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WARNING: These stories contain graphic language, sexual actions
between M/F and F/F, as well as violence, illegal substance abuse,
immorality, and illegal activity.  If any of the above offend you,
please do not read this story.  All stories are copyright.

These stories are two parts fact, one part fiction.  Some names and
places have been changed, and a few events are slightly embellished or
different (usually cause I don't remember exact words spoken), but
everything is pretty close to a real situation.  If you recognize
yourself in this story though, it probably isn't you!

Please forward comments/requests to:

***A note from the author:  Please feel free to submit comments
through email.  I am away for the holidays, so I will not answer until
next year (!).  I will be transcribing more chapters after the
holidays, and posting a chapter guide listing content of each chapter.
 BTW, if you are wondering, Chapter 33, "The Wine Tasting" is part of
this same story, just much later in time.  Please email me for more
info.  Thanks, Rob Kraft.***

Right Turn on Black by Robert Kraft
Chapter 2: A Night to Remember, Part 3

	We crested the top of Clearview, and looked down the road at the
crossroads.  The crossroads is where Clearview meets Johnson at a dark
intersection, and all around it are hills with woods and bushes,
forming a large bowl, at the center of which meet the two roads.  It
was a great meeting place because you could overlook the intersection
with plenty of cover and an upper position.   In the middle of the two
streets, about 100 feet off, was an intense scene.  There were a few
people standing around in the center of the intersection.  Three cop
cars, including one unmarked one, were standing in the road.  One
police was talking to some of the kids standing around.  The cop cars
were heavily covered in egg yolk and some shaving cream.  One had its
wipers on.  Occasionally an egg would fall on the scene from the
surrounding hills.
	"We better get into some cover.  Looks like they are cracking down
this year."
	Luke led us up into a yard, and back around to a hill overlooking the
scene just off the side of Clearview.  A hail of eggs started to rain
on one of the cars.  It turned on its light and suddenly sped up
Clearview away from us, coming to a screeching halt.  A cop got out of
each side and ran into the woods.  From where we were we could see
shadows ghosting through the woods.  There was a chaotic feel in the
air.  Like something unexpected was about to happen.
	Another rain of eggs was falling now, coming from our general
direction, but more in the woods.  One hit the officer in the road
talking to the kids.  He ducked back, and the kids started to retreat.
 He got into his car and spun around, speeding up Clearview towards
us.  We were between Clearview and the offending party, caught in the
middle, if they decided to look in the woods.
	"Shit, we are right in the middle if they saw where those eggs came
from," I said in a nervous whisper.
	"Yeah.  Let's move into the woods a bit more," said Luke, as he
ushered us back a bit.  We stopped and crouched as the car reached our
level on Clearview and slowed, pointing its search light at us.  It
seemed for a few seconds we would not be seen, but suddenly the police
got out and started to run into the woods. 
	"How's your leg?" I asked Clara.
	"Its O.K. now."
	'Good, you'll need it."  We jumped up when it was obvious that we
were spotted.  There was no proof we weren't the ones who threw the
eggs, especially since we had over 150 eggs in our bags, plus shaving
cream.  We started to run, with footsteps behind us.  I looked back. 
There were two guys, a thin guy who was running pretty fast, and an
overweight guy with a mustache who was a bit behind already.  "Split
up," I said.  Clara, Joe, and I ran off down the hill towards Johnson,
and Luke Debbie and Pete ran to the right, into the woods and towards
	I looked back.  The lead guy followed Luke and company, and I saw him
point at us for his partner behind, who started down the hill.
	"Shit," I said between breaths.  "There's a fuckin' other car there
on Johnson.  We could be in for it if they are waiting there.  We
gotta go back up the hill"
	"I don't think I can run much more," said Clara, wearily.
	"Shit.  Let's try and hide then."
	"I'll run up the hill and lead him off," said Joe.
	I looked back.  The cop was slow, he was far enough behind that we
could probably hide without him noticing that we were not running.  I
ripped around a bush, pulling Clara back.  "Get down!" I said, giving
her a little shove.  She fell flat, and crawled up under the pine
bush.  I followed quickly.  My bag got caught, so I slipped out of it.
 It was somewhat in view, but the cop was approaching, so I settled
back in and covered some light spots on my coat with leaves.
	Joe had kept running past us.  I looked through the tree limbs and
saw him throw his pack down the hill as he headed up.  It was a wise
move, I thought.
	The cop slowed when he reached our tree, looking at where Joe had
thrown his pack, debating whether to go after Joe, a difficult catch,
or the pack, an easy confiscation.  He did not seem aware of us
sitting twenty feet away in the large bush.  We held our breath. 
Clara pushed in closer to me.  The cop stopped and headed down the
hill to get the pack, apparently realizing he was no match for Joe's
long young legs.
	The cop reached the pack and picked it up, examining its contents.
	Suddenly Clara leaned over and planted a kiss on my lips.  I was
startled, to say the least.  I had never kissed anyone before.  
	I looked at her, not knowing what to say.  She spoke instead.
	"Thanks," she said.
	"Uh, no problem."
