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Not to be read by anyone under 18.  This story contains explicit 
descriptions of non-consensual sex.  If this offends you, please look 
elsewhere.  This is FICTION.  Mind control / hypnosis is just a fantasy.  
If you are tempted to recreate the following scenes, your psychiatrist 
is going to be a very happy man......

Starfuck is designed to be a series of STAND ALONE stories (much like 
the Hypno-Celeb franchise).  However, each story will feature the same 
protagonist - an individual with the power to control people's minds.  
At some point, I might determine the limitations of this power (ie how 
many people he can control at any one time), but for now all you need 
know is that in order for control to be established he must have 
skin-to-skin contact with his target, though only for a split second.  
Now, lets just kick back and watch him put his talent to good use.....
Comments and suggestions for future stories always welcome!

Starfuck 3: Brooke Satchwell
by Mephistopheles

I've been meaning to write a story about Brooke Satchwell for a long 
time.  Sorry if this name seems obscure to some, but I guess her 
jail-bait looks and Lara Croft-like chest just caught my imagination.  
Check her out;

	I have been an admirer of Brooke Satchwell (aka. Anne Wilkinson) for a 
number of years.  Upon her arrival in the Australian day-time soap 
'Neighbours', her unusual sex appeal swiftly aroused my interest, and, 
with the unfortunate loss of Kimberley Davies, Brooke swiftly ascended 
to the title of the show's hottest babe.  Not bad for a girl who only 
turned eighteen in November 1998.
	In all honesty, it is precisely her youth that makes her so attractive.  
Although she is now eighteen, she still looks younger (sixteen at the 
oldest!), blessed as she is with large doleful eyes, long brown hair, 
and adorably elfin features.  She is Bambi in human form.  However, 
despite looking so young, Brooke has a very well developed chest - an 
attribute that the 'Neighbours' crew have put to full effect; 
continually squeezing her into tight t-shirts, or gravity defying 
bathing costumes.  At first, I was tempted to put them down to a special 
effect, but, with repeated showings, I have concluded that they are in 
fact quite natural.  Maybe Lana Croft's more appropriate than 
Bambi.......  Added to all of this, it certainly doesn't harm Brooke's 
appeal that the character she plays, Anne, is still at school.  Who can 
resist a high school nymphet?
	It was with interest that I noted that my appreciation of Brooke was 
shared by a multitude of net surfers.  Brooke has an unprecedented 
number of web shrines devoted to her - unheard of for an actress outside 
of Hollywood.  It seems a lot of children are having their first wet 
dreams with Brooke in mind.  Given my privileged position, I have 
decided to make a graceful gesture; to share my conquest with her legion 
of fans.  To this effect, I am establishing my own web site.
	I travel to Australia on business (Brooke is not the only attractive 
actress to ever appear in an Australian soap) and immediately set myself 
up as a major movie magnet.  I ensure Brooke's agent has heard of me, 
before I call him to offer his client the role of Ophelia in a new 
production of 'Hamlet'.  Shakespeare was deliberately chosen; I read on 
the web that Brooke simply loved his work - evident in the choice of 
'Romeo & Juliet' as her favourite film.  Given the quite natural desire 
of a soap actress to want to prove her talent, I was confident of her 
curiosity being sufficiently piqued to ensure a meeting.  I was right.
	My secretary ushers Miss Satchwell into the office, before leaving us 
alone.  As we shake hands, I take the time to look my guest up and down.  
The immediate thing one notices is how small she was.  She could be no 
taller than five feet in height - an effect which further contributed to 
her appearing barely into puberty, let alone over the legal age of 
consent.  She is every bit as attractive in person as she is on screen.  
Those large brown eyes that one could just die in; those perfect teeth; 
that cute smile; those immaculately crafted cheekbones.  She was like 
the girl next door, not a conventional beauty, but eminently fuckable 
	I must confess to one disappointment - her clothing was a little too 
opaque for my taste.  Although the jeans gave a nice view of her arse, 
the baggy t-shirt totally restricted the sight of her lovely breasts.  
Still, that's something I can change quite easily......
	I exert my will and her resistance crumples instantly.  Despite 
temptations to the contrary, I resist the urge to fuck her immediately.  
A little anticipation will only make the dish more succulent.  I want 
her clad in her more traditional manner...........
	We arrive at my pad in mere minutes.  I have taken possession of a 
luxury apartment - an ideal base from which to conduct my Australian 
affairs.  With equal foresight, I have already procured two costumes 
from the set of 'Neighbours' - costumes that will make Brooke more 
'comfortable', while simultaneously satisfying my fantasy.  As soon as 
we enter, I instruct her to go and change.  I await her transformation 
in the master bedroom.  In the meantime, start up the hidden video 
camera.  Something to put on the web site.....
	In a little over five minutes she enters the room.  As instructed, she 
is now dressed in Anne Wilkinson's Erinsborough High school uniform.  
Not only is a sizeable portion of leg now exposed, but her hair is tied 
back in a pair of pig-tails.  The white gym socks are a nice touch.  It 
is a particular thrill to see the normally wilful and independent Anne 
