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                 Christmas with the Andersons
                          Part 4 of 4
                         by J. Boswell

(c)  Copyright December 1995 by J BOSWELL, all rights, except
     those explicitly detailed below, ARE RESERVED BY THE AUTHOR.
     Electronic distribution (as a text file on an "adults only"
     site) is permitted without alteration, but inclusion in any
     type of "publication" offered for sale (eg., book, magazine,
     CD-ROM, etc.), or "subscription-only" sites requires the
     author's explicit permission.

This work of fiction is intended to be read by adults only.  The
author has uploaded it only to "Adults, only" sites, and requests
that you exercise the same discretion.  Also, this is fiction --
in real life, please protect your lover and yourself by
practicing safe sex.

Chapter 10
Friday, December 23 -- Part 2  
* * *
     `Lakeview Crest,' where the Andersons lived, was a fairly
exclusive development of large suburban homes.  The land had once
been a farm on the crest of a hill overlooking one of the city's
man-made lakes that provided water for the area.  The land
surrounding the community was undeveloped and would stay that way
as protected watershed land.  The farm should have been subsumed
into the watershed decades ago, when the lakes were begun, but
for some reason (probably a lot of cash spread over a lot of
hands or a connection on the zoning commission) the farm was
never included in the public property.  Years later, a developer
found the farm tucked away down a long, dusty road and made the
dying farmer an offer the old farmer couldn't refuse for the
continued welfare of his family.  The developer quickly
subdivided the property into about sixty lots (after some more
money passed through some more hands) and built large homes on
them.  For himself, the developer restored and expanded the Civil
War era farmhouse/mansion and lived on the largest and best lot,
overlooking the lake.  That developer was James Arthur Ripley
     Jim Stone was a multi-millionaire and proud to show it.  He
built shopping strips and malls and suburban office buildings all
over the country.  And this had been a particularly good year
because one of his designs for a medical building became popular
with the growing number of HMOs all over the nation.  Business
couldn't be better.
     One of his favorite occasions to show off was his annual
Christmas Party.  His house was decorated in the 1990's
interpretation of Victorian England splendor.  The forty-foot
spruce on the front lawn was expertly shaped and strung with
thousands of lights and topped with a four-foot star.  For the
party, between the house and tree, the lawn was covered with a
huge striped tent.  Inside the heated tent were more lights and
trees, poinsettias, tables, chairs, a long buffet table, Santa, a
band, a dance floor, two bars, and people, people, people.
     Walking around, greeting neighbors, friends, business
associates, bankers, company attorneys and CPA's, and the pick of
the people providing him and his family with services throughout
the year was Jim Stone, playing his most secretly cherished role
-- Lord of the Manor.
* * *
     Robert Anderson arrived home in time to shower and dress for
the big fete.  As the four happy Andersons walked hand-in-hand
through the chilly-but-not-cold night to the Stone house, they
waved at neighbors and enjoyed seeing all the Christmas
decorations.  As a neighborhood tradition, on the night of the
Stone's party, the entire neighborhood was lit with luminaries
placed along the curbs and up driveways.  The small white paper
bags glowed from the flame of the candle in each, outlining the
streets and making each intersection beautiful.  It was almost
     The Andersons made their way up the long, curving driveway
of the Stone house and stepped into the tent.  After checking
their coats, they made their way over to the line of people
waiting to wish the Stones a happy holiday.
     Jim Stone was in a black tuxedo with a bright red velvet bow
tie and cummerbund.  Beside him was his statuesque wife, Regina,
in a floor-length red velvet dress, and beside her, their
daughter, Mindy and her husband, Carl.
     The Stones greeted the Andersons heartily and Regina patted
Amanda on the head, "My, you've gotten so big, and so pretty! 
Who's this gorgeous man next to you, Amanda -- some Hollywood
actor on holiday?"
     Amanda winced at the corniness, but was proud of her big
brother, "You remember Bobby, Mrs. Stone.  He's home from
     Regina Stone faked an astonished look and grabbed Bobby
close to her in a bearhug, "Bobby!  I hardly recognized you! 
College life is certainly agreeing with you.  It must be all
those young coeds, eh, Bobby?"
     Bobby could feel himself blushing, "Hi, Mrs. Stone.  Good to
see you again."
     Regina hugged Bobby tightly again and whispered into his
ear, "Save a few minutes for old Mrs. Stone, later, Bobby, dear. 
I want to take you over to the house and show you something very 
special.  Okay?"
     Bobby had no idea what she was talking about but answered,
"S-sure, Mrs. Stone.  Whenever you're ready."  But Regina had
already directed her attention to the next couple in the greeting
     Confused, Bobby made his way to the bar and ordered a beer. 
While he was standing there, admiring the women and girls at the
party, his friend Scott sidled up beside him.
     "Hey, yourself, Scott.  What's up?"
     "Well, the food and the booze are great, as usual, but the
number of unattached honeys may be at an all time low.  But,
damn, they all look so good, all dressed up.  Anyway, the best
looking girl here is your sister."
