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Warning: This story contains sexual material and
torture. To be read by adults only. Be warned now.
This chapter is in 3 parts. Merry X-mas.

JUSTICE CLUB 6B   (mc,nc,ff)
              By Yenoc


Wonder Woman stood up and noticed she was
dizzy and light headed. Her vision blurred and
she couldn't think clearly. The room spun around
her and Diana realized what the problem was,
she had been drugged!

Now as she tried to walk across the stage, the
Amazon knew she was a goner. She had been
tricked by Thorne and now she was going to pay.
Wonder Woman fell into the blackness.

When she came to, Diana knew she was in big
trouble. She was in Thorne's dungeon. Her costume
was back on her body but her power belt was gone
and without the belt she had no super strength.
Thorne had brought her here to be trained and

Wonder Woman was shackled to one of the cold
stone walls. The shackles were leather straps that
were bound to each wrist and metal chains that
were attached to hooks in the wall.

The heroine's arms were over her head and spread
out in a V-pattern. Her arms being raised caused her
 massive chest to thrust upward and her tits to jut out.
Her legs were spread apart and chained as well.

Diana tried pulling on the restraints but her bonds
held firm. She had limited movement and her back
was up against the wall. Then she heard Thorne's

"Don't bother struggling Princess. Those chains are
made of titanium and you'll never be able to break
them." he told her. Wonder Woman realized he was
talking to her over speakers. Diana gazed around the
dimly lit room and saw several cameras mounted on
the walls. Thorne wasn't in the dungeon but he could
see and hear everything that took place.

"Let me go you bastard. I did what you wanted and
stripped for your perverted customers. I demand you
give my sister back to me and release us this minute."
Diana yelled at him.

Thorne only laughed. "You don't seem to get it Wonder
Slut, I am the one in control here, not you. And you are
not in any position to demand anything. You were brought
here by my people to begin your training. Look over to
your right and meet my friend Domina."

Wonder Woman looked over and saw a female figure
standing in the doorway. She gasped in shock as she
grew frightened. Domina walked into the dungeon and
surveyed the room with an air of authority about her.

The woman was as tall as Wonder Woman and she was
in very good shape. Her tits were almost as large as
Diana's. Domina strutted into the dungeon and looked
the heroine over.

Domina was easily 6 feet tall and powerful looking.
She had on a one piece rubber bathing suit that clung
 to her impressive body like a second skin. She had on
black elbow-high leather gloves and black boots that
went up to her curved thighs.

What startled Diana the most was the female's face.
Domina was wearing a black leather mask that covered
 her face and head. Diana had no clue to Domina's true
identity. The mask had holes in it for her eyes, nose,
and mouth to show through. Diana could tell that the
leather clad trainer had dark blue eyes much like her

"Domina, this is Wonder Woman. I want you to begin
her training and break her spirit. I will be watching
the show from where I am and I know it'll be good.
You know what to do my servant." Domina nodded her
head to indicate that she understood Thorne.

She then slunk over to the bound Wonder Woman and
eyed her with lust. Domina stepped in front of her
captive. She put her hand under Diana's chin and
forced the heroine to look at her.

"You've been a bad girl Princess and I have to punish
you for disobeying the Master." Domina said in a hot,
deep voice that made Diana shudder with chills. Diana
waited quietly to see what would happen.

A wicked smile came to Domina's face that was obvious
even with the mask on. Suddenly, Domina's left arm shot
upward and grabbed the front of Diana's red bustier. With
a quick tug, she yanked the top down and Wonder Woman's
pristeen breasts popped free of their confinement.

The humongous boobs bounced and wiggled as they
settled proud and firm on her chest. Wonder Woman
 shrieked in surprise as her breasts were exposed.
She was naked from the waist up!

Wonder Woman shook her head from side to side in
denial. This can't be happening she thought. Then it
got worse for her. Domina reached up and with her
gloved hands and cupped Diana's quivering knockers.
Despite her fear, Wonder Woman moaned as her enemy
started to caress her heaving bosom.

"OOHHH NO......" Diana panted as she began liking
the woman's touch on her hooters. "Nice tits." Domina
commentted. Her red bustier fell to her waist and hung
down over her front. Diana still couldn't believe her
incredible tits were bared to this woman.

Wonder Woman's pink nipples got automatically
erect as they were fondled by the villainess. Domina
took her tits in each of her hands and squeezed the
balloons. "OOOHHH!" Diana moaned as her body
became aroused.

Diana couldn't help but respond. Maybe it had to do
with her being tied. Or perhaps it was the way she
was being petted. All she knew for sure was that the
treatment was getting to her. She loved and hated the
situation at the same time.

Wonder Woman was feeling sexual urges, the likes
of which she had never known before. She thought
she was going to lose it at any second. "Please...oh...
don't." she pleaded. Domina did not say a thing.