	I leaned over and kissed her again.  She opened her mouth a bit, and
I felt her tongue on my lips.  It was an amazing feeling.  
	"You little shit!" we suddenly heard, followed by some unintelligible
radio bursts.  We broke away from each other, scared that we were
discovered.  Not the case, however.  It was still bad though.  I
looked up the hill and made out the thinner cop leading Joe down the
hill towards our general direction.  For a second I thought he had
ratted us out to save his ass.  I wouldn't have necessarily blamed him
though, because the cop looked furious.  Not that I blamed the cop
either.  The fat cop ran up the hill with Joe's pack in hand.  Joe's
head was hanging.  The fat cop barreled into Joe, and grabbed him by
the coat and slammed him against a tree.  He started to shake Joe
pretty violently.
	"Should we go out and do something?" asked Clara in a fearful whisper.
	"What can we do?  I ain't fighting no cop," I said.
	"Yeah, I guess you're right."
	"You stupid shit, throwing eggs at our car, I'll teach you."  The big
cop went on ranting for a good thirty seconds, giving Joe a good
shake, although no blows were delivered, fortunately for both.  He
stopped then, and shoved the pack at Joe, who caught it, stunned.  The
thin cop just stood and watched, pointing his flashlight at Joe's eyes.
	"Is this your goddamn pack?" asked the fat cop, red-faced and puffing
	"Well, it is illegal to carry eggs on Halloween, kid."
	"I was bringing them home to my mom from the store," he said
sullenly.  Me and Clara let out a silent laugh.  The fat one got
furious at this remark, and grabbed him again and pushed him back up
against the tree.
	"You little crap, you think this is a joke?  You shit."
	"Sorry, sir."
	"Where's your friends?" spoke the thin cop for the first time.
	"I don't know.  They ran."
	I slowly reached out, and untangled my pack, pulling it under the
tree some more.
	"I was following three including him, I didn't see the other two
around," said the big cop to his partner.
	"Well, they weren't with him," said the other.  He shined his light
around, skimming over our tree.
	"Thank god I moved that pack!" I whispered.  Clara squeezed my arm.
	The thin one put away his flashlight.  "Well, they probably went down
to the road."
	"Let's see some ID," he said as they started to lead him down to
Johnson road where a car was still waiting.  Joe was digging through
his pockets.  They were out of earshot quickly, but we could see Joe
hand him something, and the cops looked at it.  I thought I saw the
fat one try and rip the ID in half and then pocket it when he couldn't.
	"What are we gonna do?" I asked, somewhat to myself too.
	"Well, we sure can't help him now.  Let's try and get back to the
	We watched as Joe was led down to the car.  Another cop got out, and
there was talking and pointing.  An occasional glance up our way kept
us under our tree.  "We better wait a bit," I said.
	"I feel terrible for Joe."
	He was being lectured by the fat cop apparently.  The other two cops
got in the car.  The fat cop took out the eggs and shaving cream from
Joe's bag, put the weapons in the trunk of his car, and then gave the
bag to him.  Then he reached into his pocket, and pulled out something
small, and handed it to Joe, who put it in his pocket.
	"Was that his ID?" I asked.
	"Looked like."
	The cop gave Joe a pat on the shoulder, and got in the car, which
took off towards the crossroads, presumably to retrieve their other
car.  Joe started walking down Johnson, away from the crossroads.
	"Damn, I guess they let him off!" I said.
	"Yeah, what a relief."
	"Let's go."  We emerged, dusted off, and ran down the hill towards
where Joe was.  He heard us approach and turned fearfully.
	"Hey man," I called out.
	"Oh hey.  I got scared it was them again."  He walked up into the
woods towards us, and we were out of sight again.
	"Are you alright?" asked Clara, giving him a big hug.  I remembered
our kiss, which had been lingering in the back of my mind during the
events that had followed.
	"Yeah, a little shook up, but intact, I guess.  They caught me and -"
	"Yeah, we saw it," Clara said.
	"I was just running and then the cop was right in front of me.  He
must have left the others to circle around and corner us."
	"How'd you get let off?  They were pretty pissed," I asked.
	"I told them that we weren't the ones who threw eggs at them, and
they didn't really believe me, but I acted all wussy and shit and made
up some story about how I never go out and don't do bad shit and that
you guys pressured me into doing this, and that I'd never go out
again.  I lifted lines right from the one cop's speech at school last
month about peer pressure.  I think it touched the fat one and he told
me to go straight home and if he ever saw me again in trouble he'd
arrest me."
	"So are you going home now?" Clara asked.
	Joe looked at her.  "Fuck no, man?"  I laughed hard.  "Gimme that
bottle, fucker."  I pulled out the bottle and we all drank some.  "To
freedom!" said Joe.  We echoed his toast.
	"Yo, that thing about the eggs you said was hilarious," I exclaimed,
remembering.  "I almost blew our cover by laughing out loud."
	Joe laughed.  "Alright, let's find the others."
	We headed back up into the woods, generally in the direction that
Luke had run earlier.  We walked in silence up the steep hill for a
few minutes, and looked around.  We could see in the distance cop
lights on Clearview, in the area where the ones who chased us had left
their car.  There seemed to be a few officers gathered around, looking
at the vehicle and doing something in it.  We did not know what it
meant.  We figured we had better head deep into the woods and head out
of the area in case another search for us was mounted in the woods.
