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Equal Opportunity
by Lord Malinov


"How did the interviews go?" asked Kathy, unbuttoning her blouse.  
Sitting on their bed, Jeff looked up, still lost in thought.  "Did 
you find someone to help you?"

"Nope," he said, watching calmly as his wife unclasped her bra.
"Tomorrow will be looking at four more applicants."  Caught 
boyishly by the sight of Kathy's naked breasts, Jeff smiled slightly.

"That's too bad," she said, dropping her pants.  "I thought you 
sounded hopeful this morning."  Kathy tickled her faint brown muff 
and turned to step into the bathroom.  Jeff watched his wife's bottom 
shake, always ready to appreciate her sensual charms.

"I was," he called out.  "She looked good on paper, but it wouldn't 
have worked out."  The water began to run and Jeff heaved a deep

Two weeks had passed since he had finagled the Morgan case away from
Epstein, and Jeff couldn't help but lament the days they'd wasted.  
It was beginning to seem impossible to find assistants who could 
help handle the convoluted legalisms that plagued the Morgan 
situation.  With the booming economy, competition for skilled help 
offered them a shallow pool of applicants.  This morning, finally, 
Jeff really thought the search was over.

He'd been sitting at his desk, reading over her resume again, trying
to find an excuse not to hire this one on sight.  Most applicants
hadn't even been close;  Jeff had turned away twenty.  The
work was starting to back up on him, but Jeff reminded 
himself each morning that bad help was worse than no help.  The 
summer before, he'd been severely burned by the assistant Jack had 
hired for him, and Jeff didn't want that kind of trouble again.  He'd 
spent six weeks undoing the mess Ben had made, three weeks more than 
it probably would have taken to just do the job by himself.  Jeff 
scowled, adamant he would not go through that again.

But when Jeff read through the list of this applicant's
qualifications again, he found constant reassurance in each
well-chosen word.  "Maybe," he thought, still afraid to be hopeful,
"we can actually start to get some work done today."

Jeff took a deep breath when the intercom gave a familiar buzz
and Stacy said, "Beth Carter to see you, Mr. Walters."  Jeff
reached for the white button.

"Thanks, Stacy.  Send her in."

Jeff started to stand as the young woman stepped into the doorway, 
but felt his knees weaken when she came full into view.  Jeff's eyes 
opened wide and he put a hand on his desk to help raise himself up.

"Mr. Walters?" she asked.  Her voice sang pleasantly.

"Jeff," he said.  His voice faltered.  "Please, come in."  He looked 
back down at the resume.  "Elizabeth?"

"Beth Carter," she said, reaching forward in greeting.  Jeff shook 
her soft hand lightly.

"Please," he said, already drifting down into his chair.  "Have a 

Beth smiled and smoothed her plum suit skirt over her lean 
thigh with an elegance that pleased Jeff.  "She'd give the team a 
real touch of class," he thought, imagining the impact such a 
smart looking woman would have by his side when he met with the 
field group.  

"I brought some writing samples," she said, opening a leather folder 
and withdrawing several sheets of paper.

"Good," Jeff said, reaching over the desk to take the documents.  
Looking up from the well crafted prose, he caught the anxious stare 
of her bright blue gaze.  A rush of heat invigorated his heartbeat.

"This is excellent," he said, reacting honestly as he deliberately
read another paragraph.  Jeff looked up at the woman and saw a faint
blush color her soft cheeks.

"Thank you," Beth said.  "I wrote those when I worked for Myer and 

"Right," Jeff said, pulling out her resume again.  "They're a good 
firm.  Can I ask you why you left?"

"They weren't challenging me," Beth said, seriously.  Jeff could 
imagine her speaking with such insistence to someone like Jenkins or 
even Bradford.  "I mean, I have nothing against the paperwork and 
such, that's just part of the business, but they seemed to shy away 
from tackling real problems.  I want to work hard and have something 
to be proud of when I'm done."

Jeff nodded knowingly, recognizing with delight his own attitude.  He 
smiled wryly.  "What makes you think a job here will be any different 
than the one you had with Don Myers?"

"That's why I applied for this position.  Frankly, Mr. Walters, 
I could probably find a higher paying job over at someplace like 
Witherspoon Gaddis, but I'm not looking to play a social, client 
shmoozing role.  Not yet, anyway.  From what I've seen of your work, 
and of you, I believe I can find what I'm looking for here."


"You're getting ready to handle the Morgan case, aren't you?"

"Yes," said Jeff.

"You're going to fight it, aren't you?"

"Well, I'm not at liberty. . . ."

"If you aren't going to fight," Beth said sternly, "then please don't 
hire me.  I want to put on the gloves and get in the ring with that 
one.  If you're just going to file settlements, I can get that 
somewhere else."

Jeff leaned forward, excited by her fire.  "Good," he said 
emphatically.  "I like your attitude, Miss Carter."  Without thinking 
he noticed the absence of a ring on her left hand's fourth finger.  
"It would mean hard work, and probably some long hours, at least for 
the next few months."

"I'm hoping it would," she said, smiling, flush with enthusiasm.  As 
she leaned forward, Jeff noticed the gold cross at her breast bone, 
and then a glimpse of the untanned curve just beneath the edge of her 
blouse.  He swallowed deliberately.

