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This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind.  If you are offended by 
graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or unnatural acts, or if you 
are underage, don't read any further.  Also kids, don't try this at home 
without adult supervision.

This story is a fantasy.  You have to loosen your clench on reality a 
little when you read it.  As is the case with most stories in this 
newsgroup, in this story all the women are beautiful; gravity has never 
touched their breasts nor wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men (the 
hero in this story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it up and 
keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted pregnancies; 
and guilt is a four letter word.  Most of all, strength of character 
doesn’t stand a chance against any erotic stimulus, which can be as 
benign as a glance.  That being said, stick your tongue firmly in your 
cheek and enjoy.

The Camp Nurse

Chapter 4 - The Assistant

by Nightshade

first posted 2/97; revised 12/98

[The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls 
cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west.  Only Chris is a 
male.  Let the fun continue…]

I slept late the next morning, arriving for breakfast just in time to 
take my place at my appointed table after a hurried shower and shave.  
Janet was not at her place.  I noticed the somber atmosphere of the 
girls around me and chalked it up to her absence - she really did light 
up the whole camp, and that was not just my biased opinion.  Breakfast 
went by quietly and then again, lunch.  By dinner Janet still hadn’t 
shown up, and I was concerned.

But the quietness had a different cause, as I found out after dinner.  I 
was sitting under one of the huge old redwoods that populated the 
valley, watching the last of the light reflect off of the lake.  I heard 
light steps coming up from the direction of the camp and then a quiet 
soft voice.  I turned to look at one of the younger girls standing by my 

“Mr. Mattson?”


“May I sit down with you?”


Instead of sitting on the ground as I expected, she pivoted and plopped 
her ass down in my lap.  She ground it around a couple of times and then 
looked up at me with those big innocent clear brown eyes.  Boy, can 
looks be deceiving!

“Are you feeling better today?”

I thought fast.  Why was I not feeling better yesterday?  Then I 
remembered that there were no visitors last night.  They must have told 
the girls that I was tired or not feeling well.  “Yes, I’m feeling much 
better, thank you.  Why?”

“Oh, good!” she gushed.  “It’s my turn tonight and I was hoping you 
would be OK.”  Suddenly she realized what she had said and blushed.

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Melody, tonight when you come in, kiss me on my nose so I’ll know 
it’s you and we’ll do something special.  OK?”

“But we don’t have that much time to….”  She again blushed.

“We’ll make time.  Thank you for your concern.”  I kissed her on her 
forehead and helped her up, copping a satisfying feel of her tight 
little ass in the process.  She giggled and wiggled it against my palm 
and then impishly leaned over to give me a kiss back, pausing and 
holding herself bent over at the waist until I got a complete view of 
her 14 year old tits.  Or what there was of them.  When I sighed and 
grinned, she finished her kiss and stood up, giving me an instant replay 
on the way back up.

“Later, Mr. Mattson,” she called.

I could hardly wait for later.  “Bye, Melody.”

Later came as it always does.  Finally.  The bells rang and the camp 
quieted down.  The lights were out, but for some reason I couldn’t 
sleep.  Anticipation, I guess.  I never realized how much I looked 
forward to all those tight pussies getting off on my prick each night.  
A guy could get kind of used to this, you know?

But then the visits started, right on schedule.  The first couple of 
fucks were straightforward kiss, suck, fuck, “Thank you, Mr. Mattson” 
jobs.  I did notice, however, that I was being used less and less as 
substitute for their boyfriends or fantasy lovers and that they were 
actually fucking my prick. And me.  In fact, I was only Daddy once that 
whole night.

Melody was the fifth girl.  I felt a kiss on my mouth that quickly moved 
up to my nose.  She even nipped it a little with her teeth, just to make 
sure I wouldn’t miss the signal, I guess.  A girlish little giggle and 
she snuggled into the narrow cot beside me.  

“So what are we going to do?” she asked.

