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WARNING:  Under 18?  Offended easily.  Then LEAVE NOW. 

My Brother's in Law 

	I am writing this story because I HAVE to tell it.  How something so good,
could go so wrong. I am filled with so many emotions.... some of hate, some of
love, some of absolute embarrassment, some of disgust & humiliation.  But
whatever the emotions, they ARE real.  So here is my story.... Believe it or



	I was always a popular and beautiful girl.  I'm not saying that out of conceit
just out of fact.   My parents started entering me in beauty pageants when I
was 10.  My most recent accomplishment was coming in 2nd in the Miss Teen USA
competition in my state.    Just getting ready to turn 18 next month it seemed
to me that my whole life and future was bright. To say that I was naive would
not be fair, maybe a little sheltered though.  I never really dated, never had
time, always too busy with contests.   I was Mom and Dad's pride and joy. 
Their  little "darlin" as they called me.  I wasn't a baby by any stretch of
the imagination. I stood about 5'6" tall, very thin and curvious with long
silky brown hair that reached about 3 inches below my shoulders.  My eyes were
a deep brown (one of my best features, so said the judges) my full lips
glistened when I put a certain kind of lipstick on them.  My breasts were very
well developed for a 17-year-old, and I had no shortage of lurking eyes
everywhere I went. 
I knew how to dress too, I had been taught that from a very young age.  Even my
Dad marveled at how much older I looked when I dressed in a long skirt and high
heels.  He would always whistle at me and sing, "here she comes, Miss America".
 He always made me feel so special.
Then one night it happened.
We were all out at one of our favorite restaurants when I saw him.  He was the
most gorgeous human being I had ever seen.  He was, standing at the reception
desk waiting for a table. He was tall, about 6', dressed to kill in his Marine
uniform.  I tell you, my heart began to beat so fast I thought I would die.  We
caught each others eye as he glanced into the dining room.
I couldn't believe my eyes as he started to walk toward our table, I didn't
know whether to panic or to scream, but none the less, here he came.
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Martin, how are you? He said in strong military voice.
We're fine Danny, and how about you?
They know this guy I thought as my mind raced.
Danny, Dad said, I don't think you have ever met Monica.
My heart leaped out of my chest as Danny extended his hand toward me.
Monica, this is Danny Baker, the son of one of your Dad's business
acquaintances from Delaware.
I reached up and shook his hand and he could tell I was shaking all over.
We knew you were in the Marines Danny, but we didn't know where you were
Uh, what Mrs. Martin he muttered in less than a military way.
We didn't know you were stationed here in Georgia.
A well, yes Mrs. Martin, I just arrived here last May, I'm working at a
civilian unit in Atlanta.
Well, Mom said, so nice to have you here.  
Are you meeting someone? Dad chimed in.
Well no, not really.
Then how about joining us for dinner, Dad suggested. (one of the best
suggestions of his life I might add).
Well, Ok, Danny replied, if it isn't going to put you out.
Don't think like that Mom quickly replied, it would be wonderful.  
Wouldn't it Monica?
I was taken by surprise by the question and just nodded my head….yes!
The whole evening was like, weird.  It was like I knew Danny my whole life, and
I had only met him tonight.  Most of the conversation that took place was
between my parents and Danny.  They talked about Danny's family and of relevant
issues that only they understood.
Then I got the shock of my life.  As we were getting ready to leave for the
evening, Danny looked straight at my Dad and said, 
"Mr. Martin, would you allow me the privilege of calling upon Monica sometime?"
That is of course, if it is ok with Monica.
I have to tell you that at that moment it was like I was in a time warp.  The
room and everyone in it seemed to stand still.  I couldn't breathe or think or
even move.
Monica?  Did you hear what you were asked? I faintly heard Mom say. 
Finally I snapped out of it.  Yes Mom, that would be nice, I heard myself say.
There is only one condition Danny.
Yes sir, what's that?
You will have to wait till next month when Monica turns 18.
Yes sir, I understand.  Will you permit me to call on the phone in the meantime
Dad looked at Mom, Mom looked at Dad.
Yes Danny, I think that would be acceptable.
Thank you sir, Danny replied,  and extended his hand to shake my fathers'.
Then Danny proceeded to shake my Mom's hand and then finally (like it took
forever) he shook mine.  
God, he was so dreamy I thought.  
So dreamy.