"Evenings, some weekends," he said, his throat dry.  He picked up the 
glass of water on his desk and as he took a sip he remembered the 
long evenings he had spent working with Ben.  He remembered the 
proximity of his assistant as they pored over the figures for some 
indicia of intent, Ben's head almost on his shoulder, the dull scent 
of the young man's cologne irritating him immeasurably as the nights 
wore on.

Jeff put the glass down and looked at Beth.  She nodded and smiled.  
Her breasts weren't big, but they had substance.  Jeff imagined the 
way they would press against his arm as she leaned over to show him 
some passage that needed explanation.  Beth pushed a lock of hair 
behind her ear and Jeff could almost smell the delectable aroma.

"We'll probably have to take two or three trips to Atlanta this 
spring, and there's a chance we'd have to spend a few weeks in 

"I know," Beth said.  "I know what the work is like.  At this point, 
Mr. Walters. . ."

"Jeff," he said quietly, smiling.

"Jeff," she repeated with an indulgent grin, "at this point, I want 
to log some miles and put in the hours.  My life is relatively free 
of commitments right now and I want to put this time to good use.  I 
don't know, maybe it's hard to believe, but I want to get my hands 
dirty working in the field.  I'm not saying this to get a job.  I can 
get a job.  I just happen to know where I stand right now.  I imagine 
there will be a day when I want something less taxing.  But for 
now, I'm a young woman.  I want the chance to learn from people 
who know and also to prove what I'm made of."

Jeff nodded.  He imagined for a brief moment the first week in 
February, when they'd go to Atlanta.  He imagined carrying his 
suitcase into the hotel.  He remembered the trip with Ben to 
Montreal, sitting at the hotel table most of the night getting ready 
for the meeting at Lystar.  Jeff cleared his throat.

"Well, Miss Carter," he began.

"Beth," she corrected with a friendly laugh.

"Everything looks good," he said.  "I'm going to have to talk this 
over with Jack, I think they told me you met him already."

"Sure," she said.

"But we should be in touch with you soon."  Jeff stood and held out 
his hand.  "It's been a pleasure meeting you," he said.  

"Likewise," Beth said, standing and touching his hand with hers.

Sitting on his bed, Jeff trembled slightly as he remembered watching 
the young woman leave his office, leering at the way her skirt moved 
when she walked.

"What's the matter, Hon?" Kathy asked, towelling off her hair.

"Nothing," said Jeff.  "I'm just not sure I did the right thing."


"Well, the woman I interviewed was probably as good as I'm going to 
get, and I can't help wishing I could have hired her."

"Why didn't you?" Kathy asked, sitting down on the bed.

"I don't know," said Jeff.  "I think it was because she's a woman."  
Kathy hit her husband on the leg.

"That doesn't sound like you, Jeff," she said, raising an eyebrow.

"I know.  I could even get in trouble, I mean, if she filed an EEO 
complaint, I'd have a hard time explaining.  She was really well 

"Then why didn't you hire her?"

"Kathy," he said, his voice implying his reasons, "if you'd seen her, 
you'd understand."

"Oh," said Kathy, catching hold of his unspoken thought.  "Well, 
then, I'm proud of you."  She smiled gaily and crawled up the bed.  
"You're a good husband," she said, teasing the stiffening member 
shrouded within his pajamas.  Jeff sighed.

"Lead me not into temptation," he said softly.  Kathy extracted his 
prick from its confines and kissed the round knob atop the hard 
staff.  Her tongue played along his pale cockskin.

"You'll find someone," she promised, tickling Jeff's balls 
as she let the rod descend into her mouth.  Bringing it back out, she 
looked up at her husband.  "Are you going to get in trouble?"

"I don't think so," Jeff said.  "I told Jack I couldn't work with her 
and he said he could take care of it."

"Jack will take care of it," Kathy echoed, suckling down her good 
husband's dick.

"Yeah," Jeff said, closing his eyes, "that's the way."  

"Look, Jeff," Jack had said later that day, "I looked over her resume 
and I think you're nuts.  Beth is really too good to let get away 
and she really wants to work with us.  So I hope you don't mind, but 
I hired her as my assistant.  I'll let her get started on the Morgan 
case while you keep looking for another hand.  She won't be reporting 
to you, so you don't have to worry about that.  She'll sit at 
Louise's old desk, and you can start briefing her tomorrow after your 
interviews are finished."  Jack smacked him on the back.  "And don't 
worry.  I told her you recommended her for the senior assistant 
position and threw in another five grand.  I think she's worth it."

Jeff felt the stroke of Kathy's tongue down his prick, but his 
thoughts filled with a mad visions of Beth's bright smiling eyes and 
her tits and her ass and her lean, stockinged legs and the sweet 
subtle fragrance as Beth bent down close to help him understand the 
operative fucking rule.

Each day and each evening, sitting ten yards past his door and 
always in sight and Atlanta still waiting just a few weeks away.

"Oh, God," Jeff moaned as he thrust his prick up and felt his hot 
fountain erupt in spurts of wild lust.  Kathy eagerly drank the 
thick wanton flow.  As his wife smiled, licking her lips, Jeff 
shuddered and silently groaned, "please help me."




Power belongs to those who dare. . . Sapere Aude

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