into my mouth, and then flowed out around my
lips and his cock. I could feel the warm stuff tickle down by my ears and
into my long blonde hair. His cock kept thrusting into my mouth. His salty
cum was everywhere, over my teeth, between my gums, coating my lips.

My hands went wild with the cocks at my side, wanking so quickly at them.
The angle wasn't perfect, but I think I was giving as good as I was getting.
Fat Man pulled back, letting his wet and softening cock drag over my top lip
and nose, leaving a trail of wet cum there.

Mr Average was still slamming into my pussy, though sometimes driving me
wilder by using his thumb on my clit at the same time. Suddenly Bald Man on
my side announced he was going to come. He leapt on to the table and brought
his cock level with the side of my face. I turned towards it as the first
shot of cum fired out hitting my cheek and splashing both back at him and
over me. I opened my mouth and the second shot went straight in hitting my
tongue, which I was half way sticking out. The cum rolled straight off and
run down the corner of my mouth and down on to the table. I managed to get
my lips over his cock head as a third and then fourth wad shot out hitting
the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow some of it. His cock was
smaller so I swirled my tongue around his cock head, desperately trying to
lick at the underside of it. He pushed his softening tool harder into my
mouth as I did so. My tongue raced around the head, tasting his cum and the
shiney surface, poking at the eye, which was still dribbling cum. I heard
him moaning, telling me that it was too much. He pulled out of my mouth
leaving me to let the cum just drip out of my mouth and run down the side of
my face to form a small pool on the table.

Before I had recovered from that Mr Average stopped fucking me and climbed
over my chest. I felt his hand push my cheek to him. I raised my head to see
his cock head in front of my mouth. I just opened my mouth and waited. I
could actually see the head get bigger suddenly and slightly draw back. Then
out it came, a massive wad of really thick cum that caught me on my lower
lip, across my mouth, over my top teeth and along my left cheek. A great wad
of stringy cum lying there. I moved my tongue out of my mouth and back in,
the string broke and I felt a load of it roll to the back of my mouth. I
heard someone mutter, "Fucking hell!" Mr Average managed two more shots,
both of which hit my chin and the side of my mouth. He leaned forward and
then seamed his cock over my face, catching some of the globs of cum and
speading them over my cheeks and lips. My tongue darted out to lick at his
shaft as it rolled over my mouth. I sucked his cock into my mouth and played
with it until it had grown very small.

My hand had stopped wanking the forth guy some time ago. I guess he had
taken hold of the matter himself. I still had Mr Average's small limp cock
in my mouth when the Fourth Man jumped on to the table and pointed his cock
at the side of my face. I released the small cock and twisted my head,
sticking my tongue out at the same time. I poked it into the eye of his cock
and suddenly he started to cum as well. I just engulfed his cock in one go,
taking it as far into my mouth as I could. I could feel it spurting and my
mouth filling up. My tongue was just swimming in salty cum. Finally he
stopped jerking and I let his cock fall out of my mouth. I quickly sat up
and then dropped my head, opening my mouth and letting the cum pour out over
my lips and drip all over my little titties.

I must have looked a sight. Cum in my hair, all over my face, trails of it
running in every direction from my face, and a load of it running down my
breasts and chest. Someone gave a cheer and the rest clapped.

The perfect end to my fourth day.


Special thanks to Margaret who spell checked this for me.

Usual rules apply. Don't read this if you shouldn't. It contains sex!

I wrote this so I own it. You can copy and pass it around, but please don't
make money out of it. That's stealing.

Any comments,


It was Friday, my fifth day. I started work at about 8am that morning. An
hour later I was asked to go to a room, this time I was to go with another
girl, Anna, and we had to wear special outfits. The outfits turned out to be
schoolgirl uniforms.

We changed, putting on the short little skirts, the white blouses, and the
socks. Under that we were wearing white underwear. Anna had been to the room
before for this guest and told me he was easy enough to please, I was to
'follow her lead'.

We entered the room and found him sitting on the sofa. He was in his early
forties I would say. Tall, with sandy coloured hair. He was quite
respectable looking. I could imagine him as a schoolteacher. Big glasses,
with wider frames then normal helped add that air to him.

"Hello girls," he said, and patted the sofa, "Come and sit here."

Anna started acting coy, and I sort of followed her example, "Oh Sir, are
you sure it will be all right?" she asked, lowering her head and putting her
finger to her lips. I giggled a little, wagging my head.

"Of course it will, come on."

We walked slowly over, holding hands and sat one on each side of him. He
began to ask us about school and things, Anna did most of the talking. Then
he said to her, "You're growing up into a pretty girl aren't you?"

She giggled. "But I think I'm too small up here." She said coyly, lifting
her hand near to her chest. I giggled some more.

"I don't think so. They look quite nice. Lots of men like titties like I
imagine you must have."

"Oh Sir! You are rude. But I think they aren't really growing."

He stared at her chest. "It's hard to tell with that blouse on."

More giggles.

"Why don't you undo the front of it, just so I can see better."

"Oh sir!" she acted outraged. "I couldn't!"

He turned to me, "What about you."

I nodded my head and shook it; "I don't think so."

He urged me, I glanced at Anna and she nodded at me. "Well alright, if you
think it will be alright." I reached for the buttons on my blouse, undoing
them very slowly till I got to my skirt. I sat back so the blouse gaped
open, showing my bra and the sides and tops of my small breasts held in the
white lacy bra. His face leaned towards my chest. "Yes they look nice to

Anna giggled and he turned to her, "Now your turn young lady."

Giggling she undid the buttons on her blouse, but unlike me she pulled it
out of her skirt so the blouse was completely open. Her breasts were a
little bit bigger than mine.  Her skin was very white and the mounds of her
breasts looked really sweet sitting there in the bra.

He looked at hers for several seconds. I noticed that in his trousers there
was a little less room then when we had arrived. "Of course," he said, "It's
hard to tell really if you wear a bra."

We both gasped out loud, "Sir!"

"Well you want me to tell you if they look ok, don't you girls?"

Anna started to giggle somemore. He turned to me and I shook my head. "Come
on girls, you can't tell me you are scared can you?"

Anna shook her head without looking at him and muttered, "No, I'm not

"Well then," he said, "why don't you just undo it, and hold it there if you
feel bad."

She seemed to think about this for a moment, and then whispered that she
would do it. She reached behind her back with one hand to undo the clasp
under her blouse, while with her other hand she pressed against the cups of
her bra. She seemed to manage it ok. She looked up at him finally, but held
the bra to her breasts still.

"Let it down then," he asked her kindly.

At first she wouldn't but then slowly she lowered her hand, and with it the
bra. Her small little pointy breasts came into view, white with pink
nipples, slightly hard. She slipped her blouse off and removed the bra

"Well they look lovely to me." He said and then turned to me, "And yours..."

I giggled and pulled my blouse wide open. Then reaching up behind myself
with both hands I undid the clasp. The bra fell forward slowly. My nipples
came into view. I undid my cuffs and removed both my blouse and bra. I sat
there, half covering my breasts with my hands. He reached forward and took
hold of my arm, pulling it away from my breasts. "Oh yes," he said, "they
look so nice."

"I need to touch them, see how firm they are."

We both giggled. He reached forwards and touched the side of my left breast.
I felt his warm fingers as they pushed it upwards slightly. Then he traced
his fingers along the underside of them and stroked my between them before
running his hand along the underside of the other one. "Yes they are firm
aren't they."

I smiled.

He turned to Anna and slowly reached to touch hers. This time he brushed her
nipple very gently with the back of his fingers before stroking her breast
around the nipple with his fingertips. She closed her eyes and groaned
softly. His fingers traced around the nipple and then circled around her
breast before moving to the other one. With his other hand he reached back
to me and rubbed the back of his hand against my breasts. I thrust them out
against his hand. It felt very nice.

He pulled away from me and leaned his head towards Anna's pointy titties. He
stuck his tongue out and licked slowly at the nipple, and then up and around
the top swell of her breast. One hand fell to her lap and disappeared under
her skirt. I could see him working the fingers up and then into the tops of
her panties, then watched as they pushed down. She gasped. Her small breast
disappeared into his mouth. He suckled at it like a baby while his fingers
worked into her pussy.

She opened her eyes and looked at me then glanced downwards, making me look
at his lap. I guessed what she meant. I slid my hand to his hip and then
around the front of his groin. I could feel something hard inside his
trousers. My fingers found his fly zip and after a couple attempts I managed
to drag it down. I let my fingers feel around inside until they found the
top of his pants. I tugged at them a little and found his cock, it was quite
large and thick, and very stiff. I managed to stroke the shaft with my
fingers. I finally dragged his cock out and I could see it standing up in my
hand in his lap. It was large all right, with a nice head peeking out of the
skin. There was some moisture on it. I rubbed my thumb over the head.

Anna slide forward a little on the sofa, it made her skirt ride up. I could
see clearly his fingers working in her pussy now.  I stared to wank his cock
up and down. The head popped out of the skin each time.

He turned to me, "Would you like to taste it?"

"Oh no Sir!" I said, "I couldn't do that!"

"Yes you can, it's easy." He turned away from Anna and put his hands on my
shoulders, turning his body to face me.  "Just lower your head and see what
it's like." He told me.

I leaned forward while he sat back. I held his cock up to my face and looked
at it closely. I let it go near my lips and actually brush against them one
time. All the time he was encouraging me to suck it. Finally I took a quick
lick at the side of the shaft. He was very pleased. Then I licked again,
this time tracing upward to the head. I nibbled the head and shaft with my
lips; finally opening my mouth and engulfing the head in one go. I felt his
cockhead fill my mouth entirely, little room to move my tongue around. I
just thrust my head up and down on it slowly, letting my lips peel over the
rim of the head each time. He reached under me and cupped my breasts,
squeezing and playing with the nipple. At the same time he learnt towards
Anna and kissed her mouth.

I continued to bob my head up and down. My long blonde hair falling around
my face, touching his groin as I did so.  I saw from the corner of my eye
that he was pulling Anna's panties down with one hand as he kissed her.

Suddenly he asked me to stop sucking. He then got up off the sofa and laid
himself on the floor. Anna walked over to him and sat astride his face. His
hands reached around her hips and clasped her bottom tightly, urging her on
to his mouth more. His cock was standing up out of his trousers. I lay next
to him and held his cock upwards and then started to lick and suck it. I let
my lips run around the head and shaft, then used my tongue like I was
licking an ice cream cone. Then I thrust it into my mouth again and started
to ram my head up and down.

His fingers were kneading her bottom and she started to ride his face,
moving back and forwards on him. Her head was arched back and her long brown
hair was waving around. She was moaning and I guess she was either coming or
just about to. Within a minute she became still. She looked over her shoulder
and motioned for me to stop.

"You are a very naughty man." She suddenly told him. "You must be punished."

I had no idea what was going to happen. But one look at his face and I could
see he did.

"Kneel up with your hands on the sofa." She told him. He did as he was told.
Then without warning she smacked him on the bum! "That's just for starters."
She said. Then she tugged his trousers off to reveal his bottom, which she
immediately started to smack; though not very hard.

Laying next to him I couldn't help noticing his cock underneath him,
standing stiff still though half hanging down. It jerked everytime she
smacked him. I reached out and stroked it as it jumped again. It seemed rock
hard. The way it jumped with each smack I felt he wasn't going to be long in
coming. Well what was I to do? I crawled under him and simply took the moist
head between my lips. That seemed to please him. I just held it there
letting it jerk and jump everytime Anna smacked his bare bottom. Then
suddenly with one smack it jumped and a wad of cum filled my mouth. I couldn't
believe it he had come without any other stimulation at all. I don't
think Anna realised what was happening. I just felt the cum all in my mouth.
She smacked him again and another load joined it, hitting the back of my
mouth, speading around my gums and teeth, flowing over my tongue. I pulled
back keeping my mouth open letting it run out over my lips and down my chin.
His cock was still pointing at me, there was some cum hanging off the end,
when 'smack' another wad shot out hitting me full in the face, splashing my
cheeks and covering my nose. I felt the warm string of cum roll down my face
and start to drip off me onto the floor. I reached forward and put my lips
just around the front of the head as the final spurt erupted and filled my
mouth to overflowing again.

Anna suddenly stopped, "Have you cum Richard?" she asked.

He seemed sheepish, "Sorry."

He knelt up and took a long look at me laying there, cum smeared all over my
face, slowly flowing out the corner of my mouth. I grinned. Anna leaned
forward and licked the top of his cock, washing it clean of the remaining

"Thank you girl, that was perhaps the best yet." He said.

We left his room a few minutes later, still giggling.

SUSAN 091198

THE FRENCH MAID  Part 6 The Party

1) Thanks to Margaret who did the spell checking
2) If you aren't allowed to read things of a sexual nature because of age
limits etc, then don't read this because there is some sexual material in
3) I wrote this. You can copy and pass around, but don't make money out of
4) Any comments,


Once a month the hotel threw a party for the regular guests. It was
organised differently to all other 'events'. There was just a flat fee for
the girls that took part. The same rules applied though. We always had the
option of saying 'no,' and anything that did happen was between the guests
and us.

The theme of tonights party was Roman. The men would wear togas while the
girls were asked to wear a sort of sacking, just a one piece garment that
covered us like a tunic with a belt drawn round. It was up to us if we wore

Five girls were asked to join in. Alice, the tall girl with large breasts,
and flaming red hair, hanging down; Anna, the brown haired beauty with small
pointy breasts and very white skin; Sally, a boyish type girl with hardly
any breasts at all and a figure rather too close to a pencil. In fact she
was very popular, especially dressed up as a boy; Rachel, with long black
hair, dark eyes, full breasts and a wicked sense of humour. And then myself,
slim, small breasts, long straight blonde hair, blue eyes.

The party started at 8pm. The first event was the auction where for a price
someone could bid for one of the girls. Only one was standing for that, it
was Rachel. The rules were that once paid for the man or men could take her
back to their table, and basically do whatever she allowed them to do. They
were not allowed to leave the room, it 'served to help heighten the

We lined up on stage. Rachel was at the front with just her outfit on. She
had tied the belt in such a way that it had drawn the skirt up closer to her
bottom. Her long tanned legs looked great. In front of us were about twenty
men. That worried me until one of the girls said under her breath, "Don't
worry, most just watch."

"Or have a wank." Rachel hissed. We giggled.

The bidding started. Someone wanted to have a better look. Rachel strutted
to the front of the stage and walked back and forth. No that wasn't enough.
He wanted an even better look. The manager invited him on stage. The man, a
blonde in his twenties, walked straight up to Rachel, turned her around with
her back to the audience and then bent her over. He raised her tunic to
reveal her bare bottom to everyone. With one hand he clutched it. "Seems
firm enough," he said. He then turned her around again, and this time pulled
her top down to expose her breasts. Cupping both of them he mauled them for
several seconds before making a bid.

The audience loved it. I thought he was dishy and was regretting that I
hadn 't offered to be the slave for the night.

He jumped back down to join the others and the bidding carried on.
Eventually she was sold; it was neck and neck between two fat businessmen
and the blonde man who finally won. Loud clapping as she was lead off the
stage to join him.

We however started work, walking around offering drinks and little bites to
eat. I caught a glimpse of Rachel sitting with the man at his table. He had
his arm around her while she fed him food. They seemed to be having a good

I had a large tray and was gripping it with both hands. There were various
foods on it. "Would you like something to eat?" I asked a bald man in his
fifties. He smiled at me, "Yes, I would." He then reached for the front of
my tunic and pulled it aside to reveal my naked breast which he immediately
swooped on, engulfing it with his mouth. I just stood there as he sucked on
my breast, holding my tray. Several of the men were watching us. I noticed a
youngish man walk over, and while taking some food off the tray with one
hand, slid his other up along the back of my leg, cupping my bottom before
walking back to his friends. The bald man pulled away, pushed my tunic back
over my breast, took some food and said simply, 'thanks'.

Returning with my tray to the kitchen I noticed that Anna was slow dancing
with one man. His hand was up the back of her tunic, mauling and clutching
at her bottom. Her tunic had ridden up and you could see it all. I was
feeling very horny.

I re-emerged minus the tray and walked around the tables to see if anyone
wanted anything. Naturally a few did. Mostly to slide hands up my shirt or
down the front of my tunic. One old boy asked me to sit on his lap. No
sooner had I done so then his hand was thrust in my tunic, grabbing and
cupping my breasts. He kissed my neck and started to lick my ear. I could
see from his toga that he certainly wasn't past it as it started to raise
itself next to my leg.

Looking around Anna was still dancing but by now her top had fallen to her
waist and her pointy breasts were pushed hard against the man as he fondled
her bottom for all to see.

Alice meanwhile was kneeling on all fours. Her tunic undone and her breasts
hanging there. Three men were gathered around, looking at her from all
angles. One would lift her skirt up to look at her bottom. Another slid his
hand under her to brush against her titties. I wondered how long it would be
before she would get hold of a cock.

