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	*** Standard Disclaimer ***

The following contains a textual depiction of 
consensual sex between a woman and a young girl.  The 
descriptions are graphic and clinical.  Please read no 
farther if this kind of material offends you.   
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* * * 
Randi Pattersen

	I met Magda at a sex club in Amsterdam in the 
summer of 1976.  I was fourteen.  My family was in 
Europe on an extended vacation/business trip.  My 
father was in Brussels for a business conference 
that was scheduled to last at least a month, and we 
decided to join him and have a European vacation.  

	I was excited about it, mainly because of the 
stories my babysitter, Diane, had told me.  She 
spent two summers in Europe, and it was exciting to 
hear about the places and the people she had 
visited and met.  But what I was really interested 
in was Diane's sexual adventures.  I got the 
impression from Diane that most of Europe was far 
less repressive about sex in general than the US 
was.  I was very eager to see for myself.

	My mother's parents are Dutch, and I have a 
Dutch uncle (Well, he is my great-uncle, my 
grandmother's brother) who lived in Amsterdam until 
he died in 1992.  While my father did his business 
meetings in Brussels, My mother, my brother, and I 
took a train to Amsterdam to visit Uncle Jan 
(pronounced "yawn").  Uncle Jan was a retired 
professor of mathematics, and somewhat of a local 
hero...he had been active in the Dutch resistance 
during WWII.  He received the Dutch equivalent of 
the US Medal of Honor.  I had never met him before.  
I really liked him. He taught me how to play chess 
that summer.  

	Anyway, my mother stayed with us for a week in 
Amsterdam, and then took the train back to Belgium, 
leaving my brother and I with Uncle Jan.  It was 
only an hour and half by train, and she came back 
several times, over the course of our vacation, 
kind of commuting between Brussels and Amsterdam.  

	Before my mother went back to Brussels, Uncle 
Jan took us on a tour of Amsterdam.  We took cabs 
and busses, and it was very fun.  But I wanted to 
see Amsterdam's most famous (infamous?) attraction: 
The red light district.  Amsterdam's red light 
district was (and still is, in my humble opinion) 
the porn capitol of Europe.  Diane raved about it, 
telling me about the massage parlors and the 
brothels where the women (and men!) would sit on 
display in big storefront windows, and the 
pornographic film theaters, where nothing was 
censored.  But what I really wanted to see were the 
sex clubs.  Diane told me about them: They were 
places where you paid a fee to "join" the club and 
then you could have sex with any other member of 
the club, or with the staff of the club.  

	I had to stifle my curiosity, though.  My 
mother and my brother were really into seeing the 
dikes and the windmills and the tulip gardens, and 
all the touristy stuff.  

	I was aroused all the time, thinking constantly 
about the sex clubs, and what would sex with a 
strange adult would be like, because I was 
determined to find out.  I was frustrated though, 
because I could never seem to get away from my 
family to go exploring on my own.  We would get 
back from where ever we had been sightseeing, and I 
would go upstairs to my room, and masturbate, and 
fantasize about having sex with an adult.  I do not 
count Diane as an adult; she was may babysitter, 
once upon a time, and always will be my friend.   

	It did not help that I had forgot to pack my 
vibrator.  One day, in frustration, I begged off a 
trip to the university, and rode my uncle's ten-
speed to a drug store, because I wanted to get a 
vibrator plus get some condoms  -- you know, be 
prepared.  Diane said that vibrators and dildos 
were sold openly in most drug stores in Holland, 
and I was surprised to discover she was quite 

	I was rather embarrassed when I put a vibrator 
and two packets of condoms on the counter.  The 
clerk was a teen-ager not much older than me.  She 
put them in a bag, and rung them up on the 
register.  I was about to leave, when she reached 
out and grabbed my shoulder, and stopped me.  I do 
not speak Dutch, and she did not speak English or 
Spanish (my only other language), but she made me 
understand that I had to wait.  I stopped, and she 
ran towards the back of the store, and I wondered 
what was happening -- was I going to be age-
checked?  Would they call the police if they found 
out I was only fourteen?  She came back just a few 
seconds later, with something in her hand.  I could 
not see what it was at first, but she had a smile 
on her face, and she was laughing.  She opened my 
bag, and I saw what it was as she dropped it 
inside: a package of batteries for the vibrator.  

	I must have turned scarlet because she stopped 
laughing, smiled gently, and patted my cheek.  I 
dug into my pocket for some more guilders, but she 
just smiled and shook her head, and touched my 
cheek again.  I left the drugstore, and when I got 
back to my uncle's, I climbed into bed, inserted 
the vibrator into my vagina, and masturbated for an 
hour, and fell asleep, and did not wake until I 
heard the cab deposit my uncle and brother in 
front of the house.

	My mother stayed for about a week, and then 
went back to Brussels.  I finally got my chance to 
go to the red light district two days after she 
left. Uncle Jan wanted to take us out on the Zuider 
Zee, which is the very southern tip of the North 
Sea.  He wanted to take us to Harlingen, which is 
about 75 miles north of Amsterdam, across the 
Zuider Zee.  It was going to be a three day trip, 
about ten hours on his sloop each way, and one day 
in Harlingen to visit some of his friends. I 
pretended to be ill again, and my Uncle almost 
cancelled the trip, but I convinced him I would be 
fine, and that mother could be here in less than 
two hours if I got really sick.  So Brian and Uncle 
Jan set sail for Harlingen, and I set sail for the 
red light district.

	I hopped onto my uncle's ten-speed after Uncle 
Jan and Brian left for the private docks in a cab.  
I gave them about an hour head start, because the 
red light district is just off the waterfront, and 
I did not want to risk running into them. 

	Amsterdam is quite warm in the summer, so I was 
wearing short shorts and a sleeveless blouse.  I 
was wearing my hair fairly long that summer, and I 
had it tied up and back with a long piece of red 

	I cycled down to the waterfront, and then past 
it to where the red light district began.  It was 
just after noon, and the place was crowded.  The 
sidewalks were full of people, and the streets were 
full of cabs.  I got off the bike and pushed it 
beside me.  