“Well, first, take off your nightshirt.”

“Oh, Mr. Mattson, that would be naughty!  I would be naked,” she gushed 
as she lay back down next to me after stripping off her nightshirt, her 
soft young bare skin on my skin.  They must teach speed stripping as a 
course here, with Julie as the instructor.

I let my hands roam over her tight young body, exciting both of us with 
little touches and pinches and probes.  Her tits were what you would 
call perky.  Just beginning to develop, they were slight mounds topped 
by hard kernels of nipples.  They were at that painful stage where they 
always itched or ached, so I was particularly gentle with them.  As it 
was, her nipples were so hard and sensitive she came just from my gentle 
explorations.  I also found a bald pussy, not the first one I had 
noticed that night.  She shuddered again as I toyed with her lower nub 
between her cunt lips.  She was biting my arm to keep quiet and I knew I 
was going to have a hickey the next day.

“Melody, straddle my chest like you were going to get on my prick, but 
face the other way.”

She did so quickly and quietly, her breathing rapid, but steady.  These 
kids recuperate much faster than us old folks.

“Now slide back this way.”  I pulled on her hips to move her towards my 
head - and mouth.  She was still sitting straight up.  I lifted her hips 
gently and lowered her cunt down on my mouth.

“OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!  Mr. Mattson! What are you doing?  Oh, it feels so 
good!  OH!  OH!  OH!    Yessssss!  Nobody has ever done that before.  
OH!  SSSsssshhhhiiiitttt!  Don’t Stop.  AAARRrrrggggghhhh!”

Several hissing and shushing noises came from the hallway.  There really 
was a line outside my door.  If that’s never happened to you, you have 
no idea what that will do for your ego.  Mine sure felt healthy.

Melody kind of fell forward and gagged herself by swallowing my stiff 
prick.  But her hips never stopped wiggling against my nose and chin, 
urging my tongue to greater depths inside her.  I obliged to the best of 
my ability, which was considerable.  She finally shuddered and collapsed 
on my abdomen, breathing heavily.  I could feel the two knots of her 
nipples pressing on my stomach.

When she started to come around, I lifted her small frame and flipped 
her around so she was lying on my stomach on her back.  I slip her down 
until my prick head was butting up against her cunt lips.  
Automatically, she reached down and guided it into the tight opening.  
She took over from there, sensing what I wanted.  She slid down its 
length and began to fuck herself with my hard cock.  There wasn’t as 
much contact with her clit in this position, but it did hit the G-spot 
better.  I reached down and found her excited clit.  I pinched it 
lightly between my thumb and forefinger and urged her to reach her 

When she came, she twisted almost all the way around and kissed me hard, 
stifling her screams into my mouth.  She tasted her own juice on my lips 
and she came again.  

“So that’s what I taste like.”

“You taste good.  I liked it.  And I liked what we did, too.”

“Me, too.”  She pulled herself off the bed.  She leaned over and lightly 
kissed me.  “Thank you, Mr. Mattson.  Thank you very much!”

She was headed out the door when I whispered to her.


She turned back to me.

I reached up and found her nose.  I rubbed it gently.  “Let’s keep it 
our little secret, right?”

You would have thought I had just given her a million dollars.  In some 
ways, I suppose a genuine secret is worth that much in self esteem to a 
shy developing 14 year old girl.  Her kiss that time was not so light 
and almost started us off again.  If it hadn’t been for the impatient 
girls in the hallway, I just might have fucked her again.  But she would 
be back another night.

I heard considerable whispering and discussions as the rest of the 
visitors tried to find out what happened with Melody.  She became 
something of a celebrity the next couple of days and I prepared myself 
to make an explanation to the Skipper when she showed up later that 

I had not seen Janet all day and I had been refused access to her, 
unless it was an emergency.  A lonely heart didn’t qualify, so I had had 
to suffer through the day without her.  But I knew she was going to come 
in later.  She hadn’t missed a night.

