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Daring Encounters

       I sat at the crowded bar, surrounded by bodies.  The bartender, a short
stocky man with thinning black hair, appeared overly attentive, refilling my
drink when it was only half empty.  I sat sipping my third Cape Cod, taking ice
cubes in my mouth with each drink.  I sucked on the frozen water, feeling the
cold liquid slide down the back of my throat.
       I sat to the right on the barstool, facing a man that attempted to make
conversation with me.  I dutifully answered his questions, trying to appear
interested.  He asked me what I did for a living, but I will admit, my mind was
elsewhere.  I was facing the man, and I was dressed in a white silk shirt,
unbuttoned to the middle of my chest, and tied up at the waist.  I wore a tight
fitting black mini skirt, stockings with a garter belt, and heels.  My legs
were spread apart and my skirt was pulled slightly up, making my pussy
partially visible to those seated correctly.
       The bar was overly crowded and filled with energy, with a live band
playing from another room.  The band expertly played reggae music, and bodies
were forced to sway to the music.  A figure came up behind me and rested an arm
on my shoulder.  I turned on the barstool to see a man in his late twenties,
with dark blue eyes and long black hair that hung to his shoulders.  He ordered
a list of drinks from the bartender, while his hand rubbed my shoulder.  I
smiled and returned to sipping my drink, attempting to return my attention to
the man on my right.
       This man called himself Daniel.  Daniel was dressed in an army green
suit that hung perfectly on his body, accentuating his large shoulders.  His
eyes were green, and looked at me as if they could see right through me.  His
dark brown hair was neatly cut and feathered back from his face.  He was now
boring me with details of his messy divorce, and I appeared sympathetic as I
only half listened.
       "...I am a lawyer, and Sheila wanted to take everything I had.  We were
in court for six months, but I won due to . . ." The sound of his voice swirled
in my head, and I wanted to ask if he'd ever been on Jerry Springer.  I turned
my barstool completely around and leaned my back up against the bar, spreading
my legs farther apart.  My waxed naked pussy was now completely visible, and I
could feel eyes on me all around.  I leaned down to get my lipstick out of my
purse, allowing my shirt to fall open.  I slowly raised back up, grabbed my
drink, and pretended not to notice all the faces watching me.
       I spotted Benway in a corner of the bar, seated with many people I did
not know.  His eyes casually took me in, and he laughed at something someone
was saying.  He showed no signs of recognition.  He simply looked like another
one of my spectators, drinking in my body.  I knew his cock was hard as he
watched the scene, and I knew he was pleased.  After all, he was making one of
my fantasies come true.
       He has known of my fantasy for months.  We used to recount it over and
over during passionate sex.  Benway would thrust his hard cock into me,
whispering in my ear as he told me the story, bringing me to orgasm over and
over.  Tonight was the night he would make it come true.
       "Kas . . . , Kas," Daniel said, touching my leg, trying to recapture my
attention, "What are you thinking about?"
       "Many things," I responded quietly, gently taking his hand off my leg
and returning it to his own space.  He sighed heavily, appearing frustrated.
He looked like a man that didn't get turned down often, and he wasn't taking my
disinterest very well.
        The music boomed, and the dance floor was rapidly filling up.  I love
to dance: I let the music roll through my body, and I disappear within its
notes.  I asked Daniel to save my seat, and he readily agreed, making me
promise to return.
       "I'll be back," I said softly, rising to my feet, "After all, I need a
place to sit." His face took on a frustrated look once again, and I smiled as I
walked away.
       I strolled past many faces, noticing none of them, until I walked past
Benway's table.  He sat with four women and two men, listening intently to the
conversation.  His eyes rose as I walked by, and I noticed a look of dislike
directed my way coming from the girl next to him.  She sat very close to him:
any closer, and she would be on his lap.  One of her arms was around his
shoulders, and he looked disinterested as he continued to chat.  I felt myself
becoming very turned on by the whole scene.
       The woman sitting next to Benway was attractive, although not one he'd
pick out of a crowded room.  She had short black hair that sculpted her head,
and finely chiseled features.  Her green eyes were set deep in her skull,
giving her a mysterious exterior.  She wore a short green dress that hung
loosely on her body.  I enjoyed the look of dislike she had as she studied me.
       No one in the bar was aware that Benway and I knew one another.  I
wondered how she would feel knowing the truth.  That I am the one he sleeps
with at night, I am the one that knows his thoughts, dreams, eccentricities,
and turn-ons.  It is my body he consumes daily, my figure that turns him on and
brings him to orgasm.  I knew that right about now she would trade places with
me in a heartbeat.
       I made my way to the dance floor, shoulders back, head held high.  I
walked slowly, feeling Benway's eyes burn right through me.  I secretly hoped I
was pleasing him, and that he was turned on by the events.
      I settled for a corner of the dance floor closest to the bar, where I was
sure both Benway and Daniel had a perfect view of me.  I began moving my body
to the music, slowly and seductively.  I moved my hands up my thighs slowly
lifting my skirt, so that flesh was visible between my skirt and my stockings.
I continued moving my hands up, caressing my naked midriff, as I continued
swaying to the music.  I allowed my right hand to move up and enter my shirt,
seductively caressing my tits and playing with my nipple rings.  I could see
Benway watching me, holding a conversation the whole time.  He then brought his
hand to his mouth, and brought two fingers down and rested them on his chest.
My sign to finger myself with two fingers.
       I raised my right hand to my mouth, inserting two fingers and sucking on
them.  I moved my hand to my pussy, entering two fingers into the tight warmth.
