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                 Christmas with the Andersons
                          Part 2 of 4
                         by J. Boswell

(c)  Copyright December 1995 by J BOSWELL, all rights, except
     those explicitly detailed below, ARE RESERVED BY THE AUTHOR.
     Electronic distribution (as a text file on an "adults only"
     site) is permitted without alteration, but inclusion in any
     type of "publication" offered for sale (eg., book, magazine,
     CD-ROM, etc.), or "subscription-only" sites requires the
     author's explicit permission.

This work of fiction is intended to be read by adults only.  The
author has uploaded it only to "Adults, only" sites, and requests
that you exercise the same discretion.  Also, this is fiction -- in
real life, please protect your lover and yourself by practicing safe

Chapter 4
Wednesday, December 21st  --  Part 2
* * *
     Laurie left Sherman's office to join the big Christmas
party.  Sherman said he wanted to clean up and finish some work
before he joined them.
     The cafeteria had been decorated and the tables were piled
high with food -- from cookies and candy to baked hams and roast
turkeys.  Company policy forbade alcoholic beverages on the
premises, but there were urns of coffee and big coolers
overflowing with ice-cold juice drinks and sodas.
     The atmosphere was relaxed and there were a lot of smiles
and hugs and flirting.  All the employees were there, as well as
salesmen and supplier representatives, and the men far
outnumbered the women.  Laurie was getting more than her share of
attention, especially the way she looked in her heels and short
     By 2 p.m., people were drifting out of the cafeteria.  Some
were going home, some shopping, and some to local taverns to add
a little alcoholic glow to the proceedings.
     Laurie said her good-byes, as this was her last day at the
warehouse, and she was packing her stationwagon with a few
presents and her personal items from her desk when Joanie, her
friend and co-worker approached her.
     "I cain't believe you're really leavin' us, hon.  I am sure
gonna be missin' you.  But don't you split on us yet, sweetie.  A
few of us are goin' to `Clancy's' for a drink or two.  Come with
     Laurie hugged Joanie, again.  "Mmmm... I'll miss you, too. 
I should be getting home, but a drink sounds good.  Who's going?"
     Joanie grinned evilly and stuck her fist under her coat and
pushed it out at the groin, "A whole flock of us, but most
important, Sam `The Man' is goin'.  Woo woo!"
     Sam Agro was a young, short, well-built, dark Greek who
worked on the loading dock.  Women's-room gossip spread the word
that Sam had an enormous prick and was more than willing to share
it.  Laurie had heard all the stories about Sam.  She often
wondered if Joanie -- skinny, unattractive, married, mother of
four, and in dire need of an orthodontist, but just a little bit
wild -- had had a first-hand experience with the monster, because
she was always coy and would neither confirm nor deny Laurie's
     Laurie smiled at her friend and winked, "Well, that does
sound tempting."
     "Come on, Laurie, honey!  We'll ply'im with drinks and take
advantage of his in-e-bri-a-ted state.  There's room enough for
both of us to ride that pony between his legs!  It'll be fun!"
     And fun it was.
* * *
     By four-thirty that afternoon, the bar crowd had shrunk
considerably, leaving only those who wanted to get drunk or
wanted to get lucky... and Laurie.  She wasn't sure which she
wanted to get.
     There were eleven of them, seven men and four women, sitting
around a big table in Clancy's backroom.  Someone went to the bar
for another round of drinks and returned with a bowl of bright
red maraschino cherries on the tray with the drinks.
     Joanie took her beer off the tray and looked at the bowl,
"Well, those are the only cherries in this room!"
     Everyone laughed, and Ed, who brought the cherries, held one
up by the stem.
     "Remember that show, `Twin Peaks' that used to be on? 
Remember the little slut that could tie the cherry stem in a knot
with her tongue?  The thought of that used to drive me crazy.  I
was just wondering if any of you ladies are as talented."
     Joanie stood up and grabbed the cherry from Ed and popped it
into her mouth.  Everyone at the table began laughing loudly as
her face went through exaggerated contortions until, finally,
with a shout of triumph, Joanie dramatically reached in and held
the cherry up between her fingers -- the stem was in a perfect
overhand knot.
     "Simple as pie!"  She bowed to the applause and offered the
bowl to Laurie.  "Laurie, hon, you want to try next?"
     Laurie grabbed a cherry from the bowl and popped it in her
mouth.  After several moments of concentrated effort, she had to
admit defeat to the crowd.  She couldn't do it.
     Joanie patted her on the back, "Gee, I thought you would
have been a natural at that, hon."
     Laurie smiled an angelic smile as she bit the cherry and
said, "I'm not used to anything that small in my mouth!"