     "And she's hands off -- right?"
     "Sure, sure, Bobby.  But I heard about you and one of
Amanda's little playmates the other night."
     Bobby winced, "Yeah, Heather -- don't remind me.  Any port
in a storm, I guess."
     Scott smiled, "Yeah.  Well, that's a pretty busy port. 
Docked there, myself, last night.  She's a hot little thing!"
     "She is that."  Bobby tilted his head towards their hosts. 
"So, what have I missed in the Stone's saga by being away for
five months?"
     Scott looked over at Jim Stone, puffing on a huge cigar and
laughing loudly.  At his side, smiling and greeting people was
his wife, Regina.  Regina Stone, never at risk of being called
"Lady" of the Manor, was, putting it politely, a wild woman.  She
was a legend in her own time.
     "The only thing I heard about was the Halloween party, where
she showed up in a very small, very red bathing suit and with
three male-model hunks in tow in red bathing suits.  She said
they were `Baywatch.'"
     "She's unbelievable."  Bobby started to tell Scott about
Regina's strange invitation, but decided to keep it to himself
for the moment.  He ordered another beer.
* * *
     "Amanda!  Amanda Anderson!"
     Amanda turned from watching the dancers to see the Miller
family approaching.
     "Hi, Mrs. Miller, Rasheed, Yolanda."  Amanda's smile dimmed
as she looked at Mr. Miller, "Hello."
     Mrs. Miller was all smiles and full of good cheer, "Amanda,
where have you been, girlfriend?  The kids miss you terribly. 
Any chance of you coming back?"
     Amanda had babysat for the Miller children for over a year,
and had spent almost the entire summer watching them.  But with
starting high school and trying out for teams, she hadn't had the
time.  "And I miss the kids.  But, no, I just don't have the time
with my schoolwork and games and practice."
     "Well, you are the best babysitter we've ever had, dear. 
Isn't she, Ron?"  She looked at her husband.
     He smiled and nodded, "No doubt about that.  The best ever."
     Amanda spent a few minutes chatting with the young children
and then wished the Millers a merry Christmas.
     Mrs. Miller hugged Amanda.  "Thanks, Dear.  Please stop by
during the holidays.  The kids have something wrapped for you
under the tree.  You have to stop by, anyway, Amanda.  Besides
Christmas, this year we're celebrating Kwanzaa, too.  The kids
are learning all about it in day school."
     "Sure, I'll stop by, Mrs. Miller.  I think there's some
stuff for Yolanda and Rasheed under our tree, too.  It was nice
to see all of you again.  Merry Christmas."
* * *
     Hours later, the party had settled into its normal routine. 
Amanda was with her friends, taking one of the carriage rides
through the neighborhood.  Robert, Senior was engrossed in
conversation with the other businessmen in the neighborhood,
raging against government interference, wishing for the return of
the Reagan years, and drinking Jim Stone's bourbon.  Laurie was
happily dancing the night away, and maybe holding her partners
just a little tighter than necessary during the slow tunes.
     And, Bobby?  Bobby was sitting close to the bar with a few
friends when he caught Regina Stone subtly motioning to him.  She
was standing near the exit, curling her finger, indicating he was
to join her.  As he stood, Regina motioned again and disappeared
out of the tent.
     Bobby followed Regina out of the tent and through the
covered passage to the house.  Ahead of him, she mounted the
steps, crossed the porch and opened the front door, leaving it
open behind her.
     [`What the hell is going on?' Bobby wondered.]  She had
hardly even acknowledged his existence before tonight, and now
this?  What did she want to show him?  Why was she staying so far
ahead and having him follow her?  He really had no idea what was
going on, but with her reputation and history of outrageous
behavior, some small part of him hoped it would be something
* * *
     Regina Stone had been a model.  Not a Milan/New York runway
model, but one of the more famous local faces.  She had done many
area fashion shows and benefits and had been a regular in the
pages of local stores' ads and catalogs.  It was at a Christmas
charity show, where she and a few other girls were modeling
lingerie in a very private show for a very select group of
wealthy businessmen that she met Jim Stone.  She knew the look in
his eyes the instant she saw him, and she knew she was going to
marry well.
     Now, years later, with a husband away nine months of the
year and all the money she could spend, she did exactly as she
pleased and didn't care who was watching.
     Jim Stone had a pretty good idea what went on behind his
back but he was nearing sixty-five and could no longer keep up
with his much younger wife, and he didn't want to spend the time
and energy to find another wife.  Besides, Regina still looked
good and handled all the things he expected his wife to handle,
and, his ego liked the idea of these other men wanting his wife
-- he wondered how many of the guests they had greeted at the
start of the evening (neighbors, friends, landscapers, pool
cleaners, construction workers, deliverymen and on and on) had
tasted Regina's considerable charms often and enthusiastically
during the years while he was away on business.  And, finally,
and maybe the best reason he tolerated her indiscretions was that
there was no pre-nuptial agreement.
