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*** Standard Disclaimer ***

The following contains a textual depiction of 
consensual sex between a woman and a young girl.  The 
descriptions are graphic and clinical.  Please read no 
farther if this kind of material offends you.   
Permission is hereby granted to reproduce, archive, and 
disseminate this story by any means, as long as the 
following conditions are met: 

1) The entire text of the story is reproduced, 
archived, or disseminated, including this disclaimer.  

2) The story is not reproduced, archived, or 
disseminated as part of any commercial product or 
collection that is distributed for 
financial gain.

Permission is explicitly denied to archives that 
require an Adult Check ID number for access to this 
file, or to any archive that accepts advertising on any 
web page visible to a person attempting to locate or 
access this file.  This means you, Deja News!

* * * 

Journal #1
Randi Pattersen

	I am finally getting around to writing this because 
it has been a somewhat busy week for me. I promised 
myself I would try to chronicle my next relationship, 
so that's why I'm lying here, tapping at the keyboard 
of my laptop, gently baking my body and my mind in the 
warm desert sun.  It is mid-May in the desert 
southwest, perfect weather for tanning.  I hear the 
patio door hiss open and I stop typing to watch a young 
girl walking towards me from the house.  She is 
fourteen, on that exquisite cusp between pubescence and 
adolescence.  She is clad in a black bikini that she 
was too self-conscious to wear only yesterday.  It is 
demure by my own standards, but for her it is daringly 
bare, and that is the important thing.  

	I take a hit from the bong lying on the deck next 
to me and resume typing as she strides past me and 
pauses at the edge of the pool.  Her bikini bottom 
clings snugly to hips that still carry baby fat.   Her 
breasts, small, nearly perfect hemispheres, thrust 
against the triangular cups of her top.   She dives in 
and remains submerged, swimming a complete lap 
underwater.  She surfaces at the edge of the pool 
nearest me and tosses her hair back.  Fractal 
geometries dance for a moment in the interface between 
air and water as sunlight is refracted by the cascading 
droplets.  Briefly, her head is surrounded by a mandala 
of rainbows, rigid Newtonian trajectories imposing an 
aesthetic order on the chaotic system of head, water, 
and light.  The effect is startlingly beautiful.  She 

	"What are you writing?"

	"How startlingly beautiful you are."

	"Be serious."  She blushes, and I feel my libido 

	She climbs out of the pool and lies down next to me 
on the big double lounger.  I glance down the length of 
her young body, taking in the curve of her breasts, the 
flatness of her tummy, the thrust of her mons against 
the material of her bikini bottoms.  She is conscious 
of her bareness, but is only vaguely aware of the 
effect it is having on me.  I will soon let her know, 
though, in no uncertain terms.  

	"I am serious.  She is gazing at me intently, so I 
return her gaze with a steady one of my own.
	I return to my eyes to the laptop's screen.  The 
child-woman next to me shuts her eyes and drifts off to 
sleep.  I type.  Occasionally, I glance at her, 
watching the rise and fall of her breasts as she 
breathes, tracing the projected path of my lips along 
her body.   With an effort, I force myself to 
concentrate on my journal.

* * *

	I was the doctor on duty when she arrived at the 
emergency room with her mother.  I watched from across 
the waiting room as the triage nurse gathered her 
vitals.  She was young, early teens, and quite pretty.  
I saw the nurse ask her a question and from across the 
room I could see her blush.  She beckoned the nurse to 
lean down.  She whispered something to the nurse who 
immediately nodded reassuringly and then caught my eye.  
I am the only female MD on this shift, and blushing 
teenage girls are my specialty.  I walked over and 
introduced myself, and then took her by the hand to 
lead her back to the examination room.  In the 
examination room, I helped her up onto the table.  She 
was wearing a short plaid skirt and a white blouse, and 
some kind of school blazer.  I turned to draw the 
privacy curtain, and when I turned back to her, she was 
alternately rocking her hips and tugging at the hem of 
her short skirt in a charming display of modesty.   I 
caught a glimpse of the very tip of her panty-clad 
	I took my stethoscope out and warmed up the 
accumulator in the palm of my right hand.  With my left 
hand, I unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, 
and then slipped the accumulator under her bra, resting 
it against the side of her left breast.  I listened to 
her heartbeat for a moment. 