Diana liked the way the woman's hands felt on her
tits. "I'm going to work you over so good that you'll
thank me." Domina whispered to the captured hero.
Domina reached in and kissed Diana on the mouth

"MMMMfffff!" Wonder Woman whined through
their sealed lips as she felt Domina's tongue snake
into her mouth. She kissed Diana long and hard.
When Domina pulled back, she could see that Wonder
Woman's face was flushed.

"What am I doing?" Domina asked the Amazon. "You...
you're playing with my tits." Wonder Woman replied
reluctantly. "What are you doing to me?" WW asked
in a tiny voice. "I am giving you what you secretly
desire. I'm dominating you and forcing you to surrender
to your dark sexual longings." Domina told her.

Domina continued to caress and manipulate the delicate
breasts of the weakened hero. She pulled and twisted
Diana's tits over and over. She took the hard nipples
into her mouth and suckled the nubs until they were
swollen and sore. Diana was losing her mind as she
started to give in to the erotic sensations.

"Is your pussy wet?" Domina inquired. "OH Yes!" Diana
answered in a daze and immediately regretted her words.
Domina smiled thinly. The heroine's tongue came out and
slowly licked her full red lips.


Domina left Diana's side and went over to some toys
hanging on the opposite wall. Wonder Woman opened
her eyes to see Domina coming back holding a 2-foot
black riding crop in her hand. Her eyes bulged in terror
for she knew what the crop was going to be used for.

"NO! Not that! Please! It'll hurt too much! Nooo! NO!"
Wonder Woman begged desperately. Domina grinned
cruelly and laid the riding crop across Wonder Woman's
tits. Diana's tits were so big that it was easy to get the
crop to stay on her on its own.

"What am I going to do now?" Domina demanded. "You're
going to hit my breasts with the riding drop..." WW's
voice trailed off. Domina held the crop again and lifted
it over Diana's cleavage. Her nipples were stiff and stood
 out prominantly.

Domina knew that Wonder Woman was excited by the
thought of being caned. She was right, Diana would never
admit it but her virgin pussy was drenched at this point.
Diana was trapped with no hope of escape. The riding
crop came down on her tits. CRACK! CRACK! THWACK!
 the rod sounded as it bit into her tit flesh.

Wonder Woman screamed in torture as her meaty globes
were caned ruthlessly by Domina. "By the gods, NNOO!!"
WW howled in torment. She had never known suck pain.
Three sharp shots cracked her fat tits just inches above
the nipples. Wonder Woman twitched and thrashed in her
bonds as she tried to avoid the stinging crop.

Her sobs echoed throughout the dungeon as she begged
Domina to stop. Tears ran from her deep blue eyes and
streamed down her face. The villain gave her another
SMACK! The warm crop slashed down on her tits again
and again. Diana spasmed and jerked on the wall as she
was beaten.

hissed through clenched teeth. Diana was stunnded, she
was enjoying being caned by Domina. She was alomost
delirious with delight. WW suddenly pushed her tits
outward to get more of the biting riding crop.

The rod kept coming down and slashing her abused tits.
Diana's tits were bruised and cut. Red welts rose up and
criss crossed her melons. Domina kept at it with enthusiasm.
She was about to have a climax from thrashing the fallen

The leather lady was drunk with power. She didn't want
to stop, it was so good. Her cunt was close to exploding
from the intense feelings she got when she tortured people.
THHAAWCK! CRACK! HISS! the riding crop sang as it did
its work.

"UUUNNGGh! UUUUNNNNHHHH!" Domina groaned
as she felt a climax sweep over her heated body. The
crop bit deeper into Diana's soft skin. She would teach
Wonder Woman to obey the Master without fail.

"AAAAGGGGH! By Hera! Yes! Beat my tits! Please..
Uuunggghhh!" Diana screeched as she came wildly
from the beating. Wonder Woman jerked about and
arched her back upward. Her head was tossed back
and her pelvis grinded back in forth in circular motions.
Wonder Woman screamed once more and grew silent.

Domina came down off her orgasm and stopped caning
the heroine. She looked down at the unconscious Amazon.
Wonder Woman had fainted from the beating and slumped
back against the wall. She would've have dropped to the
floor if her bonds hadn't kept her suspended. Domina
nodded her head in satisfaction, things were progressing
nicely. They both could use a few minutes to rest she
decided. This was only the beginning.


Wonder Woman awoke and stared fearfully at Domina.
What horrific torment would she have to undergo next?
Diana knew she was beginning to lose her sanity. She
was being forced to succumb to her dark passions and
her body betrayed her at every turn.

Domina went to a small black bag she'd brought with her.
She reached into the bag and pulled out to metal clamps.
"NOOOOO!" Wonder Woman whailed as she twisted
wildly in her bonds. She knew what the things were and
she knew what would be done with the devices.

