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I did not write this story; the author is El Diablo <>.
Please send him your comments.

This story details the events leading up to (and including) consensual sex
between a man and a young teenage girl. If such things offend you, delete
this file right now!

If you are still reading this, please remember that this is a work of
fiction, and should be treated as such. Enjoy...


By El Diablo


I first came to work for LeAnn Rimes after the release of  "Blue" - her first
album. For me, the assignment was a welcome change; Having just been dumped
by my fiancee, my personal life was a shambles. As well, I had a hard time
getting over the suicide of a client - a promising musician from Seattle who
helped define what has come to be known as "Grunge". The way I figured it,
babysitting some fourteen-year-old country western singer would be a piece
of cake.

I was right. LeAnn was like a breath of fresh air; She was pretty, friendly,
outgoing, and an unpretentious girl who hadn't let her sudden celebrity
status go to her head - not like the other primadonnas out there who believed
their own publicity.

Even though LeAnn was technically my employer, I never called her "Miss
Rimes" - she wouldn't stand for it. Instead, she insisted from the beginning
that I call her LeAnn, and she always called me by my first name. Her family
was no different; Like I said, technically they were my employers, and yet
they treated me more as a friend than as paid help. I mean, on my birthday
they had me over to their home for a barbecue, and then at least once a month
they'd invite me into their home for a home-cooked meal. I admit, at first I
was a little uncomfortable with all this familiarity, but as time went on I
came to accept that this was just southern hospitality.

Looking back, I'd have to say that things began to change after Los Angeles;
LeAnn's sudden climb to fame attracted the attention of a movie producer in
Hollywood, and when he approached her about possibly acting in a movie of
her own she jumped at the chance. So LeAnn went to Los Angeles, accompanied
by her mother (who was a combination of manager and chaperone) and I for her
screen test. Of course, with her natural country-girl beauty, her girl-next-
door charm and her wide-eyed innocence she was an immediate hit with the
producer. While the lawyers were tabling and offer, he asked, would LeAnn
like to attend a party at his mansion, and meet other movie stars? Of course
she would!

The party was typical Hollywood fare, and both LeAnn and her mother were more
than a little dazzled by all the celebrities they got to rub elbows with.
Both of them had a good time, and with all the security people on duty even I
was able to relax and let down my guard - but only a little. I've spent my
fair share of time with celebrities, and I don't dazzle easily.

The producer was the perfect host. He spent a lot of time with LeAnn, what
with being attentive to her needs and personally introducing her to several
movie stars. But he was a predator, and smooth - so smooth that LeAnn didn't
notice that he was steering her outside and away from the crowd. And once he
had her in an isolated part of the mansion's sprawling gardens, he tried to,
ahem... force his attentions on her.

He hadn't counted on me, though. Despite my being occupied, LeAnn was never
out of sight for more than a moment. When I noticed they were gone I started
to look for them, and when I caught up with them I found him pinning her
down on the ground and trying to hike up her dress, all the while a very
frightened LeAnn was trying vainly to fight him off.

A cold rage came over me, and I was on him like a cat. Maybe if I hadn't
been so friendly with LeAnn and her family I wouldn't have lost my temper,
and I wouldn't have enjoyed knocking the greasy bastard across the garden as
much as I did. After I'd sent him sprawling I did a stupid thing - I turned
my back on him to check on LeAnn, and the next thing I knew he had drawn a
small .380 automatic pistol.

I don't remember taking two hits in the shoulder, or my lunging at him and
beating him senseless into the ground, or even it taking five security people
to pull me off of him. I do remember waking up in a private clinic with both
LeAnn and her mother at my bedside looking very worried.

Now, you're probably asking yourself "Why haven't I heard about this?" Right?
Well, remember that this happened in Hollywood, and for every dirty little
scandal that makes it into the tabloids, there's at least a hundred others
that are successfully swept under the carpet by publicity people adept at
damage control. So this little incident was no exception.

The producer and his lawyers were anxious to avoid all the bad publicity, so
they offered LeAnn an apology and $300,000 in exchange for her silence. She
didn't want the money, and was ready to go public until the son-of-a-bitch's
lawyers reminded her that her name would also be smeared in the tabloids.
Relectantly, she took his money, but wanted nothing more to do with Hollywood
after that (you probably know that eventually she did make a TV movie with
one of the major networks, but only because it was produced by her parents).