	"So, tell me, what is your name?"

	"Caryn, with a y."

	"Ok, Caryn with a y, what can I do for you?"  

	"I...I...that is my...well, I think I hurt myself."

	"Where, dear?"

	"My breasts.  My nipples, actually."

	"Then we'd better get this blouse off of you."  I 
finished unbuttoning her blouse, and then slipped it 
from her shoulders.  Her hands were crossed in her lap, 
so the blouse hung suspended against her back, caught 
in the crooks of her elbows.  She was wearing a bra 
with a front closure.  I undid the hook, and slipped 
the cups to the sides.   Leaning closer, I examined 
each nipple.  Her winedark aureoles were the size of a 
nickel.  The nipples were very red, the tissue 
obviously inflamed by some kind of mechanical trauma.  
I began to form a tentative hypothesis.  Her breasts 
were small, but were fully mature.  I cupped each one 
gently, applied an upward pressure, and then released 
it.  Her nipples moved several centimeters as I did 
this. Next, I examined the inside of one of the cups.  
I was looking for, and found, a raised seam at the 
center of the cup.   

	"I think I know what the problem is.  Are you a 

	"I'm on the track team."

	"What is your event?"

	"Cross country."  Aha.  A distance runner.

	"Well, Caryn-with-a-Y, I think I know what the 
problem is.  As you run, your breasts are moving inside 
your bra and your nipples are rubbing against the 
material of the cup.  Here, run your finger across the 
inside of your bra cups.  Feel that raised seam?  That 
is what is doing it.  Technically, it's called repeated 
mechanical tissue trauma, but you can call it runner's 
nipple.  It is quite common and you can prevent it by 
wearing a jog bra when you are working out or 
competing.    In the meantime, I will give you 
something for the pain, plus something to help them 
heal. " 

	I wrote her a prescription for the pain, and then I 
rubbed a topical analgesic gently into her nipples.  
Her nipples erected, and I looked up to see her blush.  

	"Why are you blushing?"

	"That...tickles."  Another blush.

	I had obviously aroused her.  I wondered how 
aroused the pelvic exam was going to make her. 

	I quickly finished anointing her nipples, and said 
briskly, "Well, that's that.  Let's finish the rest of 
your examination.  I suggest you finish undressing so I 
can complete your examination.  You can leave your 
panties on for now.  Ok?"  

	She got off the exam table, then reached to her 
waist to unfasten her skirt.  It fell to her feet with 
a soft rustle of fabric.  I picked it up and laid it on 
a chair.  I stood behind her and helped her shrug out 
of her blouse and bra.   The blouse and bra joined the 
skirt on the chair.  Beneath her skirt, she was wearing 
a rather brief pair of white cotton panties.   She 
climbed back onto the exam table.  She looked very 
vulnerable sitting there.  

	"Just relax, Caryn, and lie back."  I pushed her 
back gently, until she was lying down on her back.  I 
continued with my exam.   She was tense, which was 
understandable, so I said, "Relax, dear.  Believe me, 
this won't take long, and I promise it won't hurt."  
Chatting with a patient helps them relax, and 
verbalizing everything I am doing keeps me proficient 
in my practice.   Eventually she began to relax, which 
was good, because during the pelvic I dislike having to 
use a speculum.

	When I was ready to do her pelvic, I slipped my 
hand along her abdomen, and then under the waistband of 
her panties.  I identified by touch first her pubic 
hair, and then the soft swell of her mons and the 
gentle curves of her labia, and, surprisingly, a hint 
of moisture in her vaginal cleft.  She was more aroused 
than I thought.  When I could feel her anus with the 
tip of my middle finger, I stopped.  Her labia nestled 
themselves firmly against my palm.    

	* * *

	Caryn stirs, and I gaze down at her sleeping form.  
I can still remember that first intimate touch, the 
soft round curves of her pudenda revealing themselves 
to my fingers.  At the time, I was sorely tempted to 
masturbate her right then and there, but I suppressed 
the desire.   Instead, I gave her a routine pelvic 
exam, and satisfied myself with the occasional, 
seemingly random caress of her clitoris.  She gasped 
each time I touched it. 

