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Not to be read by anyone under 18.  This story contains explicit 
descriptions of non-consensual sex.  If this offends you, please look 
elsewhere.  This is FICTION.  Mind control / hypnosis is just a fantasy.  
If you are tempted to recreate the following scenes, your psychiatrist 
is going to be a very happy man......

Starfuck is designed to be a series of STAND ALONE stories (much like 
the Hypno-Celeb franchise).  However, each story will feature the same 
protagonist - an individual with the power to control people's minds.  
At some point, I might determine the limitations of this power (ie how 
many people he can control at any one time), but for now all you need 
know is that in order for control to be established he must have 
skin-to-skin contact with his target, though only for a split second.  
Now, lets just kick back and watch him put his talent to good use.....
Comments and suggestions for future stories always welcome!

Starfuck: Jeri Ryan
by Mephistopheles

Given the new heights she allows me to reach each week, she seemed a 
logical choice.  If you've never heard of Jeri Ryan (what planet have 
you been on...?), or just want to drool over her curves, go directly to;

	Jeri Ryan took the world by storm when she was first introduced into 
'Star Trek Voyager' in 1997.  Considering 'Voyager' is allegedly Trek's 
feminist project, it's ironic - a quite delicious irony - that it took a 
blond bombshell in a tight catsuit to boost the ratings.  Then again, 
how could anyone possibly resist the phenomenal Borg-Babe?  Her biggest 
assets were those incredibly tight catsuits; which in turn emphasised 
her other considerable assets - T & A.  Not me certainly.  With her face 
- and body - plastered over every other magazine, it didn't take long 
for me to develop an interest.  Thankfully the internet provided me with 
ample opportunity to study her every curve, crammed as it is with 
infinite angles of that wonderful bust through those infamous catsuits.  
Fortunately, unlike my fellow net-surfers, I don't need to dribble over 
a collection of photographs - I'd rather drool over the body of the 
genuine article......
	I encounter Jeri Ryan off-set of an VH1 special that she was 
presenting.  Under my influence, she opts to lose the conservative garb, 
going instead with a tiny bikini - as a result, a quite substantial 
portion of very appealing flesh is on display.  The ensuing beach 
volleyball game is my gift to all those Seven-of-Nine fans out 
	As soon as shooting wraps, I escort Jeri to my car.  Once there, she 
strips, allowing me to gaze at those large tits and the thin strip of 
short blond hair between her legs.  Rather than have her sit next to me, 
I have her kneel down and suck me off while I drive.  Her mouth feels 
good as she works my entire length into her mouth.  She looks absolutely 
adorable, clad only in a pair of killer shades, head bobbing up and down 
on my cock.  I need apply no physical pressure; she is moving at exactly 
the right speed, compelled by my mere thought.  Slowing the car, I begin 
to come.  Jeri obediently moves me deeper into her throat, allowing me 
to shoot my spunk directly into her stomach.  I love the feel as she 
gags silently.
	After she has cleaned me up, I sit her in the passenger chair and 
command her to masturbate.  She sets to it with evident relish, and, 
pretty soon her head is jerking back and forth as an orgasm approaches.  
Other drivers can't take their eyes off of her; a beautiful blond, 
decked out in cool ray-bans, jacking herself off in the front seat of an 
open top sports-car - and those who recognise her realise this sight is 
an even bigger treat.  Committed though she is, I prevent her from 
reaching orgasm; aware that her frustration is making her insatiable.  
Insatiability I can use......
	Arriving at my apartment, we immediately retire to the bedroom.  
Standing right behind her, I begin to grope those large breasts, while 
my penis pokes into her back.  Turning her about, I take a nipple into 
my mouth, sucking it gently, before biting down upon it.  In that 
moment, I have turned her into a masochist.  From now on all types of 
pain, so long as they are inflicted upon her by others, will provide an 
immense thrill.  To demonstrate, I grind her nipple between my teeth.  
Her cry of sheer delight is music to my ears.....
	Moving to the bed, I position her so that I can slide my cock between 
her tits.  Pushing them together with my hands, I begin to fuck her 
chest.  While I am so engaged, she raises her head, her tongue flicking 
over my cock every time it gets within range.  As I near my climax, I 
allow her to orgasm, and she gratefully shudders with pleasure at the 
release.  This pushes me to the edge and I begin to come; all over her 
tits, her hair, and on to that icily beautiful face....
	When she has cleaned up, I have her dress in one of Seven's catsuits - 
brown and exceedingly fitting - easily obtained from the 'Voyager' set.  
It fits her like a dream; in theory she is dressed, in practise the 
costume leaves precious little to the imagination.  Her erect nipples 
make a sizeable impression on the material, while her arse cheeks are 
separated by a very evident cleft.  For all the protection the suit 
offers, Ms Ryan might as well be naked.  Having got the look, it is a 