As for me, I knew from experience just how vicious the tabloids could be, and
I had no wish to put LeAnn through that. So I also accepted $100,000 in
return for my silence (I offered to give up the money in exchange for five
minutes alone with the producer in a locked room, but regrettably my counter-
offer was refused). I didn't need the money, but I only took it because after
losing $300,000, the extra $100,000 he had to give me hurt him financially. I
didn't keep it though. It was blood money, and blood money should be put to
an honourable use, so I opened a bank account in LeAnn's name. Fame could be
fleeting, and fortune even more so, and if LeAnn's star ever fell, well, at
least she'd have a decent little nest egg to use for college.

My relationship with both LeAnn and her family became deeper, more personal
after that. Her family was so grateful that they practically adopted me
after the incident, and in spite of my protests moved me into their home for
the duration of my recovery as they nursed me back to health. As for LeAnn,
she rarely left my side, and while I was staying there I'd often wake up in
the middle of the night to find her sitting on the chair next to my bed,
watching me. But as time went on and the bad memories faded she began to
smile again, and even flirtatiously referred to me as her knight in shining
armor. Had I been a vain man, I would've assumed that she had a crush on me,
but instead I chalked it up to my involvement in her "rescue". As well, I
think she was afraid I was going to leave - even though the general public
never found out about the incident in Los Angeles, it was common knowledge
among everyone who had been at the party, and the first week back I recieved
over twenty-three job offers from celebrities who had been there when it
happened. What's more, there were times when LeAnn's defenses would slip a
little, and I'd see a side of her that not even her parents ever saw; That of
a scared little girl pretending to have confidence as she tried to move in an
adult world. I felt honored that she trusted me enough to expose this
vulnerability to me, and it only made me more fiercely protective of her. I
know, I should've maintained a more professional perspective, but LeAnn and I
got to be very close.


It happened during a trip to Florida; The Disneyworld concert had recieved a
lot of advance publicity, and somehow even the band's travel itinerary ended
up being posted on the internet, so it was common knowledge as to when the
tour bus would arrive there. We were all concerned about the security leak,
but I came up with an idea; Rather than scrap the whole thing and reschedule,
LeAnn, a chaperone and I would secretly drive down to Florida three days
early, and let the tour bus with the rest of the band arrive when it was
supposed to. This way, not only would we avoid the crush of fans waiting and
keeping watch, but because the hectic pace of touring was taking it's toll
on LeAnn she would get a few days rest before the concert, and if I had any
say in the matter she'd get to see Disneyworld as well. Both her parents
liked that idea, but with one small change in it - it would only be LeAnn and
myself driving to Florida; Her folks had never had a real honeymoon in all
the years they'd been married, so they were going to have one now. And as 
far as they were concerned, having me there with her was the same as having
any other member of the family with her - that's how much they trusted me.

LeAnn slept in the back seat of our rental car most of the way down, and when
we arrived in Florida it was under cover of night. I found a motel that
specialized in cabins, and rented a two-bedroom cabin under an assumed name.
After carrying her tiny little sleeping form into the cabin I gently laid her
down on one of the beds, removed her shoes and covered her with a blanket.
Then I called her parents to let them know we had arrived safely, and where
we could be reached until the concert. After the long drive I was exhausted
as well, so I didn't even bother to undress before crawling onto my bed and
falling asleep.

Next morning we each felt a lot better, and ready to do some sight-seeing. I
had come prepared with a makeup kit, a few wigs and some dark sunglasses, and
after a half an hour LeAnn stood before me, a completely different person.
Now she could see Disneyworld without being mobbed by hundreds of fans. The
disguise worked very well - nobody gave us a second glance, and free from the
worry of being recognized LeAnn relaxed and actually enjoyed herself. They
say it's impossible to see all of Disneyworld in just one day, but we came

We had planned on staying for the fireworks, but LeAnn was feeling a little
tired so we decided to call it a day. Back at the cabin we gorged ourselves
on takeout pizza, and I sat and listened with a smile as she relived the
day's activities. Even though she was tired, she still had this glow in her
face, and an animated spirit that I found beguiling. I guess I should've
recognized this as a warning sign; Up till now I had never ever been alone
with LeAnn - there had always been her father, mother, or someone else around
that kept me from noticing, I mean REALLY noticing that she was a beautiful
young woman. And now here I was, less than an arm's reach from LeAnn, and a
million miles away from her parents - parents who had entrusted me with their
daughter's safety, I reminded myself.