The old boy started to pinch my nipple. I reached for the front of his toga,
rubbing my hand over the mound that was forming over his cock. I felt the
head under the cloth, and then closed my hand around the shaft, rubbing it
through the material. "Too soon for that, girl." He said, "No point in
firing all your shots before the enemy are in range, what!"

He mauled my breast some more before telling me to run along.

Returning to the kitchen with some orders I walked past Rachel. She was
still sitting there laughing with the blonde, though now she had his cock
sticking out of his toga and her hand was pumping it nice and slowly. It was
a lovely cock too, nice and solid. I hoped she'd want help before the night
was through.

In the kitchen I sat for a few minutes with Anna who had managed to get off
the dance floor. We talked about the men outside, which ones we fancied.
Which ones to avoid. The bald man apparently was nearly always at the party,
but only ever did things when the girl was holding a tray or was otherwise
busy. "He's harmless, but a strange bugger." She said giggling.

I had noticed Richard, the person who had got Anna and me to dress up as
schoolgirls the week before. He had just being sitting there, watching like
he wasn't really interested.

Back out in the main room Anna was called over to a table. I saw her speak
to the two men who then pulled her over their laps. She lay there, her hips
over one lap, her face over another. I watched as she pulled a stiff cock
from the lap her head was on. She started to lick and suck at it. The other
man pulled her tunic over her bottom and started to smack her gently. Her
cheeks wobbled with each smack. A couple of other men went over to watch and
spoiled my view.

I then got called over to a table with three men sitting around eating.
"Would you crawl under the table and give us all a little suck please?" the
middle one said. They were all about thirty. It seemed a sexy idea, so I
knelt down and got under the table. I saw three pair of bare legs coming out
from the togas. I went to the middle one first and pushed it up to reveal a
soft cock lying there. I started to lick at the head, long licks, from the
head and up the curled shaft. It soon started to stiffen. I reached to the
left of me and soon located a second cock. I had that out of the toga too
and let my fingers flutter up and down the shaft. There was something very
sexy about sucking cock when you couldn't see the person involved. For all I
knew they were probably just eating their food like nothing was happening.

The cock in my mouth had become really stiff now. I kept my mouth wrapped
over the cockhead and rubbed my lips back and forth over the rim. Sometimes
I'd dart my tongue at the eye, other times I'd slide my tongue all the way
around the head in a quick circular action.

I then moved to my right, and found another limp cock there. I craned lower
and stuck my tongue into the ball sack, licking and jabbing at it. Then I
lifted the soft cock and placed its head onto my stretched out tongue. I
flicked my tongue back and forth and the cock quick began to grow. Finally
it was impossible to do that anymore and so I sunk my lips down over the
stiff shaft as far as they would go. I carried on wanking the cock of the
man on the left.

Finally I felt I had left the third man out for too long. I crawled over to
his cock, bent it downwards gently with my hand and then forming an '0' with
my mouth, just pushed my head back and forth over the cockhead and shaft.

Suddenly I felt someone lift the back of my tunic up and clutch my bottom. I
didn't turn, but out of the corner of my eye I could see the man on the
right was no longer sitting there. I felt something hard being pushed
against my pussy and then rubbed around before it slowly thrust itself in to
me. Holding my hips the unseen man simply fucked me as I knelt hidden under
the table with my mouth fucking the cock in front of me. It was so wild!

He kept this up for about two minutes before pulling out of me and returning
to his seat! I took that as a sign that they were finished now. I let the
cock I was sucking slip out of my mouth and crawled back out from under the
table. The men thanked me and I returned to the kitchen for a few minutes

Sally was there. "I just served this man, bending over to fill his glass
when his friend simply got up, lifted my skirt, held my hips and shafted
me!" She seemed surprise at how it happened. "Usually they say something

I told her what had happened to me.

"The sods must be related." She laughed.

I went back out there. The first thing I saw was Anna, totally naked sitting
between two men and laughing loudly. She had her hands in both their laps
and was pumping up and down on their cocks.
One was fondling her breast; the other was joking with her.

At another table Rachel was with her blonde lover still. She was laying next
to him on the couch. He sat there while she had her head in his lap, sucking
at his cock; her head moving up and down slowly as her mouth sank down along
the shaft. He was stroking her thigh casually and watching her head, his
other hand caressing her head.

Turning around I saw that Sally had already found someone, or rather two
people. They were pressed up against her on the dance floor, dancing slowly.
One behind her, the other in front. Their hands were wandering all over her
body, it looked so sexy, four hands, rubbing up her side, moving between her
legs, lifting her tunic up over her waist. One breast was exposed. I noticed
that the man at the front had now put his cock between her legs, the other
one's cock was standing tall by her thigh. She was kissing the front one

I was called over to a table where two men were sitting watching the events.
One was brown haired, the other was blonde, both in their twenties. The
blonde drew aside his toga to reveal his cock standing up. He gestured for
me to sit astride him. I tried to hop on but he turned me by grabbing my
waist and then pulled me down gently onto his cock. His friend got up and
stood in front of me and then pulled his cock out and offered it to my lips.

The cock in my pussy felt good. I moved my hips up and down a little while
he held on to my waist. I kissed the head of the cock in front of me, then
kissed it again before rolling my lips over the head and along the shaft.
The man threw his head back and moaned. I took hold of his balls with one
hand and the shaft with the other. The man sitting behind me thrust me up
and down on his cock.

Someone else came over to watch. His hand was under his toga and he was
rubbing himself slowly as I was being pushed up and down, my lips rolling
back and forth over the long cock in my mouth. I could feel the head hitting
the back of my mouth as I thrust forward each time. I squeezed and stroked
his balls. The cock inside of me was still thrusting regularly.

Suddenly the man in front simply grabbed my head, not so much to hold me
there more to steady himself. I felt his cock tense and the head swell, and
then out it came, a pouring of thick sticky salty cum. It flooded my mouth,
laying in a lake over my tongue and teeth and gums. He spurted into my mouth
several times before finally he stopped moving. I pulled my lips from his
shaft and then let his cum just fall out over my lips, run down my chin and
pour on to my breasts, covering one in a thick sludge of gooey cum.

This was too much for the man behind me who was risking breaking his neck to
see over my shoulder. He called out and his hips jerked up and down off the
chair and I knew he was cuming in me. His hips twitched and jerked for
nearly a minute before he became still. I got off and took some tissues from
the table before heading off to the kitchen and the shower beyond.

After my shower I had a drink and a short break. Rachel was there, 'taking
five' as she put it. So far she had been screwed over the table, had sucked
him for nearly twenty minutes and had still not made him cum once. I told
her she was lucky, he was really dishy. She laughed. Sally walked in, cum
along her thigh and some more over her breasts. "They got me to kneel on the
dance floor and then wanked off, one over my tits, the other over me, lucky
it landed on my hips rather than face...I think he lost his nerve just before
he came."

Rachel then went back outside to her blonde. Sally was off to the showers.

I followed Rachel outside with a tray of drinks. I went from table to table.
Sometimes while serving the drinks a man would put his hand up my tunic as I
bent forward and cup my bottom. I enjoyed leaning forward knowing how the
gaping tunic would reveal my small breasts hanging there, wobbling slightly.
One man just hooked his finger in the front of the tunic as I was leaning
forward and pulled it down a little for a better look. "Like what you see."

He smiled, pulled aside his toga where a fat hard cock was pointing upwards
at me. "Yes. Do you?"

I swooped low and engulfed the head with my wet lips. Kneeling down I bobbed
my head back and forth along his shaft for about a minute before pulling
back and standing up. "Yes." I told him and went on to the next table.

A man asked me to dance. Leaving the tray in the kitchen I went on to the
dance floor with him. He held me tightly, his hands running over my back and
began clutching at my bottom, cupping the cheeks tightly in his hands. He
lowered his head to kiss the top of my chest, just where the swell of my
breasts started. I felt one leg pushing between mine as we slowly moved on
the dance floor.

While he mauled my bottom I took a look around. Rachel was upside down! Her
head in the lap of Blondie and her bottom just below his face. Her legs were
locked behind his head, as his tongue appeared to be pushing deep into her
pussy. He was certainly getting his moneys worth. Several men were gathered
on the sides of his table, watching intently.

Anna was over a table with one man standing between her legs, thrusting in
and out, with both his hands on her pointy breasts, while another man stood
behind her head, feeding his cock into her mouth as her head hung upside
down over the edge of the table.

Sally must have still been in the showers. Alice was standing near the door,
a man behind her, his hands mauling her breasts, his head buried in her
neck. She had his cock by her thigh in one hand. She smiled when she saw me

The man I was dancing with took my hand and led me to a table. There he
turned me around and bent me forward a little. I felt him fiddles behind me
and then felt his cock push against the back of my legs. He found my pussy
and pushed it in. I was so wet and horny. This party was beyond anything I
had imagined. He started to thrust into me, my tunic wrapped around my
waist, and his hands juggling my breasts. I felt his cock thrusting back and
forth into me. With one hand I started to touch myself at the same time. I
knew I was going to cum and just hoped he didn't last too long after that.
As luck would have it we both seemed to reach it at the same point. My legs
tensed and my hips jerked, the build up just took me off. His jerking went
uncontrollable, wild powerful thrusts. His hands fell from my breasts and
clung on to my hips. I could hear him yelling behind me.

He pulled his cock out and seconds later I shuddered to a halt. I went back
to the kitchen. I don't usual smoke but I felt like one now. Sally gave me
one of hers. I had a quick shower.

When I came out it was 11 o'clock. Some of the men had disappeared. Rachel
was there, moaning, "I can't make him cum. I've never known anyone who can
hold back so long."

"You'll drown when he does." Sally said.

It appears that the blonde had asked Rachel to stay the night with him and
she had agreed. Then she looked at me, "Tell her." She said to Sally.

It was explained to me that eight of the men had made a special request.
They wanted four of the girls to suck and toss them while the fifth laid on
the floor. The idea was to cum all over her. Two relays. Sally wasn't game
for it. "I can cope with one, maybe two, but no fucking way." She said.
Apparently there was a lot riding on this. They had promised to pay double
the entrance fee if someone agreed.

Alice walked in and we told her. She thought about it and at first we
thought she was going to say yes, but suddenly she simply said 'no'.

"I'll do it." I said. "I mean I can keep my mouth closed."

They laughed. Asked me if I was sure and then one went out to arrange it.

A few minutes later I was lead out to the dance floor where some cushions
had been arranged. Even the manager was here to watch this. This was a
first. I lay down and four of the men stood near me, two on each side. The
girls knelt down besides them and started to play with their cocks. Rachel
only used her hands, I guess she was saving herself for the blonde. Sally
licked the long thin cock next to her face. On the other side Alice had her
lips firmly wrapped around baldie's cock and Anna simply held the cock in
front of her with her lips just over the head, while one hand played with
his balls, the other wanked him. After everything that happened that night I
knew it wasn't going to be long. I lay there, now naked completely, my small
breasts almost flat as I stretched out. My soft flesh waiting for the first

Naturally Anna's man's was the first. He couldn't take that for long. He
warned her he was about to cum and she pulled clear at the final moment,
still wanking his cock quickly. It just poured out; creamy white wet sticky
strings of it flying over my breasts, landing with loud spats on my flesh.
Two long lines of string gobs of it from my tummy to my breasts, and loads
of spots of it covering my chest and tummy.

"Wow." Sally's one said. Just as she licked along the shaft it jerked and a
bolt of cum shot out flying totally over me and landing on the floor between
the legs of baldie. Sally grabbed his cock and pointed it down. Several more
wads shot out, this time directly at my breasts. I could see it splashing as
each one hit. It felt warm and wet and started to slip and slide down my
sides. Some of it collecting in a pool between my little titties. Rachel and
Alice's men were next, both coming together. One fired away at my breasts,
virtually soaking them when added to the stuff already there. Baldie got his
over my face. Three spurts landing in stringy lines across my nose and
cheek, with the third landing directly over my lips. It stayed there till I
opened my mouth a little and poked my tongue out, pushing the cum up on top
of the tip of my tongue. That got roars of approvals from the men watching.

Alice seemed to be really turned on. She went from one to the other of the
four men and gave them each a quick suck, "Cleaning them up", she said

They stood aside and the final four took their positions. This time the
girls hardly had to do anything. The first started spurting before Anna had
even wanked it back and forth a couple of times. She didn't have chance to
get out of the way from the first blast that hit her full in the face. She
jerked back as his cum flew out his cock in large gobs, landing over my
thighs and pussy hair. She looked  sexy with a great gob of it splashed on
her face, now starting to slide down a little. She quickly wiped it away.

I felt something hit my ear and turned only to get a shower of cum in my
face.  Lucky it missed my eyes. Most of it was on my cheeks where it quickly
fell down to swim around in my blonde hair. The third one warned Sally and
then stood closer to me and pointed it at my mouth. "What the hell." I
thought and opened wide. That set him off. I actually saw the head of his
cock swell as the bolt of gooey cum shot out the end like some rocket. It
landed on my chin, splashing loudly and spraying my face and open mouth. The
next shot was better, landing straight on my tongue, hitting it hard and
again splashing around. He bent his knees to get lower and I raised my face
to his cock. I didn't get there but was close enough to get the last spurt,
which shot straight into my mouth. It was all salty and thick and gooey. I
turned my head aside and let it run out of the corner of my mouth. His
cockhead now just dribbled a few more drops before he stopped.

The last man knelt down by my head. I nodded that it was ok. He pushed his
cock close to my lips but shook his head when I opened my mouth. So I kept
my lips closed as his cum oozed out of him. His hand was wrapped around the
shaft so I figured he could stop it spurting like that. Four or five lots
poured out, all of it over my lips, covering them completely before running
down the sides of my face. By now everyone was clapping. When his cum
stopped I open my lips and sucked his softening cock into my mouth together
with a couple of spoons of his cum that was there. It flowed in my mouth,
washing over my teeth, covering my tongue.

I can't tell you how sexed up I was. Just as he pulled away I felt a tongue
jab into my pussy. It was Anna. She said afterwards she didn't know what
came over her. Nor did I, within 30 seconds I was cumming for the second
time that night. More or less a first for me.

The men helped clean me up a little before I went for a much-needed shower.
I was covered in cum, all over my chest. All in my hair. My lips and cheeks
soaked. My breasts soaked.

Rachel did stay with the man all night, finally making him cum at about 4 in
the morning. She said afterwards she didn't believe anyone could cum so
powerfully and as much as he did. She always stays over night when he stays
here now. I don't think he even pays the manager for that. It's a private

The End

Susan 081198


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FRENCH MAID Part 7 by Susan

One morning at about 10 am I was sent up to a room with a feather duster
of all things. I had the standard outfit on, black stockings, suspender
belt, skimpy panties and bra, plus a French Maid's outfit. 

I knocked on the door and was told to enter. The man sitting there was
dark haired and about 50 years old. He was slim and not so bad looking. He
had a nice smile and was holding a newspaper in his hands. "I want you to
do the dusting please," he told me, "But only in your underwear." 

"Of course Sir," I said, unbuttoning the back of my short black dress,
turning away from him and then sliding the straps off my shoulders. The
dress fell to my feet leaving me only in my underwear. I walked over to
the Television and bending a little forward, started to dust it, shaking
the feather duster, and my bottom too. 

When I turned to look I could see his eyes peering at me over the
newspaper. I bent lower to clean the base, then straightened and stood on
tiptoe to dust the top of the curtain rail. It felt really sexy to be
doing this just in my underwear. 

After a couple of minutes he got up and wandered over to where I was
working. He stood next to me and looked out of the window as if I wasn't
there. I felt his hand cup my panty clad bottom. His hand wandered around
my bottom for a few seconds and then he slid his fingers into the top of
my panties. I felt his hand fondle its way down to the top of my leg and
then clasp my cheek. He squeezed it several times before removing his hand
and wandering back to his seat. I carried on dusting. Not a word was

I walked over to his chair and began to dust the top of it around his
shoulders. I leant forward so my small breasts confined within my lacy bra
were near his face. He raised one hand and gently brushed the cup of my
bra with the backs of his fingers. I felt them roam around and then brush
over the hard nipple, it was so soft and gentle the way he did it. It was
driving me mad. 

I stood directly in front of him and leaned forward some more. This time
he raised both his hands and cupped my bottom with them, while his face
went to my chest where he planted several kisses on the upper parts of my
breast along the bra line. I wiggled my chest around while he did so. When
he let go I straightened up and then turned around with my back to him.
Close by was a coffee table so I bent over and started to dust that. 

I felt both his hands reach for my hips and heard him move forward in the
chair. For a while he just circled his hands in little patterns around my
hips and the side of my panties. Then I felt his finger slip into the top
of them and he tugged them down just a little so the beginnings of the
cheeks of my bottom were exposed to his gaze. I felt his face move close
and his breath on me. He kissed the tops of my cheeks. Then he tugged the
panties down some more and kissed me again. At one point he even bit my
bottom gently, just scraping his teeth against it. I couldn't help but
thrust back a little. Then he pulled my panties back up and sat back. 

