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Not to be read by anyone under 18.  This story contains explicit 
descriptions of non-consensual sex.  If this offends you, please look 
elsewhere.  This is FICTION.  Mind control / hypnosis is just a fantasy.  
If you are tempted to recreate the following scenes, your psychiatrist 
is going to be a very happy man......

Starfuck is designed to be a series of STAND ALONE stories (much like 
the Hypno-Celeb franchise).  However, each story will feature the same 
protagonist - an individual with the power to control people's minds.  
At some point, I might determine the limitations of this power (ie how 
many people he can control at any one time), but for now all you need 
know is that in order for control to be established he must have 
skin-to-skin contact with his target, though only for a split second.  
Now, lets just kick back and watch him put his talent to good use.....
Comments and suggestions for future stories always welcome!

Starfuck: Claire Goose
by Mephistopheles

When you see her, you'll know why....

	What is it about Nurses and men?  Is it the loving care and attention?  
The idea of being helpless and completely in their power?  Or is it a 
race memory?  Whatever the roots of the infatuation, I'm sure all men 
will agree that there undoubtedly is something about a nurse's outfit 
that puts lead in one's pencil.
	All of which perhaps helps to explain the appeal of the hottest babe 
currently on British television - Claire Goose; the sexiest nurse in 
BBC's 'Casualty'.  I say helps to explain, since her long blonde hair, 
sexy smile, and pair of smoking 32Cs certainly don't hurt.
	With my contacts at the BBC, it is not difficult to arrange for a 
selection of free-passes to my club, 'Beelzebub', to be dispatched among 
the 'Casualty' cast;.  My research has already told me that they're a 
party loving bunch - the trip from Bristol to London should prove no 
obstacle.  Of course, free-passes mean that they are my guests, allowing 
me easy access to make that all important first contact with Ms 
	In the flesh, she certainly doesn't disappoint.  She is wearing a long 
elegant cock-tail dress, an outfit which certainly emphasises her 
splendid curves.  Not that it matters.  I'll soon have her out of that 
and into something altogether more suitable.....
	After introductions, I escort the cast around the club, ending the tour 
at the bar.  There I buy them all a drink, before leaving them to their 
own devices.  They should have little trouble entertaining themselves; 
women love hunky doctors, even if its just an actor playing the role.  
As the crowd disperses, Claire and I slip quietly away - she is to be 
the lucky recipient of a rather more thorough tour.......
	I lead her into my private elevator (if you'll forgive the 
innuendo...), before starting to strip her.  The straps of her dress 
pull down easily, and, in an instant, it lies in a heap on the floor.  
She obediently steps out of her platforms, and unclasps her bra, while I 
peel off her knickers.  Finally she stands naked before me.  The lift is 
mirrored, so I am surrounded by this beautiful image.  Her tits are 
large - certainly more than a handful - with big pink nipples already 
erect.  Her pussy is covered with a triangle of wispy blond hair.  
Unable to help myself, I slip a finger into her cunt.  She is wet.  I 
step back to admire her fully.  With the mirrors, I am able to study 
every particle of her body; all of which she accepts with the same 
dreamily vacant look that all my slaves possess.
	The lift arrives.  I escort my naked trophy into my office - not that 
it resembles a conventional work environment in any way.  The 
centrepiece is a vast bed; I conduct all of my 'business' from there.
	While Claire slips into the washroom to dress, I undress, while 
casually scanning the monitors.  The 'Casualty' crew seem to be enjoying 
themselves.  It seems Jan Anderson, who plays Chloe, Tina's friend and 
fellow nurse, likes a good party as much as her character does.  
Already, she is dirty-dancing with a young man in his early twenties, a 
man she certainly didn't arrive with.  Briefly making contact, I read 
her thoughts.  She's planning how she's going to wrap her thighs around 
him as she lowers herself onto his cock.  Breaking away, I admit to 
being impressed.  Maybe I'll call her up to join Claire and myself 
	At this moment, Claire steps back into the room.  Quite an entrance.  
Quite a transformation.  Allow me to explain.  As I've already 
indicated, nurses ring my bell.  However, 'Casualty', with its 
insistence on realism, does not provide its nurses with the most 