	Diane had described the sex clubs she had been 
to, so I had a good idea of what I was looking for 
-- a residential-looking house among all the 
businesses.  It was not long before I saw one.  I 
kept going, and pretty soon I could spot them 

	By mid-afternoon, I decided I was ready.  I 
deposited my uncle's bicycle at a cycle locker, and 
walked purposefully, if a bit trepidatiously, 
towards a sex club.

	The street was very noisy and bright, but the 
minute the door closed behind me, it was quiet and 
dark.  There were people, young and old, men and 
women, sitting at card tables or on sofas, or just 
standing in small groups, talking and laughing.  
There was a kind of desk-alcove with a very pretty 
young woman sitting in it.  She was watching me 
when I noticed her, and looked at me a bit 
quizzically, but I walked over and started digging 
in my pockets for money.  I held out a fistful of 
ten guilder notes.  

	She lost the quizzical look, though she still 
watched me with some interest.  She peeled off 
several notes and handed the rest back to me.  I 
tucked the notes back into my pocket, took a deep 
breath, and then walked into the middle of the 

	I was scared, excited, aroused, and curious, 
all at the same time.  I remember people watching 
me and I remember several men getting up and 
starting towards me, but who were pulled back by 
the women they were talking to.  I was not 
particularly interested in having sex with a man, 
though I was not against the idea.  I just stood 
there, waiting to see what would happen.  

	I felt somebody come up behind me, and I 
turned, and it was a woman.  She was much older 
than me, probably in her late thirties.  She was 
about two inches taller than my 5' 6" and I had to 
look up into her eyes, which were regarding me with 
more than just curiosity.  I could feel her heat, 
and her desire was almost a palpable thing.  I felt 
something give way inside of me.  She took me by 
the hand, and led me over to an unoccupied couch 
against the far wall.  It was fairly dark, 
illuminated by only a single shaded lamp.

	We sat down, and immediately I felt her hands 
on me, caressing my breasts through my blouse.  I 
was startled, but she leaned over and took my mouth 
with hers, and kissed me.  Her breath was sweet, 
and she tasted like cinnamon.  I tried to ignore 
all the other people, but it was difficult.  I shut 
my eyes, and concentrated on this woman.  I was 
beginning to relax a little, but I was still rather 
tense.  I felt a little better when she took her 
hand from my breasts and reached over my head and 
turned the lamp off.  When she returned her hand to 
my chest, she unbuttoned two buttons of my blouse, 
and slipped her hand inside.  I was wearing a bra, 
but she just cupped my breasts through the bra, and 
squeezed them.  I was becoming decidedly more 
aroused, even though I was still nervous about 
being in a room full of strange people, even though 
it was dark, and nobody seemed to be paying any 
special attention to us.

	She slipped her tongue into my mouth, and I 
eagerly accepted it.  She let me suck on it, and I 
liked the way she tasted.  I felt her withdraw her 
hand from inside my blouse, and then slide it down 
my stomach to my thighs.  She caressed my thighs, 
rubbing her palm against them.  She eased my legs 
apart, and began to lightly run her hands along the 
fly of my shorts.  I liked it.  I was beginning to 
relax, but then I felt her unbutton the top button 
of my shorts, and this made me nervous again.  
Well, not nervous, but more self-conscious.  She 
must have sensed this because she brought her hand 
back to my breasts, and began to caress them again.  
I relaxed, and she continued kissing me, and 
fondling my breasts for what seemed like a long 

	When she finally took her mouth from mine, she 
looked me in the eyes for a moment, and then 
motioned with her head towards a stairway a few 
feet away.  I nodded.  Time for the real sex.  She 
got up, and made some kind of hand signal towards 
the desk, and then reached down with both hands and 
pulled me to my feet.  She smiled all of a sudden, 
and I smiled back.  I felt wonderful inside.  My 
nipples were tingling, and I just wanted her to 
touch me again.  

	She started up the stairs, holding my hand, and 
I followed behind her.  On the way up, I realized I 
did not even know her name, and she did not know 
mine.  I watched her hips swaying as we climbed.  
We reached a landing, and she stopped, and turned 
towards me and drew me to her.  I felt her hands 
slide down my back and grasp the cheeks of my ass, 
and she thrust her pelvis against me.  I melted 
against her, and she found my mouth again with 
hers, and kissed me long and hard. 

	She broke the kiss and continued up the next 
flight.  We reached the second floor landing, and 
stepped through a door to a softly lit hallway.  
There were four doors, two on each side of the 
hallway.  It looked like a normal hallway in any 
large house, with a couple of chairs and side 
tables, pictures hanging on the walls, and a full 
bookcase at the opposite end.  She took me to the 
last door on the left, and we went inside.

	It was her bedroom, apparently. It had a wooden 
floor, with several large rugs scattered here and 
there.  It was a big room, with a loveseat, and two 
wingback chairs with a low coffee table between 
them.  There was a plain wooden chair opposite the 
loveseat.  A huge four poster bed occupied almost 
one entire wall. There was a chest of drawers, and 
a large two-door armoire against the wall, flanking 
the door.  There was a large mirror on the wall 
opposite the bed, and a window with curtains drawn 
directly opposite the door where I was standing.  
There was an open door in the wall to the right of 
the bed, and I could see what looked like a 
bathroom through it. 

	The woman led me to the plain wooden chair, and 
motioned for me to sit down.  I did, and looked up 
at her.  She smiled again, and motioned for me to 
stay seated, and then disappeared into the 
bathroom.  She was not gone long.  I heard a toilet 
flush.  She came out a few moments later.  She had 
been wearing a plain dress, and now she was wearing 
a long robe.  I got up from the chair, and started 
to unbutton the last two buttons on my blouse, but 
she shook her head and motioned for me to sit down 

	I did, but I was puzzled.  She stood behind me, 
and took my cheeks in her hand, and I felt her kiss 
the top of my head.  Her hands slipped down until 
they were on my shoulders.  She began to massage 
them, gently but firmly, and I relaxed immediately.  
I love massages.  She worked her hands forward onto 
my chest and unbuttoned one more button of my 
blouse.  Then she slipped both of her hands inside 
my blouse and took one of my breasts in each of her 
hands, and squeezed them very firmly.  I gasped at 
the sensation.  She released one of my breasts, and 
I felt her hand slide down across my stomach, and 
then emerge from under my blouse.  It continued 
downward, and then she grasped my pubis, and began 
to squeeze me hard.  I gasped again, and spread my 
legs wide.

