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Fringe Benefits
by Lord Malinov


I saw Ellie Denby a half-dozen times before I realized who she was.
I knew her as Brad's sister, and that was seven years ago when Ellie
was probably fourteen, still just a girl. She was a different
person back then. My vague memories of her as a teenager bore only a 
superficial resemblance to the here and present young woman.  I don't 
know that I ever would have made the connection, if Sarah, the club's 
manager, hadn't called her "the Denby girl."  

As one who knows, I can say that Ellie radiates with charm, her 
presence bursting with the excited blush of living and the swells of 
fertility.   I noticed her at once when I saw her.  I'm a few years 
older than Ellie.   Brad and I were probably her age, last time I saw 
her.   I'm married.  I have been for four years.

I manage the hardware at the Lake Charles Athletic Cub.  We serve
the whole Bridgetown area.  The members pay for it, Sarah does the 
book work and I flip the switches, move the cycles and fix the 
machines.  It's a living.  I had to get a serious job, and this 
seemed like a good compromise.  It pays enough.  Becky doesn't mind.

Ellie came by early in the morning.  The board insists we open at 
six, and so we do.  We rarely have anyone in before eight.  The first 
time I saw Ellie, recently, I mean, I had just started flipping the 
light switches.  First thing in the morning and a beautiful girl 
walks by.  She opened the locker room door.  I hadn't made it to that 
switch yet.  Ellie looked back and smiled patiently.  My heart 
skipped a beat.  She really is very pretty.  I fumbled as I hurriedly 
flicked on her lights.

I'd seen her a few mornings before Sarah told me her name.  I passed
Ellie coming up the stairs.  Her blue eyes sparkled as she softly
mouthed a good morning, just enough to be polite.  Ellie had always
been quiet.  Sarah met me at the top of the stairs with a bill to

"Regular," I said, turning back to watch Ellie's legs disappear from 

"Back from school," Sarah said.  

"Well, she's pretty much got a private health club."

"Helps justify our being here this early," said Sarah.  I couldn't 
tell if she thought this was a good thing or a bad thing.  "The Denby 
girl has really grown up."

The name echoed in my mind for a minute, jarred out of place 
unexpectedly, but in half a beat I realized the young woman I had 
just passed, filling out her white shorts and tank-top distractingly, 
had been little Ellie Denby.  I remember thinking, when she was 
Brad's kid sister, that she had a cute butt.  The curve had only 
gotten better.

Sarah frowned.  

"I knew her when she was a kid.  Brad Denby's kid sister.  Ellie or 
something."  I blushed as I rushed to explain.

"Eleanor Denby," said Sarah cooly.  With a flip of her brown-grey 
hair, she slipped back to her office, growing a little flustered, I 

Ellie came in every morning, just after I opened the doors.  About 
a week after she showed up, I accidentally discovered her exercise 

One of the bleachers had come loose from the bracket on the south 
wall.  It wasn't anything dangerous, but people get nervous sixty 
feet in the air and so first thing the next morning, I crawled up 
into the lattice of the bleachers to tighten some bolts.

Over past the east end of the bleachers is a hot tub.  Seats eight.  
Good piece of equipment.   I've often spent twenty minutes in the 
boiler after work to relax.  It just melts the tension away.

So, I stood in a maze of crossbars, turning a socket wrench with a 
steady cricket buzz.  The bleachers are high.  I was looking out the 
end and into the hot tub, my feet perched on thin metal bars..  Ellie 
came out of the locker room door.  She a blue bikini and she wore it 
well.  Women don't usually wear two-piece suits at an athletic pool.  
She quickly glided over the damp concrete and slipped into the 
steaming cauldron.  Her breasts had flourished from the bare wisps of 
bosom I recalled on little Ellie.  Her chest grew flush as the heat 
poured through her.  I slipped my wrench into my pocket, held on 
tight and held my breath, watching this pretty Diana bathe.

Looking down, I could see her long legs shimmering under the steamy 
surface.  Ellie turned on the jets and the froth obscured my view.  
She closed her eyes and leaned back against the edge.  She might have 
seen me if she looked.  I saw a glimpse of Brad's mom in her face.  I 
always thought he had a pretty mom.

I started to reach for my wrench and get back to the bolts when Ellie 
tossed her bikini bottoms onto the edge.  I leaned forward and the 
lattice-work creaked.  Ellie sat up and looked around, right and left 
but never up.  I kept still.  Ellie turned and I thought she was 
going to get out.  Her bathing suit was still folded over the edge of 
the pool.  She pressed her knees against the wall and lifted her 
pussy out of the primordial soup.  

Ellie had always been blonde, and a triangle of pale matted hair 
rose from the water and into my lecherous sight.  Ellie rubbed her 
furrow with an eager finger and spread her knees apart.  As her hand 
came away, I caught a view of her swollen red lips.  Ellie leaned 
back and pushed her clit into the water jet stream.  A moan poured 
from her body.  