 I was surprised at how wet I was, and I moved my fingers in and out of my
pussy while taking in the music.
       Bodies were all round me, watching, and I felt excited and
over-stimulated.  I continued fingering my pussy, purposely stroking the spot
that brings me to orgasm over and over.  I suddenly felt hands behind me,
resting on my hips as I moved back and forth.  I looked behind me to see the
man from the bar, the one who rubbed my shoulder as he ordered drinks.  At that
moment, the song ended.  I slowly reassembled my clothing and made my way back
to the bar.  I took my seat next to Daniel, feeling relaxed and refreshed as I
sipped my drink.
       "That was incredible," Daniel said, looking flushed, "where did you
learn how to do that?"
        I had to bite the inside of my lip in order to suppress a laugh, as I
thought of all the smart remarks I could answer with.  My mother taught me; I
have been a stripper since I was ten years old; I used to be in the rodeo;
Indian tribes in Brazil taught me.  Daniel amused me: he depended solely on his
looks, and had no idea how to sweep a woman off her feet.
       I thought back to when I first met Benway.  We sat casually talking, and
he appeared so strong and irresistibly sexy.  His body is shaped perfectly and
sensuously, and when he talks, he is so confident and in control.  All I could
think about during that conversation was his body, his demeanor, and his
assurance.  I thought of being with him in bed, while he expertly ravished my
body as I submitted to his every wish.  I pictured him above me, held up by the
strength of his arms, as he drank in my body like fine liquor.  Never have I
wanted a man to take me as I wanted him to.
       Benway ended the conversation simply, with a sure, masculine power that
pushed me to the edge.  He handed me his card and asked me to call, then walked
away with a stride that would make any woman hungry.  Would I call?  Of course,
because I was already in love...
       I answered Daniels' question with a vague smile.  My pussy was saturated
and hungry, and I could feel the plastic warmth of the barstool against my
skin.  Daniel let his hand wander to my bare arm, and once again I pulled away,
passively and gently.
       "You are making me crazy, Kas," Daniel said.  I could see that, a hard
visible bulge was apparent in his pants.
       I felt familiar fingertips against my neck, pulling my hair back away
from my face.
       "Miss, may I ask you a question?"  Benway asked, as I turned my
shoulders in order to face them.  He then looked at Daniel and said, "I'm
sorry, is she with you?"
       Daniel shook his head, looking confused and irritated.
       "Excellent," Benway said, turning my barstool so that I was facing him.
He stood between my legs, resting his hands on my knees.  "I am sorry to bother
you, but I need a favor."
       I stared into his eyes, listening to Daniel sigh next to me.  I looked
around, and several people within earshot took in the scene.
       "What would the favor be?"  I asked softly, my left hand hanging at my
side, and my right hand holding my drink.
       "I travel a lot due to my employment, so I am not able to be at my
residence very often," He replied, rubbing his hands slowly up and down my
thighs.  I could feel his fingertips brush against my clit, "I need someone to
water my plants and do my laundry, and that someone is you."
       I laughed, looking at my spectators.
       "You wish for me to be your maid?"  I asked with a smile.  Daniel arose
from his chair and took a step toward Benway, and I took my hand and pushed him
back toward his stool.
       "Not a maid, per se, more like . . . "  Benway thought for a moment,
then caressed my face, "more like my token, or my pet."
       I sat looking at him, turned on beyond belief.  He then took his right
hand and inserted two fingers into my pussy, smiling as his fingers were
engulfed in wetness.
       "I will give you a key, and you can come and go as you please," Benway
said seductively, rubbing my pussy in a way that only he knows how to do.  "In
fact, you never have to go."
        "What will I get if I become your pet?"  I questioned, unzipping his
pants and removing his hard cock, hiding it in both my warm hands.  Daniel
gasped as he sat next to me, staring at Benway in disbelief.
       "I will sing to you," Benway answered, "I will sing whatever you want to
hear."  He moved closer to me, and inserted his hard cock into my pussy.
       "Hmm, can you sing?"  I questioned, spreading my legs farther apart as
he moved his hips back and forth.
       "Of course, my pet," he replied, "like a professional."
       Benway pulled my head toward him, and kissed my lips.  I could hear
spectators on all sides of me, whispering and laughing.  Benway continued to
slowly move in and out of me.
       "So I just go to your house while you're away, water the plants, and do
you laundry?"  I asked, feeling my pussy become wetter and wetter.
       "Yes, and you can dust, also, if you choose, and take naps in my bed,"
he talked in a smooth husky voice that could bring anyone to orgasm.  I looked
over to see Daniel rubbing his cock, although he did look a bit perturbed.
       Benway untied and unbuttoned my shirt, pushing it to the sides so that
my breasts were almost completely exposed.  He then bent over and took one of
my nipples in his mouth, pulling my nipple ring with his teeth.  His cock moved
in and out of me with ease, and I grabbed the bottom of the barstool and dug my
nails into the foam.  Benway kept moving with a steady rhythm, and an orgasm
ripped through my body.  I let out soft moans and clasped Benways arms. Benway
then pulled me toward him, and I could feel him cum inside of me.  I continued
moaning as his cock throbbed.
       We casually pulled ourselves together.  Benway stood up and reapplied
his pants correctly, and I pulled down my skirt, ignoring the warm liquid
seeping out of me.
        "Hey, baby," Benway said, "how was your day?"  I smiled at him, and
Daniel buried his head in his hands, but was unable to suppress a smile.
       "My day was fine, except I missed you," I replied as Benway pulled me to
my feet, applying my jacket.
       "Let's go home," Benway said, taking my hand and leading me out into the
night air.

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