	She stopped, and brought her hand back up 
through my blouse to my breasts, and then withdrew 
both of her hands from my blouse.  She again began 
to massage my shoulders, only now I was very 
definitely aroused, and I was just waiting for her 
to find my breast and mons again with her hands.  

	But she surprised me, and it would not be the 
last time she surprised me.  She ran her hands into 
my hair, and I felt her untie my ribbon.  I had my 
hands on my legs the whole time, and now I felt her 
take my wrists and bring them behind the chair 
back.  I felt her loop the ribbon around my wrists 
twice, and then cinch it quite firmly.  I was 
effectively bound to the chair.  It was not 
uncomfortable physically, but I was suddenly 
nervous again.  I started to panic, and I said, 
"Hey!"  What was she going to do?  

	She did not keep me in suspense long.  She 
walked in front of me, and put two fingers to my 
lips.  I shut up, but I watched her very closely.  
She unbuttoned the last button on my blouse and 
then peeled it back.  I was breathing quite 
heavily, more from nervousness than anything else.  

	She resumed her place behind me, and then 
palmed my breasts.  She unhooked the front clasp of 
my bra, and slipped my breasts free of the cups.  
Despite my panic, I was quite aroused, and my 
nipples were fully erect.  She took each nipple 
between her fingers and thumbs and pinched them, 
delicately at first, and then more firmly.  I could 
feel her nails digging in, but it was not painful.  
Far from it!  I felt an orgasm build, and then wash 
through me.  She took first one breast, then the 
other, and held them between her palms, and then 
pressed her palms together, my breast trapped 
between.  It was an amazing sensation.  

	I began to relax, not feeling so nervous now.  
In fact, I was really enjoying this.  I was at her 
mercy.  I could have freed my hands, if I had 
wanted to, but I was realizing that I *did not* 
want to.  And that was a very startling revelation.  

	She continued to fondle my breasts as I was 
contemplating this, and I came again, almost by 
surprise.  She removed her hands from my breasts 
and came around the chair to kneel at my side.  She 
leaned close, and I looked down at her as she took 
my left breast in her mouth.  She engulfed it, 
taking almost all of it into her mouth, and I felt 
her tongue pushing at my nipple.  She sucked hard, 
and I felt it, all the way to my toes.  

	She began to chew my breast.  I could feel her 
teeth sliding along it.  I wanted to grab her head 
and pull it even harder against my breast, but I 
could not move my hands.  She bit down on my nipple 
gently, and stretched it and my breast away from my 
chest.  Just when it started to hurt, she let the 
nipple slip between her teeth, and my breast fell 
back.  She did this several times.  As she used her 
mouth on that breast, she slipped a hand to my 
other breast and began to squeeze it rhythmically, 
synchronizing her caresses with what she was doing 
to my other breast with her mouth.  I was shaking 
my head from side to side, and groaning with the 
sensation.  She switched sides, and I came very 

	She stopped, and I sat there, panting a little.  
She gave me a few moments, and then rose to her 
feet behind me, and began to massage my shoulders 
again.  I looked down at my breasts.  They were 
glistening with her saliva, and my nipples were 
very red.  I rocked my head against her arms, and 
relaxed under her firm touch.  

	I was just starting to doze off when I felt her 
lean over me and reach down to my shorts.  The top 
button was already open, and she just unzipped 
them.  She did not touch me there, but instead 
brought her hands back to my shoulders.  I began to 
thrust my pelvis upwards, but she just ignored me, 
and continued to massage my neck and shoulders, 
occasionally letting her hands slide down my chest 
to briefly caress my breasts.  I felt myself 
becoming increasingly aroused, but she just 
steadily massaged my shoulders and breasts. 

	At last, I felt her hands slide from my breasts 
down to my stomach.  She rubbed my tummy, and I 
felt her hand slip down to my exposed panties.  She 
stroked my mons through the cotton with her finger 
tips.  I was more than ready, and I came after only 
a few light touches.  She stepped around in front 
of me, and kneeled down.  She untied my Keds, and 
took them and my socks off, taking time to stuff my 
socks into my shoes before sliding them under the 
coffee table.   

	She stood up and straddled me.  She grabbed the 
sides of my shorts and hauled upwards on them, 
lifting me out of the chair a little, and then she 
tugged them quickly down my legs.  She lifted my 
feet clear of them, and they joined my shoes and 
socks under the table.  She dragged one of the wing 
back chairs near, and sat down on it, within easy 
reach of me.  She reached into my lap, and tugged 
the waistband of my panties down until she had 
exposed most of my mons, and all of my small patch 
of pubic hair.  She just let her fingers rest there 
for several moments, and I could feel their 
pressure, just above my vagina, and it was driving 
me nuts.  I wanted to grab her hand and fuck myself 
with it, but I just had to sit there, bound, and 
wait for her.

	Finally, she started.  She slipped a finger 
under the waistband and hooked it in the leg 
opening.  She tugged that side down and then the 
other.  I sat there, with my panties around my 
knees, and wondered what she was going to do next.  
I was helpless, and exposed, and so aroused that I 
was actually panting.  I began to squirm on the 
chair, but she just contemplated me from her wing 
back chair.  At last she leaned forward, and ran 
two of her fingers along my vaginal cleft.  I must 
have been wet, because she brought her fingers to 
her lips, and licked them.  She reached down again, 
and this time I felt her part my labia.  I felt a 
cool rush of air on my vagina, and then she plunged 
a finger deep inside of me.  I felt her move it 
around inside me, and I lifted my pelvis upwards, 
trying to bring my clitoris against her knuckle.  She 
let me succeed.  She held her wrist perfectly 
steady, and I thrust repeatedly against her hand.  
I felt each contact of my clitoris against her 
knuckle like a small electrical shock.  The 
sensation rapidly overwhelmed me, and I came 
violently, and I did scream as I peaked.  

