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                 Christmas with the Andersons
                          Part 3 of 4
                         by J. Boswell

(c)  Copyright December 1995 by J BOSWELL, all rights, except
     those explicitly detailed below, ARE RESERVED BY THE AUTHOR.
     Electronic distribution (as a text file on an "adults only"
     site) is permitted without alteration, but inclusion in any
     type of "publication" offered for sale (eg., book, magazine,
     CD-ROM, etc.), or "subscription-only" sites requires the
     author's explicit permission.

This work of fiction is intended to be read by adults only.  The
author has uploaded it only to "Adults, only" sites, and requests
that you exercise the same discretion.  Also, this is fiction -- in
real life, please protect your lover and yourself by practicing safe

Chapter 7
Thursday, December 22nd  --  Part 2
* * *
     As Robert Anderson, Sr. luxuriated in the feeling of having
his cock expertly sucked and licked by his young assistant, he
realized that he was, in fact, horny every day; and he thanked
god profusely for letting him find both Laurie and Sherri --
Sherri Koslowski, his administrative assistant, his girl Friday,
his right-hand woman; and the best blow-job artist he had ever
met in his life.
     Sherri was bent over his groin, her freakishly huge, naked
tits bobbing wildly, taking him deep into her mouth, sucking him
hard and licking as much of his tumescent flesh as she could.  As
he happily played with her jiggling tit-flesh, he thought back to
the first time he had ever seen Sherri.
     It was twelve years ago.  Business was booming and his old
and trusted secretary, Martha, was retiring.  He was interviewing
for a replacement and knew exactly the type he was looking for --
professional, older, experienced, gentile, classy, competent, and
willing to bring him a cup of coffee without a diatribe on sexist
attitudes in the workplace -- basically, another Martha.
     When Sherri walked through the door for her interview,
Robert looked up to see a young, brassy blonde, unpolished girl,
dressed in cheap polyester and too much make-up; but he knew in
that instant that he was going to hire her.
* * *
     Robert always knew he was a "tit-man."
     His very earliest sexual memories were about mammaries, and
he had spent hours and hours of his prepubescent and pubescent
life spying on his mother and sister and aunt through the
old-fashioned keyholes in the big, old house they all lived in --
always hoping and praying to see tits.  He was successful at
seeing all three of the women in his early life in various states
of dishabille, and even naked on rare occasions, and it was
always the tits that held his attention.  Oh, he'd been thrilled
when he caught a glimpse of a furry cunt, just for the tingle of
seeing such a forbidden sight, but they were a dark and boring
target.  Tits, on the other hand (so to speak!), were alive and
bouncy and thrust forward in bold display.  And he loved them.
     A child of the fifties, Robert wallowed in the big-breasted
culture -- bullet-bras, the earliest `Playboy' magazines and its
imitators, the full-chested actresses like Jane Russell, Mamie
Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield, Kim Novak, and Marilyn Monroe. 
Cleavage was his sustenance, his life.
     His first wife had small tits.  He had dated her in college
and just before graduation she announced to Richard that she was
pregnant.  They were married a week after graduation and she said
she miscarried on their honeymoon.  The divorce was the best
memory Richard had of that marriage, and after it, he wasn't
going to rush into another mistake.
     He dated a lot.  He dated women with big tits, and he loved
every one of them for it.  Usually they were dancers in clubs and
not the type he expected himself to settle down with.  After a
few years, he resigned himself to the fact that he wasn't going
to meet the right woman for him and decided to enjoy his
bachelorhood.  And then he got the invitation to join his best
client and his client's family at their beach house for a Fourth
of July weekend.
     He arrived hot and tired on Friday afternoon.  His client,
Harry MacDonald, met him in the driveway with a cold beer and
escorted him to the guest bedroom, telling Robert to get into his
trunks and meet them on the beach.  As he was meeting Harry's
wife, Maureen, Robert felt all the muscles in his jaw go slack
and felt his chin hit his chest.
     Walking up to the small group was the most beautiful girl
Robert had ever seen in his life.  She had wet, dark hair stuck
to the sides of her smooth, round face, a dazzling smile, and the
most unbelievably-blue blue eyes.
     Against his will, Robert's gaze dropped to the petite girl's
chest, where he was rewarded with the sight of two large, round
tits, barely concealed in a tiny bikini top decorated in an
American flag design.
     "Hi!" this vision said to Robert as she bent to pick up a
towel from the beach blanket, and in the process, giving Robert a
view through her cleavage down to the top of her bikini bottom!
     "Robert, I'd like you to meet the genius in the family. 
This is my daughter, Lauren, or `Laurie' as she prefers.  She
skipped a few grades and just finished her second year at James
Madison.  Laurie, this is a business associate, Robert Anderson."