     As the men hooted and whistled at Laurie's comment, the
other two women tried their luck with the cherries.  One
succeeded and the other failed.
     Marsha, the other woman who couldn't tie the knot, said that
the only thing she had tried with cherries was the game "Pass the
Cherry," at which she claimed to be an expert.
     To the ensuing questions, she explained that the game was
like "Trivial Pursuit" with someone asking someone else a
question.  If the answer was right, that person asked the next
question.  If he or she was wrong, the asker took a cherry with a
stem and the answerer took one without a stem and they had to
pass them by mouth.
     The game won everyone's immediate approval and Ed
volunteered to ask the first question.
     Because there were fewer women, they decided the women
should go in the order they were seated, making Joanie first and
Laurie third.  The men would take their turn clockwise around the
     Ed, looking very serious, pointed at Joanie and asked,
"Joanie, what team won the first Superbowl?"
     Joanie looked at the other women, who all shook their heads
and said, "So!  That's the way we're gonna play this game!  Well,
let's just get to the fun part, Ed."
     She grabbed two cherries and sat down on Ed's lap.  After
removing the stem of one cherry, she popped one in his mouth and
sucked the other in between her lips and then the two of them
proceeded to share a very deep, very passionate, open-mouthed,
two-minute kiss.  The tone for the game had been set.
     Thirty minutes later, the women all looked a little
disheveled.  They had all been around the table at least once and
the kissing had become even more amorous, with a lot of feeling
and grabbing going on.
     Marsha and one of the company reps, after a particularly
long and passionate session of cherry-passing -- during which the
rep's hand disappeared under Marsha's skirt -- said their
goodbyes and left, hand in hand.
     When it was Sam's turn to ask Laurie a question, she excused
herself to go to the bathroom.  As she finished in the stall and
was about to pull her panties up, she was struck with a thought
and smiled broadly.
     When she returned to the table, she sat on Sam's lap and
said, "I don't need a question and I can't take anymore fucking
     Then, before they began to kiss, Laurie leaned close to
Sam's ear and whispered, "Could you be a dear and hold these for
me, Sam?"
     Sam looked down at his hand and saw that Laurie had just
handed him her tiny, black lace panties!
     During the kiss, Sam's hand worked its way up under Laurie's
skirt, over the top of her stockings, across her bare thigh, and
into the warmth and wetness of her naked pussy!  Laurie felt his
prick responding and immediately began to believe those rumors
about Sam.
     "Let's get out of here, Sam!  Now!" she whispered.
     "Sure.  We go now, Laurie."
     They bid their farewells, wishing everyone a "Merry
Christmas."  Joanie hugged her friend and whispered, "Don't
forget to stop and get some K-Y, honey.  Believe me, you're gonna
need it!"
     Outside, the air was cool, but not cold.  Laurie took Sam by
the hand and led him to her big stationwagon.
     Sam pointed to his old pick-up truck and said, "Laurie, I
drive, you drive.  You follow me `cause I live close."
     Laurie unlocked the doors and pulled Sam in after her.  She
started the car and turned the heat on.  Pushing packages out of
the way and folding down the back seat, she opened her coat and
smiled, "Sam, I can't wait to go anywhere else.  If we don't do
this right now, right here, I'll probably loose my nerve."
     Sam began removing his jacket and then ripped down his
zipper, "Oh, no!  No back out, now, lady.  Sammy give it to you
right now so you can't change your mind!"
     Laurie lay back on the floor and watched Sam in the subdued
light.  She could see the bulge in his jeans, and she wet her
lips with her tongue in anticipation of what was coming next. 
Sam placed his hands on his hips and pushed his jeans and
underwear down off his hips in one motion.
     "O.h..m.y..g.o.d!"  Laurie's lower jaw dropped when Sam's
prick popped into view.  The rumors and gossip were true -- he
was huge.  Not just long, he was massive around and Laurie was
slightly afraid he could do some damage -- but she was too hot to
     "I'm wet, honey, but be careful with that thing."  Laurie
pulled her skirt up and over her hips and buns and spread her
legs as wide as the wagon would allow.
     Sam knelt between her stocking-clad legs and preened,
holding his hardening cock in his hand, "You like?  Sammy know
how to fuck, for sure.  He show you the best time."
     "Oh, Sam, I'm ready, but put a rubber on, first!"
     "Wha..?  Sammy don't like the rubber.  He's clean.  No
     "Come on, Sam.  You want it and I want it, but I need you to
wear a rubber."
     "Okay, okay."  With swiftness driven by desperation, Sammy
found his wallet, pulled out a foil square, and ripped it open. 
"You put it on!"
     Laurie propped herself up on her elbows and smiled, "Sure,
my pleasure."  She held the large condom against the almost
purple head of the huge cock and began to slowly roll it down
it's length.  As her fingers moved further and further along its
length, she opened her mouth and sucked the end of his sheathed
penis into her hot mouth. "Mmmmmmmm!"