	I opened my eyes, and she was smiling at me 
again, and nodding her head.  She reached down and 
pulled my panties back up, and I almost shouted 
"No!"  Instead I just bit my tongue, and waited to 
see what she was going to do.  She rose from the 
wingback chair and knelt beside me again.  She 
opened the top of her robe, and exposed one of her 
breasts to me.  They were quite full, and very much 
larger than my modest 33B's.  She put her hand 
behind my neck and pulled my head towards her bared 
breast.  I leaned forward eagerly, and sucked her 
nipple into my mouth.  Even her breasts tasted 
good.  I suckled for I don't know how long, and 
only dimly became aware that she had slipped her 
hand back into my panties and was probing into me 
with her fingertips.  I climaxed again, and felt 

	She disengaged my mouth from her breast, and 
slipped her hand from my vagina, bringing it to her 
lips again to taste me.  As she was licking her 
fingers, she undid the ribbon around my wrists with 
her other hand.  She stood up, and pulled me to my 
feet.  I was a bit shaky, and my knees actually 
wobbled. She put her arm around me, and nudged me 
towards the bathroom.  In the bathroom, she let go 
of me and pointed to the shower.  She walked to a 
cupboard on the wall, and pulled out a towel and a 
washcloth.  She laid the towel and cloth on the 
shelf above the sink, and then approached me.  She 
turned me around until I was facing away from her.  
I felt her hands at my sides, and she was slipping 
my blouse from my shoulders, and then my bra.  I 
felt her hands at my waist, and she was pulling my 
panties down.  I stepped out of them, and stood 
there, naked.  She reached around me into the 
shower and started the water.  I stepped over the 
low edge of the shower, and into the path of the 
falling water.  It was warm, and felt very good.  
She pulled the shower curtain closed, and 

	I stood there, feeling the water beat down on 
my breasts and tummy and thighs, and took stock of 
myself.  My nipples were still red, and still very 
much erect.  My clitoris was still tingling, and I 
knew only a few quick thrusts with my finger would 
make me come again.  I resisted the temptation, and 
instead looked around for a bottle of shampoo. I 
did not see any shampoo, and since I really did not 
want to get my hair wet anyway, knowing it would 
take forever to get dry, I grabbed the towel and 
the washcloth from the sink.  I wrapped the towel 
around my hair, and then reached for the bottle of 
shower soap on the plastic shelf suspended from the 
shower head.  

	I lathered myself up, and with the washcloth I 
scrubbed myself until I was pink.  I rinsed off, 
and then turned the water off.  I dried off in the 
shower, and then pulled the curtain aside.  I 
looked around, but I did not see my clothes 
anywhere.  I wrapped the damp towel around myself 
and then opened the door into the bedroom.  

	I was surprised to see it was quite dark 
outside through the window, which was now 
uncurtained and open.  The woman was sitting on the 
love seat, and when she saw me, she motioned me 
towards her.  I walked across the room, and stopped 
when I reached the loveseat.  On the coffee table 
were several plates of food, and a bottle of wine.  
I suddenly realized how hungry I was.  She reached 
up to me and untucked the towel, and let it fall to 
the floor at my feet.  She patted the seat beside 
her, and I sat down, naked.  She pulled me close, 
and then picked up a fork and began to feed me.  

	It was some kind of stew, and it tasted 
heavenly.  She fed me in silence.  When the plate 
of stew was half finished, I took the fork from her 
hand, and started to feed her.  It was fun, and for 
some reason, I felt myself getting wet as I guided 
each forkful to her mouth.  When the plate was 
empty, I stopped, and put the fork down.  It 
suddenly occurred to me that we had just shared 
sex, and now a meal, and I still did not know her 
name.  I decided to address this issue.

	I touched myself between my breasts, and said, 
"My name is Randi...Randi."  

	She nodded, and took my hand and placed it on 
her chest.  "Magda," she said, and looked at me. 

	I said, "Do you speak English?" and she shook 
her head.  "How about Spanish?  Hablas tu Espanol?  
Do you speak Spanish?"  This time, she nodded her 

	"Si.  Un poquito.  Por que?"  Yes.  A little.  

	"Por que yo quiero hablar con ti."  Because I 
want to speak with you.  

	"Y que hablaria?"  And what will you speak?

	"Yo dijaria, Gracias por haciendo amor a me."  
I will say, Thank you for making love to me.

	"De nada, chica.  Y no estamos terminando....  
Venga me, mariposa...venga me."  It is nothing, 
little one.  And we are not finished...come to me, 
butterfly, come to me.

	I crawled into her lap, and laid my head 
against her breasts.  Her hands glided down my 
body, and I felt her ease my thighs apart.  She 
caressed my labia, stroking them and pinching them 
between her fingers and thumbs.  I was rapidly 
approaching an orgasm.  When she penetrated me with 
first one, and then two, then three fingers, I came 
each time, one orgasm on top of another. 

	She waited until my orgasms finished with me, 
and then said softly, "Ahora, mariposa, almuerzo."  
Now, butterfly, dessert.

	I looked up at her, and said in English, 
"Dessert?" and then in Spanish, "Almuerzo?"
She smiled gently, and said, "Tu."  You.

	She made to stand up, and I rolled off her lap, 
and lay on my back on the loveseat, one leg on the 
seat, the other trailing on the floor.  She took a 
cushion from the end of the loveseat near my legs 
and slipped it under my shoulders, propping me up 
into a half reclining position.  She then poured a 
glass of wine from the bottle, and sat it on the 
table, then got on her knees on the floor near my 
leg.  She lifted my leg and draped it over her 

	She took the glass of wine, and toasted me with 
it, and then poured a small amount on my pubis.  It 
was cool, and I could feel it running down my mons, 
through my pubic hair, and into the cleft between 
my labia.  She put the glass back on the table.  
With her tongue, she followed the rivulet of wine.  
She licked and sucked at my pubic hair, and then I 
felt her tongue on my labia.  The wine was cool, 
but her tongue was warm.  I squirmed in pleasure at 
the sensation.  She licked me continuously, and I 
felt an orgasm build.  I came, thrashing my hips. 

	She picked the glass up again, and poured more 
wine on to me.  This time, she used her fingers to 
rub it in, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from 
crying aloud as another climax engulfed me.  By the 
time she had drained the glass, I was exhausted.  
But she did not let me rest.