	After a few minutes, we spied yellow lights flashing out on
Clearview, and although we were further away now, we could definitely
make out that it was a tow truck.
	"What the fuck is going on?" I asked to no one in particular.  We
continued our trek.
	Joe spotted something in the woods, and upon reaching it, we saw it
was two cartons of eggs.  They looked like the same type we had stolen
from the kids earlier in the night.
	"This is probably Luke's or Pete's," said Joe, perhaps a bit gravely.
	"Yes indeed," I intoned with mock seriousness, "these ARE Brooklyn
	"Very funny," said Joe, as Clara laughed.
	"They obviously came this way and for some reason ditched some eggs. 
Who knows why only some though."
	We walked on for five more minutes, following Ridge road from the
woods.  There was a place up ahead in this direction I knew Luke might
have gone to.  Approaching some houses again, I saw it, a hill with
stony formation to the left where I had often hung out with Luke and
Joe.  I looked at Joe, and he caught my idea.
	"Yeah, they are probably up there if they didn't get caught."
	We trudged up the leafy hill, intently looking up at the stones.  It
was dark since the moon was very low by now.  As we approached we
heard movement on the other side of the stones, and footsteps leaving
the scene.
	"Wait," I ventured.  The steps stopped.
	"Who's there?" came Luke's call.
	"Shit.  I thought it was the cops."
	We reached the top as Luke, Debbie and Pete returned.  Clara and
Debbie embraced and sat apart, discussing the last set of events.
	"We thought you were caught for sure," said Luke.
	"Yeah," continued Peter, "when we realized that one guy stopped
following us and headed to cut you all off we thought you'd be taken
by 'em."
	We all put down our bags, and settled down on the rocks, catching our
	"We were caught," Joe said.  Luke looked up, surprised.  "At least I
	"And you lived to tell?"
	Joe briefly related the events.  I added a few comments of my own. 
Peter and Luke listened intently.
	"That's quite a story," said Luke.  "But don't worry, we got 'em back
for you."
	"How's that?' I asked.
	"Well after we realized that the other cop was chasing you down, we
backtracked to see if we could help.  But then we saw the cop car
sitting there, door open, light out.  No one was there.  We crept
back, threw a whole dozen eggs into the seat, and another dozen on the
windshield.  Then another group of kids came up.  You know Chris Mack?"
	"Well he was there suddenly.  He said the cops fucked with him,
tackled him down and hit him a few times cause he had a can of shaving
cream.  He was, well you know how Chris gets when he's drunk and mad."
	"Shit.  What'd he do?"  I asked, somewhat afraid to be involved in
this now.
	"He slashed the tires.  All fuckin' four of them," said Pete,
	"No shit.  That's why we saw a tow truck pull up.  The cops are
probably furious."
	"Probably.  We should avoid the area, to say the least," warned Luke.
 "I'm glad you thought of coming here, Rob.  I was hoping you'd think
to meet up here.  I think we are safe for the moment.  They will not
be looking for us in a remote part of town a half mile from the scene."
	"Besides, we are probably not suspect since they left their car to
chase US." I emphasized, feeling a bit better again.
	"We saw some of your eggs back there in the forest," said Joe.  "Were
you being chased?"
	"Not really," said Luke, "but I wanted to stash the shaving creams in
my bag so we could run a bit easier, so I chucked a pair of cartons to
make room.  These double barrels take up a lot of space, you know."
	We sat in silence, finally getting a chance to rest.
	Clara got up from her chat with Debbie.  "I think I'm gonna go home."
 She sounded tired all of the sudden.
	"I'll walk you," I volunteered, a bit quicker than I should have,
	"Thanks Rob.  I live just up the road a bit though, you don't..."
	"That's O.K.  I think I will head in too, I've had enough running for
a month."
	Good-byes were handed out, I left my eggs and cream in a niche in the
stones, gave the whiskey back to Luke, and then Clara and I left,
travelling up Ridge.
	"Rob?  I think what happened back in the tree was more than it meant."
	I was a bit taken aback.
	"I was a bit scared," she went on, "and a little wasted, and I liked
it and all, but I just want to be friends, if that's all right."
	"Sure."  What was the big deal, anyway.  We just kissed for a few
seconds before we were rudely interrupted by Joe's capture.
	"To tell you the truth," she said, "I like Joe."
	Oh, that was it.  "Really?  That's cool."  No it's not, I thought. 
But then I was wondering what my problem was.  Like one kiss meant we
were going out or something.
	"Do you understand?  I just got a little crazy."
	"It's not a big deal, don't worry about it.  I'm fine."
	We walked in silence for a while, and I absorbed what she had told
me.  We arrived at Clara's house.  
	"O.K., this is me.  Thanks again for all your help tonight, I think I
would have been in trouble a few times there if you weren't around." 
She gave me a smile.
	"No prob," I countered with a smile of my own.  "Have a good night,
and I'll see you in school."
	"Yeah."  She gave me a long hug, and went in.
	I stood there for a while and contemplated the night:  I had seen
Debbie blowing Luke; I had developed a nice buzz; I had helped Clara
out of a bind - no, two binds; I had gotten my first kiss; I had
outsmarted the police; Luke had wreaked havoc on their car; we had
taken out a group of intruders to our town; I had beat up my first kid
(and hopefully my last, I thought);  and I had made a new friend.  All
in all, even if Clara just wanted to be friends, it was a great night,
I thought.
	I walked home slowly, feeling a bit changed in some small way.