so bowed and subservient; her stare blank and willless.  Soon, her 
character's supposed spunk will have an altogether more literal meaning.
	"Are you a virgin, Brooke?"
	"Yes, Master."
	"Really?" the surprise in my voice is genuine.  "With a body like 
yours?  You have been a good girl.  Speaking of bodies, time you showed 
a little more of yours.  Lose the uniform.  Slowly."
	"Yes, Master."
	She begins to unbutton her blouse, yanking her tie loose with her free 
hand.  Soon blouse and skirt join the tie in a little pile on the floor.  
>From my position on the chaise-longue, I eagerly ogle her now somewhat 
more scantily clad body.  Brooke is now wearing her infamous blue bikini 
- the object of so much vid-capping attention.  Now, I can see her tits 
- stuffed unceremoniously in a top several sizes too small - an eighth 
wonder of the world.  Surely they must hurt her back?
	As I scrutinise her figure, my erection swells.  I am already naked - 
there's no hiding place.  Brooke obediently awaits further instruction.
	"Come over here.  Closer.  Right, now kneel."
	On the spur of the moment, I decide to give Brooke almost all of her 
free will back.  Almost all.  Suddenly, she knows where she is, she can 
resist; only her body still responds to my commands.
	"Where a-  What's going on?"  As she kneels in front of my naked body, 
my hard cock inches from her face, realisation dawns.  "No!  Please 
don't.  I can't!"
	Looking up at me, her eyes a mixture of diminishing defiance and a 
growing sense of the futility of resistance.  She is pleading with me.  
Listening to her beg only makes me want her more.  She cannot avoid the 
	"Suck me."
	"No!"  She tries to pull away, but her body won't respond.  She is 
paralysed.  I place my hands on the back of her head, stopping her 
struggles.  "Please.  Please don't.  I can't...."  Her eyes are filling 
with tears.
	Slowly, I pull her forward.  She is now barely centimetres from my 
head.  She tries to shut her mouth, only to find she can't.  I can feel 
her breath, warm, rapid - scared.  Finally, I enter.  I relish the feel 
of her teeth as they brush against my skin.  I push further, deeper, 
pushing right to the back of her throat.  I feel her gag reflex.  It is 
	I begin to manoeuvre her quite forcefully now, moving her mouth up and 
down my length at a fair speed.  All the time, I manipulate her mind - 
retaining her reluctance, yet impugning her to do more than present 
fiction.  At my instigation, she begins to suck, to run her tongue 
seductively along the base of my shaft.  Gradually, I release my grip on 
her head - a fact she recognises instantly - yet she continues to fuck 
my dick with her mouth.  For that is what is happening; I am not fucking 
her face, her face is fucking my dick.
	Satisfied, I sit back, arms behind my head, relishing the relaxation of 
my position.  All the time I look down at Brooke, and she stares 
hopelessly back at me.  Tears have flooded her eyes, tears that I have 
prevented her from shedding.  All the pain, the fear, the humiliation, 
are evident in those eyes.  I am completely transfixed.......
	I make it last for forty minutes.  There is no rush, we have all day.  
I can tell she is tiring.  Her mouth must ache, sore from the permanent 
gag I have imposed.  Finally, I am ready.  I place both hands on her 
face, releasing her from her mental bondage, yet clasping her firmly 
with physical force.  Mentally subservient or not, she remains helpless.
	I pull Brooke as deeply onto my cock as she will possibly go.  I am 
right at the back of her throat, probing her tonsils.  The spasms begin.  
I know what's coming next, does she?  My hold is firm.  Struggle though 
she might, she cannot escape.
	I come.  Convulsing wildly, I fill her mouth with my sperm.  She cannot 
spit it out, but is forced to swallow.  Impressive.  She doesn't spill a 
drop.  She could be a pro if her 'Neighbours' career ever collapses.  
Maybe I could arrange that.......
	After she has licked me clean, I pull my dick back out into the cold 
air.  I stand, bringing Brooke to her feet as well.  Pulling her bikini 
top down, I free those impressive breasts.  I begin to knead her tits, 
dropping to one knee to suck greedily on her nipples.  At the same time, 
I slip the bottoms down, finding myself face to face with her eighteen 
year old cunt.  She is bald.  Whether through age or design, I am not 
sure.  I decide to opt for the latter.  It suggests she is deliberately 
playing to her nymphet image.  She knows men all over the world want to 
fuck her, to deflower the little schoolgirl.  How does it feel to be 
lusted after by so many older men?  I'll ask her, later.  Time to get 
down to business.
	I turn Brooke Satchwell over, placing her down on her hands and knees.  
Without hesitation, I push myself deep into Brooke's pussy.  Almost 
immediately, she begins to scream as I brutally puncture her hymen.  
Deflowering one of the hottest starlets in the world - it doesn't get 
much better than this.........
	My hands seek out her hips.  Rather than do the work myself, I pull her 
back, working her back and forth onto my cock.  Soon the teen starlet 
stops screaming and begins to moan, with ever increasing volume.  Taking 
my hands away, I find she continues to rock herself atop my penis.  
Young Brooke begins to experience her first orgasm, and, appropriately 
picks up the pace.  She's enjoying it.....
	When I am finished with my new toy, I will reprogramme her mind to make 
her an insatiable slut.  She will seek out sex from her fellow 
'Neighbours' cast members.  Given the expertise I am aquainting her 
with, I doubt many of them will be able to refuse......

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