	At my side, Caryn is still dozing.  I lift my 
fingers from the laptop's keyboard and trail them 
languidly up and across my stomach, letting them come 
to rest against my breasts.  I slip a finger under the 
cup and gently rub a nipple.   I am growing excited.  
The game is about to begin, and I know the outcome.  I 
give my nipple a quick pinch.  Getting Caryn to spend 
an afternoon with me was not difficult.  In the course 
of our conversation during her follow-up visits, I 
discovered she liked to swim, but was too shy to 
frequent the public pools very often.  I casually 
invited her to swim at my house, and she readily 

	For me sex is very simple, because I have only one 
rule: Sex should be a rewarding experience for all 
parties concerned.   From a biological perspective, sex 
is mostly friction between mucous membranes in sliding 
contact with each other.   It is a tribute to our 
creativeness as a sentient species that we have come up 
with so many delightful ways to generate friction with 
each other.  I have definitely made up my own mind 
about sex, and I have decided I prefer sex with members 
of my own gender, preferably ones that are still young 
enough to be open to new experiences.  In my culture, 
the vast majority of the population frowns upon this 
preference with almost religious fervor.   Yet I am in 
little danger of discovery...I have been seducing girls 
like Caryn since I started my pediatric practice 11 
years ago.  I am 36 now, and have slipped my hands into 
the panties of thousands of ten-to-sixteen-year-olds as 
a pediatrician. 

	In fifteen or twenty minutes from now, I will be 
easing my fingers under the waistband of her bikini.   
She is so young, and so very female.  For her, sex is a 
fascinating mystery, a topic to be speculated about 
with her friends, and to be scrupulously avoided in 
conversations with her parents, especially her father. 
Her social life is pretty much spent in search of a 
clue to this mystery  --  junior high dances, forbidden 
books, wild speculation at slumber parties, and 
solitary, daring experiments in a locked bathroom.  
I've had her type so many times that I should be jaded, 
but that is the magic of sex.  When I coax her to an 
orgasm, I know that I will climax with her and that I 
will come as hard or harder than I have ever come in my 
life.   Sex is the most addictive drug in the world -- 
every time is like the first time.

	The anticipation is already arousing me.  It is 
time.  I feel a warm fire centered in my vagina.  I 
place the laptop on the deck beneath the lounger.  I 
take another hit from the bong, exhaling the smoke in 
two thin streams from my nostrils.  I roll to my side 
and place my hand on Caryn's cheek.  Her eyes flutter 
open, and I ask her to spread some suntan oil on me.  
She readily agrees.  I roll onto my back and place my 
arms behind my head.  Caryn is momentarily confused.   
I watch as she debates with herself, figuring out what 
she should do.  Eventually, she picks up the bottle of 
suntan oil and squeezes out a generous amount into the 
palm of her hand.   She leans over me, and tentatively 
begins to coat my shoulders and upper arms with the 
oil.   When my arms are done, she turns her attention 
to my torso.  She very carefully avoids my breasts, and 
the area between my navel and the waistband of my 

	I enjoy her attentions for several minutes.   She 
is standing beside me now, applying oil to my legs.  
When she turns away to get more oil, I slip my top off.  
I can sunbathe nude because my house sits on 4 acres of 
land high up in the foothills of a mountain range north 
of the city.  My nearest neighbor is half a kilometer 
away and dozens of meters downslope.  I like my 
privacy, and my salary is sufficient to indulge myself.  

	When she turns back, she is surprised to see me 
casually tossing my top to the side.  She hesitates, 
staring at my breasts.   I lean back, arms again 
crossed behind my head.  I nod at her reassuringly, and 
thrust my breasts upwards slightly, tacitly inviting 
her to cover them with the oil.  Again she hesitates, 
longer this time.  Finally, I watch as her modesty 
surrenders shortly to her curiosity, and she reaches 
tentatively towards me.  Hesitantly, she lays her hand 
on my right breast, and then slowly begins to rub the 
oil in.  I smile at her, and then close my eyes.  I 
feel her hand continue to move across my breast.  Her 
touch is light at first, but grows firmer as her 
confidence builds.   My nipples erect almost 
immediately, which she does not seem to notice.   She 
takes her time, but soon my breasts are glistening with 
oil.  I gesture towards the island of dry flesh between 
my navel and my bikini bottoms.  

