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                                     STANDARD DISCLAIMER

The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment and 
has been posted only to an appropriate group on the Internet. If it is
found in any other place this is not the responsibility of the author.

The author explicitly prohibits.

1) The posting of this story in an incomplete form. 

2) The use of this story in a larger work without his express 

3) The use of this story on any CD, BBS or Website without the
    written permission of the author.

This work is copyright 1998. 

All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to 
persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not
necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this
story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.


The Partners by Rob

Part 2 -- Total Control

	"Hey, honey," Mitch said as he towel dried his body, making
certain that the helpless female attorney had a bird's-eye view of his
swollen member.  "Still here, I see."  He slapped her elevated rump
playfully once and then harder the second time and still harder for a
third time.  The sting of each slap caused tears filled the girl's
eyes again.  Mitch saw this and gave her a light kiss on the nose. 

 "Don't cry, sweet thing.  It won't all be painful.  I promise. See?
I can be nice.  Let me undo those wrists." 

 He placed her on her back and then fulfilled his promise by untying
her wrists from her ankles.  She looked up at him thankfully, glad to
be in a different position and even happier to be able to rub the
circulation back in her hands.  Mitch saw her look from him to her
ankles which were still securely tied to her thighs and said, 

"Sorry, baby, no can do.  The ankles stay just as they are.  I like
seeing that cute tush of your like that."  

	Wendy continued to rub her wrists to get the circulation going
and absently placed her untied hands by her mouth.  Mitch saw what she
was doing and grabbed her hands.  

"See what happens when you try to be nice?" he taunted. "You give an
inch and she takes a yard."  He looked down at her sternly and raised
his voice to a near scream, "Who the hell told you to take the gag
off? If I want the fucking gag off, I'll take it off!"  Anger danced
across his face as he once again flipped her on her stomach, pulled
the ropes that were attached to each of her wrists and strictly tied
them to the bed's posts.

	His tone softened as unexpectedly as it had hardened seconds

 "Wendy," said Mitch.  "You really must try harder to not piss me off.

She nodded.  "Good girl.  Now, do you want a drink of water?"  She
nodded again.  "Okay, but you have to promise not to scream.  Not that
it'd do you any good because it's quite a distance to the nearest
neighbor, but screaming will definitely make me mad.  You promise?" 

 She nodded for a third time and he nodded back to her before reaching
to peel the white surgical tape from her mouth.  When all of the tape
was removed, he told her to stay still until he got back with her
water.  He was still buck naked with a raging hard-on.

	She was tempted to spit out the black handball but,
remembering the brief spanking she had just received, decided to bide
her time for now and behave. Sooner or later, she thought, an
opportunity to escape this hell she found herself would arise.  Mitch
quickly returned with a glass of ice water and a straw.  He reached
his index finger in her mouth and popped the ball free. Wendy coughed
a few times and tried to get the saliva running again.  The ball had
tasted horrible and the foul taste remained with her even though the
gag was out of her mouth.

  "Here," said Mitch, offering her the straw so she could sip the

	"Thank you," she said between sips from the straw.

	"Your welcome," he replied.

	When she was done drinking, she looked at him and hesitated
before speaking in a low, calm voice.  "Mitch, please let me go."

	"No way, baby.  No way."

	"You can't keep me a prisoner forever," she stated.

	"Why not?  No one even knows your missing.  And, by the time
someone files a missing person report and finds your Jeep, they'll
just assume you were carjacked by some serial killer or something.
Face it, Wendy, you are mine."

	She began to cry again as the impact of Mitch's words were
driven home. Could he be right?  Would anyone miss her? And if so,
would they think she was a captive in Mitch's isolated cottage?  Doubt
filled her mind and the tears began to flow again.  "Well, what are
you going to do to me?"  She knew the answer but felt she had to ask
the question anyway.

