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Elègie by Massenet
By Jacques du Bois
(F/F?, rom, mast, fantasy)

©1998 SEJDB Inc.
The following story contains graphic descriptions of
sex between consenting adults above the age of 18, or
whatever the age of consent is in your jurisdiction.
The Characters and incidents portrayed and the names
used are fictitious and any similarity to the names,
characters, or history of any person or persons is
entirely accidental and unintentional.If such
material offends you, your city or violates any laws,
or you are under the age of 18, or the age of consent
don't read it! Comments and suggestions are welcome
and appreciated! My e-mail is No spam or flames will
be accepted! Remember to vote for Freedom, always
vote Libertarian! 

Jacques du Bois

Elègie by Massenet

To my dear Claudia, who will never know.

	Claudia closed her eyes tilting her back as she
gently played the last chord in Elègie by Jules
Massenet. For an instant, she froze, her hands on the
Steinway grand piano, holding her breath her breath
as the chord floated away from the brightly lit stage
all through the entire concert hall. After the notes
stopped ringing. Claudia took in a deep breath
through her open mouth, opened her eyes and stood
beside the black piano. She looked out at the crowd,
bowing stiffly at the waist several times as the
audience began to clap for her. Suddenly there was an
explosion as the audience began to stand, cheering
and clapping for Claudia Woland, the next virtuoso
pianist. Some people screamed at the top of their
lungs, “Bravo!” as others cheered and clapped. Red
roses were thrown onto the stage as Claudia bowed
again and again smiling ear to ear. To her left and
to her right stage hands came to her, dozens and
dozens of roses in their arms all for Claudia, the
darling of the stage. Claudia smiled at both of them
opening her arms so she could hold the multitude of
roses that were given to her in love. Roses in her
hands, Claudia bowed one last time slowly striding
off stage right, not looking at the still screaming
crowd. Claudia was very anxious to return to her
dressing room to get some rest. She walked as quickly
as possible with all the roses in her hands through
the backstage where there was just as much applause
as in the hall. Slowly she made her way to her rooms,
peaking her head on both sides of the roses so she
would not run into anything or anyone, to a heavy
teak door with a gigantic golden star on in black
block letters, “Claudia Woland”. She walked right up
to the door her hands reaching out to grasp the brass
door handle with no luck because of the burden of her
roses. Claudia waved to some of the stagehands,
trying to get their attention for some help. Two
young burly men in blue jeans and yellow t-shirts
wearing headsets ran to her smiling and clapping for
	“Gentlemen, gentlemen…instead of clapping for me,
could you help me put all these roses in water?”
Claudia smiled as the two men grabbed all the roses
putting them in their arms. “Here is something to
lighten your wonderful burden.” Claudia walked
in-between both men, turned to one and then the other
kissing them on the cheek. Both men blushed looking
starry eyed at the beautiful Claudia. Claudia looked
at them laughing, “You’re wetter than those roses
now, could you go put them in some water!” Claudia
pinched the men on the cheeks finally able to open
her door.
	She threw the door open, rushing in and slamming it
behind her. Claudia made sure the door was locked,
first closing button on the doorknob and then bolting
the deadbeat. She sighed, walking to the vanity
against the wall, looking at her reflection in a full
length mirror. She had jet black hair that sat on top
of her oval thin head. She looked back at brown eyes,
that hid so much from the world yet could tell one
person all. Claudia sighed again, studying her
straight nose, her wispy eyebrows, her thick, red, 
sensuous lips that pouted for the lack of someone to
kiss. The brown eyes were a storm of loneliness and
want, hoping for someone to break unlock their
secret. Claudia took the chair that sat in front of
the vanity, sitting down so that she could still look
at herself in the mirror. Quickly glancing at a wall
clock, Claudia knew that she still had two hours
before the next show, and she secretly smiled knowing
that she would make the most of it.
	“Miss Woland! They want an encore! Madame!!” the
manager of the hall pounded on the door frantically,
his voice cracking. “Will you come out?”
	Claudia shut her eyes again, taking yet another deep
breath, standing up in front of the mirror again.
“Mr. Peterson, I will come out for the next show. If
you come again, disturbing my concentration I will
cancel the next performance and sue you for breach of
contract. Leave me in peace!” Claudia opened her eyes
now looking at the rest of her body. She wore a
strapless black dress made of velvet that ended at
the middle of her thighs. It complemented her
hourglass figure perfectly, accentuating every curve
to perfection. Claudia’s hands began to take on a
mind of their own, moving to the middle of her
shoulders where the dress’s zipper was, and began to
slowly take the zipper down the middle of her back.
	Mr. Peterson sighed out loud, his voice became very
soft. “All right Miss Woland, we’ll give you a
curtain call of five minutes. Sorry to bother you...”
He stomped away from the door, looking forward to
smoking a cigar in his office.
	Claudia giggled to herself as her dress slowly came
off of her lithe body. She wore a black lace bra that
supported her large breasts well, but they begged to
be free of the bra, nearly bursting from her chest.
The zipper ran from her shoulders to the small of her
back, where the metallic zipper was now. Claudia took
her hands from the zipper letting the black dress
fall to the white shag carpet. Claudia opened her
eyes once more and looked at herself. Her panties
were also black lace that complemented her bra and
dress, it covered her nether regions entirely, but
were sheer enough to betray a few wispy strands of
