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DISCLAIMER This is an adult story about Male submission to women.  If
you are a minor, you may not read this work.  If you find frank
discussions of male bi-sexual or submissive behavior disturbing, read
no further.  If you dislike any of the following, do not read this
story: oral sex, anal sex, use of adult sex toys, infidelity,
bi-sexuality (male-male, male-female, or female-female),
water-sports, any other sex act, or long stories.

In short, by reading this disclaimer and continuing, you hereby
absolve me from any responsibility for any cost associated with


Copyright (c) 1998
All Rights Reserved

SOLICITATION: If you have any comments regarding this work, please
email me at, or reach me via ICQ at 15650570.


"Oh, so you LIKE the idea, hmmm?" she purred.  She had detected my
more enthusiastic efforts just as I now detected her increased
wetness.  It was interesting how we each got hotter when we knew we
were pleasing each other.  For my part, I was sucking her lovely
pussy as best I could.  I DID like the idea, quite a lot.  But it was
not my place to speak now, or ever, without her permission.  So I
'told' in the way she liked best: enthusiastic cunnilingous.

My owner was to me a beautiful woman.  It wasn't that she was
exceedingly pretty, although she was hot as hell even at 40+ years
old.  It wasn't that we were perfectly suited sexually, although that
was also true.  It was that even though I was hers to command, she
CARED enough about me to keep me completely satisfied.  In all
respects: sexual, emotional, etc.  Hers was an inner beauty that I
simply adored.

But there was no doubt about it.  She knew how to make me respond in
ways that satisfied her as well.  In this case, she was humping my
face as I tongued her.  She gripped my hair and pulled me in, so that
my mouth was buried between her large butterfly lips.  She was truly
gushing, excited as she was about her new plan.

Her idea was simple.  She had read a message in a local USENET group,
houston.personals, seeking a lady to teach another how to ass fuck a
man.  Since my owner loved to do just that, she thought she'd reply. 
Things had now progressed far enough that she was seeking my
agreement, although since she owned me it was technically
unnecessary.  The fact that she WAS consulting me made me feel even
more in love with her.  And I responded by drinking the copious
juices flowing out of her.

For the next half hour I continued to suck her as she gasped out her
full plan between orgasms.  The whole plan seemed wonderful to me,
like a dream come true.  I desperately wanted to cum, but dared not. 
Finally, she was almost exhausted and detached herself from my mouth.
She rolled over and presented her bottom to me.  As was normal in our
relationship, I dry fucked between her large asscheeks until I came
all over her asshole.  Then, I did my duty, cleaning up my cum from
her ass with my tongue.  She loved it, and so did I, although this
time I came rather more than normal.  Again, as was usual, I
continued tonguing her ass until she had her final shaking orgasm.

I left then, after making plans for next time.


At our next session, I met Linda.  Linda was the woman who wanted to
fuck men's ass.  I had expected a homely woman, but I was surprised
as hell to see that she was gorgeous.  I learned afterwards that she
was a stripper who had "significant issues with men".  But during
this session, she sat in an arm chair as my owner used me as she

It was discomforting to perform in front of someone else.  Especially
someone who seemed to be absorbing it all so analytically.  Linda sat
there the whole time in with her comfy jeans and t-shirt, her arms
crossed in sullen body language.

But my owner didn't even seem to notice.

"Strip" she said quietly.  Embarrassed, I pulled off my clothes as I
had dozens of times before.  As was usual, my owner walked around
inspecting me, especially the weighty heft of my balls.  I am
forbidden to orgasm except at her will, although I am required to
masturbate daily.  This was to stimulate the production of semen, so
that I could ejaculate large thick gobs like she preferred.  This
time, my balls were especially heavy as I had been constantly horny.

She looked over to Linda.  "I always make sure that he is ready and
that he hasn't cum between sessions.  Men are constantly horny
bastards who will always try to steal an orgasm."  Linda nodded,
agreeing that we men were scum.

"Lay on your back", she told me.  I did, and watched as she slowly
removed her clothing.  She always arrived in innocuous street clothes
and her transformation to a sexual being was always exciting.  I
noticed that this time she had reshaved her pussy.  I could already
see her clit enlarging.  I licked my lips in anticipation.  I could
imagine the delightfully sexy sensation as her well-used hanging
pussy lips covered my mouth.

