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Subject: Showing her Off to his Colleague (mmf, exhibitionism
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Here's one of this story site's postings....HOT!!

Showing her Off to his Colleague (mmf, exhibitionism)

My wife has never been that prudish but it took quite a long time before she
would show "the lot". It was quite normal for her to go out with no bra and a
loose top and bend over in supermarkets etc and show her tits. She is 32
years old, has a nice trim body of 36b-26-35, weighs about 124 pounds and her
tits are still quite firm. I would usually go with her and place myself so
that I would be able to see what others were seeing and enjoy the show as
much as they were. I would also put my arm around her sometimes and raise her
crop top so that one of her tits were exposed as we walked back to the car.
She knew that this was happening but would always act a bit angry about it.
Garden centers were also a favorite of ours, she could bend over or squat
down to look at plants and when she was squatting down her pussy was always
on view but covered by a see through g string or other panties that were
skimpy and see through.

On one Saturday I went into my office to do a little bit of extra work and
she would type up a report for me before we went on to take some pics of her
showing her tits by the side of the road or from a bridge over the motorway.
She was dressed in a suitable short skirt and a 2 button jacket. A colleague
and extremely good friend came into the office and started to chat to us. We
were on shift together for 10 years and there was nothing that he didn't know
about me, my wife or what we did to enjoy ourselves. He had seen numerous
pics of my wife in the nude, or semi nude. My wife had even selected pics
that I could show him because she didn't want him to see any unflattering
pics of her. He had seen pics of her with bare tits, bare ass and bare pussy,
even very, very open leg shots, all with her approval. Russ had even
indicated that he would love to fuck my wife and she was not adverse to the
idea but that happened quite a bit later. As she sat there typing her jacket
had bunched up and the top of it was gaping open, Russ was now getting a very
close up view of what he had only seen on pics or caught quick glimpses of.
Her tits and nipples were almost hanging out and the best of it was, she knew
what was showing so well. I made a comment to her about her jacket and how
she was sat and she just smiled! I knew then that I was on a winner and
carried on chatting to Russ and, with him, enjoyed the view.

Conversation gradually got around to the pics of my wife that he had seen and
she even asked him if he had any preferences or would he like to "make a
request" that we could do for him. Russ was a little surprised at this
question but carried it off well and described how he liked pics of her
waiting for doggie. She asked him if he wanted her to be wearing anything in
particular like stockings and suspenders as it framed her pussy well. I was
surprised at her saying this and replied that as long as your cunt is on
display I don't think that Russ would mind.

This set the tone of the conversation that we were now having. She asked Russ
if he preferred pics of her cunt with hair or without. He replied that she
had a lovely cunt when it was shaved. I noticed that her knees were getting
farther and farther apart as we carried on talking. She turned on the chair
and sat there with one of her tits completely exposed and run her hand down
between her cleavage. I watched in silence the same as Russ. My wife was now
making all the running and keeping the conversation going on this very sexual
level. The weather was quite warm but I don't think that it was warm enough
to cause the slight sheen of sweat that was visible on my wife's chest, I
know that it didn't cause the sweat that I had on my chest! She caught hold
of the front of her jacket a shook it a couple of times and commented how hot
it was, I said to her that if she is that hot why doesn't she undo her jacket
or take it off, she grinned and said that she didn't think that Russ would
like it, I told her that he wouldn't mind and Russ said that he wouldn't mind
as he had seen a lot of her lovely pics, flatterer, and that he admired a
girl who was proud of her body. To my surprise as she had only flashed her
tits to strangers before, she undid her jacket and took it off. Christ, the
air was electric, she was now sitting there with just her skirt and shoes on
and talking to us in the basest of terms. It was obvious that she was getting
very turned on with the situation.

She continued to ask Russ what he preferred and also asked him what he
thought of her tits now that he was seeing the real thing, he kept his cool
and told her what I think she wanted to hear. He told her that the real thing
was always better than pics and that he is not the slightest bit disappointed
in what he could see but very impressed and was looking forward to the day
that he would see the rest of her. She sat there for a few seconds, looked at
me, and stood up, and took off her skirt. All she had on now was a pair of
shoes! My cock was almost hard enough to cut a diamond now. She asked Russ if
she reached his expectations and smiled at him. Russ was silent for a few
seconds as he looked from her tits to her shaven cunt and back again. He said
that he wished he had seen it all before in the flesh and more often, she
told him that he will. I didn't know how far I could push it that day, I
would have liked to push her over the desk and we could have both fucked her
but as this was the first time that she had been so courageous I didn't want
to spoil any future chances of fulfilling my hopes. We stayed in the office
for about 10 minutes longer during which time she sat there and even raised
one foot and rested it on the seat by her ass and then I said that we had
better go if we are going to do some flashing and take some pics. Russ told
her that it was nice to see her(?) and that he hoped to see her again(?) she
told him that he would and soon.

We went out to a bridge and took some pics, one of which was of her in the
doggy position in the middle of the road, just for Russ. As we drove home
that evening I told her that if she had given the nod we could have fucked in
the office with Russ taking part. She told me that if I had given the nod she
would have fucked us both! SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! I missed my first chance there!
We have had a few encounters with Russ since and he has also joined us on
flashing expeditions and taken part helping my wife expose her tits or cunt
in shops etc. We have many experiences to tell if you wish to hear about

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