	I felt her spread my labia with her fingers, 
and then I felt her tongue plunge into me.  The 
sensation was exquisite.  She immediately found my 
clitoris, and wrapped her lips around it.  I felt 
her suck on it, and I exploded.  I came so hard I 
saw stars.  She worked on my clitoris, and I came 
every few seconds, waves of pleasure punctuated by 
immediate, instant peaks of ecstasy.  When she 
finally released me, I was gasping for breath.  

	I lay there for a long time.  When I had 
recovered enough to sit up, she was sitting in the 
wingback chair, legs crossed, watching me.  I 
smiled at her, and she returned it.  I looked down 
at my body, and saw the trail of wine that ran from 
just below my navel, through my pubic hair, and 
disappeared out of my sight beneath my mons.  I 
could feel the stickyness on my skin, and the way 
it made my pubic hair stiff and tight.  

	But the discomfort did not last long.  Magda 
took a bowl from the table in front of her, and 
came and sat down on the love seat between my legs.  
She put one of my legs over the back of the 
loveseat, and took my other leg and put it in her 
lap.  She produced a wash cloth from the pocket of 
her robe, and dipping it in the bowl, bathed my 
pubis with it.  She was gentle, but firm.  When she 
was done, the stickiness was gone.  

	She deposited the bowl and washcloth on the 
table and then leaned forward on top of me.  She 
again opened the top of her robe, and presented one 
of her breasts to me.  I suckled on it, holding it 
with both of my hands.  I lay there, sucking 
gently, until I could not keep my eyes open 
anymore.  I fell asleep.  

	When I awoke, I did not know how much time had 
elapsed.  I was in the big bed, and Magda was 
reading a book, curled up in one of the wingback 
chairs.  I sat up, and she noticed me.  She put the 
book down, left the chair, and walked over to the 
armoire.  She opened it, and disappeared inside it 
for nearly a minute.  When she came out, she was no 
longer wearing the robe.  She had on a black, one 
piece body stocking, with openings that her breasts 
thrust through, and an opening that framed her 
pubis. It was obscene and arousing.  

	She closed the armoire doors and started 
towards me.  She had a small tray under her arm.  
As she got nearer, I could see tops of what were 
obviously dildos and vibrators.  She put the tray 
down on the bed next to me and I gazed in wonder at 
the contents. 

	There were several vibrators.  There were 
small battery-operated ones, and large, thick ones 
with power cords and transformers and a control 
switch.  Some had two heads, some one. One of the 
larger ones had an odd little extension on it, like 
a fueling probe on a jet plane.  There was a very 
long, curved, strap-on dildo.  There was a candle, 
and a huge clear syringe filled with a clear 
liquid.  There were two black rubber rings, about 
two inches wide, and about three inches in 
diameter.  There were two small mechanical things 
that looked like the top half of one of those old 
style washing machines with the rollers.  They were 
nipple clamps, I found out soon enough.  There was 
a small, open jar of Vaseline, sitting on a couple 
folded hand towels, and a silver Zippo lighter.  
There were two nylon cuffs with Velcro stitched 
onto one side, and what looked like a small whiffle 
ball with a cloth band attached to it.  

	She off-loaded the tray onto the table by the 
bed.  She motioned for me to turn over onto my 
stomach, so I did.  She slipped her hands under me 
and pulled me up until I was on hands and knees.  
She pushed my thighs apart and slipped the tray 
between my legs.  I looked at her over my shoulder, 
and watched her pick up the large liquid filled 
syringe in one hand, and scoop up some Vaseline 
from the jar with the other, and smear it on the 
tip of the syringe.  I became concerned when she 
scooped up some more Vaseline and began to rim my 
anus with it.  I was not at all sure I wanted an 
enema, but she did not give me much choice.  I felt 
the tip of the syringe enter me, and it glided in 
so smooth and easily that I was surprised.  The tip 
was a good six inches long, and I felt it go deep 
into me.  I looked straight forward, and waited for 
the spray of liquid.  When it came, I was surprised 
at the sensation.  And it kept coming.  Magda 
reached under me to my tummy, and began to press 
upwards against me with her hand.  I could hear the 
liquid sloshing in my bowels as she pushed my 

	It took several minutes to drain the syringe.  
I was surprised that I took it all in.  She took 
her hand from my stomach and pressed down on my 
butt, forcing me into a kind of squat over the 
tray.  I had an idea what she wanted, and I slipped 
my knees forward until I was almost sitting in the 
tray.  I felt her extract the syringe, and my 
bowels spasmed, and I evacuated the liquid into the 
tray.  It was a weird feeling, but not unpleasant. 

	I felt her patting my bottom with the towel, 
and when I was dry, she motioned for me to turn 
over, and straddle the tray again.  I did, and she 
said, "Haga agua, mariposa," and then parted my 
labia with her fingers.  I needed to pee, but I had 
never done it with somebody watching me, and 
touching me like this.  It took me several seconds, 
but I finally managed to let it go.  When I was 
finished, she wiped me with the towel, and then 
took the towel and the nearly full tray, and 
carried them both to the door into the hall.  There 
was a flap at the bottom of the door that I had not 
noticed before, and she carefully set the tray down 
on the floor, and then used her foot to slide it 
through the flap into the hall.  She did the same 
with the towel.  

	I watched her, and took stock of myself.  I 
felt glowing on the inside, from my vagina to the 
pit of my stomach.  I was rested and ready to play.  
I picked up one of the nipple clamps, and wondered 
what it was, and what it would do to me.  I looked 
at all the stuff on the table, and tried to 
envision what it would be like with all those 
things inside one or more of my orifices.  I 
shivered with anticipation.   

	When Magda came back, she sat down on the bed 
next to me, and propped a pillow up behind me until 
I was sitting upright in the bed.  She took the 
nipple clamp out of my hand.  I looked at her and 
arched my eyebrows in inquiry, and she smiled and 
began to caress my breasts with her hand.  My 
nipples erected instantly.  Holding my breast with 
one hand, she slipped my nipple between the two 
little rollers of the clamp, and then squeezed the 
rollers hard against my nipple.  I heard something 
click and she let go of the clamp, which remained 
tightly fastened to my nipple.  Very tightly, 
uncomfortably so.  She did the same thing to my 
other breast.  Then she reached down between my 
legs, eased her finger into my vagina, and then 
brought it out.  I was wet, and that seemed to 
please her.  