	The next month seemed like the longest 30 days of my entire existence.  Danny
called me about every other day and we talked about so many different things.
By the time I finally turned 18 it was like we really knew each other….as
My parents really liked Danny.  They said he came from a good "gene pool",
whatever that meant.  But low and behold, on my 18th birthday Danny came to
pick me up for our first date, that is AFTER Dad laid down the ground rules.

	Danny and I dated for a year, we did so many things together.  But the one
thing we didn't do was sex.  We kissed a lot, but Danny always respected my
father's ground rules.  And I have to say, I respected Danny for it as well.
He was a man of integrity.
Even though Danny was the only guy I had ever dated, I guess I knew the first
time I met him that I loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with
It was the evening of my 19th birthday when Danny came to the house to pick me
up.  Mom and Dad were in the living room when Danny walked in.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin, Danny exclaimed.  May I have a word with you?
Yes, of course my Dad replied.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin, I would like to have permission to ask Monica to marry me?
My Father smiled, my Mom almost fainted and I about shit my pants (excuse the
Do you love her Danny? My Dad replied.
Yes sir I do, and I have since that first night in the restaurant.
Will you take good care of our "little darlin"?
Yes I will sir.
Monica, do you love Danny?
Oh yes Daddy, I really do I cooed as I ran over and took Danny's hand.
Then I guess it is settled.
Have you thought about a date Danny?  Mom spoke up.
Well, If you have no objections I was thinking about June. (that was six months
Monica, how do you feel about that?  Mom replied.
Yes, Mom, that would be wonderful.
With that we all hugged and Danny and I left for dinner and a movie.
Once we got into the car Danny looked at me and said, "I love you Monica".
I love you Danny, I replied and we embraced and kissed.
I have to tell you, I never felt so special and so adult in my life as I did at
that moment.  And even though I shouldn't admit it, I was sexually aroused.  My
little pussy began to throb as Danny kissed me.  I began to breathe hard as his
lips pushed hard against mine.  I knew though, that sex was out of the question
until we got married.  
	The next six months flew by as we prepared all the plans for our special day.
We drove up to Delaware and met his family one weekend.  They seemed like
terrific people.  Just like my parents.  I met Danny's two brothers, Nick (28)
and Tony (30).  Nick was married and Tony was engaged to a beautiful girl named