     That night on the beach, he enjoyed all the treasures the
young Laurie had to offer, and that weekend marked the end of
Robert's self-imposed bachelorhood.  Over the next few weeks, he
used all the money, class, experience, and romance he could
muster to woo the young Laurie MacDonald.  She was everything he
was looking for in a wife -- beautiful, intelligent, poised,
classy, and on top of everything else -- she had the most
wonderful set of large, firm, round tits he had ever had the
pleasure of playing with.
     He knew the age difference was significant.  He was
thirty-four, and Laurie hadn't had her nineteenth birthday, yet,
but Harry and Maureen didn't seem to mind, and if anything,
Laurie seemed to prefer an older man, established in a career.
     Within weeks of meeting, they were engaged and immediately
decided that Laurie would move in with Robert.  Soon after that
they were married and soon after that, Laurie was pregnant with
     Robert loved Laurie.  She was the perfect wife and mother. 
He never regretted marrying her for an instant.  And, he would
probably have never cheated on her if he hadn't met Sherri.
     Sherri's irresistible attraction for Robert was obvious --
put simply and crassly, she was a huge set of tits on legs.
     She was tall and skinny.  Her legs were long, but thin.  Her
torso was thin and, except for those bazooms, she probably
measured the same around her shoulders, her waist, and her hips. 
She had no hourglass figure, like Laurie.  She had no ass.
     She did have tits -- 44-DD on her otherwise skinny body. 
Since meeting Sherri, Richard had seen girls and women built like
her on some of the talk shows, and recognized (and enjoyed) the
trend in X-rated videos, where the breast size of a lot of the
new "stars" bordered on freakish dimensions.  But this all
occurred after Sherri.  Sherri was the first set of
near-impossible tits in Richard's life.
     That day, twelve years ago, Robert knew that if Sherri
couldn't type her name in a minute, he was still going to hire
her, just to keep those tits within sight.  But the interview had
gone even better than Robert hoped...
* * *
     Sherri was nervous and Robert could hear a faint tremble in
her voice, but he admired the way she presented herself to him.
     "Mr. Anderson, I can see what type of secretary you're
trying to hire, and I'm sure you looked at my resume and decided
I am not that person, but I think you'd be wrong rule me out.
     "I'll cut through all the professional language and tell you
everything there is to know about me.  I'm a local girl who got
pregnant and dropped out of high school.  My parents kicked me
out and my baby's father split for parts unknown.  I worked at
whatever minimum-wage jobs I could find and I got a place for my
daughter and me to live.  I scratched out a living and took
advantage of whatever benefits I qualified for and I earned my
GED high school diploma.  I found subsidized child-care and I
took two years of courses at the community college.  I've been a
temp at seven businesses in the last year and the temp agency
will tell you that I got good performance reviews from all of
them.  I even had offers to stay at four of them.
     "I'm twenty years old with a daughter ready to start school
in the Fall.  Your company is within walking distance to the
school I'd like her to go to, and an apartment I'd like to be
able to afford to rent.
     "I know I'm young, Mr. Anderson, but I'm not dumb and I've
learned a lot over the last five years.  I look at other girls my
age and I know I've matured far beyond them.
     "I want this job, Mr. Anderson.  Sure, I need it, but more
than that, I want it.  I know I can do it if you'll give me the
     "I saw the way you looked at me when I walked in.  I think I
know what was in that look.  I want to be very clear about this,
Mr. Anderson, so there will be no misunderstanding.  I am willing
to do anything for you to get the chance I deserve.  No
questions, no hesitation, and no complaints, later -- I'm willing
to do anything."
     Robert stared at the girl.  She was sitting primly in the
chair, looking near tears, and was waiting for him to speak. 
["What had she seen in my look?" he wondered.  "And, does she
mean `anything' when she says `anything?'"]
     Sherri still had not said another word.  Robert looked at
her again, "Ms Koslowski, if this were a movie, I'd say something
like `I like your spunk,' and hire you on the spot.  But this
isn't a movie it's business -- my business -- and you are correct
when you say that there isn't anything on your resume that would
qualify you for the position I need filled.  Therefore, giving
you the chance that you so eloquently requested would be an
unlikely decision on my part..."  Robert hesitated for only an
instant, and then decided to plunge ahead, "...without something
you can offer me that none of the other applicants can offer me. 
Maybe there is something.  Let's begin by your showing me your
     There, he'd said it!  It was a risk to actually come out and
say it, but staring at that incredible chest made him decide. 
Now, it was up to her.
     As she promised, Sherri asked no questions and did not
hesitate.  She stood up, reached behind her and unzipped her
dress.  She lifted it over her head and followed that with her
full slip.
     Robert could feel his heart racing and his breath coming in
gasps as Sherri, standing there in a large, simple white bra,
pantyhose and white panties, reached behind her to unclasp the
     Robert heard himself groan as the large white bra fell to
the floor and Sherri's mammoth tits were bared for his view. 
