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                 Christmas with the Andersons
                          Part 1 of 4
                         by J. Boswell

(c)  Copyright December 1995 by J BOSWELL, all rights, except
     those explicitly detailed below, ARE RESERVED BY THE AUTHOR.
     Electronic distribution (as a text file on an "adults only"
     site) is permitted without alteration, but inclusion in any
     type of "publication" offered for sale (eg., book, magazine,
     CD-ROM, etc.), or "subscription-only" sites requires the
     author's explicit permission.

This work of fiction is intended to be read by adults only.  The
author has uploaded it only to "Adults, only" sites, and requests
that you exercise the same discretion.  Also, this is fiction -- in
real life, please protect your lover and yourself by practicing safe

Tuesday, December 20th  --  Part 1
* * *
     Bobby Anderson looked up from his math text and stared out
the window.  It was dusk outside and the quad was almost empty. 
Two girls walked by, carrying suitcases and laughing about
something.  They were going home for the holidays, and here he
was, sitting in his dorm room, three thousand miles from home,
studying math on a Friday night.
     Bobby knew he was screwed as soon as the exam schedule was
published just after Thanksgiving; but, since it was the first
semester of his freshman year, he wasn't surprised.  He had two
exams scheduled for the first day of exam week, one on the second
day, and two on the very last day of exams -- Monday, December
19th.  After checking with his professors and confirming what he
expected -- that he couldn't take the last two exams at an
alternate, earlier time -- he resigned himself to his fate and
booked a flight back home for Tuesday, the 20th.
     With a solid semester's base of good grades, Bobby wasn't
about to stress over exams -- sure, he studied, but he didn't
stress.  The biggest drag to his exam week was that over that
last, long weekend, he felt like the last kid left on the huge
campus.  It seemed like everyone else had split for home.  Only
one cafeteria was open and that was pretty much empty when he got
his meals.  The dorms were virtually empty.  The Frat houses were
dark.  No dances, no parties, no keggers, no kicks.
     And just when he could have used a nice, warm piece of ass
to fill the empty hours and relieve a little pre-exam tension! 
But he tried, anyway.  After eight unanswered phone calls, it was
obvious that there wasn't a girl left on campus that he knew and
was a possibility for a quick fuck.
     As a last resort, on Sunday night, when he finished
studying, he dug out an old PENTHOUSE and dialed a phone-sex
number he and his roommate had tried a few times during the
semester.  The women were all supposed to be coeds in Ohio,
somewhere.  Bobby didn't care.  The ones he had talked to had all
been nice and sexy and had great voices.  He was talking to
Debbie, "a senior," and he whacked-off to her sweet, sexy voice
as she talked him through an imaginary butt-fuck.
     As he listened to Debbie's smooth, silky voice, Bobby
gripped his love-pole and let his mind drift back to his first,
real butt-fuck.  It had been in October, during Rush week...
* * *
     Rush week was pure madness.  All the Frat houses were open
and the brothers were more than happy to show off their Frat's
"benefits."  The parties all that week had been often, loud, and
crowded -- filled with beer and booze and music and women.  Bobby
fondly acknowledged that rush week may have been the absolute
best week in his entire young life.
     Bobby and a few of his friends had been invited to the big
Sigma Frat house for another party late in the week.  A few hours
into the party, Bobby was almost-blitzed and trying hard to put
the moves on a big-titted, upperclass, blonde beauty in the
kitchen when his friend, Alan, rushed over to him and whispered
his boozy breath into Bobby's ear, "Ya gotta come downstairs,
Bob.  You won't believe it, man!"
     Bobby reluctantly pulled his eyes away from the blonde's
obvious nipples poking at her thin blouse, "I'm busy, man.  Can't
you see?"
     Alan's bloodshot eyes rolled around in his head, "Wi' who,
man?  I'on't see nobody.  And ya gotta come with me!"
     "Fuck off, Alan."  Bobby turned back to the blonde, only to
discover she had already moved away and was talking to two of the
Sigma brothers.  He grabbed Alan's shoulder, "Fuck!  Alright,
man, but this better be good!"
     Alan, drunk as a skunk -- as usual -- nodded solemnly and
led him to a door just behind the kitchen.  Down a set of stairs
was another big TV room, and except for a couple making out on
the sofa, empty with all the partying going on upstairs.  And
behind that room was a large, dark storage room, the walls lined
with shelves filled with boxes, luggage, and bags.  Alan kept
walking until he stopped at a large door with a bright red
cartoon train engine painted on it.  In gold letters below the
smiling choo-choo were the words "The Train Room -- Enter those
who dare!"
     Alan reached for the doorknob and turned to Bobby, grinning
stupidly and holding his finger up to his lips in the "Shhh!"
     Inside was another large room.  The walls were painted a
dark gray or brown and were rough stone.  The ceiling was low. 
Light came from what looked like hundreds of candles sitting on
little shelves mounted all over the walls.  The floor was
brightly multicolored -- dozens and dozens of pillows and
     And wriggling on those pillows, Bobby stared in fascination
as he watched two nude young women perform cunnilingus on each
     Now, as his eyes adjusted, Bobby noticed around the room
stood six or seven Sigma brothers and another two or three
freshmen besides Alan and himself.  Everybody was watching the
sweating, sloppy, slurpy girls go at it.  Bobby didn't feel all
that drunk anymore and his cock was threatening to burst through
his jeans.