JUNE 1985
	At long last our special day came.  It was the most beautiful Georgia wedding
ever (of course I'm partial, it was my wedding).  It was held on the lawn of my
parent's home.  All of Danny's family came down and all totaled, there were
about 125 who attended the reception.  There was dancing and music, and food
and just a wonderful time for everyone. I must have danced with every man and
women in the place, It was especially enjoyable to dance with Danny's brothers,
who held me tight and kissed me on the cheek and welcomed me into the family.
By the time the day was over my feet were hurting so badly I could hardly
Finally the party was over and we caught our plane for Paradise Island in
Because of the exhaustion of the day we went straight to bed and died.
	I was the first to awaken, it was a beautiful warm day.  The sun was shining
brightly through our window and the view of the ocean was breathtaking.  I
reached over and picked up the phone and called room service and ordered
breakfast for my new husband and me.  Danny didn't awaken till the knock at the
door from room service.
Well hello sleepy head I laughed.  
Hi honey he groaned as he pulled me close to him and kissed me.
Better get to the door I said, and get breakfast.  Reluctantly he released me.
We spent the next week in pure heaven.  Because I was a virgin, Danny was very
gentle and patient with me.  He loved me gently and slowly so as not to hurt
me.  He wanted it to be absolutely special.  Because of that, my first three
cums of my life were with his finger as he gently massaged me in all the right
places.  I especially loved the kissing we did. It just made me feel so
Then finally on Friday night Danny was ready to enter me for the first time.
During the week he had gently fingered me and he thought that I would now be
ready for his penis.  His penis was so beautiful, even though it was the only
one I had ever seen in my life, but most of all, it was mine.  I guess Danny
was probably about 61/2 long and about as round as a sausage.  To touch it made
shivers run up and down my spine.  I loved rubbing it and stroking it (Danny
seemed to really like it to).  After kissing and warming me up, Danny finally
rolled me over onto my back and told me to spread my legs real wide.  When I
did, Danny positioned his body over me.  He put his knees between my legs as he
knelt in front of me, his penis sticking straight out.  I swallowed hard at the
thought of taking that whole thing inside me, but I knew Danny loved me and
wouldn't do anything to hurt me.  None the less the thought was scary.
Then Danny leaned over me and his face came to rest at mine. His mouth found
mine and we kissed.  I could feel his penis rubbing against my pussy as Danny
kissed me.  For some reason it felt so much better than his finger. As it lay
against me he would move his hips up and down, when he did his penis would rub
from top to bottom.  Oh God, it felt so good and I could feel myself getting
moist from the feel of it against me.
With our lips still joined together, Danny took his right hand and moved it
between us and took hold of his penis and directed it to my little opening.  I
tightened up for a minute and then I relaxed.  Danny took the head of his penis
and gently inserted it into my vagina.   I gasped as I felt his big tool
stretch me for the first time.  His finger was one thing, but his was so much
Then Danny moved his hips forward and the end of his penis went all the way
into me.  He laid still while I adjusted and then he started to move it in and
out, slowly and methodically. It seemed like every nerve in my entire body was
on fire as I felt my husband bring this part of me alive that up until this
time had been waiting and sleeping.
Oh Danny I moaned as I felt him inside me. He felt so wonderful as he pushed
and pulled in and out of me.  Then slowly he pushed deeper into me.  I could
feel his penis as he reached my hymen and hesitated for a moment and pushed
I felt the thin sheath break.  It hurt for a moment but then it subsided.  Then
Danny pushed again and I felt his big tool slide deeper and deeper inside me.
I felt soooo full as Danny continued to slide in and out of me.  I was panting
hard by this time as every nerve in my body was throbbing. I could feel Danny's
penis rubbing against the tender walls of my uterus as he pushed in and out.
Then Danny pushed and I could feel his balls smack against my butt and I knew
he was in all the way.  
I pulled him close to me as we kissed and made love for what seemed like
I knew there was so much more for us to do together, but oh what a wonderful
Then I felt a warm sensation course through my body as Danny quickened the pace
pushing and pulling harder and harder. I felt his penis began to throb and he
started grunting.  When he did I felt a flood of hot liquid exude from his
penis and flood my insides, it drove me wild.  I started to buck and I felt my
own orgasm begin to start.
Oh God Danny I screamed as he flooded me with his warmth.  
Then I started to cum,  and we finished together.  Danny kept pumping in and
out of me, and I kept cumming, two no three times in all.  
Danny told me later that when I was cumming that my pussy sucked around him so
tight that it was like I was milking everything out of him.  

The next day we flew back to Atlanta only to find out that Danny had received
orders to be deployed to Germany.  He would have to leave in three days.
I was stunned and heartbroken and sick at the chance of losing him.  I loved
him so much.
During that thee day period we made love once more and Danny taught me the joy
of him kissing me between my legs and I returned the favor by kissing his
penis.  He told me that if I sucked it that it would really make him feel good
so I tried but it was really hard.  I did my best though to please my husband.

I think I succeeded. 
Also during that time it was agreed upon that I would go and visit his parents
in Delaware before starting school at the University of Georgia in September.
That gave me about 6 weeks to get to know them better.  So we said our
good-byes, then I packed and my parents took me to the airport for my flight.