They were huge, heavy and round, with blue veins and very large
pink nipples.  They were mashed together, forming cleavage from
her neck almost to her waist. 
     Robert had never seen tits like them before in his life.  He
stood and walked around the desk.  Sherri turned towards him and
he reached out to cup her breasts and lift them in his hands.  He
had never felt such heavy flesh before.  He never wanted to let
them go.
     He sat down on the edge of the desk, never letting go of her
tit-flesh.  He began squeezing, pulling, pinching them; swinging
them, pushing them together, twisting the now-hard nipples
between his fingers and thumbs.
     As he played and manipulated, Sherri reached down and
unzipped Robert's zipper.  Gently, she reached into his shorts
and withdrew his raging, engorged erection.  Slowly, she bent
over at the waist and engulfed his cock in her mouth as his hands
continued their play with her breasts.
     Within only a minute or two, Robert was ready to cum.  As he
felt his climax begin, he clasp his hands on the young girl's
tit-flesh and squeezed as hard as he could, spasming with both
his cock and fingers.  His incredible cum continued for some time
and Sherri never altered her mouth's rhythm, sucking every drop
of cum he spewed down her throat.
     After he finished, and Sherri cleaned him with her tongue
and mouth, Robert stood and zipped up.  Sherri sat down in the
chair, still naked from the waist up and waited for the verdict.
     Robert sat and looked across the desk at the young woman and
her incredible tits.  "Well, here's no surprise -- you're hired,
Ms Koslowski.  You're getting your chance.  But your employment
is conditional.  Your employment agreement will be renewed on a
daily basis, depending on both your office duties and the special
administrative duties that you just demonstrated.  Is that
     "Yes, Mr. Anderson."
     "And you can agree to those terms?"
     "Yes, Mr. Anderson."
     "And if we, ah... expand on those terms?"
     "There won't be a problem, Mr. Anderson."
     "Fine.  My current secretary is retiring in about a month. 
You begin tomorrow morning to learn everything she knows about
this company and about me.  I don't mean any offense, Ms
Koslowski, but I'd also like it if you learned some fashion and
make-up tips from her.  I can arrange a `sign-on' bonus for you
to help with any additional wardrobe requirements you might have
as a result."
     "Thank you, Mr. Anderson."
* * *
Chapter 8
Thursday, December 22nd  --  Part 3
* * *
     Now, twelve years later, Robert never regretted his decision
for a moment.
     As he leaned back into the soft sofa, tugging on her long
nipples as she tugged on his cock with her lips, he thought about
how right he had been to hire her.  Over her years with the
company, Sherri -- smart, ambitious, and loyal -- went from
Robert's secretary to his true and valued assistant with a
secretary of her own.  The previous year, Robert had promoted her
to Vice President and given her another fat raise.  She proved
over and over that there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for the
company and her career, and most importantly, for Robert.
     In those same twelve years, Sherri never hesitated to strip
naked and get down on her knees and suck Robert off or climb
aboard his cock for a fuck.  Soon after hiring Sherri, Robert had
a large, comfortable sofa delivered to his office, and they would
use it two and three times a day.  His favorite position was
lying on his back with Sherri fucking him, sitting on his cock as
he played with her bouncing, bobbing, swinging tits.  Not as
often, anymore, but Robert had also lent Sherri and the sofa to
several of his better clients, and they always returned the favor
with lucrative contracts.
     Outside of the office, Sherri's life settled down and she
met a nice man and eventually married him.  At first, Robert was
jealous and afraid he was going to lose her, but she never
stopped sucking him in the office.  They didn't fuck as often as
they used to, except on business trips or at conventions, but she
never hesitated to get down on her knees, and that was just fine
with Robert.
     "Oh!  Oh!  Ahhh...!
     Sherri tightened her lips around Robert's spurting cock and
swallowed his warm, gooey cum as it filled her mouth.  When he
was finished, she gently licked his cock clean and returned it to
his pants and zipped him up.
     Robert relaxed on the sofa and watched Sherri dress, "Well,
what's on the calendar for today, besides the clients' party?"
     "Really, Robert, there's nothing that can't wait until after
Christmas.  We're all caught up."
     "Great.  Now, who's coming to the open house and what asses
need the most kissing?"
     Robert sold office supplies and equipment -- from thumbtacks
and pencils to computers, fax machines, and mega-copiers.  The
business was fast and tough and the competition (especially from
the big office stores) was brutal.  The most important thing
Robert's company and every one who worked for it excelled in was
pampering their customers and keeping them happy.  An annual
event was an open house for the clients, featuring -- among other
things -- catered gourmet food and top-of-the line booze.
     "Well, mostly the regulars," Sherri said as she stepped into
her navy highheels and checked herself in the washroom mirror. 
She was wearing an expensive navy wool suit and a white silk
blouse -- the very model of professional decorum.  "You know Sy
is coming -- he's never turned down a free meal or a free
     "Or a free fuck, if I remember correctly."