	Mitch laughed aloud and smacked her ass again.  "Anything I
want, sweetie. Anything I want."  He offered her another sip of the
water but she shook her head.  Mitch shrugged and put the glass on the
dresser.  "Like I said, I'm going to do anything I want to you and you
know what I want now, Wendy?" he asked as he cupped her chin in his
hands.  She stared up at him but remained silent.  "I want you to suck
my cock."  And as he completed the sentence, he pulled her chin down,
causing her to gasp in surprise and open her mouth wide enough for him
to plunge his throbbing dick in it.  "See, honey?  I told you that I'd
gag you with something sweeter than that old handball. But, let me
warn you, Wendy.  I better not feel any teeth or you will really be

	He thrust in and out of her mouth.  For some reason though he
was disappointed.  He thought Wendy would have been much better at
giving a blow job but she really seemed like a novice to him.  Not
that he didn't enjoy it, but he thought she'd have been a little more
skilled.  "Oh, well," he thought. "She'll learn."  He smiled as he
planted his hands on each side of her ass and continued to fuck her
mouth.  She tried to accommodate his massive cock and for her own
comfort get into the rhythm of Mitch's thrusting, but he was too big
and she found herself gagging.  She barely heard Mitch as he whispered
to her to keep sucking as she concentrated on trying to breathe while
his swollen cock choked her.  She prayed that he would stop but her
prayers went unanswered. 

	After a while, Mitch eased off on his thrusting.  He knew he
was ready to explode but he was holding back.  He had something else
in mind.  "Wendy," he said, "Don't move."  She stayed still and felt a
cold metal against her backside.  Snip!  Mitch had produced a pair of
scissors and cut away her powder blue panties.  He raised them to his
face, saw that they were somewhat stained and very wet, and deeply
inhaled their aroma.  The panties were a lot moister than they were
when he had first stripped and tied her.  

	"Cool!  Now, check this out, bitch" he said as he slid his
dick from her mouth.  "Look how wet these panties are.  I think you're
enjoying this as much as I am."  He held the panties by her face,
certain that she, too, was smelling her sex on them.  She looked up at
him, eyes blazing with anger, and defiantly spit on the floor.  Mitch

	The captive girl looked him square in the eye and said, "I
hate you!  I really . . .  aargh."  Her words were trapped in her
throat -- trapped behind the soiled panties that Mitch suddenly shoved
deep in her mouth.  He filled her mouth with the panties, laughing as
he did so.  

	"Suck on that for a while, bitch."  He looked at the naked
struggling girl and felt himself becoming aroused again.  He still had
not cum but he knew that would change shortly.  Wendy moaned behind
the new gag and swung her lower body back and forth.  It looked funny
to Mitch because he had tied her so her ass was still in the air with
her feet tied to her thighs.

	"You know something, bitch?" he asked as he moved behind her
to better admire her pale white ass.  "I was thinking.  You know how
you used to strut around the office like you were the lord's gift to
litigation?  Like your shit didn't smell?  Everyone used to wonder if
you had a stick up your ass.  Well, let's test that theory."  He
quickly thrust his index finger between her exposed cheeks and into
her waiting asshole.  She writhed in pain at this unexpected attack.
"Nope," he said as he probed with his finger.  "No stick up there." He
laughed cruelly as he plunged his rock hard member into her asshole.
"No stick.  Just my dick."  

	He thrust in her, savoring her tightness and enjoying her
struggling which only seemed to excite him more.  In and out.  Deeper
and deeper.  She cried and threw her bottom up and down like a bucking
bronco, but Mitch held on and kept himself firmly planted in her
backside.  Suddenly, he knew he was ready to explode.  He pulled
himself out of her ass, scurried around to the front of the bed and
pulled the panties from her mouth.  Wendy lay sprawled on the bed,
exhausted.  She opened her mouth to take a deep breath, but by the
time she saw what Mitch was up to, it was too late.  As she inhaled
deeply to breath clean air, he once again thrust his dick in her
mouth.  She choked and gagged on his cock, which, she sickeningly
remembered had only seconds ago been up her ass.  Her torment
increased as she involuntarily sucked on his dirty cock which
violently exploded in her mouth sending a long steady stream of semen
down her throat.

	When he was finally spent, Mitch removed his dick from her
mouth and wiped it on her panties.  He then stuffed them back in her
mouth and secured it there with a small length of cord.  The helpless
female attorney lay sprawled on the bed, gasping and sobbing.  "Not a
bad way to start the morning," said Mitch, who was now wearing a
bathrobe.  "Hey, Wendy," he laughed.  "How would you like to see the
rest of my house?  Let's go check out the basement."  He scooped her
up in his arms and carried her out of the bedroom.

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