	She picked up one of the smaller vibrators, and 
held it to my mouth.  I opened my mouth, and she 
pushed it in. I tongued it until I had no more 
saliva.  She withdrew it, and then twisted the 
base.  It began to hum, and she trailed it across 
my nipples, which seemed to have swelled to twice 
their normal size.  They were throbbing dully, and 
I wanted to ask her to remove the clamps, but I did 
not.  When the vibrator hit them, I forgot all 
about the discomfort.  It was almost electric, and 
it sent tingles all the way to my vagina.  I felt 
an orgasm begin to rise, and then take me.  I 
gasped and moaned, and then almost screamed when I 
felt her plunge the humming vibrator into my 

	She left the vibrator humming inside of me.  
She took a black rubber ring from the table, and 
squeezing my breast tightly with her hand, forced 
the ring on to my breast.  It was a tight fit, but 
she managed to get the ring all the way around my 
breast, and down until it was almost against my 
chest.  My breast was deformed by the pressure, and 
thrust straight out from my chest.  She repeated 
the process on my other breast.  My mind had been 
on the humming vibrator buried in my vagina, but 
now the discomfort in my breasts was demanding 
attention.  I looked up at her, and said "Por 
favor?"  She just shook her head.  She took the 
whiffle ball thing from the table, and slipped the 
band over my head.  She said, "Abra la boca, 
mariposa."  I opened my mouth, and she put the ball 
in it, and then I felt her tighten the band around 
my head.  I could breathe, and it was not making me 
gag, but I could not speak anymore.  

	I felt a climax through my discomfort, and had 
to just moan against the ball in my mouth.  As I 
was coming, I felt her slip the nylon cuffs over my 
wrists.  She stretched first one and then the other 
of my arms out to my side and brought them firmly 
against the headboard.  I had not noticed before, 
but there was a strip of Velcro running along the 
headboard from end to end.  Both of my arms were 
immobilized now, and my nipples were going from 
dull throbbing to a painful ache.  I sat there in 
pain, relieved only momentarily as the vibrator 
humming in my vagina made me come.  Magda took one 
of the large vibrators from the table, and 
disappeared out of my sight for a moment, kneeling 
down by the edge of the bed.  She surfaced, 
climbing up onto the bed next to me, the vibrator 
in her hand, and the power cord trailing off the 
edge of the bed.  

	Magda took a kneeling position between my legs, 
and lifted my knees and draped them across her 
thighs.  She grasped the based of the vibrator in 
my vagina, and began to pump it in and out of me.  
My nipples were on fire, but the sensation between 
my legs, as Magda fucked me with the vibrator, took 
precedence.  I came in a long, spastic swoop, the 
pain in my breasts merging with the pleasure in my 
vagina.  She brought me to a climate twice like 
Finally, Magda took pity on me, and released 
the clamps on my nipples.  The blood rushed back 
in, and the pain was intense.  I gasped around the 
gag in mouth, and tears came to my eyes.  Magda saw 
them, and kissed them away.  She said, "Lo siento, 
mariposa, pero el dolor es importante."
She leaned down, and began to lick my nipples.  
She flicked them with her tongue, and the cramping 
and burning was replaced by the most delightful 
coolness I've ever felt.  I was floating on a 
cloud.  My breasts felt wonderful, and the pleasure 
I felt flowing from her licks seemed to eclipse 
even the steady thrumming sensation between my 
legs.  I came in multiple waves, head thrashing and 
hips jumping. 

	She let me come, and then reached down and 
extracted the vibrator from my vagina.  She turned 
it off, and then brought it to her lips, and licked 
it.  It was almost obscene, the way she sucked on 
it, the way her lips pressed around the tip, but it 
was quite an arousing sight.  She wrapped her 
tongue around it, and then damn near swallowed it 
whole.  She took it from her mouth and slipped it 
into her own vagina, turning it on as she plunged 
it in. 

	 She closed her eyes for a moment, and I saw 
her shudder.  She opened her eyes, and smiled at 
me.  She brought my legs up and crooked my knees 
over her shoulder.  I saw her push the large 
vibrator into the jar of Vaseline, and then she 
leaned forward, until my knees were almost back 
against my breasts, and I lost sight of her hands. 
I lay there, strapped to the headboard, waiting for 
what she was going to do next.  

	When I felt the tip of the vibrator against my 
anus, I began to buck wildly.  I had seen how huge 
it was, and I was not prepared to receive something 
that large in my rectum.  But Magda just shifted 
her weight a little, and I found I was effectively 
immobilized.  I felt the vibrator pushing into me, 
and it felt like it was the size of a tree-trunk.  
Magda would push it, then pause, and then push 
again.  Finally, I realized that it was me that was 
making it so hard, so I made a conscious effort to 
stop fighting it.  It was amazing; the moment I 
stopped fighting it, it slid into me with almost no 
resistance.  And it seemed to slide into me 
forever.  At last, Magda stopped pushing on it.  It 
seemed to be so deep inside me, that I thought I 
could feel it in the back of my throat.  

	Magda let my legs fall to the bed, and then lay 
on top of me, her breasts on my thighs, and began 
to work on my nipples again with her lips and 
tongue.   I grew aroused again immediately, and 
felt an orgasm begin to swirl through my mind.  
Then she turned the vibrator on, and I felt this 
deep, almost resonant vibration in my body.  I 
could not localize it.  The vibrations seemed to be 
coming from everywhere -- my breasts, my vagina, my 
nipples.  It felt like there was a vibrator 
directly against my clitoris.  I moaned against the 
gag in my mouth, and surrendered to my orgasm.  And 
as soon as that orgasm passed, I felt another begin 
to build.  She brought me to several climaxes like 
this...I lost count.  When she finally stopped, I 
was panting like a steam engine.  

	As I tried to catch my breath, Magda got to her 
feet and switched the vibrator in my rectum off.  I 
lay still, recovering, and watching her.  She took 
the strap-on from the table and secured it to her 
groin.  It looked obscenely huge, thrusting from 
her pelvis.  She slipped the gag out of my mouth, 
and pushed the plastic tip of the strap-on against 
my lips.  I closed my mouth around it, and she 
began to thrust her pelvis a little.  I got into 
the rhythm of it, pushing my head forward as her 
hips came towards me, and backing off as she drew 
her hips back.  I tried to lubricate it as much as 
I could, because I knew exactly where she was going 
to put it next.