I've watched Becky masturbate with the detachable shower head, so I 
knew that moan well.  Her eyes grow blank and she leans back against 
the tile and pushes the blast of water against her little bulge and 
the water pours between her lips to fall in an endless thick stream.  
In no time at all, she tosses her head from one side to the other and 
the moans start below her ankles, ripple through her calves and 
thighs, boom in her ass, take wind in her breast and groan with 
shudders of her clenching muscles.

Ellie teased the waterspout, swaying her hips while a rush of 
bubbles spurted from the point of contact between her thighs.  My 
prick had swollen so hard that it hurt, wrapped up in my shorts.  
Holding onto the crossbeam with one arm, I tried to adjust my 
package.  Swinging my hips slightly, I managed to escape the pinch 
and indulge my senses the hungry throb of my stiff prick. I reached 
for my zipper to share Ellie's erotic moment but a shudder in the 
bleachers stayed my hand.  Getting caught with my pants down would be 
serious trouble.  I let my tongue hang out while I teased my aching 
bulge through my nylon shorts.  I suppose I might as well have 
taken my dick out.  I doubt I could have looked any more perverted.

Ellie focussed the jet onto her gleaming clit with a tiny circle of 
her hips.  Her body grew flush, creamy jutting shoulders and a pale 
white belly.  A hand dashed up to free her right tit from the blue 
top and Ellie squeezed her tight brown nipple hard.  The ripples 
shuddered from her breast down into her ass and as she thrust her 
pussy against the stream,  Eleanor Denby, twenty-year old coed, 
wailed a noisy orgasm which echoed endlessly over the pool.

Laying across the tub, Ellie reached over to turn off the jets.  As 
the water calmed, her pink pussy, still spread and seemingly subdued, 
thoughtlessly invited a lecherous glimpse of paradise.  Ellie picked 
up her bikini bottoms and slipped them on underwater.  She pushed her 
heavy breast back into her bathing suit and Ellie dashed back to the 
locker room.

I stood in shock for several minutes.  Finally persuaded that there 
would be no second feature, I climbed down from the supports.  I 
walked over to the tub and dipped my hand in the steaming water.  She 
had been magnificent.

I unzipped my shorts and pulled my hard prick free, jerking it 
suddenly the moment I had a grip, pounding my fist down my dick as 
the memory of Ellie's bath played itself in a loop, once per stroke.  
It had been the most erotic thing I had ever seen.  As I held the 
soft image of her drowsy pussy in my mind, a spent a fountain of 
delight into the hot water.  It was due to be cleaned anyway.

Some orgasms drain me of all my strength and I drift quickly into 
unconsciousness.  Other orgasms are just the beginning, the whistle 
on a boiling kettle.  I never stopped being hard that day.  

As I drove home that day, I didn't feel any guilt.  The incident had 
been an accident, which I just happened to benefit from.  It wasn't 
my fault if a pretty girl masturbated in a hot tub forty feet below 
where I was working.  Besides, I was still too horny to feel any 
guilt.  I went home looking for Becky.

We'd always had lots of sex.  Sometimes it was on again and then off 
again, but we always stayed in touch.  I love Becky and I love the 
way she fucks me.  My prick was still swollen and Becky looked good, 
better than I remembered her looking.  She has a delicious ripe ass.  
I made love to her that night, for a long time.  Becky dripped.  When 
I finally relinquished the lust pent up inside me, Becky quivered 
constantly.  I slept like a child.

Sarah watched me push open the door to the pool area the next 
morning, just after Ellie arrived.  I could feel her eyes watching 
me, knowing I was going a way I didn't usually go.  

I lay in the bleachers, my head peaking past the edge..  I felt much 
safer, but I still couldn't play with myself when Ellie screwed the 
fountain.   It doesn't take Ellie any time at all to let out her 
final squeals.  My dick throbbed. I let the madness surge through me. 
 I didn't jerk off.  I felt like that would make it wrong.  I flirted 
with Sarah after Ellie left.  She blushed when I teased her.  Sarah's 
really cute for an older woman.

When I came home, Becky wasn't around.  After grabbing a cookie in 
the kitchen, I went upstairs.  I heard the shower running.  Becky 
stood behind the rippling glass with the head of the shower pressed 
into her folds.  She moaned pleasurably.  I watched as she took a 
steady pose, as her nipples twinkling behind the translucent glass.  
I pushed down my shorts and slipped open the shower door.  She looked 
up at me, her eyes burning with lust.  

"C'mon, Becky, " I said, fisting my prick, "show me how you come."  
Becky murmured, almost in fear, and she pushed the stream hard 
against her little clit.  I watched her pussy splash.  Becky began to 
squeal, uncomfortably.

"Louder," I said, snarling.  Becky's voice opened, shrieking her 
ecstasy as she tossed her head from side to side.  Her long yellow 
hair clung to the tile.  I watched her belly tremble.  Becky sucked 
me off.  I dribbled off her chin.

Bridgewater is a small town.  I ran into Ellie and her parents at the 
Pizza Fling.  I've known them a long time.  With her parents, I could 
see the hints of that gangly girl I used to know.  Ellie looked sweet 
and innocent, but with a glance I could see the fall of her breasts.  
I could hear the moan in every word she spoke.  I envied the man who 
would pluck this rosebud.  I knew it wouldn't be me.

