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Warning: This story contains sexual material.
It is to be read by adults only. So you are warned.

JUSTICE CLUB 6 C  (mc,nc,rape,mmf)
          By Yenoc


Wonder Woman was allowed to shower and put
her costume on once more. She was quiet and
docile as she was led from the dungeon by a
leash that was attached to a collar around her
neck. Her arms were handcuffed behind her
back and a black leather mask was put over
her head, with only the mouth hole unzipped so
she could breathe.

Thorne was preparing Diana for the final act
of defilement. He and another man were going
to fuck the Amazon Princess and he was going
to pop the heroine's cherry. All this was to be
done in front of a live viewing audience.

He held the leash and steered Wonder Woman
back up into the stage area of the Justice Club.
The place was empty except for him, Diana, and
his Chief of Security, Jones. The tall, muscular
bald man was going to assist in the defilement of
Wonder Woman.

Thorne had the entire club rigged with automated
cameras and speakers. He had contacted every one
of his clients and the major figures in the criminal
underworld. Wonder Woman losing her virginity
was going to be the biggest pay-per-view televised
event the world had every seen.

Of course, only special customers knew of about
the main attraction and they'd be paying Thorne
mega bucks to recieve the live satellite feed from
the club. "Normal" viewers had no idea that he was
airing the event and most of the world would never
know it happened. He had to keep his secrets after

Wonder Woman would have no clue that she was
being fucked on live television. Thorne brought
her onto the main stage, where a large gym mat
had been placed down for their comfort. And to
make the event more interesting, Thorne was going
to let Diana have most of her former mind set back.

She would be close to the old Wonder Woman but
there would be some slight differences. She would
not be permitted to actual fight and stop them and
she was minus her lasso and power belt so she had
no super powers.


The mask was taken off her head and it took a few
minutes for Diana's eyes to adjust to the light. She
knew she was back in the club and she started to
feel like her old self. The memories of her recent
beatings and sexual depravity were fresh in her
fragile mind. She still knew her sister was Domina
and her loins tingled in arousal as she thought about
what her sister had turned her into. Her hands were
uncuffed and Diana rubbed her sore wrists.

Wonder Woman detested Thorne but deep down in
her subconscious she still wanted to serve him. Diana
knew she had to get free of his evil clutches and
rescue her sister.

She saw Thorne and his goon, Jones, on the stage
next to her. They were on the same stage where she
had been forced to do a striptease for Thorne's
sick patrons when she thought he was holding her
young sister hostage and was going to kill her. What
a fool she'd been, Diana thought to herself. She was
still appalled at the fact that she had become aroused
when she had stripped off her clothes for his people.

What did the fiend have planned for her now? At
least the place is empty this time, Wonder Woman
mused. (Yeah right! BWA-HA-HA-HA! The author
snikered to himself.)

"Well my dear Wonder Tits, here we are at the main
event. I'm sure you're curious so I'll tell you right
out. My friend and I are going to fuck the stuffing
out of your Amazon ass and I'm going to do you a
long overdo sevice and pop your cherry." Thorne
said smuggly.

"NO! You can't! You've done enough to me you
Bastard!" Wonder Woman stuttered in a fearful
tone. She started to back away from the two men
and she tripped on the edge of the mat. Diana fell
bakward and sprawled out on the mat on her back.

She looked up at the two advancing men. "Don't
worry Diana, you just need some cock to help you
relax." Thorne laughed. Wonder Woman tried to
struggle to her feet but the men easily lifted her
body up and pressed her between them.

Thorne reached behind her back and unfastened
her tight red bustier. Wonder Woman screeched
in fear as she felt her snug top loosen and come
free of her athletic body. It was starting all over
again. Diana pushed her hands against Thorne's
broad chest and tried to push him away. But she
didn't have her power belt and the men were too
strong for the heroine.

"NO! Leave me alone!" Wonder Woman cried in
vain. Her fear was the greatest she'd ever known.
Her bustier was pushed down and fell away from
her quaking body. Aross the globes, countless
men and women grew excited as they got their
first view of Wonder Woman's magnificent tits.