Finally, LeAnn announced that she was tired, and that she was going to take a
shower before bed. Being a native New Yorker and not used to the Florida heat
I had planned on doing the same, but hey, ladies first, I thought.

I stacked up the pillows at the head of my bed, and tried to read while I was
waiting. I heard her start the shower, and when I heard the rhythm of the
water change I knew she was inside. I've got a pretty good imagination, and
again, because her parents weren't around I fleetingly pictured her naked in
the shower, and immediately felt a stirring between my legs, reminding me
that it had been a long time since I'd enjoyed a woman's company. Ashamed of
myself, I immediately pushed those thoughts out of my mind and tried to
concentrate on my reading.

Finally the shower stopped, and a few minutes later LeAnn came over to my
room, wearing a nightgown that although was very conservative, still managed
to cling to her slightly damp body. She announced that she was finished, 
and to say goodnight, and it was all I could do to keep from staring at the
way the nightgown hugged every curve of her body. It was more for that reason
than LeAnn's using up of all the hot water that I took a cold shower that 

When I was done in the shower I threw on a pair of sleep pants (no shirt - as
I said, it was too damned hot! And I was too used to sleeping in the nude),
checked all the locks one last time, and looked in on LeAnn, who by now was
asleep and snoring softly. With everything secure I turned off the lights,
and because of the Florida heat stayed on top of the covers and fell asleep.


It must've been an hour later that I woke up - outside there were flashes of
lightning, followed by loud rumblings of thunder. Over the noises of the
storm I could hear bare feet hitting the floor next door in LeAnn's room, and
softly padding towards my room. A moment later she was standing by my bed.

"Are you awake?" She asked softly, almost hesitantly.

"Been awake for the last ten minutes," I answered reassuringly "what's up?"

There was a long pause, then a deep breath "I'm scared of the thunder." She
answered, then "Can I stay here with you tonight?"

I was stunned by what I thought she was suggesting, but then I realized from
the tone of her voice that she really was scared - and that it was only me
projecting some forbidden fantasy onto the situation. But before I could
answer there was another loud clap of thunder, and LeAnn yelped in fear and
climbed onto the bed next to me, pushing me off the spot I had warmed up with
my body. Pulling my arm straight out to the side she nestled in under it, her
back pressed right up against my side as she used my arm and shoulder as a
pillow. Then she sighed contentedly and fell asleep.

What I should've been thinking was that this was wrong, and I should wake her
up and send her back to her own bed. Instead, all I could think of was how
firm her little ass was, pressed up against me. It didn't take very long for
me to get another woody thinking of it, but still, I was determined that it
would go no further. I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to get very much
sleep, either.

Believe it or not, my hard-on subsided enough for me to actually doze off,
but sleep was short-lived; LeAnn was a restless sleeper, and about an hour
later she had turned over, threw an arm over my chest, one leg over mine, 
and nuzzled her face in my neck. I was raging hard again, and I flinched at
how close she had come to touching my stiffy in her sleep.

I guess she must've felt me tense up, because she woke up and looked at me
dreamily with a questioning look on her face. Then looking down she spotted
my erection - unmistakable even through my sleep pants - before I could make
a move to hide it.

I was sure I was a dead man. Any minute now she's going to run out of here
screaming, and I'm going to get fired, possibly arrested, and very likely
killed when her parents find out.

But none of that happened. She just stared at it, and then giggled. Looking
back up at me she asked "Did I do that?"

I started to apologize profusely and tried to turn away, hoping I could still
salvage the situataion - and my dignity. LeAnn kept me pinned down, however,
and whispered "Let me see it - I won't tell anyone! Please?"

I was already in enough trouble, and didn't want to get in any deeper
"LeAnn," I answered hoarsely "We shouldn't be doing this-"

By now LeAnn was slowly, lightly brushing her fingertips on my stomach, just
above the waistband of my pants. I'm sure that she instinctively knew the
effect it was having on me. "Do you want me to stop?" There was a mischevious
glint in her eyes.

Maybe if some of the blood had been reaching my brain instead of rushing
below my waist I would've been able to reason with her about why this was
wrong, but instead I was struck dumb. LeAnn took my silence to be approval,
and she slid her hand under my waistband and pulled my pants down and off. In
doing so her hand brushed up against my naked prick, causing it to jump. This
made her giggle again.

