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By James Bellamy
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All characters are fictional, any resemblance to any person living or
dead is coincidental.  Intended for the entertainment of adult readers


The regular weekly meeting of Isabel's Bridge Club convened with Jan and
Millie insistent upon knowing about the vacation which Isabel and Ellen
had returned from.

"OK, you two, what's going on.  We found out you took young Jeffie with
you.  What's going on behind our backs?"  Jan insisted with her usual
friendly grin.

"Yes, come on, out with it, you are up to something and not sharing with
goaded Millie, pulling at the strap of her bra and settling it's heavy
load into the sling of it's lacy cups.  "You're not being kosher on
this!  Share and share alike, that 's our rule, you know!"

Isabel laughed and Ellen joined in.  They nearly fell on the floor
laughing about their shared secret.  Gaining control, Isabel, said
"Whatever can you be talking about???  We just went off to San Francisco
and took Jeff along as a bodyguard.  He has never been there before!"

Ellen bit her grinning lip and looked down at her cards.  The thought of
dancing at the Artist's Ball with her tight dress exposing the valley
between her tits as well as the matching one between the buns of her
tush made her giggle.  Recalling the hands of dancing partners slipping
into the open oval of the dress to fondle her buttocks and press her
prominent mound against their hardened manhood brought a flush to her
cheeks which was a giveaway.

For a while they maintained the fašade, telling true stories of the
lovely dinners and limited sightseeing they had done.  But eventually,
they found it impossible, and had to gush out the remainder of their
erotic adventure.  The story of visiting Frederich's of Hollywood and
finding the outrageous outfits, brassiere's and girdles that lifted
EVERYTHING up!  Giggling until their faces were red, they told of the
men who had groped them on the dance floor, the wild costumes of people
they had met and those they had just seen from afar.

Jan said, "God, I wish I had your nerve, I could never do that public a

"Oh come on, Jan, you mean you haven't ever wanted to be a little bit of
an exhibitionist?  Not ever?  Why do you think they make such sexy
undies?  And why do you think we wear them?  Not to keep warm, that's
for sure,"   Ellen was warming to the subject.  "The fact is we wear
them just in case we get a chance to show them to some man or, in this
case men!!  Right Isabel?"  She went into gales of laughter again.

"Guilty!" Isabel replied ruefully.  "Come on Jan let's see what you are
wearing under all that conservativeness."

"Oh, come on, now, girls, I'm not playing show and tell!."

"Come on," Jan "put up or shut up, as they say,"  Millie chimed in.
"I'll show you if you'll show me," she piped in a teasing little girl
voice.  Jan just grinned and looked at her hand for the next card to

Ellen, being dummy, walked around behind Jan , loosed the buttons on
her  blouse, exposing Jan's lacy bra with semi-transparent cups.
"Yikes," Jan protested, laughingly.

"Now I ask you girls, is this the bra of a nun?"  Ellen crowed and
cupped the two lovely breasts and lifted them for all to see as Jan's
breasts peeped above the bra, bulging into two lovely mountains, blue
veins enhancing the  whiteness.  "I rest my case!   Panties to match,

"Come on, Jan what's your most exhibitionist fantasy?" Isabel urged.
"Let's hear it!  You can't hassle us about the fact that we played ours
out in San Francisco  and not tell us you have one too."

Jan's face was crimson, but she was laughing along with them.  "OK, OK,
I give up.  If you must know, I do have a secret desire.  I fantasize
about having a  peeping tom looking into my bedroom while I'm dressing."

"Aha, now it comes out."  Ellen laughed.  "What can we do to satisfy
this wild outrageous urge that Jan has, Isabel?"

"Now stop," Jan protested, her face totally red with embarrassment.

Isabel thought about it as she laid down the last three cards " I think
these are all good, girls"   Finally, she said,  "What  would you think
of asking  Jeff to do a little peeping Tom duty?  I have the feeling
that he might enjoy it, too!"
"Isabel, I'm only kidding,   I couldn't really do it!  .......  Besides,
...... We can't keep making Jeff do things like that ..............."
Jan's voice trailed off  as she picked up the next hand.

Ellen laughed.  "My god, girls, don't you think he has grown up around
us without  doing his best to sneak a  peak every chance he gets?  I
know I enjoy the fact that he always wanted a look up my skirt.  I
confess ....... quite a few times I've flashed him and given him a long
look.   I think we all have, ............haven't we.?  Or am I the only
tramp here?"