     "Mmmm...  You good.  But let's fuck, now!"  Sam pushed
Laurie gently away from him and placed his dick at the entrance
to her bare pussy.  Slowly, oh so slowly, he lowered himself onto
and into the sexy woman.  She was tight and he liked them tight,
even if they didn't stay that way long.
     "Ohmygod.ohmygod.ohmygod.ohmygod..." Laurie was almost lost
in a tantric-like chant.  It had been a long time [`Too long!'
she thought to herself] since she had had her pussy filled with a
cock like Sam's.  
     Her whole day had been building up to this moment.  First,
in the shower, playing with her sensitive nipples, then the
quickie-fuck with Robert, changing into garterbelt and stockings,
blowing Sherman, all the flirting, all the kisses and feels at
the bar, and now, this.  This total, filling satisfaction!
     She didn't expect Sam to be a maestro, so she wasn't
surprised when he just plowed that hard monster in and out of her
hungry pussy.  She didn't care -- in fact, she was enjoying the
raunchy fuck in the back of the family stationwagon even more
than she had expected to -- it was exactly the naughty, nasty
kind of fuck she had been fantasizing about for the last few
     Denied twice earlier in the day, Laurie was quickly building
up to a monumental climax.  She could feel it start in her toes
and in the hair on her head and it was racing to her pussy from
both directions -- and it was going to be spectacular!
     And it was!
     Laurie was transported to someplace beyond.  Sam's big cock
pounded into her again and again and her whole existence focused
on the sensation in her pussy and in her brain.  He was fucking
her soul.
     When she regained semi-consciousness, Laurie wasn't sure how
long she had been coming, but Sam was still plowing away in her
pussy, and another orgasm was, unbelievably, not far away.
     But before she got there, Sam `The Man' began grunting like
an animal as he pumped away in her.  With a loud grunt and a long
hiss of breath, Laurie knew he was coming.
     Sam collapsed on Laurie.  "Sammy good, eh?  You like doin'
it with Sam `The Man?'"
     "Oh, yeah, Sam.  That was good."  Laurie hesitated only an
instant before deciding what to do next.  "You said you live
close by?"
     Sam smiled, "You want more Sammy, eh?  Sure, I live close. 
Three minutes."
     Laurie propped herself up on her elbows and watched as Sam
slid his glistening, wet, sheathed cock out of her pink pussy. 
Even after coming, its dimensions were still impressive.  Laurie
wasn't ready to call it a day, yet.
     "Do you have rubbers at your place, Sam, or should I stop
and get some?"
     "Sure.  Sure.  I got'em.  Follow me.  We fuck some more."
     Pulling out of the parking lot behind Sam's beat-up old
pick-up, Laurie wasn't sure she was doing the right thing.  But
then, she remembered how that monster-cock had felt planted in
her horny pussy and she picked up the cell-phone and dialed
Robert's number.
     "Hi, honey! ...Yes, the party was very nice.  Listen, would
you mind if I stopped for a drink with some of the girls?  They
want to wish me a fond farewell... Thanks, honey.  Don't forget
'Manda... Okay, I love you, too... Bye."
     Laurie giggled as she looked at her steamed-over windows in
her rearview mirror.  [`Sheeze, like two horny teenagers!' she
     In only a block or two, Laurie would swear she could feel
her clit tingle, untouched, as she saw Sam signal to turn into
his apartment complex.  [`Christ!' she thought, `I'm still so
fucking horny, I hope the bedroom isn't too far from the front
* * *
Chapter 5
Wednesday, December 21st  --  Part 3
* * *
     Helen Shuler watched the girls finish their laps around the
gym.  This was the best ninth-grade basketball team she had ever
coached.  They were already five-and-one (and losing that game by
a point in overtime!), and she expected them to do well in the
league this year, maybe even the finals.  She had a tall center
and a forward with a good shot, and -- for once -- a real guard.
     Oh, did she have a guard!  Amanda Anderson was smart,
aggressive, and could handle the ball.  She even had a
steadily-improving shot from the three-point circle.  Amanda
Anderson had everything and Helen Shuler, twenty-nine, teacher,
coach, counselor, and lesbian had a deep, all-consuming,
beyond-rational, lustful crush on her.
     Helen didn't know how to deal with it.  Over the years, she
had been attracted to, and had even had affairs with other
students, but those times had been nothing like this.  The girls
had been older, and for the most part, had come on to her.  Some
girls were glad to find another lesbian, and some had only wanted
to experiment (which Helen didn't mind).  The affairs had been
sweet and mutual and... ah... relaxed.  Nothing at all like what
she felt for this 14-year-old nymph.  She wanted to grab Amanda,
rip her clothes off her ripe, young body, throw her across her
desk, and bury her face so deep, for so long, between Amanda's
beautiful thighs, that Helen would have to worry about getting
enough air to breathe.