	"I think you missed a spot."

	This time there is no hesitation.  As she spreads 
the oil across my abdomen, I contemplate the immediate 
future and a smile comes to my face.  She sees it.

	"What are you smiling at?   

	"The future."

	"What is in the future?"

	"Pleasure. "

	She finishes oiling my abdomen and then lies down 
on the lounger next to me.  I roll over on my side and 
reach across her body to the table where she set down 
the oil.  

	"Are you sure you don't want some oil, sweetheart?"  
I hold the bottle poised just above her breasts.

	"Well.."  She is hesitant, but acquiesces.  I tilt 
the bottle, and squirt some oil directly on her chest 
between her small breasts.  With the index finger of my 
left hand, I begin to rub it into her skin.  I watch 
her eyes as I slip my finger down towards the shallow 
cleft between her breasts.   I hold her gaze until she 
drops her eyes.  I rub the oil against the insides of 
her breasts, and her eyelids flutter.   As she begins 
to blush, I send my finger under her top in search of a 
nipple.  I find it and press it gently.  She gasps.   I 
slip my finger over to her other breast, and this time, 
I gently pull the cup to the side, exposing her nipple 
and aureole.  I circle her nipple with my finger tip, 
delighting in the way the oil makes her aureole glisten 
in the sun.  With my right hand, I reach behind her 
neck and undo the top's ties.   I lift the ties from 
around her neck, pulling them down until both her 
breasts are exposed.   

	She starts to speak.  I remove my finger from the 
tip of her breast and place it against her lips.  She 
remains silent, but is watching me very, very, 
intently.  I return her gaze with a steady one of my 

	I drop the ties, and now I have both hands free to 
work on her.  I capture one of her breasts in the palm 
of my left hand and squeeze it.  Again she gasps, and I 
pinch the nipple between my fingers quite firmly.  Her 
gasp becomes a moan as I tug on the nipple.  I let my 
other hand slip down her torso.  I caress the flat 
expanse of her tummy, while I continue to pinch her 

	She is breathing quite rapidly now, so I release 
her nipple, and reach around and underneath her to undo 
the remaining set of ties of her top.  I pull the top 
from her body, and her arms automatically come up to 
cover her breasts.  Gently, I grab both her hands in 
one of mine and firmly but gently stretch her arms up 
and over her head.  With my free hand, I recover the 
bottle of oil and squirt some in a line down her torso, 
starting between her breasts and ending just above the 
waistline of her bikini bottom. 

	I rub the oil into the skin of her torso.  I coat 
her abdomen, paying careful attention to her navel.  
She slips her hands free of my hand, and reaches over 
her head to grasp the top edge of the lounger's 
backrest.  I bring my hand back down to her chest and 
begin to caress her breasts.  Her nipples are rigidly 
erect.  She gasps as I tweak each one.  

	I take the bottle of oil in my hand again and 
stream some oil along each thigh.  I abandon the 
delights of her small breasts and bring both hands 
together around one of her thighs.  I move my hands 
slowly up and down her thigh, sliding them down to her 
knee, and then slipping them ever higher towards her 
swimsuit clad mons.  At the top of my stroke, I let the 
backs of my fingers rub gently against the swell of her 
pubis beneath the thin material of her bikini.  She 
immediately clamps her thighs together, but I gently 
force them apart.  I switch to the other leg, and 
again, as my hands travel up her thigh towards her 
crotch she brings her legs together, and I again coax 
them apart, this time moving my body to kneel between 

	Reaching in front of me, I grasp the waistband of 
her bikini and slip it down her hips, until it is just 
eclipsing her vaginal cleft.  Again, I take the bottle 
of oil and stream a thin line of oil parallel to the 
waistband of the bikini.  I begin to rub the oil into 
the flesh of her lower abdomen with the finger tips of 
one hand.  I rest my other hand softly on the tip of 
her pubis, and begin to lightly stroke her labia 
through the Lycra of the bikini.  She moans quietly and 
I smile.