"Oh, Ellen,  really, we're not all as hot stuff as you are, dear."
Millie laughed, "but ............ .......... OK, I admit it too."

Jan rolled her eyes upward, then smiled self-consciously.  "Well, Jeff
is such a  dear boy.  ......... How can you help it?" she laughed.

So that is how Jeff found himself approaching the back of Jan's house at
an appointed time of 8:00 PM, with a high level of anticipation and a
slight erection, having thought about this since Isabel mentioned it the
previous night.  The lights were on in the main bedroom on the main
floor.   He tripped over a lawn chair, making a bit of a loud arrival as
he fell headlong onto the grass "Shit!" he muttered.

Brushing himself off, he found his way to the brightly-lighted window of
Jan's bedroom.  Jan was just pulling her blouse from the restraint of
her tightly belted slacks.  Jeff watched as she turned toward the window
and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing the lacy white bra full of
her ample breasts.  The curtains of diaphramous see-through material
gave the scene a dramatic accent.  He stood completely still as she
finished the buttons, leaving the blouse gaping like the curtains on a
stage as she unbuttoned the slacks and lowered the zipper.  She turned
her hip toward him as she lowered the zip and let the slacks slip over
the nylon of her pantyhose under which a pair of matching white lace
panties seemed plastered to her skin.   She turned as she stepped out of
the slacks and provided a view of her bum, the center seam of the
pantyhose disappearing between the deep vee of her buns.  Slipping her
fingers under the nylon, she paused and looked out the window as if to
see him standing there, but Jeff was sure she couldn't see him as he
stood outside the circle of light.  She turned again and he watched as
she pushed the nylons down over her hips pausing again with the crotch
not yet parting from the "H" shape between her thighs.  Slowly, she
lowered them down her thighs, bending to strip the nylon down her
calves, displaying the shapely roundness off her buns under the full
panties now stretched tightly across her ass.  Jeff felt his cock
growing in his pants.

He was glad that she did not pull the panties off with the pantyhose in
that grotesque way some women do in order to speed the process.  He
enjoyed the look of her panties covering the dark patch at her mound, as
she craned behind her to release the catch of her bra.  Looking through
the window toward him, she let the shoulder straps slip down her arms,
the cups reluctantly releasing their heavy cargo, letting the large
breasts sag slightly to their natural shape.  Jeff held his breath in
awe as he gazed at her full breasts for the first time.  He could see
that the rather long nipples were crisply hard with excitement.  She
rubbed them in her hands rather like rubbing the sleep out of your eyes
in the morning.  He could see that it was a sensual pleasure to stoke
the big orbs, which had been enclosed in tight bra.  Jan closed her eyes
and lifted them toward him, then let them return to their natural curve
as she shrugged her shoulders rather proudly.  She touched one nipple
with just the long red nail of one hand as if flicking a feather off.

She turned and strode through the door on her right and Jeff looked
longingly at her bottom shaped in the snug panties.  The light came on
in the adjoining bathroom and Jeff moved for a view of that room.  The
venetian blinds were opened so that he had an unimpeded view of a large
bath tub with a shower head and no curtain.  Jan paused before him and
slipped her fingers under her panties, slipping them easily down to
expose the black hair tinged with gray at the apex of her thighs.  Now
he saw the full nude figure of one of the women who had populated his
erotic dreams all through his teen years.  He had longed to peep at her
like this but never worked up the nerve to do it.  Now here she was in
all her glory.  The years had not been too hard on her, he reflected, a
little extra weight here and there, tummy and thighs a little thicker
than they once were, but all in all, a soft, luxurious, sensual
roundness that pleasured him.  He found his hand adjusting his cock to a
more comfortable position as Jan swung one leg up over the side of the
tub and paused with legs spread wide.  The split between her legs was
clearly visible, framed by the thatch of steel gray hair of her pussy.
Her hand trailed over her mound, sort of combing her hair.