     And it wasn't just her spectacular legs.  Helen watched
Amanda intently as she ran, laughing and talking, around the gym,
her pony-tail bobbing with each stride.  The young girl took her
breath away every time she looked at her.  Amanda's huge gray
eyes looked at you with both knowledge and naivete.  Her
bee-stung lips were sensuous whether she was smiling or pouting. 
Her face was beautiful, her skin, flawless.  The just-developing
little freshman that had tried out for field hockey in August now
stood fuller and firmer and rounder than any 14-year-old had a
right to be.  Last week, Helen had snuck into Amanda's locker
while she was showering and gasped as she saw the size tag in the
girl's bra -- 34-D!  On other occasions, the coach had felt
Amanda's tiny, little silk and cotton panties, smelling the
crotch and feeling her heart quicken.  To Helen, Amanda exuded a
strong image of sexy innocence, of sweet sluttiness, and the
coach was captured in the girl's aura.
     Helen experienced an involuntary shiver and snapped out of
her thoughts.  She blew her whistle twice and clapped her hands,
"Alright, alright.  That's enough running for now.  Hit the
showers.  And, remember, no practice until the twenty-seventh,
but I expect everybody to be here -- on time and rested.  Amanda
Anderson!  Front and center!"
     "Yes, Miss Shuler?"
     "Amanda, you missed the front end of two one-and-ones in the
last game; step to the line until you hit ten in a row."
     "Yes, ma'am."
     "You'll be the one handling the ball at the end of the game
and you're gonna get fouled; so you should practice free throws
after practice, when you're tired and your legs are dead.  Making
ten in a row adds pressure, like in a game."
     Amanda took the ball and stepped to the line.  Never a cross
look or a pissy mood, Helen marveled.  [`Why can't all players
have this girl's attitude?']
     Amanda missed two and then made three.  After the next miss 
she made six in a row and then missed two, again.
     As she stood under the basket and threw the ball back to
Amanda, Helen had listened to the showers stop and then watched
the other girls leaving.  She and Amanda were the only people
left in the gym.
     "Okay, Anderson, that's four in a row.  Make your next shot
and we'll call it a day."
     Amanda's next shot hit the backboard and every part of the
rim before it fell through the net.
     Helen and Amanda both laughed and Helen put her arm around
the girl's shoulders as they walked to the lockerroom.  "I don't
know if we should count that one, Amanda!"
     "Aw, Miss Shuler!  It went in.  It just took a little time
to make up its mind!"
     "Amanda, can you lock both of the doors?  It's just us, and
we can go out my office door."
     "Sure, Miss Shuler."
     Helen went into the lockerroom and started undressing.  As
her clothes piled up on the floor, she wondered what she was
doing.  She was committed in a stable, long-term relationship
with a woman she loved, she was a respected staff member, and a
professional; but, here she was, risking it all, getting naked to
shower with this indescribably sexy 14-year-old girl, who had
never given Helen even the slightest sign of being attracted to
her.  Helen admitted to herself that that was all true -- yet,
none of it meant anything to her at that moment.
     Amanda entered the lockerroom and hesitated for only the
briefest instant when she saw Helen standing naked at the
entrance to the showerroom.
     "Do you mind if I shower with you, Amanda?  I'm done all my
paperwork and I want to get going, too.  If you mind, I can wait
until you're done..."
     Amanda sat on the bench and began taking her shoes and socks
off.  "I-I don't mind, Miss Shuler.  I'll be right there."
     Helen stood and watched Amanda undress.  After the shoes and
socks, Amanda stood and pulled off her jersey and dropped her
shorts.  With a quick sideways glance at Helen (during which the
coach's heart stopped beating for fear that the girl HAD changed
her mind), Amanda then pulled her sportsbra off her breasts and
over her head.  Quickly, she bent over and dropped her
bike-shorts and panties to the floor, grabbed her soap and towel
and ran into the showerroom in front of her coach.
     The coach was breathing fast.  When Amanda pulled her
sportsbra off and exposed her breasts, Helen thought that she had
never seen a more perfect set of round, firm breasts.  When the
girl lowered her panties, Helen almost swooned -- the girl's
pussy was almost bare, with only the lightest dew-cover of
honey-blonde hairs!
     Helen followed Amanda into the shower.
     Amanda was shampooing her hair and had her eyes closed. 
Helen stood under the hot water and soaked in all of the girl's
firm, taut, naked, young body.  She was hot, she was gone, she
was out of control.