"NO! Please don't do this to me! Let me go!" Diana
pleaded in a small voice. But Thorne had other plans
for the captured heroine. He smiled at the distraught
Amazon and proceeded to pull off her blue satin
shorts. He tugged the skimpy shorts down over her
round ass and her long slender thighs.

He slipped the garment off her legs and held it in
his hand like a prized trophy. Thorne saw a damp
spot on the crotch of the shorts from her earlier
abuse-induced climaxes. Jones took the bottoms
from his boss and held the thing up to his nose
so he could smell the scent of Wonder Woman's
aroused cunt.

Thorne moved his hand upward to caress her naked
shivering breast. Diana moaned softly as she felt
his hand on her tit. " Please." she said to
him weakly. Diana tried to struggle free but she
was held securley by the large men. She felt Jones'
arm circle her trim waist from behind.

Wonder Woman was pinned between the two men
as they reached down and took hold of her legs.
They hoisted her into the air like a rag doll. "Toss
her on the gym mat." Thorne told Jones. They put
Diana on the mat, never letting go of her arms and

The heroine could feel the cool air as it swirled
around her wet, open vaginal slit. Wonder Woman
felt degraded and frightened, she began to sob in
her despair. There would be no rescue and these
animals were going to rape her.

Diana closed her eyes in shame as the men leered
at her naked body."Hold her while I take off my
clothes." Thorne told his employee. Jones reached
down and stroked the soft flesh of her immense

Wonder Woman gave a drastic lunge upward as
she tried to flee. "Hold her damn it." Thorne
snarled in anger. He grabbed Diana by her long
black hair and made her look at him.

WW stared into Thorne's cold eyes and felt a
shiver run down her spine. His eyes were deep
and glowing and eerie red hue. She wanted to
look away but was unable to.

Diana felt Thorne inside her head as he pierced
the layers of her mind and exposed every fiber
of her psyche. He knew everything about her.

The Amazon stopped her struggles as she fell
into a trance as he shut down her personality.
She could not resist and had no will of her own.

Wonder Woman resigned herself to her fate
and was not capable of rebelling anymore. She
was given her mind back but she lost most of
her will to fight them.

Thorne wanted her to beg and give them slight
resistance but no more than that. It made things
more fascinating that way.

Jones grabbed her arms and pulled them behind
her back. He pulled WW back against his hairy
chest so he could hold her better.

Thorne quickly stripped off his clothes and
let Diana admire his naked form. WW gasped
in shock when she saw his monster penis. He
was huge! His was the first penis she'd ever
seen and she was terrified by the organ.

Thorne held her down so Jones could undress.
"Please don't do this. I'm a virgin." WW sobbed
in shame and fear. "You're going to get what you
have always wanted Diana. You want to be fucked
and feel a man's cock in your cunt. Even though
you would never admit it, you stuck up bitch." he
told her.

Thorne forced WW to lay back on the mat. He
knelt between her spread thighs and ogled her
ripe body. He caressed the curves of her silken
hips and lightly stroked her naked vagina.

Diana could feel the fire build in her heated
loins and she knew her pussy was wet, she was
now totally humiliated. She was already reacting
to his touch.

Wonder Woman sobbed in defeat as Thorne
reached up and took her heaving soft breast in
his hand. He gently massaged the quivering orb.

Jones finished undressing and knelt at WW's
head. He pushed both her arms out to the sides
and held them tightly against the mat. Thorne
leaned down and licked his way across her flat
stomach and all the way up to her erect nipples.

Wonder Woman gasped as he nipped her hard
pink nipples until she writhed uneasily on the
mat. Diana didn't want to respond to their vile
advances but there was a hungry desire in her
churning loins. WW knew she was losing the
battle for her soul.


Diana felt the undeniable fluttering of arousal
in her aching vagina and she pressed her ass down
into the mat in an effort to crush the strange and
exciting sensations that threatened to consume
her body and mind.

With his mouth on her wobbling tits, Thorne's
hand moved down her belly and petted her dark
haired pussy mound. In spite of the degradation
and the pending ravishment of her body,Diana
was tingling all over.

Wonder Woman closed her eyes and tried to
control the rising tide of passion that was building
in her loins. Thorne sucked harshly on her hard
nipples and Diana groaned with desire.