* * *
     Bobby was surprised to see so many people in the house.  He
thought the party was confined to the tent, but there were people
looking at the Stone's Christmas tree, decorated differently each
year (this year, it looked like all the ornaments were Irish
crystal).  There was food in the dining room and dozens of
bottles of wine open on the table.  The wide stairway was blocked
with wide red ribbons -- a sign to the guests to remain
downstairs.  When Bobby finally saw Regina again, she was
standing in the kitchen doorway.  She tilted her head for Bobby
to follow and walked through the crowd of caterer's people busily
rushing about the kitchen with hot pans and dishes of steaming
     Around the corner, Bobby found the back stairs to the second
floor.  When he entered the stairwell, he saw Regina looking down
from the top step.  She smiled and said, "Lock it behind you,
dearie, and hurry up!"
     As Bobby reached the top of the stairs he looked to his
right and saw what was obviously the master bedroom suite.  To
his left, Regina was motioning for him to join her in another
room at the end of the long hall.
     Bobby reached the doorway and looked in, thanking the gods
in heaven as he watched Regina lowering the long zipper on her
red party dress.
     "Come in, Bobby.  Don't be shy.  Here, darling, help me with
my zipper."
     Bobby stepped closer and pulled the zipper down until it
stopped.  Regina turned to face him and with the slightest arm
motion, her dress slid to the floor.
     "Merry Christmas, Bobby!"
     Bobby stared in awe.  He guessed Regina was somewhere in her
mid-to-late-forties, but here she stood looking incredible.  Her
skin was white and smooth.  Her breasts were fabulous -- high and
firm on her chest.  She was still wearing her highheels and
pantyhose but they were the strangest pantyhose he had ever seen.
At the top there were openings, and the hose went up to a
waistband, almost like a built-in garterbelt, leaving her pussy
and ass naked!
     Regina smiled at the obvious rapture on Bobby's face.  "You
like, Bobby-dear?"  She cupped her breasts in her hands,
squeezing the flesh and pinching her nipples.  "These are the
best money can buy.  Did your mom buy hers?  Or is she one of
those lucky ones who were born with a set of knockers like that? 
Well, come on, boy, enough gawking, let's get this show on the
road!  I have a party I'm hostessing!"  With that, Regina reached
down and started unbuckling Bobby's belt.
     In seconds, Bobby had shed his pants, underwear, and shoes
and followed Regina down on to the big bed.
     "Nothing above the neck, Bobby-dear.  Mustn't mess up my
     Bobby lavished kisses on her large tits, licking and sucking
and nibbling her nipples.
     "Ohh, very nice, dearie.  Can you go a little lower?"
     Eager to please, Bobby kissed his way down Regina's stomach
and into her trimmed bush, finding her hard, little clit.  He
sucked it between his teeth and began licking it with his tongue.
     "Oh, god, how I love young men!" Regina exclaimed.
     While this wild scene played out, Bobby couldn't believe it
was happening.  He felt he was living out one of his junior high
wet dreams.  Here he was in bed with one of the major players in
many of his wet dreams.  Regina Stone had fueled more than a few
hand-jobs.  She had been the first woman Bobby had ever seen in a
thong bikini.  Even dressed up, Bobby had seen few lower-cut
blouses or shorter miniskirts than what Regina Stone wore.  He
remembered some of her costumes at neighborhood Halloween parties
-- as a harem girl, a sexy nurse right out of a porno video, and
as Lady Godiva.  He had heard the stories about her and her many
torrid affairs behind Jim Stone's back.  And, now, he was a
participant in the legend!
     "Ooooo!  You're good!  Right there, boy.  Right there. 
Steady...  A little faster...  Ooo, good...  Harder...  Oooo...
Oooo...  A-huh!  Ooooo, here I come, darling!  Here I come!"
     Bobby continued nibbling her clit until she began to regain
her composure.
     "Oh, Bobby, that was VERY good.  Come on up and fuck me now,
     Bobby lifted his head from her wet pussy and licked his way
up to her breasts.  As he did, he moved his cock into position
and plunged it into her cunt.  She was slippery wet and loose and
he began to feel her pussy muscles rippling along his shaft.  He
began to pump and her muscles grasp him tighter.  It was a great
     "MOTHER!  Just what are you doing?"
     Bobby looked over at the doorway and saw Regina's daughter,
Mindy standing there.  Part of him wanted to pull out and run,
but it felt so damned good and Regina looked up at him and said,
"Ignore her.  She's jealous I got you first.  Just fuck me."
     And Bobby did.
     He was soon coming in strong spurts and Regina was heaving
her hips up to meet his thrusts.  Finished, he rolled off Regina
and watched as she grabbed her dress.  To his utter amazement, as
Regina stepped into her gown, Mindy was stepping out of hers. 
Regina turned her back to Mindy and Mindy pulled Regina's zipper
     Regina turned to Bobby, kissed him lightly on the lips and
said, "Welcome to the club, Bobby.  I'll be looking forward to
seeing you when you get home for the Summer.  Don't make yourself
a stranger, understand?"
