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Subject: A Story about Auntie Em (F/m, spanking, ws, incest <kinda>)
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A Story about Auntie Em (F/m, spanking, ws, incest <kinda>)
by Ironass

I have a nice, evil, nasty friend who likes to play Auntie Em to some
very lucky 
nieces and nephews.  Auntie wanted pup (me) to write a story about her. 
I said 
that I needed to know more about Auntie first.  She wrote me back:

Hi pup! You're such a sweet lil boy.. thanks for the story.. gives me
evil thoughts <weg>...

You wanted me to tell you about Auntie Em.....

Well.. Auntie Em is a very pretty Auntie...even if she is a bit old
fashioned....she likes high heels, and skirts and she likes to wear
around her neck.. and she is always, always wearing that apron of hers

Auntie Em likes all her nephews and her nieces.. she especially likes
her nephew
*pup*.. because pup is always getting into trouble! What a naughty boy
he is
but Auntie has much affection for naughty boys. :-)

Auntie Em.. is very nurturing, very loving but she also has a very
strict and
stern attitude towards naughty boys. She likes discipline.. and she is
very good at it!  Auntie is no one's fool.. she can dish out the torment

Auntie favorite place is the kitchen.. and the bathroom and she knows
how to take care of naughty boys in both places.. especially that
*pup*.. he's a
dickens.. he is!

Auntie loves using her big wooden spoon on pups behind... lovely ass he
has.. and always in need of a spanking or a beating! Yes.. that big
spoon.. it's made out of heavy wood and it does its job nicely. Of
course.. big
wooden spoons can be used for more than just spankings....the long
handle has many tormenting uses...especially when Auntie adds her
ingredient to it.. Crisco!!!! <wicked evil laugh>

yes.. Auntie Em loves all things anal....especially those wonderful
holes on naughty boys and girls...that's when her long wooden handle
very much in hand. Sometimes Auntie uses food to punish.. Auntie loves
food.. not to eat with but food to play with! She likes making her
nephew pup
get all messy with food.. then punishing him for it! Whack! Whack!
Whack!.. goes
the big spoon on pup's ass.. Auntie hits fast and Auntie hits hard..
then when
pup is very red and sore.. Auntie applies the Crisco to the wooden
handle and
viola.. the handle disappears into pups little hole...and what a nice
that must be because pup is moaning very nicely...but wait! pups being
so Auntie must use the handle in pup.. very hard and very fast!!! So
uses the handle as it was meant to be used...hard and brutal!

Auntie then takes pup into the bathroom and makes him kneel in the
bathtub.. Auntie then lifts up her skirt (showing of her frilly femme
to pup) and then she removes the panties in pups view and then she pees
pup.. a nice long stream of hot, wet urine.. she then notices pup is
quite large and hard down below.. and immediately she spanks him for
being so
naughty.. she then decides to take advantage of the situation and
proceeds to
place her now wet, hot cunt on pups hard penis. and they bring each
other to
climax.. at which time Auntie places pup in her lap and kisses him al
over the
place.. hugging him and giving him much comfort.. for Auntie Em is not
sadistic.. she is also very, very nurturing and loving and always takes
care of
her nephew just the right amount of pain.. with the
pleasure and
the love.

Oh yes! Auntie always loves leaving her mark.. so she bends pup over..
runs her
hand over pups bruised and reddened ass.. and she then proceeds leave
bright red
lipstick kisses all over pup's ass. :-)

Auntie Em

<< I was curious <eg> said you had been thinking about
me...Auntie Em 
too >>

Yes, I had <eg, right back to you!>  I had been thinking about how
Auntie had 
caught me playing with myself while watching her.  How she told me that
was a 
bad thing to do and had me waddle over to her in the kitchen with my
pants and 
underwear around my ankles.  I was so ashamed!  She picked up her wooden
and then she pulled me across her knees and spanked me.  Then she tied
my hands 
behind my back and played with my dick till it was hard then she slapped
it and 
hit it till it was soft again, pinching my nipples and telling me what a 
naughty, dirty little boy I am.  I cried and begged her not too, but she
kept doing it, telling me that I had to learn how dirty it was.  

Auntie asked me what I had been looking at, and I told her that I was
looking at 
her panties under her skirt.  She pushed me off her lap onto the floor
and stood 
over my head.  "Was this what you were looking at?" she asked.  "Yes,
Ma'am," I 
replied.  She squatted down until she was sitting on my face, her
pantied crotch 
over my nose.  Auntie started to slap at my dick some more, telling me
that she 
hoped I was enjoying this, because this is what I wanted.  She started
her crotch into my face, and her panties began to get moist.