	"What are you thinking about?" I heard a voice say.  It was Michelle.
	"Uh, what?  I was thinking about last Halloween actually."  We had
walked quite a while in silence, and I felt a bit ashamed suddenly for
being rude.
	"I heard it was quite a night around here.  Were you out?"
	"Yeah, for a while."
	"How was it?"
	"Pretty intense.  Did you go out at all?"
	"I was out for a bit, but cops were telling people to go home cause
some group of kids from out of town were around beating people up."
	"So they were."
	"Did you see them?" she asked, curiously.
	"Did we ever.  They creamed us at first.  Do you know Clara?"
	"Yeah, she's going out with Joe now."
	"Yeah, well she got attacked by one of those kids."
	"Wow.  Was she hurt?"
	"A little.  I actually managed to fend the guy off.  We came back
later and whipped them.  I heard that they regrouped and beat up some
other kids later before they got caught and were sent away."
	"Well, this is my road," she said.  I looked at my watch.  My dad was
probably already at the station.
	"Oh.  I'm early," I lied, suddenly and without thought.  "I can walk
you down."
	"O.K., thanks."
	"So give me a call when you want to get together again.  You know,
for the Latin thing."
	"O.K., I'll call you tonight around 8."
	"Sounds good."
	We reached her house and said goodbye.  I sprinted down to the
station where my dad was waiting.
	"Hey Roberto, how was school?" he asked in Spanish as we got into the
	"Get out late?"
	"No, just walking home with my Latin partner."
	"A girl, eh?"
	"Invite her skiing on Friday," he said.
	"Maybe I will," I said, then softly, realizing I was interested in
her after all, "Maybe I already have."

END OF PART 3 - look for parts 1 and 2 separately


Copyright 1998 by Robert Kraft

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