     Sherri smiled at Robert, "That's for sure.  But we won't
have to offer that, today.  I don't see any major purchases from
him until the Summer.  The main potential client to keep happy is
Philip Dawson."
     "That pompous asshole."
     "For sure, he's that, but he's also the guy that awards the
contract for the state.  If we got that contract, our business
would increase by over a third."
     Robert nodded, "I'll be sure to wear Chapstick so my lips
will be nice and soft when I smooch his buns!"
     "Always a nice touch, Mr. Anderson.  But I also have a
back-up plan in case your lips get tired."
     Robert raised an eyebrow.
     Sherri smiled at him and nodded.  "As usual, I hired a few,
ah... hostesses for the party.  Two of them were here for last
year's bash and performed admirably in supplying exactly what the
clients were looking for.  The third one is a real looker and
knows the score -- she's ready and willing to cooperate fully
with the clients' wishes.  The fourth is the special one I
brought in for our Mr. Dawson."
     "Sherri, you've kept me in the dark!  Don't tell me you have
a little gossip about our upstanding public servant?"
     Sherri sat on the edge of Robert's desk, crossed her legs
and lit a cigarette.  She looked calm and cool and professional
and Robert wanted to fuck her very badly.  Instead, he put that
thought on hold and concentrated on landing a big contract.
     "Well... word has it that our Mr. Dawson is very concerned
with today's youth."
     "He likes them young, eh?  Boys or girls?"
     "Girls.  Scuttlebutt has it that he was asked to leave his
last position as a county school board president because of some
whispered complaints of too-intense one-on-one counselling
sessions with the county's best and brightest young ladies.  I'm
not sure how everything was hushed up, but it was and with
Dawson's political connections, he was promoted out of there."
     "So, who's this special hostess you've hired?"
     "Her name is Diane, and she's the daughter of a neighbor. 
She's almost seventeen and has boned every male over the age of
eleven in the neighborhood."
     "Including Doug?" Robert teased about Sherri's husband.
     "I hope not, but I couldn't blame him if he did.  Wait until
you see her.  This girl reeks sex.  As I said, she's sixteen but
she can look thirteen or twenty-eight, depending on how she's
dressed.  I told her to dress young, pretty and innocent."
     Robert wiped his hand down over his face and thought for a
moment.  "I want this contract, Sherri, but setting something up
with an underage girl is making me feel more than a little icky."
     "That's why I didn't say anything to you, I knew you would
feel skittish about it.  But believe me, Robert, I'm not asking
this little slut to do something she hasn't already done a few
hundred times before."
     "I understand.  But my Amanda is fourteen and your Tiffany
is seventeen.  It just gives me the creeps."
     "Well, why don't you just wait to see what happens before
you run to confession.  For all we know, Dawson won't even give
her a look."
     "Yeah, alright."
* * *
     To the surprise of neither of them, Dawson gave little Diane
more than a look -- and he wasn't the only one.  When the girl
arrived, Sherri introduced her as her niece.  Diane was a
beautiful young lady, wearing a bright red jumper over a green
turtleneck top and flat, black pumps with white stockings.  Her
hair was casually pulled back and her make-up was applied lightly
and expertly.  She looked like a sweet, innocent
fourteen-year-old girl that every man in the building wanted to
immediately strip and fuck.
* * *
     At home, Laurie was happily baking cookies and bread in her
kitchen, thinking back over her outrageous night with Sam and
Theo.  At one point, she giggled out loud as she sensuously oiled
two loaves of dough, getting them ready for the oven -- the dough
had a soft firmness to it, and shaped to be baguettes, the size
and shape was very similar to the well-hung Agro brothers.  She
wished the randy brothers were right there in the kitchen, taking
her one after the other, her jeans and panties tossed aside, her
body thrown over the flour-covered table...
     "Hi, mom!  What's so funny?" called Bobby as he walked into
the kitchen.  "Are you all right?  You look all flushed and red."
     "Oh!  Hi, honey.  Yes, I'm fine.  It just gets a little warm
with both ovens going and everything.  Back from shopping,
     "Yeah, the stores are packed.  I just need to figure out
what to get for dad and I think I'm through.  Can I sample these
cookies, Mom?"
     Laurie ruffled Bobby's hair as she walked past him, towards
the refrigerator, "Sure!  I even bought extra milk, knowing you'd
be home."
     She poured a glass of milk and stood next to Bobby seated on
a kitchen stool, "You don't know how much I miss having you
around, dear."  Laurie held Bobby's face between her hands and
kissed his forehead, "I really missed you."
     Bobby wrapped his arms around his mother's waist and pulled
her close for a hug, "I know, Mom.  I missed you, too. 
California is a long way away."