She slipped into the waiting bubble filled tub, sponging between her
breasts, then squeezing water over them.  Jeff watched as the bubbles
trailed down the upper slope and down through the valley between them,
cascading down into the tub below.   Jan carefully lifted first one and
then the other while she sponged each off with copious amounts of soapy
bubbles.  Jeff could nearly taste the soap in his mind.  He slipped his
hand down under his belt and into his shorts to hold onto his engorged
cock.  He encircled it and stoked himself a few times as the older woman
soaped all over, standing to rub the large sponge between her legs and
languorously caressing the softness of her pussy.  She turned on the
large overhead shower and was cascaded with a flood of water washing
away the bubbles and leaving her flesh looking fresh and shiny.  She
stepped out of the tub and again gazing wistfully off through the
window.  lifting both breasts in the towel, she dryed off the underside
and the crease formed by the weight of them sagging against her body.
She lifted them toward him and then pressed the towel between her legs
and down her thighs and calves .   Her big breasts continued to
fascinate him as they swung below her as she bent to dry her legs.  The
two hanging breasts framed the triangle of her pussy and swayed slightly
as she finished drying off.

She strode back into the bedroom and sat on a small stool in front of a
dressing table.  Jeff's cock was rock hard and a little cramped in his
pants now and he unzipped and released it into the cool night air.  She
took a garment from the table, obviously laid out earlier.  It appeared
to be some sort of girdle and she held it up to determine the back and
front and then stood to step into the garment. Jeff realized that it was
a straight tubular girdle with no crotch at all and garter tabs for her
stockings.  Jan squeezed and tugged the garment into place, giving her
hips and tummy a shapely, but smoothed out shape.  She sat again and
reached for a package and, breaking it open, she pulled out a pair of
very sheer stockings and held them up for inspection.  He noticed that
they were the expensive looking type that were actually shaped like a
leg and not just a tube hanging down.  They looked beautiful turning
slowly as they hung from her hand.  Slowly she slipped the first one
over her toe, pulling it up on the bench with her, exposing her pussy
now viewed down the tunnel of the girdle and began drawing the nylon up
her leg.  At last she held her leg straight out, examining the effect as
she attached it to her garters.  As she stood, he could see that it had
a seam down the back and the pouched area at the top in the darker bands
which seemed to be a requirement of the manufacturing process for these
old style stockings.  Jeff found it to be a real turn-on as he watched
her guide the second stocking up her thigh and, locking it in place,
turn to the mirror to see if her seams were straight.

She dabbed a little perfume between her breasts now and reached for a
bra, also laid out beforehand.  Jeff watched with increasing heat as she
fastened it with the clasp in front around her waist and then pulled it
around where the cups could find her breasts.  She pulled the straps
into place and her breasts found their way into the sheer white cups.
He longed to suck the nipples now standing out as large brown circles
under the sheerness of the garment.  She slipped into a dress, which had
a tailored look with buttons all down the front.


Jeff froze, moving his hand away from his cock.  He felt his cock wilt
and a feeling of sheer terror sink into the pit of his stomach.  Sweat
beaded on his forehead and he felt the sharp urge to urinate.   He was
completely in shock.

"What are you doing here, sir, do you live here?"  A second flashlight
caught him from the other side as another police officer appeared.

"Uh, no .......... ...... not exact .......  " his voice trailed off.

"Then what in the hell do you think you are doing?"

Jeff couldn't think of an answer, so just stood there swallowing hard,
his breath coming in short jagged bursts. "Uh ......... I was just
........"  nothing more would come out.

"HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK."  He felt the cuffs snapped on first one wrist
and then a rough tug of his arm brought the other within range to be
cuffed.  "Come along, let's go see what the lady wants to do about

The first officer rang the doorbell, and Jan soon appeared.  The smile
froze on her lips.  She expected Jeff, but not the large blue uniforms
behind him.  "Why, what's wrong officer?  Her brow wrinkled as she tried
to think.

"Maam, we found this young man in back of your house.  I'm afraid he was
peering through the windows of your home.  A neighbor called and asked
us to investigate.  We will need you to press charges."

"Press charges?!!!   What ever do you mean?" Jan was getting back in
control, now.  "For heavens sake, this is Jeff who is giving me an
estimate on some work he is going to do for me, cleaning the windows and
such!  HELLO, JEFF.""

Jeff was still tense and needed to urinate, but he started to feel a
little better with her story.  Getting a little older must help you
think in a pinch, he thought.  Hello, Mrs. Carter, ....... Uh,  .......
Sorry about this." He muttered awkwardly.

"Think nothing of it, my dear.  Officer, thank you for your concern. But
I think you've been bothered for no reason.   Thank you very much, but
Jeff can come right in and we'll be all right. No problem."  Jan's big
smile was disarming and she was now in total control.

