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                                     STANDARD DISCLAIMER

The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment and 
has been posted only to an appropriate group on the Internet. If it is
found in any other place this is not the responsibility of the author.

The author explicitly prohibits.

1) The posting of this story in an incomplete form. 

2) The use of this story in a larger work without his express 

3) The use of this story on any CD, BBS or Website without the
    written permission of the author.

This work is copyright 1998. 

All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to 
persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not
necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this
story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.

                       "Hitching a Ride" By The Collector

Chapter 2 - First Time for Everything

As I headed down the highway towards home I noticed a figure standing
by the roadside. It looked like they were trying to thumb a lift and
having little success. As I pulled up to offer a ride I noticed the
figure was a woman and very attractive one too. She was about 5ft 6in
with shoulder length brown hair and white blouse that was tied in a
bow exposing her belly button, and a pair of jeans cut into shorts. I
asked her if she wanted a lift she smiled said thanks picked up a
large back pack threw it on the back seat and got in.

As we drove I discovered that her name was Louise and she came from
Ohio and was on her way to San Francisco where she was going to meet
up with her sister.

She told me how she had gotten a ride witha trucker but he had wanted
her to pay for the fair in kind and when she had refused he had thrown
her off the rig, stranding her.

I assured her that I had no such intention and that I'd take her as
far as I could. This seemed to please her and we continued talking.

As we drove I began to think seriously about grabbing her. She had all
the prerequisites for a good sale, nice legs,slim figure and oh such
lovely hazel eyes. The tied up blouse gave definition to her breasts,
they were small but obviously very firm and she didn't have a bra on
as her large nipples seemed to push through the material. I started to
become hard and  hoped she didn't notice.

As we came close to a gas station I decided that I was going to grab
her, I mentally kicked myself for leaving my abduction kit as I
callled it locked in my office closet. It contained rope, gags,
handcuffs, chloroform and an electric stun gun. I would have to
improvise,where she was concerned. I told that I had to pull over for
gas and get a coffee.

The garage was a drab affair only one attendant and apart from myself
there were no other cars. Perfect I thought. I told her I'd be right
back then I went inside and asked the attendant if he had any tow
ropes he'd sell. He said he had and went to get one. As he left I
noticed a roll of tape on the counter I quickly picked it up and put
it in my pocket.

I looked out of the window and saw the girl point to the ladies and
begin to walk towards it. I nodded understanding and smiled, things
were getting better. Paying for the rope and gas I moved the car
behind the ladies and unlocked my trunk.I then cut off a few lenghths
of rope and a strip of tape,I was ready.  I opened the door to the
ladies a little, there was no one inside the door, I noticed that one
of the two cubicles was occupied and saw  under the door that it was

I moved to the right side of the cubicle door and waited. Finally I
heard her begin to finish off and slowly pull up her shorts, then
flush. Then she pulled the lock bolt back and opened the door. As soon
as she emerged I pounced, puting my left arm across her chest and
pinning her arms. With my right arm I slapped on the tape across her
mouth cutting off any screams. I then wrestled her on to the floor
getting her face down and wrenching her arms behind her. She struggled
tried to kick but it was useless. I tied her arms behind her and then
her ankles. She out up a real fight and I was worried that she would
raise the alarm and bring someone to investigate but no one came.
Finally I grabbed her hair and told her to keep quiet. She just
wimpered behind the gag, I told her to do as she was told. I wouldn't
hurt her if she behaved. Did she understand? She nodded
Good I also told her that I wasn't going to rape her, this seemed to
calm her a little but the quiet sobs and tears told me she wasn't very
reassured.I opened the door and looked outside -- it was clear, with
that I carried her to the car and put her in the trunk.I told her to
lay still and she'd be okay. I then closed the trunk looked around to
ensure all was clear and then drove off.  

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