I went over to another part of the room and carried on dusting. I
stretched this way and that, bent right over, stood straight. I was loving
every minute of it. Finally he called me over. 

"I have something here that needs a clean." 

"Really, Sir." I said, "And what's that?" 

He pulled down the zip of his trousers and pulled out a stiff and large

"Would Sir like me to wash it?" I asked. 

He nodded. 

I bent over in front of him and brought his cock near to my mouth.
Sticking my tongue out I first began to lick around the head. I started at
the eye and then licked all around the top of the head. Then I pulled the
skin back to reveal the acorn like head of his cock. I licked all around
the rim, and then started to run my tongue up and down the shaft so that
within a couple of minutes I had washed the whole thing. 

"I better give this a rinse." I told him, before sinking my mouth down
over his cock and engulfing the head and half the shaft in my warm wet
mouth. I moved my head up and down several times before pulling my mouth
off his cock, keeping my lips tightly sealed around it. It finally came
out of my mouth with a little pop. 

He said, "Thank you." 

I stood up and told him it was my pleasure before walking away to another
part of the room to carry on my dusting duties. For a while he watched me
but then dropped his newspaper and came directly over to me. He told me to
bend over and hold on to the television set in front of me. I did as I was
told. His hands grabbed my hips and rolled my panties down to my knees.
Then I felt his cockhead touch my wet pussy and he simply slid it straight
in. I was hoping he'd do that. He started to thrust in and out of me,
letting his cock almost come entirely out before ramming it back home.
This must have been one of the quickest 'events' I had been involved in
since starting work here. But there really is something to be said for a
'quick one' sometimes. 

I thrust my hips back to meet his thrusts. His hands held on to my waist
and he used them to pull me back and forth on his cock while he jerked his
hips into me. It took just a couple of minutes before he started to grunt
and I felt his hand slide between us. He pulled his cock from me and then
I felt the first spurt of string very warm cum land in a trail on my back
from my bottom to my shoulder. He must have been saving that for a while.
Several more spurts followed but mostly aimed at my bottom. I felt it
splash my cheeks before starting to slip and slide it's way down the backs
of my legs dripped off my cheeks. Finally he grew still and asked me to
rinse it again. 

I turned around and took the softening cock in my hand. There was a drip
of cum on the end, oozing out of the eye, and another drip forming under
the head. I slipped the warm soft head into my mouth sucked hard at it. I
could taste the drops of cum and sucked a couple more out of the end. Then
I pushed my head all the way over the shaft until my lips touched his hair
and balls. His cock was quite small by now. I held it there, letting my
tongue swirl around it, pushing it around in my mouth. He finally drew
back and thanked me for my dusting job. 

I went back downstairs to have a shower and to change my uniform. I was
told straight away that the old colonel (See French Maid Part 4) I had
seen a few days before wanted to see me again when I was ready. 

I relaxed for a short while before going up there. I put on the standard
uniform, the same as earlier. When I knocked he told me to enter. 

"Hello young Susan," he greeted me. He was wearing a red military jacket
with black trousers. He called me over to him. "Now stand there with your
pretty little bottom facing me girl, put your hands on your knees and lean
forward a bit." 

I did as I was told. He raised my skirt and looked closely at my
panty-clad bottom. He smacked it gently a couple of times. I could feel my
bottom wobble within the pants as he did so. "A fine piece of rump there
girl." He told me. "I'll think we'll have those off straight away." 

I twisted my head to look behind me, "Oh Sir, isn't that naughty?" 

"Cheek of the girl!" he shouted. "Across my knee, now!" 

I turned and lay over his legs. He pulled my skirt up around my waist and
tugged my panties down to my knees. He held me steady with one hand around
my waist, while with the other he smacked me gently several times on my
bare bottom. Following that he rubbed the palm of his hand across and
around the cheeks. He muttered and moaned to himself. I could feel
something hard against my tummy. 

"Now then girl, sit on my knee." 

I stood up and then sat down on his knee. He put one arm around my waist
while his other hand slid in between my legs. I felt his fingers move
along the inside of them until they found my pussy which they started to
stroke and caress. His finger slipped a little inside and gently played
with me. He leaned forward and kissed my neck. While doing so he moved his
hand from my waist and cupped my right breast within my dress. 

"Oh Sir, you really are naughty." I told him. 

"Nonsense my girl." He said, "Give us a kiss." 

I lowed my head and kissed him on the mouth. Our tongues meet and played
briefly before he pulled away. His finger was doing marvellous things
inside my pussy. Then he withdrew his hand. 

"Now then Susan. Undress, all of it." 

I stood up before him and unbuttoned the dress slowly before slipping the
straps off my shoulders to let the dress fall to my feet. I then reached
up behind me and undid my bra and let that slide off my arms. I lifted one
leg on to the arm of his chair and undid my suspender belt from the
stocking before slowly rolling down my stockings. Leaning forward my
little breasts swayed gently. His eyes never left them. He moved one hand
in to the front of his trousers. I then removed the other stocking and
then the suspender belt followed. 

"Into the bedroom dear, and kneel over the edge of the bed." 

I walked away across the room, swinging my hips as I did, giving him a
good view of my pert little bottom. The bed was facing the door and I
knelt down on the floor and then leaned over with my tummy and breasts
lying straight on the bed. I saw him come in behind me. For a second he
stood there; I heard his trousers being unzipped. Then he knelt down and
his hands took hold of my hips. Slowly, very slowly his cock touched me
between the legs and then slide in. It was like slow motion. I felt it
slid in past my pussy lips and into me until it was buried within me and
his hair and balls were touching me. He then slowly began to thrust back
and forth. His hands moved along my sides and then slipped under me to cup
my little breasts. I felt my nipples being pinched between his thumb and

I heard him moaning to himself as he thrust into me. His thrusts were slow
and hard, he was enjoying every second of it, as I was. I felt his tummy
slap my bottom with each thrust. His hands mauled and caressed my breasts
and nipples. I raised my head back, shaking the long blonde hair all

He did this for a few minutes before he pulled out and told me to turn
over. I lay there on my back, my legs hanging off the bed. He again knelt
between me and with one hand he guided his cock straight into me. Then he
reached forward and started to play with my breasts again; bunching them
up, caressing and stroking them, running his fingers across them. 

My head was lolled back and I was biting my lip while my eyes were tightly
closed. His cock was sliding into me slowly and deeply and it was really
nice. Maybe it was the position but it was good. He held on to my breasts
when he started to speed up his thrusts. I opened my eyes to look at him,
the concentration on his face! He was loving every minute. 

He told me he was about to come and would I mind if it was over my

"Of course not." I smiled. 

He thrust a few more times then pulled out and jumped up on to the bed
astride of me. He moved up too my chest and wanked his cock over my
breasts. Suddenly spurts of stringy warm sticky cum came shooting out
landing on my throat and upper chest, lacing my breasts with long thin
gobs of cum. He shot about six spurts of the stuff and then sat back on me
looking at his handiwork. There were two long trails of cum laying across
my right breast. A small pool at the base of my throat. And very long
lines of gobs of the stuff from my left breast to my shoulder as well as
various splashes of it. 

He smiled at me, "Oh Susan, you'll never know how happy you can make me." 

I felt really pleased and lay there for a while with his warm cum slowly
sliding down my sides. 

THE END Susan 181198 

THE FRENCH MAID Part 8 by Susan

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It's nice to hear what you think and it's nice to know someone actually
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5) Enjoy


It being the end of my second month it was party time again. I was invited
to attend, as were all the girls. Five girls decided to join in. Alice, the
tall girl with large breasts, and flaming red hair, hanging down; Anna, the
brown haired beauty with small pointy breasts and very white skin; Sally, a
boyish type girl with hardly any breasts at all and a figure rather too
close to a pencil. In fact she was very popular, especially dressed up as a
boy; Rachel, with long black hair, dark eyes, full breasts and a wicked
sense of humour. And then myself, slim, small breasts, long straight blonde
hair, blue eyes.

We were the same who were at last month's Roman toga party, and felt we made
a good team.

The theme would be a medieval banquet. The special arrangement would be a
pair of stocks where one girl would be kept in there for whoever wanted to
take their pleasure.  I toyed with the idea but Anna decided she wanted
that. We were all given costumes to wear, long skirts and petticoats,
blouses that gapped at the front and were laced up.

The night was set for a Friday. We were told there would be a large table
with benches along two sides where the men, about fifteen of them would sit.
Our jobs were to serve them wine and food and to take care of any needs.

So at 8pm it started. We all walked out in our costumes. Some of the men
were dressed up, some not. Most were fairly youngish, about 20 to 35 years
old. There were about four older ones. We were greeted with applause as we
came out of the kitchens.

We led Anna to the stocks. There she was bent forward and her head and
wrists locked into them. She looked vulnerable, with her face and hands only
peeking out from the wooden stocks. Her brown hair hanging down around her
face. Under her head was a box, I'm sure the clever ones amongst you will
guess why.  Before we left her there we pulled her panties down. We didn't
feel she'd be needing them.

We went to the kitchen to get the flasks of wine. When I returned I noticed
someone standing behind Anna already. He had lifted her skirts up over her
hips and was fondling her bottom and pussy with both his hands. She had her
eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying it. Her hips were swaying and moving
back and forth as his fingers traced lines around her bottom and along her

I served several men at the table, pouring the wine. While doing so one man
touched the back of my legs under my skirt and then slid his hand quickly up
between my legs where he rubbed my pussy gently through my panties.  I
turned to look and saw it was a youngish man in his early twenties. He had
short-cropped black hair with blue eyes. I flashed a smile at him. He
reached up and pulled me down to his mouth and kissed me, his tongue pushing
into my mouth. The others clapped and cheered.

Letting me go I continued to pour wine. Rachel was on the other side of the
table dishing out chicken portions. A white haired man suddenly pulled her on
to his lap so she had her back to him. His hands cupped her breasts then
pulled the front of her blouse down to expose her breasts. More cheering.
The man next to him, a dark haired dishy guy leaned over and sucked one of
her nipples into his mouth before they let her up. She grabbed the tray and
carried on serving, laughing now.

Suddenly there was a shout and then a loud roar. I turned and saw the man
behind Anna was now fucking her from behind. You could see his long hard
cock sliding in and out of her. She had her head down, her face covered by
her hair. He was holding on to her hips and was thrusting slowly in and out.
While I watched another man got up from the table and walked over to her. He
lifted her chin up and then stood on the box in front of her. His hips were
now level with her face. His hands disappeared in his trousers and then he
fished out a semi hard cock, which he held inches from Anna's face. She
craned forward and the head of his cock disappeared into her mouth. Another
cheer. A couple of others stood up and went to her side to watch. One of
them removed his cock and placed it in her hanging hand. She did her best to
rub it up and down though movement was restricted somewhat by the stocks.

A man pulled me on to his knee and kissed me while the man next to him
raised the front of my skirts and stuck his head under them. I felt his
hands pull my panties down a little way and then his lips kiss me just above
my hair. He traced his mouth down and licked and kissed for a few seconds
before re emerging. The man whose knee I was on was mauling my breasts
within my blouse and had twisted my head to kiss me on the mouth. I felt his
hand slip into the top of my blouse and squeeze my nipple before he pushed
me up and away.

I returned to the kitchen to get more wine.

When I emerged I saw Alice laying on her back at the end of the table. Her
breasts were out of her blouse and she was laughing. One man was tipping
wine over her titties while another was licking them. His face roamed all
over her chest, his tongue and lips licking up the wine and sucking at her
breasts and nipples. A third man sitting close by had his hand up her skirt.

I wondered where Sally was until I saw a man sitting right back  on the
bench, his head lolled over. Then I made out Sally's head in his lap. I
caught a flash of his cock as she held it while her tongue licked along the
length of the shaft before she slipped it back into her mouth.

I served some wine. Naturally there were several grabs at my bottom and
titties. I got to the end of the table nearer to Anna. I was just in time to
catch the man behind her pull out his cock and jerk it for several seconds
until his cum splashed out and fell all over her bare bottom.  The creamy
white cum looked good on her pale while skin.

The other man in front of her was still fucking her mouth and with her hands
bound there wasn't anything she could do about it. Suddenly he seemed to
groan and withdrew his cock before holding it just under her chin. A gob of
cum shot out and hit her along a line from her chin to her nose. Naturally
it started to drip off straightaway, long strings of it hanging down. He
shot three more times until her chin and mouth were covered in gooey cum,
all of it slowly slipping and sliding off her, hanging in strings, which
kept breaking and dripping off.

The rules were that she could have a break every 45 minutes. She pressed the
button by one of her hands and one of the staff came to let her out. She
disappeared into the kitchen. No doubt for a shower and a drink.

I turned to look at Alice. Two men were now licking her breasts, basically
one on each though sometimes it got confusing. Wine was still being trickled
on to them, and over her throat. Then one of the men asked the other to
stop. He then climbed on to the table and unzipped himself. He pulled out a
large thick cock and holding her breasts between his hands started to thrust
it in and out between them. Several people, including me stood around to
watch. While I did someone moved behind me and then cupped my breasts in
their hands, popping them out of my blouse. I felt his hips grinding into me
from behind. I felt something else too, hard and long. I reached behind me
and found myself holding a warm cock. I rubbed it up and down against my
shirt while his hands massaged my breasts.

The man astride Alice started to cum. Long spurts of it shot out and hit the
underside of her chin and formed a puddle on her throat which quickly filled
and started to run down the sides of her neck. She laughed some more. No
sooner had he climbed off than the other climbed on. This time he just
wanked his cock over her face.

She craned her mouth up and stuck her tongue out flicking at the underside
of his cockhead. He must have been fired up already for he started to cum
almost straight away. Wads of it shot out and landed all over her face,
spotting her lips, tongue, nose and cheeks. She carried on licking the
underside all though until finally he simply stuffed his softening cock
straight into her mouth. The cum oozed out as his cock pushed in.

I slid down to the floor and turned to the man behind me. My mouth just fell
on his cock engulfing the fat head and half the shaft in one go.  I wanted
him to fuck my mouth really hard. Clasping his hips I started to push and
pull him. He got the idea. His hands held my head as he thrust in and out of
my mouth.  I noticed Alice walk by and head off back to the kitchen.

Several men were standing around as this large cock thrust in and out of my
mouth. I had both hands on the shaft now; letting it slide through them as
he moved back and forth. I wasn't playing now. I wanted his cum. I was
really turned on. I wasn't sure why, but something about this party was
pushing me beyond the normal.

His cock simply pushed in and out of my mouth, filling it each time, leaving
me no room for anything but to accept it. I kept my hands wrapped tightly
around the shaft and within a minute or so I felt it tense and then swell
slightly. The head swelled and then cum was pumping out into my mouth. I did
my best to open my bottom lip so that it could flow out. After a second or
two I felt my mouth was filled right up with the salty thick liquid. Luckily
he was still thrusting and that in itself pushed cum out the sides of my
mouth, which was quickly filled again and again. It tasted really thick, I
guess he had been saving this. I could feel it flowing down over my chin and
dripping off on to the tops of my breasts and my blouse.

Finally he pulled away. Another man tried to step in his place but I needed
a break and asked him to wait a while.

Back in the kitchen I had a long overdue drink. Anna was heading back out to
the stocks. Sally had just had a shower after sucking one man off under the
table only to find herself being pulled on to another man who had crawled
under and was just laying there waiting for her. They had done it between
all those feet. "I didn't know how to stop laughing it seemed so strange."
She told us.  Rachel was outside, apparently bent over the table while two
men took it in turns to take her. "She seemed happy enough," joked Sally.

I took some wine and went out. Anna was in the stocks already, but being
ignored for the moment. I noticed Rachel, there were three men standing
there now. Two holding their cocks while one was pushing his cock in and out
of her pussy while she lay face down on the table.

I served some wine and then found myself pulled over the laps of three men.
They quickly lifted me up so my bottom was on one lap, my back on another
and my head on the third. Two looked like brothers, both young, the third
was older. They popped my little titties out of my blouse and raised my
skirt to my waist. One leant over and started to kiss my mouth, his tongue
pushing into mine and licking me. The middle one used his hands on my
titties, squeezing and playing with them, while the third rolled my panties
down and started to use his finger on my pussy. Talk about heaven.

They did this for about three minutes, and then they simply rolled me over
so I was laying on my tummy.
One massaged my bottom while the other had his fingers stroking my pussy and
the insides of my legs. The other contented himself with stroking the sides
of my breasts flattened against his lap.

They were at the end of the table and raising my head up I could see Anna.
Two men were now in front of her holding their cocks up to her face. Her
long tongue was stuck out and she was licking the tips of them, moving from
one to another.  I felt a finger push deep into my pussy and closed my eyes,
mmmmh it was so nice. Six hands working me over. Try it, I recommend it.

