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                                     STANDARD DISCLAIMER

The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment and 
has been posted only to an appropriate group on the Internet. If it is
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The author explicitly prohibits.

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    written permission of the author.

This work is copyright 1998. 

All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to 
persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not
necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this
story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.


The Partners by Rob

Part 1:	Flashback

	The bound girl shuddered as she contemplated the ominous words
her captor spoke before leaving the bedroom for the shower across the
hall.  She struggled and tried to scream but the ropes and gag
effectively kept her still and silent.  She still could not believe
this was happening to her and, as she heard the running water and
Mitch humming happily in the shower her mind took her back to the
events of just several hours ago.

	* * * * 

	Wendy King was a junior associate at Mitch's law firm.  Five
years younger than Mitch, he was assigned to be her mentor when she
came to the law firm three years ago.  They occasionally flirted but,
because of the firm's anti-fraternization policy, their relationship
never went beyond the flirting stage although each knew that there was
some attraction between them.  At first.

	Gradually, after about a year and a half at the firm, their
relationship soured.  Mitch could not point to any one thing that led
to the change in their circumstances but for some reason Wendy became
distant and, to some degree, nasty toward him.  He could not imagine
what he had done to provoke such a change in her attitude but he tried
to maintain some degree of civility with her since they would be
working together and it wasn't that big of an office.  Later, he was
somewhat mollified to learn from other young attorneys in the firm
that they, too, had been experiencing the "cold shoulder" routine
from Wendy.  In fact, many of the office's personnel, especially the
women (lawyers and secretaries both), came to dislike Wendy who they
thought displayed a moral superiority attitude toward them.

	On the day of her capture, Mitch was outside his cottage
raking leaves.  It was mid-October and recent rains had washed most
but not all of the leaves from the many trees surrounding his house.
Mitch got up early to do some outdoors work and was almost done raking
the wet leaves when he saw a red Jeep Cherokee similar to his own pull
up the driveway leading to his house.  He was not expecting visitors
and was surprised to see that his unannounced guest was
none other than Wendy King.

	She climbed down from the driver's seat and without even a
wave, walked up to Mitch and announced, "I've quit."

	Mitch leaned against his rake and simply replied, "Nice to see
you too.  But what the hell are you talking about?"

	Wendy, who was wearing dark blue lycra leggings, a long
sleeved white T-shirt emblazoned with the Nike logo on it and white
sneakers of the same brand answered, "The firm.  I quit the firm last

	Mitch shook his head, took a deep breath and let it out
slowly.  "Why tell me?  You haven't spoken to me in months about
anything that didn't relate to a case we were working on so what makes
you think I care if you quit."

	"I don't care what you think, Mitch," she answered with an
obnoxious, pissy tone of voice.  "But I need you to do me a favor and
return the firm's laptop that I had at my apartment.  I forgot to
bring it in when I spoke to Henderson and I don't want to be accused
of stealing it."

	Henderson, Mitch knew, was the firm's managing partner.  A
real son of a bitch who probably would have accused Wendy of stealing
the computer if he was sufficiently pissed about her decision to quit.
Mitch let out another deep breath and said, "C'mon in and tell me
about it.  I've got a pot of coffee brewing."  With that, he began
walking up the steps and into the house.  

	"You know I don't drink coffee," she said.  

	"Fine," replied Mitch through gritted teeth.  "I'll make you a
cup of tea. Just take your sneakers off so you don't track dirt

	She shrugged her shoulders, grabbed the laptop from the
passenger's seat of the Jeep and followed him inside, leaving her
sneakers on the porch as he did himself.  He motioned for her to sit
on the couch in the sparsely decorated living room -- a real bachelor
pad, she thought -- and waited for him to bring her the coffee.  A few
minutes later, Mitch handed Wendy a cup of tea.  "What a bitch," he
thought to himself.

	After a few awkward moments of silence, Mitch broke the ice
and asked, "So what happened?"

	She pursed her lips and answered, "I quit."

	Exasperated, Mitch said, "You already told me that.  Why'd you
quit?  Better job offer come along?  What?"

	She shook her head.  "Nope.  I am now free and unemployed."

	"Well, that wasn't so smart," he responded.

	She gave him an annoyed look and said, "Not that it's any of
your business but I decided that the law just wasn't for me.  I've
been unhappy for a while and simply decided that if I'm not happy
doing what I'm doing then there's no point.  I'm tired of the long
hours, lack of gratitude from the powers that be, pitiful cost of
living raises and, basically, the people at Henderson & Sloan have
been getting on my nerves.  Present company excepted, of course."
She gave a guilty smile to cover her Freudian slip.