     Like it was rehearsed, or at least like it had been done
often before, just as the girls began to moan as though they were
getting close to orgasm, four brothers moved two dark
A-frame-type things out from the walls.  The other brothers
pulled the girls apart and helped them onto the frames.  Then the
brothers began dropping their slacks and underwear.
     Bobby now saw that the frames were upholstered and made for
one thing, only.  The girls were bent over the frames, with their
knees resting on a soft cushion.  Their naked butts were on
display and cock-high.  Their heads, arms and breasts hung over
the other side of the padded frame.  There were straps on the
frame for wrists and ankles, but no one was bothering with them,
now.  Instead, one brother was feeding healthy gulps of Jack
Daniels to the girls out of the bottle.
     Observing the brothers, it was obvious that the routine was
simple.  Get in line and when it was your turn, shove it in. 
Bobby and the other freshmen dropped their trousers and
underwear, too.
     Bobby waited in line, hoping he wouldn't cum just watching
the guys in front of him do their thing.  Finally, the guy
immediately in front of him finished, and Bobby was staring at a
girl's round, white, spread asscheeks.  Cum was dripping from
both red holes.  Bobby didn't hesitate.  He stepped forward and
pressed his boner into the girl's ass an inch at a time.  He had
never felt anything so tight and so hot wrapped around his prick! 
He got his entire length in easier than he expected, and felt his
balls slap against the girl's pussy.  In seconds, he was doing
the nasty like he had never done it before!  In and out.  In and
out. Shoving in deep and hard and pulling out again.  He was in
heaven!  Then, almost without warning, he felt his juices boiling
along his pipeline and he was shooting his cum deep into the
girl's ass.
     What a cum!  
     His climax had been so total that he was surprised when his
prick began to recover within minutes.  He watched his friends
and the others take their turn with the girls and then he was
ready and burying his cock in the second girl's ass.  And it felt
just as good as the first time!
     After this second workout, he was thirsty and he and Alan
made their way, giggling and laughing, back up to the kitchen for
a beer.  The two of them sat at a table, drinking beer after
beer, grinning at each other like idiots and repeating, "Oh,
man!" over and over again.  It wasn't until the next day that he
realized he didn't see either girl's face very well, and to his
frustration, he never found out who either of the girls was!
* * *
     Now, Sunday night, back in his dorm room, alone and talking
on the phone...
     Finally, his cum shot high over his thighs and he thanked
Debbie for a nice time over the phone.  He was glad he called. 
Not the real thing, but it did relieve some of that awful
pre-exam pressure.
* * *
     At five o'clock on Monday afternoon, with a little sigh and
a lot of satisfaction, Bobby handed in his bluebooks for his last
exam, then went back to his room, packed his bags, and drank
vodka until he passed out.
     Early Tuesday morning, hungover and unable to find anybody
going to the airport, he took a taxi and joined the mad throng of
people going home for the holidays.  The airport was jammed and
in chaos.  The flight was overbooked.  The weather was bad. 
There were stops and connecting flights.  The planes were too hot
and too loud.  There were too many screaming kids and grouchy old
     Finally, at a little after six that evening, as his headache
slowly disappeared, he saw the lights of his home town out his
window and the pilot announced that they would be landing in
under five minutes.  Bobby took one last glance at the flight
attendant's tight ass and superb legs and got ready to land.
     This airport was no less crowded than the one he left
earlier, but it was home, and that made it all better.
     "Bobby!  Bobby, over here!"
     He looked across the concourse and saw the beautiful woman
waving at him.  She was petite and gorgeous.  She was dressed in
pressed jeans, low-heeled boots, a pink button-down shirt, and a
navy blazer.  Her dark hair was a perfect frame for her face -- a
precise page-boy cut that looked like it cost more than his
tuition.  Her face was flawless -- creamy complexion, startling
blue eyes, pronounced cheekbones, and red-red, full lips.
      Bobby cursed the gods and their twisted sense of humor for
placing this impossibly beautiful, incredibly sexy -- but
absolutely untouchable -- goddess in his life.
     "Hi, mom!" [`Just call me Oedipus and lock me away,' he
thought grimly, `but -- DAMN! -- my mother is HOT!']
     As he hugged his mother, Bobby noticed for the first time
that there was someone with her.  She was slightly shorter than
his mother and dressed in black-and-white saddle shoes, white
socks, a plaid, pleated skirt (stopping several inches above her
cute knees), and a white school blouse.  Her legs were perfectly
curved, her plaid-clad hips round, and the blouse filled to
maximum capacity.  Her pale face with the large, pale-gray eyes
was beyond pretty and her long, honey-color hair was in an
innocent-yet-oh-so-sexy ponytail.
     [`Oh, Jesus,' Bobby thought, `these freakin' gods are
bustin' my balls!']
     "Hi, sis!  I didn't see you standing there."
     Maybe his memory was playing tricks on him, but Bobby
thought he remembered his little sister a lot younger looking and
not quite as... as... developed when he left for college in
August.  Sure, she had started to develop, but... she had still
been a young girl -- but, obviously, no more!  
     Almost in answer to his thoughts, Bobby's mother said, "Your
father thinks there must be something in the water.  'Manda's
grown up a lot in the five months since you were home, hasn't
     "I'll say!" Bobby enthusiastically replied.  Then continued
in what he hoped was a more subdued, less obvious manner, "you
look great, sis.  It looks like field hockey and basketball are
agreeing with you."