I started licking at her wet panties and she stopped, pulled my head up
slapped me across the face.  "What a naughty boy you are!  Auntie still
has to 
teach you your lesson."  She sat back on the edge of the chair and
pulled me by 
my hair to my knees.  She took off her wet, white cotton panties and
asked me, 
"You want to taste Auntie's panties?" and she shoved them in my mouth. 
"You had 
better suck them clean, you naughty little boy!"

She then pulled me back over her knees and spanked me with her wooden
spoon some 
more.  Then I felt her spread my ass cheeks and pour something cold on
exposed asshole.  Auntie began to slide the handle of the wooden spoon
up my 
ass, slowly at first, then faster and harder, occasionally spanking my
ass and 
telling me that I was a bad, bad boy and that I had to learn a lesson.

Finally she stopped and pushed me off her lap again.  She pulled the
from my mouth.  She pushed my head between her legs, my hands still tied
me.  She clamped her legs around my head and dug her high heels into my
She told me to lick her.  As I did, she started squirming.  After I had
her for a while she said, "Get ready, you naughty little boy, I'm going
to show 
you how disgusting you are.  You'd better not spill a drop!"  Auntie
began to 
pee in my mouth!  I tried to swallow it all, but some ran down me,
soaking my 
shirt and dripping onto the kitchen floor.

Auntie stood up, and with me still on my knees, she got behind me and
began to 
jerk my cock off.  She kept talking right in my ear how bad, naughty and 
disgusting I was and that she was going to prove it to me.  She jerked
on my 
cock until I came and spurted right into the middle of the piss-puddle
on the 
floor.  Some of my cum had leaked onto her hand.  She wiped it on my

She sat back down leisurely on the kitchen chair and said, "Now, you
little boy, you are going to clean my floor... with your tongue!"  She
pushed my 
face down into the puddle and put her foot on one cheek, pressing my
face into 
the cum-piss mixture. "You'd better start licking it up or I can do
things."  I slowly began to lick up the mess on the floor.

After I had licked most of it up, she helped me up and without a word,
led me, 
by my cock, into the shower.  She still hadn't untied my hands from
behind my 
back.  Auntie turned the water on me (cold at first!) then she got
undressed and 
got in after me.  She began to scrub me with some harsh soap and a scrub

When she was done, she turned off the water and helped me out of the
Auntie began to briskly towel me off.  When I was mostly dry and very
pink from 
the washing and drying, she took my head gently in her hand and said,
"Pup, I'm 
sorry I had to teach you such a harsh lesson, but you had to learn.  Now
be a 
good boy and help me dry off."  I was about to ask how, with my hands
tied, when 
she gently pushed my head towards her body.  I began to suck and lick
the water 
from her.  She guided me around, chasing the drops of water and laughing
Then Auntie guided me to her breast and onto a nipple.  "Suck Auntie's
gently." she said.  I licked and sucked them as sensuously as I could. 
moaned softly.  Soon she shifted me to the other nipple where I

After a bit, she stopped and lead me, again by my now growing cock, to
bedroom, where she lay on the edge of the bed. Once again she guided my
between her legs.  I gently licked and sucked on her moist pussy.  She
with pleasure.  "Yes, pup, that's a good little boy.  Make Auntie feel

Auntie told me to stand up as she pulled a vibrator and a condom out of
nightstand.  She put the condom on my hard cock, laid back down and
grabbed my 
ass cheeks and pulled me in close to her and impaled herself on me. 
"Fuck your 
Auntie, little boy, come on, fuck Auntie real good." I began bucking
into her 
and she put the vibrator on her clit.  I could feel the vibrator on my
cock and 
knew that I wouldn't last too long.  I begged her to let me come.  She
down and pulled the vibrator off to make it last longer.

Finally neither of us could take it any longer and we both came.  I was
screaming begging her to let me come and she said yes just as we both
came.  I 
collapsed on the floor and I heard her moan and sigh.  Soon Auntie came
over to 
me on the floor and removed the condom.  "Open your mouth." she said
I looked up at her with pleading eyes, but she just looked back at me
I opened my mouth and she poured the contents of the condom into my
mouth.  I 
grimaced and suddered as I swallowed and she patted me on the cheek. 
"That's a 
good boy" she said.

Auntie finally untied my hands and held me and cuddled me and told me
what a 
good, bad little boy I am.

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