	Mitch smirked, "Yeah, right."  He looked at her and asked, "So
how'd Henderson take it."  The man did not like surprises and Wendy
quitting was completely unexpected.  She'd been ambitious from her
first day and worked hard and played the game of office politics all
with one goal in mind -- to become a partner at the firm.  Henderson
and everyone else at the firm knew this was her aim.  It was actually
a running joke because as ambitious as she was, she was still very
naive about a lot of things.

	"He wasn't happy and he let me know that he was not happy.
That's why I want you to bring the laptop back for me.  I wouldn't put
it past the prick to accuse me of stealing it."

	"That's it?  He didn't try to woo you back with more money or
a better office?"  Henderson did that once before, Mitch recalled.

	"Actually, he did.  In fact, he told me to take a week off to
get my bearings and then come back after I'd thought things through
carefully.  As if that would make me change my mind."  She sipped her
tea, stood up and walked around Mitch's living room, checking out his
magazine rack and the titles on his bookshelves.  "I figured, what the
hell.  Might as well take the week as vacation and then just not show
up next Monday."
Mitch laughed.  Henderson would love that.  "So where are you going?"

	"Well, it was kind of short notice so it's not like I could
book a flight to Florida to see my parents or go anywhere like that
without paying a fortune in airfare.  So, I got in the truck, drove
around and decided to go toMassachusetts for the week to a yoga clinic
I've gone to in the past.  It's a neat place.  You don't need a
reservation or anything.  You just show up, pay for room and board and
leave when you're ready."

	"Sounds very spur of the moment."

	"It's the new me," she answered.  "You're place was on the
way, so I just figured I'd drop by and leave the computer with you."

	"You should have called first,"  he said.  "I'd have cleaned
the place up a little and picked up some donuts or something."

	"Sorry," she said.  "Cell phone's not working and, like I
said, I didn't decide to do the yoga thing till I was already on the

	She continued to walk around the living room, checking out
Mitch's things when she spied a silver object lying on an end table.
Handcuffs.  She picked them up and dangled them before Mitch's face.
"What are you doing with these? I didn't know you were into kinky
stuff," she teased.

	"Give me those," he growled as he angrily grabbed them from

	"Seriously," she said, "What are you doing with handcuffs?"

	"It's for a trick I've been practicing.  Watch."  He put a
cuff on one wrist put his hands behind his back and cuffed it around
the other wrist.  "It's easy," he explained as he twisted his
shoulders and arms until his hands came free of the cuffs.

	"Pretty impressive," she answered sarcastically.  

	"Want to try it yourself?" he innocently asked as the seeds of
a plan crept into his mind.

	"Sure.  How hard can it be?"  She took the cuffs from him and,
following his lead, put them on her right wrist and then brought both
hands behind her back to cuff the left wrist.  "Watch," she said.  "If
you can do it, so can I."

	Mitch shook his head.  "I don't think so because unlike you, I
had an advantage.  I had the key palmed in my hand."  He gave her a

	A look of anger flashed across her face.  "That's cheating and
hardly real magic."

	"Who said anything about magic, Wendy?  I said it was for a
trick I'd been practicing, not magic.  And look here, you've been

	She got redder in the face and angrily screamed at him, "Take
these damned things off of me."

	He smiled again and slowly shook his head.  "I don't think
so," has said with a sing-song lilt in his voice.

	Slowly, she became afraid.  "Please let me go, Mitch.  Please.
You won't get away with this," she pleaded.

	He slowly approached her and gently stroked her face with his
right hand. "Yes I will.  You already told me that you quit the firm
and were going on a vacation where you won't be missed if you don't
check in.  This is perfect. All I have to do is put my bicycle in the
back of your Jeep, drive it to the mega mall and leave the Jeep there
unlocked and with the keys in the ignition. How long do you think
it'll be till it's stolen?  An hour?  Then, I bike back here and we
have us a good old time.  No, Wendy, you're wrong.  I've already
gotten away with it."

	As she took in his words, she realized that she was in real
trouble.  Without even thinking, she lurched away from him and started
running for the front door.  She could not move quickly though because
of the handcuffs and it was simple for Mitch to run after her and pull
her back into the room.  

"No, no, no, Wendy.  Can't have any of that," he said as he reached
into the end table where she had found the handcuffs and pulled out
several lengths of cord.

	"What are you doing?"