     Mother and son enjoyed their long, tight hug until the oven
timer buzzed and Laurie got the next batch of cookies out of the
* * * 
     Amanda Anderson felt like screaming -- school was finally
out for the holidays!  No more Sister Mary Murderer for two
weeks!  She felt like skipping as she made her way across the
parkinglot to the church.  Only forty minutes of choir practice
and then home for the holidays.
     As usual, the church was too, too warm.  All the girls were
talking excitedly and laughing with each other, discussing
Christmas trips and clothes and hoped-for presents and parties
and, of course, boys.
     "Ah, girls?  Ahem!  Girls?  LADIES, PLEASE!"
     The girls stopped their noise and looked at the young priest
standing in front of them.
     "Um, hi, girls."
     "Um, I can hear you're all in good voice, today.  Getting
out of school for two weeks isn't the reason, is it?"
     There was a mixture of giggles and "YES, FATHER O'SULLIVAN,"
     Father Sean Patrick O'Sullivan looked at his twenty-four
charges -- girls from the seventh grade through their senior year
of high school -- and realized he was sweating profusely again.
     Entering the seminary directly from a private Catholic
grammar school at thirteen and being ordained a priest at the
young age of twenty-four the previous September, he had never
been this close to so many young women in his life, until he was
assigned to lead the girls' choir.  He could handle leading them
during Mass -- it was so formal a setting, there was the crowd of
people, and the girls were all dressed in heavy satin robes from
their neck to their shoes.  It was practice that tested his
spiritual strength.  When the girls showed up for choir practice,
they felt more relaxed than in the classroom.  Most were in their
uniforms, blouses open at the neck or the waistband of their
skirts rolled up, making their skirts far shorter than the nuns
would ever allow in class.  Some came in sweaty from phys-ed or
team practice, their gym skirts barely long enough for modesty. 
He would never get used to how... casual... the girls were about
their bodies around him.
     Father Sean never imagined being assigned to a parish with a
girls' school attached to it would be as trying as it was. 
Shortly after being assigned to the parish, he began sinning. 
Just seeing so many girls walking and running and sitting around
the parish grounds was enough to start deep and troublesome
feelings inside of him.  Then, when he was assigned the choir and
counselling duties, bringing him in close contact with the girls,
his fight against temptation failed and he wallowed in his
failure and his self-abuse.
     He had the misfortune to be near one of the girls more than
he was comfortable with.  She was in the choir and one of the
students he counselled on academic and spiritual matters.  She
was the most beautiful and desirable girl in the school, and
being near her added to his guilt for the even deeper and darker
feelings and thoughts he had about her.  In his bed at night, as
he whipped his hand up and down his turgid flesh, lost in lust
and guilt, his thoughts were of doing indecent and indescribable
things to sweet Amanda Anderson. 
     She was the perfect age.  The older girls intimidated Father
Sean and the younger ones were... well, too young.  Amanda still
had the innocence of the younger girls, but her body was full and
ripe -- a woman's body.  She was smart and popular and sweet. 
There was no question about her beauty; she almost radiated. 
When Father Sean masturbated every night, he thought only about
     She had not done anything overt to tempt Father Sean. 
Instead, it was her pretty face and the confident way she carried
her sexy body.  The priest cherished the short skirts she wore,
allowing him to gape at her shapely calves and firm thighs.  One
day, in a counselling session, one of Amanda's blouse buttons was
missing and her blouse gapped, letting him see her firm curved
breast disappear into the cup of her white, lacy bra.  He had
rubbed his penis raw that night, and the next few!
     Father Sean muddled through the choir practice, trying
desperately not to stare too often at Amanda.  Finally, it was
     "All right, girls.  That was very good.  Remember, we're
singing at the 11 o'clock Mass on Christmas. PA-LEASE don't be
     The girls giggled and quickly disappeared.  All except
Amanda, who walked up to the priest.
     "Father Sean?"
     "Yes, Amanda?"  Father Sean could feel his heart racing in
his chest.
     She smiled, "I have something for you."
     When the girl bent over to open her backpack, Father Sean
was glad he was wearing his cassock.  His penis had hardened and
was straining the tolerance of his zipper.  "Wha... What is it,
Amanda?"  He could barely get the words out, his throat was so
dry and constricted.
     Amanda straightened up and turned to face the priest.  "It's
a Christmas present.  Don't open it until Christmas morning!"
     Father Sean took the small, beautifully wrapped gift.  "But,
I don't have anything for you."
     "You don't have to, Father Sean.  I'm giving you a gift. 
That's all.  It's just a little something, so you don't forget
about me.  Merry Christmas, Father Sean."
     As she spoke she stepped close to the priest and stood on
her toes.  She leaned against the rigid man and brushed his cheek
with a chaste, dry kiss.  Then she turned and made her way to the
door.  Just before she opened the door, she turned and waved at
the priest.