The cops weren't sure they were buying it, but eventually they shrugged
and left.

As the door closed, Jan grabbed him in a hug.   "Oh, my god, Jeff, are
you alright?  Oh, my gaaawwwdd, feel my heart, it's pounding out of my
chest!"  She placed his hand on the top part of her breast and he could
in fact feel the excited pounding.  "I didn't know what to say!  I hope
that was OK."  She pulled him close again and he felt her tits against
him, soft and warm and comfortable.

"God, I couldn't' think of any excuses!" he was still scared.  "Can I
use your bathroom, Mrs. Carter?" he pleaded. The relief he felt was
immense as he stood with his cock in hand streaming a huge volume of
water into the toilet bowl.   Fright must make you produce urine in a
big hurry, he thought.

"Me next, " she laughed as she passed him outside the bathroom door, "be
right out sweetheart, make yourself comfortable.  Her hand squeezed his
arm as she passed.

Jeff's cock was still semi-hard and feeling quite large, in that way it
does when you have had a hard-on and then stop to chat for a few
minutes.    He couldn't believe what had just happened.  He could have
been in jail right now.  A cold chill ran down his spine and he sat down
heavily on a hassock in front of the high-backed chair.

Jan looked pretty good in the bright red dress, her nyloned legs looking
rich below the skirt, which stopped at her knees.  "Omigod," she was
laughing now, "was that exciting or what?"  She sat on the chair her
knees together.  "Are you alright?"  she asked again, her hand on his

"Yeah, sure, I'm OK now," he managed an unconvincing little smile.

Her closeness and her caress were helping though.  He looked down at how
the nylons clung to her round knees.  The color was a dark or medium tan
that he thought really made her legs inviting.  He WAS starting to feel
better.  Her knees parted slightly and she took his hand, holding it on
top of her knee, then rubbed it slowly against the sleekness of her

"Do we need a drink, or what?" she posed it more as a command.

Jeff fixed drinks and thought back over his few minutes in front of her
window, the vision of her attaching her garter to the girdle and the
open crotch of the garment tormented him.  She had put one leg up on the
hassock  now and he could see a few inches of her inner thigh as he
returned and handed her the drink.  Another button was loose at the top
of her dress, providing more of a view of the deep cleavage between her
breasts.  He could see between the mounds down to the band of her white
bra lifting and separating them.  He was sure she would be able to see
his hardness prodding and tenting his pants.  Nothing he could do, as
his hands were full of the drinks.  He adjusted self consciously as she
began sipping her drink and looking up at him with those smiling brown
eyes he found so fascinating.  Her eyes dropped to his crotch as he
tried to hide it.

"I'm finding this more exciting than I could ever have imagined, " she
began, "but I'd just as soon not involve the police." she smiled.  "How
about you?"

Jeff laughed, "Exciting?  My god, I guess!  I can't believe it."

Jan sat up straighter and her breasts thrust toward him.  She took his
hand and pulled him down to the hassock and held his hand against her
thigh.  "I mean in other ways exciting, " she grinned.

"Oh, yeah,!" Jeff meant it, too.  The hair on the back of his hand stood
up and a tingle went down his spine as his hand found the inside of her
thigh. Slowly, he began fondling the nylon with his fingertips and
edging slightly up under her skirt.  He could feel the warmth increase
and it felt like the nylon clung to her as if she perspired slightly.
She suddenly leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.  Jeff tasted her
lipstick, felt the smooth creaminess of her lips against his.  Her
tongue peeked between her lips and touched his front teeth and he opened
his mouth to feel the excruciating excitement of the beginning of her
French kiss.  His tongue joined hers eagerly as she lifted his free hand
to touch her breast.  "One thing nice about these older girls, is they
know what they want and they lead the way to real wonders" he mused.  He
lifted the heavy breast and then found her nipple through the silk dress
and the bra, which was firmly supportive, but still soft to his touch.
He ran his hand along the strong hemmed part which surrounded the soft
see-through (he recalled) fabric of the cup.  It gave her breast a great
roundness and a soft, yet firm sensation he found unbelievably erotic
and beautiful.  Her nipple was solid and thrust against his palm as he
tried to encompass the whole globe.

"Mmmnnnnnh, nice," she murmured against his lips as she leaned into him
and her hand circled around the back of his neck sending an erotic
shiver through his body.

