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The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment and 
has been posted only to an appropriate group on the Internet. If it is
found in any other place this is not the responsibility of the author.

The author explicitly prohibits.

1) The posting of this story in an incomplete form. 

2) The use of this story in a larger work without his express 

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This work is copyright 1998. 

All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to 
persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not
necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this
story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.


The Partners by Rob

Part 5 -- Company Cums

"So, what say we have a little fun?" asked Mitch.

	"What do you mean?" asked Linda Draybeck.

	"Well, Linda, the sky's the limit.  Unless you're shy.  I
don't think Ben here is shy though.  Are you, Ben?"

	"I'm in pig heaven, Mitch, my boy," answered the older man.
"You got anything to drink here, by the way?"

	"Sure.  Liquor cabinet's by the window.  Help yourself."

	Henderson nodded and moved to the credenza that housed Mitch's
liquor.  He spotted an opened bottle of Grand Marnier and grabbed it
and a glass.  "Let's go have ourselves a party," said Henderson whose
pants were already bulging as he grabbed Draybeck by the shoulder and
led her toward the basement.  

	Mitch called to them as they opened the door to the cellar.
"Here, take these.  It's a little cool down there."  He handed them
each robes and took his own robe as well.  The three of them then
proceeded down the stairs to the basement.

	"Let me go first," said Mitch who was already undressing and
donning the robe.  "I'll get things set up while you two get
yourselves ready."  They nodded in agreement to him. 

	He sauntered over to the tied girl whose eyes were still
closed and cleared his throat to announce his return.  "Hello,
sunshine," he said.  "Guess what, we've got company!  And guess what
again, they're friends of yours.  Let me introduce you to my new
partners."  He waved his hands with a flourish toward the stairs and
added, "Ben, Linda, I believe you know Wendy."  She craned her neck to
see who Mitch was referring to and what little color that remained in
her face drained when she saw Henderson and Draybeck walking toward
her and wearing robes similar to the one Mitch was wearing.

	"Hello, Ms. King," said Henderson with a sneer as he down some
more of the orange flavored liquor.  "May I go first?" he asked Mitch
and Draybeck.

	Draybeck held up her hand in protest.  "Ladies first, if you
don't mind."

	Henderson looked dejected, but Mitch consoled him.  "Don't
worry, Ben," answered Mitch.  "There's plenty of time for all of us.
You're not going anywhere, are you sweet thing?" he said with a nod
toward the struggling girl.

	Draybeck pursed her lips and looked at Wendy's bound figure.
Then, she walked around the desk to which the girl was tied and
rummaged through its drawers until she found what she was looking for
-- a pair of small binder clips.  Similar to clothes pins in their
use, Draybeck thought they would do quite nicely for what she had in
mind.  Next, she rifled through Mitch's work bench where she found
some kite string.  

	She returned to the desk and held the two black binder clips
before Wendy's eyes.  "Your tits are too small to tie but your nipples
look oh so fine, Ms. King.  Let's dress them up a bit."  Wendy's eyes
opened wide in horror and she shook her head in angry protest.  She
screamed into her gag but her mouth was packed so tightly with her
panties that no sound came forth.  Slowly and deliberately, Draybeck
grasped each of Wendy's nipples and affixed a binder clip to them.
She smiled as she saw tears appear in the corner of the captive girl's

	"You'll get used to it, dear," she said as she looped a length
of kite string through each of the binder clips.  When she was through
and certain that the strings were long enough for her purposes, she
gave each a tug.  This had the effect of pulling the tightly clamped
binder clips upward.  Wendy uttered a muffled scream as she arched her
back in an effort to ease the tension and she feared her nipples would
be torn from her breasts.  "Perfect," announced Draybeck.  "And that's
what I'm going to do if you fail to do exactly as you're told."

	Draybeck turned to Mitch.  "Can I remove the gag?"

	"Sure, there's no neighbors nearby and even if there were,
it's an old house with thick walls.  No one will hear her.  Go ahead."

	Draybeck smiled again and began to remove the gray duct tape
that Mitch had placed over Wendy's mouth earlier.  She then snaked a
finger in Wendy's mouth and extracted the panties.  Holding them up
with a look of absolute disdain, she wiped them on Wendy's face and
tossed them aside.  She then disrobed to reveal a nice trim body with
firm breasts.  "Not bad for a girl of 42," she said to no one in
particular.  Draybeck, Mitch thought as he saw the female partner clad
only in her gray panties, was not that unattractive after all. She
stepped out of her panties and placed them on the desk.  Wendy was
licking her lips to relieve the dryness that filled her mouth.

	Draybeck meanwhile climbed on top of the desk, still holding
the strings that were connected to the binder clips attached to
Wendy's now erect and reddened nipples.  "Okay, bitch, here's the
plan," Draybeck began to explain, "I didn't remove your gag because I
want conversation.  I removed it because you wouldn't be able to lick
my pussy if you were still sucking on your filthy panties.  So, start
licking."  Draybeck eased her crotch over Wendy's face and positioned
herself so the girl's mouth could perform its assigned task.

