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Your comments and plot ideas always welcome.  New chapters are posted
regularly to alt.torture, alt.sadistic,, and  You can also find complete story in the archive at  (December
1998 file).           

WARNING!  This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains
Strong Sexual Content and Lame Attempts at Humor.
It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does
not in any way condone or encourage similar behavior even if it was safe
or conformed to the laws of physics. If you are under or over the age of
18 or reside in a state (or state of mind) that prohibits such 
behavior, stop reading this stuff immediately or you will never be
elected Speaker of the House!!!
Remember: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!!!!!                      
copyright 1998 by M Quayle (a pseudonym)
All rights reserved. Do not repost or post without permission of author.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 32: When It’s Right, It’s Right

“Good-bye, Grand Dad,” Kathy waved as the big black sedan rolled down
the driveway.  Suddenly, the car stopped and backed up.

Grand Dad rolled down his window.  “Oh, I almost forgot, Sweetheart, a
police officer came by while I was waiting for you and asked me to give
you this.” He handed a blue envelope to the surprised girl. 

Kathy knew instantly it was from Michael.  “Thanks, Grand Dad,” she
cheered as the massive man gave the driver the sign to go and the car,
again, rolled toward the street.

The excited blonde ran inside.  “Christi,” she cried, “it’s a letter
from Michael!”

“Again. Please do me again,” Christi continued to beg as Kathy plopped
down beside her on the living room floor.  She helped her nearly-fried
friend sit up then excitedly tore open the envelope and began to read

“Dearest Kathy and Christi,” the letter began.  “Oh, he’s writing to
both of us,” Kathy hugged Christi, “this is so exciting.”

“Again.  Don’t read, do me again” Christi begged.

“Oh, you silly, listen to this ‘Kathy, I really can’t believe I’ve been
so lucky as to find a girl as wonderful as you.  As I go through my
therapy, I see your face on every woman I practice with, I feel you
every time I wrap my hands around a their necks, I hear you whenever
they gasp for breath’,” Kathy swooned.  “I cannot wait to be with you
again, my Darling and am practicing letting go so our lovemaking can go
on forever.”

Christi curled kitten-like in Kathy’s lap.  “It’s all about you,” she
whined, “why doesn’t he say anything about me?”

Kathy stroked Christi’s curly brown hair.  “I’m getting to that, he says
‘tell Christi I’m sure I will love her as much as you do.  From the way
you describe her in your letter, I know she must be very special and, of
course, I will share you with her and thank you for being willing to
share her with me.’ See,” she wiped the tears from her beloved’s eyes,
“I told you it would be all right.”

“He really wants both of us?” 

“Both of us,” Kathy held her tight, “double or nothing.”

“Then we’re going to be brides?” Christi pulled Kathy to her and kissed
her softly.  “I can’t believe this.  I don’t even know this guy and
you’ve only been with him once, but we’re both really ready to do this.”

“Maybe we’re both crazy,” Kathy mused, “but I knew he was for me from
the moment I saw him, just like I knew I couldn’t live without you as
soon as you wrapped that nylon around my neck in the back seat of Gina’s
car.” She sighed and traced the smile growing on Christi’s beaming face
with the tip of her forefinger. “When it’s right, it’s right.”

“Does he say anything about when he’s getting out?”

“Let’s see,” Kathy began to read where she left off and her hopes of an
early reunion sank.  “I still don’t know when they’ll let me see you
again or when I will be released.  I’m doing better, but still have to
be prompted before I remember to loosen up.”  She sighed and continued,
“but I will overcome my problem for both of you.  Please send me more
pictures.  Kathy, I especially liked the shots of you smothering Christi
with a plastic bag over her head.  Love, Michael.”

“He’s my kind-of-a-guy,” Christi pulled Kathy to her and the happy girls
exchanged a long, drowsy kiss.

“Mine, too,” Kathy grinned. “Now, let’s go up to the bedroom, I know a
couple of brides-to-be who need a beauty nap.”

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