Free of the constraints of the sleep pants, my erection stood straight up,
clearly visible in the moonlight. LeAnn never took her eyes off of it, and
I'm sure I felt her breathing quicken and her body push a little closer up
against mine. On impulse, she reached out with and touched the shaft. My soft
moans only encouraged her, and she wrapped her tiny little hand around it and
began lightly stroking it.

We had reached the point of no return, and we both knew it. Reluctantly I
pulled her up and away from my pecker, and taking that beautiful, expectant
face in my hands, I kissed her. It was like a pleasant electric shock when
our lips' met. She shuddered, and then kissed me back.

I could easily tell from her technique that she had very little experience
kissing anybody - none if you discount her family - because her kisses were
little more than lip-to-lip pecks. I decided that teaching her a few things
was in order, so while I was gently caressing her face and kissing her I
parted my lips slightly and gave her a light flick of my tongue across her

She jumped back as if she'd been bitten, and for a moment I thought I'd blown
it by moving too far too fast. Her eyes were enflamed, though, and after a
seconds' hesitation she lunged at me. Grabbing my head and kissing me harder
all the while alternating between forcing her tongue into my mouth, and
sucking hungrily on mine.

By now she was on top and straddling me, and her breathing became quicker as
she instinctively began grinding herself against me. She had no idea as to
how to pace herself, and I knew that if we continued at this rate she'd
climax quickly. I didn't want that; For her first time, I wanted her to have
a long, drawn-out session of love-making - extra heavy on the foreplay. So,
breaking off the kiss I rolled the two of us over so that I was on top, and
lifted myself off her body.

Lying under me on the bed, LeAnn had a wild, slightly confused look in her
eyes as she looked up at me questioningly. Taking her hands and gently
pulling her up into a sitting position, I slipped my hand under her nightgown
I slowly, teasingly lifted it over her head, and with a flourish tossed it on
the floor.

There she was, completely naked and waiting nervously, expectantly, only
inches away from me. I reached out with both hands, lightly stroked her
shoulders with my fingertips, and slowly worked my way down till I reached
the most beautiful little breasts that I had ever seen. "My god, you're
beautiful!" I whispered huskily. Her only response was a tiny whimper of

Lightly I traced my fingertips along the curves of her small, firm breasts,
making circling motions till I came to her by-now hardened nipples. LeAnn
shuddered again, enjoying the sensations she was feeling. Lowering my head as
if in worship I started kissing them - first the right one, then the left.
LeAnn only moaned and put her hands around my head as I started sucking on
those perfect little nipples.

It was time to heat things up some more! Reluctantly I stopped, and left
those beatiful breasts where I hd found them. Instead, I slowly began kissing
my way down her body, and by the time I had reached her belly she was moving
and arching her pelvis against me in an effort to get her pussy to make
contact with any part of my body. I lingered along her hips, and the insides
of her thighs, prolonging the tension for as long as I dared.

The scent of her sex was strong, intoxicating, and except for a little tuft
of downy blond hair at the top of her slit she was bald as a baby - the lips
of her smooth little pussy were turgid, pink and parted slightly in arousal,
with a faint glistening of wetness that was driving me crazy! It was the
most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

We had both had enough of waiting! Lowering my head to her, I delicately
flicked my tongue into her sweet little crack - and believe me, it was sweet!
She arched her back and gave a little yell of pleasure, and grabbing my head
roughly with both hands pulled me down farther into her nether regions, as if
she were trying to fit my whole head inside of her!

I was more than willing to oblige! Sticking my tongue as far as it could go
inside her tight little hole, I moved it around inside her, even making
contact with her cherry.

"Uhhh!!" Then "Oh God that feels good!" She panted. By now she had her slim,
strong legs wrapped around my shoulders as she was humping my face.

She was breathing harder now "Don't stop! Oh please don't stop!" she hissed
as I put more pressure on her with my mouth. I was going to stop - I wanted
to stop, because I wanted her first woman's orgasm to be with a body-part
other than my tongue inside her. But, she was enjoying herself, and so was I.
So we continued on that way, figuring we had all night.