Domina held the nasty looking nipples clamps up for her
to see clearly. WW was being worked over by an expert
and the Amazon knew there was nothing she could do to
prevent her fate.

"I'm going to clamp your nipples." Domina informed WW.
Her gloved hands spread the clamp apart and brought it up
to Diana's left tit. Domina took the breast in her hand and
held it while she put the cold metal clamp on her erect nipple.

"NNNOOOO! Please no! AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!" WW screamed
as the device bit into her distended nipple. WW writhed in
pain as the clamp closed it's biting jaws around the tweaked
tip. Domina worked her other tit, the right one, and Diana
bellowed in agony as the second clamp was fastened onto her
right nipple.

"NO please! Take them off! I'll do ANYTHING YOU
WANT!! AARRRGHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as the
metal teech of the clamp chewed into her hard nub. Diana
tiwsted and turned sensually as she pulled at her shackles
in an attempt to get free.

Wonder Woman was quite an exotic sight as she squirmed
in pain and the clamps hung from her pendulous breasts.
The anguish was unbearable. "Now let's see the rest of you."
Domina said. "NNOO!!!" the Amazon yelled.

Domina reached for the heroine's blue satin shorts and
tugged them down her shapely legs and off her feet. All
that Wonder Woman had left on were her bracelets and
red and white boots. Her naked crotch was bare for Domina
to see.

She stared at WW's neatly trimmed triangle of curly
dark hair. Diana turned her head to the side ashamed.
She had no secrets left. Her legs were spread wide so
she couldn't hide her pussy. Her glorious, virgin pussy
was open and gaping for everyone to view.

Domina stepped up to Diana and drew their bodies close.
She ran her fingers along WW's moist slit,the heroine
shuddered as her clit was stroked rapidly. Diana felt the
mounting heat in her loins. She was falling under Thorne's

Wonder Woman was confused and frightened by what
was happening to her. The hero in her said to resist but
the woman in her wanted to give in and submit to them.
She was feeling genuine affection for Domina.

The trainer slid slowly to her knees. Domina slipped her
hands between WW's legs and opened her wet cunt lips.
Diana began moaning almost immediately. Domina could
see the wetness of the heroine's vagina and her pink

Wonder Woman's crotch pumpd and churned with burning
heat as Domina started to stroke her engorged clit with her
thumb. Diana was horrified and aroused as the woman sank
her masked face between the Amazon's legs.

Domina stuck out her tongue and the spongy appendage
 slipped into the folds of her virginal cunt. Diana trembled
with passion as the female's tongue slithered in and out
of her snatch. "Ohhh! Yess! OO! Feels ssooo gooodddd!"
WW purred wantonly.

The tongue worked back and forth in her cunt and Domina's
mouth began sucking on her clit. "AAAAGGGHHH! UUNGH!"
WW panted. Diana sobbed and moaned in pleasure. She was
on fire and the tension was building in her loins as Domina
ate her pussy.

As she hung in her bonds, her uniform on the floor, and
this masked woman in leather sucked her cunt, Wonder
Woman marveled at the depravity of it all. Domina's
tongue was driving her crazy as it dug into her sopping

"OOOHHH! YES! OOOOOHHH!" WW chimed. She wanted
Domina's tongue deep in her cunt. Domina continued to feed
the fires of Diana's lust. Domina spread her vagina open
more and sank her fingers into WW's hole.

Diana's pussy was soaked with juice and she tasted sweet.
WW was responding to the oral stimulation like crazy.
Domina was making the hero go out of her mind with her
talented mouth. Diana could take no more and she finally
yielded to her foe.

"UUUGGGHHH! YEss! Eat my cunt! SO GOOD! AAIIEE!"
she barked as she came for her Mistress. Domina let
Diana cum once just to tease her. Just when Wonder
Woman was on the verge of a mind blowing orgasm,
Domina pulled her mouth away.

"NO!!" Diana shouted in frustration. She was so close,
she needed to cum. WW moved her hips in a lewd fashion,
undulating in circles and humping her crotch back and
forth in the air. "Please don't stop. I need more." she


What was she doing? Diana wondered. She wanted to cum.
Domina went to the far wall and to get her stuff for the
next phase of training. Domina took a cat-o-nine-tails
whip off the wall and  went back to Wonder Woman.

The whip was a legendary punisher. It was a hard leather
 piece of equipment that broke off into a series of nine
leather strapes. It was clear to Wonder Woman that she
 was about to be whipped.

Domina held the whip up to Diana's mouth and ordered
her to kiss the thing. WW put her wet lips together and
 kissed the whip. "Good girl." Domina stated. Wonder
Woman was going to be whipped and she had to admit,
 that from the darkest recess of her soul, she wanted

Domina stepped back and looked at her charge. Domina
slapped the whip in her hand and Diana's eyes were glued
to it. Diana turned around and presented her backside to
Domina. She raised her hand and brought the whip down
very hard.