     "Sure, Mrs. Stone.  And, thanks!"
     "You're welcome.  Now you and Mindy have a good time and
I'll see you later."
     Bobby looked at Mindy.  She was standing in her bra,
pantyhose and panties, smiling at Bobby.
     "You must have been good, Bobby.  Contrary to popular
belief, Mother doesn't invite everyone back.  Why don't you get
     Bobby felt foolish as he realized that he was still dressed
in his blazer, shirt, tie, and socks!  He quickly stripped them
all off and turned to Mindy.
     She smiled again, "Now, can you show ME how good you are?"
     Bobby walked toward Mindy.  Mindy wasn't the tall beauty
that her mother was.  She was short and lean, and not nearly as
rounded as Regina.  Her hair and eyes were brown and her face was
long and angular, with a fairly prominent nose and large teeth. 
As she dropped her bra to the floor, Bobby saw that her breasts
were small and low on her chest and were already sagging.  When
she dropped her pantyhose and panties to the floor, Bobby noticed
how thin her thighs were and how bushy her pussy was.
     [`Oh, well,' he thought, `she's no beauty, but I'm not about
to refuse her and destroy my welcome around here!']
     Mindy dropped to her knees and sucked Bobby's sloppy-wet
prick into her mouth.  Bobby's fingers combed into her hair and
held her face tight to his groin as his cock revived itself in
her steamy hot mouth.
     Bobby thought his dick popped out another inch or two when
Mindy slid a finger up his ass!
     Mindy pulled her face away from his prick and looked up at
the teenager, "I want you good and hard because I like it up the
ass.  Have you ever fucked anyone up the ass, Bobby?"
     Bobby groaned and pulled Mindy up by her armpits.  As they
kissed passionately, Mindy rubbed her wet pussyslit up against
the boy's hard cock.  They both fell back onto the bed and Mindy
rolled over on to her stomach, "Butt-fuck me, Bobby!  Shove it up
my ass!"
* * *
     Over an hour later, Bobby stumbled back down to the tent. 
The party had cleared out considerably and there were only a few
clusters of people sitting around some tables.  His parents and
sister were gone.  Regina Stone was sitting at one table, between
her husband and her son-in-law.  She smiled at Bobby as he turned
away from the bar with a beer.  He smiled back and made his way
over to the table with Scott and a few other neighborhood
     "Hey, bud, where the fuck you been?" Scott asked.
     "Around.  Being a good guest, checking out the Christmas
     "Yeah, sure."
     Bobby gulped his beer and got another one.  He was wiped
out.  Fucking Regina had been a dream come true, but fucking
Mindy had been unbelievable.  She was the most outrageous woman
he had ever been to bed with, and as far as he could tell, there
wasn't a single thing either one of them could think of that she
wasn't willing to do, and do enthusiastically.  Who would believe
that it wasn't sexy, obvious, flamboyant Regina, but her quiet,
mousy daughter that could fuck the dead back to life!
     What a night!
* * *
Chapter 11
Saturday, December 24   
* * *
     Christmas Eve!
     Amanda had intentionally saved some of her shopping for
Christmas Eve.  She loved the excitement and the hustle-bustle of
that last frantic rush.
     Bobby slept late and went into couch-potato mode in front of
the TV.  There were a couple of small bowl games on and he could
always find a movie or two.
     Robert, Sr., relaxed in front of the fire and reviewed his
portfolio as Laurie finished wrapping the last of the presents.
     After a late lunch, all four of them worked together
preparing for an Anderson Christmas tradition.  They laid out a
buffet, and by eight o'clock, friends, neighbors and relatives
were stopping by to share the holiday spirit before everyone went
off to Midnight Mass.
* * *
* * *
Sunday, December 25.
* * *
     Christmas Day!
     Laurie awoke first.  She loved those first quiet moments on
Christmas morning.  Soon, the rest of the family would be awake
and opening presents and all the anticipation would be over. 
Before they knew it, Christmas would be over.  But now, alone
with her coffee and the radio softly playing Christmas carols,
she sat and looked at the tree and the presents and savored the
moment and the mood.
     "Mom?"  It was Amanda on the steps.
     "Merry Christmas, Dear!  Go wake your father and brother."
     Everyone agreed that Amanda had given the most thoughtful
gifts.  She gave Bobby two boxed sets of CDs, Eric Clapton and
Pink Floyd, that he wanted but had never gotten around to buying.
Her father loved the meerschaum pipe she gave him.  And Laurie
cried when she opened her package saw the beautiful blue silk
blouse that Amanda had picked out to match her mother's eyes. 
They all wanted to know how she had managed to save enough money
to purchase such beautiful gifts.
     All too soon the storm of wrapping paper subsided.  The hugs
and kisses and thank-yous were done.  The Andersons were dressed
and headed out to Church, again.  Amanda was singing at the 11
o'clock Mass and the rest of the family went to hear her.  After
church, they headed down to the soup kitchen to serve Christmas
dinner to the less fortunate and then clean up.  It was a busy
* * *
* * *
     Not a creature was stirring...