Jan was calming down from the fright of the policeman at the same time
as her excitement rose and exceeded what she felt earlier when she felt
sure that Jeff was watching her dress.   She had thought it was really a
pleasure having him watch her. It made her feel wonderfully free and
appreciated as she strode around the room naked, letting him look at her
body from all angles.  The thought of the young man ogling her and
getting excited about her body, had made the juices begin to flow
between her legs and brought a flush to her cheeks.

She had enjoyed opening the new nylons, holding them up for inspection
and then slipping them up her legs, straightening and modeling her legs
for him.  The high heels, she knew, made them look even sexier.  She
regretted extra weight the years had put on her, but not so much that
she was too embarrassed to display herself in this wanton way.  She had
been sure that he was there, watching as she had made a production of
slipping into the new bra.  Lifting her breasts and touching the
nipples, she faced the window and then, with a little more fanfare than
if she were alone, hand them into the waiting cups and stroked them at
the same time.  Finally, she looked at herself in the mirror as she made
sure that Jeff would have a good long view, -- assuming he was out
there.  Isabel had promised to arrange it for one of three consecutive
nights to heighten the excitement.  Jan thought "it's a good thing she
sent him on the first night, I would have gone crazy waiting for one of
the other nights."

Now, here he was, hers for the night.  She liked the lean hardness of
his young body and the sense of newness this held for him.  He was still
unsure of what to do and how fast to move, so that made it all right for
her to show him the way.   She felt his hand inch higher on the inside
of her thigh and squeezed his hand between the silkiness of her nylons,
as his tongue touched hers tentatively.  Jan trailed her hand down the
side of his neck, over the hardness of his nipple, pausing a moment to
tease it, and then let her hand find the hardness that she had seen
tenting his pants. His eyes had found first her thighs and then her
breasts when she had opened another button to invite his admiring gaze.
She felt really good.  Like a queen, she thought, in control, commanding
the pleasures she wanted, a charming young prince eagerly seeking her

She felt his tongue become more aggressive as her hand touched his
cock.  She found his zipper and slipped it down as he straightened up to
allow her to do it.  Her hand slipped into the warm shelter of his
pants, feeling the heat of his cock though his shorts.  Eagerly, she
reached inside the shorts and struggled for a moment at the sort of
doubling over necessary to loose his long cock from the support of his
jockey shorts.  It leapt into her hand and out into the air, a dollop of
pre-cum finding it's way to her palm.  She brought it to her lips and
licked it off, then returned with her tongue out for him to share the

"Unbutton me a little more, Jeff." She said softly against his lips,
causing their teeth to brush together momentarily.  Then she watched as
his slightly nervous fingers found the next button on her dress and
slipped it open.  Jan leaned forward, thrusting her breasts out, parting
the dress more as she watched him stare, unblinking and fascinated as
her breasts came into view.  She smiled at his pleasure and basked in
the glow of being admired.  She could tell that her breasts were now
swollen with excitement from the way her bra felt tighter than it had
earlier.  She could that their soft roundness was looking inviting and
frankly quite beautiful.

"Wow, ..... " Jeff exhaled.  Then unbuttoned another giving him room to
slip both hands into her open dress and let them be filled with the rich
softness under the nylon cups.  "Wow, ...... pretty, pretty,
Mrs. Carter ............" his lips found the bared top of her right
breast and the perfume dabbed between her breasts met him in an
overwhelmingly delicious, flower and jasmine space all their own.  "Wow,
.... " it caught in his throat, he was so bowled over by the sight of
her.  His tongue traced the blue veins that traced down the tautly
stretched skin.

Jan leaned back in pleasure, letting him, worship her with his tongue.
She scooped one breast out over the cup of her bra and leaned back
again, pulling him into the cleft between her big round breasts and
waited for him to make love to them.  His tongue went immediately to her
bared nipple, twirled around it as it became even more turgid.  Jan
moaned with pleasure.  She guided him to the breast that was still
covered and he soon learned that she wanted him to suckle it through the
nylon.  She felt the air touch the wetness of her bare breast and then
the alternating heat and coolness caused by his sucking on the wetness
made in the nylon cup. Then, as he gasped for breath,  a cooling little
breeze was pulled through the nylon, chilling the other eager nipple.

She pulled his hand higher on her thigh, to the top of her nylons. She
let him play there a while, tasting with his fingers the delicious
contrast between nylon and her flesh.  As his mouth teased her nipples,
first one and then the other, she again pulled his hand higher, opening
herself to let him fondle her bare thigh.  She delighted in the
roughness of his hand.