I mentioned seeing her at the club.  Ellie blushed.

"Are you just back for the summer?" I asked.

"Middle of August," said Ellie kindly.  I could hear the moan in 
every syllable.  

The next morning I watched Ellie back up to the water jet, her ass 
risen like twin moons from a boiling sea, her pussy spread and the 
dark wink of her asshole pulsating with the sensation.  She clawed 
both breasts naked as she rocked back into the furious blast.  I 
wished for the thousandth time that I could dare to bring a camera, 
but knew it would only cause serious trouble.  I would take what I 
could get, even if it were only a daily show.

That night, I bent Becky over and fucked her ass.  I remember every 
second of that intense ride.  Becky came almost at once, with a mad 
howl of an orgasm which left her a drizzling mess as I pounded deep 
inside her luscious butt.  Becky lurched away from my invasion and I 
spent my showers into her passion-wild lips.

I watched Ellie masturbate sixty times, every morning like clockwork. 
Eventually I grew daring and hid closer to the hot tub, down the 
bleachers.  Choosing the right vantage point became an art and a 
science as I tried to optimize the erotic thrill.  I longed for the 
day when she looked over at me and said, "Fuck me," but Ellie never 
noticed me.  I came to know her well as the weeks went by.  I could 
tell by the quiver of her cheek that she was about to release.  And 
as the orgasm poured through her, she would raise her pussy up out of 
the water and let my eyes pierce the dark cavern of her young womb.  
It was like clockwork, six minutes from intro to climax and we were 
both on our way.  My cock invariably pointed to noon.

Becky stopped wearing panties.  I couldn't stop fucking her.  All I 
could think about was watching my private peep-show and fucking my 
wife.  Ellie's wanton little cunt kept my engines roaring and Becky 
swallowed a river of come.  I licked her pussy, almost in a daily 
ritual.  I loved to take close glimpses of her pink lips, to taste 
Becky's essence in the juice.  I would pretend my tongue was a water 
jet and listen to Becky moan.

"Louder," I'd snarl and my tongue would ravage her clit while Becky 
screamed out her ecstasy.  Ellie screamed from deep inside.  I liked 
that.  Becky obliged my new taste, wailing wickedly.

Sarah watched me coming out of the pool door one morning.  I knew at 
once that she knew something.  She frowned in a disturbed way.  I 
pretended not to notice.  I felt like she was jealous of me.

Regardless, I lay in the bleachers the next morning.  To fail to take 
my post was unthinkable.  How could I deny myself this vision?   
Ellie whipped off her bikini bottoms before she got into the tub.  
She seemed to be in no particular hurry and rolled about, letting the 
streams of water tickle her.  She pushed her bikini top aside as she 
floated hungrily toward a jet.  Ellie lifted her bottom up and 
moaned.  My prick shuddered and I incautiously unzipped my fly.  
Writhing gently, I managed to free my staff.  Ellie lifted her pussy 
toward me as the fountain molested the nymph.  I stroked my dick 
faintly.  Ellie began to moan madly, feverishly, with all the power 
of her full breasted lungs.  The bleachers began to creak ominously.  
I froze.  Ellie continued to writhe ecstatically, sending erotic 
echoes bouncing from the great walls.  I looked nervously down the 
length of the bleacher and I saw Sarah, peering at Ellie around the 
corner.  Sarah scurried away as Ellie rose out of the tub.  She 
grinned with satisfaction as the water poured down her body.

I stopped to talk with Sarah later.  She still seemed nervous.  I 
wondered if she was going to say anything.  She just blushed.

One day Ellie stopped coming.  It was the middle of August.  I 
assumed that school came back.  

I added checking the bleachers to my morning routine.  One morning, 
about three days after Ellie stopped coming, I caught Sarah riding 
the watery spume.  She stripped off her bathing suit and pushed her 
little pussy into the froth.  I stood gawking, and the lattice work 
shifted with a long creak.  Sarah looked hazily toward me and smiled 
big.  Fierce ripples teased her soft tummy and Sarah moaned aloud.

I went home and fucked Becky wild, tore her panties and took it from 
her with every slice of pleasure I could discover through her wicked 
style.  Becky truly knows how to fuck me crazy.  She knows how to 
scream when she comes.  I poured my adoration into her fertile womb.

I brought Becky into the club with me, one morning when Sarah had 
taken a day off.  She changed into her bathing suit and I showed her 
the hot tub.  Becky stripped off her suit in a flash and turned on 
the jets.  Water splashed my face as I watched the stream's precise 
assault on Becky's little clit, watched the shudders, heard the 
moans.  I pushed down my shorts and climbed in the hot tub, dangling 
my hard cock in Becky's face.  She sucked my prick deeply as the 
moans poured through her.  I came in spurts over her heated face.  

"Fuck me," she said.  I obliged.

 Sarah says were making enough money to stay open, but not 
enough for a raise.  I'll work another season.  Fringe benefits are 
worth something.




Power belongs to those who dare. . . Sapere Aude

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