     The young girl blushed through her tight hug with her big
brother.  She was thrilled to have him home, but was determined
not to let on how much she had missed him this last semester. 
They had sent greeting cards back and forth, and of course, they
had talked on the phone, but now, she was happy because the
family was all back together.  It was going to be a great
     After retrieving Bobby's luggage, the three Andersons made
their way through the swarm of people and into the parking lot. 
As they walked through the bustling crowds, Bobby noticed how
often men and boys turned their heads to stare and follow his
mother and sister, and had to admit that he couldn't blame them. 
He kept switching his own glances between the little `GUESS?'
triangle on his mother's cute butt and the sexy sway and bounce
to his sister's plump tail wrapped in her short, tight school
plaid and her bare legs.
     He hadn't noticed before, but as they emerged from the
covered `short-term' lot and waited in line to pay the parking
fee, Bobby stared out the window.  "Snow?!  This early?  After
five months on the West Coast, this is like a movie.  Hey, isn't
that Bing Crosby over there?"
     Laurie Anderson sat behind the wheel of the family's new,
big Chevy wagon, and chuckled, "Yes, it's been flurrying on and
off all day.  They're not calling for any accumulation, but we've
all heard that before, haven't we?"
     "Maybe we won't have school tomorrow!" chirped Amanda.
     "Oh, 'Manda," sighed Laurie, "you only have two days left. 
You know you won't be doing any real work.  Just go in and enjoy
the atmosphere."
     "Yeah, I like the atmosphere in Sister `Mary-Murderer's'
class the best!  She's giving a TEST, tomorrow!" 
     Mother and son laughed at the girl's pitiful voice.
     "It's Sister Mary Marder, missy.  You better not slip and
say her nickname within earshot of school!"
     With a roll of her big gray eyes, Amanda whined, "Yes, mom,
I know."
     The ride home over the wet highways was warm and happy. 
Bobby told them not to worry about his grades, that he wasn't
seeing anyone "special," that the school food sucked, and that
his roommate was obsessed with cleaning between his toes and
trimming his nose hair.
     "Oh, gross!" giggled Amanda, from the backseat.  "But he
sounds so nice on the phone."
     Bobby looked back over his shoulder and was immediately glad
that he did.  Amanda was slouched into the corner of the seat and
her short skirt had ridden up her legs, exposing acres of white,
smooth, prime thigh meat; and the lighting was just bad enough to
let Bobby think that he maybe caught a glimpse of white cotton
     [`Damn!  I'm horny!' he thought.]
     "Ahemm.  He is nice, sis.  He's just a little gross about
his personal hygiene.  Believe me, I could have done a lot worse
for a roommate.  And he thinks you sound nice on the phone, too. 
I had to tell him that besides being my little sister, you were
too young for him to even think about."
     "Oh, Bobby!  We just joke around when I call and you're not
in the room.  It's harmless."
     Bobby turned around to the front, nervous, wondering if he
had been too blatant in the way he was looking at his little
sister.  In reaction to his stare, Amanda had quickly re-arranged
herself on the seat and pulled her skirt back down almost to her
knees.  The rest of the ride was uneventful.
     When they pulled into the garage and piled out of the wagon,
Laurie told Bobby that a half dozen of his friends had called for
him over the weekend.  
     "Yeah, I'm sure I'm the last of the crowd to get home. 
Everybody else has probably been partying since Friday night."
     Laurie patted his cheek and hugged him, again.  "Well, I'm
glad you're home, but I know you want to go out and catch up in
the partying department.  I understand."
     "Thanks, Mom."
     "I'm surprised Jennifer didn't call.  Did you two stay in
touch while you were away?"
     Jennifer Stallings was the girl Bobby had dated exclusively
(well, almost exclusively) for the last two-and-a-half years of
high school.  "Sure, Mom, we stayed in touch, but she and her
parents are on a Christmas cruise, somewhere.  She won't be home
until after New Years."
     "Oh, that's a shame.  I'm sure you were anxious to see her,
     "Absolutely.  Now I won't have anybody to kiss at midnight
on New Year's Eve."
     "Ha!  I doubt that, Honey.  Besides, you could always stay
home and then you'd have your old mother to kiss."
     "Yeah!  Right, Mom!"
* * *
Chapter 2
Tuesday, December 20th  --  Part 2
* * *
     The house smelled like fresh pine and cinnamon, and was
decorated with red ribbons, fresh-cut greens, tiny white lights,
and lit candles.  The Christmas tree glowed in the corner of the
family room and looked like it was growing out of an island of
wrapped packages.
     "The house looks beautiful, Mom.  Martha Stewart couldn't do
     "Thanks, Dear!  You're so sweet.  Hungry?"
     "No.  I ate on the plane and I think I'd rather get on the
phone.  See what's going on."
     "Well, I hope your father gets home before you go out
gallivanting around for the night."
     After several phone calls, Bobby decided that the most
promising party would be at Scott Jordan's house, just the next
block over.  After a shower, shave, and change of clothes, he was
ready to get drunk and get laid, in either order.  He did have
the chance to say hello to his father as he walked out the back
door and his father walked in.
* * *
     Robert C. Anderson, Senior, entered the house and gave his
gorgeous wife a peck on the cheek.
     "Hello, Dear.  I think that was our son who just gave me a
`hello' and `goodbye' as I walked in."
     Laurie turned from the bar and handed her husband a double
Johnny Walker Black, on the rocks with a twist.  "Yes, that was
him.  On his way to Scott's to catch up on his partying."