	It was a hot summer day, even in Delaware, when I arrived at the Wilmington
airport.  There were my new in-laws to meet me.  They were so sweet, just the
kind of in-laws every girl would dream about.  Kind, warm, loving, gentle and
well, just wonderful.
It was about an hour drive to where they lived and they had a limo bring them,
and take us back home. The ride was nice as we talked and talked about the
honeymoon, Danny, my parents and just about everything else under the sun.
	The first week I spent with my in-laws was pretty uneventful.  They took me to
the Jersey shore, to Philadelphia to see the sights and to Washington, D.C. to
visit our great capital.  The whole family had dinner once at a favorite
restaurant.  I got to meet Nick's wife and Tony's fiancée. 
We heard from Danny almost daily via satellite.  He was not on the front lines
but was in support in Saudi.  His estimate was that he would be home in about 8
to 10 months depending on how everything went and how long it would take to
wrap things up. I missed Danny so much especially his lovemaking.  Now that I
tasted the sweetness of making love I really missed it.
	The third week of my visit my in-laws informed me that they had to go to New
York City for two days and wanted me to go.  I was really tired so I declined
and told them I would just be content to spend a little time alone sunning
myself by the pool and just relaxing.  My mind was on Danny and starting school
in September.
They left on Friday morning and I took the rest of the day to catch up on my
writing, to call my parents and just relax by the pool.  It felt so good to
just have a little private time to myself.  Laying in the sun was so
relaxing….I just drifted to sleep.
	I was shocked out of my slumber when the cell phone started screaming in my
ear.  Irritatedly I reached over and answered it.
Hello, I said.
Monica, how are you?  This is Tony.
A, well, fine Tony.  I was just sleeping.  The sun feels so good.
Sorry to bother you Monica but we thought you might like to catch some dinner
with Nick and me tonight.  Thought you might appreciate a little company.
Well, actually Tony, that sounds pretty good.  I'd love to.  What's the
Well how about us picking you up say 7ish?
Yes, sure sound good. Oh by the way, were are we going? How should I dress.
Well we will have suits and ties, we are going to a dinner entertainment club.
Is that ok with you Monica?
Sure sounds great.  See you at 7.
Looking back I guess I was stupid for not asking, and only assuming, that they
meant their ladies as well. 
I spent about two hours getting ready, I couldn't let the other ladies upstage
me.  So I really put it on thick.  I wore a cream white summer skirt that had a
slit up the side to my knees; a white see through blouse and a lacey bra, cream
white high heels and a lip gloss that made my lips look like they were dripping
wet.  The eye shadow I applied, as little as it was, made my eyes look the size
of walnuts.  
I had to admit it.  I looked damn hot.  
I wanted to make a good impression on everyone to let them know that this
Georgia peach was no prude. 
	The doorbell rang promptly at 7pm.  I grabbed my handbag and ran to the door.
As I opened it there stood Nick and Tony.  Damn they looked handsome tonight.
Both wore light blue designer suits, and each had a beautiful tie to accentuate
their own personality.
How's it going Monica? Nick asked in his sexy voice.
Good I replied.
You ready to roll Tony asked.
Sure, let's get going I said as I pulled the door closed behind me.
Nick moved to the drivers side and got in and Tony opened the door for me on
the passenger side.
Quizzically I asked.  Where's Nancy and Karen? 
Oh they are busy tonight it's just the three of us.  
Call me naïve but I just didn't think anything of it at the time.  I just
thought we were in for a nice dinner at the club.  
But I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.
	We arrived at the club about 15 minutes later.  Our table was waiting and the
host seated us.  
Tony and Nick started off dinner by ordering a bottle of Zinfandel wine.
I had never drunk before, it was a strict rule in our house and I followed it.
I declined as Tony poured him and Nick a glass.  
Oh come on Monica, Nick taunted.  You are with the grown up's now.  
His comment embarrassed me and I felt kind of juvenile.  I know my face was
flushed as I replied.  "You're right Nick, what the heck, have to grow up
sometime, right?
Then Nick kind of got embarrassed.  Quick comeback I thought proudly to myself.