But a half-hour passed after the last girl had gotten herself off on my 
stiff member, then an hour.  Finally, I heard the door creep open. 

“Uh, Mr. Mattson?”

My heart sank, but not my prick.  It was the assistant.


She shuffled closer to the bed in the dark.  “Uh, I was told to tell you 
that ‘The Skipper can’t make it tonight.’  She said she was sorry, and 
something about it was her fault for trying to swallow ‘a ten foot log.’  

She said you would understand.  Do you?”

I did.  Her ass was sore.  Very sore.  Served the greedy lady right.  
“Is she all right?”  I was concerned.

“I think she’s just sore.  She didn’t sit down all day and she has to 
lay on her stomach to sleep.”  She giggled.  “She called you ‘an 
insatiable satyr’.  From her, that’s a compliment.”

“But she’s OK?”

“Yes, but she won’t be here tonight.”  Her message done, I thought she 
would leave.  While not unattractive, she just didn’t seem the type to 
hang around.  For whatever.  But she didn’t leave.  She kind of stood 
there and shuffled her feet.

“Was there anything else?,” I asked her.

“Well, I was wondering, uh, since, you know, since, well, you know, 
well, since she’s not, you know, like, well…”

“Would you like to take her place, Sandra?”

“Oh yes!  Could I?  You wouldn’t mind?  I really would like to, if it 
were all right with you.   That’s what I want.  I want to take her 

“In my heart or on my prick?”

“Oh!  On your thing, silly.”  I expected her to move, but she just stood 


“Uh, don’t laugh at me, but I, uh, don’t actually know what to do.”

“You’ve never done it before?”

“Oh, yes.  I started in high school and a then did it a couple of times 
in college.  And I’m mar….”  She stopped herself short.  Then went on.  
“But I’ve never, well, I’ve always just kind of been there for the guy.  
They always did everything.  I don’t know what to do to make it good for 
me.  Everybody says you’ll help me.”

I smiled in the dark at her honesty.  I forgave her all her 
interruptions and swore to make this a good time for her.

“You could start by sitting down.”  I patted the cot so she could hear 
where to sit in the dark.  She sat.  “Now take off your night shirt and 
sandals.”  She shivered in the cool night air.  I touched her lightly on 
her side, just above her hip.  She jumped out of her skin.  So much for 
a safe place to touch a skittish woman.  “Now, what do you want to do?”

She was quiet.  Then I felt her hand sliding around my stomach gradually 
moving down.  She bumped into my hard meat much earlier than she 
anticipated and she kind of gasped.  Her hand pulled away and then found 
it again, this time on purpose. 

“Oh, my!  It’s bigger than I thought.”  She played with it gently, 
stroking it up and down, then becoming more and more urgent until I 
cried out in pain.


“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  Let me kiss it.”  
Before either of us realized what she was doing, she had my rod in her 
mouth.  It was obvious she had not done this very much, if at all, but 
her enthusiasm was arousing.  She just about rubbed it raw with her 
teeth until I got her to cover her teeth with her upper lip and put her 
tongue underneath.  She also got the head down her throat part way 
without gagging.  She kept coming up and asking if she was doing it 
right.  She tried so hard, and, by the time she was tired, was getting 
to be a pretty good cocksucker, too.  I told her that, and I could feel 
the heat from her blush.

She lifted her head up from my cock and stretched out next to me on the 
cot, never letting go of my prick with her hand.  But now she held it 
gently and caressed it like a lover.

I felt her looking up at me.  I tipped my head towards hers and our lips 

“Do all men taste like you do?”

I laughed.  “Only men who have had twenty or so girls sitting on their 
pricks in one night!”  

“Oh.”  Silence  “I liked it.  Does that mean I like girls?”

That was a loaded question.  I changed the subject.  “What would you 
like me to do for you next?”

She caught her breath.  The big question.  Decision time.  In a shy 
voice she asked, “Would you make love to me?  Show me what to do?  I 
want to do something, but I don’t know what or how.”