	She knelt between my legs, and I raised and 
spread them in anticipation.  She flicked the 
switch on the vibrator in my rectum, and I was 
inundated again by the vibrations.  Magda reached 
down between my legs and spread my labia with her 
fingers, and then I felt the tip of her strap-on 
enter my vagina.  It slipped into me, and it felt a 
mile long.  She pushed upward with it, and I felt 
the plastic against my clitoris.  She slid the 
entire length into me, and I felt every millimeter 
of it against my clitoris.  I moaned, and thrashed 
my hips, but Magda calmly withdrew it until the tip 
was just parting my labia, and then slowly 
penetrated me again.  She fucked me with long slow 
strokes, and I came and came and came.  

	After some indeterminate time, Magda freed my 
hands from the Velcro cuffs.  I threw my arms 
around her neck, and wrapped my legs around her 
waist.  I pulled her to me as tight as I could.  I 
kissed her neck, and then her breasts and she began 
to fuck me again.  I looked down, and I was 
fascinated by the shaft of the dildo as it pistoned 
slowly into and out of my vagina, the way it 
glistened with my moisture.  I watched until Magda 
flicked a switch, and the vibrator in my rectum 
shut down.  I felt the vibrations stop, and Magda 
withdrew the strap-on completely.  She then pulled 
the vibrator from my rectum.  I felt completely 
spent, and just lay back on the pillow, and closed 
my eyes. I felt Magda get off the bed, and then 
grab my hand and pull me up.  She led me to the 
bathroom, and I suddenly realized I had to pee and 
move my bowels.  She left the bathroom.  

	When I was finished and flushed the toilet, 
before I could even stand up, Magda came in again.  
She had a full enema syringe in her hand.  She 
walked over to me and bent me forward as I was 
sitting on the toilet.  I felt the syringe enter my 
rectum, followed a few moments later by an influx 
of cool liquid.  Magda inserted two fingers into my 
vagina and rubbed my clitoris as the enema filled 
my colon.  She waited until she felt me orgasming 
before withdrawing the syringe from my rectum.  I 
came as I evacuated the liquid from my bowels.  It 
was a truly weird feeling.  When I had expelled the 
last of the enema, she dried my bottom off, and we 
both walked back into the bedroom.  

	I looked at the clock on the bedside table, and 
it said 9:30.  I did not know if it was morning or 
evening.  I looked at the curtained window, and it 
was dark at the edges, so I assumed it was evening.  
Magda was sitting on the bed, and she motioned for 
me to join her.  I happily sat down in her lap, and 
leaned back against her.  She removed the rubber 
rings from my breasts, then fondled my breasts 

	Magda let go of my breasts and picked up the 
candle and the Zippo from the table near the bed.  
She flicked the Zippo and lit the candle, and then 
reached over to the wall and flipped the light 
switch.  The room plunged into darkness, the only 
light coming from the candle.  I love candlelight.  
Magda cupped my left breast with her free hand, and 
brought the candle near to the nipple.  I could 
feel the heat radiating from the flame.  She drew 
me closer to her, and then lifted her legs up and 
over mine in a leg hold.  She brought the candle up 
above my nipple, and I could no longer feel the 
heat from the flame.  She massaged and caressed my 
breast, and after several moments my nipple 

	I wanted both of Magda's hands on my body, but 
she continued to hold the candle in front of me.  I 
watched the melted wax pooling in the cavity under 
the flame, and was about to point out to Magda that 
a candlestick holder would be nice, mainly so she 
could use that hand on my vagina, when she abruptly 
tilted the candle, and spilled the hot wax directly 
onto my nipple.  I gasped at the pain...but it was 
gone almost before I really perceived it.  She 
released that breast and grabbed the other.  I felt 
the wax cooling and congealing, and then another 
stab of pain as another glob of hot paraffin landed 
on my other nipple.  I tried to move, and realized 
why she had me in a leg hold.  I closed my eyes and 
tried to relax, but I jumped again when I felt 
another searing pellet land on me, this time on my 
mons, just above my vaginal cleft.  

	 It took several seconds for enough wax to 
accumulate in the candle, and Magda seemed to be 
able to anticipate it.  She released my breast, and 
found my vagina with her fingers.  She spread my 
labia, and I watched in fascination as the candle 
hovered over my pubis.  She abandoned my breasts 
completely, directing the rest of her attentions to 
my genitalia.  

	Waiting for the next hot splash of the wax was 
worse than the brief agony they brought.  I felt 
the pain, but I also felt an almost overwhelming 
arousal.  Between drops, Magda lightly caressed my 
labia, inserting her fingers partially into my 
vagina.  Despite the pin pricks of pain from the 
hot wax, I felt an orgasm begin to grow.  I began 
to pant a little, and then groan.  Magda noticed 
this, because I heard her whisper into my ear, 
"Bueno...bueno," and when I climaxed, she kissed my 

	Magda peeled the wax from my breasts and pubis, 
and began the process again.  My skin was red where 
the melted wax had burned it.  Magda directed the 
wax onto almost the exact same areas, and the pain 
was even more intense, though for some reason, I 
felt a twinge of cool pleasure in my vagina each 
time a globule of hot wax landed on me.  The pain 
and the pleasure grew, until I felt a small orgasm 
quake through me.  Again, I heard Magda whispering 
to me in Spanish, but my mind was on the weird 
pain/pleasure sensations coursing through me.  
Magda removed the accumulated wax from my pubis, 
and started again.  This time, with the first touch 
of the hot wax, I came.  She repeated the same 
path...first my breasts, then my pubis.  Between 
the bursts of hot pain and cool pleasure, I watched 
the wax build up on my mons.  Soon, my labia and 
vaginal cleft were completely covered in congealed 

	I was beginning to breathe heavily.  I was 
physically exhausted from this tender torture.  
Magda sensed my exhaustion, and ended this session 
by prying open my labia under their layer of wax, 
and exposing my clitoris with her finger.  She 
waited until another orgasm was passing through me, 
and spilled the hot wax directly on it.  I screamed 
as the wax hit me.  I felt a white hot pain that 
stabbed right through the pleasure of my climax.  
But then I felt my orgasm change.  It was almost a 
redirection of motion, like a tacking turn in a 
sailboat. The pain got underneath the pleasure, and 
boosted the pleasure into higher orbit.   