     Helen stepped next to Amanda and put her hands on top of the
girl's lather-filled head.  "Hey, how about I do yours and you do
     "S-S-Sure, Miss Shuler."
     The coach stepped closer and felt the hard nipples on her
small breasts brush against the teenager's back and she
shuddered, again, with the sensation of being so close to the
object of her lust, at last.
     "Mmmmm... Your hands feel good, Miss Shuler."
     "When you're a coach, you have to give a lot of massages. 
Have you ever had a full body massage, Amanda?"
     "You mean, like you see at the wealthy spas on TV?  No. 
They always look too rough."
     "Okay, rinse off.  Well, yes, like you see on TV, but it
doesn't have to be rough.  If it's done right, it loosens
everything up and you feel wonderful."
     Amanda stepped back under the water and rinsed her hair. 
Then she filled her hand with shampoo and turned to her coach,
"Now it's your turn!"
     Helen noticed that Amanda seemed to have lost any
embarrassment at being naked together, and her hopes rose that
this could turn into something special.  She stepped close to the
girl and bent her knees to lower her head to Amanda's level.  In
doing that, she came face to face with those big, round D-cuppers
of Amanda's and had to struggle vigorously to keep from reaching
out and grabbing them in her hands.
     Amanda spilled the shampoo onto her coach's head and began
to massage it into her scalp.  At first, she was tentative, but
became more energetic as she listened to Miss Shuler's grunts of
approval.  Getting into the shampooing, she didn't even seem to
notice when Helen reached up and placed her hands on Amanda's
shoulders, to steady herself.
     All too soon for Helen, Amanda stepped away and said, "Okay,
you can rinse, now."
     As the coach began to rinse, she saw Amanda soaping her
body.  She could feel the heat and moistness in her pussy as she
watched the girl slather the soap over and around her breasts,
and then move down to soap her thighs and finally between her
legs.  The girl was behaving totally innocently, yet watching her
was like watching an x-rated video where the actress was trying
to turn the viewers on.
     "I can wash your back," Helen offered.
     Amanda smiled at her through the water, "No, thanks.  I'm
fine.  But thanks for the great shampoo.  My scalp is still
     The shower was ending and Helen didn't know how to extend it
without exposing her real motives.  "I can give you that massage.

We have the training room to ourselves."
     Amanda turned her showerhead off and grabbed a towel. 
"Ummm, you really made that sound good, Miss Shuler, but I better
be getting.  My daddy's probably waiting outside, already."
     Helen turned the water off and dejectedly followed Amanda
into the lockerroom.  She thought that Amanda, after a brief
initial hesitation, had become totally natural and at ease in the
shower; she gave no signs of arousal or come-on to the teacher. 
To say she was disappointed was an understatement of her deep
emotions at that moment.  As she finished dressing, Amanda walked
up to her and handed her a beautifully wrapped package.
     "What's this?"
     "Du-uh!  It's a Christmas present, Miss Shuler!  Put it
under your tree and open it on Christmas morning and think about
me.  I have to go, now.  Have a Merry Christmas, and I'll see you
at practice on the twenty-seventh."  Amanda jumped up on the
bench and kissed her coach on the cheek and then ran out the door
in the coach's office.
     Helen Shuler looked at the package in her hand.  As she
smelled Amanda's lingering fresh fragrance and heard the door in
her office close, she sat down hard on the wooden bench.  She
began to cry thinking about how hard it will be to *NOT* think
about sexy, sweet little Amanda over Christmas break.  She knew
what she really wanted for Christmas, and she had come so close,
but now she knew she wasn't going to get it.
* * *
     As Amanda and Robert walked in from the garage, Bobby was
just hanging up the phone.
     "Hi, Bobby.  Your Mom called me at the office a little while
ago and said she was going out to dinner and drinks with the
`girls' from the office and would be home late tonight.  So I
ordered pizzas and they should be here soon."
     Later, over pizzas and beers (Robert told Amanda `One, only
-- and don't tell your mom!') the three of them sat and laughed
as they watched, for the umpteenth time, Chevy Chase and the
crazy Griswald family celebrate their `fun, family Christmas.'
* * *
Chapter 6
Thursday, December 22nd  --  Part 1
* * *
     Laurie Anderson awoke hung-over, dried-up, and fucked-out. 
She frowned remembering why she was hung-over and dried-up --
soon after arriving at Sam's apartment, the night before, she
joined him in sharing a bottle of cheap red wine.  Why, oh why
did she drink all that wine?  Now she had an unbelievable
headache and was dehydrated.
     She smiled as she slowly sat up in bed and recalled why she
was all fucked-out... Mmmm...
     There was a knock on the door.
     "Mom?"  It was Bobby.  "Mom, are you awake?"