I rolled over so I was on top of her.  Kissed her lips.  Then her eyes.  
Then her ears.  I spent a long time just caressing her and kissing her.  
I felt the tears rolling down her cheeks and licked them away.  She 
cried some more.  I drew my lips along her neck, down along her jugular 
vein into the depression at the base of her neck.  I buried my face 
there and traced gentle designs with my tongue on that sensitive area.  
Then I did the other side.

She had stuffed one of her hands in her mouth to muffle her screams.  
This poor woman was so tense she was orgasming already and I wasn’t even 
to her tits.  I avoided those for now and concentrated on her long 
smooth arms.  Each finger received a lingering kiss with special 
attention paid to the palms of her hands.  She was now sobbing, jerking 
around on the cot under me.  I was afraid what would happen when I 
started on her breasts, so I flipped her over on her stomach.  The 
sudden move surprised her until I ran my tongue down the length of her 
back.  She screamed into the pillow, beating her fists into the 
mattress.  She would have kicked her feet but I was sitting on them.

I decided what this woman needed was a massage.  I happened to know how 
to give two kinds of massages, both erotic.  One was good, the other 
very good.  I didn’t think she would last if I gave her a very good one, 
which included the anal areas I didn’t think she was ready for.  Yet.  
So I started on a sensual back rub that had the effect of calming her 
down.  Apparently this was something she could deal with, something she 
knew.  Her breathing returned to normal as I worked my way down her 
back.  And reached her buttocks.  

My rod had been resting on the crease between those cheeks for most of 
the massage, but she didn’t seem to have noticed.  As I began to rub and 
move the deep muscles in her ass, her breathing began to get ragged 
again.  I did her butt, then moved down her one leg then back up the 
other.  I did spend extra time on her feet and toes and was rewarded 
with another orgasm, but a slower, gentler one this time.  It felt like 
she almost enjoyed that one.

I moved up the side of the bed and quickly flipped her over.  It wasn’t 
like a kung fu thing, but it happened before she was aware of it.  I 
started to massage her upper chest and shoulders, still avoiding her 
breasts.  She noticed, because she started to thrust them up at my 
hands, brushing them against my wrists as I worked higher up.  She began 
to grunt and pant in an animalistic way, writhing on the bed in the 
ancient movements of sex and seduction.  

“Oh, God.  What are you doing to me?  I’ve never felt this way before.  
I want you to touch me, squeeze me hard, play with my boobies.  
Please…Please…Please,” she pleaded.  

I gently captured her swollen dancing nipples in the cracks between my 
fingers as I palmed her entire breasts.  I applied pressure gently as I 
squeezed my fingers together over those soft mounds.  I had always 
thought of the assistant as mousy, an ordinary, plain girl.  From the 
way she dressed and walked, I imagined small, saggy tits and the same 
for her bottom, kind of flat and droopy.  Boy, was I wrong!  She was 
just a beautiful girl with a poor self-image.  Because the guys in her 
life didn’t know how to make her feel special, she didn’t think she was.  

Jerks.  All of them.  I may have my own quirks and kinks, but at least I 
made each person feel special.  Not like some kind of jerk-off bag to 
squirt sperm into.

Her tits were a bit larger than I like, about the size of large oranges, 
and softer.  But they felt terrific.  I told her so and she started 
crying again.  I continued down her body, describing each rib, each 
smooth curve of her trim body in the most erotic language I could think 
of.  When I got to her mons, there was no hair.

“Is this for me?” I asked her, indicating her shaved mound.

“Yes.  Most of the girls are shaved now.  For you.  Do you like it?  I 
hope so.  I haven’t felt this naked since I was 12.”