Diana squirmed and shivered as she felt his
fingers move toward the wet, gaping opening of
her fiery cunt. Thorne slowly slipped his middle
finger into her damp furrow. And a moan of desire
escaped her parched throat.

WW moaned as her emotional upheaval clashed
with her lustful need. The lewd sensations flooded
her system. As her hips rose up to meet his probing
fingers, Diana realized her body was betraying

Diana pushed her ass further down into the gym
mat as she tried to escape the invading fingers
in her vagina and the hot mouth sucking on her
sensitive nipples.

But her groans of suffering soon turned into
wimpers of entreaty as his thumb brushed up
against her throbbing clit. His fingers smoothly
slid in and out of WW's virgin slit.

Arousal filled her tormented mind and took over
her brain. Diana was rapidly succumbing to the
intense sexual urges that filled her body. Diana
soon concluded that it was pointless to fight any

Wonder Woman lay without moving as Thorne
sawed his fingers back and forth inside her hole,
touching her hymen but never breaking the thin
membrane. He visciously plunged his digits in and
out of her snatch.

He roughly stroked her erect clitoris until Wonder
Woman wanted to scream. Diana fought to retain
control of her body but Thorne's minstrations soon
forced her wanton form into a writhing rhythm of

"Oh, no! Don't let this happen again!" she chanted
as she submitted to the domination of her body.
Her rounded ass jerked up and down on the mat
as his fingers scraped her clit  and dove into her

"AAAGGHHHH! Please don't." WW begged. Her
quivering hips humped up and down in need. She
sighed in relief when Thorne pulled his hand from
her crotch. But the relief was short lived.

Wonder Woman struggled to get up but she was
too weak. Thorne rose and positioned himself, as
he knelt, between her thighs. He got his hands behind
her knees and lifted her legs up and over her head.

Jones held her arms above her shoulders and put
his knees on her arms to keep them pinned down.
"Let me go you bastards!" WW yelled in anger at

Pressing her knees into the mat on each side of her
head, Thorne hovered over her displayed cunt. He
reached down and guided the head of his cock to
the fleshy lips of her vagina.

Thorne hovered over Diana's body and supported
his weight on his elbows. His pulsating penis touched
her open slit. Wonder Woman held her breath, there
was nothing she could do.

He was about to take her precious virginity and soil
her forever. When WW felt his cock enter her cunt
lips, she tensed her body and sobbed uncontrollably.
"NNOOO! PLEASE!" she pleaded like never before.


With a grin of sadistic pleasure on his face, Thorne
thrust his hips forward and slammed his long, thick
penis into Wonder Woman's fluttering vagina. His
viewing audince, around the world, cheered at the
top of their lungs as Thorne claimed the sacred
virginity of the mighty Wonder Woman.

In one vicious lunge, he embedded his rigid staff
all the way into her cunt. "AAARRGGGHH! NNOO!"
Diana screamed in agony as his cock ripped through
her hymen, the Amazon got a man's penis in her cunt
for the first time.

The deed was done! Wonder Woman was a virgin no
more. And Thorne had accomplished what no man was
ever supposed to do. Mercilessly, he hammered his
cock into her defenseless pussy.

Wonder Woman shrieked in unmeasured pain as she
was brutally raped. She felt bloated and stuffed by
his monster dick. "AAAAGGH! NNOO! YYYAAA!!"
she whailed as her body thrashed and contorted.

"Take it OUT! You're tearing me apart! Please, I
can't stand it! UUUUUGGGHHHH!!!" Diana squealed
as she was impaled on his prick. All her training and
oaths of loyalty to her gods and sister Amazon were
rendered meaningless.

Tears streamed down her face as Thorne plowed
in and out of her newly opened hole without any
remorse. Diana shook her head from side to side
in denial, she only wanted the pain to end.

Jones was very excited and his pecker was hard in
pants as he watched his boss fuck Wonder Woman.
The bald man lowered his head and fastened his teeth
on her hard nipple. His mouth nibbled on her big tits
and WW wailed in anguish. "OOOHH! NO! PLEASE!"
she cried pathetically.