     Head pounding, desperate to lower the volume, Laurie spoke
softly, "Yes, Dear, I'm awake.  What is it?"
     Thankfully, Bobby lowered his voice, too.  "Dad said he was
letting you sleep in, today, and for me to take 'Manda to school.

Well, 'Manda's in school, there's coffee downstairs, and I'm
going out shopping again.  Will you pick the Munchkin up at two
o'clock, or should I?"
     Laurie looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 10
a.m.  She silently thanked god that she had married such a
thoughtful man.
     "I'll pick your sister up, Bobby.  Will you be home for
     "Need money?"
     "Well...  A little cash wouldn't hurt."
     Laurie sighed a smile and pulled the covers up and held them
with her underarms.  "I get the picture.  Come on in, Bobby."
     Bobby opened the door and walked into his parents' bedroom. 
His mother was sitting up in the king-sized bed and was pointing
to a pile of clothes on the floor.
     "My handbag should be right over there, Dear.  Just bring it
to me and I'll see what kind of cash I can find."
     Bobby stepped across the room and bent to pick up his
mother's handbag.  As he did, he noticed a black, lacy garterbelt
and two black stockings lying on top of the pile of discarded
clothes.  The thought of his mother -- or any woman, but
especially his sexy mother -- wearing that garterbelt and those
stockings was too much for the boy.  He could feel his prick
growing hard and straining against the front of his trousers.
     Laurie took the bag from her son's hand and rummaged around
in its depths.  Bobby stood next to the bed, looking at his
mother's bare shoulders and back and trying to see some cleavage
as the covers moved with her hands, and he knew his erection was
getting harder, not softer.  
     "Ah, here's some.  I have two twenties for you.  Is that
enough, Dear?"
     Bobby looked down into her vibrant blue eyes and nodded,
"Sure, Mom.  That's more than enough.  Thanks."
     At the same time he wanted to run out of the room before she
saw his steel-hard erection, Bobby wanted to jump on the bed and
rip the covers off his mother so he could finally see all of that
fantastic body she had -- with or without garterbelt and
     He took the two bills from her hand and thanked her again.
     Laurie shook her head as Bobby closed the bedroom door
behind him.  [`My, my, my.  That was some erection my little boy
had!' she thought.  `The men in this house sure are lusty in the
     She slipped back down in the bed and pulled the covers up to
her nose and luxuriated in the warmth for a few more minutes.
* * *
     Bobby quickly made his way back to his room and dropped his
pants.  With one hand, he freed his still-hard prick from his
shorts and with the other pumped some handcream in his palm. 
After five pleasure-filled but lonely minutes, Bobby cleaned up
the mess and dressed again.  Then, as he was walking down the
hall, past his mother's room, he heard her grunting as she
exercised and he wondered if she exercised naked.  That image
sent another tremble through his young body.  [`I gotta get the
fuck out of here!']
* * *
     Laurie finally dragged herself out of her bed and made her
way to the bathroom.  After emptying her full bladder and gulping
down four aspirins and three tumblers of cold water, she wanted a
shower, desperately, but knew she'd feel better sooner if she did
her morning exercises.
     Still unable to stand the noise, she turned the volume all
the way down before starting her exercise tape on the TV.  As she
got moving -- still naked, if Bobby had only known! -- and felt
herself get into her rhythm and her blood pumping, her mind
drifted back to the previous night.  To Sam Agro and his big cock
* * *
     Sam's apartment was in a low-rent district, and as he opened
the door for Laurie, she saw that the housekeeping was definitely
"bachelor pad standard."
     Sam took her coat and threw his and hers on the sofa.  He
took her by the hand and began pulling her through the apartment,
stopping only long enough to grab a bottle of cheap red wine and
two short tumblers on their way into the bedroom.
     The bed was unmade, but to Laurie's relief, the sheets
looked clean.  She began to undress as Sam poured the wine and
watched her.  She removed her blouse, unzipped her skirt, and
pulled her slip over her head.  Then she unsnapped her bra,
acting a little coy as she dropped it to the floor.
     "You got some great tits, Laurie," Sam said as he toasted
her with his wine.  "We talk about your boobs at work.  You got
the best."
     Laurie felt herself blushing.  "Thanks, Sam.  Not bad for an
old lady, huh?"
     "You notta old lady, Laurie.  You got plenty miles left. 
Ha!  Now, let's see the rest."
     Laurie pulled her skirt over her hips and let it fall to the
     Sam made an enthusiastic comment in Greek as he looked at
Laurie in just her stockings, garterbelt, and heels.  He still
had her panties in his pocket.  "Jesus Christ!  You got no pussy
hair!  You shave it?"