Eventually they stopped and the middle one asked me to sit astride him. He
took his cock out and so I lowered myself down on it facing him. One stood
up next to me and offered his cock to my mouth, while the other carried on
playing with my breasts fondling and caressing them.

I felt two hands cup my bottom and start to lift me up and down on his cock
which was now deep inside me. I did my best at sucking the cock by my face
but my concentration was on the one sliding in and out of me. However I
managed a few good licks and sucks at it.

The man squeezing my breasts was doing a wonderful job. He would hold both
nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. The hand on my
bottom suddenly clenched really hard and I heard him moan loudly. I guessed
by his jerky movements that he was shooting cum deep inside me.  When he
became still I climbed off and knelt down. The other two stood around me. I
took the thin cock in front of me and started to suck at it. Long hard
sucks, going from the tip of the head down as far as I could on the shaft.
The other one stood by jerking his cock near my cheek. I was in the middle
of, licking the thin shaft when the cock next to me started shooting warm
sticky cum all over the side of my face. He fired several wads of the stuff,
which quickly ran down and dripped off my jaw. That set the one in my mouth
off. He pulled out suddenly and shot a wad that caught me all over my top
teeth. I closed my mouth and another wad hit the bridge of my nose. It was
thin and runny and run down in rivers around the sides of my mouth. I opened
my lips and craned forwards, engulfing the head of his cock just as he shot
a third and fourth time. I swallowed quickly before sucking at his cock
while it grew soft and small within my mouth.

They thanked me and I headed back for the kitchens just as one man splashed
his cum all over Anna's face while her mouth had another cock buried in it.
I saw Sally sitting on the edge of the table, a man standing in front of her
kissing her really small breasts.

I had a much-needed shower and another long cool drink. Anna returned with
her face covered in cum. "Three of them. What's wrong with my pussy?" She
joked. I asked about Sally. "Oh the last I saw her she was on the floor with
someone deep between her legs fucking her like it was going out of style."

I took some food and went back out, nearly tripping over Sally and her man.
Yeah, he was really going for it. I looked around and saw Rachel sitting on
someone's lap. Her breasts out of her blouse and two hands touching her
between her legs, half hidden by the dress gathered up around her waist.

Near the empty stock Alice was kneeling before a man who held a very large
cock in front of her face. She was licking at it like it was an ice cream

I started to dish out the food, needless to say there were various hands
moving up the back and front of my dress at various times. I leaned forward
to serve one man, and while dishing his food up I felt my skirts lifted way
over my waist, my panties pulled down and a cock shoved straight into my
pussy. I nearly dropped the tray! Firm hands held my hips as what seemed to
be a very large cock pushed it's way back and forth. I held on to the edge
of the table with one hand and the tray with the other. The man who was
waiting for his food smiled and took the chance to rub my breasts through my
blouse. I had my head lolled back and my eyes closed. This cock was lovely.
It felt so filling. I still hadn't turned to see who it was. The hand on my
blouse pulled it down so that one of my small breasts slipped out. The man
next to me rubbed the nipple between his fingers.

The hands behind me started to move me back and forth while he seemed to
stay still. I guessed that meant he was close to coming. My head fell
forward now, trailing long blonde hair on the table. I still had the man
next to me holding my right breast. Suddenly who ever was behind me pulled
out and within seconds I felt splashes of cum landing on my bottom and the
backs of my legs. I could feel the gobs of it slipping and sliding down my
legs. It was a pity, that cock could have stayed in there for hours it felt
so nice.

I decided I wanted to know. I turned and had the shock of my life. It was
the manager. He flushed and then smiled, "Quality control." He said before
leaning forward to kiss me on the cheek. He then zipped himself up and
walked back to the kitchens. Well if I had known that he had a cock like
that! But then I didn't know of any of the other girls who had found out

By now I had a head clamped to my breast and a pair of teeth were clenching
the nipple while a tongue raced around it in circles. I took hold of the
head in both hands holding him close and pushing my breasts against him. He
sucked and licked them for a minute or so before pulling away. I took the
tray and left.

Anna was there, some one behind her, thrusting a cock into her quickly and
someone in front of her face, his cock so buried that her lips were touching
his balls and hair. Maybe he was just small. On the other side of the room
Alice was on all fours with someone behind her, almost pushing her along.
Sally was on the table, dancing, flashing her skirts around, lifting them
up, her very small breasts shaking slightly as she moved around. Five men
were clapping her on. I couldn't see Rachel so I guess she was in the
kitchen or shower.

I came out of the shower fifteen minutes later after a quick change. Alice
was by then in the kitchen talking to Rachel. They told me Sally was laying
on her back on the table while some of the men had placed food on her and
were eating off her like a dinner plate!

Rachel went back outside. About 20 minutes later I followed her and saw
Sally still on the table. By now someone was kneeling between her legs that
were wrapped around his thighs. He was pumping into her, his hands clenching
her bottom. Another man was kneeling over her head, dangling his semi hard
cock into her mouth. I could see her open lips and her tongue slipping out
and sliding around the head of his cock as he teased her mouth with it.

Rachel was sitting near by. She had lost all her clothes and was kissing one
man on her left while wanking another man on her right side. Each one seemed
to have hold of one of her breasts. She broke from her kiss and motioned me
over, then glanced down at the fat headed acorn like cockhead that was being
pumped in her hand. I guessed she wanted me to put my mouth over it. The man
was by now lolling back with his eyes closed, his hand mauling at Rachel/s
breast. I knelt on the bench next to him and lowered my face. Opening my
lips I took his cockhead into my warm mouth. Straightaway I was flooded by
hot sticky cum. It just poured out, all salty and thick like cream. I kept
it in my mouth as it oozed out of the eye of his cock, swirling my tongue
around the thick gooey stuff. When finally his cock stopped oozing cum out I
opened my mouth. The cum poured out over his cockhead and down his shaft,
covering Rachel's pumping hand. She kept pumping though his cock was going
soft. The rivers of cum just collected in pools around his balls and started
to flow down to his legs. I licked at the soft cockhead teasing it with my
tongue and then sat back.

Rachel's tongue was deep in the other man's mouth. His hand was squeezing
her breast hard, making the nipple really stick out. His other hand was in
his lap and he was wanking his cock. Rachel then got up and sat astride him,
I watched as his cock disappeared into her. I ran my fingers along the
insides of his legs, teasing and caressing them, helping him along.

Someone knelt behind me and cupped both my breasts within my blouse. He
managed to pop them out and started massaging them and pinching them. I
pushed my bottom back into his crotch and felt a hard cock pushing against
my skirt. Tugging it up I pushed back again until I felt his cock go between
my legs. I managed to get the cockhead into the opening of my pussy. I didn't
push back any more, instead I just circled my bottom a little, letting his
cock play at the opening for a while. He let me have control, it seemed a
fair trade, he had my breasts I had his cock.

Rachel was really bouncing up and down on the other man now. He had his
hands behind her, grabbing at her bottom, holding it really tight.

Finally with the man behind me I could feel his cock right at the entrance
of my pussy. I simply pushed back all the way very hard. It was fantastic! I
knew now I was close to coming. He let go of my tits and with one hand
holding my long blonde hair behind me and pulling my head back, and the
other holding my hips he started to fuck me really hard and fast. His cock
just kept pushing all the way in, pulling all the way out, and then in
again. He leaned over my back and kissed the side of my face. I strained my
head back and turned to find his mouth. My tongue shot deep into his mouth,
licking and playing with his tongue. His thrusts carried on. It was lovely.
The man who I had taken in my mouth laid himself down on the bench in front
of me and slid under my chest. I felt his tongue lapping at my swaying
nipples. This was heaven.

The man beneath me rolled his tongue from one breast to another, flicking
and bouncing the nipples as they swayed back and forth over his face.
Sometimes he'd reach up and catch one with his teeth, tugging at it before
letting go.  Meanwhile the thrusts kept coming until he pulled out and stood
up behind me. I sat back straight away and turned to half face him. His
large beautiful cock was there next to the side of my face. I managed to
turn my head enough to face it as his spurt of warm milky thick cum sprayed
out and caught me in the middle of my face, splashing my cheeks, covering my
nose and dripping on to my lips and chin. He pointed his cock downwards and
then sprayed my little titties with his milk. It shot out in long streams,
almost connecting his cock to my breasts. I watched as gobs of the stuff
splashed over my titties and then started to slip down and over the nipples
and drip on to my skirt.
Before he finished I leaned forward and engulfed that spurting head in my
mouth. A wad of cum hit the back of my throat. After that there was just a
little that kind of oozed out the tip but it was already going soft in my
mouth. I sucked and played with it with my tongue until it had gone quite
small before releasing it with a audible 'pop'.

There was still some cum sliding down my breasts, stopping briefly, then
falling off onto my dress. He wiped his soft cock against them, smearing the
cum all around them. Then he kissed me.

I sat back and watched what was going on around me. Many of the men had left
now. Anna was still in the stocks. Two men were pumping cum all over the
side of her face. I could see it hanging off in strings, dangling down,
breaking and then forming again. On the other side of the table Sally was
sitting up now. One man was kissing her breasts. Rachel had gone, so too had
the man she had been fucking. Near by Alice was laying on the floor with her
legs wrapped around someone's back. Her arms thrown back over her head as he
humped into her, his hands holding her bottom off the floor. She was
moaning, I guess it must have been really good. He certainly seemed to know
how to do it. I could tell by the way his bottom was dancing between her

I made my way back to the kitchen. For the others the party was nearly over.
For me it was.


SUSAN  211198


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It was about 9:30 one Monday morning when I was asked to go to a room on the
top floor. I was told it was for some dictation, and I was to take a notepad
and pencil. I found one in the office and headed upstairs.

Entering the room I found a man in his early forties wearing a three-piece
suit with shirt and tie. He had brown hair, fairly short and a pleasant
face. He was medium weight and in the suit looked really good.

"I need you to take some letters for me." He said ushering me into the room.
"But I would prefer if you would do it totally naked."

I smiled, "Of course, sir."

"You can change in the bathroom." He told me before going to the window and
gazing out at the countryside.

In the bathroom I removed my French maid's outfit, and all my underwear,
which was the normal black stockings, suspenders and bra and pants. I
wrapped a towel around me and padded out.

"Please sit over there," he gestured to a chair. I walked across the room
and dropped the towel by the side. Sitting down it felt quite sexy being
totally naked with a fully clothed man standing around.

He looked at me, I could see his eyes moving from my head with my long blonde
hair hanging down around my shoulders, only partly covering my small little
titties, down to my waist, and my darker blonde hair at my pussy. My legs
were crossed but being slim they looked long that way. He must have stared
at me for thirty seconds before telling me he wanted to start.

It was all normal stuff, some letters mostly. I soon forgot I was naked as
he dictated for nearly an hour. Dictation wasn't my strong point and he had
to slow down and repeat things a lot, but he seemed to enjoy it all. He
would walk around while talking, sometimes getting close and looking at me,
other times he acted like this was the most normal thing in the world.

Then he walked behind me and I could hear him moving close. He was standing
over me suddenly. Quickly he moved his hands over my shoulders and cupped my
breasts really tightly. He massaged them by holding them in the palms of his
hands while moving his thumbs up and down over the nipples. He was really
cupping them tightly, it almost hurt, but after sitting like this for an
hour I was turned on enough to want something, anything.

His head brushed against the side of my neck and I felt his teeth scrape
against the skin and then bite me gently. Now as regular readers know, that
already sends me. I can't resist being bitten on the neck. It sends shivers
down my body, makes my legs go weak, and does wonderful things to my inside.
I craned an arm behind my head to wrap around the back of his neck to let
him know he was to stay right there. I uttered some 'aaahhhs' and 'ooohhhhs'

His hands at first continued to maul at my breasts, pinching and toying with
the nipples, squeezing my titties really hard. I started to wriggle about in
the chair. Then he slid one hand down over my tummy and pushed it deep in
between my legs. I was already wet there and he started to rub my pussy with
his finger. Naturally it slipped in straight away and he circled my clit
really quickly. My head was lolled back on the headrest of the chair. His
mouth and tongue and teeth doing wonderful things with my neck. One hand was
still squeezing my left breast really hard, while the other was fingering my
pussy, exploring everywhere it could. My hips began to jerk a little as I
squirmed around.

I felt his tongue take long licks under my ear, and then the teeth close
over the skin, scraping along it, biting gently. I was clawing at his head
now. He fell on my throat, kissed it quickly, then moved to my chin and
finally to my mouth. I opened wide and glued my lips on to his; our tongues
met somewhere in the middle and fenced around. I was almost drinking from
him. I was surprised at how turned on I was, maybe it was the sitting there
with nothing happening for an hour, or maybe it was his tongue on my neck.
Either way I wanted something from him so bad.

We kissed wildly, our tongues going deep into each other's mouths. Our teeth
touching and banging against the others. It was pure passion. His finger
between my legs was buried deep inside of me while his other hand was
squeezing and cupping my small breast.

He pulled away from my mouth and leaned over the back of the chair, bringing
his face to my breasts. He didn't play around here either, simply clamped
his mouth over one and sucked at it really hard while his tongue pushed and
flicked at the nipple.

Reaching back over the chair I managed to get my hand onto the crotch of his
trousers. There was definitely something hard inside them, I could feel the
balls and shaft as I rubbed back and forth. His mouth meanwhile was working
hard on my right breast. Licking and sucking at it, biting it, scraping his
teeth against the soft flesh.

Finally he pulled away, and stepped back away from the chair. I turned to
look and see what was going to happen next. He walked around to the front of
me. He stood over me and unzipped his trousers, then knelt down between my
open legs. Kneeling up he took hold of his cock and guided it to the front
of my pussy, then plunged it all the way in. His hands reached under my
bottom and cupping the cheeks lifted my hips so they were level with his
thrusting cock. His thrusts were really hard and long, driving straight into
me, his hair and balls slapping against me with each thrust.  God it was
wonderful. I couldn't help but try to meet his thrusts. I could feel his
cock tearing into me as it drew nearly all the way out and then rammed
straight back in to the hilt.

Within a few seconds I could feel that feeling that told me I was about to
cum. My body was shaking now. His hands cupped my bottom really tightly
lifting me way off the seat. His cock ramming harder and harder into me.
Suddenly I was there. It took me off shuddering and shaking and crying out.
Then it was over and I pleaded with him to stop. He smiled and stood up;
fell against the chair with his arms supporting himself on the headrest. His
cock was now pointing at my face. I craned forward and engulfed the head
within my lips feeling that hard but soft head against my tongue. He began
to thrust gently into my mouth, face fucking me. I licked the underside with
every thrust. My hands squeezed and tugged at his balls urging him to cum.
Suddenly he tensed and I knew he was about to.

He stopped moving his cock completely and just let it rest with the head in
my mouth. I flicked my tongue around and suddenly a great wad of cum oozed
out and filled my mouth to the gums. It was really thick and salty. I'd
never known cum so thick. I swallowed just as a second load of it oozed out.
This time I flicked my tongue around sending it all around my mouth and
washing his cockhead before swallowing. A third and fourth load poured out
and once again I bathed his cockhead in it before that too tickled down my
throat. He kept his cock in my mouth until it had gone quite floppy and
small. I pushed it around with my tongue, enjoying the feeling until he
stood back and it popped out of my mouth and flopped down.

"Thank you," he said, "That will be all today."

I went to the bathroom, got dressed and headed off downstairs.

It was about mid afternoon before I was requested to another room. This time
it was two gentlemen in their fifties. They were sitting next to each other
on the sofa. They were quite decent looking

"What we would like you to do.... Miss.... Is to.... How shall I say...."

His friend jumped in, "Is to put on a show for us."

"Yes that's what I was going to say," the first one continued.

I asked what they had in mind.

"Oh what those colonial brothers do, you know, the Americans...what do they
call it?"

The other one offered, "Lap dancing, Gerald."

The first one smiled, "Yes, that's right, only decent thing to come back
from there."

I said that would be fine and went off to the bathroom to get ready. I
stripped off everything except my stocking, suspenders and panties. When I
returned they couldn't keep their eyes off my little titties which trembled
as I walked towards them. They had put some dance music on.

I started to dance in front of them, swaying my hips and chest around. They
seemed to like that. Then I moved forward and leaned over Gerald swaying my
little breasts over his face, just keeping them out of reach. His hand went
to my hip and brushed it gently. His eyes were firmly fixed on my titties.

I repeated this with the other one before stepping back and turning around.
Then I started to bend my legs a little and circled my panty-clad bottom
over the second one's crotch area. Again I kept it above so there was no
contact. He put both his hands on to my hips and held them gently as I
swayed slowly.

I returned to Gerald but this time hooked my fingers into the sides of my
panties and lowered them just so he could see the start of my bottom before
pulling them up again. Then I rubbed his crotch with my circling bottom.

"Oh yes," I heard him say, "This is rather good."

"Makes you wonder how they came up with such a good idea doesn't it?"