Wonder Woman went limp under Thorne. There was
no reason to fight. She had nothing left to lose. WW
had already been raped, debased, and lost her self
respect. Thorne's domination of the heroine was
complete. He had thoroughly squashed her spirit and
sapped her will. She was a broken shell and nothing
more than his sex toy.

Diana was no longer an individual, she was a possession
for Thorne to use as he wanted. She decided that she
might as well enjoy being fucked. Thorne screwed her
pussy like a madman. He had achieved his greatest
desire and he went wild.

He knew Wonder Woman had given up and was broken.
She knew her place was to be with him and she became
listless. Thorne knew she would soon enjoy the fucking
and beg him to plow her cunt. WW wouldn't be able to
keep herself from responding.

Her vaginal muscles gripped his cock and sought to
draw more of his pole into her depths. Diana felt the
lewd fires burn within her again. She suddenly found
it exciting to be held down and physically abused.

The heroine only wanted to feel Thorne's cock driving
in and out of her battered pussy. Her nipples were raw
and swollen with need.

WW was no longer resisting. Her disgrace and anger
had been replaced with the need to be controlled and
dominated by Thorne. Diana was unaware when her
her nakedly gyrating buttocks rose up to meet his
every thrust.

Without knowing why, Diana reached up and pulled
his face to hers and she kissed him passionately.
Her tongue snaked into his mouth.

"OOOHH..uummm..aahh. Fuck me, Master. Fuck me
harder." Wonder Woman cried out in lust. Diana
flounced beneath Thorne as she came on his cock.
"YES! Give it to me! I need your cock in me! OOO!"
Diana arched her back and lunged her pelvis up and
down wantonly.


Thorne pulled her up against his muscular chest and
wrapped his arms around the hero. Thorne flipped
onto his back and swung Wonder Woman around with
him. Diana was now on top with her belly against him
and her ass cheeks high in the air.

Wonder Woman didn't expect the move, she felt a
pair of hands pull her into a kneeling position while
Thorne kept fucking her cunt. She was now perched
atop Thorne and her massive tits flopped about as she
bounced up and down on his pistoning rod.

Jones spread apart the white cheeks of her shaking
ass. Diana had forgotten about Jones, he was now
getting in on the action. She was going to be fucked
by two cocks.

Thorne sped up his thrusts into her vagina. Wonder
Woman moved with Thorne as she undulated her
pelvis back and forth on his pole. Her lust contorted
face was almost unrecognizable.

Jones started to rub the cheeks of her round behind.
Diana moaned and looked back at him. Her tongue
came out and sensuously licked her lips to entice

"I'm going to fuck your ass." Jones whispered in
the Amazon's ear. He put the head of his cock next
to her puckered anal passage. "NO! Don't do that!"
Diana gasped. She was scared to death as her glazed
eyes filled with fear.

Wonder Woman tried to squirm away from Jones
but that only impaled Thorne's dick deeper into her
pussy. "No,you can't! Help me! NNOOO!" WW yelled
out as Jones began to penetrate her asshole.

They let Diana weep until she was cried out and then
she recieved the final ravishment of her body. WW
had never once thought about an object fucking her
anus. This was totally foreign to her.

Jones pushed forward as he got to take the Amazon's
anal virginity. "AAAGGHHH! uuugghh! It hurts!" WW
begged them. Jones shoved in again and slammed his
cock into the heroine's anal opening.

Wonder Woman's screams echoed throughout the
club as she was brutally sodomized by the man. She
cried anew as the pangs of mutilation shot from her
violated asshole.

The disgraced heroine thrashed and howled wildly as
Jones reamed her anus. Her asshole was obscenely
stretched by his large dick. "AAGGHH! NO! NO!" she
shouted as his cock sliced in and out of her clenching

Jones skewered deep into her raped asshole. Diana
had no virign orifices left. Diana jerked and twisted
between her two rapists. Wonder Woman was being
fucked by two cocks and she was going insane.

Wonder Woman couldn't move up or down without a
cock ramming into her aperatures. She was suffering
immensely as the men raped her for their pleasure.

