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Not to be read by anyone under 18.  This story contains explicit 
descriptions of non-consensual sex.  If this offends you, please look 
elsewhere.  This is FICTION.  Mind control / hypnosis is just a fantasy.  
If you are tempted to recreate the following scenes, your psychiatrist 
is going to be a very happy man......

Starfuck is designed to be a series of STAND ALONE stories (much like 
the Hypno-Celeb franchise).  However, each story will feature the same 
protagonist - an individual with the power to control people's minds.  
At some point, I might determine the limitations of this power (ie how 
many people he can control at any one time), but for now all you need 
know is that in order for control to be established he must have 
skin-to-skin contact with his target, though only for a split second.  
Now, lets just kick back and watch him put his talent to good use.....
Comment and suggestions for future stories always welcome!

Starfuck: Vanessa Mae
by Mephistopheles

Vanessa Mae is a prodigiously talented violin player.  She first came to 
public attention in a series of promotional shots which featured her 
playing the violin while standing in the sea - wearing a rather sheer 
when wet blouse....
If you've never seen her, may I suggest you pay a visit to;

	The concert was ending on an impressive note.  'Storm'.  As rousing a 
finale as is possible for a violin player.  As Vanessa took her bow to 
the baying audience, I slipped backstage.  With my talent, it is a 
simple matter to gain access to her dressing room.  I have some time - 
it'll take her a while to get through the audience hunters - time I 
choose to pass going through her wardrobe.  It must contain nearly a 
thousand dresses - from elegant jade to shiny sequins - yet all of only 
one design; mini.  I smile with satisfaction.  It appears she's exactly 
the kind of girl I'd heard her to be...........

	I turn as I hear the door open.  She's here.  Silently, I step into the 
wardrobe and ease the door closed behind me.  I leave a small gap; 
small, but large enough for me to view my target's entrance.

	Vanessa Mae is stunning.  Looking even younger than her nineteen years, 
her eyes nonetheless possess the appearance of a knowing wisdom well in 
advance of her years.  Admittedly, her sex appeal relies predominantly 
on her youthful looks, in no small part aided by her choice of clothes.  
Tonight, she is wearing a metallic gold mini which ends a good few 
inches above her thigh.  There follows an appealing quantity of leg, 
ended only sexy boots that stretch up almost to her knees.  Perhaps it 
was this willingness to sell herself via her sex that made her so 
attractive, contrary as it ran to the rather straight-laced conservatism 
all too often seen in the Chinese community.  Whatever the roots of her 
sex appeal, she certainly looked fuckable......