     Only with the most difficult effort was he able to smile and
wave.  He stood there, in the center aisle of the church, feeling
guilty and disgusted with himself.  When the girl leaned against
him, he smelled her fragrance and felt her breasts press against
his chest and her thighs press against his erection and he began
an orgasm.
* * *
     On the way home, Amanda asked her mother, "What's for
     "Italian.  I even made fresh bread."
     "Mmmm...  Sounds great.  Is Bobby home?"
     "Yes.  Rank amateur that he is, he's all shopped out."
     "Ha!  What a wimp.  I still have shopping to do.  I guess
I'll go tomorrow.  I feel like staying in tonight."
     "Bobby said the same thing, and I'm looking forward to
kicking my shoes off and relaxing.  Maybe we'll stop and rent a
couple of videos."
     "Great!  Will Daddy be home for dinner?"
     "I doubt it, tonight, honey.  He's having his big client
     "Oh, yeah, I forgot.  Daddy calls it his ass-kisser's ball!"
* * *
     Robert was happy with the way the party had gone.  All the
clients seemed happy, and even that prig Dawson eventually
loosened up and finally disappeared with Diane.  Sherri had been
brilliant, again.
     Now, the two of them were alone in the building and were
sitting on the sofa in Robert's office.  The lights were low,
their shoes were off and they were sipping from a bottle of
champagne that Robert had saved for them, and Christmas carols
were playing on the radio.
     "Well, how do you think it went, Sherri?"
     She stretched out her long legs and rested her feet on the
coffee table, "I thought it went great.  Dawson left with Diane
and a silly grin on his face, so I have more than a hunch we'll
be hearing from him, soon.  I think Doug Chambers fell in love
with Doris."
     "Which one was she?"
     "The redhead."
     "Mmmm, nice."
     "I only hire the best, boss."
     "I didn't see much of the blonde."
     "That was Bev.  She's a real pro at `hostessing.'  I might
have to replace the sofa in my office after the workout she gave
it, today."
     "Who did she keep happy?"
     "Like I said, she's a real pro.  I saw her disappear with
Ron Goldman and Derek Morton, and I think that rep for Golden
Foods -- I can never remember his name."
     "Steve Hutchinson.  She didn't do all of them at once, did
     "No, boss, one at a time, you horny bird."
     "I was gonna say maybe we should install a video camera for
next year."
     Sherri laughed, "If this business gets any tougher, that
might not be such a bad idea, anyway!"
     Robert casually reached over and pulled Sherri's blouse out
of her skirt and moved his hand up to her bra-clad breast.
     Sherri put her cigarette out in the ashtray and her glass on
the coffeetable, "Wait a minute, sport."  She stood and removed
her jacket, blouse, and bra.  Then she sat down and poured
another drink.  Robert's hand cupped under her full tit and
squeezed her flesh.
     Sherri continued talking, "You know, Robert, I really like
this time of the year.  The pressure's off a little, there's the
clients' party, and tomorrow is the employees' party.  It's a
nice time."
     "Um-hum," mumbled Robert, his mouth full of nipple.
     Sherri lit another cigarette and sipped her champagne.
* * *
Chapter 9
Friday, December 23 -- Part 1  
* * *
     On Friday morning, Laurie woke up horny, Robert woke up
happy, Amanda woke up hung-over, and Bobby woke up with a
* * *
     Laurie awoke from an erotic dream that was filled with dark
men and large cocks and long tongues, and she was slightly
disappointed to find she was lying quietly in her own bed.  She
again marvelled at how horny and randy she had been feeling
lately; and her nasty session with the Agro brothers had only
exacerbated those feelings, rather than relieve them.  She was
feeling so damned sexy, she could barely stand it!
     She looked over at Robert.  She had fallen asleep before he
got home the night before, so she had no idea what time he had
gotten to sleep, but he looked rested enough.  Her hand crept
under the sheets and over his thigh until she found his warm
cock.  Still asleep, Robert's dick slowly responded to Laurie's
warm, soft touch.  He was soon erect and Laurie's head
disappeared under the covers.
* * *
     Robert stirred and then woke to a very pleasant, warm, wet
feeling in his crotch.  He stirred a little more, enough to
realize he wasn't dreaming, and discovered his lovely wife giving
him a wonderful morning blow-job!  He felt Laurie's mouth leave
his prick and work its way up his stomach, chest and neck until
her head emerged from the covers and she kissed him on the lips.
     "Good morning, Dearest," she said.
     "Mmmm... 'Morning, Sweetheart.  Don't let me interrupt."
     Laurie began to rise and Robert could feel the heat of her
hairless pussy on his upper thigh.  Then she was poised over his
cock.  She tossed her head to get the hair out of her eyes and
smiled down on him, "You don't have to move, Dear, I'll do all
the work."
     Robert reached up to squeeze her still-firm breasts as she
lowered her hips and he felt his prick spreading her wet, warm
pussy-lips.  "Have your way with me!"