	I felt Magda thrust her fingers deep into my 
vagina, and then felt a vibrator plunge into my 
rectum.  The pain and pleasure of the hot wax on my 
clitoris mixed with the thrumming vibration of the 
vibrator.  For an indeterminate time I felt myself 
floating free of my body. I looked down and I 
actually saw myself.  I was thrashing my head from 
side to side, and I was arching my back, and 
thrusting my pelvis wildly up and down.  I was 
gasping for breath, and my eyes were clenched shut. 
I watched as Magda buried one hand to the wrist in 
my vagina, while she pistoned the vibrator in and 
out of my rectum with the other.  My pelvis stopped 
jerking as her whole hand entered me, but I arched 
my back some more, and tried to force Magda's fist 
deeper and deeper into me.  I wanted to impale 
myself on her arm.

	It was exactly like watching myself in a dream, 
but I had never had a dream where I just came and 
came, and I had certainly never seen myself climax.  
I was watching it and experiencing it at the same 

	Magda withdrew her fist from my vagina, and for 
a moment, the pleasure/pain whirlwind stopped 
spinning.  I returned to my senses, and felt a 
white hot pain between my legs.  I moaned aloud.  
Magda took the dildo with the odd extension on it 
from the table and laid it against my vagina.  She 
rotated it until that curious probe thing was lined 
up with the top of my vaginal cleft.  She thrust it 
into me, and I suddenly knew what the probe was 
for.  It went straight into my clitoris.  I spasmed 
as Magda thrust the dildo into me, and the pleasure 
vortex engulfed me again, drowning out the pain.  

	I felt the probe push against my clitoris, and 
then slip past it.  The probe was pointed, and it 
bit into the tissue of my clitoris, and then the 
shaft bent a little, before sliding past.  In this 
way, it flicked my clitoris, and drove me through 
the roof. She thrust the dildo into me with long, 
very fast strokes.  I felt myself rising out of my 
body again, and turned to watch Magda as she fucked 
me with that dildo.  At end of each thrust, my body 
spasmed, and I felt/saw the probe flexing as it 
jammed passed my clitoris.  I lost all track of 

When I became aware of something besides 
pleasure, I opened my eyes.  Vaguely, I felt Magda 
peeling the layer of wax from my breasts and my 
pubis.  I lay there, breathing hard, closing my 
eyes again, and wondering about what I had just 
gone through.  There was pain in my nipples, and a 
burning sensation inside my vagina, but I was too 
tired to really worry about it.

	When my breathing was back to normal, I sat up 
in the bed and watched Magda as she moved around 
the room.  I could barely see her in the candle 
light, and she moved in and out of the radius of 
illumination.  At last, she came back to the bed.  
She pushed me gently on the chest, and made me lie 
back on the pillow.  She lay on her side next to 
me, and she was completely naked now.  She had a 
bottle of some kind of unguent, which she now 
poured onto my nipples.  Very gently, with just the 
tips of her fingers, she rubbed the lotion in, and 
I immediately felt it go to work.  It must have 
been some kind of topical analgesic, because the 
pain from the hot wax disappeared instantly.  She 
finished my nipples, and then I felt the unguent on 
my mons.  Again, gently, with the tips of her 
fingers only, she rubbed it into my labia, and 
then, slipping her fingers into my vagina, directly 
onto my clitoris.  The anesthetic suppressed the 
pain in the burned tissues.  It felt so wonderful.  

	I fell asleep, and awoke some time later.  
Magda was holding me, and I felt her fingers 
probing my vagina.  She sensed that I was awake, 
and I felt her fingers on my clitoris.  She rubbed 
it and stroked it and pinched it, and I came.  She 
climbed out of bed, and then flipped the light on. 
My clothes were folded neatly on one of the chairs.  
While I dressed, Magda disappeared through the door 
into the hall.  

	I had just finished dressing, when she came 
back in, followed by an amazingly beautiful, 
elderly woman, who reminded me of Katherine 
Hepburn, or Olympia Dukakis, maybe.  Magda had 
twenty years on me, and this new woman had thirty 
on Magda, at least.   The woman sat down on the bed 
and motioned for me to sit next to her.  She 
addressed me in almost accentless English.

	"Magda says she has never had a client like 
you, and wants you to know that she has refunded 
your fee."  She handed me a wad of Dutch notes.  "I 
wanted to meet you before you left, Randi.  Magda 
has never done that before, so you must be very 
special.  You are American, no?"  I nodded.  "When 
you come back to my house, you will not pay any 
fee.  Will you come back?"  I looked over at Magda 
and I think she understood at least that much 
English.  She was watching me expectantly, and I 
think, just a little anxiously.  

	I heard Magda say softly in Spanish, "Regresa a 
me, mariposa, por favor?"  Return to me, butterfly, 

	  When I nodded again, Magda smiled, and so did 
the club owner.  She said something to Magda in 
Dutch, and Magda left the room.

	The woman motioned for me to stand up, and she 
took my arms and pulled me around in front of her.  
She reached behind me and I felt her hands on my 
derriere.  She squeezed my buttocks, and then 
slipped her hand inside the leg opening of my short 
shorts, and tugged the crotch of my panties to the 
side.  I felt her slip her finger into my vagina as 
she said softly, "Would you let me make love to 
you, butterfly?"  Without hesitation I nodded 
again, and started to unzip my shorts.

	She laughed gently, and let go of me, and said, 
"No, not now, butterfly. When you come back.  You 
must be tired.  But you are sweet to offer 
yourself.  Rest now, little one. I think I want to 
make special preparations for you when you do 
return."  She got up, and took me by the hand, and 
led me out of the room, down the hall, down the 
stairs, and into the big room.  Magda was nowhere 
in sight, and I had wanted to say good-bye to her.  
I walked out the street door, into blazing bright 
daylight.  I walked over to the bicycle locker, 
retrieved my uncle's bicycle, and pedaled back to 
my uncle's house.  It was just the beginning of an 
amazing summer. 

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