     "No jet-lag?  God, how I envy their energy.  He looked good,
didn't he?"
     "Mm-huh.  He said his grades are great and everything is
fine at school."
     "Hi, Daddy!"
     Robert, Sr. looked up from his drink to see his daughter
standing at the doorway to the familyroom.
     "Well, hello, Princess!  How's my angel, today?"
     Amanda hugged her dad and, as she walked by her mother,
snatched the glass of Bailey's Irish Cream from her hand and
swallowed a large gulp from the glass.
     "Amanda!" her mother exclaimed.
     "Mmmm-mmmm, good!"  Amanda, grinning broadly, handed the
drink back to her mother.
     "Oh, come on, Laurie" said Robert, Sr., "it was just a sip,
and it is the holidays."
     "Thanks, Daddy.  Well, I better go up and finish my
homework," and with a dramatic stare at he mother, "-- if I'm not
too drunk!  'Night, you two."
     "G'night, Princess," smiled Robert. Sr.
     "I won't be far behind you, Dear," said Laurie, as she
finished her drink, "I'm beat, and it's not even Christmas, yet!"
* * *
     Bobby slipped and almost fell on the wet grass.  It had
stopped snowing and the moon was bright but it had gotten colder
and there were slippery, not-quite-ice wet patches.  It was a
little before 1 a.m. and he was wasted.  Studying for exams, last
night's vodka, the long flight home and a few beers at Scott's
had knocked him for a loop.  Bobby was desperate to crash in his
own warm bed.
     The party hadn't been much of a party, and he hadn't gotten
very lucky.  In fact, he thought he was going to strike-out,
completely until he found little Heather Atwell soused in the
basement.  Heather had looked good in her tight sweater, tiny
skirt, and those sexy thigh-high stockings, but Bobby had to
concentrate to forget that she was only 14 and in Amanda's class
at school.
     Anyway, any port in a storm, as they say.
     Bobby sat down next to her and put his arm around her
shoulders.  "Hi, there, Heather."
     He remembered her earning her reputation as a little slut as
she made the rounds last summer; but, he was still surprised at
how quickly she melted into him and began returning his kisses. 
Encouraged, his hand quickly slid up under her blouse to grab
some warm tit-flesh.  Her small titties were very firm and pointy
with small, very hard nipples.  She moaned into his mouth and
slid forward on the sofa.  Bobby took his cue and removed his
hand from her chest and slid it up her thighs to her
panty-covered pussy.  When his fingers pushed aside her panty
elastic and attacked her tumescent clit, she buried her face in
his chest and squirmed her way through a climax, moaning into his
     [`Christ!  What a hair-trigger this little whore has!' Bobby
     Bobby did a quick survey of the darkened game-room and saw
that everybody else was engaged in the same type of activity as
he and Heather and decided that the time was right.
     He placed Heather on her back on the sofa and slid her tiny
red panties down her thin legs and off one foot.  She obligingly
placed one foot on the floor as Bobby lowered his face down to
cover her pink, steamy gash.  He buried his face between her wet,
pink lips and alternated between thrusting his tongue deep inside
her pussy and licking, sucking, and nibbling on the little
tramp's clit.  True to form, he had only just started when she
crashed into her second big orgasm.
     Bobby was ready for some of his own fun but was surprised as
Heather reached down and pulled her panties up.
     "What are you doin', Heather?  What about me?"
     "I'll take care of you, Bobby, but you aren't going to fuck
     "Why not?"
     "Because you're not, okay?  Now just sit back."
     Bobby was too horny and too tired to argue with this drunk,
young teenager.  He certainly didn't want a scene; so he sat back
on the sofa and watched as Heather slowly lowered his zipper and
pulled out his hard cock.
     "Oh!  You're pretty big, Bobby," she said as she swung her
hair out of the way and lowered her mouth down over his cock,
sucking at his prick as she swallowed him deeply.
     "Ough!"  Bobby knew he wasn't going to last long, and damn,
this little cocksucker was good!  "Ohhhh!"  Too soon!  Too soon,
Bobby could feel his balls boiling and ready to shoot!
     Heather popped his dick out of her little mouth, wrapped a
small hankie over the tip of his cock, and began to vigorously
pump his prick up and down.
     "Noooo!  In your mouth!  Pleeease!"
     Heather mutely shook her head and continued pumping.  Bobby
was too close to insist.  Then, his warm cum was filling her
hankie and he was sinking back, slumping deep into the cushions
and sucking at his now-warm beer.
     He watched Heather wipe her fingers and throw the hankie
behind the sofa.  
     He had to know.  "Heather, why wouldn't you fuck me?  And
why did you stop sucking my dick?"
     "Come on, Heather.  After what we just did together..."
     "Alright!  I went to confession today, and I don't want to
have to go again before Christmas Mass!"
* * *
     Bobby chuckled to himself, recalling her comment as he cut
through the back yards of his neighbors.  [`It must be
interesting being a Catholic and a slut.  Somehow, the little
bitch has rationalized that fucking and sucking are confessable
sins, but hand-jobs and spreading her pussy open to be eaten
aren't!  I'd like to hear that little whore's confessions!']