She swung the whip forward and it landed smack on
Wonder Woman's voluptuous bottom. It landed with a
loud smack and laid nine sharp red welts on Diana's
plump ass. "OOOHH! No..No!!" WW shrieked in pain.
It was worse than she thought it'd be.

The pain was furious and took hot bites out of her pasty
ass. Diana twisted and convulsed in her bonds. Domina
struck the heroine over and over with the whip. CRACK!
WWHHAAPP! CRACK! SLASH! the thing sounded as it
lashed her body.

yelped as she suffered. CRACK! WHAP! SMACK! WHISH!
Domina whipped the hero without mercy. Wonder Woman
pleaded with everything she had. But there was no end to
the torture.

All she could do was try and take the beating. Her ass
was ripped apart and bleeding. Was there no end to her
torment? Wonder Woman braced herself for more pain.


Domina came around to the front and grabbed her dark
 hair to hold her head up. "Now you see why you can't
resist! You belong to Thorne. You are a mere possession,
 nothing more." she spat at the Amazon. "Yyyy.. yess."
Diana replied.

Her words were slurred and sluggish. The effects of the
whipping were bringing her around and making Diana
realize where her true place was. Her mind was dulled
and fragmented. Wonder Woman finally accepted the
reality of it. She was nobody, an object and nothing else.

Who was she to disobey her masters? She'd been arrogant
and deserved the punishment she was getting. Diana wanted
to be disciplined. Her ordeal wasn't over yet.

Domina suddenly flciked the whip across her fat tits. "OH!
 NOOOO! PLEASE! Don't, not there!" Diana sobbed like a
 baby. The metal clamps were still on her nipples, her tits
 were swollen and very painful.

Wonder Woman took the steady slaps of the whip across
her big tits. Domina whipped WW's tits furiously, back
and forth, over her muscular shoulders. She whipped the
right tit and then the left one, bringing the lash down again
and again, marking up her delicate breasts.

"BY the Gods! Stop please! I can't take anymore! AAGH!"
Diana howled in distress. Each time the whip came down
it was worse. Diana's eyes clouded up, she couldn't see
anymore. She was losing her mind.

Soon Diana felt herself slipping away. Her whole body
was covered in welts. She went to a place where only she
could go. Wonder Woman had been whipped unconscious.
Domina dropped the whip and widly fingered her cunt until
she came and was rolling around on the floor in endless her


Wonder Woman came to and saw she was still chained
 to the wall. This was fine with her, after all, slaves were
supposed to be in chains. When Diana awoke, she was a
new woman. Domina had succeeded and broken the heroine.
Thorne had witnessed the enitre episode and he was pleased
 with the results.

WW had been subjugated and turned into a sniveling shell
of her former Amazon self. All that remained was for Thorne
to take her virginity and bond Diana to him forever.

Domina stood before WW with her hands on her hips. Diana
shivered with excitement when she saw her trainer. "You've
taken your punishmet well. Thorne is pleased." Domina told
the hero. "I am glad to hear that Mistress." Diana said in a
subdued voice.

"Thank you for training this worthless slut Mistress. I am
ready to serve you and the Master." Wonder Woman said
sincerely. "I deserved to be punished for disobeying, I was
a bad girl." The mighty Wonder Woman had been broken and
humbled at last.

Thorne entered the dungeon. Wonder Woman trembled in
excitement as she saw her master walk into the room. Her
pussy was drenched from just seeing Thorne. He walked
over to the ladies.

"Good work Domina. I couldn't have done better myself.
You are a good student." he complimented her. Domina
smiled warmly at Thorne and said, "If I am good, it is only
because you are such an excellent teacher, Master."

"There is only one thing left to do my dear, take off your
mask and show our guest your true identity." Thorne ordered
 his slave. "As you wish Master." she said.

Domina turned to Wonder Woman and tore off her leather
mask. Diana was shocked and atonished when she saw the
face behind the mask. It was her SISTER! Wonder Girl
was Domina! Diana screamed when the cruel reality set in.

Her very own sister had beaten and abused her. The tough
Wonder Woman had been broken by her kid sister! It was
truly remarkable. Wonder Woman realized that it did not
matter that Dru was Domina.

Wonder Woman was a slave to both Thorne and her sister.
Diana was happy to be reunited with her younger sibling.
They could have all kinds of fun serving Thorne and fucking
each other.

Thorne chuckled heartily. He had saved the best surprise for
last. Wonder Woman had been trained by her own sister and
she accepted her new lot in life. "Wonder Woman," Thorne
said, "Let's get you cleaned up so I can fuck you." The Amazon
parted company with her sister and trapsed happily after the
man. Her pussy tingled with desire at what lay ahead.

To be continued in part C.

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