She thought back to the days of her youth and the first time she had
gone without panties under an open, tube style girdle like this one.
She had intentionally put the panties back in the drawer in anticipation
that another youth like Jeff would find her naked pussy as they necked
in the car after their date.  In those days it was sort of unheard of to
go without panties, so she knew how it was going to excite both of them.

She recalled how Jack's breath became sharp as his hand discovered her
exposed pussy.  How he had fondled her, slipping a finger into her then
tight little pussy, bent over her and kissed her between her legs,
ultimately replacing his finger with his tongue as all her juices met
him with an incredible hot rush.  His cheeks and chin and nose were wet
with her creamy juices when he came up for a kiss.

Now here was another young man, eagerly fondling her thighs 30 years
later.  She pulled Jeff's hand  the rest of the way, and felt his breath
come jagged as Jack's had done in that car thirty years ago.  Again she
was wet with excitement, again her heart was pounding with excitement.
Again his hand was eagerly probing the lips of her pussy, enlarged now
from her virginal lips of that time, but still as sensitive, and more

She felt his fingers stroke her, exploring the wet lips at the entry to
her tunnel.  She could let him find his own way now, spreading her legs
even more to let him in, finding his way into her pussy with first one
then two fingers.  Jeff fondled her clit with his thumb and probed her
roomy pussy with his fingers.  Jan squirmed against his hand, now
cupping her femininity, as his lips again found her mouth and pressed

"Ummmm, that  feels good Jeff, so goooood!  Do you like it, sweetheart?
I bought these things just for you, you know."

"uh, .....yeah, great, ......... you are so sensual, ........" he found
it hard to speak let alone make a whole sentence.  "I can't tell you.
Your breasts are lovely.  I love the feel of your nylons and .......
This...... umm ... " squeezing her pussy, "is really  so nice."  His
mouth covered hers again and their tongues eagerly fought for position,
for possession of the other's mouth.

"You know , thirty years ago, I had a young lover and was dressed
exactly like this.  You remind me of him.  You remind me of that
moment.  It was so unbelievably exciting.  But it was in a car, with the
windows steamed up from our breath.  I can't imagine how much this
reminds me of that moment. .....   except, of course for there being no
steering wheel against my back," she smiled at him.

"Maybe we should go out in the car?"  he offered.

"OH!  I don't know, do you think the police would show up again?"  She
squeezed him tight with the thought of it.  "I don't know."

"How about in your garage?"

"Want to?  Really?"  she asked.  Then, "Why not!"

Reluctantly his hand retreated down her thigh, touching the garter
protruding through it's captive stocking.  He slipped her breast into
it's cup and helped her out of the chair.  They stood pressed against
each other, her in girdle, bra, stockings and high heels, he still
dressed but with his cock standing straight out from his trousers.  She
tenderly fondled it as she slipped him back into his pants and then bent
to pick up her dress and slip it back on.  "Have to have my dress on to
be authentic!" she giggled.

Jeff followed her, watching her hips sway under the silk, and the seams
of her stockings against the wideness of her calves accentuating her
ample curves.  He could imagine when she was a young girl twenty pounds
ago.  She was still a dish, just a different standard.  He put his hands
on her hips enjoying the swaying softness, which she slightly
exaggerated now against his palms.

Jan turned for a kiss, then slipped under the wheel and across the seat
to the other side and Jeff got behind the wheel.  When he closed the
door they were in darkness and Jan turned and lay across his lap as his
arms surrounded her.  Again he unbuttoned her dress and slipped his hand
down inside the cup, lifted her breast.

His other hand slipped easily along the nylon of her thigh, pushing her
dress ahead of him.  Jan had his cock in her hand now and unbuttoned her
dress further.  In the dim light, Jeff could see the white of the top of
the girdle.  He ripped open the rest of the buttons and could just make
out the white thighs and then the dark band of the top of her
stockings.  She sucked on his tongue with a sharp intake of breath as
again his hand found her wetness, feeling all along first one lip and
then the other, then stroking her clitoris in the juicy wetness.  They
could not last much longer.  Their kiss was long and wet.