I drew out the cunnilingus slowly with her, not only so that she would get as
much pleasure as possible, but because she tasted exquisite! I'm not a big
fan of pussy-eating (even though I've been told I'm good at it), but
whenever I was with a woman I would do it because my partner's pleasure
mean't a lot to me. With LeAnn however it was different - she was different.
She was tart, sweet, light and heady, all at the same time! I don't know if
all teenaged girls tasted this way, or if it was only her, but I could've
stayed between her legs forever - that's how incredible her essence was. So I
continued on where I was, slowing down and changing the rhythm if she got too
close to coming, and speeding up and alternating the rhythm again just to
keep her excitement level high and fresh. It didn't feel like that much time
had passed, but later on I'd discover I'd been down there over forty-five

Eventually she'd reached her limit "Please," she begged "Make me come! I want
to come!" and grabbing my head even harder and pushing her mound against my
face she was rubbing herself against me furiously in an effort to push
herself over the edge. I took pitty on her and moved in time to her

"OH GOD! YESSS!!" She screamed as she came with orgasm after orgasm I counted
at least four before she collapsed back on the bed, panting heavily, and
released my head.

Spent and breathing hard, LeAnn lay there for a long time, a faint sheen of
sweat on her perfect little body glistening in the moonlight. I raised myself
back up so that I was over her. I wanted desperately to kiss her once again,
but I wasn't sure how she would react to the taste of her own juices. So all
I did was hold her and stroke her hair, all the while telling her that she
was the most beautiful woman in the world. LeAnn could only sob in pleasure
as she held onto me tightly.

Finally, after a long time she looked up, and taking my face in both of her
delicate little hands she kissed me - long and hard. Mmm," she said 
"Is that how I taste?"

I smiled and kissed her back. At this point my hard-on twitched in complaint
at being neglected.

"Oh," she said, looking down as it brushed up against her. LeAnn sat up, 
smoothed her mussed up hair, and smiling she looked back at me "I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to forget about you." And with that she lowered her head to my

I stopped her "It's alright," I answered, pulling her back up and kissing her
"You don't have to do that!" True, I was going to have a nasty case of
blueballs if I didn't get some relief, but I didn't want her to feel she was
obligated to perform oral sex just because I'd done the same for her,
especially since this was her first time with a man.

She pushed me back on the bed, gave my cheek a little lick and said "I know
I don't have to... I want to!" And with a wicked grin she lowered her head to
my groin.

I felt her hot breath on me long before her hot, wet little mouth engulfed
me, and yet still I gasped when it happened. I was only in her mouth for a
second, when she pulled off of me, and licked my balls, popping each one into
her mouth. Then LeAnn was back on my dick; She alternated between licking,
kissing and sucking until she had found a rhythm that was driving me crazy.
While doing that, she reached up with both her hands, sliding them up my body
as she began playing with the hair on my chest, and fondling my nipples. I
couldn't figure out how one so young and inexperienced could at the same time
be so damned good - maybe she was just a natural-born cocksucker. I moaned in
pleasure, and LeAnn made little noises in her throat that I took to be
giggles in response to the enjoyment I was getting from her ministrations.

"Uhhh! Oh Jesus!" I moaned. It had been a long time since any woman had made
me feel this good.

Twice I came close to shooting my load when she fondled my ass cheeks - her
fingertips deliriously close to the sensitive area between my balls and anus.
She was taunting me, bringing me close to the edge just as I had done for 
her, and then backing off before I could come.

It didn't last too long. I held out for as long as I could, but finally I
realized that I was going to come, and come hard! I tried to warn her, tried
to pull out so that I wouldn't disgust her by coming in her mouth "Better
stop," I gasped between breaths "I'm coming!"But her only response was to 
hold onto me so that I couldn't pull out, and suck harder.


Lost beyond any hope of stopping, I exploded in her mouth! The force of it
caught her off guard, but she recovered quickly and kept her mouth on me,
sucking and swallowing until I had nothing left to ejaculate.

Now it was my turn to collapse back on the bed, panting heavily as if I had
just finished running a marathon. As I lay there trying to catch my breath,
LeAnn cradled my now-limp member in both hands, and planted a kiss on the
head. Then she giggled and climbed back on top of me, straddling me so that
we were face-to-face once again. We shared a long, passionate kiss, and then
she put her  head on my chest "I can hear your heart beating." she murmured


"And where," I asked musingly "Did you learn to do that?"

We had spent the last two hours since my own thundering climax in each others
arms, both touching and being touched by each other in the tangle our bodies
made on the bed. I couldn't get enough of this little nymph's silky smooth
skin, and running my hands and lips over her deliciously firm young body only
made me want her more. As for LeAnn, she was purring like a kitten under my
gentle touch.