     Laurie cocked her leg to the side, giving Sam a better look
at her bare pussy.  "Of course I shave it!  Do you like it?"
     "Like it?  I no see a cunt like dat since I was a little boy
fuckin' all the little girls in the neighborhood!  I want to fuck
you, again, for sure!"
     Laurie gulped down the glass of harsh wine Sam handed her
and he refilled it.  She swallowed most of that, and sat on the
bed to remove her shoes and stockings.
     As she did, she had a fleeting thought of Robert, and how
horny he had been that morning.  She felt a little pang of guilt,
but this wasn't the first time in their marriage that she had
cheated on Robert.  After a very active sex-life in high school
and her first two years of college, Laurie had immediately
settled down with Robert and got pregnant with Bobby.  She never
dreamed of being unfaithful until years later, when Amanda was
old enough for day care and Laurie had too much free time on her
hands.  She'd been bored and had brief flings with the golf and
tennis pros at their club, and had a wild weekend with an old
flame at a high school reunion.
     But, since then, once she started back to school and finally
got a job, she never strayed, again.  Until today.  A blow-job to
her boss and fucking in the back of her car and now this with the
big-dicked stud from the loading dock!  Who would have guessed? 
Not her.
     As Laurie was undressing, Sam ripped off his shirt and
dropped his pants and shorts, pulling them over his shoes and
socks.  When they were both naked, Sam pulled Laurie onto her
back and knelt between her legs, ready to fuck.
     "Not so fast, honey," said Laurie.  "How `bout we spend some
time warming each other up?"
     "I see your bare cunt an' I'm hot to go now!"
     "Not yet, Sam.  Here," she smiled as she lifted her right
breast up to Sam's mouth, "don't you like big tits?"
     Sam licked his tongue, wet, flat and wide, roughly across
her nipple and Laurie felt the sexual tremble course through her
body.  She reached down and grasped Sam's cock.  It was hard and
hot and big.  She could feel it throb in her hand and she got
hotter, anticipating that monster splitting her pussy wide,
     "Oh, shit, Sam!  You're right, I'm hot to fuck, too!  I
can't wait to feel that thing inside me!  Put a rubber on!"
     "I forgot!"  Sam quickly moved across the bed on his knees
and pulled a foil square out of the nightstand drawer.  As he
placed it at the tip of his cock, Laurie impatiently pushed his
hand away and unrolled the sheath down the length of his erection
with both hands.
     "Okay, now, Sam.  Fuck my bald, naked, hairless pussy!"
     And he did.
     As Sam buried himself in her tight, hungry pussy, Laurie
reconfirmed a realization she had had years ago -- that all that
talk about cock size not making a difference is bullshit. 
Physically that may be so, although she'd argue that one, but
mentally and emotionally, there was nothing like getting pounded
with a huge cock.  Her first big one, and the biggest dick she'd
ever had until Sam, had been in her freshman year of college. 
She'd allowed a good-looking professor to seduce her, and had
been surprised by the sheer size of his cock when she first saw
it.  She wasn't a virgin, and he was an accomplished lover and
never hurt her with his monster.  And, although she had had many
lovers, good and bad, after that professor, she always missed the
feeling of stretched fullness and debauched randiness that he
gave her when they fucked.  That same stretched fullness and
debauched randiness she was enjoying now, as Sam plowed deeply
into her slick, greedy pussy.
     They were both into the physical pleasure of their fuck and
were loud in their enjoyment.  Sam was mumbling in Greek between
grunts and Laurie was moaning and urging Sam harder, faster and
     Soon, Laurie could feel another climax building up inside
her.  It had all the signs of being even bigger and more intense
than her orgasm in her car.  She was just letting herself go,
drifting up the slope to the pleasure heights, when she heard Sam
grunting loudly and in rhythm with his thrusts, and she knew she
wasn't going to make it this time.  Sam had beat her to the
     Sam finished and slowed his movement until he was soon lying
on top of Laurie, his head resting between her sweaty breasts. 
With a jerk, he rose to his knees and slipped his soft prick out
of her pussy.
     "I go wash up and we drink some more wine and we go again. 
     Still close to orgasm, Laurie smiled at the younger man and
nodded.  As he padded off to the bathroom, Laurie reached for the
wine bottle and, unwilling to move and get her glass, she swigged
several large gulps from the bottle.
     "I like a woman who drinks wine from the bottle and isn't
afraid to make a little noise in bed."
     "Wha-!  Who are you?!"  Laurie jerked in surprise at the
stranger's voice, spilling the last of the red wine down her neck
and chest.  Seeing the top sheet and covers in a tangled pile on
the floor, there wasn't anything to cover her nakedness with, so
she decided to brazen her way through.