I got the reality moments later as she knelt on either side of my
head and lowered herself onto my face.  I pushed my tongue between
her lips and licked and sucked at her hole.  I made sure to stroke
her clit, which made her tremble and get juicier.

"MMMmmmm," she said to Linda.  "I love to get warmed up by having him
worship me.  And he loves to do it too.  Look at his cock!"  I knew I
was steel hard, my cock purple and dripping precum.  I felt her lean
over and lightly pump it.  I heard myself moan, more or less without
even meaning to.  In response, she gushed, her cunt getting very
sloppy.  It was like tonguing warm syrup.

"Do you see how he is dripping?" she asked Linda.  "If I were to ass
fuck him now, he'd cum all over the place."  She lifted off me, making
me groan with frustration.  "So what I do is let him fuck me first."
She turned around and reached down to point my cock up, ready to
impale her.  "I know you are different, but I just love to have a hot
hard cock in me.  AHhhhhhh" -- this as she slide me into her -- "I
love it.  C'mon now, fuck me.  But DON'T cum yet."

I lifted my hips into her, feeling her hot liquid insides.  Her
molten juice dripped all over me cock and balls.  It was excruciating
torture, and pleasure at the same time.  I fucked her as slow and
deep as I could.  Her face showed wonderful pleasure, which warmed me
even as I was desperately holding back.

Her hands found their way to her engorged clit and she began to
vigorously rub it.  "Cum now, cum!" she moaned, and I began to fuck
her like a dog in heat.  I felt the sloppy goodness of her pussy as
it gripped me and let myself began to cum.  She pushed down to meet
me, grinding her pussy on me as I filled the depths of her cunt with
my gooey cum.

I barely had time to catch my breath before she lifted off my cock
and sat again on my face.  She spread her lips wide as she rubbed her
clit. "Eat your cum now, eat it."  I pushed my tongue in, finding my
cum beginning to drip out.  I ate it voraciously, as she explained in
increasingly halting tones that she loved fucking me so that I had to
eat my cum from her, that it made her feel so superiour to have her
slave eat his own spew so eagerly.

She began cum again, the contractions ejecting great globs of my own
semen into my adoring mouth.  I suppose I should have been ashamed at
eating my own cum, but it was a labor of love.  And thr truth is that
I enjoyed the exotic mixture of her cum and mine.

As she regained control, I slowly tongued up and down the trough
between her legs.  It was a real pleasure to feel her bald pussy
slick with my saliva.  I was disappointed when she lifted off, but
I knew a good long fucking was next.  MMMmmmm!!

"Now that we are both past our initial lust," my dear owner explained
to Linda as she showed her the heavy leather dildo harness she was
going to wear, "I can fuck him for a good long time.  If I had just
fucked him right away, he'd have sprayed all over the place way too

She reached into her toy bag and pulled out a dildo I'd never seen
before.  The one I normal received was a realistic model, about 9"
long and 1.5" across.  It had a large head and was heavily veined. I
loved it.  This one was quite different.  It was a nearly see-through
purple and had fat and narrow sections that flowed in and out like
waves.  The fattest was probably 2" across and was in the middle. 
The narrowest was maybe 1" across and was very close to the fat part.
My eyes opened wide.  I could only imagine the feeling as my asshole
was stretched and then collapsed as she fucked me!

"Normally, I make him deepthroat my 'cock' before I fuck him," she
told Linda.  "But this one is probably too big around to get in his
throat."  She smiled at me.  "I'll just have to screw him and leave
it at that!"  She fastened the dildo onto the heavy harness, then put
it on.  Linda seemed quite interested in how it worked, so my owner
showed her how well it stayed on, even letting Linda yank it to show
the firmness of the attachment.

My cock was already again at half-mast when she motioned me to
"assume the position".  As was usual, I was to be on my knees with my
face and chest on the couch.  I used my hands to open my ass cheeks
for her use.  In this position, I was unable to rub my cock on
anything.  The sad fact is that when I am sodomized, any stimulation
to my cock will make me spurt almost immediately.  So my loving owner
developed this position to extend my pleasure.