     To his left, Bobby noticed a bright light in one of the
houses.  [`Maybe it's a bedroom!' he thought]
     As he made his way over the grass to take a closer look,
Bobby happily remembered what must have been the thousands of
hours he and Scott had spent prowling the backyards and streets
in the neighborhood during all the years they had been best
friends.  They were always searching for that one woman or girl
who loved to get undressed or that couple who loved to make love
with the curtains open.  They had occasionally lucked out with a
long glimpse of some pink flesh, but their peeping-tom routine
didn't really pay off until Bobby noticed that Scott's older
sister never closed her curtains.  Scott was chagrinned that the
only dependable exhibitionist in the neighborhood was his sister,
but he quickly learned to enjoy watching her (and sometimes her
and her boyfriends) as much as Bobby did.
     Now, standing outside the lit window, Bobby spied in, only
to see old Mrs. Phillips wrapping Christmas presents.
     [`Time to get home, Bobby-boy.']
* * *
     Bobby quietly entered through the garage and made his way up
the back stairs.  As he walked down the hall to his room, he
noticed Amanda's light was on and her door was open a crack.
     To his disappointment, as he pressed his eye to the crack,
he saw that she was in bed with the covers up to her neck, on her
side, reading a book.  He pressed the door open a little farther.
     "What are you still doing up, Munchkin?  You have school
     Amanda looked up from her book and smiled at her big
     She was so beautiful, Bobby could feel his chest tighten and
his heart beating inside it.
     "Hi, Bobby!  I'm still studying.  You're home early."
     "I'm beat.  I should still be going strong, `cause I'm still
on West Coast time, but I've had it."
     "Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.  How was the party?  All
your old friends there?"
     "Some.  It was a small crowd.  I saw Heather Atwell there."
     "Yuck!  I hope you didn't shake hands with her -- who knows
what you'd catch!"
     Bobby had walked into the room and now sat down on the bed. 
Amanda moved back towards the wall to give him more room.
     "Why?  What do you mean, Amanda?"
     "Well, let's just say that she's... ah... been around.  You
don't get kicked out of school for nothing."
     "She doesn't go to school with you, anymore?"
     Amanda shook her head.  "She got kicked out before
Thanksgiving.  She was at some big party that got busted and all
the kids were doing everything -- booze, drugs, sex --
everything!  And there are rumors that she had an abortion."
     Bobby was relieved to hear that Amanda and Heather were no
longer classmates.  He didn't need Heather telling his little
sister all about what went on in Scott's basement!
     "Well, I better let you get back to studying, so you can get
some sleep."
     Amanda reached a hand out from under the blanket and
squeezed Bobby's biceps.  "I'm glad you're home, safe and sound,
Bobby.  I missed you."
     "I missed you, too, Munchkin."  Bobby leaned down to give
Amanda a little goodnight kiss, but she was so pretty and so warm
and soft and smelled so good, that he pressed his lips to hers
harder than he intended.  His tongue shot from his mouth and
pushed between her full, puffy lips as his hand cupped the
impressive bulge of her heavy, round, bra-less breast under the
     How long did that moment last?
     Bobby didn't know, but was sure it was only an instant.  But
it was a magical instant.  One he would kill to repeat -- over
and over again. 
     When the instant ended, Amanda gently rolled her head and
lips away from Bobby's and readjusted the blankets (and her body
under them). 
     "What are you doing, big brother?"  Her gray eyes were huge
and she was smiling in a wry sort of way.
     "Ah...  'Manda, I um..."
     "Go to bed, Bobby.  The beer and the jet-lag have you acting
crazy.  Sleep tight."
     "G'night, Amanda.  See you tomorrow."
* * *
     If he hadn't been so exhausted, Bobby would have liked
thinking about that kiss and the feel of his little sister's
firm, round breast for a while before falling asleep.  But he was
exhausted.  So exhausted, he fell asleep as his head hit his
pillow.  But he went to sleep with the conviction that, even if
only for the briefest micro-instant, his sexy little sister had
returned his kiss.
* * *
Chapter 3
Wednesday, December 21st  --  Part 1
* * *
     Laurie Anderson awoke to "Grandma Got Run-over By a
Reindeer" on the clock radio and quickly hit the snooze bar.  She
cuddled under the down comforter and snuggled closer to her
husband, who was still dead to the world.  Finally, when the
radio popped back on with Kenny G playing some Christmas tune (At
least she thought it was a Christmas tune.  With him, how could
you tell?  Everything sounded the same!), Laurie rolled out of
bed with a grunt, turned the radio off, and made her way to the
bathroom, ready to begin the morning routine and looking forward
to the day.
     Laurie Anderson loved the Christmas season.  She still got a
giddy buzz from all the excitement, just like a little kid.  She
loved the nip in the air, the shopping and decorations, the
lights, the cooking and baking, and decorating the tree.  She
loved the entertaining and the parties.  Even the office was more
fun -- people dressed better than the rest of the year, there
were sweet tables and little gifts and lots of flirting.  And the
kids...  She loved watching the kids at Christmas.  She had
really missed Bobby being away all semester, but especially since
Thanksgiving.  Watching her two children get more animated by the
day as Christmas approached was her deepest-felt pleasure of the
season, and Bobby being three thousand miles away had changed
that for her this year.  But, now he was home and things were
     If she could whistle, she would have been whistling as she
stepped from the shower and towelled herself dry.  She stepped
from the bathroom into her dressing area; and, as she did, she
looked at her naked body in the full-length mirror on the side
     The smooth, white body reflected in the glass didn't look
all that bad for a thirty-seven (okay, almost thirty-eight) year
old mother of two.  She worked hard to keep in shape and, so far,
her efforts had been rewarded in firmness and muscle tone.  She
cupped her hands under her still-firm and heavy, round breasts. 