flattering of costumes.  Realistic?  Yes.  Revealing?  Sadly not.  It 
seems almost a crime to hide such a gorgeous creature as Claire Goose 
behind such a dowdy uniform.  To rectify this, I have reconstructed the 
nurse uniform, and, were the production team to follow my designs, I'm 
sure they'd find the outfit a ratings-winner.
	Claire is now modelling this uniform for my pleasure.  In theory at 
least, it is based upon the 'Casualty' design - well its blue, and for 
nurses - but, in actuality, it owes rather more to the pages of 
'Mayfair' than to the BBC drama.  The material is shiny PVC and 
extremely fitting.  It is blatantly obvious that Claire is bra-less; her 
breasts are accentuated by the tightness of the fabric.  The skirt too 
is tight, as well as extremely short.  It barely manages to cover her 
arse, and most certainly doesn't conceal it.  As instructed, Claire 
wears a suspender belt and accompanying stockings - but no panties - 
which show off her shapely legs.  To top the outfit off, a pair of sexy 
black stilettos and a little nurses hat, the latter also made out of 
PVC.  With the heavy eye-liner and thick lipstick she has applied, 
Claire Goose looks a complete slut.  Definitely an image they should 
repeat on 'Casualty'...........
	"Are you horny, Claire?"
	Yes, Master."
	"Come over here."
	As indicated she sits on my lap.  My cock presses up against her barely 
covered arse, while I fondle her tits through the PVC.  She begins to 
rock gently back and forth, attempting to move my head between her 
cheeks, but I'm not quite ready yet.  Standing up, I move her into a 
leaning position - arms stretched out in front for support from the 
table.  Her arse sticks out invitingly.  Easing the tight fabric up, I 
expose her pussy to the open air.  I leave her in this position while I 
produce a selection of 'toys' from the desk.  Of these devices, I select 
two - a ball gag and a dildo - before returning to Claire's position.
	I place the tip of the dildo against her lips.  She takes it into her 
mouth to lubricate it.  Once she has sucked on it for a minute, I 
withdraw it, and, opening her mouth wide, fit the ball gage within it.  
This is then secured behind her head.  I am now free to turn my 
attention to the already lubricated dildo.  I make no attempt at 
subtlety, but, instead force the tip between her cheeks and into her 
tight little arse hole.  She tries to scream, but the gag obscures the 
sound.  I begin to screw the dildo deeper and deeper into her arse - 
until almost half of its thirteen inches is embedded in her rectum.  
Now, I grasp her hand and lead it down to the body of the dildo.  At my 
instruction, she grasps the tool, beginning to work it in and out of her 
	I walk away from her, picking up a small hand-held video camera.  
Circling her, I begin to record Claire's performance for posterity.....
	By now she is enthusiastically pumping the dildo into her arse, her 
muffled screams replaced by muffled moans of ecstasy.  Despite her 
fervour, the cute little nurses hat has remained in-situ, momentarily 
distracting from this lust-fuelled eyes.
	I record for several minutes.  Credit where credit's due, despite the 
vigour of her performance, Claire shows no sign of tiring.  Desperation 
to reach a climax ensures the adrenaline keeps pumping.  Unfortunately, 
I am blocking her orgasm; there is only one way she will reach her 
desired destination.....
	Turning the camera off, I guide Claire down to the floor, positioning 
her on hands and knee.  She continues to attack her rectum with the 
dildo, unaware that a climax is closer than she thinks.  I take up my 
position - kneeling in front of her, my penis on the same level as 
Claire's head.
	Pulling off the gag, I give her new orders; "Eat me."  She obeys.
	Her mouth is warm and sensual around my cock.  At first she simply 
sucks, but soon her tongue joins in, ticking my cockhead, and tracing 
its way down the shaft.  She's very good - almost to professional 
standard.  Knocking the hat away, my hands grip the back of her head as 
I begin to brutally fuck her face.  My hips pound furiously, smashing my 
cock in and out of her pliant mouth.  Alternately, I pull her close, 
forcing her to deep-throat, or pull almost fully out, leaving her with 
just the head between her lips.
	Finally, I begin to spasm.  I move to the back of her throat and make 
my deposit.  Simultaneously, she begins to orgasm, her hold over the 
dildo beginning to slacken.  This is the only way she will reach orgasm 
from now on -. ensuring an insatiable desire for cock in her mouth......

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