	As she steps into the room, she thankfully places her violin down on 
the table, before plucking a towel from its rack.  Using the towel to 
wipe off sweat, she walks towards the wardrobe.  As she opens the door, 
I step out fully nude, brushing lightly against her bare arm.  Contact 
has been made.  She is mine.  I don't choose to exert control yet 
though, I'm enjoying the foreplay too much.....
	Having made my dramatic entrance, I turn around to face Vanessa.  Her 
reaction is priceless.  A bizarre mixture of surprise, fear, excitement, 
and sheer incredulity.  Finally, she finds her voice.  "What the....?" 
she breaks down, confusion getting the better of her.  When she speaks 
again, she is calmer, more composed.  "I don't know who you are, or what 
you think your doing, but I'm giving you ten seconds to leave before I 
call security."
	"You're not going to call anyone."  My voice is calm, flat, almost 
hypnotic.  I begin to ease into her mind.  "You have no will of your 
own.  Your only wish is to serve.  I am your master.  You are my 
servant.  You are my slave."
	A glance at Vanessa confirms that my powers are in operation.  Her 
body-language has gone slack, her eyes staring lifelessly ahead into 
space.  I now control all of her primary command pathways - she still 
has consciousness, but it is isolated deep within her.  To all intents 
and purposes, she is my puppet......
	Time is no issue.  Pop stars are notorious for spending obscene lengths 
of time in their dressing rooms post-show.  We are in absolutely no 
danger of being disturbed.  At this moment, I am becoming self-conscious 
about my lack of clothing.  Time to even things up......
	"Take off your panties."  As I commanded, she slips her hands under her 
hem and begins to ease her underwear down.  "No.  Not like that.  Tear 
them off."  In a single motion, she rips the panties from their 
position, obediently handing the tattered remains over to my waiting 
hand.  They are soft.  And wet.
	"Are you aroused, Vanessa?"
	Her reply is unhesitant.  "Yes, Master."  My raised eyebrow is all the 
inquiry she requires.  "Performing live, before all those people, 
excites me.  After a show, I normally come back to my dressing room and 
	My grin grows wider.  For the life of me, I can't see why she shouldn't 
continue this admirable tradition.  Before I give the order though, 
another thought strikes me.  As she tore off her knickers, I had briefly 
glimpsed her black pussy hair.  Looking at her now, I realise that her 
ludicrously short mini only barely covers her modesty.
	Walking over to her stereo, I briefly skim the selection of CDs, 
ultimately selecting Marvin Gaye's 'Greatest Hits'.  Programming in a 
continuous loop of 'Let's Get It On', I press play, before turning back 
to face my companion.
	"Dance to the music."
	She needs no further instruction, immediately beginning to sway sexily 
in time with the rhythm.  As she does so, her dress rides up, providing 
several teasing glimpses of her public hair.  Watching her perform, all 
modesty abandoned, is quite a sight.  Even with my long experience of 
fucking celebrities, there is only so much foreplay a man can take.  She 
is quite beautiful, her dusky skin complemented by the show-business 
gold of her dress.  And those boots; so damn cute.  A real nymphet.  I 
intend to take her in that dress, booties and all - hence my earlier 
removal of her panties.  Time to move to the feature.
	I stop the music, though Vanessa continues to sway gently, oblivious to 
all but her master's commands.  Stepping close to her, I run my hand 
over her face, easing a finger into her mouth.  Her response is to 
gently suck.  A quick learner.  Turning her around, I push her face 
first over a table so that she has to put both arms out in front for 
support.  Pressed tight against her back, I hitch her dress up over her 
hips, revealing her cute little arse in all its glory.  Smooth as a 
baby's bottom.
	"Are you a virgin, Vanessa?"
	"No, Master."
	By now, I have eased the straps of her dress down below her breasts, 
which now hang loose.  Her dress is now gathered solely around her 
midriff.  My mouth is close to her ear as I whisper; "Tell me about it."
	"I was fifteen.  My manager took me into his office.  To negotiate a 
new contract."  Her breathing is short and sharp.  She is quite 
obviously hot; a combination of reliving this memory and having her 
breasts fondled by a complete stranger, I suppose.  With some effort, 
she continues.  "He made me take him in my mouth and suck him until he 
	Her voice breaks into an excited moan.  I have slipped a finger into 
her hot, wet pussy.  As I jerk her off, I apply more pressure to her 
back, forcing her further over the table, until she has to turn her face 
to the side to avoid being smothered.  I pull my finger out, to her 
evident disappointment, and begin to guide my penis into her.  I 
hesitate teasingly at the entrance; making her writhe with frustrated 
anticipation.  At this point, I move my finger to her mouth, making her 
suck lustily on her own juices.
	Without warning, I push in - hard.  Her scream is muffled by my finger, 
which she bites down upon.  I begin to fuck her roughly - more rape than 
sex.  She loves it.......
	Her moans get louder as I ram her.  Harder.  Harder.  Harder.  By now 
she is screaming at the top of her lungs.  I have stepped into her mind 
and blocked her orgasm.  No matter how hard she pushes herself onto me, 
she can't orgasm.  She can't come until I let her.
	After forty minutes, I am exhausted.  Vanessa collapses back on the 
table, her frustration both evident and total.  Already my mind is 
moving onto more perverse distractions.  I hand her the violin' bow, 
before stepping back to get a good view.  What this musical prodigy is 
to do next would certainly put bums on seats in the Royal Albert 
	"Put the bow between your legs.  Yes, that's it.  Rub yourself.  
Slowly."  Quite a sight.  Vanessa Mae, classical music's young oriental 
beaty with her violin bow pressed against her still wet pussy, probing 
through that soft black hair.  From the deepness of Vanessa's breathing, 
she is as eager as I am to let it go further.  "Now put it inside.  Fuck 
yourself with it."
	Having placed the bow between her lips, she has gently eased more and 
more of it into her pussy, until it is almost completely submerged 
inside of her.  Now, as per my instructions, she begins to pump it in 
and out, frantically attempting to draw herself to orgasm.
	I watch her for fifteen minutes as she writhes desperately; modesty 
completely abandoned, she sits legs akimbo, pounding her bow into her 
own pussy.  Finally, I let her climax - more to protect my ears than 
through any benevolant decision.  With a loud scream of triumph, Vanessa 
Mae collapses back, completely spent.  The life of a performer can prove 
gruellingly exhaustive.....

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