Only a slight sag and sexier for it, she thought.  Laurie smiled
as she watched the dark pink areolae crinkle up and her nipples
lengthen just from the slightest touch.
     [`Oooo... I'm horny!' she giggled to herself, `I better put
these dangerous 38's away, before they get me in trouble!']
     Her eyes dropped down to her tummy.  Maybe a little softer
and rounder than when she was eighteen years old, but still
pretty firm and not that far from flat.  Her eyes still sliding,
they passed her womanly hips, and stopped at her bare pussy-lips.
Early in their marriage, Robert once mentioned that pussy hair
was a real turn-off for him, and even though she wasn't overly
hairy, from that night on, she had kept it either bikini-mohawk
trimmed or cleanly shaven.  It wasn't a bother as long as she
kept after it and used the right creams and ointments.  Now,
after all these years, Laurie thought no more about shaving her
pussy than she did about shaving her legs and underarms.  But as
she looked in the mirror and spread her legs a little wider, she
marvelled that she still found the sight of her own naked
pussy-lips so erotic.  Her pussy hair didn't turn her off, but
her naked pussy sure did turn her on!
     She shuddered as she rubbed her hands across her
still-hardening nipples.
     And that was another thing Laurie thought about as she
looked at this attractive, maybe even sexy woman in the mirror...
She was beginning to believe the old wives' tales about a woman's
prime in the later years... she'd been feeling so horny... no,
horny didn't quite encompass the feeling -- she'd been feeling so
downright randy lately!  And with all the well-dressed and
fast-talking salesmen and company reps stopping by in the office,
and flirting, she'd found herself fantasizing about naughty, sexy
interludes with almost all of them!
     [`Time to get dressed, Laurie-girl, and wipe those nasty
thoughts from your dirty little mind,' she thought to herself and
she stepped to her dresser.]
     She quickly selected and put on her "D"-cup bra, panties and
pantyhose in the still dark bedroom and then stepped back to her
dressing area.  After her make-up was applied (just a touch
heavier than usual) she slid into her slip, silk blouse, and
short black skirt.  She felt pretty and sexy when she walked out
of the closet in her highest heels.
     "Yum!  You look good enough to eat, Mrs. Anderson."
     Laurie smiled at Robert, Sr., not missing the lump under the
comforter.  "Now you say that.  Where were you when I wanted to
cuddle, last night and earlier this morning?"
     "Well, I'm here, now, and you still look good enough to eat,
     "No time, Robert.  I have carpool this morning and I haven't
heard a peep from Amanda's room.  Have you?"
     Robert shook his head and Laurie walked down the hall to her
daughter's room.  When there was no answer to her light knocks,
she opened the door.  The light was still on and Amanda's history
book was still open on the bed.  The poor child had fallen asleep
     Laurie walked to the bed and gently shook her daughter
awake.  "Amanda.  'Manda, honey.  Time to get up, Dear."
     Amanda cracked her eyelids open.  "Eh..?  Oh!  Okay, Mom. 
I'll shower as fast as I can."
     Laurie walked back into her bedroom.
     The door closed behind her and she heard the lock click.  As
she turned, she saw her husband standing there wearing only a
smile and an impressive morning erection for a man of 53!
     She knew what he wanted.
     Over the nearly twenty years that they had been married,
Laurie knew that one of Robert's favorite turn-ons was having sex
when Laurie was all dressed up for a function and ready to leave.
Laurie couldn't guess how many times what was about to happen
this morning had happened before.  They would be dressed for a
wedding or funeral or going out to dinner and Robert would take
one look at his wife, all dressed and made-up and looking
perfect, and want her.  It was cute, and Laurie was more than a
little flattered, and she had never said no to Robert.  She
wasn't about to, now, either.  She realized that Robert was
nearly sixteen years her senior and that the flames of lust just
weren't burning as brightly in him as they had; but, still -- it
had been a very long time since the last time they had done "it,"
and an even longer time before that.  And, Laurie was missing the
routine of steady sex that they had enjoyed earlier in their
     Now, when they heard Amanda's shower start, Laurie smiled at
her husband and said, "Think we can BOTH finish by the time she
finishes her shower?"
     Robert stepped behind his wife and bent her over to lean on
the bed, "Well, I can only speak for myself, Dear, but I'm pretty
sure I can!"
     Laurie laughed.  "Oh, you bastard!  Now roll my pantyhose
down carefully.  These are the only clean pair I have in this
     She knew as soon as she said it that she should have rolled
them down herself.  Before she could stop him, Robert
mischievously inserted a finger through the seat of her black
pantyhose and ripped them open.
     "Mmmmmuh!"  Laurie liked being taken like this, and Robert
knew it and obligingly ripped panties and pantyhose out of the
way often, just as he was doing this morning.
     Her pantyhose were in tatters and the crotch of her panties
was carelessly pulled to the side and Robert plunged his hard
prick into his wife's hot and wet pussy.
     "Oh, yeah, Baby!  You're so hot and wet and tight!  I hope
you're ready, Sweetheart, 'cause I'm not gonna last too long! 
You feel so good!  Umh!  So fuckin' goooOODD!"  
     To neither's surprise, Robert was cumming.  Fast and
furious, gobs and gobs.