black hair. With nothing more than her undergarments,
Claudia sat again in the chair watching herself all
the while in the mirror.
	Her hands first went to her shoulders again, to her
bra quickly undoing the hooks holding it together.
The bra fell into her lap, freeing her breasts of the
bra. Claudia’s lithe hands went to them, like metal
goes to a magnet, slowly and rhythmically rubbing
from top to bottom all over her large breasts. Slowly
she began to touch her nipples, gently as if she
touched the cool ivory keys of her beloved piano. But
now the piano was not the instrument, she was the
instrument making music with the help of a master
	Claudia kept her eyes shut, but she felt her nipples
and the rest of her muscles begin to tense and harden
as she massaged them. She enjoyed the feeling of
warmth that began to pulse through her body as she
became excited. Suddenly, she was no longer in her
dressing room in one of the most prestigious concert
halls in the world, she was in her own world of peace
and warmth as the world melted away in waves of
pleasure. One hand continued to massage one of her
nipples, but the other went away to fumble through
the many drawers for something. She could not find
it, so she opened her eyes one hand still on her
breast as the other one searched for the one thing
that could help her then, her vibrator. 
	The vibrator knew where to go on Claudia’s quivering
body, right above her clitoris. She began to wince as
the vibrations went all the way through her, even
into the depths of her heart. A few tears welled up
from the deepest reaches of her soul, as she
remembered Elègie, and the first time she played it.
As quickly as those thoughts came they were replaced
by the constant waves of pleasure from her swelling
red breasts and her clit. It became unbearable to
have the vibrator against her clit, so finally she
put it in her with a very slow deliberate motion. The
vibrator was shaped like an anatomically correct
penis, down even to the veins and  feel of the tip.
It went into Claudia ten inches, as she moaned
loudly. Claudia didn’t care who heard her because she
was the star, she could have been whipping and
strangling people in there just as long as she played
 her two concerts a night to sold-out crowds. Claudia
smiled thinking that, she knew that she was powerful
but not only did she know she had this power, she was
able to use it. Laughing, she moved the vibrator in
and out of her, deeper and deeper, soon she would
explode in pleasure. There was no avoiding thinking
of him again.
	Johann had been his name. He was still alive, but
not as far as Claudia was concerned. For nearly a
year and a half they had been lovers, through the
hardest times that they had both had. Both were
musicians, Claudia played concerts when she could,
but Johann was a teacher. Johann had a master’s
degree in music, yet all he did was teach eight
year-old kids how to play recorders. For a while,
Claudia tolerated his stories from the Grammar
Schools, but soon it was all they talked about. Even
at the height of lust, the very moment of orgasm,
Johann would think of his beloved recorder. Finally,
he gave Claudia an ultimatum, it was either the life
of a music teacher at home with Johann, or the life
of a musician without him. As she neared her climax,
fingering her almond brown nipples and fucking
herself with her vibrator deep inside the flower of
her life, Claudia let go of Johann, she let go of the
hate, she let go of the hurt and she let go of the
pain. Then, she came.
	It felt like it started at her toes, slowly working
its way up both of her legs, to her thighs then, to
her clit and vagina. The wave didn’t stop there, as
it went through her quivering stomach, her heaving
red breasts into her neck and finally out of her
mouth. She moaned in pleasure and contentment as wave
after wave of orgasm went through her body, turning
the transient thoughts of Johann to just memories of
what could have been. As she came the vibrator still
went in and out, making her ever more sensitive
throughout her body. In the small wooden chair in
front of the mirror, Claudia was no longer the
instrument, but she had become the music. The waves
continued to crash, as she spasmed, singing a song
only women can understand or know, her heart was a
snare drum violently beating eighth notes in time to
the singing. The vibrator was the accompanist,
supporting the singer in ways that were unimaginable
and Claudia’s body had become the audience listening
in rapt pleasure as the music began to slow down, and
finally stop.
	Claudia took the drenched vibrator from her vagina,
her hands still shaking from the incredible pleasure
she had just experienced. Opening her eyes, she
looked in the mirror to see who looked back at her,
finding that it was a new woman. The new Claudia
Woland, free from the shackles of the past. She
looked no different, but it was inside her gleaming
from her eyes, but it was very plain to see in the
mirror. Claudia stood up from the chair, smiling at
her reflection while slowly reaching out to it with
her hands. The reflection did the same, as the mirror
began to melt, destroying the barriers between
worlds. The women locked hands reaching out to each
other, finally embracing one another deeply kissing.
They both locked arms, lips, chests and bodies,
becoming one person. They frenched very slowly, while
the mirror began to be solid once more. The hands
unhooked, the tongues went apart, then the lips, then
they were no longer connected, except for one place.
Claudia stared into the eyes of the other Claudia in
the large mirror, then she realized it was not a
double that she looked at, but it was herself, simply
a reflection in a mirror.
	Claudia looked at the watch on her desk, realizing
that she had but a few minutes before her next show
was to begin. But it had already started, for an
audience of one, at least for the moment. It was an
Elègie written not by Massenet, but by Woland, a new
and more beautiful one that would play again and
again in Claudia’s mind.

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