     Everyone had gone to bed early.
     Amanda lay in bed and thought back over her Christmas.  It
had been wonderful.  She loved all of her gifts and was thrilled
that everyone liked the gifts she had gotten them.
     She was tired, but still a little too keyed up to fall
asleep.  She got out of bed and put her robe on and went
downstairs.  The house was quiet, everyone else was asleep.  She
filled a tall glass with ice and then filled the glass with Irish
     There was still a small fire glowing in the fireplace, and
the ashes were hot, so Amanda threw another two logs on the fire
and curled up on the sofa.  Soon, the fire was warming her
outsides and her drink was warming her insides, and she began to
     She finished the Irish Cream and poured another half-glass. 
She was enjoying the heat and the quiet and the tree lights and
the booze.  She liked the slight buzz she was feeling, too.
     She shifted a little on the sofa, and as she did, her
nightshirt was pulled taut across her nipple.
     [`Oooo, THAT felt good!' she thought and then giggled.]
     As she held the glass in her left hand, she opened her robe
and casually brushed the fingers of her right hand over her right
nipple.  She let out a tiny moan as she felt her nipple wrinkle
and harden.
     [`I can't believe I'm still horny,' she thought, `but this
sure feels good!']
     Amanda swallowed the rest of her drink and then placed both
hands over her breasts.  They were firm and eager to be touched. 
Her nipples were hard and were getting to that point that she
loved -- when she could be a little rough as she squeezed and
pinched them.
     She wanted to come,  There was no doubt about that, now. 
She knew she should go to the privacy of her room, but she didn't
want to move.  She strained her ears, listening, but the house
was quiet except for the flames popping and snapping.  It was
sexy, and definitely very naughty to be doing it in the family
room with everyone home.  In front of the fireplace was nice. 
That warmth would feel nice on her skin.
     With a quick movement, Amanda stood up, lowered her panties
and sat back down on the sofa.  She pulled her nightshirt up
above her breasts and she was melting in pleasure from the heat
of the fireplace and her own hands.  It felt so sexy sitting
there with her boobs and pussy naked and exposed.
     She wanted to finger her clit, but she held back.  She
didn't want to come quickly.  She wanted to build up to it
slowly, thinking sexy thoughts and teasing her body with her
     She thought about yesterday, Christmas Eve, at the mall...
* * *
     Amanda had Bobby drive her to the mall and drop her off. 
She had told her mother that she was meeting friends there, but
she was lying.
     Her first stop was the CD store.  It was packed and the
Christmas music was blaring over the speakers.  Douglas spotted
her as she approached the counter.
     "Miss, those CDs you ordered came in.  Please wait a
moment."  He called one of the other clerks over to take his
place and walked out from behind the counter.  He was twenty-six
years old and the assistant manager of the store.  He was tall, a
bit over 6'3" and on the skinny side.  He tried to be cool, but
he tried even harder to impress his bosses, so he always wore a
suit and a tie.
     As he approached Amanda, he pointed to the backroom door. 
"Hi, Amanda.  I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show
up, today."  He liked young girls and used his ability to pass
out CDs and cassettes to get on their friendly side every chance
he could.
     "I told you I'd be in, Douglas.  The CDs are a present."
     "Sure.  Well, come on in the back."
     They stepped into the storeroom and Douglas shut the door
behind them.  There was a table set up with cold cuts and rolls
and cookies.  On the shelves were bottles of scotch and bourbon
and vodka.
     "Having a little party, back here, Douglas?"
     "Sure.  The boss treated to drinks and food.  I can't be
away from the front for long, so let's get right to it, Amanda."
     Amanda grinned at Douglas, "Did anyone ever tell you how
romantic you are?"
     "Cut the crap.  Let's do it."  He opened his pants and
lowered his zipper.  He was already hard.
     Amanda stepped close and curled her fingers around his
shaft.  "Kiss me, Douglas.  I want to be kissed."
     Douglas had fucked a lot of teenage girls, but none of them
had been as beautiful or as accomplished as Amanda Anderson. 
Since August, he had been giving her CDs and his hard cock on a
weekly basis, and she had been giving him the best sex he ever
     They kissed and Douglas's hands found their way to Amanda's
breasts.  She was wearing a vest over a soft turtleneck top. 
Under the top was only her tits.  Her hard nipples were easy to
find and Douglas began pulling at them.
     "C'mon, Amanda.  It's got to be quick, today!"
     They separated and Douglas sat down on a small desk chair. 
Amanda lifted her denim miniskirt and lowered her tiny panties
and straddled Douglas on the chair.  Within seconds, Douglas's
dick was buried to the hilt up Amanda's tight little pussy.
     "C'mon, now, and fuck me, Amanda.  Give it to me good!"  He
smiled as he looked at the girl.  She was bouncing up and down on
his cock.  Her eyes were closed tightly and she was breathing
hard through her mouth -- moaning and groaning.  The bitch truly
loved fucking!