     She grunted as she slid down his erection and bottomed out
on his balls, "Ugh!  I intend to!"
     Laurie was obviously into fucking him enthusiastically and
energetically and Robert couldn't help but respond in kind.  He
leaned forward and sucked one of his wife's pink, hard nipples
into his mouth.  His hand moved down to her cunt and he managed
to brush her clit several times with his thumb as it moved up and
down.  Then getting into the spirit of a randy good morning fuck,
Robert reached behind his wife and began shoving two fingers up
her tight asshole.  As he did that he bit down on Laurie's nipple
in his mouth and pinched her other nipple between his finger and
     "Ugh!  Ugh!  OOOoooOOOO!"  Laurie was lost in a world of
feeling only -- no sight, sound, or smell -- only her pussy, her
ass and her nipples.
     Robert kept up his attack on her tender spots and she
continued to hump his cock and -- as they both know would happen
-- she all too soon began to cum -- and cum and cum, losing all
rhythm and strength, until she collapsed onto her husband, who
was just beginning his own climax.
     Finally, when they were both still and cuddling, Robert
laughed, "Whew!  What a wake-up call, Dear.  I thought you were
going to wake up the kids!"
     "Oooo...  I didn't care.  I think they're both old enough to
figure out that their parents fuck."
     "Well, sure, but you don't want them to think we actually
enjoy it, do you?"  And they both laughed.
     Later, when Robert was dressed and ready to leave for the
office, Laurie threw the covers down below her waist and jiggled
her breasts seductively at her husband.
     "Ready for more, Laurie?"
     "Sure!  How about you?"
     "I'm an old man!  I need time to recuperate!"
     "Alright, old man.  I'll let you go this time, but you
better be ready for anything later."
     "So I can look forward to a good time tonight?"
     "Oh, absolutely!  But first, remember, we have to go to the
Stones' big bash."
     "Oh, shit, I totally forgot about that."
     "Well, it's an early start.  Remember, cocktails start at
five, so don't be late."
     "I'll be home in time, Dear.  I wonder what outrageous thing
Regina Stone will pull this year?"
     "Who knows with that crazy bitch.  Robert, I love you."
     "And I love you, Laurie, with all my heart."
     "This was great, this morning.  We're going to have to do
this more often, you know."
     "I know," Robert replied, inwardly wondering if mega-doses
of vitamin E and bushels of oysters would help his stamina. 
"Well, I'm off to work, Dear.  Have a nice day."
     "Bye, Dear, see you tonight.  And thanks for the morning
     "My pleasure!"
* * *
     Amanda awoke in pain.  Her head was throbbing and her mouth
felt and tasted like the inside of a dirty clothes hamper.  She
knew the light from the windows would hurt her eyes, but she
opened them enough to see that she was in her room and in her
bed.  She didn't remember getting there.  She did remember
sitting up with Bobby in the family room, watching some old
comedy videos and drinking some wine coolers.  How many coolers
had she had?  She couldn't remember that, either.
     She slowly sat up and put her feet on the floor.  [`Could a
hangover make your feet hurt, too?' she wondered.]  The clothes
she was wearing last night were in a pile beside the bed.  Amanda
stood up and took a few tentative steps over to the door.  She
took her robe from the hook and put it on.  In the bathroom, she
started the water, to let it get good and hot, and stripped the
robe off.  Then she pulled her t-shirt nightie over her head and
reached down to take her panties off when she realized she wasn't
wearing any.  That was strange.
     The water was hot as she stepped into the shower.
* * *
     Bobby woke up with a hard-on, but there wasn't anything
special about that -- he always woke up with a hard-on.  His hand
crept down to his warm, erect flesh; and, as he gripped his pole,
he remembered the night before and began long, tight strokes. 
* * *
     The three of them had been in the familyroom, watching TV,
when their mother announced she was going up to bed.
     A few minutes later, Bobby went into the kitchen and
returned with a beer for himself and a wine cooler for Amanda. 
"Want a cooler, Munchkin?" he asked.
     Amanda looked up and smiled, "Sure!  I'd love one."
     Bobby twisted the top off and handed the bottle to his
sister, "Just don't get sick."
     "Sick?  This isn't my first one, you know!"
     "Ooooo, excuse me!  I forgot.  You're such a big drinker."
     Amanda stuck her tongue out and took a big gulp of the
cooler.  "Mmmm, good.  I hope there's more in there."
     In a few minutes, Bobby again returned from the kitchen with
a beer and a cooler.  "Want to watch a video, Sis?"
     "Sure, Bobby, which one?"
     "Let's start with `Caddyshack.'"
     Several hours and coolers later, Bobby and Amanda sat on the
sofa laughing through "Stripes" again.  Their father had come
home, said `hi' to his two kids and headed up to bed.  It was
late and, except for the TV, the house was quiet.  Bobby had a
very nice beer-buzz going and Amanda was shit-faced.