     His softening dick easily slipped out of his wife's slick
cunt-hole and he fell to the bed, looking up at his lovely wife. 
     Laurie finished the job he started and ripped the rest of
her pantyhose off her legs.  They could hear Amanda's shower turn
off.  "Mmmm, my pleasure, Dear.  And just in time.  But you were
a very bad boy -- look at my pantyhose!  I bought these to go
with my skirt!"
     "Bill me and wear another color, dear," Robert replied with
a grin as he strutted into the bathroom.
     Laurie hoisted her skirt and slip up to her waist and
untangled her panties.  They were damp with their mixed love
juices and Laurie slid them down her legs and threw them into the
hamper.  She ran some water at her dressing area and wiped her
crotch as best as she could.  Back at her dresser, she searched
for another pair of black-lace panties and black pantyhose.  The
first black panties she found was a G-string type, but they
matched her bra.  Just as she had told Robert, she had no other
black sheer pantyhose, which meant she had to dig out her black
garterbelt and black stockings.  As she finished, donning her
high heels again and smoothing her skirt, she had to admit that
after the surprise morning fuck and the more risque undergarments
she was wearing, she felt considerably sexier going to the office
than she ever had before.  And she liked the feeling.  If only
she had come when Robert was fucking her, it would have been a
perfect morning!
     She called through the bathroom door to Robert, "I'm
leaving, Robert.  Don't forget, you have to pick 'Manda up
tonight after her practice."
     "I won't forget, Laurie.  Have a nice day, Sweetheart.  If
you get drunk at the party, call -- don't drive."
     "Okay.  Bye!"
     Downstairs, the timer had the coffee ready and she enjoyed a
cup while she waited for Amanda.  Then the two of them were off
in the wagon to pick-up three more of Amanda's classmates and
drop them off at school.
     Without a minute to spare, Laurie arrived at her desk and
began her work-day.
* * *
     Laurie loved her job.  Maybe not so much the exact job she
was working that morning, but she loved having a job and being
out in the work-world.  She had quit her job as a part-time
secretary when she was nineteen years old and pregnant with
Bobby; and, after Amanda came along and the two kids started
school, Laurie spent a lot of time on charities and volunteering
at school, but it wasn't satisfying.  Finally, after the boom of
the Reagan years collapsed and Robert's business began feeling a
little pinch of the recession, Laurie offered to help him in the
office.  She went back to school and learned about personal
computers and wordprocessing software, graphics, and
spreadsheets.  She took some accounting courses and attended
business law and management seminars.  When she was ready, Robert
suggested she try her resume in the workplace, arguing that she
had worked hard to attain her skills and deserved a real job
rather than just helping her husband; and, that the outside
income would help with the kids' rapidly approaching college
tuitions.  Laurie happily agreed and was hired her second week of
     The company that hired her was a giant food conglomerate and
Laurie got a job in their huge warehouse and delivery operation
in the suburbs.  When she started, she was taking phone orders
and checking invoices and, through long hours and hard work, had
quietly and steadily moved up until she became one of the
Regional Director's three office assistants.
     Sherman Greenberg was that director and had spotted Laurie's
potential almost from her first day on the job.  He had carefully
tested her and promoted her until Laurie had risen as high as she
could in the warehouse.  Then, in November, each word filled with
regret at losing her, he had written a strong recommendation for
Laurie for an announced vacancy as a Project Leader at Corporate
headquarters, downtown.
* * *
     A little before noon, as the rest of the office was
preparing the cafeteria for the Christmas party, Laurie knocked
on Sherman Greenberg's office door.
     "Come in."
     "Hi, Mr. Greenberg.  Happy Holidays!"
     "Laurie!  Come in!  Come in!"
     "I just wanted to thank you, again, for all you've done for
me.  I really appreciate your support."
     "Please, no thanks are necessary.  I'm a company man and I
do what I can to advance the best people so they can do the best
for the company.  Please, Laurie, sit down."
     Laurie closed the door and walked across the thickly
carpeted office.  Sherman Greenberg had been the director for
many years and his richly furnished office spoke of his status
and the esteem in which `corporate' held him.  She sat in the
comfortable leather guest chair and placed a wrapped package on
Greenberg's blotter.  
     "I just know I wouldn't be moving on to corporate without
your support, Mr. Greenberg."
     "Let's make it `Sherman,' now, shall we, Laurie?"
     "Okay.  Sherman."
     "You were an easy pick for the job, Laurie.  You're more
than qualified.  You're intelligent, ambitious, a hard worker,
and have incredible people skills.  They'll be glad they found
you in no time."
     "Well, thank you, Mr... ah, Sherman.  But I know they never
would have considered me, way out here in the sticks, if someone
they respected hadn't brought me to their attention."
     "For that, Laurie, you are most welcome.  Now, what's in
this pretty package?  I hope it's another model employee like
you, so I won't miss you so much around here!"
     "Open it!"
     Greenberg lifted the heavy package and ripped the paper
away.  Inside the box was a large, irregular rectangle of
polished marble.  The marble was a deep burgundy that perfectly
matched the leather trim and accent pieces on his desk.  From a
smaller box, Greenberg removed two Waterman desk pens and a
letter opener and placed them in the holes in the marble.  The
piece was exquisite.
     "Laurie...  I don't know what to say.  Thank you, so much,
it's beautiful."
     Laurie was smiling broadly.  "I'm glad you like it.  You
deserve it.  You've been a wonderful boss, Mr... ah... Sherman."