Thorne and Jones established a steady rhythm as they
both slammed into Wonder Woman. Their hard rods
rammed in and pulled out as they slid into her savaged


Wonder Woman's mind snapped and she lost all of
her rationality. The pain diminished and Diana didn't
know why she'd been protesting. After all, Thorne
was her master and it was her job to meet his every
need and desire.

A strong sexual excitement radiated from her loins.
She liked being in a kneeling position and doing what
she'd been born for, fucking Thorne and his associates.

Diana was turning into a mindless slut with no ability
to reason. It was not her place to question the Master.
Diana's body pumped in time with Jones as he fucked
her asshole. She liked the feel of his cock as it dove
in and out of her rectum.

She countered his thrusts and bucked her ass back
fuck his cock. As she pumped back on Jones, Diana
also drove her hips downward to ride Thorne's cock

Wonder Woman was shameless and wanted the dual
rape to continue. This was the only way her sex crazed
mind would know satisfaction. She wanted to cum on
the pounding cocks and shout her joy to the world.
Diana had to be fucked, she needed to climax badly.

She chanted in a hoarse vocie, "Fuck me you studs!
OOOOHHH! Fuck me! That's it...fuck my pussy. Fuck
my asshole!" She was being raped in her asshole and
cunt and her unbalanced mind loved it.

Jones grunted as he slammed his cock into her anus
over and over. He still couldn't believe he was here
sodomizing Wonder Woman! And she was begging
to be fucked in her asshole!

"OOOHH! It's so good! Ream my ass! Fuck my slutty
cunt Master!" Wonder Woman hollered in sheer bliss.
The two impaling cocks slammed harder and faster
into her holes.

Diana was happy with the insane pleasure they gave
her.This was the greatest thing to ever happen to her.
She'd never known such satisfaction. She wanted

Wonder Woman's groans kept sounding out as she
pumped her hot cunt down on Thorne's cock and
then lunged backward to recieve her anal medicine
from Jones.

Diana could feel the approaching storm of her not-
far-off orgasms. The two men were ready to climax
as well. They quickened their thrusts at the same
time as the heroine pumped her body whorishly
between them.

Wonder Woman's dangling tits swayed back and
forth against Thorne's chest. Suddenly, Diana was
trembling and shaking between them as their cocks
drilled her cunt and asshole.

Wonder Woman panted and stiffened on their rods.
roared as she came. Thorne grunted and his cock
started spewing his seed into Diana's vagina.

He shot his sperm high into her womb. Wonder Woman
screamed like a banshee as her master's thick cream
annointed her insides. She was getting her first
pussy full of male seed. Diana shuddered on top of
Thorne as his cock emptied into her cunt.

Her rectal muscles tightened around Jones' dick
and he came in her rectum. "AAGGGH! Shit! Yes! I
want you to cum in my ass! Fill me with your cum!"
Diana beseeched the man. Jones shot his load deep
into the heroine's bowels.

Wonder Woman bucked madly between the spewing
men as they filled her with cum. She came over and
over. Diana lunged up and down on the cocks as she
climaxed for all the world to see.

Wonder Woman lurched and tossed between the two
men. Her mind was shattered and the heroine known
as Wonder Woman was forever changed. Diana
continued to orgasm even after the men had emptied
all their sperm into her body.

Diana felt the cocks pull out of her abused asshole
and pussy. Jones left the room, Thorne and Diana
remained behind. Wonder Woman was fully sated.

The Amazon Princess was a whore and she was proud
to admit it. She had been forced into the depravity
but she quickly embraced the sadism and thrived on it.

Wonder Woman looked at Thorne lovingly and smiled
at him. "Thank you for fucking me Master. Can we do
it again?" she asked eagerly.

Thorne was ecstatic at the conversion of Wonder
Woman. He had broken the beautiful Amazon goddess
and turned her into his sex slave. Wonder Woman
became his favorite heroine whore and she never
left his side.

The world lost a great hero but Thorne gained his
most prized addition to the Justice Club. Diana was
totally loyal to him and she would perform at the
club on special occasions. But Thorne liked to keep
Wonder Woman for himself. She assisted him in
"recruiting" other heroines for the club.

      The end. This is not over.

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