Tony reached over and poured me half a glass.  I brought the glass to my lips
and sipped.  I was surprised it really tasted good.
You like?  Nick asked, smiling.
Yes, as a matter of fact,  I answered, it is very good.
Well enjoy Monica, there is plenty more where that came from.
We all order surf and turf  and shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. 
We laughed and talked for what seemed like hours. Really spending some quality
time getting to know each other.  Even though the boys were very polite and
respectful, there was just an air of cockiness about them.
Without even realizing it, we finished off the entire bottle of wine during
dinner and Tony ordered another bottle.  I could feel the warmth in my face,
obviously from the alcohol. 
At nine thirty the music began.  It was a five-piece band and they placed very
classy music.  Very soothing and romantic,  as a matter of fact.
What do you say Monica, Nick asked, you up for a little dance.
Well I don't know Nick I heard myself reply.
Come on, don't be such a prude.
Prude, excuse me Nick.  I am not a prude.  I enjoy dancing very much, but with
my husband.
Are you forgetting he is our brother too?  
We are family aren't we? Tony rationalized.
Well I certainly didn't want them to think I was a prude and I figured we WERE
family, so I relented and said, Ok.
As we approached the dance floor Nick reached out his hand to me and I gave it
to him.  
I was just a little woozy from the wine as Nick took me in his arms and we
started to dance.  The music was very soft and relaxing as we danced and
talked.  Nick kept trying to pull me closer but I managed to stay about six
inches from him, keeping him as arms length.
Then Tony came up and asked if he could cut in and dance with his beautiful
Of course Nick replied as he moved away and Tony moved in.
Tony was probably the more attractive of the two and the smell of his after
shave was intoxicating.  It probable was more the wine than anything,   I
As we danced, Tony smiled and his pure white teeth shone like a full moon on a
clear night.  We danced two or three songs as Tony pulled me closer to him, a
little at a time.  My head was really spinning by now and my legs were getting
just a little weak.  
Whew I thought, this would be the last time I drink wine.   
Before I knew it, Tony had pulled my body close to his and I felt my head fall
against his shoulder as we danced.  
Then Tony whispered in my ear, "you are a beautiful young women Monica".  
I heard myself say, "thank you Tony".
Then I felt Tony move his lips to my neck and kiss softly.
I jumped as he did and quickly moved away from him.  I was a little confused
and disoriented as I turned in circles a couple of times trying to find our
table.  Then I spotted it and saw Nick sitting there smiling at me.  I walked
over to the table and excused myself to the ladies room.
When I returned Tony and Nick said they had paid the bill and wanted to know if
I was ready to leave.
Yes, I think that would be a good idea I replied as we all stood and walked
toward the door where the valet retrieved our car.
Once again Nick proceeded to the drivers side and Tony opened the door for me
to get in.  I was shaking as I seated myself and slid over to the middle of the
bench seat.  
Then Tony got in and pulled the door closed behind him.
Everything was silent in the car for about the first two or three minutes, then
Nick spoke. 
You know Monica Tony and I was talking.  We were talking about girls who are
good kissers, and we were betting that because you are so young and
inexperienced that you probably didn't know the first thing about real kissing.
I beg your pardon? I heard myself snap back.  I think I am a pretty good
What could you possible know Monica?  You admitted yourself that the only
person you have really kissed in your life was Danny.  So what makes you think
you know anything about real kissing?
Well, I don't think my husband has any complaints.
I guess not.  He is just about as inexperienced as you.  
Both guys laughed as Nick said this.
I don't see anything funny about that I replied.
I'll bet you don't Monica, said Tony.
Our guess is that you have never really kissed a REAL man and as a result you
could not possible know that much about kissing.
This conversation was starting to get me aggravated as these two guys continued
to taunt me. 
Well I just guess you will never know will you? I snapped back.
We are sure you are right Monica, Nick chimed in.  Because if we were to kiss
you, you probably either couldn't handle it or you would never be the same
With this comment they really cracked up.
The fact of the matter is Monica, we think you are just one of those beautiful,
but dumb, Georgia girls.
Who do you think you are to say such a thing to me.  I am really disappointed.
I thought you guys were gentlemen.  But I sure was wrong.
Spoken like a true spoiled brat Tony replied.
I felt my face get red from anger as they both laughed at his comment.
Yea Monica, we bet you don't know the first damn thing about kissing.
Well you couldn't be more wrong.
Yea?  Said Tony.  Then prove it?
I don't have to prove anything to you two.
Told you Tony, Nick replied.
Yea, I guess you were right.
Right about what I said?
That you would reply that way.  It's the easy way out.
I have to tell you, I was really pissed by now.  They were insulting my
womanhood and I didn't like it.
I don't need to take any way out.  You don't know what you're talking about I
With that Tony turned toward me in the seat and put his face about 6 inches
from mine, looking me directly in the eyes.  