I stepped forward and turning again began to dance in front of them. I
leaned over this time letting my breast brush over their faces. It felt sexy
as they slid across their cheeks and bounced over their noses. They in turn
touched me here and there; the back of a hand brushing my crotch very
slightly; a finger stroking along my leg; a hand cupping one cheek of my
panty clad bottom.

Pulling away I turned my back to them and started to play with my panties. I
pulled one side down and then pulled it back up before doing the same with
the other side. Slowly however I moved them further down each time until my
whole bottom was bare to their view. I felt a finger slide across one cheek
and then I pulled the panties all the way down, bending over as I did so.

"Wow!" I heard one say quietly.

Stepping out of them I knelt between Gerald's legs, and started to rub my
cheek around the crotch of his trousers. I could feel a fair sized hard cock
in there. Needless to say I brushed this several times with my cheek before
moving on to his friend. This time I buried my face in his crotch, rubbing
my nose up against the hard shaft I could feel buried there.

I pulled back and danced some more before turning and rubbing my bare bottom
against their crotches. Circling it around I could feel that hard cock
within the trousers pressing against me. They both had raging hard ons by

I decided to up the tempo. I spun round and knelt between Gerald's legs.
This time after rubbing my face against that unseen cock I reached up with
my hands and tugged his zip down and opened his trousers. There was a mat of
hair there and hidden by a pair of skimpy pants was a long hard cock. I
touched that cloth covered shaft with my nose, running along the length,
then rubbed my cheek against it I moved to his friend and again tugged down
the zip and opened the trousers. This time I also rolled the underpants down
and retrieved a long thin hard cock with a nice head on it, all purple and
shiny, some liquid at the very tip. I wiped his cock around my face, feeling
the hard shaft warm against my cheek. I brushed it back and forth with my
lips. I buried my face in it, feeling his balls against my mouth and his
cock lying pressed against the side of my nose.

I stood up and turned around lowering my bottom and gently circled that just
so it was gliding over the shaft. They were showing a lot of self-control
but I guessed they were loving every minute of it.
I returned to Gerald and popped his cock out of the top of his pants.

I wiped it against my lips, and then planted a kiss on the very tip. I
pulled back and licked my lips then returned to that cock head, all moist
and warm, and circled my lips around it, wetting the head even more. He was
lolled back on the sofa now, not even looking; though his friend was, his
eyes nearly popping out of his head.

It was now or never, so opening my mouth I let my lips slide down over the
head and grasp it gently, making his cock move in a circle with my head. I
flicked my tongue back and forth across the tip as I did so. Pulling back I
let his now very wet head go and returned to his friend.

Straight away I engulfed the head of his cock. I didn't kneel down this
time; just bent right over started to suck. Gerald did what I hoped he would
do, he jumped up and got behind me. He pushed himself against my bottom; I
could feel his cock pressing against my cheek. He had hold of me by my hips
and it was his turn to circle his hips against my bottom, pushing his cock
around, teasing me.

My lips slid up and down the hard shaft I had in my mouth. I could feel the
cockhead hit the back of my mouth as my head bobbed up and down. I managed
to move my hips so that Gerald's cock got between my legs. For a short while
he thrust it between my legs so it would appear between them, popping out at
the front. But finally he moved it up a little and pushed it into my pussy.
I stopped sucking for a moment, and just stayed there my head laying on top
of that warm hard cock, my mouth open and my eyes closed as he gently thrust
to and fro in me.

When I got used to the wonderful feeling I again took the cock back into my
mouth and held it there, letting my tongue swirl around it, teasing and
licking it, playing and lashing at it.

Gerald pulled out and lay on the ground and told me to sit astride him. I
did, sinking down all the way onto that cock feeling it push deep inside of
me. He cupped my bottom and started to pull me back and forth. His friend
stood over his head so that his cock was near my face again. I turned and
engulfed it with my lips. It's not the easiest thing to suck with your head
turned while someone is thrusting in and out of you, but I think I did ok.

Gerald kept repeating over and over again, "Yes." At first I thought he was
near to cuming but then realised that this must be his favourite word.

The one standing asked me to stop sucking and then requested I get up and
lay over the arm of the sofa. I did and immediately he fell on me, his cock
sinking deep into my pussy. There he started to thrust really hard and
quickly. I was taken by surprise by the quickness of it all. Gerald knelt on
the sofa in front of me and offered his cock to my mouth. It tasted of me as
I sucked at the head, all purple and shiny.  His friend continued to thrust
hard into me for several minutes while I toyed and played with the cock in
front of me. Then they both pulled away and asked me to sit on the floor
resting against the sofa.

I did. The friend stood in front of me and offered his cock to my lips.
Gerald just watched, wanking his cock slowly. I sucked at the shaft, letting
my lips slide back and forth along it, moving my head as fast as I could.
Within seconds I felt him tense. He suddenly took his cock in his hand and
pulled out of my mouth. Aiming his cock just below my chin he jerked it
until several very quick shots of cum squirted out the end and hit my throat
and little titties. It was quite thin and sprayed everywhere, my titties
awash with the stuff that soon started to run down in dribbles to my tummy
and pussy. Some drops even hit my face, spotting my cheek and nose and lips.

He backed off and Gerald took his place, again, offering me a cock to suck.
I started to stick my tongue out, licking and nibbling it with my teeth
before engulfing the head and taking it as deep as I dared. I then rammed my
head back and forth. I knew he wouldn't last long now, and his 'yes's' were
getting much more high pitched. Suddenly he pulled his cock out and almost
straight away a bolt of cum shot out and hit my chin and throat in a long
knotty rope. Another spurt hit my left breast. I felt the impact; it was
also very warm and gooey. Then three more shots of cum shot out, again
hitting my breasts and throat.

He stood back and they stood there to admire their handiwork as their warm
sticky cum slowly rolled down my chest and formed little streams and rivers
from my cum splattered breasts.

"Oh yes, I do believe that was what I had in mind." Gerald said.

They then leaned forward and gently wiped their softening cocks on my face
and cheeks, smearing wet cum still on the head around my face, no doubt
making it all shiny like their cocks and my titties.

Ten minutes later I went downstairs for a good old shower. After that there
was nothing else to do for the rest of the day.


Susan 231198

THE FRENCH MAID Part 10 by Susan

Another day at the hotel, a Thursday in fact. The first three hours of my
shift had been boring, just general maid duties, changing beds etc. But at
eleven o'clock I was told that I had been requested to a room on the second

I knocked and a well-spoken voice belonging to a lady told me to come in.
Opening the door I found a woman in her mid-forties, very well dressed and
very elegant looking together with an older man. I guessed he was about
sixty. He was white haired, fairly thin, but like her well dressed.

"Ah yes," she said, "Would you be a dear and do the dusting and what ever
chamber maid's do please."

I started to do a little dusting here and there. I noticed that he was
watching me kneeling. So I gave a little show, bending over more then I
needed to, showing the tops of my legs a little, letting the front of my
dress gape open so he could see the white bra holding my little breasts.

At some point the lady noticed his intent gaze. "Really Arthur," she told
him, "You'll want me to ask the young lady to slip out of her uniform next."
She then walked over to me. "Darling I know it's a lot to ask, but could you
continue in your underwear only?"

I smiled and replied 'yes'. Standing by the window I undid my French maid's
dress and then let it slowly slid down around me until it was in a heap at
my feet. Now all I had on was my stockings, suspenders, bra and panties. I
continued to do the dusting. However the next time I glanced over at the man
I saw that he had undone his trousers and was holding his cock in his right
hand. It wasn't massively big, but did seem to have a large purple head to

The woman noticed. "Arthur...please!"

"Sorry dear." He said, but made no attempt to hide it or even to stop
looking at me.

The woman came over to me and asked me to follow her. She led me over to
Arthur who simply remained sitting, slowly wanking his cock.

She stood behind me and undid my bra. Without letting it fall off me she ran
her hands around my chest and cupped my breasts pushing my bra away. "Now
look Arthur, that's all they are, little breasts, surely at your age you've
seen enough."

He nodded at her, still playing with his cock. I felt her fingers pinch the
nipples between them as she held them out for him to see. She then let go
and asked me to turn around so I had my back to him. She pushed my back
slightly so I bent half over. Then she lowed my panties just enough to
expose my bottom to his gaze. "There you are Arthur, a bottom, most like

She seemed cross with him. I meanwhile was loving the idea of being exposed
like this without the slightest idea of what would happen next.

She kept me bent over with my panties rolled down to just below my bottom.
With one hand supporting my waist, she smacked my bottom gently a couple of
times. I could feel the cheeks wobble. She then straightened me up and
turned me so I was facing him. He could see the dark blonde hair between my
legs as my panties were still rolled down.

"Oh for God's sake Arthur," she said, I guessed because he was still wanking
his cock. "Ok, you win dear!"

She turned to me and asked me to kneel on the ground. "Would you mind, he'll
be hell to put up with if you don't."

I said I would do what ever I could to help. I knelt down in front of him.
She told him to stand up. Standing next to us she reached out for his cock
and guided it to my face. She asked me to open my mouth, which I did. She
then put his cock in my mouth and started to wank it herself. I was asked
just to keep still.

The big purple head was engulfed within my lips. Naturally I ran my tongue
around it, licking and teasing, pushing against the eye. Her hand meanwhile
just jerked away, sometimes hitting my lips as she did so. Her other hand
had a hold of his balls, which she tugged and squeezed.

I could see his tummy rise and fall as he breathed in and out. The head of
his cock firmly lodged within my mouth as she wanked him. Suddenly his tummy
got tense and I knew he was about to come. She must have noticed to. She
said simply, "Try not to swallow dear."

Almost as she finished wads of cum started to pour out of his cock filling
my mouth with sticky salty stringy cum. It flooded me and I had a job to
hold it all in with that large head of his which carried on oozing out cum
in dribbles. Finally the flow ceased.

She let go of his cock and told him to stand back. Before I knew what was
happening she had fallen to her knees in front of me, and kissed me, opened
mouthed, her tongue forcing it's way into my cum filled mouth. She
immediately started to suck at my tongue and mouth, gulping the cum from my
mouth, using her tongue to lap it into hers. Her hands were holding my head
tightly as she did so. I was so shocked. If I had known this was going to
happen I probably would have refused but I was taken completely by surprise.
It wasn't so bad actually. Her tongue licked my mouth out completely,
transferring the cum to hers before she started to swallow while she was
still kissing me. I could hear her throat as she did so.

Pulling away she told me to lie back, which I did. Again, before I realised
what was going to happen she had dived down between my legs, had got her
hands under my bottom and cupping my cheeks had pushed her tongue deep into
my wet pussy. She used her tongue like a cock. It was long and slender and
pushed deep within me. Arthur meanwhile had mounted her from behind and had
stuffed his already recovered cock into her pussy and was now thrusting in
and out of her almost like he was trying to push her along. Her skirt was
wrapped over her waist. I never did find out what happened to her pants or
even if she had been wearing any.

Her tongue worked like a demon, flicking at my clit, driving into me,
licking all around my pussy, it was everywhere at the same time. I had never
known someone so good at this. My hands clutched at the top of her head,
pushing her harder against me. I was jerking my hips up and down, her tongue
all the time fucking me like a small cock.

Arthur meanwhile was holding her hips and driving his cock in and out of
her. I could hear the sound of his crotch slamming into her bottom with each

Finally she pulled away from me and by her moans I guessed she was coming.
She started to almost scream, her head laying on my leg as he continued to
pound her from behind. Her body shook and shuddered and then slowly calmed
down. Arthur, with one or two more really hard thrusts withdrew and stood
up. His cock squirted cum all over her, covering her clothes and face and
legs in spots of thin white cum. She just lay there, still moving slowly as
each burst of cum landed on her. He spurted about five times before falling
back into the chair behind him.

She arched her head and looked at me and smiled. "Thank you dear, that will
be all."

I got dressed and went downstairs.

After the usual shower I got a new outfit and then chatted to the other
girls for a while. I was so surprised at the last events; it had taken only
twenty minutes from the time I walked in to the time I left. About two hours
later I was asked to go to another room at the top of the hotel.

I heard a faint 'come in' when I knocked and so entered. The room was empty
but the door to the bathroom was open. Looking in I saw a middle aged man
sitting in the bath, covered by bubbles. It looked like he had emptied half
a bottle of bubble bath in there. He was medium built with dark hair and
green eyes. He was actually quite handsome. He asked if I could bath him.

I told him that would be all right and started to unbutton my dress when he
told me to leave it on. I walked over to the bath and was handed the soap.
Getting a lather up in my hands I began to soap his shoulders, rubbing my
hands all around them, over the top of his back and around his neck. He sat
there, for the most part with his eyes closed, just seemingly enjoying the

When I had finished his shoulder he lay back against the edge and I started
to rub his hairy chest, massaging the soap all around and into his flesh,
then washing it off with the shower. Once or twice my hands brushed his
cock, which seem to partly float there, the little head sometimes peeking up
through the bubbles.

I leaned forward and massaged his chest some more. I could feel his cock
floating there, touching my elbow and arm occasionally. He kept his eyes
closed but smiled all the time. After several minutes I noticed his hips
rise up so that the water flowed off them. His cock, semi hard and wet
laying to one side. I took it in both my soap covered hands and begun to
wash it slowly, peeling the sink back from the head, rubbing soap around it,
flicking water up to clean it. He really liked that, thrusting his hips up
sometimes when I had hold of it. I let the slippery soap covered shaft slide
up and down between my hands. Watching the mauve coloured head popping out
of his foreskin.

I leaned over the side of the bath and placed my head just above his cock.
Opening my mouth I started to blow air gently on the head. He moaned and
started to slide it up and down in my hands. I continued to blow, taking
deep breaths and then blowing slowly at the tip of the head, at the eye.

Pulling back and letting go I took the soap again and rubbed it to get a
really soapy lather in my hands. I then slide first one hand down his shaft
from the top to the bottom, and starting straight away with the other hand
at the top. As one hand got to the bottom the other was clutching at the
top. His cock was really soapy and so very slippery now. I craned my head
over again and started to blow on the tip.

Flicking a little water over the head of his cock I stuck my tongue out and
just let the tip of it touch the tip of his cock head. I was barely touching
his cock with my tongue, so like a butterfly I flicked it around slowly,
covering the round dome of that mauve head, lightly brushing the eye and
sides. My hands held him more steady now so that the only sensation was the
tip of my tongue darting around his cockhead.

He really seemed to be enjoying that. His moaning was becoming louder, and
his legs were beginning to move a little. I held his cock really tightly
now, while letting my tongue flit around the head, touching here and there,
tracing little lines along it. It was the only thing in the world right now.

I could see his tummy sucking in. This happened several times. My tongue
daintily darted all around the head, the tip of it barely touching. It must
have been close to pain for him. Such light little caresses. His tummy
tensed up and then a drop of cum spilled out of the eye as I was licking
just near the underside of his cock. I felt a jerk and the shaft swelled.
Then a stream of cum simply emerged from the head and flowed down the side
of his cock and over my fingers.

I flitted my tongue around the head, cutting through the stream of sticky
ropy cum, leaving a little trail of it. I continued to lightly touch and
caress the head with my tongue, even poking into the eye as another stream
emerged and poured over the head, running down the shaft and my hand on to
his hair and into the bath water. I could barely taste the stuff; so light
was my tongue touching it. A third and a final stream came out, it was
almost like a sink over flowing into a small stream, there were no shots of
cum arching up or spurts, but just several streams emerging one after the

When it finished cumming I pulled back and could see several trails of cum
down the side of his shaft and over my fingers as they clutched the stem of
his cock. His eyes were open now and watching me intently, a big smile on
his face.

I smiled and keeping my eyes on his face lowed my lips over his cock head
until they were half way down his shaft. Then I just closed them wrapping
them around his shaft tightly. Immediately I swirled my tongue around the
head and shaft like a demon. He cried out, jerking his head back and lolling
over the edge of the bath, his legs kicking a little. There wasn't much cum
left but I knew how sensitive this was for a man, My tongue whipped around
his head, pushing into the eye, licking the rim, lashing at the head.
Finally he begged me to stop and I pulled away.

He looked at me, "Thank you." Then he shook his head, "That was

I smiled. "All part of the service."

I took my tip and left


SUSAN 241198


One day, I'd had been on duty for several hours, just normal chamber maid
work when I was told I had been requested by the Colonel on the top floor.

I had previously seen the Colonel twice now. He was a dear old man, quite
soft hearted, and I had found our two meetings a lot of fun. So I changed
into a fresh uniform, the usual, French Maid dress, white stockings,
suspender belt, bra and panties, and went up to his room.

I was told to come in when I knocked and there he was sitting there. He
looked like he was in his fifties but I knew he was older. "Ah, young
Susan," he greeted me, "Come in dear, come in."

I closed the door and walked over to where he was sitting. "You asked for
me, sir?"