	When her body is covered with oil, I pause, and 
admire the view.  Caryn's eyes are closed, and she is 
breathing quite rapidly.  Her small breasts are 
heaving.  Suddenly she opens her eyes, and I see her 
desire, mixed with confusion, and not a little fear.  
She blinks rapidly.   She is ripe, and I pluck her.

	I sit on the edge of the lounge, and pull Caryn's 
legs into my lap.  I ease her bikini bottoms down until 
they are at mid-thigh, completely baring her pudenda.  
With a finger, I caress her vaginal cleft.  With my 
other hand, I reach to her mouth, and insert three 
fingers.   When I feel Caryn's vaginal muscles relax, I 
remove my fingers, glistening with her saliva, from her 
mouth.  I lean to the side, and we are suddenly two 
spoons, Caryn's pert derriere resting against my 
abdomen.  I reach my wet fingers over the rise of her 
hip, and let them come to rest against her mons.  
Slowly but firmly, I spread her outer labia, then her 
inner labia, and insert my middle finger a centimeter 
into her vaginal canal.  She groans as I penetrate her, 
and then gasps twice as my index and ring finger join 
their companion on the threshold of her vagina.   I 
feel her hymen detach, and I feel her tense up with the 

	I locate her clitoris, and begin to friction my 
fingers across its hood.  Very quickly, the erectile 
tissue suffuses with blood.  Her clitoris pushes past 
the hood and Caryn experiences the direct contact of my 
fingers against her clitoris.  I smile as she moans, 
and I feel the muscle tissue in her vagina spasm as she 

	She turns towards me, and I rearrange my grip on 
her mons to allow her to do so.  She throws her arms 
around my neck, and buries her face against my breasts.  
With my free hand on the nape of her neck, I pull her 
even closer, guiding her lips towards a nipple.  I feel 
her lips tentatively grasp at my nipple, and then, 
delight upon delight, her tongue as it begins to circle 
around it. 

	I begin to fuck her with my fingers, using long, 
slow strokes.  She begins to thrust her hips against me in 
rhythmic counterpoint.  I coax her on and on and again 
she comes, this time moaning aloud.  I roll over on top 
of her, and then slide down the oil-slick length of her 
torso, until my eyes are even with the tips of her 
breasts.  I extend my tongue, and capture a nipple.  
Caryn's breasts are small, and I take the entire breast 
into my mouth.  I can taste her perspiration, and the 
suntan oil.   She is a meal, and this is just the 
appetizer.  I release her breast, and slip farther down 
her torso until I am gazing at her tiny thatch of pubic 

	My gaze slips lower as I continue to piston my 
fingers into and out of her.  Her labia cling 
intimately to the three fingers I have buried inside of 
her.  As my hand withdraws on the up stroke, and her 
pelvis sinks away, I watch them conform to the changing 
contours of my fingers. Her labia are bright red.  They 
glisten from the suntan oil.  It is beautifully 

	I can smell her, now too -- blood from her torn 
hymen, perspiration, her own lubrication -- a chaotic 
mix of esters that triggers an almost reptilian 
response in my limbic system.  I rest my head against 
the inside of her thigh, and breathe deep, sighing 
happily.  I feel another orgasm shudder through her, 
and then extract my fingers from her vagina.  I slip 
them into my own mouth, and taste her essence.  Salty 
and sweet, with a coppery tinge from the blood.   I 
take my fingers from my mouth, and insert them in my 
vagina.  I am more than ready, and my vagina relaxes to 
easily admit them.   Caryn is almost quiescent now.  I 
can hear her breathing.  Deep, slow breaths punctuated 
by a sharp gasp every now and then as her limbic system 
still sporadically responds to the friction my fingers 
generated against the sensitive tissues of her 