Then let me kiss you Monica and I will rate you.
Let me just say this before we go on.  If it hadn't been for that damn wine I
would have never felt the need or the courage to prove anything to these two
I stared right back at him as he spoke. Defying the words that came out of his
Then the words that came out of my mouth surprised even me.
"Go for it, I said defiantly".
Tony smiled as he moved his face toward me and placed his lips against mine.
I didn't close my eyes as he kissed me and when he finished I just stared at
Well? Nick asked.
About a 3, Tony taunted.
I just stared at him.
Want to try again Monica, maybe you can do better this time by getting
They both laughed.
Fine I thought to myself, if they want to push me into a corner.  I'll show
I reached up and put my hand on the back of Tony's head and pulled him forward.
I pressed my lips hard against his and kissed him.  I held the kiss for about
20 seconds and then released him.
Well Monica, I think you have been holding out on us, Tony laughed.
Well I asked.  How did I score?
Well, about a 5.
Five my ass I snapped.  You are full of shit.
Oh, nice talk Monica, Nick laughed.  
I have to admit,  it even surprised me.
You see Monica, no one could ever get over a five without tongue, Nick added.
My head was spinning from the wine and I slurred my words as I replied.  
Tongue, you want tongue? I replied as I continued to stare into Tony's face.
Yea Monica, tongue.  You up for it kid?
My heart was beating fast as I just sat there and didn't reply.
Then Tony took his left hand and put it behind my head and grabbed a handful of
hair and pulled me toward him.  He pressed his lips hard against mine and
opened his mouth as I felt his tongue licking my lips and trying to pry them
open.  I opened my lips slightly and he took advantage of the situation and
pushed his tongue between them and started licking my teeth. 
Then he pulled hard on my head and I concluded that it meant he wanted me to
open my mouth.  
I did.
His tongue shot past my teeth and into my mouth like a missile, coming into
contact with my tongue immediately.  I gasped as waves of electricity coursed
though my body.  My eyes went closed and I felt dizzy as I went limp.  Tony
continued to kiss me hard exploring the whole insides of my mouth with his
tongue and grinding his lips against mine.  I heard little moans coming from my
throat, as he must have kissed me for 30 seconds. I felt little beads of sweat
forming on my forehead as my body was going nuts.
Then Tony pulled away and broke the kiss.  When I finally opened my eyes Tony
was looking at me, but this time with a much more serious look on his face.
What do you think Monica?  Have you EVER been kissed like that before?
Breathless, I heard myself whisper…
With that he grabbed my head with both hands and drove his lips to mine again.
This time my mouth opened wide and he took full advantage of it. driving his
tongue deep inside.  I felt myself sucking on his tongue as he did the same to
Trying to regain some semblance of control I put my hands on his chest and
pushed him away.  I could feel the saliva on my chin as I sat there breathing
hard and drooling.
Tony looked at me tauntingly and said. "You were right Nick, she can't handle
Can you Monica? He said staring at me.
No!! I said. No I can't.
Then he took his index finger and placed it on my lips and began to rub the
saliva over them.  Back and forth his finger rubbed my lips.  Then he moved his
finger between my lips and I opened my mouth (I don't know why, but I did) and
he pushed his finger in.
Suck on it, he said, as he pushed it in up to the knuckle.  
I started to gently suck on his finger as he moved it in and out of my mouth.
Then he leaned over and kissed me on the forehead and then moved his head down
and kissed my neck.
I caught my breath as his lips touched my neck.
Then I felt the car turn and it drove up the driveway.  
We were home.
I was relieved knowing that it was over.  I really didn't know how much more I
could have taken.
We drove into the garage and the garage door closed behind us.  We all got out
of the car and I opened the door to the house.
Well, thanks for dinner I said as I began to walk into the house.  
Tony and Nick followed. I guess for a moment I forgot this used to be their
I was wobbly as my legs were weak and my body was still burning.
Now I have no idea why I did what I did next.  To this day I still can't figure
it out.  
But I turned around to Tony and asked.  
"Well, what was my score"?
Tony looked at Nick and Nick grinned back.
Well, Tony replied, about a 9.  
I smiled.
But then Nick said.  But that is Tony's evaluation, not mine.
We were in the family room by now and Nick reached out and grabbed me, pulled
me close to his body and planted his lips hard on mine and kissed me.
I almost collapsed as his lips burned against mine.  I tried my best to stand
up on my heels but my legs were forsaking me.  I struggled to stand up as Nick
kissed harder and harder pushing his tongue into my mouth and sucking on my
I felt myself shaking all over.  He would not break the kiss.
I heard a moan emanate from my throat and then my legs collapsed. Nick quickly
retrieved me from falling onto the floor, and with his lips still pressed hard
against mine, walked over to the couch and sat me down.  Then he broke his
I could feel my face flushed all over, It was burning like fire.  What the hell
was happening to me was all I could think.  My mind was racing, my head was
spinning.  I was shaking all over.  

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