"Yes. Yes. I did. Too right I did, girl. Now, special time today." He looked
at me and winked. "Got a big job for you, special mission, into unknown

I wasn't sure about this, all sorts of ideas ran through my head.

"Dangerous mission too mind, don't know what you'll find."

"Colonel, please tell me what it is." I asked kneeling in front of him.

"That pansy of a Grandson, Steven. Got him in the next room. Terrified of me
he is. Think he's not interested in women, know what I mean." His face got
very serious. "Think he'd prefer the Navy to the Army, if you get my drift.
Well your job is to save him. Bring him around to our side." He smiled.
"Think you can handle that?"

"What does he feel about it?"

"Damn pansy will do as he's told. Don't worry about that, girl!"

I searched for the words. I didn't want to disappoint. "Look, if he doesn't
want to, I can't, that's all there is to it. I'm sorry. I'll try, but that's

The Colonel sat back with a start, then reconsidered, "Mmmmh, suppose I can't
ask more of you than that. Still think of the glory if we pull this one
off, what!"

"Where and when?"

He pointed to the bedroom, "In there." He shrugged, "Do your best." I got up
only to hear the Colonel add, "I suppose you don't want me there too,
leading the men sort of thing, setting an example?"

I laughed, "No Colonel. Let me go on this mission alone."

He shrugged again, "Very well...well, England expects and all that sort of
thing. Remember, if he tries to surrender, put the telescope to your blind
eye! Make him work before giving in."

"Yes Colonel."

I opened the bedroom door to find a 16-year-old boy sitting there on the
bed, reading a book. I said 'hello.' I could see he was very shy. I sat next
to him and asked if he knew why I was here. He did. I asked him if he wanted
me to leave. He didn't. He told me I was really pretty, and he had been
frightened about who would be coming in.

He had fair hair, was of normal build, I could see by his arms that he was
very smooth skinned and looked very young. I checked his age. He said he was
16, nearly 17. We started to chat about all kinds of things. Finally I asked
him did he want to try and have some fun. I by now had decided what I was
going to do. He became very shy again and before he could speak I told him
it was all right, I understood. I said I would just go to the bathroom and
he was to wait.

I emerged three minutes later in just my panties, stockings and suspender
belt. My small breasts trembled as I walked over to him, now wide eyed at
the sight of me. He half laughed and said, "You're so beautiful."

I blushed a little, "Maybe."

I told him to sit on the bed and I sat next to him. Then I gently pushed him
back and rolling over on to my tummy lay beside him. My hand fluttered to
his T-shirt and began to massage his chest through it. I simply told him if
I did anything he didn't like or want to tell me to stop. He in turn was to
do nothing except lay there.

My hand wandered all around that chest before slipping under his T-shirt and
stroked and caressed the smooth skin of his tummy and then up to his chest.
He watched my face most of the time. I could see he was loving all of it. He
asked if he could touch my breasts so I reached for his hand laying next to
the other side of him and pulled it over, holding it against my breasts,
moving it around so his hand rubbed the nipples and caressed all around
them. He got the idea and for a few minutes he simply played with them,
cupping and squeezing them, feeling his way so to speak. I could tell he had
never done this before. I leaned over and kissed him. Just lips to lips.
Then I opened my mouth a little and stuck my tongue out and licked along his
lips. Finally pushing softly into his mouth. My tongue met his and played

Pulling away I tugged his T-shirt up and pulled it off over his head. I then
rolled half onto his chest and started to kiss and suck and lick at his
chest and nipples. I used my tongue more then anything, giving him long
licks from the shoulder down to his belly button. Sometimes I bit him
gently. More and more my head moved down to his trousers until my tongue was
circling the little wisps of blonde hair that made their way down from his
belly button.

I undid his trousers; got off the bed and simply tugged them, together with
his underpants, straight off.
His legs were smooth and looked quite strong. At his crotch stood a long
cock, with some blonde hair around it and two balls, snug and tight in their
little sack. I knelt down between his legs and traced my tongue along the
inside of his leg, making long lines, starting and stopping, sometimes
nipping the skin with my teeth. My fingers caressed other parts of his leg
at the same time. I let my fingertips slide their way along his thighs, over
the tops of his legs to touch lightly at his balls as I slid my fingers down
between his legs and then out to his knee along the inside of his leg. It
was driving him wild, and judging by his pulsating cock, he was no pansy.

I licked my way along his legs until after several minutes I touched his
balls with my tongue. I pushed my tongue hard against them, moving them and
then caressed and licked around them. Finally I made it to the base of that
long smooth cock shaft. I slid my hand under it to lift it up so it pointed
directly at the ceiling. I figured he wouldn't last long, so I had already
planned to finish him quickly once, then fuck his brains out after!

I moved my head so it was directly over his cock. Opening my lips to an 'O',
I let them touch around the top of his cockhead, then slid down so they just
went past the rim of his head. He moaned loudly and jerked his body. For a
few seconds I held him there, letting my tongue swirl around that smooth
head, licking and tasting it. Some pre cum had oozed out and I could taste
salty cum on my tongue.

I pulled my lips very slowly to the tip of his cock and then in one motion,
rammed my head all the way down that shaft. He almost sat upright! Before he
had a chance to recover I drew my head straight back up to the tip of his
cock and then rammed it all the way down again. He cried out this time. On
the fourth drive back down that shaft I was met with a deluge of sticky
salty cum that virtually spat out of the end of his cock. I had expected
this but it still took me by surprise. I almost stopped but managed to force
my head down swallowing most of it on the way. Pulling back up I seemed to
draw another great wad of cum out. This time I opened my lips allowed the
stringy stuff to flow out, running like a river from my lips and down his
shaft. I slid my head down again, pushing the cum down the shaft with my
lips. He shot off a third time, flooding my mouth completely. He must have
been saving this lot.

I pulled back to let him settle. A fourth and fifth and even after that a
trickle of cum shot out before he finally lay still. I opened my mouth wide,
and let it drip out around his shaft and cockhead as it lay there, shrinking
below me.

He seemed almost in tears, and couldn't thank me enough. I smiled and licked
around the now soft head of his cock and pushed the shaft around his crotch,
tasting the paddles of cum as I did.

"Well now we are going to make love." I told him. "As soon as we can get you
back up to fighting strength again."

With that I popped his limp cock in my mouth and started to seriously suck
it. It took several minutes, during which time he amused himself by reaching
under me to brush my nipples with his fingers, but finally his limp wet cum
covered cock responded to my warm sucking mouth and grew hard.

I stood up and lay down on the bed next to him. "I want you to lay on top of
me, and stick your cock inside me."

He rolled over on to me sliding his hands under my shoulders. I felt his
hips moving, trying to get his cock into my pussy. I reached down and helped
him. He entered me really slowly, his cock pushing into me so very gently. I
knew this was his first time and that this was a magical moment for him.
Once settled I told him what I wanted him to do. "Don't just thrust away,
move around and play. Move your hips from side to side, and then undulate
them sometimes. At other times it's nice to thrust hard, but sometimes, use
a long hard stroke and then a short one, then a long one again."

"How will I know when to do that?" he asked.

"Well if you look at her and her head is arched back, she's biting her lips
and her eyes are closed. Chances are she's enjoying it. If on the other hand
she tells you 'to stick it behind her ear; she'll smoke it later', then you
can bet you won't be doing it a second time with her."

He laughed and kissed me on the nose. He seemed far more relaxed.

At first he did some gentle little thrusts, trying the feeling out. Then he
started to play around and try other things. For the next hour we played
like that, sometimes kissing, (he was very good at that!), at other times he
concentrated on making me feel really good. He watched me intently, trying
to look for the signs. At first I helped him by loving everything, but after
a while I became more honest, telling him how it felt, if it was good or
bad. Several times he was near to cumming again but I wouldn't let him. I
told him this was a one off, and to forget about me, just do whatever he
wanted to try.

I can't imagine what the Colonel must have been thinking about all this. He
was a good man, not trying to disturb us in any way. I could tell he cared
for his Grandson. At some stages we just lay there, chatting and kissing.

Finally I rolled us both over and sat over him. "Now I'm going to finish
you." I told him. I arched back and with my arms behind me supported myself
on his knees. His cock was deep inside my pussy, but bent back facing up but
also towards his legs. I knew that no man could hold back for long like
that. I then lifted my hips up and down gently. He put his hands against my
breasts, cupping and mauling them, pinching the nipples between his fingers.
He had to stretch for them but refused to let go, he seemed to love the
feeling of my small breasts cupped and nestled in his hands.

My pussy moved up and back along his cock and then down again. I could feel
it straining against the top of my pussy because of the unnatural angle I
had him in. It was good for me and I knew it was good for him. Suddenly he
left go of my breasts and lay back; his head sinking into the pillow. I felt
his knees tense and jerk. His moans started and by his movements I could
tell he was cumming deep inside me. I continued to move, beginning to feel
the extra wetness within as his cum mixed with my juices as his cock pushed
in and out of me with each thrust of my hips.

I kept moving until he begged me to stop, thrashing his head from side to
side. I rolled off him and rushed to the bathroom. Dressed I came out a few
minutes later and we chatted some more before I said I had to leave.
"Can't I see you again?" He asked, looking almost upset.

"You don't need to," I told him, "We both know I was your first. I'll always
be with you now."

I kissed him once, really deeply, our tongues playing like demons with the
other's. Then I pulled away, "Close your eyes." I told him.

He did so. I swooped low and kissed the head of his small limp cock and then
walked out of the room.

"Well?" The Colonel asked me, "Three hours my girl, three hours! Almost sent
a search party, thought you'd been taken by the enemy!"

"Taken Colonel. Definitely taken." I smiled.

He smiled back, "Oh...good...well done...yes...yes...oh I suppose a spot of
debriefing is out of the question girl?"

I walked over to him and kissed his cheek, "Colonel, I've been behind enemy
lines, no food or drink...feel shell shocked," I turned to leave.

Behind me I heard him mutter, "Mmmh, don't make them like they used to you
know. In my day that would have only been the beginning...oh well, no point in
arguing with a woman."

His bark was always worse then his bite.


THE FRENCH MAID  Part 12  by Susan

One Friday I was told that two men had requested me to go for a car ride in
the hotel's very large Rolls
Royce.  I was told who the men were, I had seen them at breakfast. They were
both in their thirties, average build, short hair, and quite good looking.
Naturally I agreed. I was given a new outfit to wear, a body hugging short
black dress. I decided that bra and panties would spoil it, so I went out to
the car just in the dress.

They were waiting for me. I climbed in and sat between them as the car
started off. We travelled for a while before anything much happened. We
chatted about the area and the hotel in general. I noticed that the man on
my left, John, had slipped his hand on to my leg. His fingers were tracing
little circles on the inside of it. The man on my right, Peter, now slipped
his arm around my neck. I settled back a little in the large soft seat,
enjoying John's fingers touching my leg.

He then leaned over and kissed my cheek. I turned a little so that our lips
could meet. His tongue pushed into my mouth. I felt John's hand touch my
breast, cupping it within the tight dress. John's hand meanwhile was slowly
moving up my leg, drawing patterns as it made it's way upwards towards the
hem of the dress.

I broke away from John and turned to Peter who was ready to kiss me too. Our
tongues played as our lips fused together. His hand clasped my breasts
tightly and then I felt his fingers slip into the top of the dress, pushing
past the top of my breast until they touched the nipple which he then
proceeded to rub with his finger. John's hand was now high up my leg, his
fingers just reaching my pussy.

My head lolled back as his finger slipped into me and started to stroke my
clit. John then popped my right breast from my dress and his mouth sucked on
the hard nipple. I felt his teeth clasp it and his tongue jabbing at the
nipple. I reached down with my hands in to their laps. I could feel two hard
cocks as I rubbed the front of their trousers. John's seemed the biggest,
while Peter's felt very long and thin.

Peter pulled his hand away from my breast. I decided I needed to see these
cocks. I leant forward and over to Peter's lap. My fingers fumbled with his
trouser zip but soon I was tugging it down. I slipped my hand in and got
hold of his cock still hidden in his pants. Fishing it out I pulled it
through his trouser fly. It was really long, with a small head at the end,
partly hidden by skin. I pulled back on the shaft, allowing the head to pop
out. Leaning down some more I stuck my tongue out and ran it around the top
of his cock head. There was a little moisture there which I lapped up. My
tongue run around the head before my lips sunk down over his shaft taking
half of it in straight away. I felt his cock head nudging the back of my
mouth as my tongue swirled around it. My hands were digging into his
trousers, gently lifting his hairy balls free which I started to squeeze and

Behind me John had pulled my dress up over my thighs and was busy caressing
and touching my bare bottom. His fingers ran around the cheeks and then in
between, after which he started to slide them into my pussy from the back.
Peter's cock was rock hard in my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down. He
was laying back in the seat now, one hand on my head, leafing through my
hair, the other wrapped around my breast, squeezing and clasping it;
pinching the nipple between his fingers.

I slowly pulled my head off his cock, letting my tongue lick around it
before sitting up. I kissed John and then slid down to his lap where I found
he had already undone his trousers and his thick fat cock was sticking
straight out. I opened my mouth and with my lips only began to move my head
up and down so my lips were rubbing against the mushroom head from the tip
of it to the large rim.  When that was all wet I then slid his cock into my
mouth, my lips sliding down his shaft. The large head filled my mouth, I
could feel it scraping past my teeth as it slid in. All I could do was flick
my tongue at the head.

I felt Peter's cock push against my bottom and then slip between my legs.
After a second or two he managed to get it into my pussy where he slowly
started to thrust in and out. Because of the angle it wasn't the most
impressive performance but he did what he could. I could feel that long thin
cock sliding deep inside me, and then thrusting in short sudden movements.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible to take as much of John's cock in my
mouth but it really was too big and there was very little I could do with
it. So I contented myself with sliding my lips up and down around the shaft.
He had both his hands on my head, gently holding me down. My tongue kept up
it's assault on the head, lashing away at it. I could taste some pre cum in
my mouth, it sort of just appeared there. Peter's hands were holding my hips
and he was moving me gently into a kneeling position onto the seat so he
could thrust his long thin cock into me from a better angle. He finally made
it too.  It must have been uncomfortable for him, his head bent right over
by the roof of the car. But the feeling of that long cock now thrusting in
me as nature intended was lovely. I could feel his balls slapping against my
legs with each thrust. I could feel the wetness of my pussy on his balls and

It was so good in fact that I had to take my mouth off of John's cock. I
settled instead for biting and licking his furry tummy, matting his hair as
it got wet with my tongue licking around it. I wanked his shaft by my face
with my hand. He had one hand under my chest and was helping himself to my
little breasts, both of which had now fallen out of the dress which was all
bunched up around my waist and tummy. He held the left breast in his hand
while the right one trembled and shook with every thrust from Peter.

The men decided to swap places, John knelt on the floor between the drivers
seat and the back one. He pulled me backwards on to his lap, his cock
slipping straight into me. I felt it slide into my pussy, the mushroom head
pushing past the walls as it made it's way deep into me. Peter sat on the
seat directly in front of me. I rested my cheek on one leg, sticking my
tongue out to caress the inside of his other leg. His balls were near my

With his hand he bent his cock down to his legs so the shaft caressed and
pushed against my nose. His big cock was sliding in and out of me really
slowly as he pushed and pulled me by my hips. With Peter's cockhead pointing
down by my mouth I settled for licking that instead of his leg. I took long
licks at it, running up the shaft as I arched my head back. Finally I
managed to slip the head of his long thin cock into my mouth and suckled on
it like a baby on a breast. He massaged it with his thumb and forefinger,
pushing the skin back and forth, wanking it into my mouth. My tongue swirled
around the head, licking at the eye, tasting the pre cum that his hand
action was forcing out.

Behind me John was holding my hips really tightly as he thrust his large
cock in and out of my pussy. By now the car had stopped, but I didn't really
think anyone had noticed.

I twisted around a little and slid up along Peter's legs taking his cock
into my mouth properly. My hands went under him cupping his bottom. He kept
his hand on the lower part of the shaft, wanking it gently.

I suppose it was the event that had made me so horny but  I really wanted
this right now. I wanted someone to cream in my mouth, to fill my mouth so
it overflowed, and I wanted someone fucking me hard. I never knew a car ride
could be so sexy. My bottom was now slapping hard against John's tummy with
each thrust of that massive cock.  Peter's cock meanwhile was securely
trapped in my mouth. I no longer moved my head back and forth, but just held
it there while my tongue played and caressed the small head engulfed within
my lips. I suddenly noticed that Peter's head was thrown back, and before I
realised what was going to happen great gushes of cum were pouring out of
his cockhead and running over my swirling tongue, filling my mouth up. I
swallowed some but there was loads of it. Hot sticky stringy cum just
pouring out the little head. I opened my lips and let some of it slide out
over his cock and down his shaft, running over his fingers were it started
to drip off. More cum oozed out, it was now everywhere, all around my teeth,
all in my mouth, sliding down my throat, dripping over my chin and all over
his shaft and hand. Finally the fountain ceased and it started to shrink. I
played with it with my cum covered tongue until it was too small and it
popped out of my mouth.