"Learn to do what?" She asked back innocently.

I smiled. The little minx was being coy, waiting for me to come right out and
say it. "You know, the oral sex. For a virgin you sure seemed to know what
you were doing."

LeAnn blushed "oh, THAT." She answered, and then looked up - expectantly,
hoping for my approval "Did you... you know, like it?"

"Hon," I chuckled "I may not be able to walk tomorrow!"

LeAnn giggled again. Then, "Well, last year when I was still going to a
regular school one of my friends told us about a video that she'd found in
her dad's closet. She told us what was on it, but none of us believed it, so
one day after school a bunch of us went back to her place when her parents
weren't home and she played the tape for us."

I smiled at this. Somehow, I couldn't imagine sweet little LeAnn Rimes 
watching a porno, but I let her continue.

"I couldn't believe that people were actually doing that in front of a
camera!" She continued "When the man and woman in the video got to the part
where, you know... everybody thought that was gross. I guess at the time, I
did too. But it looked like they really enjoyed doing it. Anyway," She said,
finishing "There was a lot of, well... THAT going on, so I guess I remembered
some of it." There was a moments pause, then "You know, they did OTHER things
in that movie, too." Here she blushed again.

I had to laugh. An hour earlier she had been ready and raring to go another
round, but I had to beg off and convince her to allow me a little more time
to rest. It's great to be young, and to be able to catch your second wind as
easily as LeAnn could. But I figured that since I was at least twice her age
I should be allowed twice as much time to rest.

Now I was ready. I reached for her, and pulling her close to me I kissed her,
slowly, tantalizingly. LeAnn didn't hesitate or hold back - she returned my
kisses as she wrapped her arms around my neck, and opened her legs so that
our bodies could get closer together. Lightly I traced my fingers down either
side of her body and felt her quiver, partly in response to my stroking, and
partly in anticipation of delights to come.

Gently I lowered her back onto the bed, all the while kissing her. I ran my
hand up the insides of her thighs, and when I got to her "V" found she was
already moist with excitement. One last kiss, and again my lips and tongue
were working their way down her body. Already she was breathing harder, and
moving in time underneath me.

When my mouth got to her sweet little puss she reached for my head with both
hands - just as she had two hours earlier. This time, however, I had other
plans. Last time, my going down on her had been the main event, but this time
it would be as a prelude to something more. Remember, she was still very
inexperienced, with no notion of pacing herself and prolonging the experience
to get the most pleasure out of it. Therefore I had to take control, or 
otherwise she'd just grind away into a too-quick orgasm. So before she could
get a grip on my head, I reached up and trapped each of her hands in each of

She made a little noise of frustration over not being able to guide my
movements, but I wasn't backing down. Just like last time I flicked at her
tiny little bud of a clitoris with my tongue, and felt her arch her hips up
to meet me. But instead of giving her the contact she desperately wanted I
instead moved my mouth away, kissing the insides of her thighs instead.


I almost felt guilty for teasing her this way, but I was sure that afterwards
she'd probably thank me for taking it slow.

"Please, please, oohhh..." she moaned and writhed as I made another pass over
her little slice of heaven.

It got to be a long, drawn-out game of tag - I'd make brief, darting tongue
contact with her little puss, and because her hands were restrained she'd try
to get more of it my moving her hips around after my mouth. If she got too
rough, I'd give her a little warning bite on the insides of her creamy smooth
thighs, but this only seemed to arouse her more. LeAnn's breathing became yet
faster, the sweet scent of her sex increased as she became more aroused, and
her moving around became more and more frenzied.

"Oh God! I can't take much more of this!" She almost screamed.

She was ready, and so was I. I let both her hands go, and quickly lifted
myself from between her legs before she could grab my head again. Moving up
between her legs so that we were groin-to-groin, I took my stiff member in
one handand ran it along her swollen, parted crack. The wet feel of it 
against my dick almost made me come right then and there! LeAnn's hips only
arched upwards in response. Looking down, I stole a glance at her, and in her
eyes saw something I'd never seen before - wild, animal lust. I hoped I would
be able to tame it.

Placing my penis at her entrance I pushed slightly as it disappeared inside
her. Both LeAnn and I gasped in pleasure - she was so incredibly tight, yet
so silky smooth inside! It was a wonderful feeling, and I slowly pushed in a
little deeper till I came to her hymen.