     As much as he was enjoying it, Douglas felt himself boiling
up to blast-off point.  And then he was over the top, pulling
Amanda down hard on his lap and lifting her by her waist, pumping
his cum deep inside her.
     He was just about finished coming when...
     "What the fuck is going on here?!"
     It was the store owner.
     Peter Abruzzi was thirty-eight, married with four kids, and
ran three stores.  He was short and bulky, like an old time
runningback.  He was a tough businessman and a bastard to work
     Douglas pushed Amanda off his lap and she fell to the floor.
She landed there with her skirt up to her waist and her pretty
legs spread wide open, flashing an open, wet beaver at the
intruder.  She quickly stood up as Douglas was zipping up.
     "Ah... Mr. Abruzzi... Ah... I can explain!"
     "No you can't, Douglas."  He hooked his thumb at the door. 
"Get back out on the floor.  Now!"
     When he was gone, Abruzzi looked at the gorgeous teenager
standing in front of him.  She had paled considerably in the last
minute or so and was obviously scared.
     "So, tell me.  What was he givin' you for lettin' him bone
     Amanda was going to lie and say `nothing' but she quickly
decided that the truth didn't matter.  "A boxed set of Eric
Clapton CDs."
     "A boxed set, eh?  You that good?"
     "He says I am."
     "S'at so?  Well, how about this, little girlie?  I get to
see for myself how good you are?"
     Amanda didn't say anything, but shook her head.
     "No?  Well, how about I make this clear?  You walk with me
through that door and we go to Mall Security and call the county
cops, or you walk over here and unzip me."
     Amanda walked over to the owner and knelt.  She reached up
and pulled his zipper down.  She reached inside the opening and
found his cock, feeling it growing hard in her hand.
     "Taste it, bitch."
     Amanda leaned forward and took his hardness into her mouth. 
She swirled her tongue around the smooth, pink tip and it no
longer mattered whose cock it was.  She loved the way penises
felt.  She loved the smoothness and the firmness and how warm
they were.  
     Abruzzi was enjoying the blow-job, but he wanted a piece of
this young pussy.  "Stand up.  Walk over to the chair and bend
     Amanda did as she was told and pulled her skirt up to her
waist without being told.
     Abruzzi stepped behind the teenager and began pushing his
cock between her pink pussylips.  She was tight and the owner was
afraid he was going to cum even before he got it all the way in
     He didn't last much longer than his first deep thrust.  The
kid matched his rhythm and before he could blink, he was spewing
his goo into the little slut's pussy.  
     "Whew!  What a fuck!  Douglas is right, you are good."
     Amanda was blushing wildly as she stepped and wiggled into
her panties and lowered her skirt.  "Can I keep the CDs, mister?"
     "Huh?  Oh, sure.  Sure.  Here," he said as he reached to a
shelf, "take another one, too.  You like Pink Floyd?"
     "Yeah, sure.  Thank you."
     Peter Abruzzi was sitting in the chair, still catching his
breath and fixing a drink as Amanda placed the new set into her
bag and reached for the doorknob.
     "Well, thanks again.  And... and Merry Christmas."
     Abruzzi looked up and stared as the beautiful teenager waved
and walked out of the store room.
* * *
     In front of the fireplace, Amanda let her finger trail down
over her smooth stomach and through her pussy hair.  Slowly, oh
so slowly, she pressed her index finger between her pussylips and
grazed it across her hard little clit.
     Sensitive.  Very sensitive.  She decided not to touch her
clit again for a while if she wanted to last a little longer.  Go
slow.  She was looking forward to a great come.  She was relaxed
and warm and buzzed.  Her body was very sensitive, and she had
sexy thoughts to think...
* * *
     Amanda found Snake and Spider at the fountain in the center
of the mall.  She giggled to herself at their silly nicknames. 
Snake was really Brandon and Spider was Jason, but they insisted
on their friends using their nicknames.  Especially when they
were decked out in their skateboard "uniforms" the way they were
whenever they weren't in school -- baggy jeans, old converses,
long t-shirts and earrings and fake (at least Amanda thought they
were fake) tatoos.
     "Hey" Spider said.  Snake nodded.
     "Hey."  Amanda had run into the two guys at parties.  They
were both freshmen in high school and were inseparable.
     "What's up?"
     "Just shopping.  I saw a pipe I'd like for my father, but I
can't afford it."
     "Yeah.  I was wondering..."
     Amanda had a feeling they knew what she was going to ask
them, but they weren't volunteering anything.  "Yeah.  I was
wondering, like, if we could work out some kind of trade.  I
really want that pipe."
     "What ya got to trade?" It was the first thing Snake had
said, so Amanda knew he was interested.
     Amanda looked down at her feet, acting coy.  "You know."
     "When?  Where?" Spider asked.
     Amanda looked up at him, "Now?  Here?"
     "Deal!"  That was Snake.
     In the tobacco store, everything went smoothly.  The clerk
was weighing tobacco for Amanda and had his back to the store. 