I heard John moan behind me and suddenly he pulled his cock from me. Within
seconds I felt long trails of thick gooey cum landing on my back from my
shoulder down to my bottom. He must have fired off about six times, totally
covering my bottom cheeks in the stuff as well as soaking parts of the dress
and leaving long lines of it along my back which soon started to run to my
sides. He sat back against the drivers seat and I knelt up and then sat
against the door.

"Beats the taxi." Peter said.




1) Special thanks to Margaret who spell checked this.
2) Thanks to Scott who provided the idea for this one
3) If it's illegal in your country to read this then don't.
4) Suggestions and comments are welcome

However because of the high cost of the internet in the UK please understand
that I am not able to respond to everyone. But I do thank all the people who
have written to me, especially after FM part 11, I was about to stop writing
at that point and you changed that, thanks. Selected reposts will be made
once a month until I'm told to stop.


One morning at eleven o'clock I was asked to go to a room on the second
floor. Entering I found a tall slim man there, in his thirties. He had dark
brown hair, and a pleasing face. He introduced himself as Scott.

He asked me to sit down next to him.

"I called you up because I've heard nothing but good things about you." He
told me. "But I want to explain to you what I would like to do. I understand
that you are, shall we say, a little I would like to explain
what I want. Is that all right."

I didn't think it was actually. But I felt he should have the chance to
explain. "Ok, go ahead."

"I want to tie you to the bed with some silk scarves. Then I'm going to
tease and play with your body. At any time, you can ask me to untie you and
I will." He smiled. "You see you have a reputation for making men come. I
have the same with women."

I laughed, all the bad feelings gone. "I'm sorry," I told him, "I'll never
cum more then once." I looked down to the floor, and shrugged, "It's just


I smiled at him, "So."

He reached for my hand and began to wrap some silk around the wrist, "You're
nothing to lose then."

This wasn't supposed to happen, but I guess he was right, I had nothing to
lose. I shrugged again, "Ok, you want to waste your time, this might even be

He got up and led me over to the bed. "Please remove everything except your
stockings and suspenders."

I did as I was asked and then stretched out on the bed. He took the tied
wrist and fastened it to the bed post. Then he tied the other one to the
other post. He moved down to my legs, but only tied one. "I'll leave you
that much control." He told me.

I lay there, a little afraid. I'd never been tied before and although I didn
't feel anything bad was going to happen it still felt scary. Guess I'm not
the adventurous type. He meanwhile went over to the little drinks fridge. He
returned with the ice tray. I was puzzled to say the least.

He sat down next to me, still fully clothed. He then took a piece of ice out
of the tray and holding it between his thumb and forefinger moved his hand
over to my breasts. I stared has he lowed the ice so it just touched the top
of my left breast. It felt so cold, I shook. Keeping the ice cube so it
barely touched my skin he ran his hand around the outside of my breast,
doing a complete circle. I lolled my head back, my eyes closed, the
sensation was so new for me, but it was exciting once you excepted the cold.
He kept circling my left breast, though bringing the circles tighter and
tighter, closer and closer to the nipple. Finally when the ice had travelled
around my breast so much that only the nipple remained untouched, I felt
something warm and wet touch the very tip of my nipple, now rock hard and
begging to be touched. I opened my eyes and saw his tongue licking at it,
pushing it into my breast gently.

You have to realise that despite all the parties and everything this was
really new for me. It felt wonderful. Part of it I suppose was the feeling
that I was so helpless, and could only hope about where he was going to
touch next. My breast was crying out to be touched. He then simply sucked my
breast straight into his mouth, almost chewing on it. If my hands had been
free they would have grasped his head and kept it there. As it was he was
quite content to suck it for a little while.

Pulling back from my little breasts he reached for some more ice. This time
he traced the ice around my belly button, just skimming it along my skin. I
was breathing hard by now with anticipation. God it felt so good, so sexy.
Sometimes he pushed it against my skin, other times it barely touched me.
Once or twice he pulled it along the underside of my breasts which made me
stretch out suddenly, shudder and shake.

When that piece of ice melted he contended himself with licking and touching
my tummy with his tongue. He varied between long hard licks and flitting
caresses. I played a game and would try to push my tummy up to him, wanting
to feel that wet tongue rolling across.  In all this he hadn't said a word.
He seemed to be totally concentrating on me.

He rose up and took another piece of ice. He gently parted my legs a little
and leaning over my tummy he started to run the ice along the inside of my
legs. I had trouble keeping still it felt so intense. You could never tell
if it was boiling hot or ice cold, the feeling was the same. No matter how I
tried, I couldn't help but jump each time that soft yet hard ice made
contact. Finally he brought  it to my pussy and rubbed it along the lips and
then pushed it a little inside me. I didn't even know what hit me. Suddenly
it was there, right there, and that was it. I shuddered suddenly. He must
have guessed for he simply pushed the ice inside me and then with his finger
rubbed my clit back and forth as I shook my way through a really intense

Finally I could take no more and begged him to stop, my body tingling, my
breathing fast, my eyes half closed. He did and sat back against the other
end of the bed.

"That's the beginning," he said. "I'll get you a drink." He walked over to
the fridge and prepared something in a long glass. I asked him what it was
but he said just to drink it. He untied one hand and I sipped at the glass.
It was nice. I could tell it was a mix of more then one drink.

For a few minutes we spoke about things in general. Then it came round to
sex. I asked him where he got those ideas from. He just smiled. "Oh I've a
lot more to show you yet."

He then removed the glass and tied my hand back up to the post. This time he
tied my free leg as well. I guess I was past the introduction stage.

He stood at the end of the bed and removed his clothes. His chest was smooth
until his tummy where a line of hair went down to his cock and balls. His
cock was standing straight up, long, slim, with a half covered purple head.
He came and sat astride my chest and then taking his cock he started to rub
it against my breasts. Again he changed from lightly stroking them with it
to pushing it hard against them. After a while he lay on top of me, and then
rising himself on his arms he just let his chest touch mine, and then moved
his body around in a circle type motion, caressing my breasts and nipples
with his skin. It felt strange but nice. I could feel his cock pushing into
my lower tummy as it lay there sandwiched between us.

He moved up and soon his chest was over my face, this time it was his cock
and hips that were moving around my chest. I could feel his cock dragging
over my breasts, the head, slightly wet at the end, touching and jerking
along my smooth white skin. I stuck my tongue out to lick his chest as it
moved from side to side over my face. I felt his cock touching my throat. He
moved up some more; it pushed against my chin. Then he sat astride my
throat, his balls on my chin, his cock towering over my mouth. I again stuck
my tongue out and licked at the front of his balls, pushing them around and
wetting the hair. With one arm he reached behind himself and started to rub
my nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

After a minute or so he took hold  of his cock and lifting his hips up
slightly, began to rub it against my face. It went across my cheek and over
my nose, the balls pushing against my lips, then he wiped the head around
the other cheek and all around my forehead. Finally he brought it down along
the side of my nose and pushed the head against my lips which opened almost
straight away. He fed his cock into my mouth and then, leaning forward,
started to move his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth like it was my
pussy. He varied his strokes and I was never sure how deep he would go. He
seemed to know the limits, and never once was it uncomfortable.

I just kept my mouth open, feeling that hard cock thrusting in and out of my
mouth, feeling the head popping out of the skin as it rode past my lips.
Suddenly he stopped.

Getting up he then lay with his head near my waist. He rolled over on top of
me, his cock once again pushing into my mouth. I wanted so much to hold his
bottom, to help thrust him in and out, but I was tied and completely
helpless. He meanwhile slipped his hands under my bottom and cupped both
cheeks which he started too knead while his head fell between my legs. I
felt his tongue simply shooting into my pussy and then he started to fuck me
with it. What could I do. My legs were tied open, his cock thrusting into my
mouth. I couldn't wrap my legs over his head or anything. It felt great.
This cock simply thrusting in and out of my mouth and I was powerless to do
anything about it. I had no control what so ever. Any other time I would
have been terrfied, but I just knew he wasn't the kind of person to do
anything I didn't want.

My hips started to move with his head as his tongue pushed in and out of me.
He rolled off my head, taking his cock from my mouth, it slid over my cheek,
all wet and slippery. His tongue kept thrusting in and out. His fingers
squeezing and teasing my bottom. I could feel his tongue taking long laps
along my pussy, and then push in and out. He then played with my clit,
pushing at it. Sometimes he pulled away and bit the inside of my legs
gently, or just teased them with his tongue.

I was completely relaxed now, my hips moving without thought. It was like I
was almost asleep. No thoughts to think, no words to say, just my movements
against the motions of his tongue. And then it hit me. It came like they
always do with me, sudden and quick, but this was the second one, and that
was very rare. I tensed, sure I would loose it just as it tripped over but I
was lucky and instead it took me off shuddering and shaking, my hips
thrusting wildly at his tongue and face. A minute or two later and I was
spent completely again. I told him to stop and he did.

He sat next to me, untied one hand and then got me a drink. "So, do you

I smiled, "Yes, I've never known like this."

"Do you want to play more?"

I laughed a little, "If you think you can..."

His turn to smile. "Oh I know."

I finished the drink and he retied my hand.

This time he simply sat next to me. He began to trace the very tips of his
fingers along the outside of my legs from my knees to my hips. His touches
were very soft, almost not touching. I could feel my skin straining to feel
the sensations. Sometimes several fingers dragged along my skin, sometimes
just one. Then he would stroke me with the back of his hand in little
circular motions. He slowly concentrated more and more on my hips and then
from there began to slid up over my tummy until he was teasing the underside
of my breasts. Little touches, flitting against them, near, but not touching
the nipples. By now my body wanted to be held, wanted to feel his hands on

He played around my little breasts, sometimes feather like strokes, other
times little jabs, making the soft flesh tremble each time. My nipples were
rock hard and aching, wanting desperately for him to touch them, but he
never this time, he stroked within millimeters of them, but never so much as
once touched them. It was sheer delightful torture.

After what seemed an age he made his way slowly down my tummy. By now he was
using both hands, letting his fingers skim over and caress me. I was
thrusting my tummy out trying to feel more. This was the ultimate in
teasing. He was the expert. I knew many ways to tease a man, but I'd never
met someone who could tease me like this.

Finally he reached my pussy, just touching the outer lips, keeping out of
it. Again, teasing me beyond anything I could imagine. He played on the
edges, I would thrust around, trying to force his fingers in, but his
touches were too light. This went on for a while, his touches getting more
and more delicate.

Suddenly he said, "I'm going to untie you know. Then I'm going to make love
to you."

Oh yes...please! I smiled at him.

As soon as he had untied me he took hold of me and rolled over on top.
Pushing his hips against me his cock went straight in...all the way, making
me arch my head back, biting my lower lip, moaning, eyes closed tightly.
Wrapping one arm around and under my back he lifted that part of me from the
bed. His other hand clasped my breast, squeezing it. His mouth found mine
and his tongue pushed hard into me, raping my mouth, licking around it like
some snake. His hips thrust harder and harder, his cock pushing all the way
into me. After all the teasing I knew I didn't stand a chance. Today was
going to be a record for me. No choices, I knew that it was only minutes, if
that, away.

It never let up. His cock slamming into me, his hips hitting mine. His hand
holding my back really tightly, the other hand flattening my breast, his
mouth all over mine, his tongue thrusting hard into me.

I couldn't help him now. I didn't know how he wanted to come. I didn't care.
I wasn't working here now. This was beyond anything. Suddenly, though there
was no choice it was there. I screamed loudly, I'd never known anything like
it. It came from deep within me, both the scream and the orgasm. It tore it'
s way through my body, lighting me up and sending me jerking all over the
place. This was pure animal passion, nothing refined, nothing under control.
I had to pull away from his kiss, scared of hurting him. My head arched all
the way back so all he could see was my throat. I couldn't open my eyes or
close my mouth. He kept hammering away while fastening his mouth over my
breast, sucking and biting the nipple. I was beating his back with my fists.
I kept screaming until suddenly it was over. I was spent.

"Please...please. No more. I'll die."

He pulled away, his cock slipping out of me.

I just lay there panting, trying to get my breath back. I was nearly in
tears. He was smiling at me. I tried to smile back but even that was too

He got me a drink and I drank it straight down. It was several minutes
before I was back to being on earth. "Do you want to finish?" I asked him

"Would you mind?"

"No, it's the least I can do. Look can I do it with my mouth, I couldn't
take much more."

He smiled sweetly. "That would be lovely."

He lay back on the bed. I stretched out with my head over his hips. Taking
his cock in my hand I lowered my face to it. Sticking out my tongue I began
to lick around the head, I wanted to tease the hell out of him, but was too
shattered to do so. Instead I just lowered my mouth over the head, and
started to suck at it. My head was bobbing up and down. It didn't take very
long. He must have been close for some time. Suddenly his stomach tensed and
his cock opened up. I say opened up, it just fired off like a cannon. I have
never known just a big wad of it. It flooded my mouth and nearly blew my
head off his cock. All thick and sticky and salty, masses and masses of the
stringy stuff. I swallowed in a big gulp but it kept coming. I opened my
mouth wide and lots of it slipped down around the shaft and over my fingers.
I saw another load shoot out in a thick stream and hit my tongue and the
back of my mouth. I swallowed quickly but another load hit my lips and chin.
It splattered all over me and hung down in long stringy streams. Yet another
load shot out, though this time my mouth was open and it hit my tongue and
the roof of my mouth. I engulfed the head with my lips again but by now it
had slowed, just pumping out the last oozes which my tongue lapped up.

I licked around the slowly shrinking shaft and head. He was laying back,
spent too by the look of it.

When his cock was small | let it lay there. I licked some more along the
shaft and around his groin, Tasting cum laying there, pushing it around with
my tongue. Finally I pulled back.

"You were every bit as good at that as I had been told," he said.

I laughed. "I never want you again," I told him. "I see my death with you."

He laughed loudly. "Next time you can tie me up."

I thought about it. My mind suddenly racing. "Mmmmh, that's a date."



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THE FRENCH MAID Part 14 by Susan

On one Tuesday the manager called me into his office and told me that I had
been requested for an event the following day. Apparently three businessmen
would be here then and they had a habit of hiring a coach and horse team.
Dressed up in Victorian outfits they would go for a ride around the country,
"For country read the hotel grounds mainly," the manager advised. I was
asked if I was agreeable to it. "Just some dressing up and acting the part."
He told me. What could I readers, don't answer that one.

On the Wednesday I arrived at work at 10 am. The weather was warm with nice
sunshine. I went in and changed into the 'outfit'. This consisted of a low
cut blue dress, (a little wasted considering my small boobies), petticoats
and under garments and a corset type thing that laced up at the back. It did
have the effect of bunching and pushing my breasts up but still they didn't
really fill the front of the dress in the way the designer had hoped.

I was shown to the coach, which had blacked out windows. The door opened and
a hand extended to help me in.

There were three men there. One in his forties, the other two about thirty
years old. They introduced themselves. Peter was the older one. He had grey
hair, a pleasant face, and was average build. Steven was slim, with long
black hair and piecing blue eyes. The third man was John. He was tall with
short brown hair. They all sat on one seat against the back of the coach. I
sat opposite them. No sooner was I seated than the coach started off.

"Have you a ticket young Miss?" Inquired Peter.

"Why no Sir," I told him. "I wasn't told I would need one." I fluttered my
hand to my bosom for effect.

"My my, she hasn't a ticket good sirs." He addressed the other two. "What's
to become of the girl?"

"Have to pay a forfeit." Said John.

"Oh sirs, please don't make me walk. I'll do whatever you say." I smiled
shyly at them.

Peter smiled, "A flash of your garter then."

I acted outraged. "But sir!"

"Now now, girl, come come. A flash of your garter isn't too high a price and
we are all gentlemen."

We argued back and forth with the outcome that I lost. So I slowly bundled
up my dress and petticoat along one leg, pulling the material higher,
exposing my slender white stocking encased leg until the garter at the top
came into view. I raised the leg and stretched it out, leaning it across me
and on the door of the coach so they could better see.

They admired the view. "A bit higher if you please miss." Steven asked.

Feigning outrage I delicately lifted it so that the side of my hip was

"I do believe she's not wearing any underpants." Peter said.

"Is this true Miss?" John asked me in earnest.

"Well," I shifted around on my seat; "I'm not at liberty to say good sirs."

I was asked to stand with my back to them and they would satisfy themselves
regarding the question of whether I had under pants on or not. I did as I
was bid. I felt Steven's hand slide under my dress on the outside of my leg
and move upwards. I could feel his fingers gently tracing their way to my
hip, and then he slid his hand until it was just cupping my left bottom
cheek. He gave it a little squeeze.

Naturally I protested at the outrage though was careful not to move to
ensure his hand stayed there.

"She isn't wearing any." He told the others.