"When you fuck a man," my lover told Linda in the tone a teacher uses
to her pupils, "you need to make sure to use lots of lube.  His ass
doesn't produce juice like our pussies do.  So if you don't want to
hear a lot of crying and bitching, use lube."  As she talked, she
squirted some right onto my opening.  "Now this one is quite used to
taking a 'cock' in his ass, so I don't need to use as much as when
he was a virgin."  I felt her fingers smear the lube around, and then
plunge in unannounced.  I let out a gasp of surprise and --truth
told-- pleasure.  "I always open him a little first, too.  But he
likes to feel his opening being stretched by a fat cock, so I don't
prepare him too much.  Right pet?"

"Yes, lady," I replied.  I felt the tip of the dildo press against
browneye and exhaled a bit to relax.  I wasn't scared, but the
anticipated pleasure often made me a bit tense.  As I relaxed, I felt
her press it into me.

How to describe the sensation?  This new dildo was smooth, smoother
than any I'd had before.  But the 'waves' first stretched my opening
and then let it relax as more went in.  I loved the feeling of
fullness I got with a dildo in my ass, but this time I wasn't able to
enjoy it before the fattest wave began to go in.  This was the
fattest object she'd ever put in me, and I could tell!  I let out a
little grunt, which my owner heard.

"This dildo is the widest ever," she told Linda.  "And he's having
to open for it."  She rubbed my ass cheeks reassuringly as she
pressed even harder.  The feeling of being stretched this wide was
almost all pain at this point.  I thought I would tear!  And yet she
kept pushing, harder and harder, forcing my sphincter to open. 
"Almost there, pet," she murmured.  And then, I felt my opening relax
a little as the dildo got narrower.  At the same time, I felt my
bowels fill.  God, it felt soooo good!  Finally, I felt her body
pressing to mine.  It was all in.

As was her practise, she pulled a little out and squirted some lube
on the cock before pushing in again.  She loved "short stroking" me
at this point, and the feeling of that big mass in me, rearranging my
innards, was amazing.  "I fuck him like this to loosen him a little. 
He loves it like this."

I hung my head in shame, realizing what I must appear like to Linda. 
But I did it to make my owner proud of me, and that made me a bit
stronger.  After all, we were making love, in our own fashion.

This period came to a rapid end, and then she pulled the dildo all
the way out.  It wasn't fun either, since that widest part had to
come out.  My love squirted just a tad--not too much!--more lube onto
the dildo and pressed it in again.  This time she maintained a steady
stroke, long and deep so that it all went in and then it came went
out.  I moaned in pleasure and pain, at first in equal measures bit
then finally without any pain.

"Look how he loves it!" my owner exclaimed.  My ass was making sloppy
sucking noises as she pushed in and out, but she was referring to the
constant pleasure noises I was making.  "It always turns me on to
hear him begin to sound like a girl." I wondered at that, then
decided she was right.  I was sounding like a porn starlet, filling
the air with "oh yeah"s and "fuck me"s.

I took a moment to glance at Linda.  She was still sitting there in
the chair, but she was now sweating a little.  My owner slapped my
ass to force my attention back to being fucked.

MMmmmm, it was sooo nice to just get fucked.  There was no effort on
my part but to receive the gift she was giving me.  I would gladly
trade hours of eating her pussy for ten minutes of being sodomized
by her.  Especially since I loved eating her anyways! :)

She stopped then, and bade me roll over.  I laid on my back on the
ground, and she immediately pushed it into me.  By now, I experienced
the fat part of the dildo as a wave of pleasure.  I adored this new

"I thought you might want to use his mouth," she told Linda.  What?! 
She was letting Linda participate?!  In retrospect, I guess it was

"I think I will," she said simply.  I watched as Lindo stood and
merely shrugged off her jeans.  As her panties came off, I saw that
she was also bald. Maybe my guess that she was a dancer was right.

Without any more preparation, she sat right on my face.  I pushed my
tongue into her, finding that she had a salty flavor and wasn't too
wet.  I ate her as good as I could, plunging my tongue in deep before
licking and sucking her clit.  She rocked against my mouth, but she
didn't get any wetter. It was as close to heaven as I'd ever been:
being fucked lovingly while sucking a pussy!

"Do you want to try fucking him?" my owner offered.  "Truth is, I am
really close to cumming and I want his mouth."  Immediately, Linda
lifted off, and my owner pulled the dildo out.  I laid there, feeling
the pool of pre-cum that had accumulated on my belly.  My rock hard
cock was literally dripping!