     As the credits rolled, Bobby looked at Amanda and saw that
she had nodded off.  He nudged her gently, "C'mon, Munchkin, time
to go to bed."
     Amanda opened her eyes a slit, "G'way!"
     "Come on, Amanda.  I'll help you."
     "No!  I'll sleep here!" she grumped.
     Bobby zapped the TV off and bent to lift Amanda off the
sofa.  As he did, he got another strong whiff of her perfume.  He
couldn't get her to stand, so he picked her up in his arms.  She
felt light as a feather and as loose as a bag of potatoes -- but
looked a whole lot prettier.  He climbed the steps slowly and
quietly made his way to the door of his sister's bedroom.  Not
wanting to be obvious, should mom or dad awake and find that he
allowed his little sister to get drunk, Bobby quickly slipped
into Amanda's room, gently lay her on her bed, closed the door,
and turned on the small reading lamp.
     He stood over the bed, looking at his exquisite little
sister.  Her hair spilled onto her pillow and she snored quietly
-- so pretty, so innocent, yet so damn sexy!
     Feeling his buzz drifting away, Bobby felt clear-headed. 
His mind argued between just leaving Amanda the way she was to
sleep it off, and `making her more comfortable' by undressing
her.  Without too much of an internal argument, he decided to
undress her.
     He started innocently enough, leaning over and pulling her
socks off.  Then his impatience got the best of him.  He began
unbuttoning her flannel shirt, his fingers feeling thick and
clumsy as they fumbled with the buttons.  Finally, the shirt was
unbuttoned and he held Amanda up from the bed so he could pull
the shirt off her shoulder and arms.  He checked to make sure she
was still sleeping and was relieved to see she was still soundly
out.  She was wearing a white satin bra with soft cups and Bobby
could feel his dick harden as he looked at his sister's white
flesh swelling up and out the top of the cups.  He looked for a
clasp on the front, but there wasn't one, so he had to lift her
up again as he unclasp the bra.
     He gently lay her back on the bed and took a deep breath. 
If she woke up, now, he wouldn't be able to explain what he was
doing.  He could have stopped with her shirt and jeans and threw
a nightie on her, but if caught now, he'd never be able to
explain why he was taking her bra off.
     Committed to seeing his sister's tits, he slid the thin
straps off her shoulders and arms and slowly lifted the soft cups
away from the firm flesh.  His erection swelled to fullness as
his eyes feasted on Amanda's perfect, full, round, firm mounds of
tit-flesh.  The view had been worth the risk!  He immediately
wanted to touch her breasts with his fingers and mouth but
decided he better not.
     His hands returned to her waist, his eyes still glued to her
tits.  He opened the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper
down.  He saw the hint of white covering her mound.  He went to
her feet and gently tugged the jeans off her rump and hips until
they were off and joined the pile of her clothes on the floor. 
Hesitating only slightly, Bobby curled his fingers in the
waistband of her bikini panties and gently tugged them off.
     At last, she was naked!
     He stood there and tried to take it all in.  God, she was
beautiful!  The face of an angel, that magnificent set of tits, a
flat, firm stomach, a pretty little `inny' navel, sexy hips, and
an almost-transparent covering of trimmed honey-blonde pubic hair
over puffy and obviously pink pussylips.  Her legs were firm and
shapely leading down to her petite feet and red-painted toenails.
     Eventually, he moved to her bureau and got a long t-shirt
nightie.  He didn't want to cover her up, but he assumed she
didn't sleep naked and if she woke up that way, she'd have a
pretty good idea who made her like that.  But, still, he stood
there, looking.
     Unable to resist the temptation any longer, he reached his
hand down and gently brushed his palm over her right nipple.
     Immediately, her nipple crinkled and hardened and a tiny
moan escaped her lips.
     Now, with no thought involved, Bobby knelt next to the bed
and reached both hands up to cover his little sister's firm
breasts.  She moaned louder as he cupped both breasts and rubbed
his thumbs over her nipples.  As he continued, she became more
restless, moving her hips and legs, until Bobby was afraid she
would wake up.
     Using his last ounce of will-power, Bobby quickly popped the
nightie over Amanda's head and, with more than a little
difficulty, threaded her arms through the short sleeves.  He
pulled it down as far as he could and turned the light off and
almost ran down the hall to his own bedroom. 
     Now, as he stroked his hard cock in the morning light, he
thought about his sister's lush, sexy body.  Thoughts of his
mother, naked except for black stockings, garterbelt and
highheels intruded and expanded his fantasy as he felt his cum
boiling in his balls, getting ready to explode out his dick.
     What a cum!
     Later, at breakfast, his sister and mother behaved perfectly
normal, but Bobby had his own private fantasies about what sexy
little sluts they both could be!
* * *
Concluded in Part 4

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