They fondled each others' sex.  Her breasts were against his chest.
"Take my bra off, sweetheart?"  She moved to help give him room.  The
clasp in back gave way to his prying after awhile.  "There" she said.
Now he gave full attention to her two breasts.  His fingers surrounded
them at the base and he found that their slight but noticeable sag made
a crease underneath that sort of gripped his fondling fingers as he
lifted the weight of them and pulled them away from her body. His hands
slipped slowly toward her nipples.

"Oh, my sweet, ........ that feels so ....gooood!  More, More, pull on
them, baby, pull my tits. Squeeze them. ...... Ah! Ahhhhh! You are so
good with mommy's tits, Jeffie, soooooo wonderful, that's it pull on
them, pinch them, more, more, .........that's it .......that's IT!
Yes, YES!!!!"  He let them go now to play with her wetness again and he
felt the soft silkiness of her breast sag against his cock. Jan pulled
his cock against her nipple, moving it back and forth.

Jan was completely soaking, now and his fingers slipped easily into the
tunnel between her legs.  She pressed her cunt onto his fingers, hard
against his hand.  Jan reached between her legs and played with his
fingers as she inserted one of hers along side his and they rubbed
together in the wetness of her creamy juices.

She brought her wet finger between their lips, now pressed in a dueling
kiss.  "Like my taste? She asked.

"Yes.  Good.  More." Jeff replied.  She again dipped into the copious
flood and fed him, letting him suckle on her finger until the flavor was
all gone.

"Oh, Jeff, I want you now.  ........... Please."     "Fuck me", she
whispered into his ear. "Please, will you fuck me, my big, big darling?"

Jeff felt her breath as she emphasized the "F" into his ear.  He
squirmed with pleasure. And moved so she could straddle his thighs.  Her
breasts swayed as she positioned the entry to her pussy over his erect
hardness.  Jeff slid forward on the seat as she moved his cock under
her, touching her clit with the exposed, sensitive end.  Jeff felt the
luxurious open blossom of her pussy lips welcoming his cock.  He thought
he could feel how the outer lips were sort of jagged along the edge like
two doors, then felt the inner lips kiss his cock head. And then, as she
sank down and fed the first inch into her hot cunt, he felt the
tightness of the muscle controlling entry clench around him with a
practiced movement.

Jan's breasts were there before his eyes, swaying back and forth.  He
kissed one and then the other, then pinched each nipple.  Jeff watched
their fluid movement as her pussy slipped down over his cock and he felt
her wet pussy hair begin to mate with the hair at the base of his cock
now so fully buried in her cunt.  Her pussy felt scalding hot on the
sensitive tip of his cock.   He heard her sharp intake of breath in his
ear as they locked together and she began moving on him.

"OH!! ........oh .......oh .....o " she repeated, hugging his face into
the softness of her breasts pendulously brushing against him.  She began
moving with a sort of scooping movement of her hips toward him, sliding
down the curve of his cock, then pulling back.  "Pinch my breasts," she
breathed.  "Pinch them.!!"  While she bounced up ad down on his shaft,
now lengthened and broadened by the excited inflow of blood filling it,
he could only brace his feet against the firewall and strain against her

"Oh, you feel so good're splitting me in two.  Oh,
god you are sooooo big, Jeff.  "Fuck me,  Fuck me, baby, Fuck me. Now.
Now.  Ohhh  that's ittttt!, She shouted in his ear as she flattened her
breasts against him and strained to get more of his cock into her.  "Oh,
darling, darling boy."

His hands were on her ass cheeks now, feeling the largeness of her hips,
the smooth skin, no longer taut and young, but smooth and silky to his
touch.  She was ready now, he sensed. And he slammed himself upward,
reaching deep inside her with his happy cock.  He felt his balls clench
as they reacted to his excitement and thrust and pumped the creamy sperm
up his long shaft, then clench again as the second spurt followed the
first .  He barked in her ear "Now,"  ...and again "now, I'm ......"

"I'm coming" she said urgently, "Cum, my darling, shoot your cum into
me." He heard her calling into his ears as his sperm splashed against
the walls of her cunt and her thrusting speeded up.  "AAAARrrgggggggg!
.........oh, yes,yes,yes,yes, she repeated in time with the thrusting of
their bodies and then she slumped against him, pressing his head into
her breasts once again.

Jeff could feel the combined juices matting the hair at the base of his
cock as his sperm escaped her cunt and slid between them.

Jan laughed  a happy little laugh,  tightened as much as she could in
her spent condition, around the base of his wilting cock and reached to
write his name in the steam which their breath had made on the windows.


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