I've broken in a few virgins in my time, and I've always tried to be gentle
- slowly pushing and stretching my way through the cherry, instead of the
brutal one-hard-thrust-and-it's-popped approach. That's what I was trying
to do with LeAnn that night, but I had underestimated just how highly
aroused she was. She gave a grunt - part impatience, part passion, grabbed
my hips with both hands and pulled herself up onto me, impaling herself on
my erection!

I felt her cherry pop as I hilted her. LeAnn just gasped and froze for a
second - the longest second of my life. Then she relaxed, smiled to let me
know everything was okay, and began moving in rhythm under me as I started
pumping in and out of her, slowly. Taking her hands off my hips and putting
them around my neck she wrapped her legs around me tightly, while her eager
young tongue found its way into my mouth.

"Mmmm!" She groaned "That feels so good!"

It didn't take long before I could feel my own climax building up, but I
wanted to make sure LeAnn came first. Rolling over so that she was on top, I
fondled and lifted her sweet little behind so that I pulled out of her a
bit. She twisted her butt out of my grip, and ground her mons against me so
that I was again fully inside her. Again I fondled and lifted her bum so I
would pull out of her, and this time she figured out that I wanted her to
take a more active role in her own orgasm. While I played with her pert
little titties, LeAnn began moving her hips up and down on me, obviously
enjoying herself.

LeAnn was breathing harder, and the rhythm of her hips increased as she kept
pumping faster and faster. She was quickly approaching orgasm, and so was I.
I let my hands roam all over her sweet little cheeks, and on impulse reached
up, wet one of my fingers with my own saliva, and started to play with her

She gasped at this invasion of her backdoor, but then started pumping with
longer strides, trying to get more of my finger in her ass as well as my
dick in her pussy! I pushed a little more with my finger until it was buried
in her up to a knuckle.

And that was all it took!

"Ohhh yes!! I'm coming! I'm comiiing!" She screamed again and again. I could
only grunt like a caveman as my own load spewed inside her, her internal
muscles fluttering wildly, contracting around my cock as she experienced
another multiple orgasm! Then with a final gasp she collapsed on top of me,
both of us panting heavily, and holding tightly onto each other.

At that point, nothing else existed, nothing else mattered. LeAnn was crying
tears of pleasure, and I held her lovingly as her hot tears splattered on my
chest. I didn't mind, though; We were happy, and if we weren't the happiest
people on Earth, then we were pretty damned close.

After a few minutes our breathing returned to normal, but still we just lay
like that for a long time, just holding each other. Finally, LeAnn softly
said "I knew that it would be you."

"Hmm?" I replied, stroking her hair.

I knew that it would be you, that you'd be my first" she answered "Ever
since that night in Los Angeles, when you came to my rescue."

I didn't answer. She never talked about what happened in LA, and I never 
pushed it. I figured that LeAnn herself would decide if and when it was time
to bring it up.

"I knew that it would be you." She said a third time "I hoped that it would
be you... my knight in shining armor!" With that she kissed me one last time
and drifted off to sleep.

We lay there like that for a long time, with her sleeping and me gently
stroking her back and hair. My body was at peace, but my mind was racing
with the enormity of what we had done. True, I hadn't wanted to take
advantage of this innocent young girl, and she had wanted this as badly as I
had. But I had been raised as a gentleman, and no matter how I could try to
rationalize it I had to accept the fact that I was morally responsible for
what had happened - not to mention legally responsible. But I was spent,
tired, and I knew I wouldn't be able to resolve this tonight. The last thing
I remember before falling asleep was how beautiful LeAnn looked lying on top
of me...


That was five months ago, and LeAnn and I are still together, if only in
secret. It hasn't been easy, keeping something like this from her family and
the media. We've had to pick and choose our moments together very carefully,
usually when we're away on tour, and always with the threat of her public
humiliation - and me going to jail - hanging over us like a sword. But I
think that's what makes our times together all the more intense.

As I sit here writing this, I steal a glance at LeAnn, sleeping peacefully
in bed, and all I can think of is that I'm very much in love with her. I
don't know how long we can continue on this way, but I do know that once she
turns eighteen we won't have to hide any more. What will happen then? I
don't know. They say fortune favors the brave; I don't consider myself to be
a brave man, but I know that she's worth the risk.


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