	Wendy shrieked, "No!  No!  Uuughh," and turned her head to
escape Draybeck's plush mound.

	Draybeck shrugged and gave the strings a jerk.  Wendy howled
in pain.  "If you don't start licking me good, I'm going to rip those
nipples right off those tits.  Start licking!"  With no alternative,
Wendy began to lick the older woman's crotch.  Draybeck pressed
herself hard against the girl's mouth and felt her juices begin to
flow.  Mitch and Henderson watched and smiled as they observed their
prisoner working Draybeck's pussy and heard Draybeck's moans of
pleasure.  Draybeck's juices flowed into Wendy's mouth and all over
her face.  The girl would occasionally give a yelp of pain as Draybeck
sometimes pulled on the strings for no apparent reason.  After about
fifteen minutes, Draybeck let go of the strings and climbed off the
girl's face.

	Wendy began crying again but her captors remained unphased as
they watched her tears mix with the juices Draybeck had deposited on
the bound girl's face. "Oh, here," said Draybeck with a hint of
exasperation.  "Let me clean you up a little."  Draybeck picked up her
own panties and ran it over Wendy's face, wiping up the girl's tears
and her own fluids.  

	Wendy looked up at Draybeck and opened her mouth to speak, but
before she could utter a word, Draybeck shoved her own panties into
Wendy's mouth.  "Suck on those for a while, whore."  She put a few
pieces of the duct tape over the girl's mouth to prevent her from
spitting her new gag out.  Mitch and Henderson laughed as they watched
Wendy protest.  It had been bad enough having her own soiled panties
packed in her mouth, but having Draybeck's panties used as a gag was
utterly repulsive.  

	"My turn," announced Henderson, who could barely contain
himself.  He removed the bathrobe to reveal an ugly, overweight body
covered with hair.  Wendy was sickened at the thought of Henderson
invading her and she stared in muted horror at Henderson's cock which
was brimming with anticipation.  "Can we flip her over on her belly
when I'm ready?" he asked.

	"Ben, old friend, you can have her hanging upside down if
that's your pleasure," Mitch answered.

	The girl's eyes bulged with fear and she swung her head back
and forth in an effort to shut out the inevitable.  Henderson smiled
and bent over to whisper in her ear.  "You little, blackmailing whore.
You wanted to be paid.  Well, here's your first installment." 

	With that, he removed the binder clips from her nipples and
poured the contents of his glass of Grand Marnier on the captive girl,
climbed on top of her and began to lick the sticky liqueur from her
body.  He licked her face; he licked her arms; he licked her tits; and
he licked her legs.  All the while his hairy body rubbed against the
frightened girl who could do nothing to repel him.  She looked to
Mitch and Draybeck for help, but saw that their attention was riveted
to Henderson and his licking frenzy.  When he was done, he looked to
Mitch and said, "Help me flip the little bitch over.  I want to check
her out from the rear."

	Mitch untied her hands while Henderson undid the ropes that
bound her legs. Mitch flipped her over and retied the ropes to the
desk's legs, but Henderson left her legs free from the cords.  Instead
he grabbed her by her ankles and pulled himself forward until his
ready shaft was touching her.  "I'm going to take her from behind . .
.doggie style," he announced as he plunged his member inside the girl
who was on her hands and knees.  In and out it went.  She felt
Henderson's coffee breath on her neck and thought she would be sick as
he continued his merciless assault of her vagina.

	"Mitch, let's double team her," said Henderson unexpectedly.  

	Mitch smiled and nodded.  He reached for her mouth, undid the
tape and removed the gag.  Then, he had another idea.  He took
Draybeck's panties and placed them over Wendy's face so that her nose
was stuck in the crotch of the panties but her mouth was free for
Mitch's pleasure.  Draybeck and Henderson both applauded Mitch's
creativity as he climbed on the desk and forced his cock back into her

	Henderson and Mitch quickly fell into a rhythmic pattern as
they each pumped their dicks in opposite ends of the girl.  "Get
ready, Mitch!" yelled Henderson after a few minutes.  "I'm going to

	Mitch said to his partner, "Just give me the word."

	"On three," replied Henderson.  "One . . . two . . . NOW!"

	Simultaneously, they each let loose filling her orifices with
their salty semen.  She felt Henderson's cum dribble down her leg as
Mitch's poured down her throat since he would not remove his dick to
allow her to spit out his seed.  Finally, he removed his cock from his

	The helpless girl looked at her captors and meekly said, "What

	Draybeck approached and answered her.  "Well, bitch, there are
still three other partners in the firm.  Plus, there are associates
and support staff bonuses to consider."  Henderson snickered.

	Mitch came up to her and held her face in his hands.  "Just
think, Wendy, you wanted so badly to be made a partner.  Now you're
being made by all the partners."

	He kissed her face and said to his new partners, "Who's ready
for more?"


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