Snake came rolling in and went right to the cigar humidor room
and opened the door.  The owner stepped quickly after him,
telling him to shut the door.  Spider popped into the store,
Amanda pointed at the pipe in its nice little box and everything
disappeared under Spider's shirt before he popped out of the
store, again.
     They met in the utility access hall, outside the restrooms.
     Spider gave Amanda her package and Snake checked the men's
room and signaled with his head for them to follow.
     The three teenagers went to the last stall and closed the
door after them.
     It was crowded and clumsy, and they all got the giggles
every time they heard someone come in and use the facilities, but
it was fun and didn't take all that long to complete their
     The real joke occurred when they were done.  They opened the
stall door and there was an older man standing at the mirror,
combing his hair.  They walked across the room, staring straight
ahead at the door.  They knew the man was watching them in the
mirror.  They finally reached the door and ran down the hall,
laughing hysterically.
* * *
     Amanda was now on the floor with her back against the sofa. 
She was closer to the fire and it was almost too hot on her skin,
but it still felt so good.  Her skin was dry and warm, a lot like
when she sunbathes.  A lot like when she was sunbathing last
summer at the Miller's pool...
* * *
     Marian Miller was away again.  She worked for a publisher
and this summer she was travelling with some authors on a long
sales trip.
     Rasheed and Yolanda were playing in the shallow end.  Amanda
was on a chaise watching them when Ron opened the back door of
the house.
     "Daddy's home!"
     Both kids squealed and ran to him.  After hugging and
lifting the kids, Ron waved to Amanda.
     "Hi, Mr. Miller.  I have dinner ready, if you feel like
pasta salad and grilled chicken."
     "Sounds great, Amanda.  Will you join us?"
     "Yeah, stay, Amanda!" yelled Rasheed.  He knew if she
stayed, he'd get a book or two read to him before bed.
     "Well, okay, if you don't mind."  This was becoming a habit.
Amanda had been babysitting for the Millers for almost a year,
but with Marian's travelling, it was a fulltime job this summer. 
Now, for the last week, Amanda would have dinner ready for Ron
and the kids and he would invite her to stay.  They would do the
dishes together and together they would put the kids to bed, and
then Amanda would walk home.  She felt herself becoming closer to
the three of them, like being a part of their family.  Marian was
some abstract being that lived somewhere out over the phone
     Ron, on the other hand, was very much there.  He was
good-looking and funny.  He was very sweet with his children, and
was always a gentleman around Amanda.  At the same time, Amanda
got the impression he found her attractive.  She often caught him
staring at her in her bathing suit or shorts.  She also found him
attractive.  His skin was smooth looking and the color of coffee
with cream in it.  He had a thin moustache that she liked.  In a
bathingsuit it was obvious he worked out.  But he didn't bulge
like a gym-rat.  He was bulked, but hard and smooth.  His torso
tapered from broad shoulders down to a flat stomach and trim
     Then one night, Ron opened a bottle of wine and kept
Amanda's glass full during dinner.  After they got the kids in
bed, he invited her to stay for coffee, telling her he was tired
of sitting by himself until bedtime.  With the coffee, he served
her a Tia Marie mist, and she loved it.
     He refilled her coffee and drink and put a movie in the VCR.
They both sat on the sofa watching "Sleepless In Seattle." 
Before the movie ended, they were in each other's arms, kissing
     At that time, Amanda was a virgin.  She had made-out with
boys when the lights went out at parties, but nothing more
serious than that.  But this...  This was Romance and she was
ready to be swept up in its embrace.
     Ron stood up and lifted Amanda into his arms.  Oh, god, her
heart melted!  They kissed as he walked down the hall and into
his bedroom.  He lay her down on the big bed and began to
undress.  Amanda was in a one-piece bathingsuit and beach wrap,
which she quickly shed.
     Ron moved beside her and caressed her budding breasts.  It
was the first time anyone besides herself had seen them naked and
touched them.  She tingled to his soft, gentle touch.  Her
breathing quickened.  He moved his face over one of her breasts
and gently sucked a nipple into his mouth.  His free hand glided
down her body to her pussy.  She felt his fingers spreading her
lips down there and touching her clitoris, she trembled with so
much pleasure, she thought she was going to scream and cry and
wet herself all at the same time.  She couldn't breathe.  She
couldn't stand his touch, anymore, but she knew she'd die if he
     It was her first orgasm.
     When she was able to breathe again, she smiled at Ron and
hugged him, "Wow!  Thank you!"
     Ron smiled back and rolled onto his back.  His cock looked
huge to Amanda, but even she had to admit that she wasn't an
expert at the time.
     He cradled her head on his shoulder and guided her hand down
to his erection.
     She was shocked when she touched him.  She didn't know what
to expect, but what it felt like was a surprise.  It was warm and
soft.  But firm and hard.  It was dry and the skin slid up and
down on the shaft.  The tip was so smooth and the flesh under the
round head was so soft.  His hair was tight and curly, and
covered the sac of balls.  She loved it!
     She felt his hand on the back of her head and she knew what
he wanted.  She and Amber and Heather had often talked about sex
and how to do it.  The three of them had agreed that they would
never put a penis in their mouths -- not the thing boys pee with!