	I lower my face to her mons, and lick the mucus and 
blood from her labia.  With two fingers, I part her 
outer labia.  Delicately, but firmly, I thrust my 
tongue into her vagina.  She is ambrosia, and I drink 
her deep.   I nibble at the bud of her clitoris, 
probing it softly with my tongue, and feel her arch her 
back in response.  I hear a low moan, and it is music 
to my ears, because I know how to play this tune very 

	I bite down on her clitoris.  The moan is choked 
off with a gasp.  I bite down again, and she gasps 
again.  Caryn finds the new rhythm, and soon the gasps 
smooth out.  I hear a long, delicious, 
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", and then just a small gasp as 
Caryn climaxes.   With my free hand and arm, I elevate 
her legs and hips, bringing the puckered muscles of her 
anus within reach.    Slipping my wet fingers from my 
vagina, I penetrate her anus with my ring finger.  I 
feel her rectum spasm at the intrusion, and hear Caryn 
grunt in surprise.  I alternate between licking and 
biting her clitoris, while continuously penetrating her 
rectum with my finger.  In this manner, I coax her to 
orgasm after orgasm.  After the sixth one, she is 
exhausted, and panting to catch her breath.  I withdraw 
my tongue from her vagina and my finger from her 
rectum, wiping the clinging fecal matter on a towel.   
While she is resting, I stand up long enough to take my 
bikini off, and then lie down again between her legs.

	Sliding upwards along her torso, I briefly 
recapture one of her nipples between my lips, and smile 
inwardly as I feel her hands wrap around behind my neck 
and pull my face harder against her breasts.  I release 
her nipple and ease upward along her body until our 
eyes are even.  She wraps her legs around my body, and 
I feel her ankles locked against the small of my back, 
her wet genitalia pressing urgently against my abdomen.  
Her vulva slides along my torso, leaving a trail of 
pre-coital lubrication and blood.  I kiss her deeply, 
open mouthed, and she responds, her tongue darting 
eagerly against mine.   

	We kiss, and then I release her lips, and pull 
myself up to a kneeling position astride her.  I edge 
forward on my knees, until my pubis is centimeters from 
her face.  She looks up at me, and I see the 
uncertainty in her eyes.  Hesitantly, she reaches up 
and touches my exposed labia with her fingers.  I place 
my hand behind her head and pull gently, until her lips 
are almost touching my mons.  She lowers her eyes, and 
I wait.  I am rewarded as I see her tongue emerge from 
between her lips.  Tentatively, she touches my labia 
with the tip.  Then, more boldly, she licks their 
entire length.  The sensation is exquisite.  She stops 
and looks up, almost as if seeking approval, and I nod 
encouragingly.  She resumes, and I reach behind me and 
find her vagina.  She is still very wet, so I slip my 
index finger inside her.  But she seems oblivious.  I 
feel her bring one of her hands to my mons to part my 
labia, and then I feel her tongue against my clitoris.   

	She is young and inexperienced, but her eagerness 
to please is compensation enough.  I whisper direction 
to her, guiding her lips to my clitoris.  She is a 
quick study...soon I am writhing in pleasure.  I lose 
count of my orgasms.  When I finally glance down at her 
again, I see my lubrication glistening on her cheeks 
and chin, an amazingly erotic sight.  

	I stop her with my hand, and then slip off her.  I 
pull her to her feet and lead her inside to the 
downstairs bathroom, where I tell her to take a shower 
and then come find me, so we can talk about what just 
happened.   She nods, and I return to the deck, where I 
retrieve my laptop.  I return to the house, and climb 
upstairs to the master bedroom.  I rinse off quickly in 
the master bedroom's bath and then sit down on the bed 
with my laptop, and start to type furiously.  In the 
background, I hear the shower running downstairs.  By 
the clock on the dresser, she is in there for nearly 
twenty minutes.  Eventually I hear I her footsteps on 
the stairs, and a few moments later, she walks into the 
bedroom.  She is naked, and glowing.  

	I close the laptop, and motion for her to climb 
into the bed beside me. She joins me on the bed, and I 
gather her into my arms, and ask her if she understands 
what has just happened.  She nods, and says simply, "Do 
it to me again.  Please?"

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