simple matter to submerge her personality, and replace it with that of 
Seven-of-Nine.  To all intents and purposes, Jeri Ryan no longer exists; 
she has become Borg Babe.  Of course, regardless of her personality, she 
is still completely enslaved to my will.....
	The car journey is relatively uneventful.  I content myself with easing 
Jeri's - or Seven's, as she is henceforth to be known - hand into my 
pants to wank me off.  She is quite beautiful; icily detached, staring 
straight ahead through the windscreen, her face a mask of complete 
disinterest, while her left arm jerks me off.  Even this movement is 
cool, steady, mechanical.
	I select the seediest bar I can find.  A real flea-pit.  Advertised by 
a gaudy neon sign, 'The Meagre Beaver' certainly doesn't disappoint.  
Living up to its title, there are no women to be found within the 
premises; indeed, judging by the motley group of redneck Neanderthals to 
be found clustered around the joint's sole attraction - a tatty old pool 
table - women might well be thought an extinct species in these parts.
	As one might expect, Seven's entrance into this environment proves 
explosive.  As their attention is understandably arrested, I stroll into 
the bar entirely unnoticed.  Seven stops at the table, scooping the cue 
ball up in her hand.  She now has their undivided attention - as if she 
didn't have already.
	A short fat man is the first to speak.  "What's your name, sweetcakes?"
	"My designation is Seven-of-Nine.  I am Borg.  Your distinctiveness 
will be added to the Collective.  You will be assimilated."
	Every eye in the room is upon her, every penis raised in her honour, 
yet her delivery is cool as a cucumber.  If any word can capture her 
essence, excusing the more obvious appreciations, it would have to be 
	She turns to the man nearest to her - an oily youth of maybe twenty 
years - steps forward until she is inches from his quivering bosom, and 
eyes him with complete disdain.  Without warning, her hands grip his 
head and pull it to her own.  She kisses him, slowly.  Sexily.  Breaking 
their embrace, she throws him to the floor.  Her eyes scan the other 
seven men in the room - sizing them up, and, to judge from the icy 
veneer, reaching an unsatisfactory conclusion.
	"Resistance is futile."
	In an instant, she is grabbed from behind, her arms twisted painfully 
behind her back.  The oily youth picks himself up, walks up to the 
helpless Seven, and strikes her hard across the right cheek.  He hits 
her again and again, muttering abuse as he does so.
	"Shit!  I think the bitch likes it!"
	They stop and stare.  While he has been hitting her, Seven has began to 
rub her arse against her captor's jean covered erection, working it in 
between her arse cheeks.  They begin to realise what they have got on 
their hands....
	"Let's see if she digs this."  A stocky, middle-aged man step forward, 
brandishing a flick knife.  Slowly, he begins to drag the blade down 
Seven's uniform, slicing through the material, and, occasionally, 
nicking Seven's skin.  As the blade reaches her stomach, she suddenly 
twists herself free, striking the knife from the hand of her assailant.  
Almost as quickly, she is recaptured; three men wrestle her to the 
	"No.  Not the floor.  Stick her on the table."
	Helpless, Seven is hoisted into the air, before being placed on her 
back on top of the green felt.  Her arms and legs are held firm as the 
rest of her uniform is cut and torn from her body.  For a moment, they 
are content to merely admire her perfection, but then one of the cues is 
passed to the front.
	"Fuck the bitch with this!"
	The cue is inverted, and the thick end is pressed up to Seven's cunt.  
Suddenly, it is pushed into her, the wielder twisting it sharply like a 
cork-screw to get its full width in.  For all her icy cool, Seven 
screams just like anyone else.  The cue is ripping her inside out, and 
yet, despite herself, she feels.....aroused.  She begins to gently buck 
against the cue, gently, but noticeable.
	"Hot damn!"
	"The bitch likes it!"
	"Look at her go!"
	"Give the lady what she wants!"
	The cue is pulled out with one swift jerk, a painful procedure for 
Seven, but she does not remain empty for long.  This time it is a thick 
cock that pushes into her pussy.  Simultaneously, her head is grasped, 
pulled back 900, and a cock is inserted into her open mouth.  As the two 
men set to work on these orifices, two cocks are pressed into her open 
hands.  She responses by wrapping her hands around them and beginning to 
	From my vantage point, I watch this impressive sight.  Seven-of-Nine is 
laid out on the pool table, cocks fucking her cunt and mouth, jerking 
off another cock in each hand, while the remainder of the gang wank over 
her prostate form.  I browse through her mind, reaching the part of Jeri 
Ryan that is conscious of her surroundings.  She is terrified, 
disgusted, yet, perversely turned on......  She realises that this is 
what she deserves.  Flaunting her body every week on 'Voyager', what 
else could she expect?  If you dress like a slut....It is this final 
rationalisation that I shall promote; it can be used to convince Jeri 
Ryan into a gang-bang hungry slut.  Fitting retribution for this 
haughty, blond, cock-teaser.....

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