     When she looked up at the doorway, she saw the most handsome
young man she had ever seen in her life.  His dark hair on a
chiseled face combined for a male model's aura.  And to her
shock, but also to her mounting pleasure, she saw that the
beautiful head was perched on a short but beautiful body, that
happened to be bare-assed naked!  This exquisite creature was
standing there, smiling at Laurie, naked and proudly displaying a
semi-erect cock about the same size as Sam's.
     "I'm Sam's younger brother, Theo.  You spilled some wine. 
Would you like me to clean it up for you?"
     Laurie looked down at the several streaks of wine that had 
dribbled down her breasts.  She trembled slightly when she
noticed that one drop was hanging on the nipple on her right
     She returned her gaze to the beautiful creature at the door.
Smiling, she asked, "Do you always barge in on your brother's
business, like this?"
     He smiled back, showing perfect white teeth, "I'm not
exactly `barging.'  The door was open and you weren't exactly
being quiet."
     "You...  You didn't watch us -- did you?"
     Theo laughed a deep laugh, "Well, like the president said, I
looked, but I didn't really see anything.  Besides, I don't see
anything you should be embarrassed about -- you're beautiful."  
With that, his dick twitched a few more degrees closer to
ninety-degrees out from his body.
     "Thank you, I guess.  Are you always so forward with your
brother's ah... dates?"
     "No, not always.  But he hasn't had any that looked like you
before.  And besides, he's not the jealous type."
     "You don't sound like Sam."
     "You mean where's my accent?  I've been over here since I
was four; Sam's only been here a couple of years.  Here, let me
get that for you."  Theo took three steps across the room, leaned
down and licked the wine drop from Laurie's right breast.
     Laurie was lost to the moment and reached around Theo's
head, bringing his lips up to hers and crushing his lips into his
teeth as she forced her tongue into his mouth.
     Theo's smooth hands moved up her body to her breasts and
gently cupped her heavy flesh.  His fingers began to softly and
expertly tweak and touch her erect nipples and Laurie felt
herself moisten in anticipation.
     [`Goddammit!  He's not much older than my son, but I want
this young Greek god and Sam can go fuck himself if he doesn't
like it!' she thought.]
     In only a few short moments, after Theo's lips had explored
her ear and neck, and found their way back to a nipple, Laurie
took a deep breath and pulled his head away from her flesh.
     "Put a rubber on, Theo.  I want you right this instant!"
     Theo reached over to the open nightstand drawer, "Oh oh. 
Looks like we're out of rubbers."  And then he moved quickly back
between Laurie's thighs.
     She tried wiggling away from his big cock, "No!  I'm not
going to fuck without protection.  Stop!  Now!"
     Theo held her arms down, over her head against the bed, but
she managed to close her thighs.
     "I can't stop, now.  And you don't want me to."
     "Yes, I do!  Get off me!  Let me go, right now!"  As she
spoke, she felt two tremendously strong hands grasp her around
the ankles and pull her legs far apart.  It was Sam!
     "Go 'head, li'l brother.  I make her ready for you!"
     Theo smiled evilly at Laurie, took only an instant to place
his cock-head at her pussy-hole and then he rammed it home.
     Laurie screamed.
     She screamed in pleasure as an overwhelming orgasm coursed
through her body.  The combination of being so close to cumming,
of her long horny day, of the naughtiness of being such an easy
slut with Sam, of Theo's good looks and perfect body, and, to her
chagrin, the over-the-top excitement of being held down and
spread open and being taken -- it far surpassed having her
pantyhose ripped open! -- were just too much to stand.
     She wasn't sure how long her cum lasted, and she thought she
may have passed out before Theo came, because the next thing she
remembered was Sam taking Theo's place between her legs and
fucking her, again.  And as he fucked her, Theo returned with
another fresh bottle of wine in each hand -- which he took turns
pouring down her throat and over her tits, licking off every
     The rest of the long night degenerated into a drunken orgy,
with Sam and Theo taking turns with her, fucking her pussy and
mouth (and Theo once fucking her ass!), as she performed like a
cheap whore looking for a ten dollar tip.
     She didn't remember getting home.
* * *
     Now, the next morning, after a half hour of exercise, she
could feel her blood pumping and her headache fading and, as she
stood under the soft, warm spray of her shower, she began to feel
alive, again.  She didn't feel guilty at all about her
mini-gang-bang.  Robert was sixteen years her senior, and she
couldn't expect him to have the sex-drive to match a thirty-seven
year old woman in the prime of her sex-life.  She loved Robert --
he was a good, kind, gentle man, a wonderful provider, and a
terrific father -- but... after last night, Laurie knew she just
had to find a little extra-curricular excitement because she
couldn't expect Robert to be horny every day.
* * *
Continued in Part 3

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