I then felt more hands gently moving up my legs, one on the outside of the
other leg, and a third hand in between them. That hand drifted slowly
upwards, flitting from one leg to another until it reached my knees. My
dress was lifted up a little; I'm not sure whom by, then the hand continued
to slide up this time with the whole palm of the hand feeling my leg.
Finally it reached my pussy and I felt the side of the man's thumb brush
against it as it slid back and forth ever so gently. Both Steven and Peter
were fondling the side of my hips as well. The gentle motion of the carriage
made it even nicer.

"Sirs!" I protested, "You really ought not to be doing this? What will
become of me?"

Peter replied that I was in safe capable hands, (how could I argue with that
one?). With that my dress was lifted over my waist and my entire bottom was
nakedly on display to these wicked wicked men! I felt a hand push my back
down a little and I bent forward. Then John, sitting directly behind grabbed
my hips in his hands and pushed his face into my pussy from behind. I felt
his tongue lick along my pussy lips before pushing into me. I cried out in
protest but was told to stay calm.

"What do you know of sex?" Peter asked.

I told him a good girl like me knew nothing of the subject. He then went on
to explain that what John was doing was to ensure that I was ready for the
next part of the journey, and that things would be done to make me feel
comfortable. I reluctantly agreed that in such a case that would be

Not that I cared. John's tongue was doing wonderful things down there.
Licking and sucking at my pussy. I couldn't help but thrust my hips back
into his face a few times to help him along.

He then stopped and told me now that I was wet, I could sit down on his lap
where 'an implement would be provided for my comfort and to ensure the
movement of the carriage didn't throw me to the floor'.

Sinking down onto his lap I felt a hard stiff cock touching the entrance of
my pussy briefly before sliding in to me as I sunk down on it. It was quite
long and I let out a loud sigh. Peter then sat opposite me and started to
unfasten his trousers.

"Good Sir, what are you doing?" I asked, feigning horror.

"It's a bumpy road we have to cross my girl." He warned. "This will keep you
safe and sound. With that he pulled free a short but thick cock with a large
purple head on. It looked slightly moist.

Arranging my legs on either side of John's lap I lent all the way forward
until that cock head was inches from my face. I opened my mouth and stuck my
tongue out, to take several long laps at it before finally engulfing the
head in one go. I felt Peter sit back as I did that. Immediately I started
to suck the shaft, bobbing my head up and down while firmly holding the
sides of his legs.

Steven sat on the floor under me and began to pull at the low cut dress
until my small breasts were poking out over the top of the material. I felt
his lips close over one nipple, his tongue swirling around it while his
fingers pinched and tweaked the other one.

Imagine my position. A poor defenceless country girl with three kind men
doing their utmost to ensure I was not thrown to the floor of the carriage
by sacrificing their own comfort. John behind me, his hands holding my hips
moving them up and down off his lap; Peter in front with his short but fat
cock embedded in my mouth. And Steven beneath me, holding me in place by
sucking delightfully at my small breasts.

I was so grateful I would have done anything to please them if they had only
asked me to.

Peter gently lifted my head off his cock and I was asked to stand. I did as
I was told. They then helped me off with all my clothes until I was stark
naked in front of these men. Sitting all in a line I was asked to lay across
their laps on my back. I did as I was bid and had the pleasure of three pair
of hands roaming around, caressing and touching me. Peter stroking my face
and throat, John caressing my breasts, pinching and playing with the nipple
while Steven had his hands roaming between my legs. One finger deep in my
pussy playing with my clit, the other hand stroking and caressing the
insides of my legs. My long blonde hair hung over Peter's lap, touching the
floor. My little breasts and pussy and indeed my entire body, bare, all
naked in front of these kindly gentlemen.

They teased and stroked me for several minutes and then asked me to lay on
my tummy on their laps. Now they concentrated on my back, bottom and pussy.
I had my eyes closed, lost in the feeling of it all. My hips undulating
around as two fingers slide back and forth inside me. Two hands cupping my
bottom, squeezing and pushing the cheeks together, and another pair of hands
touching and stroking my back and sometimes sweeping under me to cup and
squeeze my little hanging breasts.

I was then told to kneel on the floor of the carriage with my tummy and head
draped over the seat opposite. Each one then took turns to kneel behind me
and insert his cock inside my pussy and thrust it in and out while holding
my hips steady. It felt really horny to be fucked like this. Two watching
and one taking his turn. Each time a cock was pulled out another one took
its place within seconds. Pushing hard and deep into me. At some point in
there I came myself. Long drawn out and with much moaning. My head thrown
back, my eyes closed and my mouth wide open.

Finished, they left me for a short while to stay where I was, bathing in the
after glow of it all. Then I was asked if I could finish them. I twisted
around. John asked me to simply wank his cock over my little breasts.

I shuffled over to him and taking hold of it in one hand began to pump it up
and down. Several times I lowered my head so his cockhead would brush my
lips on the upward stroke, once or twice even letting it pop into my wet and
warm mouth. Finally his actions told me to expect a discharge from his
weapon. I aimed it at my throat and within seconds warm stringy cum was
pumping out the end of his cock and spilling out onto my firm little
titties. It ran and slid down in gobs of the stuff. All creamy and thick
with one or two little bubbles in. The other two watched intently.

I moved to Steven who said he wanted to come over my face. The cum on my
breasts was turning cold now, I could still feel it sliding down and
sometimes dripping off my nipples and breasts. I leaned forward so his cock
was just over my nose and he wanked it back and forth. He came very quickly,
the cum shooting out over my face in long threads all partly joined leaving
trails from my cheek to the top of my head. It was thicker then usual and
just more or less stayed in place, all connected like string. He shot five
times, each one arcing out and landing over my face. Finally there was a
drop left on the end oozing out of the eye. I craned upwards and licked it
off with my tongue.
I moved to Peter. He told me he wanted me to suck his cock. I lowered my cum
covered head and felt that cockhead slide past my lips and fill my mouth. It
was hard to do much with it, it being so thick. So I was left to just bob my
head up and down as I had done before. He reached under me and massaged my
cum covered titties with his hands, cupping them and squeezing them.
Suddenly he started to squeeze hard and a bust of cum hit the back of my
mouth. He didn't let go of my breasts so I had no choice but to keep my
mouth over his cock. I swallowed and a second load shot out flooding my
mouth completely. This time I managed to open my lips and some of it started
to slide out down around his cock. He spurted again and then again before
finally it stopped shooting.

The cum still filled my mouth. A long stream of cum was making it's way down
his cock, unbroken from my mouth while a lot of it swam around his cockhead
buried in my wet mouth. I had to swallow some more before I could feel it
start to shrink. I then swirled what cum I had left around the head a few
times before letting that drain out around his cock.

I sat back against the other seats. They were smiling. I must have looked a
sight. Cum in my hair, trails of it along my face and cheeks, and more
hanging off my breasts in semi broken strings.

Peter handed me a towel and a much needed drink from a hip boys,
a genuine hip flask!

SUSAN 071298

THE FRENCH MAID  Part 15 (New and final) by SUSAN  (FM, FFM, FM)

1)Special thanks to Margaret who did the spell checked
2)If you are at an age when it's illegal to read things about sex, don't
read another line
3)You can repost or copy but you are not to make money out of this. I wrote
it, I own it. My name always stays on.
4)I had hoped to write more of this series but I'm not sure I will have the
time anymore, so this may be the final piece. Thanks to everyone who has
helped and supported me in doing these stories, and to all who have offered
help and suggestions. Like I say thee may be another piece at some stage, or
even another 'Ride in the Country' part, but it will depend on time etc.
5)Bye everyone

THE FRENCH MAID   Part 15  by Susan

I got to work at 8am one Thursday morning. We did the breakfast shift and
sorted out all the washing. At 10 o'clock I was told I was wanted upstairs
in my French Maid's outfit. I asked which room and was told the third floor
linen cupboard!

I asked Anna about this and she just said, "That'll be Freddie, he likes
confined spaces." She smiled. "Don't worry, it's very quick usually."

The actual room was only big enough for two people to stand in. It consisted
mainly of shelves full of linen and stuff. I made my way up there. Coming to
the door I opened it slowly. A hand shot out of the darkness grabbed mine
and pulled me in. I just caught a glimpse of a short man standing there and
then it was darkness has the door was slammed shut.

I could feel a hard cock pressing in my back. A mouth closed around the side
of my neck, teeth scraping the skin, tongue licking at me. By now one hand
had slid into the top of my dress and bra and was cupping and squeezing my
breast. His other hand slid down and roughly pulled up my short skirt and
then his fingers slipped into the waistband of my panties and tugged them

When they were just below my knees he pushed the small of my back slightly
so I bent forward a little. I think all of 90 seconds had elapsed since I
walked in but none the less the excitement of it all was getting me worked

I felt his hand fumbling with his cock and pushing it between my legs. For a
few seconds he thrust it simply between them and then pointing it upwards he
pushed it hard into me. I nearly lifted off the floor, certainly was on my
toes. Wow, talk about quick. He let go of my breast and held my hips,>
ramming me back and forth on his hard cock. I could feel my naked bottom
slamming against his trousers. He didn't play much, just held on to my hips
and thrust back and forth like a wild thing. I could never cum this fast but
was I turned on. This was amazing. I was gasping out loud as his cock
slammed in to me again and again.

Suddenly he seemed to tense and he pulled his cock out. Within seconds he
was shooting spurts of warm cum all over my bare bottom. I felt about five
spurts of the stuff, hitting my cheeks and splashing around over the small
of my back and dress. Some of it already running down the backs of my legs.

He spun me around and kissed me once, hard on the mouth before releasing the
door and slipping out with barely a whisper 'thanks'.

I looked at my watch, four minutes. It took me longer to clean up. There was
a tip left on the shelf, which I saw as soon as I got the light on. I went
back downstairs, never knowing which guest it was or what he really looked
like. Anna offered to point him out but I decided I liked it better the way
it was.

In the afternoon someone I had seen before asked for me. His name was Scott
and last time we met he had tied me to the bed before slowly and
relentlessly he had tortured me slowly with utter pleasure, teasing and
turning me on. I had broken a record for myself that day.

I spoke to Anna and we decided on a plan. We went up to the room and I
entered only. Scott was waiting with a big smile on his face. I noticed some
silk scarves on the bed in the room beyond. He saw me looking. "Yes, for
you." He told me.

I shook my head. "No, for you." I smiled.

He seemed unsure then agreed. He walked over to the bed. "Take your clothes
off, all of them." I ordered. He did as I told him and was soon standing
there naked. His cock hanging there. I licked my lips. "Lay down." I said.

He stretched out and then I walked over, tying his wrists and feet to the
bed posts. "Now wait." I said and walked out of the bedroom.

Opening the door to Anna she slipped in. We quickly undressed down to our
panties, suspender belts and stocking. She with her brown hair and very
white skin and small pointy breasts, and me with my small breasts and long
blonde hair. We were both very slim and looked younger then we were.

Coming back into the bedroom I saw Scott's eyes widen. "Too much for one."
He smiled.

We sat on either side of him. Anna started to rub his chest with her hands,
paying a lot of attention to his nipples. I could see he was loving it. I
took his half-limp cock in my hand and begun slowly to rub it up and down
feeling it grow bigger as I did so.
By now Anna was leaning over his chest, letting her breasts swing over it,
her nipples brushing them as they swayed back and forth. His cock, still in
my hand was now very hard. I lowered my mouth to it and opened really wide
so that my mouth engulfed it but didn't' touch it. He must have felt my hot
breath on it, has  it twitched a couple of times. I licked just the very tip
with my tongue while keeping my lips as close as I dared to the shaft
without actually touching it.

My tongue licked around the eyes, feeling the contours and caressing it.
Then I slowly closed my lips and held his shaft tightly. I lowered my head
until his cock was filling my mouth, all the way to the back. My tongue just
lying under it pushing hard against it trying to curl around the round
shaft. I then dragged my lips all the way up the shaft keeping them has
tight as I could. I could hear him moan. They reached the rim of his head
and I then sucked hard like puffing on a cigarette. That earned another long
moan from him.

I pulled away and started to wank his thick cock with my hand, slowly and
lazily. Anna had by now moved her chest to his face and was dragging her
small pointy breasts against his cheeks and nose. He had his mouth open and
was sticking his tongue out, sometimes licking at the undersides of her
breasts as they slowly rolled over him. I swooped low and started to lick at
his balls, my tongue pushing in between them and then licking outwards
around them. My hand carried on wanking his cock. I was gripping tightly and
I saw that some pre cum had already appeared.

Anna sat up and then moved herself over him so her pussy was directly over
his face. For a few seconds she teased him by staying out of reach of his
searching tongue, then she lowered herself straight down onto his mouth. She
undulated her hips as his tongue evidently pushed deep inside her. I
continued wanking his cock slowly while my tongue teased his balls.

Then I moved my head up a little and started to lick along his shaft. I
could still hear him moaning and stopped a little to watch Anna moving
around on his face. She did this for a couple of minutes and then tensed
before cuming, shaking all over and crying out loudly. Her cum lasted longer
then mine ever did and it was at least two minutes before she raised herself
off his wet face.

She smiled at me. I told her to turn him on to his side. Then I lay down
next to him and tucked my head under his cock with my cheek next to his hip.
I looked over my head and saw him staring at me, wondering what would
happen. I told Anna to wank his cock slowly just above my face and open

She knelt behind him and reaching around took his cock in two fingers and
gripping it tightly slowly wanked it up and down. I stuck my tongue out and
let it slide along the side of his shaft and head. With her other hand she
squeezed his balls, massaging and milking them.

He must have enjoyed this a lot because after just a couple of minutes I
felt his hips tense next to the side of my face. Suddenly he was cuming. Not
spurts of it, but long streams of it just dribbling out the end of the
purple head of his cock, falling in strings into my open mouth and around my
lips. The first string hit the tip of my tongue and wound its way down along
my tongue. When the second stream came it dribbled out over my chin and
lips, leaving a string across my mouth, which I whipped in with my tongue.
It tasted sweetly salty, gobs of thick cream. I let it swim to the back of
my mouth before swallowing it. Several more streams poured out and landed
over my face and tongue and in my open mouth. All the time Anna kept
squeezing and milking those balls and wanking that cock up and down ever so
slowly. Finally the streams were replaced by just drips and then even they
stopped coming. I raised my head and engulfed the head of his cock between
my lips and sucked the head washing it with my tongue, teasing the
underside, while Anna's fingers squeezed the last drops out of the head into
my mouth.

"Oh that was wonderful," he told us.

Anna untied him and then he slid down the bed to kiss me. I felt his fingers
dancing along my stomach and then slide down between my legs. He proceeded
to finger fuck me, all the time squeezing my breast with the other hand and
kissing my mouth. His cock remained limp despite Anna, laying behind him,
reaching around to play with it.

It didn't take me long. I tensed and then released, my hips jerking against
his fingers. He sucked hard on my nipple while that happened, his tongue
swirling around it. Finally I told him to stop.

After that Anna and me chatted to him for a while and then left.

The rest of the afternoon was normal duties until about six when I was asked
to go and visit the Colonel again.

I knocked and was told to enter.

"Hello young girl," he said as I walked in, "Quickie before lunch my girl?"

"Whatever you want Sir. How's the grandson."

He laughed, "Bloody little puppy's never in the house since you. Don't know
what you did to him but he's the terror of the village girls!"

I smiled.

"Yes, well, anyway my girl, Skirt up! Panties down! Lay across my lap!"

With one hand I tugged my panties down to around my knees and then held my
skirt above my waist as I knelt over his lap. He put one arm over me, using
his hand to steady my hips, while he smacked me lightly several times with
the other hand. I felt my bare bottom cheeks wobble with each slap. After
that he began to stroke my bottom, his finger drawing circles on my cheeks
until he finally slid it between my legs, touching at my wet pussy.

"Ah," he moaned, "Heaven."

For a few moments he contented himself with fingering me and then asked me
to stand up.

"Make the sentry stand to attention, then some action."

I knelt between his legs and unzipped his trousers. My hand reached in to
fish out a semi erect cock. Putting my lips to the head I moved them around
before opening and swallowing his cock deep into my mouth. He moaned and I
saw him arch back in the chair. I bobbed my head up and down a few times
before withdrawing, leaving his cock very hard and wet.

He told me to get on all fours before him, which I did. He then got out of
the chair and knelt between my legs and pushed his cock into my pussy. He
slapped my hip a couple of times ordering me to 'ride, damn you, ride!' I
pushed my hips back and forth against his cock, doing most of the work. He
must have been saving himself up for this. He just stayed very still before
jerking uncontrollably against me. I knew then he was shooting his cum into
my pussy. His hands clenched at my bottom and his hips bashed against me as
he called out several times.

He then withdrew and sat back on his legs. "Wonderful little filly."

I went to the bathroom. When I returned he was all dressed. "Get your
clothes on girl, walk me down to the dining room if you please."

I smiled and got dressed.

The end

SUSAN   171298

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