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NAME..............Gooble Greyhammer
ADDRESS...........Lok1jr (at)
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TITLE.............Quickie 2
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DISCLAIMER........This story contains sex. Don't read
                  it if you do not approve of sex.
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Steve was home between two business meetings. He had just gone in through
the door when Linda threw herself in his arms and kissed him hard and deep.
She had gotten home early from school, and decided to meet him here in their
over-night apartement. He was surprised, but very happy. it was very obvius
that she was horny like hell, from the way she started digging in his pants
almost as soon as she had started kissing him. Being male and 19 didn't make
him hard to start, and he was close to hard enough when she went down on her
knees and freed his cock totally. Steve checked one more time that the door
was actually closed, and then locked it before leaning back at the wall and
enjoying the sweet soft lips that had started to kiss the top of his 10 inch
Linda smiled up at him and then put the cock deep in her mouth, letting her
tounge wisp on the underside of it as it passed further and further in...
When she was almost gagging she stpped and swallowed hard twice, which
created even more suction on the now rock-hard cock. But she didn't want him
to come in her mouth, she had other plans...
She stood up and leaned forward agains the wall, bending at the waist. Then
she pouted hear ass at him, turned to look at him over her shoulder and
winked seductively... Steve raised her long black skirt until he had
uncovered her panty-free ass, and then attached the hem of the skirt to her
belt. Now her whole backside was exposed, and it was obvius tha she was
horny as hell, from the amount of her juices that had started to drool down
the inside of her leg. She had always had plenty of fluids... Steve first
bent down and licked her whole behind once, from her clit up through all of
her crack and all over her ass... Linda shivered and pushed her ass at his
Realizing how little time he had, Steve rose and positioned his hard shaft
at Linda's opening. But still, he loved to tease, and therefore he rubbed
the head of his cock on her opening a couple of times... Slowly... Slowly...
Linda was moaning and begging him to stuff her, and he agreed witha single
hard thrust, piercing her entire pussy with his cock. The fuck was violent
and short, Steve thrusting in and out of Linda, and Linda moaning and
groaning and telling him to fuck her harder.. It didn't take many minutes of
this before Steve felt himself spraying his girlfriends insides with his
white cream. Linda could feel him squirt his hot sead right into her womb,
and climaxed just as he was sending in his final spurt, her pussymuscles
milking his cock of every drop....
They stood very still for a while, panting, and then Linda rose up, still
being impaled on Steve's softening member. Steve laid his arms around her
and hugged her close, kissing her neck and whispering how good she was...
How nice a pussy she had.. and how much he loved her....
Linda just smiled.
"You just love my pussy, dear..."
"Yes, but you just love my cock, so that makes it allright.."
They laughed for a while before they freshed up and went back to the
ordinary life...
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