I watched as Linda put on the harness.  I sensed a maliciousness as
she eyed me.  I was right.

"Would you mind if he came now?" she asked.  "I want to see if he
will get it up again."  Hmmmm.  I doubted that was her intention.

My lover pondered.  "OK," she said, "push into him first."  Linda
placed the cock against my gaping opening, and jabbed it in, making
me gasp.  Then, my owner lifted my legs and put them against my
chest.  As I fought to breath, she gripped my cock and forced it
straight up.  It was hard to do, since I was so powerfully erect. 
But she managed it, and then sat onto me.

Holy shit!  It was amazing.  My owner hopped up and down as Linda
began to fuck my brains out.  One of them gripped my balls, squeezing
them to urge my orgasm.  It took less than a minute before I was
pumping a gallon of cum into her.  My balls were kneeded to make sure
they emptied.  And they did!

Before I even shrank, my love plopped onto my face.  A river of gooey
cum and juice drained out.  I loved doing this, but the truth is that
I ate her with extra relish to take my mind off Linda.

Linda was fucking me with a vengence.  I suspected she was taking out
some grievance against men, because she wasn't doing it for pleasure. 
Her thrusts in nearly took my breath away.  She pushed my thighs up
and against my chest to get a deeper thrust.  My owner, perhaps
knowing what was up and what wasn't, helped her by gripping my
ankles.  And then, Linda began to whale away on me.

As I said, I concentrated on bringing off my love.  I scooped glop
after glop o fmy cum out her pussy with my my tongue until she was
cleaned.  As my reward, I felt her orgasm at least twice.  The first
time, her pussy clenched on my tongue, a sensation I love most.  My
face was covered with her juice, and I was drinking more than sucking
or licking.  She was THAT wet.

Linda gripped my cock, jacking me off in a futile effort to get me
hard again.  Fact is, I was spent and I was "taking" it rather than
enjoying it.  But Linda needed to fuck me.  She needed to be cleansed
of some demon from a past experience.  Maybe she had been raped, or
maybe she had been molested.  Maybe some guy left her on the altar. 
Whatever the reason, my ass was getting sore because of it.

My owner eventually realized what was happening and got off my face. 
She laid beside me and kissed me tenderly as Linda worked off her
aggression.  Soon, Linda was spent.  I saw that she was glistening
with sweat, and had at some point removed her top.

"I need to stop and go pee," she announced.  As she removed the
harness, I saw that her nipples and clit were both extended.  She had
been close to cumming, but I guess she would only cum when her
emotions were fulfilled.  I pulled my love to my mouth and whispered
to her.  She nodded, although she wore a horrified expression.

"Why don't you use my toilet?" she asked.

"OK.  Where is it?" Linda asked.

Deftly, she pointed to my mouth.  Linda got a wry expression on her
face, but didn't hesitate.  It looked like she had wanted to do this
for a long time.  She sat on my open mouth, and immediately began to
release a torrent of pee as I gulped it down.  My love had never ever
used me like this, although she had threatened it.  Now we were doing
it for Linda's benefit.  I felt Linda begin to pant, and her
fingernails raked my chin as she rubbed her clit furiously.   As I
licked the last of her pee away, she let loose a great howling moan
as she orgasmed.  My tongue sought her clit as wave after wave
enveloped her.  She was letting loose of something far more closely
held than her orgasm.  She flung herself on the floor, panting and
heaving.  I think she was "being emotional".

My owner looked at me, here expression a mixture of amazement and
tenderness.  Finally, she shrugged and prepared to mount my face.  "I
gotta go too," she said.  For only the second time, I drank piss.  It
wasn't so bad, and I knew that I had better get used to it now that I
had let the genie out of the bag.

She helped me up and we sat on the floor as Linda composed herself. 
She truly was lovely, and now some of the anger seemed to be erased
from her body.  Finally, she laid on her back, and up on her elbows.

"Whew!" she said, in a gesture of levity.  But apparently believing
that it was inappropriate, she lowered her eyes and said, "thank
you," almost in a whisper.  My owner dashed off the couch, an knelt
before her to give her a big hug.

She smiled at Linda, then me.  "I think you are finally ready now to
find out how really well my pet eats pussy."  Linda grinned, and I
smiled. After all, I love eating pussy!

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