“It’s beautiful.  Lovely, so smooth, so kissable.”  I proceeded to do 
just that, and she squealed a bit.  The aromas coming from between her 
legs told me she had really been enjoying herself, and that I would have 
to change the sheets before getting any sleep tonight.  But I didn’t 
mind.  I kissed a little lower.  Her legs parted automatically, and she 
brought her knees up to her chest, spreading her cuntlips wide open.  I 
frenched them.  She arched her back to force more of herself into my 
mouth, forcing her cunt hard on my lips.  I grabbed onto her legs to 
hold her there, and feasted on the delectable nectar she was producing 
in quantity.  I could hear her sobbing softly, but I didn’t stop until 
she went limp in my arms.  I laid her gently out on the bed and lay down 
beside her still form.

She rested quietly for a while.  She wasn’t unconscious because her hand 
drew little designs in my chest hair.  

“Thank you, Chris, uh, Mr. Mattson.  Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but is that all you want?”

“There’s more?”

“If you want, yes.  But it’s OK to stop now.  I’m fine.  Only if you 

Her hand seized the hairs on my chest and pulled a few.  Ouch!

“I want more.  I want to feel the ‘big one.’  Please.  Now!”

I laughed and gently kissed her forehead.  Then I kissed her lips and 
she tasted herself, probably for the first time.  “Ummmm.  Good!  Is 
that really me?” she whispered.

I rolled her on top of me and helped her sit up.  I cupped her swaying 
tits in my hands and held them firmly, the nipples rubbing into my 
palms. There was no sag in them at all.  She began rutting on my 

“What do I do now?,” she asked timidly.

“Move back down a little.”  Her old boyfriends really were jerks.

She slipped down and bumped into my cock.  She gasped as it bored a 
little into her ass hole.  She automatically raised up a little to slide 
over it, but as she passed over the head it slipped up inside her hot 
box.  She froze.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m scared.  It’s always hurt before or I’ve been disappointed.”

“It always hurts the first time.  But that’s over now.  And it wasn’t 
your fault you were disappointed.  Blame your taste in men, maybe, but 
other than that, it was all their fault you weren’t satisfied.  Go 
ahead.  Just let it slip inside you.  We’ll go slow and make sure it 
doesn’t hurt and that you like it.  OK?”

For an answer she let a bit more slip in.  Before I could say anything, 
she grunted, and forced a little bit more.  To me, it didn’t seem that 
she was that tight, given the young pussies and tight ass holes I had 
been dipped into in the last few days, but it must have felt like she 
was splitting in two to her.  She didn’t cry out, but it was an effort 
on her part to get each inch of me into her.  But she did.  And 
suddenly, it was like a switch went off in her head.

Suddenly she was the all-American cheerleader.  The cheers started out 
clean enough, like the old:

Push ‘em back
Push ‘em back,

and the one that goes:

Do it again
Do it again
We like it 
We like it.

They started out, like I said, clean and somewhat quiet.  But after her 
first climax riding in the saddle, she got loud. And dirty.

Between cheers of: 

Push it in 
Push it in 


Give me an ‘F’
Give me a ‘U’
Give me a ‘C’
Give me a ‘K’
Fuck me!, Fuck me!, Fuck me!,

I was beginning to hear peals of laughter coming from outside my window.  

My companion either didn’t know or didn’t care.  Her yells got raunchier 
and louder with each climax, and she had quite a few.  Her hips never 
stopped swirling and thrusting, rubbing her clit on both the up and down 
strokes.  With and between each orgasm, I swear I could actually feel 
her cunt muscles tightening up.  I guess the old saying about ‘use it or 
loose it’ was true in this case.  

She finally shrieked and collapsed to a thunderous round of applause and 
laughter, not at her, but at the situation.  Two of the staff came in 
and carried her away, back to her room, both very solicitous of her.  
They both asked if I needed them to come back and help with any 
unfinished business, but I was already asleep, a big grin on my face. 

I think I had finally answered her loaded question if she liked girls or 
not.  Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, but she most definitely liked 
men, too, and that was what was important.  To me, anyway.


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it.    :)

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