     "That's been my pleasure, too.  So, today's your last day
with us here, when do you start downtown?"
     "January 3rd.  I'm nervous."
     "Don't be, Laurie.  You'll be fine.  Just be aware that the
ah... atmosphere is very different down there."
     "Do you mean office politics?"
     "Office politics, for sure.  It can get pretty nasty. 
You've been out here so long, where we are more like a family. 
It won't be like that down there.  Watch your back and make
powerful allies.  And be on guard!"
     "On guard?"
     "Against jealous peers and predatory managers.  You know
there's a big sexual harassment suit going on, don't you?  And at
the last directors' meeting, there were rumors of two more
possible ones."
     "Ha!  I'm too old and too married.  Those execs are picking
on the young honeys!  I'm not worried about being sexually
     Sherman Greenberg, sixty-one years old, married, short,
rotund, and nearly bald, looked down at his desk blotter and
mumbled something into his chest.
     Laurie leaned forward in her chair.  "Pardon me?  I'm sorry,
I didn't hear you, Sherman."
     Greenberg didn't look up, but raised his voice sufficiently
to be heard, "I said, `You are the one I'd harass.'"
     Laurie Anderson felt herself blushing.  She sat back in the
chair and looked at Greenberg.  She didn't see a short, fat,
bald, old man -- she saw her soon-to-be-ex-boss who had been
fair, honest, pleasant and always a gentleman.  She just now
realized that he saw her as more than an employee, he saw her as
an attractive woman and she wasn't offended -- she was pleased,
and surprised.
     "Well, Mr. Greenberg, I'll take that comment in the way I
think it was intended and consider it a complement."
     Greenberg looked at Laurie.  His eyes were full of affection
for her.  "Please, Laurie, forgive me.  I've never sexually
harassed a woman in thirty-three years with the company.  It's
just that you...  you..."
     Laurie stood up and walked around the desk and took Sherman
Greenberg's hands into hers.  She looked down into his moist
eyes, and then lowered herself to one knee, to be on the same
level.  "No apology necessary, Sherman.  I think I understand."
     "Good, because I don't!"  Greenberg looked deeply into
Laurie's beautiful blue eyes, and to both their surprise, a tear
rolled down his cheek.  
     "I've never felt about a woman the way I feel about you,
Laurie.  Not some crazy teenage passion or lust, but a real, deep
affection; like I was your father and big brother and best friend
and protector all rolled into one."
     Laurie caught his tear with her thumb and then licked it
off.  She was touched.  Deeply.  She realized that over the last
several years, she had appreciated and enjoyed Sherman acting in
all those roles towards her.  She felt affection for him and now
realized just how much she would miss working for him every day. 
And in an instant, Laurie thought of the perfect way to thank
Sherman Greenberg for all his kindnesses.
     Almost without thinking about it, Laurie lowered her other
knee and she began lowering Greenberg's zipper.  It was
surprising and impulsive, but, to Laurie, it felt so right.
     "Wha...!"  Greenberg's hand flitted towards his crotch.
     Laurie grasp his hand gently and smiled up at him.  Then she
placed her finger over her smiling red lips, "Shhh."
     His cock was exposed, and much to his surprise and delight,
it was hardening in Laurie's magical, warm grasp.  He felt joy.
     Laurie knew no one would dare open Mr. Greenberg's door
without knocking, so she felt relaxed as she lowered her mouth
down and over Sherman's pink, little cock.
     Sherman Greenberg was sure the top of his head was just
going to blow off.  He hadn't felt like this in years and years. 
Comfortably married for forty years, he enjoyed sex on the one or
two occasions a month when he and his wife were both in the mood,
but nothing like this!  As Laurie licked and slurped and sucked
and nibbled, he tried to remember the last time his penis had
been in a woman's mouth and was momentarily depressed to realize
that it had been when he was a very young man in the navy!
     Laurie had to admit that sex in the office was very
stimulating.  [`Maybe there is something to all this sexual
harassment stuff!' she thought.]  Kneeling in front of her boss
with his dick in her mouth was a real turn-on for her.  His penis
was warm and pink and smooth and smelled clean and fresh.  And,
she could tell by his breathing, Sherman was enjoying her
attentions, and she tried her best to make it special for him.
     Again, for the second time that day, the end was coming too
soon, because she felt Sherman's breathing and hip-jerking change
rhythm and knew the end was here.  She slipped her wet mouth back
to the lipstick-smeared head of his cock and sucked as she licked
the tender underside.
     Sherman Greenberg arched his back and bit into the back of
his hand to stop himself from screaming as he began the most
wonderful orgasm he had had in decades -- maybe ever!
     When he was totally drained dry and finally was able to open
his eyes, he watched his beautiful and sexy Laurie Anderson
sucking and licking his quickly shrinking penis clean.  Then he
watched as she sat back on her heels, and with her finger, pushed
some of his cum that had escaped at the corners of her mouth back
into her mouth and licked her finger.
     [`Oh, what a woman!' he thought.  `Why, oh, why did I ever
get her that job downtown?' he moaned to himself.]
     "Ah...  Laurie.  I don't know what to say."
     "Don't say anything, Sherman," she smiled.  "I enjoyed that
as much as I think you did."
     And she had.  Feeling sexy and naughty, blowing the boss in
his office, her pussy already filled with her husband's cum.  It
was turning into one hell of a day!
* * *
Continued in Part 2.

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