	"Something I've wanted to do for quite a while, bitch."  He
rolled her onto the floor and laid her on her back.  With her cuffed
hands behind her, she was in a very uncomfortable position and it hurt
her as the weight of her body rested on her trapped hands.  Mitch
climbed on top of her and lifted her Nikeshirt to expose her powder
blue bra.  "Well, this has to go," he said as he carefully unclasped
the five little hooks of the brassiere which he removed to
expose her smaller than expected breasts.

	"Always thought these were bigger," he stated.  "Guess those
wonder bras and tight blouses you wore to work really exaggerate
things.  Still, there's enough here for me to have some fun."  He
began to massage her tits gently at first and then more and more
roughly.  She cringed under him and tears welled
up in her eyes as he stopped rubbing her and used his fingers to flick
each of her nipples until he grew tired on that and began to lick them
with his tongue.

	She whimpered below him, begging him to stop and let her go,
but he would have none of it.  Then, without warning, he popped a
small black handball in her mouth to stifle her whining and secured it
there with an adequate amount of white surgical tape from the first
aid kit he kept in the kitchen.  "I don't imagine that gag tastes so
good," Mitch said, "but don't worry, darling. I'm going to replace it
with a sweeter gag a little later."

	He looked at his watch and saw that it was almost 9:30 a.m.
"Well, I'm going to have to leave for a while and get your Jeep over
to the mall.  Luckily, your truck is similar to mine so no one will
think anything of it if any of the people in the ares see me driving
your red Jeep."  She grunted a protest from behind the gag but it went

	"First things first though," he said as he hefted her to her
feet.  "Let's lose the shirt."  He used a pair of scissors from the
first aid kit and made short work of her Nike shirt.  She now stood
topless before him and he smiled as he admired his handiwork.  "This
sure beats raking leaves," he laughed as he picked up the thin girl
and carried her toward the bedroom.

	"I figure it's going to take me a few hours to bicycle back
here from the mall so I need to make sure you'll be here when I get
back," he said as he gently placed her on her back on the unmade bed.
He looked at her and frowned.  "You're still overdressed, Wendy."  He
then suddenly grasped the waistline of her blue lycra pants and pulled
them off to reveal her powder blue thong bikini bottoms which matched
her already removed bra.  Mitch stood over her, again admiring his
work.  "Oh, yeah," he said, feeling his already hard cock get even
harder.  "We are going to have a good time."  He patted her
panties and slid his fingers under the sheer fabric and let them run
through her bush.  She shuddered as she braced herself for his probing
fingers to penetrate her, but it didn't happen.  "Plenty of time for
that later," he chided.

	He thought about how to best secure her while he was gone.
The idea quickly came to him and he flipped her onto her belly.  He
gently lowered the bluepanties to give himself a nice view of her bare
butt.  She squirmed on the bed and tried to twist her head to see him.
As she did so, he kissed each of her ass cheeks before letting his
tongue slip between her cheeks to lick the crack of her ass.  This, he
noticed, caused goose bumps to appear on Wendy's back.
"Like that, eh?" he asked.  She struggled and violently shook her head
as she continued to try to scream at him behind the effective gag.  

	As much as he wanted to continue, Mitch reminded himself that
there was still work to be done.  He replaced the panties and removed
her white tennis socks. She now lay face down, naked on his bed except
for the blue panties which he knew he would be removing for good soon
enough.  He grabbed some of the white cord and tied it around her
ankles and tied each ankle to her thighs.  As he did so, he noticed
that white lint from her tennis socks was stuck between her
toes.  He looked at his watch again, said to himself, "Still have a
little time, so why not?" and began to lick her sweaty feet to remove
all of the lint.  He breathed in deeply the fumes from her feet as he
continued to lick the soles of her feet and run his tongue between her
toes.  Her struggling made it all the more exciting for him and he
felt his bulge grow still harder as if it was about to explode.
"Plenty of time for that later," said aloud as he stopped his licking
and turned back to the girl on the bed.

	"You still look too comfortable, so let's try something
different."  He tied rope around each of her wrists before rolling her
over onto her back and sitting her up.  He then used the key to unlock
the hand cuffs.  He was stronger than her and she was completely
overwhelmed so it was easy for him to take each rope tied wrist and
secure them to the opposite ankles.  When he was
through, she was sitting up, tied in a ball.  "Not bad," Mitch said.

	"Well, sweetie, I'll be back.  Do stick around," he told her
as he pushed her so she was bent over with her ass in the air.  Then,
he left.

	* * * * *

	Wendy lay in that same position for what seemed like hours.
She had quickly realized that Mitch had known exactly how to secure
her, but still she struggled to get free.  As she tried again in vain
to loosen her bonds, she shuddered in fear.  She no longer heard the
sound of running water.  

The shower had stopped.


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