But here she was, eagerly and curiously moving her mouth to do
exactly that!
     She licked it.  She sucked it.  She kissed it.  She made it
wet with her saliva.  And Ron seemed to be enjoying everything
she was doing.
     Finally, Ron pulled her face away from his prick and she
knew what was next.  It was the next logical step and she wanted
it.  She knew at that moment that she loved this beautiful man.
     Ron reached over to the night table and squeezed something
clear out of a tube and spread it over the head of his penis. 
Then he knelt between Amanda's wide-open legs.
     "Is this your first time?"
     Embarrassed, Amanda nodded.
     "If it hurts, it will only hurt for a second and then it
will feel good.  Okay?  Do you trust me, Amanda?"
     Again, she nodded.
     But it didn't hurt.  Maybe it was horseback riding, or her
gymnastics or the other sports she played, but there was
definitely no pain.
     Amanda knew she was addicted to what they were doing from
the second that his penis head spread her pussylips and plunged
into her.  She had never felt anything like it!  The pleasure of
feeling so spread, so filled and all her nerves down there
sending pleasure messages to her brain.  She knew she never
wanted to stop fucking Ron Miller.
     And fuck him she did.  All summer.  The day after that first
time Amanda went to the clinic and started on the pill.  Ron used
condoms until it was safe.  
     As soon as the kids were in bed, so were they.  Marian would
come home for a day or two and they would stop, barely able to
keep their hands off each other.  Then she would leave and Ron
and Amanda would get right back to it.  He showed her what he
liked and what positions he wanted.  He loved fucking
doggie-style and having his dick sucked, but he never went down
on her.  She asked him once, late in the summer, and all he said
was that he didn't do that.  It didn't really matter all that
much to her.
     When the end of the summer approached, Amanda began to
wonder what was going to happen.  As unlikely as their situation
looked because of their ages, Amanda had told Ron that she loved
him and she had shown him she could handle the house -- cooking
and cleaning and raising the children.  He had to know she wasn't
doing it for the lousy five dollars an hour they were paying her.
     But Marian returned, and Ron didn't say anything to Amanda
other than "thanks for your help with the kids."
     Her heart was broken.
     But it didn't take long to find out that Ron was not the
only man in the world.  Weekend parties offered Amanda her choice
of boys -- and she exercised that choice.
* * *
     Now, almost naked before the dying fire, Amanda spread her
pussylips with her fingers and with her other hand inserted three
fingers into her pussy as she rubbed her clit with her thumb. 
She was thinking of the date she had had with a boy named Philip.
Philip was only visiting for the weekend and he had begged --
actually begged! -- Amanda to let him eat her.  It had been her
     Just like now!
     She was losing control.  She was about to come.  She knew
she was going to scream so she bit a mouthful of her robe and
     She was coming!  Oh, GOD!  How she was coming!  Her whole
body, her whole mind was coming!  She was lost to the world.  She
was going to scream, to faint, to cry.
     It went on and on and on.  It was the come she had wanted. 
Long and intense and deep.  Oh, god!
     She lay there and spit the cloth from her mouth and replaced
it with a silly grin.  Oh, that was GOOD!
     It would be perfect if she could feel a big, fat, hard cock
sliding into her wet pussy, deeper and harder than her fingers
had been.  Oh, she'd love to be getting fucked right now!
     And she's laying there on the floor, with her nightshirt
rolled up to her neck, her legs spread wide.  The mantle clock
softly chimes midnight.  Christmas is over.
     Amanda hears a quiet noise at the doorway.  She looks up. 
She doesn't move.  She smiles.
     "Hello, big brother..."
* * *
               *+*+*+*+ THE END +*+*+*+*
* * * 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
     So, that was Christmas, 1994 for the Andersons.  What will
Christmas, 1995, be like?  Who can guess, after the randy year
they had!
     After what happened in the family room?  And after their
drunken New Year's Eve, when Bobby really DID kiss his mother at
midnight?  After that family ski trip?  After living so closely
together in that Winnabago for four weeks in the Summer?  After
that tearful farewell party for Bobby as he returned to college
in the Fall?
     Was Laurie swept up into office politics at corporate?  Was
she sexually harassed?  Did she find out what it would take to
get that next promotion?  Did the Agro brothers ever get another
double-header with her?
     How often did Amanda go "shopping?"  Did she "babysit" for
the Millers, again?
     Did Robert, Sr. get the state contract?  Did he tire of
Shelly's tits?
     Did Bobby wear out his welcome at the Stone's?  Did little
Heather confess ALL of her naughty sins to Father Sean?  How did
Amanda's basketball team do -- and did Coach Shuler make-out
okay?  Did the Coach ever get to go one-on-one with little
Amanda?  Did Sherman ever recover from his Christmas blow-job? 
Was Father Sean able to contain his growing lusts, or did he give
in to them like so many other perverted priests?
     1995 -- What a year it was!
* * * * * * * THE END * * * * * *

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